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How welcoming are you to females who want to join in your hobbies and sessions, /tg/?

Are you usually able to accept them as just "one of the guys" or do they have a tendency of being relegated to "that chick in our group."

Is there any advice you would give to our resident ca/tg/irls to help them mesh?

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My gaming group is all women except for me (foreverGM.) So...well?

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Fukken lol'd

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I don't see why I should care if others share my hobby.

I've never had a girl want to join my games.

The end.

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There's one girl in our group and we consider her 'one of the guys' to the point that when we go to town, the others will usually discuss, well, to put it bluntly, who they're scoping out to fuck etc. and get her to help wingman and so on and so forth.

She always says she hates being one of the guys, but it's either that, or you know.

Brutal segregation

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>She always says she hates being one of the guys,

All women are attention whores and she wants to be the star of the show.

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Females are either incompetent or don't show up, in my experience. One girl was half decent, didn't much like playing, so never did it again. Such is life.

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The few women I have gamed with have been pretty chill, and a lot less power game-y than the guys. but i mean they were by default one of the guys as they have always been attached.

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I don't play in public places, so I can be as elitist as I want.

I have occasionaly played with women, but I have found all women who are willing to play these games to be fucking nuts. Sometimes you luck out and get one of the crazies who is funny so at least it's no worse than the eccentric method actor in the group.

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We had a girl when our gaming group first started up, but she was sort-of the DMs girlfriend. (I don't know I don't really get into their complex social lives)

She left at some point, due to them falling out and was replaced by a homo-bro.

So we don't have any girls now, but we do have Homo-bro, who in my opinion is a far better RPer and is more fun.

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Seconded. I also fukken lol'd.

Also, dafuq goes on with this?
>pic related

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Very. In fact whenever it comes up I encourage women to try out RPG's and wargames and stuff.

My current group does not have any women in it right now, but I have played in groups that include women and it did not seem to be much of a problem.

Honestly I cannot give good advice that doesn't boil down to A: Don't play with assholes and B: Don't be an asshole

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why are you not saging ponys
when there is ponys you sage
that is common sense
dont participate in ponys
they are bad for the board

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Obviously it depends on how they act. We have two chicks in our group but they're both good players and their gender has nothing to do with anything; although I feel one of them gets too much leeway from the guys for not bothering to read the rules. If you game with friends you'll be alright, at least if you remember to think with your head and not your dick.

Interestingly though, when we had a guest player who was a girl I realized that even with a fairly liberal genderblind view I was taking it for granted she was useless at maths and rules. Said guest player was a PhD level Stem-subject researcher and has played in more D&D games than I ever have. I feel bad for being unintentionally patronizing, especially since my girlfriend gets the same treatment whenever she steps into a GW (not to mention neckbeards staring at her in horror).

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Because it's related to the thread topic and not some random faggotry.
Consider your sage denied.

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Fem here.

This is my first time on /tv/ in a few months (I had a question but I got distracted by the 'Boris W40k thread and reading about Angry Marines and the 1st Membranes).

I'm a pretty private gamer. Mostly, I just play with myself (ha, ha), controlling each army in turn. Nobody I knows likes this sort of stuff. I have also played boardgames like Heroquest in the past where I have DMed, because I was the only one who knew the rules.

As a girl, the biggest trouble seems to be finding a group of people to play with who won't judge you because you have an extra X chromosome or who won't perve over you or typecast you.

First time I attempted a game of DnD 3.5e, I was told

>>You can't play a half orc barbarian! You are the only girl in the group! It won't be right! Here, I will roll up a rogue for you.
>>St 7., Dex. 14, Int.9, Wis. 13 Ch.18 (Or similar
>> Right so your character is a Princess whose kingdom was attacked and she had to become first a thief and then a prostitute to survive

Later I found out this was actually the plot to a pretty good CRPG mod.

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I have a simple rule. When they get here, I ask them "why did you come here?". If their answer is a variation of "my boyfriend told me to come here", I kick her out on the spot.

So far, only one girl has answered something other than that and actually stayed more than 5 minutes. Coincidentally, she's a she-neckbeard with zero social skills.

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>How welcoming are you to females who want to join in your hobbies and sessions, /tg/?

About as welcoming as I am to anyone who wants to join my group. Sceptical and cautious until they've proven they're good people. If I can associate them outside of gaming first I'll do that, so I don't risk fucking up everyone's game by letting a bad player in.

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I just wish geeks in our hobby would stop treating girls who are interested in games like some rare exotic bird that just landed on the table. It encourages the wrong type of women and drives away the ones I'd actually like game with.

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I just invited my girlfriend and her friend into the game I DM.

She has played before though, and has a very good mind for numbers, so that is not an issue. The whole group is pretty laid back, so hopefully there will not be an issue.

I can come back here on Monday and storytime what happened if it does dissolve into some kind of clusterfuck.

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Hells yea, 1st membranes.

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Welcome to /tg/! Please mind the fragile smaller parts (Oo, er).

I think the problem stems from the fact people never view 'games' as a girl thing. I remember years ago, girls playing videogames was a weird concept, so a girl actually showing an interest in this type of thing, we automatically assume will either be a players girlfriend or a she-beard.

There's several other reasons I could go into, but I'm sure nobody wants a wall of text on this.

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Don't pay attention to sagefags, you're just giving them the attention they crave.

Anyway, more than half my group is female, and they're all terrible roleplayers. One plays a druid who just follows the group around and spams "summon monster-whatever" as much as she possibly can whenever combat starts. One is a ranger who refuses to roleplay and flips her shit whenever she takes damage--ever superficial damage--in combat. The other ranger is thirteen and LOLEEVUHL, or at the piss-poor excuse for LOLEEVUHL that a thirteen-year-old can muster. and the rogue brings our daughter to every game session, despite us having a loving, capable--oh, yeah. And FREE!!--babysitter; and uses her as a tool to whore attention away from the game and an excuse to not roleplay and just tag along with the group!

Seriously, fuck "girl gamers".

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>>my girlfriend gets the same treatment whenever she steps into a GW (not to mention neckbeards staring at her in horror).


>>Visit GW for the first time in years
>> Peruse Orks looking at the new stuff (Sculpted battlewagons, some new plastic figs, 'finecast', hilekopterz]

>> Store Employee asks if I need help
>> Say I am just browsing, considering a new start up
>> Directs me towards first SoB, then Tau
>> Not a Feminist or weeboo thank you!
>> Check to see if Eldar are still boring as fuck.
>> They are
>> Compare with Dark Eldar
>> Here a neckbeard giggling and whispering to his friend that I am probably into whips and chains and shit
>> Actually, I am but that is none of their fucking business
>> Give up.

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> directs towards SoB

They haven't stocked Sisters in store for years. Lie better next time.

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>> Here a neckbeard giggling and whispering to his friend that I am probably into whips and chains and shit
>> Actually, I am but-

Stopped reading there.

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>They haven't stocked Sisters in store for years.

They do, however, come with computers so customers can order them in-store. Doesn't seem at all hard to believe that a staffer would direct someone towards the Sisters, saying they can be bought online. Or that a particularly large store might have a few Canoness blisters kicking about on the shelves.

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All I ask is for every girl at my table to be a CUNT WHORE.



And not to be a SLUT.


If our hobby had more CUNT WHORES in general it would make for a better roleplaying environment.

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> Directs me towards first SoB, then Tau
> Not a Feminist or weeboo thank you!
> Not a Feminist or weeboo
> Check to see if Eldar are still boring as fuck
> Not a Feminist or weeboo
U Wot mate?

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>dem Drow women

I don't know how drow males aren't busy fucking all day and night

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>who won't perve over you
Do you mean not look at you sexually, or to have enough social awareness they can interact with you without breathing heavily or staring down your top? Either way, you're SOL.

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Yeah. I would never call myself a 'GURL GaMER!!' but I enjoy kicking people's ass on both consoles and PC games. I enjoy my CRPGs and RTS strategy games, the latter being one which is HEAVILY male dominated.

>>Playing CoH in a public 4vs4
>>I never use mic in games
>>Auto-Mute all mic chat
>>We are getting our ass kicked
>>I realise that teammates are communicating via mic (I never play online!)
>> Unmute. Dig an old kareoke mic. out ot the closet so I can join in
>>'So guys, I have enough for a King Tiger. Shall we attack?'
>> You have 1 Friend Request
>> You have 2 Friend Request
>> 'Hey Alice ASL?'

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They also have computers that you can place orders on in-store, so the store still gets the credit for people buying stuff.

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No one likes tripfags.
Friendly advice: unless you're producing high-quality OC where your identity is required to be plainly viewable, drop the trip.

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I find this comic slightly baffling. I myself have NEVER encountered anyone who would behave in anything approaching such a manner.

At my worst, I might have an attitude of "I'm well-aware that you wouldn't actually be interested in me, so I'm not going to feed your ego by fawning over you. I've long ago passed the despair event-horizon."

almost all of my experiences with female gamers have been just awful. 50% of them only want to play Pixies as characters.

It's oddly specific, like how so many schizophrenics think the government is reading their thoughts with microwaves. "I wanna be a pixie, tee hee."

an overlapping 50% of them obsess over their character's backstory, which tends to be of romance-novel quality and totally unrelated to the plot. They're also obsessed with being "born special" somehow and demand to be treated as super-badass and competent even at 1st level.

The girl in a game I'm currently running, oh gods. Apparently, her previous character was a "half-nymph drow." also, she had a "skirred," which is some sort of magic fluffy animal that can cast Darkness as SLA. In my game, she asked if she could be drow, and I said No. Then she settled on a elf with drow blood, and I'm like "fine, whatever."

In retrospect, I should have told her about Dhampir. That would have actually FIT into the plot.

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I usually have female players, but in the past couple of years my groups have been pretty man-heavy. Right now the only girls I DM for are the private erp sort.

>> No.20162650

I guess I'm lucky that my local GW has two women working there (one the manager), and three regulars (Marines, 'Nids and Orks for their mains). Nobody where I live gives a shit about what gender you are; we care more if you netlist or spam units.

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Well, females in our group are generally very intermittent (By which I mean that over four years, we've had five sessions with females present), but I haven't had any trouble with them.

I mean, there was this one time where we got the king killed in a DnD game because the resident female at the time forgot she was in disguise, but that is hardly worth mentioning.

It was however, hilarious at the time.

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I'd be interested to hear what age groups people are in/playing with in here. Like this guy >>20162553 here. Sounds like he's an older dude playing with children.

>> No.20162658

You don't know much about drow. Though really, you might find it favorable to keep it that way.
Unless of course you're into no limits BDSM.


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>"I'm well-aware that you wouldn't actually be interested in me, so I'm not going to feed your ego by fawning over you. I've long ago passed the despair event-horizon."

Omega as fuck. Good on you.

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>No one likes tripfags.
/b/ doesn't like tripfags. Like TITS OR GTFO, that's something that arose to combat attention whores. The fact that everbody now says tits or GTFO actually _expecting_ tits is proof that those times are long past. (Sadly, the attention whores won that fight.)

/tg/ is not /b/. Tripfags are not all attention whores. Don't be a dick.

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Allow me to inform you how things work in the real world.

Don't treat them like "one of the guys".

Don't treat them like the "girl in the group".

Treat them like a normal human being and as you would any other of your friends. I understand that socially retarded neckbeards don't often get the opportunity to expose themselves to womenfolk, much less of the nerdy variety, but I absolutely promise you that the principle works the same.

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Hey, fuck you, Crisis Suit spam is the only legit tau list right now.

>> No.20162671

your not from /tg/ are you? you know the place with the most tolerable tripfags.

>> No.20162673

>born a super special snowflake
>king of the world and should be treated as such at lvl 1
Apparently my whole group consists of women...

>> No.20162674

I suppose my post was inappropriately placed directly below yours. Apologies.

>> No.20162675


Again, probably because seeing girls play 'seriously' is such a rare thing that it tends to garner attention. That, and they were probably knuckle dragging morons. The finer gentlemen around here wouldn't do that. Whenever I play with my female friends, I usually crack jokes but they know I don't mean it so it's fine.

I have one who has a similar problem to you in fact. She knows pretty much every detail about Zelda you can imagine, on near instant recall, and is pretty much the definition of a 'nerd', but she also happens to be stunningly attractive and, frankly, have pretty huge tits. The moment people see this, that's all they see. Even I roll my eyes, although I do mess with her about it sometimes.

And fuck playing online, I stick to singleplayer all the time if I can help it or I'm playing with my friends.

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Tripfag is in and of itself a hostile term, but I honestly didn't mean to be offending. Tripcodes simply aren't required for common discussion, and it's grating to see it being used, especially if the person using it's only claim to notability is being female.

I'm just saying, spare yourself annoyance of having people ignore you/flame you and take it off in advance.

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A lot of roleplaying games really lend them selves to female gamers. If they actually give a fuck and the group doesn't out them or weird them out for being a chick then they tend to do really amazing shit and come up with different ideas.

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By 'direct' I mean saying "have you heard about the Sisters of Battle? They are like Female Space marines! Cool, eh?". I had previously mentioned the fact that I had collected Space Marines and Orks aged 13ish. Back in those days they used to have mail order catalogues for the out of stock/rarer miniatures.

Sorry, but I have never liked the Eldar. Their aesthetics and fluff never appealed to me.

The obvious staring at my chest/ass (neither of which are particularly prominent or praiseworthy), lots of innuendo (not even in a funny or flirty way) or general sweaty neckbeard behaviours.

Sorry, I didn't mean to cause a fuss in the thread

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>Don't treat them like "one of the guys".
>Treat them like a normal human being and as you would any other of your friends

What the fuck? If you're going to be condescending at least say something non-contradictory.

>> No.20162703

Actually, with 6th out, it isn't. Stealths are a lot better now, and Firewarriors are actually useful.

Also, Krootoxen getting two shots at 24".

>> No.20162708

>spare yourself annoyance of having people ignore you/flame you

But that doesn't happen here. Very rarely, at least. The vast majority of /tg/ users don't seem to have anything against tripfags, because most /tg/ tripfags are inoffensive at worst, and informed and helpful at best.

>> No.20162709

Strange. I never really noticed anything of the sort, but then this is also the only place I go where you aren't required a username and password to post anything.

>> No.20162711

But Tau aren't weaboo, jesus christ we've been over this.

>> No.20162714

Well, most of that's just unacceptable.

I think the answer is that you have to join a game where one or two people are fucking normal, with girlfriends and whatnot.

On a related issue, don't join a game with me in it.

You have to understand that most guys like us rarely meet availiable, reasonably-attractive girls that share any of their hobbies. So even if they're trying to not "perv out," there's a girl RIGHT THERE, hanging out with them, so there's an urge to be nice to her/woo her.

My advice: Be assertive. Don't let anyone decide what character you're playing. If you're not 100% on the mechanics, ask for build advice, but that's it. Also, try bringing another girl (don't sit next to them, though). Then you'll feel less alone, and your presence will feel less strange to the dudes.

>> No.20162719

I don't understand how a horde army is ever going to catch fire warriors. My choppa boyz are going to get horrible, horribly brutalized.

>> No.20162724

I think he's saying that ignoring that someone's female can lead to problems. Depends how you read "treating them like one of the guys." Does it mean "treat them like a normal person" or "treat them like they're a bloke."

>> No.20162725

Easily? It's not like they have an infinite amount of space to run or that they move more than 6". Or that orks don't have 13 inch movement.

>> No.20162733


>hostile term

Fucking ridiculous. Just stop. the 'fag' concept is meant to crush the idiocy of the term it applies to, and through it removes the sting. Lurk more.


If you need to define your player by her rack, you're probably not very good with the socializing outside. Explains the unwillingness to play outside of a tight circle of friends.


This. Stop treating it like its a female problem. The fact that most girls are That Girl in the hobby is caused by a mind-numbing insistence to fawn over the females who do play, and lot of vacant, attention-starved daddy-touched girls deciding to stay on.

Those girls game because they aren't pretty enough to strip.

And then when a decent player comes along they get slavered on.

Boot any attention whore, male or female, and your life will be better.

>> No.20162735

>lots of innuendo
Not neccesarily because a female is present mind you, our groups speak in innuendos and we are usually five manly men with hair on their chins, their breasts and their ass.

oh, and no homo except one suspect who has no beard and who wore a suspicious-looking kilt

>> No.20162736

FWs getting the doubletap at 15" still puts a hurt on horde armies man. Especially since people (well, in my local gaming groups) that play tau are using the full 12 again instead of the 6 minimum.

With Shas'uis and blacksun filters too, because fuck Nightfight.

>> No.20162740

As they say, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.
Look at the quest/antiquest dichotomy. It could be a constructive dialogue about the development of collaborative storytelling that isn't, intellectually, at the level of refuse, but instead, a few trolls make it all a big pile of rubbish. Yet it's something that permeates discussion of the board itself, because it only takes one fucking asshole to spam a good thread to oblivion.

Regardless, it's not like I'm going to go physically over to someone and beat them to a bloody pulp for daring to employ a tripcode. Let's agree to disagree, because honestly, it's not like anyone cares.

>> No.20162747

In my mind, at least, they are very separate things. I am disdainful of women who consider themselves to be "one of the guys" because they always end up seeming like they're trying too hard and are attention whores. Mayhaps I've just had bad experiences, but it's been with enough consistency that I've grown to dislike it.

Alternatively, this: >>20162724

>> No.20162749


>CUNTWHORE acronym
>SLUT acronym


>> No.20162750

Indeed. I've encountered way too much "look at me, look at me! I'm a girl who's moderately attractive, but if I spend time around nerds, I'm a Goddess! WORSHIP ME!"

By now, I'm immune to it. They just annoy me.

>> No.20162753


So women don't want special treatment for being a woman (drooling all over her, patronizing her), but want special treatment for being women (don't treat her like one of the guys, be respectful to her, etc)?

Fuck that, and fuck you. Fuck women, fuck girl gamers. If you want equal rights you're going to have to stop being hypocrites and you guys should stop giving terrible, hypocritical, contradictory advice.

>> No.20162754

Some of them are kind of douchey but this is pretty off-topic.

I treat them exactly as I would treat any man who tries to live up to either pathetic stereotypes or TV stereotypes. If a guy comes in with a character and tries to plow all the NPC's, it's obviously just a wish-fulfillment fantasy for them and they get kicked out. Same for girls. If a girl comes in and acts like a bubbly retard, they're out, just like I would kick out any guy who comes in wearing a short-sleeved shirt with sunglasses and a cigar like some shitty 90's action movie hero.

>benefits of being the eternal ST
>yes, that last part has happened before, at least he wasn't morbidly obese

>> No.20162756


Note I described several things about her before I moved on to that. I also only mentioned it because I was trying to explain why she had the problem.

>> No.20162760

I have girls join my games all the time; one of them's a friend of mine I've known since college, the other's a fellow grea/tg/uy's girlfriend.

Also OP, why did you have to open the thread with ponyfaggotry?

>> No.20162763

>and the group doesn't out them or weird them out for being a chick

This is, pretty much, the heart of it. It's not the games that are unappealing to women, it's the casual mysogyny, or simple cluelessness, than runs through large elements of the fanbase.

Well, if they're mounted, the Hull Points rule means it'll be easier to shoot down their Devilfish. Beyond that, specialised assault armies are going to have to start using more varied combinations of units and tactics. While enemy units can move and rapid fire to full effect, they don't have an infinite table area to retreat to. Try using faster units, like Trukk Boyz and Stormboyz, to get into position on a flank to close in on the enemy army from multiple directions. It's something I've found works quite well with my Tyranids - using Deep Striking and Outflanking units to box the enemy in so they can't get away from the approaching footsloggers.

>> No.20162764

In my little world of gaming, there are three types of girls. All girls will fit into this category. If they do not, then I haven't met them, but I hope to someday.

>Girl 1: Chaotic Stupid
Lolrandum, Invader Zim/Pony like fandom, can't do maths, has no social skills, normally looks and smells like I believe orcs look and smell like

>Girl 2: The Princess
Wants everything her way, refuses to accept anything else, "special snowflake" kinds of characters, writes their plot lines out and expects the DM to follow them

>Girl 3: Power of the Uterus
Actually plays a good game, except that all straight white males are considered the enemy whether she's a PC or a DM. Will go out of her way to kill whitey.

>> No.20162769

Just curious, why should I not sit next to her? Not that I have any female friends who would be into this sort of stuff...

Regarding the Tripping - I tend to use a Tripname in a thread where I am respnding to people rather than just posting my thoughts as otherwise I find it gets confusing as to who is who. Sorry. If it bothers anyone or looks like attention whoring I can take it off? You guys seems to be fairly welcoming though which is nice.

>> No.20162770

It's possible that someone who considers and/or wants to be one of the guys might be tomboyish in their behaviour, not want to feel like a third wheel/outsider, wants to avoid being seen as an attention whore or just wants to chill with bros.

>> No.20162773


And that's why you're fucking retarded.

If you have to mention the physical characteristics of an individual to get your point across while discussing a glorified boardgame?

You're lost.

>> No.20162780

>>any guy who comes in wearing a short-sleeved shirt with sunglasses and a cigar like some shitty 90's action movie hero.

But, but..... that's fucking awesome.

>> No.20162781

rolled 3 = 3

In one game I ran, every single one of the players was a female. Only one of them played a female, and the rest were either some flavor of elf, or a dhampir.

I'm still somewhat surprised it didn't turn into a harem anime or yaoi-fest, all things considered.

>> No.20162783

>I am disdainful of women who consider themselves to be "one of the guys" because they always end up seeming like they're trying too hard and are attention whores

Unless your guys are tryhards and attention-whores, she's not really one of the guys then, is she?

>> No.20162787

I always make sure to know all the relevant rules for my character and at least a minimum of the setting, before I start playing. My characters tend to stay in the background, mostly in supportive roles. My BF is often the GM and he doesnt give me any advantages over the other players, in fact he sometimes likes to pick on me in game for fun.

Where does that put me on the GURL GAMERZ scale?

>> No.20162789


No, the requirement to insert your sexuality into a post because you're being a standard AW is the thing.

Oh guys! I totally like whips and chains and it is VERY important to this conversation!


>> No.20162793

>just like I would kick out any guy who comes in wearing a short-sleeved shirt with sunglasses and a cigar like some shitty 90's action movie hero

I'd like to see you try, punk.

>> No.20162798


The Eldar are totally Weebs.

I mean...shuriken guns? Seriously?

>> No.20162801

The trouble is that you're looking at being male as a default, a baseline from which all things deviate. You can acknowledge that someone is a different gender from you without giving them special treatment, just like you can treat people differently if they come from different social or cultural backgrounds. Don't give them special treatment or patronise them, just be aware that people are different.

>> No.20162808

> It's not the games that are unappealing to women, it's the casual mysogyny, or simple cluelessness, than runs through large elements of the fanbase.

Dear god this. I have a friend who would call my ex (when we were still dating) and ask her if she wanted to help him clean his apartment. Whenever a group of friends (from the gaming group) would get together for dinner, she would be asked to cook, whilst I'm equally talented in the kitchen. It's not as though they're trying to be sexist, but instead that they're socially inexperienced enough with women to realize that women don't love cooking, cleaning, and fulfilling other stereotypes.

>> No.20162811

>Nana's Everyday Life
I wonder if I should be ashamed of you for posting it or of myself for recognising it.

>> No.20162815

> it's the casual mysogyny, or simple cluelessness, than runs through large elements of the fanbase.

Fuck you, deal with it. Neckbeards have survived for millennia without female contact and they'll keep doing so. And most women you'll meet happen to be far more clueless than men to begin with so don't start.

Just like my gay friends who get upset when I say "that's gay" or "he's acting like a faggot" but won't get upset when I say nigger.

Fucking hypocrites.

>> No.20162818

It'd turn the game, if not in actuality, then the minds of the players, into a "girls vs guys" situation. There'll be an urge to close ranks and chat amongst yourselves. Even if you're discussing combat tactics, people will assume you're talking about shoes and boys and how to make sandra and josh break up.

My point is, don't just go off in a corner and have girl-time. The other girl is there to make for a healthier gender ratio and take the laser-focus off of you. You sound like a decent player. Just find a girl that's not an attention whore and enjoys one or two nerdy things, and make sure whatever game you're inviting her to is properly run. Ask the DM some searching questions about style of game, setting, the other players, and so on.

I've seen some horrible dead-end cul-de-sac games being run by dudes who play quicklings and half-fey ogres and vampire werewolves. Avoid those.

>> No.20162826


Dave Kim or whatever his name was used to be pretty huge a couple years ago on /a/ and /jp/ when I still went there. What's wrong with it now?

>> No.20162835

Why so defensive?

>> No.20162842

As amusing as this argument may be to unfold, would the two of you kindly drop it?

You clearly have strong feelings on the issue, but ask yourself if it's really worth all the fuss you're making over it?

>> No.20162847


Also, if you seriously think the BS3 rapidfire S5/AP5 gun is any sort of threat against a codex with 13" moving vehicles, bikes with 4+ innate cover and T5, motherfucking Stormboys and their 12+1d6 charge range and deep strike, Kommandos, the artillery, Grot covering squads...


>> No.20162848


>vampire werewolves

>> No.20162849

Yes, but instead they default to defense-mechanisms to pander to tender, loving affection for which they so crave. If instead they would just relax and be themselves, I wouldn't have a problem.

Verily, I doth lol'd.

This. You understand my viewpoint, most likely because you hold it yourself. Congratulations on being a normal, functioning member of human society.

>> No.20162860


Yeah, I don't care about the use of trips, but I do care when the standard attempt to vamp is played up.

So kindly get off that horse so high, and learn how to interpret posts.

>> No.20162866

Depends on how seamlessly they blend into the group.

I've had women join in on my crew's hobbies and games before and they turned out to be really cool. They were there just to play and meet new people.

Meanwhile, I've had women who have joined in and became "that chick in our group." Usually it was because her gender became an issue, either by her flaunting it for attention or because one or more of the guys couldn't see her as anything but tits and vag.

The best advice that I can personally give is to A) keep your gender out of the game. Being a girl who games doesn't make you any better than anyone else B) Keep the focus on the game, not on yourself (even if someone else directs attention at you).

>> No.20162869

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." - Samuel Johnson

>> No.20162870


There's a brand new thing! It's called 'casual conversation'

Not everything is an attempt to garner attention you know.

>> No.20162880

i don't know how it's like when female is willing to join your game
but i know how it's like when female joins your game because her bf is one of the players
it sucks

>> No.20162883


Because while I don't really care about "gamer girls" (regular women will be more than sufficient) citing things like "misogyny" is simply bullshit. They're just words, FUCKING GET OVER IT.

I would literally go to fisticuffs with people who get upset at my lack of political correctness if it didn't inevitably result in charges of assault and battery. People need to fucking get over themselves. Go ahead and call me "straight" as an insult or use racial slurs in my presence, or even directed at me. I WON'T GIVE A SHIT. You know why? Because i'm not an enormous faggot.

>> No.20162887

I'm the one who said my group treats her as one of the guys.
Of the couple of female friends I have, she's the only one we treat as 'one of the guys'.
I'm not sure why, but we just do.
She's a cool guy, but makes for a terrible girl.

>> No.20162888

Cluelessness seems to be the main cause of trouble. Most people don't want to be assholes, they just don't think about it. That sort of obliviousness isn't isolated to gaming culture mind you, but it's quite prevalent amongst it.

>> No.20162893

I think the problem is that some elements of tabletop games really speak to something dark within the female soul.

It speaks to dark places in the male soul, too. That's where you get powergaming munkins and speshul-snowflake dual-wielding CG drow and DMs writing their own fantasy novel with their super-competent self-insert DMPCs. Or "bone all the barmaids" style play. Hack-n-slash and michael-bay-tier narrative. I've seen what happens when stupid guys try to write narrative. It comes off like an episode of GI Joe, but with less lasers.

>> No.20162901

That comic failed to make me sympathize with women. Their only purpose is to be mothers: get fucked, birth kids, raise the children, prepare the family's food, and care for the homestead. A chick sharing an interest with me doesn't change her role.

>> No.20162903

Fun fact: If you krump em like mork would when they iznt lookin, then its only battery

>> No.20162906


Uhhuh. Totally not the ploy you see from every fucking girl gamer to prove herself edgy and awesome by explaining she is totally into BDSM or has a girlfriend (teehee!)

Yeah, it is calculated. Typing does not brook casual conversation.

>> No.20162907

It's not the fag part, you idiot, it's the negative connotations associated with the term.
It's like saying 'liberal' in America.

There are many words which shouldn't actually be insults, because they're completely reasonable, but because of how they've been used, they've entered into colloquial use as pejoratives.

You douche.

(see? That's an example. You're basically telling me that douche isn't an insult because what the Hell's wrong with vaginal hygiene?)

>> No.20162911

Girls should just be themselves and recognize that many /tg/ guys are going to be awkward as fuck.

Guys need to realize that there's no reason to be awkward as fuck.

>Including an all girl group (except for myself) I've played with 9 girls over a course of 10 years. One I'm now married to.

>> No.20162932

see now thats just acting like those str5 ap5 guns are the only thing and not the missile pods, plasma rifles, Railguns and cover removing markerlights suddenly disappear.

But I do Agree I like How 6th is going to force some people to use less retard tactics. so far the only thing I have disliked about 6th is the AP on power weapons and the modelling disadvantage it brings.

>> No.20162936

>I would literally go to fisticuffs with people who get upset at my lack of political correctness

Are you an angry kid, or do you just talk like one online? You feel the need to punch anyone who is upset by something you say, regardless of what you say?

>> No.20162939


Fings would be a lot betta if wez did fings da ork way!

>> No.20162942


>Comes to a board where nigg(er/a), faggot, cunt, whore, etc. are repeated ad nauseam.

>Feels pooper peeved over tripfag.

Lurk. More.

>> No.20162947


DM/GM's always get the girl. FACT. So let's discuss.

>> No.20162955

Or it's an amusing twist on the usual routine. Like if someone gets called a fag as an insult and they respond with "well yes I am, what of it?"

>> No.20162958

I was trying to explain that I was not attempting to be derogatory in any way, and that AS YOU ARE FUCKING WRITING, THE TERM WAS NOT MEANT IN AN INSULTING MANNER, BUT WAS MISTAKEN FOR SUCH.

Read. More.

>> No.20162962

Basically, RPG's grant the opportunity to act like a complete idiot to both genders. It just manifests in slightly different ways.

Pretty much. A lot of it isn't intentional, nor particularly ill-meant - it's just due to chunks of the fanbase simply not being all that experienced around women. It's the sort of thing where so long as the individuals in question are a bit open-minded, you can talk with them and make them realise the problem.

Of course, there's still the nasty little core of bitches'n'whores, no-girls-allowed assholes, but to be honest there's not much you can really do beyond avoid them.

>> No.20162973

Then, what is YOUR purpose, Anon?

>> No.20162982

GI Joe actually had some really good episodes.

>> No.20162987


Yeah, what's wrong with that? The average person is a fucking rage-inducing retard. If my mouth gets me a few bruises, then that's the price I'm willing to pay if it means I can knock out some people that deserve a serious ass beating.

And yeah, some people that get uppity when they hear a word they don't want to hear DO deserve to get beat. Just because you were an idiot who had it coming doesn't automatically mean it's a hate crime. If I provoked an officer and he tased or otherwise kicked my ass would it be police brutality?

Try having a spar at a boxing gym one day. You'll see how liberating it is. Sure, it's painful, and punching someone in the face without gloves to protect your hands and gear to protect your face is a scary thought. Call me old fashioned, but sometimes I think things would be a lot better off if you just settled them with fists like men instead of being a whiny BITCH.

You preach tolerance and liberalism, yet you fault me for being more aggressive, passionate, and inherently violent than you? How is that not hypocrisy? How is that tolerant? So long as I don't go KO-ing pedestrians left and right or otherwise breaking any laws, how am I a worse person than you simply because I happen to use crude language in the presence of a lady or have different political views than yourself?

Get off your fucking high horse, pissant.

>> No.20162993

It doesn't? Strange.

Also looks like a certain degree of tact is required.

I can appreciate a general attitude of not caring, but it doesn't exactly help "outsider's" image of our hobbies, just as the trolls on LIVE/PSN don't help the image of gamers, however small a minority they may be.

>> No.20162994

In women, it feeds the inner Fanfiction writer. The desire to be a princess. And whatever it is that also makes them enjoy romance novels.

I realize that guys have their own equivalents of Romance Novels, but we have no idea how awful actual romance novels are. So when we actually encounter that level of absurd female wish-fullfillment, it's terrifying and deeply, deeply offensive.

Guys have been writing crappy guy novels for a LONG time. We've managed to turn some of them into decent fiction, we've been working at it so long. Our tastes have improved, or we don't take it all so seriously. We've picked it apart and disuccsed it and found the truly retarded bits and extracted them. Shallow female love interests aren't accepted anymore. No one writes Conan or Tarzan or John Carter-level stuff anymore. We've become better writers.

But the romance-novel-reading community has always been kind of...isolated. Housewives and chubby virgin middle-schoolers hiding their box of bodice-ripping novels under the bed. Such an environment does NOT inflict much selection pressure on the quality of the books.

It's not their fault. No one writes much of ANYTHING for female nerds. So when something does come along, even if it's terrible, its popular becase there's no competition. I'm looking at Twilight here. Thank the gods for the hunger games; I was starting to really LOATHE women.

>> No.20163003


Watch your trousers on that backpedal.

>> No.20163025


>> No.20163026


By that logic you should also be pissy at guys who mention in passing they have a wife or a girlfriend or that they like something in particularly because of X related reason.

You seem mad, care to take a chill pill? Perhaps you need to sit down for a while sir.

>> No.20163033

You're clearly biased, and weirdly so. Women like fantasy just like men do. It's a niche thing for everyone.

>> No.20163038

Conan and Carter were pretty awesome.

>> No.20163039

Stop playing with immature people.

Immature girls crave attention, especially from men.

Immature guys also crave attention, especially from women.

These manifest as the Attention Whore and Needy Guy / "Nice" Guys you've all probably seen (or been) in your younger days. Stop gaming with them. If you believe you have a borderline case, talk to them and tell them to knock it off.

>> No.20163040


In spoken interactions you do not indelibly mark your progress through symbolic representations of your thoughts that can be interpreted in perpetuity.

You're setting pen to paper (or electron to site)... You edit, you choose your words. Again, not 'casual conversation' in the slightest.

>> No.20163047


Put 'em up, bitch.

>> No.20163049

Yeah, but the entire army ties into the same stupid weakness of being shit at CC.

You know.

A third of the game

And Orks have many gap closers.

Like, say, 12" movement, cheap infantry and fast vehicles at ridiculously low costs, artillery that can fire from a fair distance and force troops to hide in vehicles, bikes with innate 4+ cover, and jetbikes.

Tau are nowhere NEAR that fast, their basic mobility ends all too brutally when 8 stormboyz make it to the front lines.

Basically, the answer to Tau, the guys with long range but can only directly fire at targets, is to use cover well and use high speed to disable their entire army with 2 cc units that proceed to clean house.
In b4 kroot, they're shit at it too. I3, T3? Get owned.

>> No.20163066


>> No.20163073

I like how /tg/s idea of ideal gaming is playing something you don't want to play that compliments the mechanics of the characters of the group, who are also not playing what they want to play.

>mention gender or sexism
>guaranteed 200 posts

>> No.20163087


>Thread on gender, male mentions having a female counterpart that he then speaks on.

>Thread on gender, female decides to randomly insert their fetish information for no apparent reason.

Totally the same. Allow me to adjust your gauntlet, sirrah... There is much knighting to be done.

>> No.20163098

>In b4 kroot, they're shit at it too. I3, T3? Get owned.

WS4 and S4 means they're not too bad if they get the charge, especially if they load up on I5 Hounds. Kroot certainly aren't some saving grace that can handle any assault unit that comes at them, but they aren't terrible at tarpitting and mopping up units thinned by Tau guns.

>> No.20163111


Ok, that one made me chuckle. Now you're not even trying.

>> No.20163124

But I do. Mostly because everyone who is dating someone is a drug addict or criminal, at least in my experience.

>> No.20163128

Conan and Carter were awesome, yes, but reading them has to be informed by the fact that they were both written a CENTURY ago. They're both boring blank-slate manly-men protagonists who exist so you can project yourself on to them.

Men and women both like fantasy, yes. But men are all "In my fantasy world, I'm a super-cool edgy dark wizard swordsman that kicks ass and fucks all the bitches" and women are "I'm a half-fey super-cute rogue that's the chosen one and the center of every story and everyone loves me and then I have a baby who's in love with my ex right out of the womb."

It's the fucking princess fantasy that needs to go. Princesses are special and revered just by EXISTING, by being what they are, not by doing things or their own personal traits. In the unlikely event that I ever have a daughter, I will PUNCH anyone who refers to her as a princess.

>> No.20163129


I bet you're the pussy who stands quietly at the back of the line while some black woman cuts and starts acting like a nigger at a fast food joint because you don't want to be labeled as a bigot or misogynist.

Sorry that I'm the person with the guts to stand up to her bullshit. Some of us actually have true morals and not some politically correct touchy-feely hypocrisy.

>> No.20163130


Not even the good kind of 200 posts. Not the kind where the thread starts with "elf slave what do" and turns quickly towards a brilliant/hilarious idea for a setting.

>> No.20163138

>I'm in high school! Look at me, I'm so edgy!

Yes, I've boxed. I've done other types of combat sports as well. I'm in the Army, surrounded by the greatest douchebags known to mankind. However, you don't sound like that, you don't sound like you're some sort of asshole who pushes people around just because he can. You sound like an internet toughguy. Enjoy that.

As an aside, that's something I never understood. My favourite quote is by Andre Gide; "It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not." Clearly I do not yield to the whims of others, and I understand that some people can be or are assholes, and you just have to deal with them as such. But the unbridled aggression just for its own sake screams of immaturity and lack of social development. Mayhaps its a bid to get others to notice and accept them? The world may never know.

>> No.20163145

They are too busy being slaves and second-class citizens

>> No.20163149

That depends on how much time you spend communicating with either method as well.

Plus proofreading is usually an afterthought.

>> No.20163150

> I will PUNCH anyone who refers to her as a princess.

You are my kind of guy, Anonymous. Let me buy you a round of drinks, and then afterwards we can go into the back alley and FIST FIGHT LIKE MEN.

>> No.20163161

Why are you responding? Stop it, you terrible, awful excuse for a human being.

>> No.20163164

Except unless you're playing the richest man in the world, you will NEVER see Kroot hounds. Holy shit those fuckers cost 14 dollars for a blister of 2.

>> No.20163165

The point was that she was patronized because of her appearance.
No then mentioning her appearance would make the point, well, pointless.

Why are you so stupid?
Stop being a blind me-tooist and look at things on a case-by-case basis instead of copy-pasting responses, you pillock.

>> No.20163167

>It's the fucking princess fantasy that needs to go. Princesses are special and revered just by EXISTING, by being what they are, not by doing things or their own personal traits. In the unlikely event that I ever have a daughter, I will PUNCH anyone who refers to her as a princess.
You realize that's not solely about girls, right? It's the same with everyone who's noble in fantasy for the last several decades.

Look at Game of Thrones, the only characters who are important are important solely because they're related to other important people, who are important for the same reason.

>> No.20163174

That sounds like my old Deamonhunters

>> No.20163179


Pretty simple. The male defines his argument based on observations with his closest-to-selfsame female counterpart.

Female defines her argument through how others perceive her.

Males: Observe the situation.

Females: Need attention to reflect off of her to be able to observe the situation.

Females are passive beacons of their own attention whoring.

>> No.20163181


Dude, every single man craves attention from women. This doesn't mean you can't game with them, but it's a huge distraction you put up with.

>> No.20163183

Also, Tau have a massive leadership problem in general - a LD 7/8 Kroot unit won't survive more than one turn of CC unless they wipe out the unit they attack on the charge - also unlikely unless the enemy makes a massive gaff.

>> No.20163186


THANK YOU SIR! Took the words out of my mouth.

>> No.20163189

>talking shit
>ITG accusation while stating he's in the military

So why didn't you join the USMC? Yeah, because you're shit. Keep being shit and judging others.

I'm not going to state my "creds" because I'm not an Internet Tough Guy like yourself (HAHA, BITCH) but you're wrong about my level of education, and whenever we ask our Sgt what it feels like to be in the Army during our formation runs, we don't know -- we don't stoop that low.

>state your opinion
>get judged by people claiming to be morally superior to you


>> No.20163191

Alright, you massive melanoid meat monolith. How the hell am I in any way changing the intent of my earlier statements? Pray do tell.
Oh wait, you're just a cock.

>> No.20163192

Only because you've asked nicely anon.

>> No.20163202

Oh. Well, I don't like Game of Thrones very much. Special-birth chosen-one stuff exists everywhere, but there's a very specific "bad female writer" tic where they have the protagonist be massively revered without actually having said protagonist DO ANYTHING worthy of such honors. And i think that women pick up on that a lot less than a guy would.

Kroot hounds would be super-easy to dupe. buy one blister, a pack of Oyumaru clay, and a giant box of greenstuff or casting resin.

Now, you have ALL OF THE HOUNDS.

>> No.20163204

Basically, you're an ignorant, violent buffoon with an over-inflated sense of his own importance. Good to know.

>> No.20163232


Totally the point.

>Evil knuckledragging doods!
>O shes so beeeyootiful!!!
>Omega as fuck

Stop being a blind renunciant and realize you quantify her based on looks and THEN her extensive Zelda knowledge.

"I know she has a great body, but we need to look past that! She can read on a 5th grade level and has access to a Wii!!!!"

>> No.20163237


And you're a spineless liberal. Wrong on all accounts but one, by the way. There's no way to confirm the veracity of your claims of my ignorance or buffoonery.

>> No.20163238

Birthright was impossibly important in politics until a couple of centuries ago.
Hell, it's still pretty important. Mostly in terms of your economic status later in life in many industries.
It's know about what you know, but who you know, etc.

>> No.20163243

my 2 gamer girls experiences worth mentioning.

>playing DOW2
>player start lagging.
>drop the "stop downloading porn joke"
>get a " why you guys allways with the porn"
>being pissed becase we were being killed by marine spamming ( i was noobish back then) and this person who cant take jokes.
>proceed to have crap time. exchanging trolling.
>never joke online again.

>have my heavy gear starter set primed waiting for paint.
>gold digger girl sister of my brothers GF comes to my room.
>o hey are those miniatures
>screams internaly.jpg
>she proceeds to mix a bunch paints managing to get somedeligthfull crap, puke and lard colors. proceed to violate my miniatures.
>screams internaly again.jpg
>i can always clean the minis and paint them again.
>she wont get my atention.
>proceed to rage when she leaves.
>hide the minis
>never take them out again.

not many encounters there afther. i have not met girls that likes gaming, roleplay and miniatures.

>> No.20163244

OP's picture is innacurate as fuck. If a male brony were to suddenly encounter three female bronies sexually accepting of him and as attractive as the comic suggests, he would fuck them all on the spot if he could not manage to spontaneously combust into a mushroom cloud of semen and sexual repression.

>> No.20163246

Because Marines can't do much more than fight perhaps? I've yet to meet one of their commo guys below gunny who didn't have to be walked through how to work equipment he's supposed to be trained on by someone whose only seem the virtualized version of said equpiment, or have enough sense to bring electronics in out of the rain.

But I'm getting too far off topic at this point.

>>implying that matters anymore

>> No.20163249

I think it's more that some people think girls should be treated like royalty; shielded from adversity, inherently deserving of luxury, etc.

People are often fairly oblivious to their own stupidness. See the previous mention of general classlessness. On a couple of occasions when I've found myself in an otherwise exclusively female group I've been exposed to some really dumb, sexist stuff from the other side of the fence as well.

>> No.20163254

>implying you're actually transferring electrons to an actual, physical site
get out of my /tg/ you pleb

>> No.20163255


So if a woman is hot we can't even acknowledge that fact? You know our brains are hard-wired for it, right? You're no better than he is when it comes down to "girl gamer handling experience".

>> No.20163256

>unless they wipe out the unit they attack on the charge

Again, it depends. A decent-sized unit of Kroot camped in a forest can be quite hard to shift unless the attacking unit has Assault Grenades. A combination of overwatch fire, then a respectable number of st4 attacks hitting first, can do a decent job of pulling the teeth out of an assaulting brood of Boyz or Hormagaunts. And unless you've got easy access to flamers, trying to shoot them to death is a nightmare. Like I said, they're not fantastic - like most units in the Tau codex, they really need a bit of a boost or a points cut - but they can get results in the right circumstances.

Of course, if we're talking about an MEQ army with frag grenades everywhere and easy access to Flamers, then they're worse than useless.

>> No.20163259

We keep it strictly guys only. No wives, no girlfriends or "friends" and no sisters. We all agree and we've stuck by it for the last six years. Works like a fucking charm.

>> No.20163268

The guy's name is Colonel Death.
You do not mess with a guy whose last name is Death.

>> No.20163269


>> No.20163270

It's funny because you're autistic. That, or meek enough to tell her "Fuck off those are mine, put the paint down".

>> No.20163271


>Reasonable explanation, told not to be a faggot
>Explains again
>Explains that backpedaling

Truly yours is the kingdom of Derpven.

>> No.20163272

Aaaaaaaaaaand the girls who posted in this thread are gone. Great job guys, way to stick it to REALITY.

>> No.20163274

>implying Kroot are viable when Crisis Suit and FW spam exist

They aren't SM Scouts, you know (even those guys are iffy for backdoor camping and sniping). Proof that women have no place in /tg/.

Or perhaps just proof that you're bad at 40K.

>> No.20163275

So how do so many millions of adult women read twilight without realizing that it's absolutely terrible trash?

Whereas Eragon is regarded as piss-poor derivative garbage suitable only for middle schoolers?

>> No.20163284

no OP's pic was suggesting an agenda, and I shot it down.

>> No.20163286

Bad choice of words on your part. Should have just stuck with "attractive" when illustrating your point.

>> No.20163287

I don't see why I shouldn't state my own background as evidence towards my argument, but I do agree that I shouldn't make accusations towards you with absolutely no knowledge of you. However, you still sound like a little cunt.

Also, you're seriously listing "talking shit", where that's all you've been doing the entire time? And "tripfagging"? Wasn't there already an argument about this? Furthermore:

>state your opinion
>get judged by people claiming to be morally superior to you


>> No.20163291


No, because his claim is that she is an amazing, unique girl gamer whose claim to fame is a nice set of tits and extensive knowledge of a Nintendo franchise.

The Zelda thing is just an obfuscation. Pretty simple.

>> No.20163297

The sentence was (paraphrasing here):
"She's a perfect example of a nerd, a paragon of our kind, yet even THAT isn't enough, because having big tits overrides any other quality you possess, and neckbeards cannot look past it."

In short, eat my wang you piece of shit.

>> No.20163300


How do so many people enjoy reading the drizzt books?

>drizzt takes out his swords and kills a fuckton of bad guys with no trouble

Maybe not the best example, but I don't pay attention to shit literature. If you can even call it literature.

>> No.20163307


This is coming from the branch that fires on their convoys because the USMC IED jammers blocked radio comms and they couldn't confirm friendlies.

Army of one, bro, hooah!

>> No.20163312

Oh wow. This post.
>hurr durr i no itg you itg
>hurr durr i in mawines cuz i betta
So you want to go around punching things that make you angry. Good for you, enjoy your jail time and inability to keep a stable relationship. Because if you are not, as previously conjectured, a summerfag highschooler trying to be cool, you have severe anger issues that will probably result in you hitting your wife/gf/whatever. Enjoy your crushing loneliness.

Also why the fuck is preschooler fine with spellcheck but highschooler isn't.

>> No.20163315

I lol'd.

Then I screencapped for future use.

>> No.20163321


I am not seeing the problem here. It's like people that didn't like the new G.I. Joe movie or Bayformers. Yeah, it was just mind-numbing action throughout. That's what made it good. What, did you expect Steel Magnolias?

>> No.20163325

I've found that explaining things slowly usually works.
Here I go.
I am the one who used the word, and also the one who apologized if it had offended, since that was not my intent (because it's not usually offensive, I didn't think too much over how it usually bring with it hostility).

You are so dumb[/spoilersssss]

>> No.20163326

It's quite easy really. You're welcome to play if you meet 3/5 of the following:

>Not a douchebag
>Love fantasy/sci-fi
>A good writer
>Bring snacks

Gender has nothing to do with it.

>> No.20163337

Most people use blue force trackers for a reason, you know

>> No.20163339


You need the actual sentence you used there dear?

"She knows pretty much every detail about Zelda you can imagine, on near instant recall, and is pretty much the definition of a 'nerd', but she also happens to be stunningly attractive and, frankly, have pretty huge tits."

Trying to act like I cannot see your sentence by following the thread up, just like you can, is just silly.

Stop being a cunt and admit you're just another omega DM who can't get your dick wet.

>"But I totally have a girlfriend who is soo much hotter. derpaderpherpaderpterp. GERP!"

>> No.20163341

This. Drizzt is massively popular despite largely being tedious crap full of sword porn.

Also, consider how well the Horus Heresy series sells.

>> No.20163355


Yeah, your post would hold up under scrutiny until you realize that all lolicons =/= pedophiles. Guess the majority of this site needs to be put on the national sex offender registry. I'll notify Chris Hansen.

>> No.20163357

she's whipsering "Kill me."

>> No.20163359

What the fuck!? How did i end up on Tumblr!?
Oh, i'm still on /tg/...
It's funny, isn't august an autumn month?

>> No.20163367


That's the damn thing. Mindless entertainment.

To quote Kevin Murphy at the end of the ... first twilight film?

>Oh, I hear some of you out there, folks, saying ‘But the story’s over. It was barely a story, but it’s indisputably over!’ Yes, yes, I agree, but if you’ve watched this long it’s assumed that you’re a teenaged girl who really wants to meet a sweet vampire boy herself, and this is just more marshmallow on your sundae. So take out your spoon and gobble it up: m ore sweet, marshmallowy goodness.”

Sure it's shit but there's a market for it of people who don't care. They'll spoon the whipped cream right off of the turd sundae and leave the rest.

>> No.20163372

And no one claims those are great literature either, to my knowledge.

But with fucking twilight, you get people defending it as the greatest books/movies ever, meyer is a genius and so on. And when you try to explain that no, they're actually terrible, for this, this, and this reason, the reply is "in YOUR opinion."

"In YOUR opinion." Man i fucking hate that phrase. I've only ever heard women use it, too.

>> No.20163375


Please, just stop being such a spoked wheel of turgid dicks socketed into a hoop of loose, prolapsed assholes.

>> No.20163381


I don't want to have to try hard and be someone I'm not just to have a classy D&D session just because a girl is present. You don't see a problem with being forced to do that to make her comfortable? Her comfort comes at the cost of myself and possibly every other male there.

>> No.20163382

I...what? Were you responding to someone else?

>> No.20163387


Jesus Christ how horrifying

>> No.20163390

People defend 40k in a similarly fanatical manner, and I'm pretty sure plenty of them are dudes.

>> No.20163391


Angry person = violent, destructive madman who needs to be locked up.
Lolicon = pedophile rapist who needs to be locked up.

It's your logic, not mine.

>> No.20163393


Welcome to the wild world of fandoms. Remember: 'fan' comes from 'fanatic' and not 'ceiling fan'.

I bet you anything there's been people claiming the drizzt book were the best thing ever. Or hell, people crazy enough to turn Eragon into a film. Or actually thinking the transformers movies had a decent plot!

>> No.20163396


i wont deny or confirm your afirmation. but to me.
hate is a form of atention.
love is a form of atention.

apatism is what i do when i deal with undesired people. i just do as if they didnt exist. and it really pisses them off (to my joy).
miniatures are replaceable.

also. autistim is the lamest 20th century condition. for doctors that cant tell their patiens to grow the fuck up.

sage for not tread related.

>> No.20163397

Wouldn't the literary equivalent to the Twilight books be the Song of Ice and Fire series?

>> No.20163398


Obviously you weren't around for that period of geek history.

There were people who considered Salvatore to be Salinger wrapped in Capote draped in Fitzgerald and enveloped in a rich mixture of Milton, Joyce, and Shakespeare.

Twilight is Jane Austen's retarded half-sister writing Stoker fanfic.

>> No.20163403

When the fuck did I mention pedophilia or lolicons? That was my first post in this thread, in case you have me confused with someone else.

>> No.20163404


40k is objectively bad, i love it anyways, the difference between me and a girl, is that i know it's bad

>> No.20163414


From what I can tell, when it comes to gaming, women are just as full of shit as men are, and sometimes they're full of shit in the SAME WAY.

>> No.20163418


Go to a WH40k group of rabid fans, and explain that the Imperium is Dune.

Then witness the beautiful shitstorm.

>> No.20163424

Amazing not everyone want casual sex with random strangers.
Perhaps more amazing to you, there is people uninterested in casual sex.

Perhaps more amazing, there is handsom clean smart funny people who aren't obessed with sex.

Sex is not a need. Sex is not terribly important. If it isn't about making babbies, then it is mere pleasure, and there is much much simplier ways to get pleasure.

Apart from that, bugger you, just because someone offers doesn't mean you have to take.

Women are humans, they are different from men, and that difference does not lie solely in sex. People like you are what drives a wedge between men and women.

Perhaps most amazing of all to you, women are good for more than just looking at and sex. The "nerd" ambition to sex and the teen/university student ambition to getting laid is pathetic.

You are why we can't have nice things, mainly nice being women.

As for my personal interactions with women, for "some" reason I seem to encounter a lot of "broken wings" type people...

Come to think of it, I just generally encounter a lot of broken people. Sex never seems to make them better or happier (infact it seems to do the reverse in some cases)

I mad, also whiny.

>> No.20163429

I think that they're trying to say that someone who commits battery should be imprisoned, and that someone who molests children should be imprisoned. Therefore, someone who commits battery is also a child molester.

Or something like that.

>> No.20163432


I'm 20, it would look bad to be around that many 12 year olds

>> No.20163433

Guy: I know rape is evil but I do it anyway... which is okay because I totally know it's evil.
Judge: lol point taken. Not guilty! Happy hunting, dear sir and remember to stay self aware.

>> No.20163435

But then we also had The Avengers. It turns out, big silly action flicks are BETTER when they're not mindless excuses for explosions, when you actually care about the characters, and there's clever dialogue.

We're not asking for fucking kipling here. This isn't an issue of us demanding great art out of a movie about giant transforming robots.

But I want to be able to enjoy the movie without constantly groaning at the stupidity and bad writing of it. The awfulness of the characters actually RUINS the actiony parts.

>> No.20163438


>> No.20163442


>sex is not a need

But... what about love? Holding each other? Whispering sweet nothings into each others ears? The constant unbridled fear that they don't mean what they say and are loving someone behind your back?

>> No.20163453

That's your call as a group to make. If you don't want to be a welcoming environment then that's your right. The trouble is that this sort of thinking is often applied even when people are in public places. If you're running a game in your own home with your own friends, sure. If you're part of a wargaming club playing at the LGS then you should at least make a modicum of effort not to drive off people who are interested in playing there. The same goes for newcomers of course. They can't expect the world to revolve around them. It's a matter of everyone moderating their behaviour until they're more familiar and comfortable with each other.

You'll still get people who just plain don't fit into a scene though. On an individual level that's okay, some people just aren't meant to be friends. Addressing that problem on a hobby wide level is something you only do if you care about the health and diversity of the hobby enough that it outweighs your desire to play without the complication of bringing new people into it.

>> No.20163461


Of course because I think that about women, i must be a rapist, it's all clear to me now...
Tumblr pls go

>> No.20163466

I recall it being one of the things in the first tier of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but take that as you will.

>> No.20163471

Some girls know Twilight is bad too. Some will defend it to their dying breath. Just like there's dudes who like 40k but, unlike you, are blind to its flaws.

>> No.20163479

NO NO NO WRONG. All girls are the same. I can tell, I met them and they were stupid.

>> No.20163480

Liking 40k is a victimless crime. Unless you want to award taste personhood, anyway.

>> No.20163490

The last D&D game I ran as well as the last I played in had a female player. She was only there because her boyfriend. She was not interested in the game but still managed to use all of her abilities correctly. In group decisions she would side with whoever was the first to ask her opinion on it. This was ideal IMO. Her character in the campaign I ran was a female changing and one of the party members was always trying to get her to seduce enemies but I shot it down because while it is a classic D&D tactic she was obviously uncomfortable. In the next campaign which someone else ran she played a male gnome and I played a female character.

Almost every nerd girl I have ever met has suffered from Desert Queen syndrome. Emperor protect if they actually have a big rack which the president of the anime club in my high school did. If there is going to be a girl in my group I would rather her not be a nerd.

>> No.20163491

I'd say "Yeah, it pretty much is. Dune is a major influence on the setting"

This. Fucking This. Thank you sir, you've summed up my problem with female fandoms. Everything is SO FUCKING SINCERE.

Also, 40K has a certain weighty grimdark drama to it. the Fantasy Flight RPGs are top notch, and some of the novels are competently written and entertaining. Like, say, Ciaphas Cain. When reading them, I never want to tear my own eyeballs out. Maybe it's because they have decent prose and contain interesting events situations/events.

>> No.20163499


The ol' Army didn't drill you too well on that reading comprehension, huh? Hope the ASVAB wasn't too hard for you. So much for your superior intellect.

>> No.20163505


I was gangraped by several ork players during a game.

As they thrust themselves within me they kept referring to more dakka.

Always more dakka.

>> No.20163510


>Liking 40k is a victimless crime.


>40K has a certain weighty grimdark drama to it.

You, son, need to learn the difference between drama and shitty melodrama. 40k will never be good. As soon as we accept that, we can all enjoy it all the more.

>> No.20163515

No, both men and women enjoy it, it's not all mastubatory material (just the feast scenes), and the author self insert is Samwell Tarly.

>> No.20163518

I have 2 girls in my current Pathfinder campaign. One veteran of many 3.5 games, and one who's only played 4e. We're not that far in, but I have seen no indications that they will be anything but great. It's all about who you play with.

>> No.20163519


Of course, it's just that i like to generalise in a casual misogynistic way, people get all kinds of mad

>> No.20163520

Sounds like you were asking for it. I bet you were playing Eldar, weren't you?

>> No.20163526



>> No.20163529


No, the literary equivalent to Twilight is The Sorrows of Young Werther.

>> No.20163530

If you weren't one of the guys before you won't be now. With my group of friends who regularly play D&D, we have 2 chicks and 4 guys and both of the girls were 'part of the gang', so to speak, before we started playing. Unless you have assumed that role already it'll be just like joining any other group: odd (wo)man out.

>> No.20163540

>You'll still get people who just plain don't fit into a scene though. On an individual level that's okay, some people just aren't meant to be friends. Addressing that problem on a hobby wide level is something you only do if you care about the health and diversity of the hobby enough that it outweighs your desire to play without the complication of bringing new people into it.

In regards to your post, you're right, of course, but this part just leaves me thinking that this is where the gamer girl fits in. This is exactly her place. Maybe they're just not meant to be until that magical girl appears who we can be comfortable around without walking on eggshells and who is cool with us too.

And as for the hobby as a whole; it's a noble goal, but why us? Why me? Why not someone else? Frankly, I'll be honest and say I'd rather be a selfish prick and leave it to the nice guy paragon of virtue, savior of the /tg/ hobby world. I'd rather just kick it with my bros and play some games. There's enough niceties, civility, and small-talk in the real world and at work, I don't need it in my personal time amongst close friends too just because some female gamer can't handle a few dirty jokes.

>> No.20163547

Only had ONE group, they where all that guys, guess the girl played a marie sue, but they where all that guys so no problem
>In the internet
I have only meet nice people here.

>> No.20163551

>Desert Queen syndrome
The fuck?

>> No.20163552

I was gonna get mad, but then I realized. You pulled something completely unrelated out of your ass to distract people from your ITG antics. I, the poster of the angry dog gif, never mentioned pedophilia or lolicon. You started babbling about it. The fellow you are insulting is as confused as I was until I realized your ploy. You sir, are a ruffian and a scoundrel, and you ain't my nigga. Good day.

>> No.20163589 [DELETED] 

>why us? Why me? Why not someone else?

As I said, nobody's asking you to. Bringing people into a hobby which doesn't mesh with their personality is a pain in the arse and I wouldn't oblige anyone to try. I usually will because I fucking love games, think they're wonderful and want to share that with people who'd otherwise never experience them.

Also, on a purely anecdotal note, the women I know don't react any more badly to dirty jokes than the men I know; both genders have the same spectrum of tolerance/appreciation.

>> No.20163590

Not really. I think it was Stalin who said a planet being atom bombed to kill off enough of the populace for the Imperial forces to retreat under their Scorched Earth orders is a tragedy, but a million planets being Exterminatus'd because an inquisitor saw a guy with a skin condition is grimderp.

>> No.20163599

>Amazing not everyone want casual sex with random strangers.
Funny that the 18-30 demographic spends away their weekend nights clubbing just for the Vegas odds chance of getting alids.

>Perhaps more amazing to you, there is people uninterested in casual sex.
Yes, very few men though.

>Perhaps more amazing, there is handsom clean smart funny people who aren't obessed with sex.
Not obsessed, liberal about it.

>Sex is not a need. Sex is not terribly important.
The only reason you exist is because your parents got to fuck.

>If it isn't about making babbies, then it is mere pleasure, and there is much much simplier ways to get pleasure.
Sex is one of the best ways to obtain pleasure on earth in regard to cost-benefit ratio.

>Apart from that, bugger you, just because someone offers doesn't mean you have to take.
Ask a kissless permavirgin anon the same question.

>Women are humans, they are different from men, and that difference does not lie solely in sex. People like you are what drives a wedge between men and women.
Ok Sir Gallahad.

>Perhaps most amazing of all to you, women are good for more than just looking at and sex. The "nerd" ambition to sex and the teen/university student ambition to getting laid is pathetic.
Then why are men dominant in STEM fields why women take lower jobs in education or PR.

>You are why we can't have nice things, mainly nice being women.
Women get hurt feelings more often then men, not my problem.

>As for my personal interactions with women, for "some" reason I seem to encounter a lot of "broken wings" type people..Come to think of it, I just generally encounter a lot of broken people. Sex never seems to make them better or happier (infact it seems to do the reverse in some cases)

>I mad, also whiny.

>> No.20163608

>why us? Why me? Why not someone else?

As I said, nobody's asking you to. Bringing people into a hobby with culture that repulses them is a pain in the arse and I wouldn't oblige anyone to try. I usually will because I fucking love games, think they're wonderful and want to share that with people who'd otherwise never experience them.

Also, on a purely anecdotal note, the women I know don't react any more badly to dirty jokes than the men I know; both genders have the same spectrum of tolerance/appreciation.

>> No.20163617

Apart from the lack of trust and too much paranoia at the end, it is a nice thing to be loved, helps you live in a world gone mad, two vs. the world rather than one. But really, not a need. It is nice, can help you be mentally healthy.

The flipside is basically yandere. There is a large spectrum between healthy love and dangerous obession. Sex in the case of love of the kind we are talking about, is just another part of it. It is not the end goal or the reason.

Because people wither up like prunes and die when they don't have sex. I mean, there is people who are mentally stable and don't even masturbate let alone have sex. This nonsense is what I am talking about.

Women are women.
Men are men.
Both are humans.
Thusly both are idiotic.

The human condition is the source of our woes, treating people right will not end them all, as we are only human. That said I have reason to treat people well, So I will do so, wether the human in question acts like a beast or a decent person.

>> No.20163618


>for "some" reason I seem to encounter a lot of "broken wings" type people

Well maybe if you'd stop being such a cunt you'd stop breaking peoples' wings.


>> No.20163621

I don't have any wimminz in my current group but my girl is interested in playing Tyranids. Her real vice is vidya.

I'm pretty ambivalent about it.

>> No.20163629


1. They are both literature (and I use this term loosely in the case of Twilight).

2. Werther was the better book.

3. Werther was way more manly than anyone in Twilight. Sustaining a bullet headwound and bleeding out for 12 hours before dying? That shit's brutal.

>> No.20163634

>You are why we can't have nice things, mainly nice being women.
So you think women are just things, do you?

>> No.20163646


> Werther was way more manly than anyone in Twilight

No, Werther was a giant faggot. The only reason he even survived that bullet to the head was because he was so incompetent that he couldn't even kill himself right.

Sure, Twilight's a bad book. But don't forget that there are 'classics' out there just as asinine - and with the same level of cultural impact.

>> No.20163655

Reading theese threads make me feel so lucky and privileged. All females I have played with have been in it for the RPing, though some of them are slightly less familiar with the system than I would expect from someone who have been playing for ~1,5 years.

The only one of them that require more than the usual amount of attention is excused by virtue of being the 9 year old daughter of one of my other regular female players. (Her first game with us was Call of Cthulhu, so adorable)

>> No.20163656


You're just mad you don't know what an analogy or comparison are. Sorry I don't feel like explaining it to you. Here's a hint though: applied logic.

>> No.20163666

This will be good.

>> No.20163676


"Objectively bad" is a contradiction in terms. "Bad" has no meaning which is not a value judgment, and "objective" has no meaning inclusive of value judgments. Do you understand what I'm saying, here? It literally cannot mean anything. Your post is a syntax error, presented as evidence of your gender's superiority.

There are certainly subjective measures of literary value which you might appeal to here, and you might even find a broad consensus on some of them, with only a bit of debate along the fringes. I think it's fun and useful to do that sort of thing, and encourages writers to better their craft. But it's nothing I'd bother boasting about, and there's certainly nothing "objective" about the affair.

>> No.20163680

>(Her first game with us was Call of Cthulhu, so adorable)

So, how does the little girl deal with murderous otherworldly horrors and the crushing knowledge that the human race is insignificant in the grand scheme of things?

>> No.20163706


I don't see Twilight on any university reading lists.


>implying Goethe is anywhere near Meyer's level of cultural impact and significance

Not a fan of the guy, but credit where credit's due.

>> No.20163708


Read my post about using casual misgynistic comments to cause all kinds of mad, i don't have to make sense, the part about warhammer wasn't the important part of the post, the last bit about women were, that's what people will react to

>> No.20163725

No, just High School ones.

I wish I were joking.

>> No.20163745


Women cheat more than men. This is a fact. Don't let women fool you. The ones that say this is a lie are naive or lying. The ones who say women cheat only as much as men do are ignorant. And yet women call men the liars and cheaters.

Not only is this overwhelmingly the case in anecdotal evidence, but also in recorded surveys. Women cheat. It's going to happen. How much cheating goes undiscovered, even? One has to wonder.

>> No.20163749

Teachers, unfortunately, aren't all mentally well adjusted paragons of wisdom.

>> No.20163752


Well, Werther was mostly popular with young men and women, and inspired lots of them to commit suicide.

So... I guess Meyer is the better person by proxy.

>> No.20163770

Oooooooooh I see. Took me a little while to understand your shitty initial phrasing. If no one understands it but you, it's not that you're so brilliant that lesser mortals can't comprehend it, it's that you made a nonsequiter. And no, my logic was that if you punch everything that makes you mad, or even want to punch said things so much that only the threat of jail time keeps you in check, you have anger issues. It was not that anyone who gets angry should be locked up. But I digress. Have fun in high school. Those SATs are a real bitch you know. Well, not for me. But you might want to get some tutoring, assuming it'll help at all. Stay mad kiddo.

>> No.20163775


I would pay to be a high schooler so I could refuse to read that book on principle and see what kind of repercussions there would be with the faculty.

>> No.20163783


>> No.20163797

>calls out for responding to ITG accusation with ITG accusation
>responds to accusations of mad with accusations of mad

Hypocrisy. I'd sock you right in the mouth if we ever met.

>> No.20163814


Nigga, Goethe was turned into a NOBLE for writing Sorrows of Werther.

Where's Meyer's title at?

>> No.20163818

How did the casual misogyny and cluelessness become part of a large section in traditional gaming?

>> No.20163834


He also disowned the novel later in life. Make of that what you will.

>> No.20163842


She's grown up on stuff like Lil Cthulhu and the like, one of her stuffed animals is a Cthulhu plushie. She once made up a story that the Reason Cthulhu was so mad is because he misses his child (the afforementioned plushie) and that she was going to join the cult of Cthulhu to reunite them so that he would become nice again.

tl:dr: Some girls date "bad boys" to try and tame them, this girl talked about becomming a cultist to convert Cthulhu.

>> No.20163848

It didn't. It's a result of shitspamming /tg/.

>> No.20163854

1) It was part of society in general.
2) Gaming served as a refuge for socially awkward dudes during its formative years and they established the foundations.

>> No.20163871

>she was going to join the cult of Cthulhu to reunite them so that he would become nice again.

That is both adorable and a wonderful motivation for a batshit insane cult leader.

>> No.20163879

Why yes good sir, namely living things. Things called humans. A thing can be anything. You thing.

But people's hopes and dreams, they make a wonderful popping noise!... (HAH like I even encounter that many people with hopes and dreams.

>I said things
>You said things
Is this not the stuff of life?

>The only reason you exist is because your parents got to fuck.
Without contraceptives that is. In fact I guess that if my parents had only been interested in casual sex, they never would have met in the first place,or if they did then one night stand. The benefit of this would be I would not be here, typing stuff at you today, you would be able to blissfully continue as you were without a lunatic like me disagreeing with what you think this world is.

Anyway, sexing for solely pleasure's sake is not much to do with making children mate. Especially with contraceptives these past years.

that said, our elitism is most probably showing through.

Because humans.

>> No.20163886

The longest running girl player we had pushed me down the stairs so I guess it is a double edged sword having her around. The two new girls are not completely terrible though so there is some consolation in that.

>> No.20163896

There are the same number of girls and guys in our group. The girls are me and one of the bros girlfriend, and then a close friend.

We don't really play with anyone we're not already close with, so we're not as welcoming to either women or men.

>> No.20163902

>thinks contraceptives are 100% foolproof
>thinks sex for procreation and sex for pleasure are mutually exclusive

Hope you got all your school supplies ready for fall!

>> No.20163912


Did you have her arrested for attempted murder?

>> No.20163918


That's technically just assault.

>> No.20163928


We did kick her out after that. I was not really hurt that badly and it has not been the first time that has happened but the DM has no patience for people who try that stuff.

>> No.20163931

>wonderful motivation for a batshit insane cult leader.

I hadn't though about that angle before, but you're absolutely right. Thank you /tg/

>> No.20163934

>he thinks the bitch wasn't out for his blood

That's cute, bro. Women are murderous blood-suckers.

>> No.20163954



>> No.20163956

I guess that explains why there's so much porn of these things.

>> No.20163958

>no such thing as abortions
>condoms aren't 100% effective when used correctly

>all Bs are Cs, but not all Cs are Bs
At least you, being a retard, will never have to worry about being a failure...

>> No.20163989

>condoms aren't 100% effective when used correctly

Are you honestly saying that condoms don't break? Ever? Are you seriously saying that right now?

Because I have to make sure. You're REALLY saying that, right? I'm not misinterpreting your terribly phrased post?

>> No.20163990

The irony of all this is that the women left this thread a long time ago.

>> No.20163994

Pretty welcoming. My group is pretty much all girls and just one other guy besides me, who is stuck in the chair of the Forever DM. They all seem to like the game and adventures even when I'm iffy about them (I like sandboxes, they like structure; often I am forced to make shit up on the fly but they like it). Pretty solid group.

>> No.20164013

when used correctly, not often enough to be statistically relevant.

>> No.20164021


The women left, only the whiteknights, the men, and the shitstorm remains.
If this doesn't prove that women, by nature, causes shitstorms and turn people against eachother, i don't know what will.

>> No.20164029


Greater than 0 is still greater than 0. And try talking about statistics to any victim of an unlikely tragedy.

>> No.20164030


>1-3 percent chance of failure
>Not significant


>> No.20164035

>implying abstinence is not the most effective method of birth control

It's only ever failed, like, once or twice

>> No.20164053


Ooh, I know this one! Jesus Christ and Anakin Skywalker!

>> No.20164054


Then they didn't abstain

>> No.20164057

tragedies are common enough to be statistically relevant, otherwise insurances would be completely pointless.

[citation needed]

>> No.20164065



Includes individual incidence of unexpected slipping causing breach, and direct breaking of the latex.

Now go fuck yourself. But remember... Use a rubber!

>> No.20164066


You know what we call insurance agencies for condom breakage? Abortion clinics.

>> No.20164080

>How welcoming are you to females
>286 posts and 33 image replies
Never change, /tg/

>> No.20164093

>Special-birth chosen-one
None of that in Game of Thrones. They're important because they're nobility. The only thing special about their birth's is that their parents are nobility.
This is sufficient to make you matter.

>> No.20164097

>WOMEN ARE ALL WHORES (y dont they love me?? ;_________;)

(and also a few reasonable human beings. Good on you, reasonable human beings)

>> No.20164112

Did I suggest that such methods are foolproof?
I did not.
Apart from that, there can only be so many "accidental" children, and from the kind of people interested in casual sex (generally speaking). Abortion is a very valid option. So, I am a sixth child, it is quite unlikely that I would have occured.

The lack of foolproof measures is one of the reasons I argue against casual sex. If you are prepared to raise a human being, then as I see it, you don't deserve any sex for being a gutless so-and-so who wants a mystical fairy life free of consequences.

>But anon, what about abortions?
What with nonsense about "pro-choice" and "pro-life" I have little sympathy. Abortion should be case-by-case and always when the mother's life is at great risk (if the mother can give birth, but will die, then her choice). But somebody who is just trying to avoid consequences is again just gutless.

Of course the likelyhood is that such a human would make for a terrible parent, but then, there is lots of parents that can't have children, I'm sure they would prefer to have the child.

So, is my arguement to women who are pegnant due to protection failure, stupidity, assholes, or rapists;
Suck it up?
Yes and no. It would be more along the lines of pregnacy is not the end of your bloody life.
To the rape victims, well, technically there is nothing I can say, but really, why not bring forth a wonderous thing in spite of the tradegy?(yeah, like you'd be capable of thinking that when rape pregnant).

Now, now, at least try to be civil, your idiot is showing
No kidding.

>> No.20164118

>does not take into account people using condoms incorrectly
sorry, try again

>> No.20164119


>implying Danaerys or Jaime are not Azor Ahai

Also Danaerys flips all the other potential Mary Sue switches

>last member of a family line extinguished by the usurper
>has three pet dragons
>leader of an entire nation created out of scratch
>silver hair, purple eyes
>suspiciously underage
>kind of sex crazy

>> No.20164154


>NIH Study not good enough for Internet Expert.

Yeah, pretty much THE study on condom use and its implications but IRSOSMRT.

Again. Go fuck yourself, and use a rubber.

>> No.20164219


A desert queen is a military woman who is a 5 or 6 at best but gets treated like a 8 or 9 due to lower availability of female partners. This is less common in armies that allow front line female soldiers. it is rampant in the US Army.

>> No.20164221

>study does not take X into consideration, meaning it is void in this context

Good thing most people in academia are not as stupid as you are or we'd still think the earth was flat.

>> No.20164233


We haven't thought the earth was flat for over two thousand years, man.

>> No.20164242

my point exactly

>> No.20164308


>Included studies within the lecture provide data.
>Unable to read shit like an academic, even use Pubmed

Good job! You're still retarded!

>> No.20164334

Hey look, now the thread's about contraceptives and condom statistics.

Further proof that women are nothing but sex objects and incubators.

>> No.20164341


Someone who cannot read a presentation properly talks shit to someone who posts a presentation with citations covering their point.

Yep. Fucking retarded. There are stats within the studies presented as part of the presentation that validate the numbers.

Again. Go fuck yourself... but before you do? Put on a rubber!

>> No.20164354


I believe the medical terms you are looking for are "a life support system for a cunt" and "cum dumpster/receptacle/catcher".


>> No.20164439

>Ask for proper citation
>gives a study referencing the (alleged) reference
I bet you think people swallow on average 8 spiders per day, too.

>> No.20164515

Lonely Neckbeard waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were womens in the store. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to the store owner were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. John was a neckbeard for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the women and he said to dad "I want to be on the women daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY WOMENS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the room of the FLGS he knew there were womens.
"This is Store Owner" the radio crackered. "You must fight the womens!"
So John gotted his shirt off and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the womens
"I will clean him" said the cyberwomen and she fired the soap. John ran at her and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must fight the womens" he shouted
The radio said "No, John. You are the womens"
And then John was a lady.

>> No.20164651

Eragon 'is' piss-poor derivative garbage suited only for middle schoolers.
Twilight is a clusterfuck of unoriginality, piss-poor writing, mary-sues, author inserts, purple prose and one-dimensional characters. But some women find it appealing to project themselves onto Bella.

>> No.20164741

There are a few females in my little social gaming circle. Most of them, despite their vocal interest in the hobby, make for lousy players. They get easily distracted or fall asleep at the table or just turn away from the game and start chit-chatting. The sidetalk stuff doesn't bother me, really, since every player does that, but I've had numerous instances where I'd run a game and try to involve them, but they were playing so very little, while everyone else was fully engrossed, that I just had to have their characters fade out of existence.

I couldn't have NPCs give them important information or plothooks because they'd never be resolved. I couldn't rely on them to be a contributing force in battles. Half the time, I couldn't even expect them to show up and have a character sheet.

That's just my experience, at least as far as RPGs go. Board games are another matter, but generally, I can't GM a game and expect the female players we do have to be a consistent part of it.

>> No.20165356


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