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All these homebrews, but Blue was the catalyst. Scraplootas!




The Scraplootas are a clan of Orks who managed to steal a Titan from the forces of chaos. A Mekboy took a shine to the Titan and now refuses to leave it, believing that he IS the Titan. Boris the Titan also has a complete, functioning Gretchin bureaucracy working on its inside.

Later on, they were attacking a Tau colony and found a little blue Tau girl. Mistaking her for a blue Grot, she was embraced into the Ork society to help with mechanics. She quickly became an integral part of the clan.

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what is that in the picture?

thats not been in any of the threads

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>mr. squig
>not in any of the threads


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It's Mr Squig.

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Shut up and enjoy the Deffkopta squig

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its not been in the past few

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Mr Squig has been around since the first couple of threads in which blue was first conceived...

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Have the threads actually become Tork related again?

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No and we trashed that name cause we hated it, we are still working out the last kinks on Urtylug, Zizzbitz and the boys

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Always have been. It also looks like some git retconned that name from the wiki.

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It was never that. Ever. One guy tried to force it, against the preference of everyone else, and then it was forgotten about since then because it wasn't liked. Let's not start that shit up again.

The threads can be about BLUE again, sure. But let's not get back into that naming clusterfuck. Let's move on.

We need to better work out her relationship with Tinka, how she found Mr Squig, and her origin.

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I'm working on a story about Blue's first visit of the inside of Boris, which is where she finds Mr Squig.

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All these threads, and still no rule 34 or fapfiction.

I'm horrified.

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It's a fucking miracle isn't it. Blame Boris. He's much more interesting than fapfiction.

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Nothing is more interesting than fapfiction or R34.

I just want something nerdy to fap to.

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what about just using your imagination on those hips

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Well, we're kinda low on drawfags.

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Marauder, the dude who did that fuck awesome beakie for the Jaguars is working on Boris for you guys I think.

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Datz zogtastic!

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Boris doesn't have tits in him though.

I hope...

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It's days like this I wish I wasn't a gimp when it comes to art.

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I want to snuggle with her in a hammock (´・ω・`)

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I'm surprised nobody has created some sort of stalker of Blue, who thinks she's beautiful and wants to save her from the Orks.

DISCLAIMER: I do not want this to happen

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I now want this to happen.

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Ain't there like 2 Taus who want to "unslave" her from orks? That's the closest it can get.

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There are?

Is it out of duty or infatuation?

DISCLAIMER: I still do not want this to happen

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Duty but we can add in another tau who is doing it for infatuation.

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Did you even read the disclaimer?

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Anyway guys, isn't it like Homebrew Spring around /tg/ right now? People are pumping out Chapters/Warbands/everything like crazy. Hell, even I try to contribute few ideas here, even though I've never played 40k.

Shit is just that fun.

>captcha: supposes guagiju
Yeah captcha, I suppose it's pretty guagiju too.

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"But I never- mmph!" Blue cried out in muffled surprise as the Eldar farseer passionately locked lips with her. The Eldar clearly had experience, as she held Blue tight and close, embracing her forcefully yet tenderly. She held the kiss for what felt like an age to Blue, before pulling back and looking Blue straight in the eye.

"If you thought fixing your machines was fun, wait until I'm through with you" She reached slowly ran a hand down Blue's side, smoothly gliding past all the contours of her body, before gently moving her hand between Blue's thighs.

There you go, an excerpt from a story I will never write.

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Funnily enough, it was the whole "Blue" thing that started everything off.

We created Blue, then decided she needed an Ork Tribe to live with that was more in depth than just generic Ork Brand Ork.

Things just spiralled from there.

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pls no

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And I love you guys for that.
I think you doing that was the result for the sudden splerg of factions.

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Too bad two are the only one doing anything right now.

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Blue is a futa isn't she?

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and then blue was a trap all along.

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It is at times at these with the massive influx of homebrews which may actually fill up an entire homebrew sector of the 40k galaxy centered on the Icelus system.

Geshtinna...at times I hope there are an opening for that daemon lord...but Gesh is hopelessly dead.

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"Hi ya gits, and welcome to wun oh ate point too, Boris Eff Em, the only radio station in Boris made for YOU, da grots in all da different sectors of this 'ere titan. So stop all ya' muckin' about, get a good big cup o' squig tea, or even squig beer if ya feelin' dange'rus, and listen to da true inside voice of Boris.

Now, I's got a good show fer t'day. T' start us all off, we's got a quick thort for da day from Fizzgutz da Klerik, den we's got a bit o' new music from Da Rhythm Gits, the 'ardest workin' band in da whole of Boris.

Den, to finish it all off, we's got a news report from da jurrnalists in da 'ead offices up top, buncha borin' piss about "politics" n' "scandals" probly, its all just muckin about for da high-ups if ya ask me, but some of you gits might want to listen to dat.

Den, to finish it all off, da qwestchuns secshun, where you use yer speaky sticks to call da radio channel and talk about stuff you like, stuff you 'ate, and all dat sort of thing.

Before we get to Fizzgutz and his zoggin sermon, 'ere's one of da first new tracks from Da Rhythm Gits: Squig piss in my Tea. Take it away, ya Grots!"

Might write more later.

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>That feel when fizzgutz is still around having suggested him in one of the first threads

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"Hi ya gits, and welcome to wun oh ate point too, Boris Eff Em, the only radio station in Boris made for YOU, da grots in all da different sectors of this 'ere titan. So stop all ya' muckin' about, get a good big cup o' squig tea, or even squig beer if ya feelin' dange'rus, and listen to da true inside voice of Boris.

Now, I's got a good show fer t'day. T' start us all off, we's got a quick thort for da day from Fizzgutz da Klerik, den we's got a bit o' new music from Da Rhythm Gits, the 'ardest workin' band in da whole of Boris.

After dat all da fun stops for a bit, we's got a news report from da jurrnalists in da 'ead offices up top, buncha borin' piss about "politics" n' "scandals" probly, its all just muckin about for da high-ups if ya ask me, but some of you gits might want to listen to dat.

Den, to finish it all off, da qwestchuns secshun, where you use yer speaky sticks to call da radio channel and talk about stuff you like, stuff you 'ate, and all dat sort of thing.

Before we get to Fizzgutz and his zoggin sermon, 'ere's one of da first new tracks from Da Rhythm Gits: Squig piss in my Tea. Take it away, ya Grots!"

Might write more later.

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I really like Fizzgutz, I think he's pretty hilarious. It was a nice idea.

Sorry for deleting that post, I fucked up and didn't proofread properly.

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Working on a version 2 of Blue.

>> No.20166218

You know what, do we have an images of fizzgutz?
As I am tempted to throw together a model.

>> No.20166235

This is the kind of stuff we need.
We also need a new category on the Wiki inside Boris' where this kind of writefaggotry is put.
It's wicked.

>> No.20166255

Yeah, we do, and it's one of my favourites that has come from the Scraplootas actually.

>> No.20166267

And now to work! Unsure how long it will take, as I don't have that many orks.

>> No.20166284

I imagined a scene, where Blue asks Derknitt "why so serious?" in not-so-dramatic faction.

>> No.20166333

So I'm >>20166182, and I wrote http://pastebin.com/dXG2CWM1 as well.

I'm not the best writefag, but if people have any requests of anything I can have a go.

I also wrote >>20165962 but let's not mention that.

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model as in 3d model or as in miniature?

>> No.20166437

As in miniature, I have some old boyz lying around somewhere, and I've been looking for something to do with them.

>> No.20166472

So, you using resin and shit to model it differently, or just painting it?

>> No.20166488

Bit of kitbashing and green stuff.

>> No.20166500

Dats zoggin amazin!

>> No.20166504

Cool, I look forward to seeing the results.

>> No.20166511

we already have plenty of fucking writefags, we need more drawfags

>> No.20166533

Yeah, nah, not that plenty.

Good fluff is always good, because it's good and fluff.

>> No.20166681

If a few of your writefags would help out the Blood Jaguars in exchange for us trying to get Marauder to help you guys out more, that would be lovely.

>> No.20166698

Ill give it a shot.

>> No.20166735

Is general writefaggotry fluff?

>> No.20166743

Doing everything in my power to not give in and write some fapfiction.

It's so hard.

>> No.20166754

If it gets accepted as canon to what it's written for, completely.

>> No.20166780

Embrace it. It is a good pain.

>> No.20166809

But It would be insulting to Blue's good name to do such a thing.

On the other hand, it'd probably be the most well liked bit of writing I'd ever be likely to do.


>> No.20166826

>implying Blue wasn't always just a waifu fapfiction character
>Implying she didn't just get a bit out of hand

>> No.20166913

So I just caught myself up on events through the wiki and err... I want to make a scraplootas army.

>> No.20166932

Good luck and I hope you have a bucket full of grots.

>> No.20166944

Not yet. But I do have a bucket full of spare shootas and enough cash to buy a few boxes of warhammer goblins.

>> No.20166959

"Aaaand we're back, and it's time for Klerik Fizzgutz MBE* to give us 'is 'thort fer the day'"

"As I wuz walking today, I saw two Grots in an 'eated dizzcussun. They was arguing about who wuz the best at making squig patties, each claimin' to be the best in 'is field. Evenchully, one of da Grots challenged the other to a duel, and he agreed. Dey both took a shoota, and stood back to back, then started walking slowly forward. Suddenly, wiff no warning, and da bell not going off, one of da Grots turned round and shot the other in the back, killin' him.

And this 'ole scene led me to thinkin'. Any ork may have dakka, but this don't make 'im successful. If wun is to 'ave dakka, they must also be sneaky gits with da dakka, otherwise dey'll be a dead Ork. Such are the words of Da Book of Gork."

"Well, thanks very much fer that, Klerik. Same time again tumorrow, right? Now, we'll be onto our interview with Da Rhythm Gits soon, after dese messages from our sponsors"

*Member of the Boris Empire

>> No.20166960

Grots, Kommandos, and an allied Chaos Titan. Boom. There's the Scraplootas in apocalypse for you.

>> No.20166973

>just checked on blood jaguars
>tons of bickering
>come back here, everyone gets along and most ideas are discussed calm and pleasurably.

Whos the orks again?

>> No.20167061

"Do YOU suffer from premature dakka? Have you ever been walking around looking like an 'ard git with your shooter, only for it to go dakka in your belt? Don't be ashamed, it happens to the best of us. And Gunzmod Industries is here to help! For the bargain price of only 14 teef, we can install our brand new invention onto your shooter, which we call "The safety".

Yes, this simple fix will remove any chance of unfortunate crotch injuries, by adding a small switch onto the side of your shooter. Flick the switch, and the shooter will refuse to fire, no matter what you do! When you want to shoot at some git, just switch it back to shooting mode and let fly with your dakka! You'll be the 'ardest git in all of Boris, and you won't blow your leg off in the process! This message was brought to you by Gunzmod Industries, Gunzmod: The leader and innovator in everything Dakka"

"Sick of those pesky squigs running away every time you want to make a good pot of tea? Well, now you'll never need to worry again, just buy Squigbags (tm), the tea that'll never start muckin' about when you want a good cuppa! Buy them now at your local foodstall!"

"We're having a sale, Sale, SALE here at Bob's Choppies! Chainswords 50% off! Hammers 75% off! Buy one knife, get two free! We're crazy about choppin' here! Choppin prices that is! Located in the Commercial sector, floor 3 disctrict D"

>> No.20167113

>Orky Billy Mays

>> No.20167123

>gun mod that stops it from dakkaing

>> No.20167146

Wouldn't a better mod be a safety that keeps the trigger on no matter what you do?

>> No.20167220

"And now, as promised, Da Rhythm Gits! How you doin' today, boys?"

"Oh, y'know how it is Bax, it ain't easy bein' famous. But we do our best, thanks to Wierdco, the leader in nat'ral psychic brain fixin'"

"Er, yeh. Now, tells us, what wus the inspirashun for makin the band? Particularly, which git thought it wus a good idea to use only instruments made of squigs?"

"I'll ansur that one, I fink. It's a funny story really. I'd oftun fought ow cool it would be to make a band dat uses only instruments made of squigs. So I made a band dat uses only instruments made of squigs."


"And wut?"

"And wuts funny about it?"

"I dunno. The fact I actually stopped muckin' about long enuff to do summat, I suppose."

"Side-splittin' I'm sure. Now, in da interest of time I'm going to have to ask only one more question, as I've realised you're borin' and I don't wanna spend no more time talkin' to you. So, tell me about da inspiration for this next song, 'Da Prettiest Squig in da Club'"

"Well, it's actually a funny story-"

"Y'know wut, forget I asked. Now bugger off. And here's da song, for you listeners"

>> No.20167416

"Lyrical jeenyus I'm sure. And on we go, to probly da most boring bit of da show, da "News". Off you go, Krispin"

"Good evening, this is Krispin Krispus, with your news report for the day.

BOM BOM: Prominent councillor of the Left arm and leader of the Choppists is shot, police statement claims "it wuz done by some nutter, now piss off I'm goin' home".

BOM BOM: Prominent industrial giant Gunzmod Industries loses 90% of value on the stuffmarket after announcement of "Safety" anti-dakka system. A Shootist protest is already underway outside the factory gates

BOM BOM: Head Council releases warning: Boris expected to move suddenly in the next 1 hour, be sure to strap down any loose items

In sports news, the Squigball league continues, Entertainment Sector Gamblers beating the Crotch Sector Fixits 2 goals to 1 in a fiercely fought match. 4 were killed, and 3 seriously injured, surprising many who had expected a much higher bodycount.

And finally, Hairsquigs, back in fashion, but not as you'd expect. Local celebrity Yurtzuk Porgred was spotted today wearing a headsquig on his chin, calling it a "beerd", and suggesting it would be the most desired accessory in no time.

This concludes the news. Back to you, Bax"

>> No.20167628

"Since that's done, its time fer questions, rants and opinyuns. Yous all know how to call in, just get out your speeky-sticks and tell us whats on ya mind. Ah, first caller, you're on da show. Wut you want?"

"Hi Bax. Did you 'ear this stuff about Gunzmod? And their Anti-Dakka kit?"

"I did, yeah. Bad stuff, to try to cut off Dakka like dat"

"I know, next dey'll be trying to take our shooters and makin' us be nice to each udder. 'Ow are wes meant to deefend ourselves if wes got no dakka? Dats what I say. Anyway, dats all. Thanks"

"Well, all right. Next calla, yer on"

"Whee! I'm on the radio?"

"Y' sure are"

"Yay! I always wanted to get on! My name's Blue, and I work with Big Mek Tinka!"

"Oh. I think I've 'eard of you. Whatchoo want t' ask?"

"Well, I was wondering... What would be better for a gift? More dakka, or a big trukk? I just want to get Tinka a really special present and I don't know what!"

"Well, dat's not a question at all. More Dakka or a big Trukk? Just make a big Trukk with loadsa Dakka! Sorted! I'm a jeenyus! Now get off my program

Right, questions over now. 'N I'm going to go and get some tea and summat to eat. So until next time, try to quit muckin' about. Bax out."

>> No.20167649

Orks are a lot easier and more fun to create, as they're not eternally grimdark. In my opinion at least.

Also, sorry for the wall of writefaggotry, I didn't expect it to kill the thread.

>> No.20167718

can someone please complete this story? its... important to me

>> No.20167764

Actually, is that a possibility?

What sex organs do Tau even have?

>> No.20167803

According to /tg/, large breasts, hips, and (probably) a vagina. So they probably don't have anything sexual about them at all.

>> No.20167913

I think it'd be awesome if we had an arms-equivalent of CMOT Dibbler from Discworld. He sells weapons of questionable reliability, but is never around when it (eventually) misfires or explodes on the user. Perhaps put a grudge between him and one of the higher-up orks for selling them a shoddy shoota that blew up on them or something.

(Fluff-wise, perhaps he has some sort of anti-orkiness or something that makes a poorly-made device, like all shootas, resistant to the unconscious orky make-it-work field. The weapons aren't actually any worse physically, but they now operate and break as you'd expect from a gun cobbled together from scrap)

>> No.20167943

the "threegrot" character is completely stupid. you really think none of the orks would notice it's just three grots?
some of the other characters make sense, but that one doesn't. either edit it, or get rid of it.

>> No.20167966

I would imagine that would be like most of the stalls in the commercial sector of Boris. Completely unsafe, cobbled together, relying on them never being fired when the market vendor is around.

>either edit it, or get rid of it.

How about we do neither?

>> No.20167972

>Orks think Threegrot is a wierdboy
>Waaagh makes Threegrot look and perform like a wierdboy
It works.

>> No.20168036

From the wiki:

Shas'El K'Lem P'Rer and Shas'Vre Pan'zah
Tau Commander K'Lem and his bodyguard Pan'zah are the leaders of a small Tau task force initially meant to avenge the loss of a certain Tau colony in the hands of Scraplootas. Upon finding out that their targeted orks had a Tau 'hostage', they decided to rescue her first and foremost before obliterating the Scraplootas. They did manage to 'rescue' her, albeit for a brief moment before the Scraplootas freed her and stole K'Lem's clothes. Now K'Lem is obsessed in rescuing and re-educating Blue, while Pan'zah stands by him, ready to bail them out of yet another humiliating defeat in the hands of Scraplootas.

I didn't know we had our very own Team Rocket.

In fact, the whole of the scraplootas thing is just aching to be made into a cartoon.

>> No.20168048

Xenology claims they are remarkably similar to humans. Though xenology claims a lot of things, some of which are bullshit.

>> No.20168063

I think it was that since they don't have many boyz any more, they just don't question it. Acceptance out of a little desperation.

>> No.20168077

>Xenology claims they are remarkably similar to humans.

Good enough for me. So that means that she can have sex in a normal way, and fapfiction and Rule 34 are definitely possible. Only thing it rules out is /d/ shit.

Interesting. I wish I was an artist. The things I'd do...

>> No.20168180

Only thing is.
Orks dont have dicks.
Grots dont have dicks.
I dont think Squigs have dicks.
Fanseer doesn't have a dick.

No dicks.
No nuffin'

>> No.20168188


I'd settle for a comic strip.

Also are we gonna do a Denko style tau commander that is fucking crazy for blue?

Or was that tossed into the "bad" ideas bin

>> No.20168191

I'd not considered things like that, but that makes a lot of sense.

>> No.20168205

The guy who suggested that even said it was a bad idea he didn't want to see enacted.

>> No.20168213

Who needs dicks?

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only dildos

>> No.20168269

Technically, orks do have dicks as they're seen pissing on things sometimes.

they just don't have sex with them or anything.

>> No.20168270

No fapfiction!
Bad! Shoo!
Only bad things can come from this.
For now.

>> No.20168302

I'd be inclined to say that it should be addressed, for the sake of any future fap stuff's consistency.

If there's going to be rule 34 and fapfiction, I'd rather it at least worked with the fluff.

>> No.20168407

I'm imagining blue making herself a vibrator out of spare parts

>> No.20168465

Fuck you, now we all are.

>> No.20168499

Damn you...

>> No.20168525

Dat jus' aint roight.

>> No.20168635

Sorry guys. If it makes you feel any better, she's probably enjoying it.

>> No.20168677


calling all drawfags?

captcha: out twaddle
captcha wants it too

>> No.20168680

Alright, well apparently I've got to go to a baptizionzingning- the thing where an old creepy priest guy empties a bowl of water on your nephew's face.
So im going, dont write any fapfiction while im gone.

>> No.20168706

I'd rather split er' in two meself.

Wiv me choppa dat iz.

>> No.20168713

Don't tell Tinka that, ye daft git

>> No.20168721

Baptism. And quick, everyone start writing fapfiction.

>> No.20168761

Do it.
I fucking dare you.

>> No.20168785

Shhh... I wuz neva ere'

>> No.20168795

>I'm surprised nobody has created some sort of stalker of Blue
There's already the fanseer who stalks all of the Scraplootas and by extension Blue. She hates Blue because she wishes to BE Blue. Oh, to live among those beautiful savages in their beautifully simple lifestyle! She finds it almost sublime, their straightforwardness, especially since she's surrounded by nothing by stuffy close minded Eldar all day...

>> No.20168860

Stalker of blue? Wasnt that derknitt?

>> No.20168872

So a farseer is a fanseer is a tsunseer for Blue?

>> No.20168873

He's not the GOOD kind of stalker, though.

>> No.20168884

If anything he'd want to kill her.

>> No.20168904

She's not Tsundere for Blue, she just simply hates Blue for being where she is instead of Fanseer.
Also, who the fuck in their right mind names their kid Zebulon?
What is he a fucking planet?

>> No.20168906

Ohh well i didnt read that he meant.. Attracted to kinda stalker. Not the im watching for you to slip up so i can cut off your gubbinz kinda stalker.

>> No.20168912

I just really started to notice this Tau Earth Caste infiltration; Orkz, Necrons, and Tyranids.

Is nothing sacred?

>> No.20168919

He's the orkish vankwisher of all things unorky and thus doesn't like Blue very much.
A little tsun, a little mad jelly. Vaedrisa has been trying to get buddy buddy with Urtylug for years, only to be held at arms length (or farther, if Urtylug could help it) and then Blue shows up and is practically welcomed with open arms, much to her frustration. It's like the Fanseer is that one nerdy chick who has a crush on a guy and to her, Blue is the girl who takes him away from her, despite the fact that they were never together in the first place.

>> No.20168930

In the grimdarkness of the far future...
There are no stalkers.
Except for the Fanseer.

Captcha: Generic effect

>> No.20168949

>Tyranid earth caste
Also, little blue girls as engineers is fuckin kawaii, yo.

>> No.20168976

Didn't we all agree that we'd have all the characters fleshed out before trying to create new ones?

>> No.20168987

Before it got axed, Tau Quest had some Earth Caste female engineer somehow assimilated Tyranid features. Take it with a grain of a salt, I can't really remember.

>> No.20168990


>> No.20168999

Who's new? The fanseer has been casually mentioned ever since we decided to decide on a reason why Eldars are off limits.

>> No.20169003


>> No.20169009

>fucking kawaii

>> No.20169014


>Da Shop was quiet. Tinka had gone off to the casino, hoping to win big.
>Mr. Squig was off harassing some grots in the alley
>Blue had the whole place to herself
>She made her way to the special hidey-hole constructed just for this. >It was dull purple and housed two things: A soft mat fungus and her 'lil funstik'
>She trembled a little. Not out of fear of discovery. No, this place was safe from that. She trembled in anticipation.
>She was Da Blue Grot, yes, but she was different in more ways than that. She had squishy bitz that the others didn't. Bitz that tingled and burned in ways that mere dakka and choppa could not hope to stifle.
>She'd asked Tinka, other grots, the boss, everyone. But all they would say was stop muckin' about an get back ta buildin'. So build she did.
>The funstick felt right in her hand. It was so much smaller than the dakka she regularly tweaked, but when it went off, it kicked her harder than Boris's biggest gun.

Shall I go on?

>> No.20169031

Orks just want to have fun. When someone tries to muck up our fun like that Tork spammer, we'z krump em gud.

>> No.20169068


>> No.20169222

Make it stop!

>> No.20169238

Let's do this

>> No.20169248


>> No.20169321

In before 'lil funstikk' turns out to be like the cricket gun from MIB...

>> No.20169346


Ain't no such fing as premachor dakka. Iz only not enuff dakka to last 'til all dem gits ar krumped. Youz iz mukin' about!

>> No.20169347


>> No.20169379

So it's THAT kind of baptism, then. A bukakkism, if you will.

>> No.20169406

Son of a bitch, I lol'd

>> No.20169436

Bukkakkism by Fire!

>> No.20169499

I'm now thinking this is the name of a Slanneshi cult initiation ritual

>> No.20169570 [DELETED] 

Oh good lord. We dont need a slaanesh cult homebrew.

>> No.20169586

>i keep forgetting to remove that

Anywho, good lord no homebrew slaanesh cult.

>> No.20169593

Very well.
Dedicated to you, anon.

>It had three sections. Each twisted in alternating directions, pumped back and forth in against the others.
>She had put all sorts of bitz on it. Soft bitz that tickled her in just the right way. Buzzing bitz that made her melt on the inside. Squirmy bitz that curled up and in to reach the most sensitive gubbinz. And sparky bitz that made her shudder and gasp with exhilaration.
>She could wait no longer. She stripped quickly, removing her makeshift armor and pawing softly at the most ungrotlike parts of her body. Within moments the feeling that she barely understood was flowing through her.
>Like a warm, implaccable WAAAGH charging through her body.
>Reclining carefully on the mat, she began lightly sucking on the funstik's tip. It didn't need much. Her thighs already felt like someone had spilled a mug of squig beer between them.
>With barely a thought she lowered the funstik to her lower lips, activating the contraption with a sharp twist. It corkscrewed slowly forward. She savorwed the feeling, sighing deeply as it tugged its way deeper inside.

No brakes on the funstik. More incoming.

>> No.20169616

'OLD DA FONE YA GITZ I'm not done with this Fanseer/Blue fic. Be as patient as Rockeata and you will surely be rewarded.
"Farseer, may I play daemon's advocate here?"
"Of course, Zielt. It's why I keep you around. Your adversity to new ideas and your constant negativity are both charmingly quaint and quite useful as feedback. I often proofread my plans as I'm telling you off."
Zielt rolled his eyes the tiniest amount. "I am honored to feature so heavily in your thought processes, Farseer."
"Well, it was either you or that child, and I'm not a very good babysitter."
"Anyway, what use would interrogating the Tau have?"
"That is what you take issue with, Warlock? Out of all of the other things that I am currently trying to do, you choose to take issue with that?"
"The Tau isn't even an Ork!"
The Farseer waved her hand in annoyance, "But therein lies the rub. The Tau isn't even an Ork. So what's going on? Does this not intrigue you? The way I see it, the Scraplootas are a weapon given to us by providence. If the fate of the Craftworld is to rely on such a weapon, it would be foolish not to inspect it as thoroughly as possible. But what first? The scope? The trigger? The barrel? Parts that we are familiar with, if not this exact copy? No. First let us inspect the seemingly superfluous piece that does not seem to fit, the piece that we do not understand. Let us understand it, and let us see how the weapon functions without this piece."
"And you are convinced the Tau is that piece?"
"She is the anomaly. The other pieces are accounted for."
"Including the Titan?"
"Especially the Titan."
The Warlock furrowed his eyebrows, "So we have to go kidnap her?"
"I prefer to see it as borrowing. But yes."

>> No.20169623


>> No.20169643

>we interrupt your regularly schedule heresy for some drawfag who thinks he's hot shit.

I- words escape me /tg/. I am wordless. I had no idea what I was undertaking when I started this, but here it is. I noticed you were missing a couple things, namely missiles and flamers. So I added them for you.

I hope this lives up to the expectations of everyone who worked on the Scraplootas.

>time to paint the crotch cannon!
>lets see, what color do i make it
>red is speed
>blue is lucky
>green is orky
>yellow is firepower
>purple is stealth

>> No.20169675


...I don't have words anymore.

>> No.20169681


>> No.20169683


>> No.20169688

Its... Its.. beautiful.

>> No.20169690

Do not continue to soil Blue, she is to be pure!

>> No.20169696

That's...that's fucking amazing. My one complaint would be the lack of yellow everywhere that isn't the legs or the feet, as that IS the tribal color, but fuck, I can easily overlook that whilst gazing at this beauty.

>that little Blue

All in all, 11/10.

>> No.20169702

You know, when you keep saying shit like that, everyone knows you're just trying to ask for more.

>> No.20169748

Im serious :'(

>> No.20169762

I just read the 1st Membranes page. Is it true the two of you fought?
How'd that work out?

Also, does this mean we have ANOTHER nearby group?

>> No.20169768

........Y-you've made me proud...

>> No.20169787



>I-i mean I fixed it f-for you. It's n-not like I enjoyed working on it or a-anything.

>> No.20169788

Apparently people thought the 1st Membrane meeting was a joke. It's questionable canon at this point. (Are we even allowed to call things canon.)

>> No.20169796


hehehehe....but fuck... hur hur hur...

>> No.20169809

Marauder, you're a god among drawfags.

>> No.20169811


>> No.20169815

Not to be a bitch--and that IS an awesome drawing--but at this point I think you should change the coloring of the background words, as now it looks kinda awash in yellow.

>> No.20169820

Still don't know how they managed to loot that.

Or transport it.

>> No.20169832

The blood jaguars did all the work for us. We came up from behind and yoink'd it.

Our only ship is more of a boris-hangar

>> No.20169869

20/10 would loot again
>Or transport it.




But seriously, we fucking deep strike a goddamn imperator titan

>> No.20169896


Tacticul Geee- Gi- Cunningz

>> No.20169904


Just drag it through the warp on tow cables behind multiple ships. This works (mostly) and the titan and it's crew are protected from the warp (mostly) because the Orcs believe it (mostly)

>> No.20169960

D'awww, let him think he's clever
>She no longer had control of her body. What just been a slight pleasurable tremor before was now uncontrollable spasms in full swing. Her back arched, her legs twitched, a low constant moan was punctuating her movements.
>And still her hands moved as if bewitched. She stroked and pulledher squishy bitz as the funstik was pulled in and out of her.
>An errant squirmy bit caught on to the especially zoggin' good bit of her nethers and sent her spiralling further into the pleasure.
>The first one was coming. She could feel it. The WAAAGH had taken up arms between her legs, and was raising the kannon that only she could feel. That she wanted to feel. That she /needed/ to feel.
>And there it was. Before she could even take a breath it hit her. It ricocheted up through her generous hips and made her brain go fuzzy like a good pint of brog. And it didn't stop there.
>Once, twice, four times the great kannon fired before the WAAAGH settled inside her and she stopped bucking her hips against the funstik. She was content now, and quickly drifting off. What was...two hair squigs, twisted...pointy-eared...and then she was asleep.
>An unkowable distance away, a certain farseer removed her sight from the warp, cheeks aflame. It was for knowledge. To better understand. But these reasonings could not explain the pleasant heat she had felt while watching...

And there we go. Hope ya liked it, ya grots.

>> No.20169962

Damnit Marauder, now you have to give me your cock.
Because I love you.
And would suck your cock if it kept you drawing for us.
[spoilers]Also chicken tastes good.[/lolnope]

>> No.20170016


>> No.20170070

God damnit...

>> No.20170072


>> No.20170175

>more dakka, you say?

>> No.20170176

I just thought.
The reason purple is stealth because no one has seen a purple ork.
What would happen to a clan that found what they thought was a purple ork, in the same way the scraplooters found Blue?
Would mean purple ain't right sneaky, would it?

>> No.20170180

Those grots are hilarious.

>> No.20170203

Yay, MK!

>> No.20170208

Since purple is sneaky, they probably wouldn't notice it. The arrogant other factions just think so lowly of the orkz to exploit this.

>> No.20170245

It's wrong to want this drawfagged.


>> No.20170250

With a bemused smile Wystan Frauka put his data slate aside, more than pleased knowing how the inquisitor could not enter his mind, pondering what to do with this heretical uprising in his pants.
This shit was just what he'd been looking for this last week, but as usual nobody would appreciate his resourcefulness in this field.
Looking around at the worn-out faces of the acolytes, he decided nobody would miss him for a while.
This was the third hideout in this week and he was by now sick of searching for some quiet places. Hard enough in a hive, but this hab was crawling with people and the toilets were below even him.
A sigh escaped him, as he grabbed the slate and made for the door. This would be more of a nuisance than it was worth.

I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this.

>> No.20170263

I'm the guy who did the MS Paint version and I must say that you fucking rock good sir

>> No.20170313



>> No.20170314

And so did our adorable grot fall from innocence. They grow up so fast.

>tear up
>whole nine yards

>> No.20170373

Glad you like it everyone. I had a blast working on it.

I tried, but anything more than a subtle shift looks awful and throws off the entire color balance.

>implying I'll be better recieved elsewhere.
lolnope. You guys are stuck with me.

Thank you sir. That image helped more than you realize.

>> No.20170387

I just realized something.

This whole concept is basically Sandwich in Space, isn't it?

>> No.20170419

Excellent, everything is proceeding according to the plan.

>> No.20170480

Shove off. Didn't you read the fic? This thread is MINE now.

>> No.20170489



Scraplootas show up to pillage some Imperial worlds.
1st Membranes show up to help.
Upon first contact, the Membranes begin to explode, turn into daemons... business as usual for them.
Urtylug takes one good look at the whole mess, says "Fuck this" and takes off, deciding to raid some Tau worlds instead.

>> No.20170496

Except less shitty since Blue is hardly even the focus anymore. Also, there will never be romantic sideplot. Ever.

Except for noncannon lesbian scissorings between blue and the fanseer

>> No.20170537

You're right. The scissorings aren't a cannon. It's worse. They're -canon-.

>> No.20170601

>Tau Earth caste lesbian engineer joining the weirdest faction

Anyone seeing a recurring theme?

Not that there's anything wrong with lesbians, but she does need some overalls. Very modest-overalls...

>> No.20170611

>implying a cannon wouldn't be involved if Blue was doing the scissorings
Who do you think built Boris's gronkannon

>> No.20170622

We've already had mini greentext scenarios of the fanseer seducing/raping her. This is nothing new.

>> No.20170643

She's not a lesbian, it's just that the closest thing (and the only thing) to Blue that has any sort of genitalia is the Farseer. It's basically lesbo or bust for your fapfics

>> No.20170664

Scraplootas. One of them is a titan. Glorious.

>> No.20170667

So basically, she'll fuck anyone with an actual libido?


>> No.20170706

There better be a part two where fanseer studies Blue in depth. And in person.

>> No.20170720




>> No.20170734

But Blue's not an ork.
I mean she's an ork in spirit, just not an ork in biology.

>> No.20170750

welcome to 4chan

>> No.20170759

Anyone got those old drawfaggotry pics of Eldars, notably Eldrad, constantly molesting Orkz?

>> No.20170792

>someone hasn't read squad broken

>> No.20170902

Ministories and halfhearted attempts, but
Seems like the first real swing at it. We all knew it would eventually happen. All it took was a baptism and an Arch-Magos.

>> No.20171013

Has the grot's casino been fluffed at all? Seems like a fun place. Flashy bitz and sleazy gitz as far as the eye can see. Teef moving faster than a stirmboy. Expensive sguig cocktails. Instead of showgirls, impressive pieces of dakka and choppa to ogle.

>> No.20171047

You are adorable!

>> No.20171074

You too, Xeno.

>> No.20171084

Aren't orks and necrons mortal enemies? Wouldn't Blue and Xeno have to fight?

>> No.20171107

Ends in sex.

>> No.20171115

No necessarily. Imotekh, being a massive sperg, has a personal problem with them, but not Xeno.

>> No.20171119

>Instead of showgirls, impressive pieces of dakka and choppa to ogle.

>> No.20171131

I almost want to do it now.

>> No.20171149

Go away, Xeno. You've been replaced.

>> No.20171162


>> No.20171191


>> No.20171199

Don't listen to him, he's being mean. Probably one of Assholetep's subordinates.

>> No.20171230

Necrons could easily do several things.

A) Trade with them.

B) Enslave them

C) Convince a very stupid Warboss that they are Living Dakka gods that shoot green orky rays.

>> No.20171255

all this talk of necrons make me want to draw a Cron ed' mug

if you don't want that sucks to be you.

>> No.20171261

Xeno can't even enslave her own scarabs. She might try to trade some ancient and irreplaceable artifacts for some shiny bits of scrap, though.

>> No.20171296 [DELETED] 

>ancient and irreplaceable artifacts

How is she supposed that this weird-looking teapot is actually an interstitial shredder that can slice a planet in half? Plus, orky art is very pretty and colorful.

>> No.20171310

>ancient and irreplaceable artifacts

How is she supposed to know that this weird-looking teapot is actually an interstitial shredder that can slice a planet in half? Plus, orky art is very pretty and colorful.

>> No.20171344

She has a robot brain, you'd think she could maybe look it up.

>> No.20171357

Nigga, she probably doesn't even know what sex is.

>> No.20171360

Drone vs. Mr. Squig steel cage deathmatch. Make it happen.

>> No.20171368 [DELETED] 

Nah, Anima showed her.

>> No.20171382

Nigga, dat ain't gonna stop me.

Now where dem bloo wimmenz at?

>> No.20171398

>robot brain
more like an old Russian water heater.

>> No.20171399

Writefag from last night here. I know you guys wanted a Blue origin story from me next. WELL TOO BAD! I MUCKED ABOUT! HA, TAKE THAT!

Now you'll take your Snekkit interlude and you'll like.
>It does include Blue, at least

>> No.20171408

Highly advanced alien technology.

>> No.20171432

I'm talking about Blue, ya git.
Behind >>20169787
and >>20170072
and even >>20165003
and also a Big Mek who may or may not have a transparent orange electric chainkutlass.

Have fun reaching her, dude.

>> No.20171454

For all the people considering making a whole homebrew, I say go for it. We did it once before with the Tiji Sector, and with the modified Rites of Battle tables for rolling up Ork Warbands, Craftworlds, and Independent human empires, plus the shiny new Rites of Battle IG Regiment generator and the Dark Heresy Minor Xenos Species generator, our new sector will be even easier to create and more diverse than ever before


Basics: The Sector has at least one Craftworld. It has the Blood Jaguars, and a few Tau colonies somewhere too. Everything else we can make from scratch.

>> No.20171462

And at least one CSM warband, unless they got wiped out. Same with the DEldar.

>> No.20171466

We must have Spaniards based chaos warband or IG regiment.

>> No.20171471


>A whole homebrew SECTOR


Anyway, I have to leave for dinner, but when I get back I'll probabl write up part II of Da Karhold Job for your reading pleasure

>> No.20171484

Da Stuff Markit (The Grot Stock Market) would be a sight to behold, too

>> No.20171494


The one the Scraplootas stole the Titan from was annihilated by the Blood Jaguars, because it was the last remnant of the warband that invaded their homeworld. The main reason they have such a raging hate-boner for the Scraplootas is that they're keeping them from ritually destroying the last remnant of their most hated enemy.

>> No.20171522

Tossing in some of the content from summer of last year that didn't get nabbed up into any larger project would help speed things along when it comes to populating the sector. E.g. the abyssal jaws, the order of the guiding light, glistening host, ivory huntsmen.

Well, I guess I'd just like to see some of the old stuff get picked up instead of being forgotten.

>> No.20171530

I guess if we go all out with this, 1st Membranes can come too.

>> No.20171552

Sectors are fucking huge, so having a pile of already existing content helps get the ball rolling

>> No.20171563

I was saying that because someone already wrote an interaction between those two.

>> No.20171595

Well zog me, seems Blue has a horny side. DAMN IT /tg/.

>> No.20171597



>> No.20171622


I, for one, am willing to have upwards of 70 homebrew Chapters in the same sector if that's what it takes to get a Salamanders Successor, because I am completely unashamed of my raging hardon for the Sons of Vulkan (No homo).

In that same vein, I now have the genesis of an idea for a Salamanders themed Sisters of Battle order, possibly merged with the Salamanders Successor to the point that they're essentially the same organization. Probably would have a similar deal to the Blood Jaguars and the Sisters order they share their homeworld with, with female children that go through the same challenges as Chapter Initiates being offered induction into their ranks.

...I'm going to get up from the computer now, otherwise I'll forget entirely about my dinner and wind up writing three pages of fluff in semi-coherent rambling sentences. I'll be back shortly.

>> No.20171680

Thank you. I had a lot of fun writing the battle of wits between Snekkit and the nob. And now I don't know if I killed the thread because everyone is reading or because they all stormed out in disappointment at the lack of a Blue story.

>> No.20171780

"Master Zaroff, Master Zaroff, I come with good news my lord!"

Zaroff rolled his eyes and took a long drag on his cigar as he set his beloved custom exitus rifle back down in its padded case. He leaned back into his tanned ork-hide chair and glanced down at the grovelling aide dressed in white and tan. "Speak then, and pray you aren't wasting my time."

"O-of course master, I bring news of a potential hunt that would be suitable for one of your esteem."

Zaroff arched a bushy eyebrow and blew out a ring of hazy smoke. "Continue..."

"It has come to my attention that a clan of orks-" Zaroff sighed and reached a large hand toward the drawer of his desk. "M-master please, these orks have stolen a great titan."

Zaroff with drew his hand as a contemplative smile came to his face. "A titan you say?"

"Yes master, an imperator titan that had been corrupted by the servants of the dark gods. They have stolen it and made it theirs. None have managed to dislodge them their prize..."

Zaroff's grin turned to a wicked smile. "And to think I was getting bored. Send a missive to the Heart of Darkness to inform them of the prey."

"Of course master, I am certain you shall be the envy of the Ivory Huntsmen. Shall I prepare for departure sir?"

"Not yet, I'll be sporting. This time at least."

>> No.20171797

We got a Blue story. Just wasn't the kind we were hoping for. At least most of us. I think. Damn funstikk.

>> No.20171839

So, the Scraplootas motto is 'A Scraploota pays fer nuffin!"?
Since it's been said multiple times by several orks in the clan.

>> No.20171883

Well yeah, but I was tasked with creating a proper one and instead I mucked about. Hopefully Snekkit will tide you guys over until I get around to doing Blue proper, though.
Yeah, I think I've kinda turned that into their warcry/motto on accident. Blame Pirates of the Carribean and their whole "Take what you can grab and give nothing back!" because I was probably inspired by that, seeing as our orks are so piraty, they found a way to be land pirates.

If there's any objections, I can edit the Snekkit story and retcon the line out of there.

>> No.20171887

Oi, ola youz who iz mukkin about dis iz wun oh ate point too, Boris Eff Em. We 'ere at Boris Eff Em 'ave a new sponsa to help support da best radio dis side a da secta! We iz now sponsa'd by Foot Fungus Beer, da only beer made 'n manufactured inside-a Boris!

In hona' a da new sponsa we gots a new program for ya! Youz is listenin to Toe Jam! Da best rockin new programin from da brain boyz at Boris Eff Em! We playz all da best songs from da best bands, includin "Bringin on Da 'ead Stomp" by Mute Squig an' "Try An' Stop Me Now" by Looted Zeplin! An' rememba, it'z not really a WAAAGH witout Foot Fungus Beer!

>> No.20171915

here is a shitty drawing as my thanks for your story

da loot'd cron mug, is all orky cause all de dakka holes made it impossibal ter hold tea in!

>> No.20171931

Don't forget Boris the Titan, co-written by the home of 'imself!

>> No.20171985

I want a scene where Urtylug has tea with a captured Ivory Huntsmen

>> No.20172006

>"C-can you 'elp me, miss spikey girl? I fink I got lost in da battle..."
"Ohhh, hyew poor theeng! Doo nyat worree! Thees warband ees goink right to the fraunt lines!"
>"R-really, now? Thanks! You ain't all so big 'o gitz afta' all! By da way, I fink yer puppy's cute!"
"He ees the niceest leetle monstoor that has evoor followed me home! I call heem Waffles and he likes too eat whaffles! And loyhaleests! I theenk he likes eattink whaffles moore, though."
>"'E's so pretty an' colorful! Mr. Squig ain't nearly that cool lookin' outside o' his deffchoppa."
"Meestoor Squeeg?"
>*whistle through missing teef*
A small squig in an only slightly larger deffcopter flies out from behing the Tau and growled at the chaos spawn, which accepted the challenge by tackling the deffcopter out of the air.
"OH! I ahm soo sorree! He ees not normahlly thees agresseeve!"
>"Dat's OK. Mr. Squig doesn't 'ave arms, so I gotz ta rebuild his deffchopper every night. Wotz yer Mr. Waffles doin' to Mr. Squig though?"
"AHH! Zat ees a bad Waffles! Slaanesh ees not watcheeng now! Get off of the Squeeeg!!!"

>> No.20172007

Dat iz da most orky fing I has ever seen.
Iz..l iz bootiful

>> No.20172013

Wow I right mucked that up

Don't forget da newest 'Boris the Titan', co-written by the home of Grotopolis an our big metal bennafakta 'imself: Boris da Titan!

>> No.20172033

>Blue befriending Cultist-chan
She'd krump dat wheezy lil git.

>> No.20172062


Wait, I gotz an idea, ya grotz! Who are the Tau trying to recaptur Blue? I might get them in on this.

>> No.20172063

Ha, I love it! Reminds of this picture.

I also like how we took a joke based off of a /tg/ injoke and turned into something (relatively) serious that sounds like something an ork would actually do.

>> No.20172072

This picture, even

>> No.20172117 [DELETED] 

We need to take this
And this
and combine them into one fuckawesome picture.

>> No.20172160

Don't forget to use Urtylug's CREEED mug: It's a metal mug with a poorly etched double aquila and the words 'Taktikal Genyuss' scrawled underneath the aquila. He claims that smart umie git Creed himself gifted it to Urtylug on account of how ded sneeky he is.

>> No.20172206

>homebrew sector
Let's not do this. Sectors are huge, and having too many interrelationships isn't good.

>> No.20172247

What I like about the Scraplootas is that they have no real affiliations, besides the Fanseer's Craftworld. As such, even if say, the people working on the Blood Jaguars, decide to homebrew an entire sector and throw the Scraplootas in it, all that'll change is that the gits we krump will have actual names and the occasional "crossover fanfiction" of sorts.

tl;dr: I'm not really pro-homebrew sector, but I'm not against it either because the Scraplootas are going to be isolated regardless.

>> No.20172320

i made that one too if it helps

>> No.20172356


/tg/ has done it before, and the creation of the Tiji Sector was fun for all.

If you don't want to get involved, then don't.

>> No.20172358

On the subject of the necrons I had a thought that either the grots on Urtylug's shoulders or seem other grots had found a death mask and looted it so a bunch of other grots started wearing necron heads and running around like tribals with those oversized masks.

>> No.20172388

We really need to update the wiki with the new drawfaggrotry. Especially Boris.

>> No.20172391

There was a mention that one of the tau tying to recapture her was a relative like a distant uncle or something.
He never manages to get too close because the scraplootas always krump his forces before he can get to blue.

I think we threw that out in favour of the other two tau though.

>> No.20172402

Tau Commander K'Lem and his bodyguard Pan'zah are the leaders of a small Tau task force initially meant to avenge the loss of a certain Tau colony in the hands of Scraplootas. Upon finding out that their targeted orks had a Tau 'hostage', they decided to rescue her first and foremost before obliterating the Scraplootas. They did manage to 'rescue' her, albeit for a brief moment before the Scraplootas freed her and stole K'Lem's clothes. Now K'Lem is obsessed in rescuing and re-educating Blue, while Pan'zah stands by him, ready to bail them out of yet another humiliating defeat by the hands of Scraplootas.

>> No.20172403

maybe they attacked a planet that had cron's waking up and as they dropped in borris in he landed on a troop of warriors, and the grots who charged out after that into the city found the crushed remains and started lootin

>> No.20172433

>Scraplootas accidentally Boris right on top of an awakening tombworld
>He sees all the metal humanoids, as well as all the monoliths

>> No.20172455

some one REALLY needs to update borris's page to include the new allmighty picture of him

>> No.20172588

That fits it perfectly.
I just liked the idea of a bunch of grots who ran around with big masks on and their leader having a looted death mask

>> No.20172643

Hello boyz. Finally finished Blue/Fanseer fic.
Turned out not smutty at all, (un)fortunately.

Tell me what you think. Especially about new information about Blue.


>> No.20172840

Well, there is this category in 1d4chan I have put the Scraplootas in. For you guys who are interested in other homebrew 40k things, here it is.

There are some stuff there that needs to be expanded (such as Craftworld Eonhar), although I'm sure Scraplootas is big enough now.

>> No.20172887

I think if anything, Scraplootas need a lot more crunch. Like, what are the rules for an Urtylug miniature? He obviously gets Creed's Tactical Genius rule for starters, but I don't know where to go from there. Are there any rules that make him more mobile at the cost of health?

>> No.20172912

We don't need any crunch.
The scraplootas aren't a tabletop army they are just for fluff and story.

That's a good story, I like the ending.

>> No.20172954

It seems so weird that most of these Scraploota stories always end in an uplifting manner, like you can imagine the pan up into the bowels of Boris as the whole krew laughs, kind of like an 80s sitcom.

That said, I really liked this.

>> No.20172959

We still haven't finished Tinka and we had some ideas people wanted to flesh out for the scraplootas.

I wanted to work out a bit more about Rockeata since we only have a pretty basic outline for him with no real description of his appearance or how he actually fights and having a stormboy nob would make sense given we have stormboyz as the only other real group in the scraplootas.

Maybe a bit about Urtylug's swashkrumpa squad.

>> No.20173000

Well no, they don't NEED it.
I figured that orks are already Saturday Morning Cartoon villains/heroes depending on the narrative, and the Scraplootas are orks taken to 11, so why not roll with it? I could try to fight it and srs them up, or I cold just give in to the crazy you guys an 80's sitcom set ion WH40K with lots of violence. After all, in that last story, one poor ork got burned alive.

>> No.20173019

Because it is comedic
Scraplootas and orks are the anti grimdark 40k faction.

I liked the idea that the storm boyz launch from the fort on Boris's back and sort of worship him as the avatar of gork and mork because he is so ded killy.

Their leader is a git who isn't that smart because he keeps crashing into things head first but he generally krumps things by landing on them so the boyz follow him.
He and the stormboyz gets their rokkit packs from Tinka and Blue because they explode less and with Blue's constant tinkering they go further.

This also leads into why blue always has spare bits for Mr Squig's drone since she is often making bits for the stormboyz.

>> No.20173021

>After all, in that last story, one poor ork got burned alive.

Serves 'im roight fer muckin about.

>> No.20173063

one idea that was tossed in at one piont is that borris has an air strip in the orky fort as well with a few wings of grot fightabombas to maintain a secure airspace which is just about the most important thing a titan can have

also would any one want another mug drawn?

>> No.20173073

I figured the stormboys would get co--opted into the Swashkrumpas to some degree. We also have warbikers that launch from Boris' ass.

Maybe after working so close with Boris, Rakkatrakk has started to emulate him a little and plugs himself into his warbike when they're out fighting? Kinda like gif related. Not a straight rip or even an homage of any sort, just the same general idea of being hooked into your vehicle in order to get ded fast.

>> No.20173109


>> No.20173113

>one idea that was tossed in at one piont is that borris has an air strip in the orky fort as well with a few wings of grot fightabombas to maintain a secure airspace which is just about the most important thing a titan can have
I can see a bunch of deffkoptas circling him at any given time like seagulls circling a ship. It goes along with his deep striking, too. 5-6 koptas airdrop Boris in, detach their cables, and start krumpin shit and circling Boris. Maybe give his orky fort various helipads where grots have kopta repair stations going on.

>> No.20173123

Damn fucking straight.

>> No.20173143

We still need a bio on the wiki for Rockeata Brugg. Here's the original suggestion:

Rockeata Brugg
The chief kommando. Remarkably patient when out sneaking, and keeps his boyz just as patient with judicious use of threats and violence. Named for his habit of chomping on rocks with his beartrap-like metal jaws both as a display of 'ardness and to fill his belly when food supplies have run out on a mission (unfortunately for his underling, anyone who complains about being hungry is likely to be forced to share this unconventional food source), behind which lie his actual regenerating teeth.

He's also been decided to tell stories of his various missions.

You can get a further feel for his personality in this fine story: http://pastebin.com/7xxkkvdw

Should it not be done, I'll probably add it myself.

>> No.20173192

>Rockeata Brugg
>The chief kommando.

>chief kommando

>> No.20173193

5-6? i was thinking 10-20, we have no sortage of grots to man them and plenty of loot to make them
also we have to remember that every time we touch down we are gonna have any and all local ork tribes[little ones i mean] sucking up to us seeing as we have a zoggin titan turned ork maybe the Krew it'self stays the same but we gather a mini WAAAAGH around our feet as we stomp around and when we leave Da Boss picks the Sneakiest of the lot and leaves the rest to their own devices.

>> No.20173251

Someone needs to make an rt militant of him.

Chet Gunhaver
Armed with his trusty .54 trantor and a hellgun that doesnt shoot blue lazers.

>> No.20173293

Has anyone been keeping the wiki up to date?

>> No.20173306

nope not at all

>> No.20173313

10-20 probably works too. I just don't want to give the Scraplootas too much power aside from the titan, as they're a mobile force.
>when we leave Da Boss picks the Sneakiest of the lot and leaves the rest to their own devices.
Due to his occasional run ins with members of 'Ead Kounsel and the Grotocracy (he just thinks they're zoggin weerd grots and doesn't know about the Grotocracy), he's picked up the idea of Tackses from them. He'll go krump and loot a world and then tell the local orks that they can just have the planet for the cost of minimal boys up front, so long as they pay him a Tacks of boys and scrap whenever he comes a knocking. Otherwise, he'll krump and loot them, too, and then rent the planet over to the next nearest ork or human organization.

Of course, sometimes they forget which planets are friendly or not and re-raid a planet they already rented out, but thems the breaks when you give orks a Chaos titan and not much else.
Nope. The BJags definitely have us beat on that front.

>> No.20173546

Well, I added the new Boris and Blue pictures to the wiki, and will see if I can update any of them with new information.

I suppose it's easier for the Blood Jaguars to keep their wiki up to date, as their creation is very much revolving around one person, whereas ours is mostly anarchic. Which I prefer.

>> No.20173554

10-20 for a warband is a tiny number, especially since we are supposed to be freebootas

>> No.20173575

derknitt and the fanseer still need to be added too.

>> No.20173625

It's proppa orky dat way.

>> No.20173670

good point and seeing as how they are flown by grots i don't see why they would take up much space, ther few large ones would be fore borris, all gunship like while the others are like normal koptas... drawfaggin a gunship

>> No.20173795

I loved the ending. Not so sure how I felt about Blue killing someone. Her going into an accidental beserker rage and murdering a bunch of grots as her "baptism" into orkdom is more significant if that's her first kill ever. Her being an orphaned outcast who's constantly bullied and knows it'll be worse off if she fights back but does so anyways is good, though. I also feel like she was too cooperative in the interview. She should've been mocking the Farseer for asking such stupid questions that even the dullest grot could give you the answer to. The overall story was great, though. I absolutely loved the ending.

>> No.20173827

whuch has been the best homebrew lately?

>> No.20173855

Dat shoodn't be a qwes-chun

>> No.20173883

I see the Scraplootas are still the lolcats of Orks.

>> No.20173891

yer' a zogin git, now stop mukin aboot and get back ter work!

>> No.20173914

>Tau girl wat do waifu that is actually fucking awesome
>Orks with a fucking Chaos Titan
>An ork who thinks he's a fucking Chaos Titan
>A secret and volatile grot bureaucracy existing within a fucking Chaos Titan
>Deep striking a fucking Chaos Titan using koptas
>A warboss with a mug fetish and coffee/tea serving grots
>Grots, grots everywhere
>Three weirdgrots pretending to be a weirdboy
>An ork who thinks he's a weirdboy and the personal prophet of Gork
>A still active daemoncore of aforemention fucking Chaos Titan that's kept orky by welding glowing squigs to him
>An ork who holds screaming contests with warp tainted walls and wins
>Fangirl Farseer who still manages to get shit done despite being a total orkaboo who's terrible at hiding her powerlevel
Is that really a question? Who are they even in a competition with a this point?

>> No.20173939

What's that even supposed to mean?

>> No.20173988

This thread is the best Scraploota thread ever.

So many stories. So many art.


>> No.20174008

Ain't we on bump limit already, ya gitz?

>> No.20174016

This night was made out of.
Except for that one faggot.

>> No.20174025

I dont know, are we?

>> No.20174040

I don't know what it is about the Scraplootas, but they attract a lot of writefags and a healthy number of drawfags, too. I think it's because they're so fucking fun to write for and the characters have ridiculous descriptions that just beg to be drawn.
Yeah, but I don't even know what the next thread needs done. Maybe it'd be best to let it die for a bit to avoid generalitis. I know if I don't see a Scraploota thread by the time I finish the story I'm working on, then I'll make one.

>> No.20174047


Anyway, shouldn't somebody update 1d4chan with dem delicious new stories or something?

>> No.20174051

>next thread needs done
Moar canon writefaggotry.

>> No.20174083


what we need is to cattalog all that has been done and get it into the wiki!

>> No.20174106

Is this thread archived? If not, should we?

>> No.20174113

Dont we have all the threads archived?

>> No.20174131

That's what everybody always say, but nobody ever does it.


>> No.20174146

Very much so. At the very least we're gonna need to get a pastebin directory going on over there.
Thus far we've got that he's a peg legged Big Mek with a love of all things electrical or chain powered. He's a bit of a lazy git and prefers to delegate actual mekwork onto other mekboys and grots so he can tinker with his zizzy bits so more and come up with all sorts of krazy kontraptions. He found Blue, mistaking her for a blue grot, seeing as weirder shit happens daily for the Scraplootas, and took a liking to her after seeing how she took a shining to working hard and not running off.
I thought I saw at least seven threads archived. I can't into suptg though.

>> No.20174148

This thread is archived.

>> No.20174158

Do you think if we threw the Bjags a writefag or two they'd organise our crap?

>> No.20174165

Well, I knew all of that except the pegleg.
Who was the one with the mohawk by the way? Snekkit?

>> No.20174176


I do believe it was Snekkit.

>> No.20174182

I believe it was rockeata but it may have been snekkit. Actually, didnt the guy who made rockeata switch him from kommando to stormboy?

>> No.20174185

Well we've looted one of their drawfags, so maybe. I tried to writefag for them, but I just wasn't feeling it.
>Who was the one with the mohawk by the way?
Snekkit. He's the sneaky nob who often scarpers off with Blue to take her out into the fight, much to Tinka's ire and Blue's delight.

>> No.20174198

Alright, well he's gonna need some coverage aswell as Rockeata.
On the wiki that is.

>> No.20174201

Likewise. They wanted me to writefag up the scene between the daemon prince and their chapter master. Basically i got the CM has a powerklaw and ate his heart.. He did this while skinned alive. Have fun with it.

Im not a person who does well when given the whole box of legos.

That and id need to do my homework on both daemon princes and what chaptermasters tend to wear.

>> No.20174248

How about zizzbitz has bad cybork eyes which is why he mistook blue for a grot in the first place.

Then she tinkered with them so they worked better but he didn't care by then because Blue was his lucky charm.

>> No.20174267

Rockeata's still a kommando. He was the head kommando, last I checked. As far as unit affiliations go, we've got:
3 kommandos (Snekkit, Rockeata, Derknitt)
"2" Weirdboys (Threegrot, Fizzgutz)
1 Mega armored nob (Boris)
1 Big Mek (Tinka)
1 Warboss (Urtylug)
And lastly,
1 Grot (Da Blue Grot, an don't ya fergit it ya lousy grot!)

From there, I guess we might need 1 stormboy and 1 biker to round the whole thing out, as well as what it means exactly to be a Swashkrumpa. I'm imagining them rappelling off of Boris from the top of the orky fort into various levels of the cities. A useful tactic, especially given the size of some of these fucking 40K cities. Meanwhile, the stormboys just sow havoc wherever they can. The bikers are probably the ground equivalent to the deffkoptas, mainly sticking close to Boris and making sure no one gets inside.

Also, grots are just always everywhere and trying to kill you all of the day. They're like Australian spiders.

>> No.20174364

I had a basic idea for the stormboy nob here
Which we can use, cannabilize or toss as we feel like it.

>> No.20174429

It's definitely a good start. What if the stormboys have rokkit packs that have been stuffed full of Tau Crisis Suit gubbins by Blue? Or if not the boys in general, the head Stormboy has a Blue-approved Krisis Rokkit Pack

>> No.20174468

The sky's the limit
Until the gits run out of fuel and then the ground and a rather sudden stop is.

>> No.20174774




New fread

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