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Yet another thread,but the creativity still flows.




The Scraplootas are a clan of Orks who managed to steal a Titan from the forces of chaos. A Mekboy took a shine to the Titan and now refuses to leave it, believing that he IS the Titan. Boris the Titan also has a complete, functioning Gretchin bureaucracy working on its inside.

Later on, they were attacking a Tau colony and found a little blue Tau girl. Mistaking her for a blue Grot, she was embraced into the Ork society to help with mechanics. She quickly became an integral part of the clan.

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We need an image of Creed's cup.

Captcha: Creeds topboo

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holy shit

dat pic

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>OP pic

Zog me, that's beautiful.

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Are there any characters stikk needing fleshed out?

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Zizzbitz, stormboy nob, biker nob and that's about it.
Lemme dig up the stormboy fluff we have so far

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Damn it, man, I thought we were doing away with the r34.

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I see in the last thread we got perilously close to fapfiction.


I suppose that means Rule 34 will follow, eventually, I'l just be patient for a while. It's just a matter of time.

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Stikkmeat would make a great name actually.

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It never happened....

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I liked the idea that the storm boyz launch from the fort on Boris's back and sort of worship him as the avatar of gork and mork because he is so ded killy.
Their leader is a git who isn't that smart because he keeps crashing into things head first but he generally krumps things by landing on them so the boyz follow him.
He and the stormboyz gets their rokkit packs from Tinka and Blue because they explode less and with Blue's constant tinkering they go further.
This also leads into why blue always has spare bits for Mr Squig's drone since she is often making bits for the stormboyz

What if the stormboys have rokkit packs that have been stuffed full of Tau Crisis Suit gubbins by Blue? Or if not the boys in general, the head Stormboy has a Blue-approved Krisis Rokkit Pack

And a bit for Zizzbitz
How about zizzbitz has bad cybork eyes which is why he mistook blue for a grot in the first place.
Then she tinkered with them so they worked better but he didn't care by then because Blue was his lucky charm and good with a spanner

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OI! -Ou gits bettah payz attention! Drawfak here, and wurkin' on dat Blue Grot. And I waz wunderin if she evah getz in scrapz? Fightens and all dats. I wantz ta give 'er dakkas and choppahs later.

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But boss, wot about drowr faggerty? Oi herd datz a roight gud sort too!

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Yeah she does occasionally.
Most the time she beats up grots or krumps umies and gitz while riding on Tinka or Snekkit's shoulders or her bike.

She has been described as having a mini klaw, an iron gob and a few shootas in her pile of personal loot that she sometimes uses

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Dat mini claw. Alright sweet thanks.

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Zizzbitz was seen with only one mechanical eye, and amidst the chaos of the Tau raid they just didn't notice she wasnt a grot until later on.
Bad eye sight or not, twas' an accident.

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Someone should draw an image of some Chaos Space Marines crying about the fact that entire Ork clan should be transforming into Chaos Orks. Due to being around a Chaos Titan all the time...

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While the orks do orky things in the background, like burnouts.

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Oh look, it's this post again.

They get killed by Derknitt.

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Yeah it works but I figured expanding on why he thought she was a grot would help.
And since he has a cybork eye and orks aren't known for quality I figured it was an easy enough step to take.

The other part can be he honestly didn't realize it because he doesn't take much notice of things apart from gubbinz that use electricity or chop

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Hm, am I the only one thinking that Zizzbitz is a father figure for Blue?

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Do you have a reading problem? A brain tumor? Unable to read English, or are you just retarded in general?

Read the fucking post, you fucking dumb cunt.

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I cant be the only one.

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All of the above.

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That's the sort of vibe I get from him as well.
He might not have started as one but over time he became one.

>> No.20175068

I thought that went without saying. Wasn't it basically part of Blue's character from day one?

>> No.20175087

Then should I add something along the lines of '' Zizzbitz is also Blue's mentor and acting father figure?''
to the wiki?

>> No.20175099

Not really, it seems to come through in the stories enough for people to get it.

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Funnily enough, part of that has been mentioned in the "fluff". the head of the titan has one of the largest concentrations of taint, and it is why Boris went a bit mad. As for the grots? Well, it did the most evil thing it could, given the circumstances: It made them into politicians.

You're a fucking idiot

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please slow down with these threads, I'm fine with 40k fans on /tg/ having original content once again - but these are fast becoming shitty. polite sage.

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Dammit guys.

Last night I dreamt I was Blue. Dakking shit with orks and what-not. I don't remember details, but generally it was a pleasant dream.

Seriously though, I started dreaming I'm female tau around orks.

I... I don't know what to think anymore.

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Wadda drag it iz being blue...

"Fings be different taday"
Oi hear erry blue grot say.
Mekgrl needs sumfing taday ta calm 'er down.
And though she's not really sick
Dere's sumfing she goes to pick
She goes runnin' for da shelf where she keeps da blue grot's lil' helpa
An' it helps 'er on 'er way, get's 'er through 'er buzy day

Shun the cis-race scum, join the trans-ork community!

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You dreamt you were this?
(still working on it, will finish after sleep)

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>Shun the cis-race scum, join the trans-ork community!

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That .gif made my day.

>> No.20175441

That gif.

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Cool work so far.
Only thing I can see is that blue looks a bit too human where tau and the earth caste in particular and stockier and more like dwarves

>> No.20175462

All of my filename related!

>> No.20175494

Thanks, yeah I dont know. I was trying to make her wide and thickish but I didnt wanna make her a short muscley/fat dwarf. Also the beard would be too much.

>> No.20175501

She's great. Not too short, not too thin. All in all, great work.

>> No.20175503

We were the first of this wave of new content and we are continuing to flesh things out.
If you don't like that we are enjoying this then sorry but we don't particularly care since this is the first somewhat tg related awesome thing that has come up since the age of quests and "stop liking what I don't like"

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Just a little shorter, over all.
Not fat.
And the eyes look a little too big.

>> No.20175509

I just think that proportionally she looks more like a human than a tau.
Not that I want every picture of her to go full on dem hips but tau earth caste even in the official fluff are shown to be pretty short and stocky which isn't really reflected in this picture as good as it is.

>> No.20175528


Here have a makeshift fix: she's earth/fire caste mix, because krumping and dakking.

>> No.20175530

Ah I thought she was just earth.
When did she get made earth / fire?

>> No.20175541

150sec. ago

>> No.20175542


We didn't. It's makeshift explanation for the pic.

>> No.20175573

Well I did a quick shortening and slight buffing. I dont know if that is too short for yall. Also made her eyes smaller.

>> No.20175578

Ah I thought it was something we actually changed fluffwise instead of just as an explanation

>> No.20175594

>eyes smaller

>> No.20175599

Looks good.
Love mr squigs face there too

>> No.20175602

By all means don't misunderstand me, new content is always appreciated and you guys have waited long enough for some actual OC. The problem is it's becoming a lot less like OC and a lot more like the katawa shoujo general threads when they started to turn awful on /v/, with 'special namefags' fellating themselves.

It's verging on 'roleplay as orks' and 'circlejerk general', which is disappointing to see. Give it a rest for a bit - stepping away from something and reflecting can cause even better stuff to happen, once again polite sage.

>> No.20175607

too big for a human
too small for a tau girl

>> No.20175608

Because someone suggested it. I am a tool for the Greater Good.

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Well we don't really have namefags in here and we aren't really doing much other than fleshing out the last members of the warband.

The self fellating and tripfag circle jerking seems to stick with the blood jaguars, black lootas or whatever they are called and the others that I have seen made.
And I am saying that as someone who has been a part of all those threads and not just because I think this one is better.

>> No.20175641

She looks much better, very nice work

>> No.20175655

Theres not much circle jerking in the blood jaguars threads, in their defense. It only seems so since Winter and some namefags took charge of organization and collation of new info.Here, most of the contributors are anonymous, but the end is the same.

More awesome ideas/factions that GW cant be assed to make themselves because they lack 2 brain cells to rub together

>> No.20175683

Well I disagree there, winter does a good job of being impartial but the rest seem to stomp any idea that comes from anon pretty thoroughly and support their own solidly.

They are running it into the ground with the ridiculous levels of shit that is against their chapter though between the rituals, trials, rage, enemies, chaos corruption etc.

Winter and Marauder are cool because they seem to work with everyone to get things right and Marauder gave us hat picture so good it made us orkgasm.

>> No.20175695

Thanks man! Now I can sleep.

>> No.20175705

Don't worry bro. I've been the one starting the threads, and I'm going to stop if it shows any sign of stagnation or tripfag/namefag circlejerking. I hate that shit, and it's why I've never used one in these threads

>> No.20175707

Well how else do you make a chapter interesting other than to give it adversity? They cant be as flexible as we can. If anything it would do them good to expand onto their interactions with people and let the fluff flow that way rather than focus on themselves. Or atleast less on the chapter as a whole and more on their characters. The only stand out that they have would be the chapter master whos.. sort of but not really dead so it hardly matters.

>> No.20175729

One of the few I things I liked about them is how the Blood Jaguars and the Scraplootas became connected in fluff.

The exchange of ideas between threads was wonderful, even if the amount was only few.

>> No.20175730

The most memorable and successgul Spess Mehreens are the ones where players and fans actually have room to breathe, not the ones where EVERYTHING has been decided

>> No.20175754

Boyz, Is been stud'in dis Boris tingy youz got und I tink I can make it bettah!

Wutz if da feet opened up so dat da boyz could run out and krump da gitz dat Boris dunna stomp? Den dey could run back into da feet so dat Boris kun take dem to krump more gitz!

>> No.20175780

Yeah, that's how it works.

>> No.20175794

There is adversity and there is "we lose marines every time we breathe because literally everything kills our guys but we somehow persist"

>> No.20175809

Right, carry on den. You boyz know how da krumpin' works.

>> No.20175820


I believe that Scraplootas one would be "we'z lootin, swashkrumpin, titannin, sumtimez sneekyn und musdly we'z haffin fun!"

>> No.20175830

Needs more rocket chainsaws.

>> No.20175834

Don't forget Titan dropping!
That's how we get Boris to the fight after all

>> No.20175900

Can you explain what you mean by 'room to breath'?

And we Blood Jaguars are just thinking up hardass shit for prefluff, so our forest deathworld can have a proper feel to it.
Once we start actually setting it in stone we'll tone it down to just how we want it.

>> No.20175963

I think in going for hardass you guys have tripped into comical for how lethal their planet and circumstances are supposed to be.
It's sort of like wards effort on ultramarines where he built them up to be the best at everything ever except your guys are the hardest of anything ever because even breathing on your planet seems to be deadly

>> No.20176061


>> No.20176268

Hello, giant shouting beast.
Please remember we are enemies.

(sorry, I just had to)

>> No.20176280

That's just what I was hoping for.
Thanks bro

>> No.20176434

I wish the Emperor's Nightmares got some drawfag love...

>> No.20176453

Is that another OC chapter?

>> No.20176461

I thought you guys did back when you were made?

Yeah an old one, had some cool ideas and they didn't get run into the ground.

>> No.20176764


>> No.20176833


Yeah, we did get a few nice drawings of our marines and stuff, but I'd like more pictures of our homeworld and the badass bird-masked dudes that live there. Check >>20157323 for the current thread on the board.

>> No.20176997

Just dropping in a more finished piece of Blue art I was working on, my scrap piece got added to the wiki strangly

>> No.20177004

Because it was good.
More colouring to be done? I notice mr squigs sign is still black and white but what else are you planning to do with it?

>> No.20177021


Yeah, been tinkering with some different shading methods for fun, but it felt off with the lineart, I think I should stick to simple shading for this style.

>> No.20177023

Wicked. Looks great in colour

>> No.20177105

Has anyone drawn/in the process of drawing the funstikk?
Reminds of the Major. But still awesome.

>> No.20177121

Uhh, what is the funstikk?

>> No.20177152


>> No.20177165

One of Blue's creations from last thread.

>> No.20177248

Bumping an awesome thread

>> No.20177260

>read last thread
I . . . uhh, well I unfortunately cannot draw that. Im sorry, I guess.

>> No.20177272

There's no problem there.
We don't expect anyone to actually be able to draw it unless they have some rather disturbing hobbies...

>> No.20177304

explain the description of this "fhun steek"

>> No.20177329

"Oi, wot'z dat flashy place over there"

"Oh dat? Da grotz call it a 'kuhseeno'. S'like a place fer tradin' teef. Cept dere's no krumpin'."

"Tradin' teef wifout krumpin'. Dat'z not orky at all!"

"Ya'd fink dat, but it iz! Da grotz in dere are like a bunch uv little morks! Wif just some fancy scratched bitz uv metal or a trukk wheel they can have most uv yer teef before ya know it."

"But...can't ya just krump 'em? Dey'z grotz."

"Zog me, I tried. But dey have deez paperz sayin' dey're allowed to and stuff from da boss. So I wasn't sure if I should krump 'em, or da bass should, or maybe ecen I should krump meself."

"Dat'z zoggin' unfinkable. Some git takes yer teef, ya krump 'em. Simple."

"But it'z not! Dey even took me teef before I lost 'em!"

"Dat doesn't make a squig of sense."

"Dey have dis system. Ta play gamez fer teef, ya need ta trade teef in fer little bitz dey say rep...reperz...are teef but not."

"Ya'z been drinkin' too much squig beer."

"Maybe I haz. But in dere, dey got deez choppaz...and flashy bitz uv dakka...zog me, it was hard ta concentrate on me losin' teef."

>> No.20177330


No need to bump it needlessly. I noticed that people get most creative at evening at night. Especially at night.

>> No.20177355

It's in the archive mate. Maybe even still on the board. Blue's probably using it as we speak.

>dyWomen intimacy
Even captcha thinks so.

>> No.20177361

Yeah the old thread is still up, has been all day

>> No.20177449

You and captcha can shut it. Blue doesn't muck about.
Ah yes, the grot casino. Does it factor much into the Grotocracy or is it just 'there'. I'd like to think that some councillors make dirty deals with the casino grots. Under-the-table teef and whatnot.

>> No.20177490

Holy shit Boris the titan. That dakka. That choppa. Gods above.
>His feet are purple
They never see the krumpin' coming.

>> No.20177515

That was part of the idea I thought
The grotocracy owns the casino and so they use it to get teef to support their lifestyles

>> No.20177555

Or the ead councillor owns it on the sly which is why it has grotocracy clearance to operate

>> No.20177752

Dat slippery grot. I oughts krump 'im fer bein' so-

>fine, but you must fill out sections A, C, T, and G to apply for krumping.

Er...can't I jus-

>Seeing as this is the 'ead Councillor, a fee of 580 teef is required. Your dakka and choppa, should it be used, will have to be submitted for review by the respective departmens.

Listen, I just wantz ta kru-

>We can't forget about your size, either. You are at least five times larger than the councillor and have moderate armor as well. As such, the councillor shall be given adequate shielding and an entourage of grots of his choosing. Weaponry shall be matched if and when you submit it.


>Please report back here on the 15th to return these forms, the 17th for weaponry submission, and the 21st for finalization. With any luck your krumping will be within the next few months. Don't count on it though, the councillor is a very busy grot.

...da zog just happened...

>> No.20177769

I fixed some things up, made it more obvious what was happening later on with Blue, and made what happened to that Shas'Saal less ambiguous.

Tell me what you think.

So I guess I'm not posting Blue and Fanseer Go Wilder.

>> No.20177808

Why would an ork go along with any of this?

>> No.20177818

Because the grotocracy runs the insides of Boris and a boy who causes them trouble often finds himself getting shot at but the grots on turrets

>> No.20177829

Pay no attention to them. The /d/evian/tg/guardsmen are always here, and appreciate all efforts.

>> No.20177846

>Blue and Fanseer Go Wilder

>> No.20177866

The boss may lead da boyz, but da Grotocracy OWNS this city-er, titan. Owns this titan. You make trouble, Fizzgutz may find one too many boyz in Limbow.

>> No.20177892

VILE THING. You were one of them that encouraged the heresy. CLEANSE AND PUGE THYSELF. And take the funstikk with you.

>> No.20177895

I could see the shas'el chasing blue being the brother or friend of the one she krumped as a kid without him realizing it

>> No.20177908


Knowledge is power.


>> No.20177963

Damn it, people keep talking about this stikk. What did I miss?

>> No.20177973


It's a stikk that produces fun.

Think about it for a second.

>> No.20177980

Absolutely incredible work. /tg/'s still got it!

However, it still needs more dakka

>> No.20177998

Well, ork fun usually involves krumping stuff. Usually with dakka or choppa. So this is, what, a new gun or club for Blue?

>> No.20178008

Needs more Dakka.

>> No.20178027

>Fizzgutz may find one too many boyz in Limbow

Yes. YES. The grotocracy, shining leaders and rotten underbelly at the same time. It's perfect.

>> No.20178066


>> No.20178088

On the idea of the ead of state owning the casino.
It is literally owned by the ead of state, when he dies or is replaced a new grot takes control. This leads to only the sneakiest, most kunning and ruthless grots running it.

>> No.20178097

I just want to watch the world burn....

>> No.20178978

I figure it's owned by the council as a whole.

They'll never be able to tax, as no grots would agree to that, so they do the next best thing.

>> No.20179018

I don't really think "burning" will be an issue from that. Unless you mean from chafing.

>> No.20179141

what do you mean by that...

>> No.20179222


>> No.20179305

How many of the orks are aware of the Grotocracy?

>> No.20179359

Very few if any.

>> No.20179386

Blue sees Zizzbitz as a father figure. Zizzbitz sees blue as the best loot he ever got and thus keeps her close to him at all times. He's also been teaching her how to be a better mekboy because she catches on quick and that means less work for him.

So yes, he's her father figure, as much as any ork can be.

>> No.20179481

>So yes, he's her father figure, as much as any ork can be.

I'd imagine neither would admit it to be the case though

>> No.20179497

>fhun steek
Cultist-chan pls go

>> No.20179501

I really like this. Never thought it'd be possible to make a squig look cute.

>> No.20179533

The idea is that when they airdrop Boris in, only his feet are visible from the ground, so if they paint those feet purple, they'll never see him coming.
Squigs are already so ugly they're adorable.

>> No.20179569

Baht I just wahnted to bee a paart of sometheeng

>> No.20179585

Do you even dakka?

>> No.20179631

Made my morning. Here is the finished linework for Blue and Mr. Squigz.

>> No.20179633

Hwhat ees dakka?

>> No.20179652

>Bobblehead on Mr Squig's deffkopta

I love it. Can't wait to see it coloured.

>> No.20179664


>> No.20179682

And it's even got a bobble head!

>> No.20179700

I'z...I'z gotta get da boss fer dis wun.

>> No.20179727

Thanks guys! The color might have to wait, I got some plans today and work. I am going to start colorinz it now.

>> No.20179757

I just realized...
Scraplootas main attack force is grots
And thanks to Chaos fuckery, they have a high number of weirdgrots
I imagine during the fights, there's grot heads exploding left and right.

We're the orkish first membranes.

>> No.20179817

Putting a request out to any interested drawfags. Could we get a Rat Fink-styled picture of Mr. Squig?

>> No.20179862

Oh fuck. Why didnt I think of that before. I wanna do that but lack time. I will do sketches at work but someone else should get on that.

>> No.20180012

Not really.

There are a good fiew weirdgrots, but I think they mostly remain in Boris, to stop the demon core from raping everything inside.

On the other hand, there's also Threegrot. So you might be onto something.

>> No.20180044

I may be ignorant, but I have to ask: who is Ratfink?

>> No.20180121

I want to make my next army the Scraplootas. but what would I need for them?

Pale yellow paint, sure, but what other things? Do they have tabletop rules? Do their different characters make a difference?

>> No.20180135

This is Rat Fink.

>> No.20180155

Er, right. Ok.

>> No.20180163

We haven't gotten to any of that quite yet. All I know is that the color is pale yellow, and a bucket full of Gretchin is required.

>> No.20180251

Well, why don''t we address that now?

To start it off: What would Blue's tabletop rules be?

Do we include Mr Squig in with Blue?

>> No.20180307

same as a mekboy, but halfed. mr squig should be a separate entity, as he could likely move with double speed.

>> No.20180336

does an Imperator titan actually have rules in 40k? or is it reserved more for epic and the dozen or so people who still play it. (not bashing, I love me some epic)

>> No.20180355

Maybe give her some kind of rule about how vehicles don't explode as much near her? I need to read up on my tabletop some more...

>> No.20180425

That doesn't seem too unreasonable. The rolls for disabling a vehicle could be higher in her presence, or something.

One thing that can be agree on is that Boris will probably never exist outside the fluff. Partly because he's unbelievably OP, and partly because I can't imagine anyone would take it upon themselves to model and paint something as huge as that.

>> No.20180504

Pretty much. Crunching up Boris should be last on the agenda, but I still think we should do it, just in case that crazy bastard exists out there who'll make him.

>> No.20180540

It's a real shame. If I had more time and wasn't completely incompetent, I'd totally create Boris, though he'd NEVER get used in a game probably.

>> No.20180579

I think having an orky Chaos Titan to show off to people would be a reward unto its own.

>> No.20180607

Blue might krump a few grots, but she's not really a fighter. There's some talk of a kommando taking her on missions coz she's ded lucky. The wiki claims a couple of drawing have Blue with rockeata, but I'm pretty sure it was the other named kommando who doesn't appear to be on the wiki and I forgot his name. He was either based on Solid Snake, Snake Plissken or both.

>> No.20180613

Maybe some day.

Also, for the tabletop: If Tinka and Blue are on the table at the same time, Tinka should get easier rolls, as Blue is a lucky charm in his eyes, and the WAAAGH makes it so.

>> No.20180637

I think >>20180607
Might be onto something. Blue should either be in a turret on Snekkit's back, or sitting on Tinka's shoulder holding a gun. Basically, have her as wargear. Whoever you put her with, they'd get easier rolls and an extra little boost to their firepower.

>> No.20180717

Blue wargear:
>Lucky Spanner
>Mr. Squig magnet

>> No.20180752


>> No.20180759

Oh god, not THIS again

>> No.20180765

Blue Grot's little helper.

>> No.20180816


and by helper, we mean something that your mother (or any lady really) might keep in her bedroom drawer.

>> No.20180839

What helps her get through her busy day.
And it's not Valium.

>> No.20180903


>> No.20180905

You mean this?

>> No.20180929

Let's just leave it here

>> No.20180941

Things are different today, I hear every mother say,

>> No.20180944

I'm laughing and shaking my head sadlyat the same time. Just read the last thread.

>> No.20180945

No this.

>> No.20180986

Gork and Mork above, half of you are ninnies and the other half are trolls. Blue's funstikk is a dildo of her own design.

>> No.20181032

Pleased, to meet you.
Hope you guess my name.

>> No.20181050

Completely different situation.

>> No.20181070

An dat was Da Deffrolla Stones and their newest hit "Sympafy fer da Daemon-reakta Kore"! Only on Boris Eff Emm!

>> No.20181118

I can't get no satisfaction, as it seems.
brb, painting the door black.

Next up iz Dat Sneaky wiff Boiz in Toim!

>> No.20181135


>> No.20181140


... You explain da joke.


>> No.20181185

Guess he thought he was a clever git an da rest of us wuz da stoopid gits

Now I bet he feels roight stoopid

>> No.20181204

>Mistaking her for a blue Grot
When are you guys going to make this part mesh with 40k?

>> No.20181221

When the Eye of Terror blinks.

>> No.20181224

Daily reminder that orks don't talk like lolcats

>> No.20181297

Only at first because Tinka had a wonky eye. Now they just don't care because the Scraplootas are basically held together with nothing more than lots of yelling, a titan, and more grots than you can imagine.

>> No.20181330

Thanks. I'll be sure to tone them down a bit if I write anything else. I guess I was just kinda cobbling their language together from a few conflicting sources.

>> No.20181356

Nobody has asked for it in a while, but here it is: Creed's mug.

>> No.20181370

Actually, that's pretty much exactly how people have been writing them so far.

I think you're soapboxing in a place that isn't actually guilty of what you're complaining about.

>> No.20181371

>lucky spanner
Tinka get's an extra attack with each weapon
>Mr. Squig magnet
Roll d6. 1-2 has no effect, 3-4 instantly transports Mr. Squig to an area within 6 inches of Blue, 5 does the same and puts him in close-combat with a nearby enemy unit, 6 does the same and doubles WS, BS, and Strength.
Roll d6. 1-2 leaves Blue unfulfilled and irritable. 3-4 gets her jollies, and her infectious good mood spreads to everyone within six inches. All units in range auto-pass one armor save this phase and next. 5 does the same but for 12 inches. 6 does the same and doubles the BS of everyone in range. (Blue cannot move during the next movement phase after a roll of 6)

>> No.20181378

You act like orks throughout the galaxy were liable to use one unified lingo.

>> No.20181451

I haven't been reading the writing, but all the anonymous posters coming in with their hilarious 'ork' speak are the exact people that make playing against orks the least fun experience.

>> No.20181466

You act like the codex only shows one small group of orks, and not a sampling from the galactic whole.

>> No.20181560

Except for some alternate letters, that's pretty much how everyone's been portraying them. Why do you bring this up? And why lolcats?

>> No.20181575

>hilarious 'ork' speak

I've not seen any of the writefags doing that.

Some of the posters, sure. But nothing by the writefags.

>> No.20181596

You are a terrible person. But I love you for it.

>> No.20181612

>You! You bastard! Tone that orkshit down by 50% immediately!
Try lube once in a while, helps with the butthurt.

>> No.20181632

I like those rules.

Apart from the funstikk, which is... Interesting...

>> No.20181637

People are just having some good ol' fun. I don't see the harm in it. And besides, it probably helps some people get in the mood for working on things.

>> No.20181691

I'd rather make it a simple passive Ld boost.
She's a clusterfuck of rules anyway.
No need for another bullshitty roll.

>> No.20181740

Why do people say that doesn't work?
Serious. I'm not too familiar with canon.

>> No.20181778

>... You explain da joke.
>OI! -Ou gits bettah payz attention! Drawfak here, and wurkin' on dat Blue Grot. And I waz wunderin if she evah getz in scrapz? Fightens and all dats. I wantz ta give 'er dakkas and choppahs later.
>Wadda drag it iz being blue...
>"Fings be different taday"
>Oi hear erry blue grot say.
>Mekgrl needs sumfing taday ta calm 'er down.
>And though she's not really sick
>Dere's sumfing she goes to pick
>She goes runnin' for da shelf where she keeps da blue grot's lil' helpa
>An' it helps 'er on 'er way, get's 'er through 'er buzy day

>> No.20181810

Orks have a sixth sense for what's "proppa" and "orky". This is why genestealer cults are very rare amongst orks. Also why orks rarely fall to Chaos.
The "proppa boyz" sense the taint, and krump the offenders before it gets out of hand.

>> No.20181820

I must know more about this casino. And what is Limbow?

>> No.20181877

And we've made this adorable tau girl proppa orky. Thus, she is accepted. EVEN HER FUNSTIKK IS ORKY. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?

>> No.20181888

I want to draw it. But I will not draw it.

Not much of a colorer but this is what I have. I want to draw her mini-klaw too eventually.

>> No.20181893

Some of the more rebellious ork yoofs begin worshipping Khorne, and become stormboyz.

This of course is ork society they are rebelling against, so these few individuals are actually very serious, with training regiments and the works.

>> No.20181897

I love it. Now we just need urtylug in this pose with it

>> No.20181929

So why does she have a swastika on her chest?

>> No.20181943


>> No.20181952

I dont even know. Most of the pics had it on her and I was still confused but conformed and drew it anyway.

>> No.20181953

I'll admit, I've been hamming up the orkspeech a bit, but I could've sworn I read somewhere that Orks have trouble with "h" and "th" so a lot of their "lolork" speech comes from that. Now that >>20181224 shows me its not as bad as I originally thought, so I can work forward from that and maybe even go back and tone it down a bit in my old pieces. I'm definitely glad he brought it up and I sort of think both sides of this "argument" are blowing the issue out of proportion.

tl;dr: Everyone chill the fuck out, it's all good.

>> No.20181957

>Orks have a sixth sense for what's "proppa" and "orky".

She beat the shit out of a bunch of grots and showed promise in mechanics. And was blue, and lucky in the Ork's eyes. It's not as unreasonable as you think.

>> No.20181963


>> No.20181981

As I said, the shit said in posts is very different to what the writefags have done. I don't disagree that those are exaggerated.

Even that said, it's fairly clear that not all Orks are the same.

Nazi imagery is used by the Orks, as it's "proper Orky"

>> No.20181997

I love it. Really great on all accounts.

>> No.20181999

Someone explaining that in an earlier thread, though I don't remember the explanation. The only nazi influence in orks is in old school storm boyz where they goosesteped wearing jackboots.

>> No.20182014

But the Scraplootas
1. are freebooterz and not averse to working with other ranks
2. have very few boys and thus don't complain much when weird shit happens that benefits them, like a boy "becoming" a weirdboy or a skinny ork who's a weirdboy (and is actually three weirdgrots stacked on top of one another) mysteriously appearing
3. they saw a grot, grabbed it and told it to quit muckin about and get to work and it did. Worked damn good, too. How is that not proppa orky?

>> No.20182022


Time travel back to 1st/2nd edition. Got it.

>> No.20182036


>> No.20182043

It aint porper orky. However, it is /tg/ canon orky, which in some ways is better.

>> No.20182067

Why is every iteration of Blue and Mr. Squig alike fucking hilariously amazing?

>> No.20182074

But, that is better. AND proppa orky.

>> No.20182080

In addition to that, they have a LOT of weirdgrots, due to the Titan fuckery. And Weirdgrots are not seen as proper orky, but would be accepted by them due to just how many there were of them.

It makes Blue not unrealistic.

>> No.20182081

>psychoactive snotlings


>> No.20182099

So why aren't there more boys? Ok, most of them died in the past, but once you have a stable population of gretchin full orks inevitably start sprouting.

Letting grots get away with stuff like this >>20177752 isn't Orky at all though.

>> No.20182111

> working with other ranks
Make that races
It's plenty proppa. They get more dakka for less work.
Now I want to do Fear and Loathing in Lost Boris, where a gretchin is sent by a major news office right near the 'ead kounsel to write a story and instead blows all the money on drugs and fungus and heads to one of the pleasure districts in Boris' toes with his snotling attorney friend.

>> No.20182112

You answered your own question. Stop muckin' about.

>> No.20182137

Does that mean orks were at some point supposed to have a German accent?

>> No.20182149

>once you have a stable population of gretchin full orks inevitably start sprouting.

I'd imagine it has something to do with the fact Gretchin are flourishing within Boris, not in a normal way.

Plus, chaos fuckery.

>> No.20182154

No, they're based on british football hooligans

>> No.20182166

They spend most of their time on the move since a lot of people want the Scraplootas dead for various reasons and the only way they can survive is by being swift and ambushing. Not a lot of orks want to side with the sneaky gits who's status as proppa orks is often in question.
And maybe the grots are so devious that a few of them try to cull the numbers of new orks just a tad to retain their free agency.
>Letting grots get away with stuff like this >>20177752 isn't Orky at all though.
Either the writer of the piece is a little confused or both of us are. The Grotocracy is something only the grots know about, so orks never get the chance to krump them into submission. He was either speaking to a grot or it's just plain old inaccurate.

>> No.20182204

The Orks are supposed to be unaware of the grotocracy. Only the other Gretchin would have to go through the processes. The Orks think that they're all just muckin' about in Boris.

>> No.20182210

Ah, my friend, that is the Grotocracy. Da boyz own the warpath, and Boris is a major part of that. But there are fewer boyz now. And inside Boris, what keeps him working? Grots. Oh so many grots. They are Boris's keepers. And they have used that station to set up an entire sub-society within him. So what if some Grots are muckin' about? They keep Boris in working order. But if one of da boyz tries to mess with them...that dakka is always messing up. Something might come loose...swing just enough...horrible accident, so sad, teef and a celebration for his mates. All according to perfect.

>> No.20182224

dont worry about a fing'

Iz got it all under control..

>> No.20182236

>All according to perfect.
I don't know if you meant to type that, but I could totally see one of the grots saying that after assuming the title of Ead Kounsellor via a coup.

>> No.20182278

Basically this.

The Grotocracy exists in front of the Ork's eyes, but they don't realise it as they put it down to general mucking about.

It's incredibly important to the Grots though. They have to go through proper paperwork procedure.

>> No.20182330

Also, the Scraplootas have so many grots that the entirety of the Boris maintenance crew and the Grotocracy can exist without leaving the Scraplootas wondering where all their grots went, as they always have enough on hand to kick around and yell at to get back to work.

>> No.20182343

>all this funstikk talk
>read last thread
>started so innocently
>suddenly, Blue's going at it fierce
>and she has a toy.
>a funstikk
>damn it /tg/


>> No.20182390

It's thankfully still minor. And yet, the ability for Scraplootas to asssimilate any joke into something bizarre still astounds me. We now have a "canon" dildo for Blue.

Fucking Arch-Magos.

>> No.20182404

>canon dildo
In the name of more dakka I hereby demand cannon dildo!

>> No.20182442

>It aint porper orky.
You have to realize that, if http://pastebin.com/pDtzXp9G is anything to go by, the Scraplootas are the closest things to radicals amongst orks. They've decided that the orkiest thing in the world is to win, so by winning by any means, they're the most proppa orks. And they've decided that they're going to show the galaxy that orks are the best at everything, even things that aren't proppa orky like sneaking about.

>> No.20182469


>> No.20182470

Only if it has a button to fire Boris's crotch cannon on it.

>> No.20182484

Krotch kannon.

What more do we have left to cover?

>> No.20182493

Nah, it's the Gronkannon

>> No.20182508

Ok, how about it is a target painter?
A technique used by Tau, to krump the enemy more effectively.

>> No.20182571


>> No.20182592


>> No.20182597

Don't you see, Winter, we already one. I perused the BJags thread and people are saying you guys over there need to be more like the Scraplootas.

Copying Boris was one thing, but now this? Why do you envy your sworn enemy so much?

>> No.20182612

I can't tell what's funnier. The funstikk or blaming it on Arch-Magos.

Damn it Arch-Magos WHYYYY? (I've decided)

>> No.20182619

>Copying Boris


>> No.20182640

Really, I didn't intend it. But I sorta did. It's funny to see all the delicious tears this caused.

>> No.20182664

Their Chapter Master is interred in a dreadnaught after fighting a chaos daemon singlehandedly and is second only to the Emprah in the eyes of the BJags. Boris thinks they're trying to copy him, going as far as to call their CM a "little Boris", much to the BJags' infinite rage.

>> No.20182676

I don't think many people are THAT upset by it, it's just fun to overreact.

>> No.20182692

Winter is a nigra, also dat filename.

>> No.20182788


>> No.20182837

Let's not make this a tripfag circlejerk.

>> No.20182851

It isn't. Winters is just a visiting BJag, anyways.

>> No.20182858

was meant for >>20182837

>> No.20182877

Exactly. Just like the pirates that they are, the Scraplootas play fast and loose with the orky code, treating them more as guidelines.

>> No.20182988

So how many Ethereals are there amongst the Tau? Would killing one be more like killing a Planetary Governor or killing an SM Chapter Master?

>> No.20183178

Muffled noises...lights...the only thing he could tell for sure through the bag was the trukk's motion.

And then that stopped as well.

Two thumps. Muffled speech. Someone grabbed him, jerked him roughly out onto the...stone?

The straps around his limbs tightened, secured. They were making sure he couldn't move. Finally, the bag came off.

He was disoriented at first. And still gagged. But slowly, the world came into focus. In the distance rose the grand shape of Boris. An image fast distorted by a grubby green finger curling downward.

"Welcome back to the world, Mr...oh, it doesn't really matter. Orks in your situation don't have much use for names, do they?" A pause. The grot was lighting up a squigar, taking his time.

"Yes, well, on to business." Another pause. A puff of smoke. A ruminative look at Boris. "An amazing thing, isn't it? And so many grots like me, everyday, working to keep it moving. All for the glory of the waaagh." Another puff. The little bastard was /smiling/.

>> No.20183230

Guy who's been making the thread here.

I hereby announce that I am not going to make any new threads, as these ones have slowed down a lot.

Or in other words: If you want a new thread, someone else can make it, as I do not want this to become a stagnant circlejerk.

>> No.20183243

I agree with this decision. I'm working on something, but if this thread dies before it's finished, I'll just find a way to post it to 1d4chan.

>> No.20183244


I like it. I assume a Squigarette also exists?

>> No.20183263

Should note that it's going to be difficult for me not posting one, as I've really enjoyed all the threads. And I was there from the very beginning, as I made the stupid "I wonder what would happen to her?" post.

>> No.20183292

We ran fast, we ran hard, and now we disappear into the night. Just like a Scraploota. The nice thing is there's a near inexhaustible amount of room for writefaggotry and drawfaggotry, just based on what we've established thus far.

>> No.20183384

It has been an honour and a privilege sir.

>> No.20183471

"That's what we let orks like you think, at least. But the reality is so much more. Boris works because /us/, Mr. Ork. The grots. When he moves, it is thanks to us." Another puff, a chuckle now.

"But you probably don't care about that. No, you're wondering about why you're here." The grot didn't look so amiable anymore. He motioned to his compatriots and two hefty pieces of metal appeared. A few sharp cracks later, grot was at (painfully reluctant) eye-level with ork.

"You have done a thing, Mr. Ork. A thing that caused me to get acquainted with you. And, finally, led us here." The squigar is cold now, placed in his front pocket. The grot is all business now. Through the delirium, a feature stands out. The grot's left eye is a scarred mass of flesh.

"The grotocracy is a well-oiled machine. And you happened to be a fairly large wrench in that machine. Large enough for the 'eads to involve me. I've already said that it doesn't matter who you are. It also doesn't matter what you did. All that matters here is teef. And a very hefty some was paid for this job." That smile again. Cold, unfeeling. Unorky. "A little extra won't hurt, though. Take him to the dentist boys."

>> No.20183546

A parting gift, since the scraplootas threads seems to peter off now.

A very rough sketch of the grot of dear writefags story.

Sorry in advance for the shit drawing style

>> No.20183716

I like it. Bureaucratic, yet still orky. Also
>spiked cigar

>> No.20183819

An unyielding cord was looped around the ork's neck, pulling tight. The gag was removed, but he could make no sound. Again the grot gestured to his posse. Luckily, it did not take them long.

The grot was back again. He held two objects in his hand. On was a small sack. The telling jingle made it all too clear the contents were not rightfully his. And certainly not willingly given. The other was a jar. And inside it, a malicious looking squig.

"Beautiful, isn't she? A truly remarkable specimen. She raerly gets out, though. We rarely have to deal with orks unruly enough. But the grots up top made it abundantly clear."

The squig itself wasn't very large. It as actually quite small. The real menace was in its head. Every so often a slight flicker or...shimmer in the air would appear in front of it. But looking closesly, the shimmer resolved itself into needles. Hundreds of them. Moving in and out almost too fast for the ork eye too see.

"And so we come to the close of our meeting, Mr. Ork." The squig was out of sight now, being affixed to the ork's head. "You will not remember us. We will not remember you. This is goodbye. To everything." The grot adjusted the annoying strip of cloth hanging from his neck. "But don't worry. You'll be your orky self in no time." Another chuckle. "Well, not exactly yourself."

A snap of the fingers. A wink, from that scarred mess of an eye. The ork barely felt the squig's teeth as they dug in. But he still saw the that wink, for a few moments. And then he remebered nothing.

>> No.20183857

I'm honored, drawfriend. Thank you.

>> No.20183924

I like the idea that this story takes place to a new Blood Axe recruit that asked a few too many questions about the inner workings of Boris.

>> No.20183930

Well, In case I dont see a Scraploota thread by.... Wednesday or so, I'll make one myself for brainstorming and whatnot, probably.
Make em' less frequent yet more packed.

>> No.20183960

Zog me. Dem's some right 'ard grots right dere.

>> No.20183977

Make em less frequent and don't just go Scraploota thred, wat do?

Instead, only make them if you already have a few ideas to bring to the table or some writefaggotry to share. That way it doesn't become a general or even worse, the likes of Modern Fantasy.

>> No.20184046

*Shiver* Good point.

>> No.20184216

It ain't easy bein' Blue
Havin' to spend each day the color o' the sky
When I fink it could be nicer bein' green or red or green
Or somefin' colorful like that. (or green)

It ain't easy bein' Blue
It seems ya don't blend in at all with any ordinary fings
An' people tend to target you
'Cause ya standin' out
Like dat flash or shiny loot
Or a zoggin' blue grot, I dunno.

But Blue's the color o' luck
An' Blue can still krump an' fight an' win.
An' Blue is big wid Boris da Titan behind 'er.
Or important wid Big Mek
Or sneaky wid Snekkit

When Blue is all dere is to be
It sort o' makes ya wonder why,
why wonder why wonder, why wonder
I'm Blue, and dat'll be just fine
'Sides, it's all I want to be.

>> No.20184227

Shit. These grots mean business.

>> No.20184274

And you thought Bureaucracies weren't orky.

>> No.20184344

Someone update the wiki with the
>>20181888 Yet?

>> No.20184430

>ut he still saw the that wink, for a few moments. And then he remebered nothing.

>Weirdgrot hitmen
Holy fuck, this thing just keeps getting better and better.

>> No.20184441

No. We kinda suck at that...

>> No.20184468

>still no funstikk drawfaggotry
An anon can dream...of dem hips.

>> No.20184473


>> No.20184515

I'd do it if I knew how to go about doing... that thing what I was... supposed to be doing.. Yeah.

>> No.20184575

Alright ya gits. I'll take up wiki editting. Uploaded >>20181888
What else do we need?

>> No.20184615

Woah now, no need for such hostility. There are all kinds here. Some of them might be in it for the funstikk. But we're all here for the Scraplootas.

>> No.20184637

Anything about the inner-workings of Boris that isn't up. The casino bits, the grotocracy, especially that weirdgrot cleanup crew story. Gave me a new look at the Grotocracy, that.

>> No.20184641

Inb4 funstikk gets a new board.

>> No.20184655

Yeah, the fact that the second least grimdark and horrid race in WH40K was actually Dark and Grim for once was a bit of a shocker.
I like it.

>> No.20184679

Post like this are getting a bit old, man.

>> No.20184808

What about that infamous Warbike Manufacturing Plant, whose deployment chute is placed right at Boris'(the titan I mean) ass?

Besides that they dont have that much fluff

>> No.20184863

It's been fun, these threads. Hard to believe it all started with a little tau girl. Certainly, if asked what /tg/ might do given a small adorable earth-caste tau girl, I would be afraid to answer. But not now. No, after these threads I can see that there are still the little bits and pieces out in that sea of neckbeards that, when the siren call of homebrew comes softly by, get together and make something truly fun. I tip my hat to you, you truly elegan/tg/entlemen.
And that includes the funstikk, ya git.

>> No.20184871

(I'm actually working them into my current bout of writefaggotry, as well as briefly mentioning the stormboys. Just enough to give them a framework to work off based on a few ideas previously kicked around in these threads of but not enough to railroad them this way or that one. It'll probably be done soon, if you go on Gaben time. It also doesn't feature them all that extensively since I'm not mucking about this time)

>> No.20184883

Well, I think we didn't cover it that much except for the fact that there's a ramp that comes out of his ass and he kind of... squats... a bit.
Then the bikes come out.

>> No.20184951

God, I cant believe how big of a nigger Firefox is being right now.
Im trying to watch fukken DMC and browse the chan and it just says '' Nah, I know you're having a good time. But im not gonna let you''

>> No.20184973

I thought it was a cannon?

>> No.20184988

Also, does someone have an easy link to all of the fic written so far, or am I going to be pouring through the archives for them?

>> No.20185017

Front is a cannon. Back is a ramp.

>> No.20185038

I never read anything about a cannon, but I might've missed something though.
Having a cannon shoot out a horde of warbikes sounds pretty dangerous... and awesome in one way.

>> No.20185077

No, he has a cannon that shoots cannon things in the front. He has to squat to unleash warbikes.

>> No.20185100

Someone may pull them all into 1d4chan, or just link to the archives. Besides, going through the archives can be fun.

>> No.20185194

I'll have a quick scroll through the archives for Boris' ass.
I'll share anything I find.

>> No.20185220

Here's the pastebin ones
That's all I got.

>> No.20185272

Last question, do we take all writefaggotry to be more right and canon over things written in the wiki?

>> No.20185316

Most of the fluff that's been written during the past few threads have been awesome but some might need a bit of tweaking to fit with the canon, aswell as to put them into context.

>> No.20185471

I think it depends which we like more. You know, like regular 40K lore.

>> No.20185478

About how long on average do threads last once they hit bump limit on /tg/?

>> No.20185504

Things written generally follow the canon but things that go against the canon need to be discussed.

Like the waarakton/waaaghsingtun deal where we decided to change the name based on some write faggotry

>> No.20185505

I dont know, most Scraploota threads are usually up for like 24+ hours.

>> No.20185531

The other one lasted an entire day and a half past bump limit

Really we only need to make a new one once the old one dies

>> No.20185597

Reworked version
Feel free to color it whatever way you want comrades. I would like to meself, but Im colorblind, so most likrly I'll fuck it up.

some shitty fluff:

This particular grot has been a great and well-kept mystery in the grot society of Boris. Noone truly knows who he is, and what he does in the shadows of the Grotocracy. Rumors say that he is the owner of the most lucrative enterprise of the Left Leg, the Nu' Veyguz Casino. Others say that he is one of the manufacturing lords that holds the a pseudo-monopoly supply for both the Choppists and the Shootists. One thing is certain, however. This grot holds enough power to equal that of the 'eads of the council. So much is his influence that the higher ups often approach him for certain "delicate matters" that they rather not have reach the Warboss' ears

>> No.20185629

Just wondering. Still more writefaggotry in the works, but I don't want a brand new thread made on my account and I was thinking about just posting what I had at the moment in the meantime. But if they last that long, I may as well just finish. I hope I'm entering the final stretch of it, anyways.

>> No.20185715

We could coordinate our efforts for a thread. I've got a short piece about Zizzbitz coming along, and well, that Blue/Farseer bit... (Writing smut is difficult okay)

>> No.20185804

Im too tired to search the archives for fluff that I missed.
That bukkakism really did a number on me.

>> No.20185928

Did that one guy every finish this?

>> No.20186057

I get the image of Blue racing the bikers on her little evolving bike.
Tinka sits there making heaps of teef by betting on her and loses big the times that one of the gitz gets lucky and she crashes or they actually hit her bike with all the dakka they shoot.

The races start inside Boris's left foot go around wherever they have stopped for the time and end in his right foot

There are grots hanging off the turrets etc outside of Boris and grots with looted pict casters televising the event to the casino's

>> No.20186141

>or they hit her with all the dakka they have
Well, that's certainly orky enuff.

>> No.20186158

What'eva im going to bed, will see if anyone's got a thread up by the time I wake up.

>> No.20186172

If there is a new thread, I might level some writefaggan at it. Plus, I believe funstikkanon mentioned a part two...

>> No.20186294

Actully, I think that was a different anon.

>> No.20186642

Yeah the anon who wrote fun stikk was different to the one who was going to be writing blue and fanseer go wilder

>> No.20186771

I sort of want to write a story from mr squigs perspective but my write fu is too weak.
Nothing special just a day in the life sort of thing with him waking up, flying about on his dronekopta, biting things and generally being a squig

>> No.20187067

That said, I'll just leave this here:http://pastebin.com/TsMA1qh4

For context, read this first: http://pastebin.com/hvBwifT9


>> No.20187442

Well that was certainly something.

In unrelated news, has this been archived?

>> No.20187718


Hey other writefag, if you're still here, how about we both try for three stories (at least) and first person to get to three makes a new thread?

>> No.20187719

Fucking DONE. Hope you like it, you gits.

>> No.20187756

10 FUCKING pages that shit is. Fucking FUCK, I was on a roll.

By the way, I've now written about 31 pages and 16,583 words of Scraploota writefaggotry. Now if you excuse me, I forgot to eat tonight, so I'm gonna go try to do that.

>> No.20187946

In case anyone is reading, I made a few minor edits to the end. Sorry about the premature delivery I just wanted to make sure you guys got it in some form or another.


>> No.20188128

I wanted to post fuckinggenius.gif but I forgot I'm on friends PC.

Well written sir, well written.

>> No.20188207

I appreciate it. That's probably my last bit of writefaggotry for a while as this shit's practically all I've done for the past couple of days. My head, my fingers, and my keyboard all hate me for abusing them so. Keep it breezy, motherfuckers, and don't you EVER pay for nothing!

>> No.20188274

That's some good writefaggin boys.
Right proppa it is

>> No.20188577

Duuude all these Pastebin links, they should be up in Scraplootas' 1d4chan page. Well, are they? ARE THEY?

>> No.20188679

Great work! I felt the tension in the bit when she was proving she's orky!

>> No.20188742

Maybe there is something to the whole blue = luck thing, because dayum dat bitch is lucky. She almost died there like 3 different times at least

>> No.20188779

Well written indeed sir. A very nice way to end a thread.

And perhaps it is best that we cool our heels for a bit. 11 archived threads in 5 days? Pretty ridiculous.
Plus the shitposting invasion has begun. Good time to lie low.
See you boyz in a few days. I'll have writefaggotry waiting.

>> No.20188813

Working on comic version of this as we speak.

>> No.20188839

Thanks all. I'm just glad to have gotten it out the door before the end times. I'm also glad we're choosing to do this. I've seen too many good concepts or funny jokes run to the ground on 4chan
Holy shit, good luck. That'll take for fucking ever. A blessing of Gork AND Mork upon ye.

>> No.20188863

Nah we will just keep posting in the threads until they sink as we come up with new ideas.

Our problem before was that we kept making new threads on the bump limit which is entirely unecessary on a board a slow as tg

>> No.20188912

We're in a bit of a drought of creativity as well, which means we're in the danger zone for generalitis, so I'm pretty sure we came to the consensus to lay low for a bit and reconvene in a few days. Someone said if he didn't see one by Wednesday, he'd make one. I say if you don't have anything massive to add like say this guy >>20188813 and his comic, just let those ideas you might have now that you want to toss around stew and gestate until then.

>> No.20188945

That's what I meant by leaving it in this thread until we come up with ideas.

I have a few things I am trying to nut out about the biker nob and the stormboy nob but I am hashing them out a bit more before I put them up here.

This thread should last another half a day to a day before it drops anyway.

>> No.20189038

Don't count on it, man. The thread has already hit page 10.

>> No.20189080

Nah, they get a few hours of life at best. I had a few other empty threads open to tell me how much longer I had until this thread died. But still, those hours add up, so I do agree that we don't need to stop at bump limit like we have been doing.

>> No.20189097

Ah well then if it goes down it goes down

Basic ideas I had for the biker and stormboy nob is they compete constantly because they both think their way is faster and better for krumpin. They fight, bet and compete in everything to prove that their way makes you more orky

The stormboy nob has a helmet that blue made him from a crisis suit with lots of gubbinz stuck on so that when he lands on his head it doesn't kill him and it makes him da flyiest

The biker nob has a Pathfinder visor that he wears also made by blue which he says makes him go fasta because it makes everything red/orange

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