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Aw Yiss, WH 2nd edition up in these lady parts!

GMing a game which uses the WH rules, but a custom world. A mixture of that early rennaisance feeling of the Old World and some of the classical fantasy of older D&D...

Right off the bat, players demanded some tweaks on the weapons, as to make some options more viable and lessen the gap between using, say, a greatweapon and something like a throwing dagger.

What do you guys think of these ''fixes''? I'll post the little tweaks first in my next post and then the additional weapons in the one after that.

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add traits for them, to a greater extent, and/or have different types of armor (though they absorb the same points) be more or less effective vs some sorts (piercing, blunt, edge...).

You got a blunt weapon? Give bonsu on strike to stun, maybe even give it a possebility to stun (cause a penalty) for just a round, work in weapon reach for polearms, chain weapons wrapping around shields, piercing/stabbing weapons ignoring armor points if thrusted against the right spots (special combat manovers/traits/skills/talent)?

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any way, that's some things i remember we usually do on the fly at times (make up traits, wing some rules at the spot, and so on).

now i need some sleepy time.

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Great Weapon: added the Armour Piercing rule to compensate loosing to Poleaxe in versatility and to Flail in terms of damage.

Dagger: added point to damage and made them Fast (still not sure of this one). Small and agile weapon, great for an assassin, but not SB-3 dam.

Shield: dropped the damage by one. it doesn't even need the Parrying profiency to be effective and does two points more damage than a buckler.

Spear: dropped the Fast from it's qualities. It's really good even without it. Also, had to homebrew a spear with Reach for one character, so now they differ from another. Normal spear can be thrown and the longer one stabs at distance.

Javeling & Throwing Axe/Hammer: raised the damage by one for these bad boys, they get no love otherwise.

Throwing Star/Dagger: raised the dam with one point. Read above.

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The weapon/proficiency system is so fucked that you have to either take it as-is or revamp the entire system to avoid making things obsolete/useless.

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Ordinary/blackpowder, Dam: SB/3, Rng: 32, Rld: 3 Full, Enc: 60, Qualities: Scatter, Unreliable, Special

This weapon can be used as either a hand-axe or as a blunderbuss, wielder has to choose which set of properties to use in the beginning of his combat turn.

When using the weapon in melee, there is a chance that the firing mechanism will get damaged. Whenever the weapon is used to parry an All-out attack, an Ulric's Fury or a hit with damage 10 or more, there is a 30% chance that some of the gun parts will break. Normal breaking rules apply to the rest of the weapon.

Blunderbuss with an axe-head attached to it's barrel. During the Attackers' war, trench-fighters realized that their blunderbusses took too long to reload and so a melee attachment was added to improve the odds of beating off the enemy's charge.

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I KNOW there's rules for a bastard sword, but they're not very balanced. Here's my try.

Bastard sword
Ordinary/two-handed, Dam: SB / SB+1, Enc: 100, Qualities: Special

This weapon can be used either with one (Dam: SB) or two hands (Dam: SB+1), wielder has to choose which grip to use in the beginning of his combat turn. Can also be used without the two-handed weapon profiency, but then the weapon gains the Slow-quality.

Also called a Hand-and-a-half sword and a longsword, it's size falls somewhere between the various arming swords and the two-handed swords like flamberge and claymore. Bastard's versatility makes it a good choice for a warrior; you can comfortably wield it with one or both hands. Scholars around the Princetons argue over the weapon's origin; all of them say that it was indeed THEIR state that gave birth to it!

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Chain And Ball
Entangling/flail, Dam: -/SB, Rng: 4/-, Enc: 90, Qualities: Special

Used with two hands. This weapon can be used as either an unharming entangling weapon with the Snare quality or a deadly flail akin a morninstar, which has the Impact and Tiring qualities. Wielder has to choose which set of properties to use in the beginning of his combat turn.
This does not mean that the user can snare his opponent and then attack the next round with the flail-end, while the opponent is still entangled, gaining the appropriate bonuses. If a damaging attack is to be used, the target must be freed first (free action).
Shape of the weapon makes parrying hard. While wielding this weapon, the wielder gets -10% to parry.

Chain and ball is a highly specialised weapon, designed to be used against a single or very few targets. The weapon itself is simply a metal ball attached to a chain with several meters of lenght. Most use chain end first and try to immobilise their target and then crush them with a swing of the ball. The weapon has been said to originate from far-away lands beyond the Eastern Steppes.

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Ordinary/parrying, Dam: SB-1, Enc: 60, Qualities: Balanced, Defensive, Special

The weapon only has the Defensive weapon quality if the wielder has Specialist Weapon (Parrying) talent.

Pata, or gauntlet-sword as it is better known in common, is a dwarven weapon, designed to be effective in the ''hurley-burley'' of tunnel and underground fighting. It is basically an iron gauntlet, which protects the forearm and has a blade of a sword sticking out from the knuckles. Pata serves as sort of mix between a buckler and a sword, giving the best from them both. Dwarven fighters usually use two of them at the same time, so that they may parry and strike with both hands in equal measure.

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Blowpipe, Dam 0, Rng: 8/16, Rld: Half, Enc: 10, Quality: Special

Blowpipe does not do damage in normal sense, but relies on the various different poisons which can be used with it's ammunition darts; when scoring a hit, roll for damage and if the target takes any wounds, discard this damage and apply the effect of the poison.
Blowpipe's darts are not terribly damaging, but whenever Ulric's Fury is rolled, the possible extra damage on the targer is not ignored.

Another weapon from the faraway lands, the blowpipe has become increasingly popular among the assassins and shadesmen of the Princetons. It is at it's simplest just a hollow, straight twig, which is used to blow darts at the intended target. It is easy to conceal and even easier to discard after a succesfull ''hit''. Noblemen with enemies (is there a one without some?) are terrified of these weapons, for even the toughest bodyguard has hard time detecting a blowpipe about to be used, before it's too late. Several of the largests states have already banned the use of these stealthy weapons all together and anyone found bearing one, along with ammunition for it, is immediately imprisoned and soon executed.

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Ordinary, Dam: SB-3, Enc: 10, Qualities: Special

Claw-gloves are essentially climbing tools, even if they can be used to rend opponents. They grand the user +10% bonus for all Scale Sheer Surface tests.

Another tool with a questionable reputation because of it's usage in the criminal world. Few know that is is actually mostly used by mountain climbers and deep-earth miners.

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Excuse me good sir. I have searched for some time for a collection of 2nd edition warhammer PDF's and the only ones I have been able to find seem to be in Polish.

Might you know where I could locate some 2nd edition PDF's to perhaps get my game group interested in this world of perilous adventure?

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Long Spear
Ordinary, Dam: SB, Enc: 100, Quality: Special

Wielded with two hands. Can attack normally against opponents 2 yards (1 square) away from wielder. If opponent stands adjacent to wielder, counts as improvised weapon.
Long Spear can also be used to attack from behind an ally, but the wielder takes a -20% penalty to all Weapon Skill tests involved.

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Not a 2e player, but since we so rarely get WHRP threads of any kind... Can anyone give me an order of magnitude on how many witch hunters there are in Altorf? On one hand they seem like really big deals with a lot of authority, but on the other hand this /is/ the capital city and heart of the Sigmarite faith.

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Here ya go!

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Here's all I have so far folks. Going to bumb with some inspirational pictures for this campaign...

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And the seat of their headquarters.
And someone must watch all those corrupted nobles.

What exactly are you planning?

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I've always felt that the lack of weapon granularity for WFRP was a good thing. Have all hand weapons do the same as each other, and another category for the 2-handers. Which is why I totally disregarded the rules from the Old World Armory about differentiating them.

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My players have been seen in the company of an alleged Khorne cultist. There aren't Wanted posters for them... yet, but they still have to thread carefully. I want an idea of how common it is to cross the path of a witch hunter in Altdorf.

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And I'm not using them. Hand weapons all are the same, as are great ones.

These are for all the other stuff in the books.

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>I want an idea of how common it is to cross the path of a witch hunter in Altdorf.
You have quite low chance of meeting witch hunter on street.
But their big net of spies and informers - quite high.

Besides, there is also Church of Sigmar itself, City Watch (better than your average, it's imperial capitol after all) Reiksguard, and Colleges of Magic.

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I very much want this to be from a book that I can read.

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