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When was the last time you told /x/ you loved her, /tg/?

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Probably last time I had to visit /d/ for something actually resembling arousing. /x/ is sweet, but /d/ hits the spot.

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I'll tell /x/ I love her when she stops relentlessly shitposting.

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So... never?

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My heart and anus belong to /d/.

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Can we angle for a different waifu board? We see to have a lot of crossover with /ck/.

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/ck/ was our first. You think she'll take /tg/ back?

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... oh god damn you OP.

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/ck/ is /co/'s waifu.

Why dump the very very best board-tan (/x/)?

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Meh, i like /co//ck/.

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....I actually find /ck/'s board-tan to be hotter? I don't know.

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I insulted them last week. It was nice.

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She's just a generic vaguely pretty housewife. That's not hot.
What is wrong with you?

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When will /tg/ and /co/ finally figure out their latent homosexual attraction to each other?

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I don't mind /x/ being /tg/'s waifu but I always felt like /d/ was probably more appropriate a choice considering the amount of deviants around here.

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How about /k/, isn't she single?

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More importantly, /k/ is male.

>> No.20162069

I'm probably falling for an obvious one here but I'll take the plunge,

/k/ is a man, and is already with /an/

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Dude, haven't you heard the news?
/x/ is dead. Has been for a while now.
Blame the idiots trying to turn it into /b2/

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/k/ being male isn't an issue, but doing something as shitty as poaching /an/'s significant other is just unthinkable.

I still think /tg/ and /co/ are perfect for each other.

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Wait, how do you determine board gender? They all look the same to me.

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/co/ and /tg/ just made it up.

Pretty sure /a/ is a trap and /d/ is a futa though.

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The board's gender is determined by the gender of the board's -tan / personification / whatever.

Funny thing: If we went by board-wide gender distribution, /co/ would probably be female.

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which is why they are in the most romantic of bromances

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/tg/ looks a few hundred pounds light

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I always just though /tg/ has a thing for crazies.

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>implying that women make anything but a *very* small percentage on this website

Get real.

Granted /cgl/ and a few others have more girls than some other boards but theres no fucking way /co/ isn't 98% male.

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/d/ is whatever /d/ wishes to be at any given point. That is, it may or may not be a futa at this moment, but it would be more accurate to say that /d/'s sex is "Slaanesh".

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More likely to say it's malleable. There's more people who know of trans* than slaanesh.

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Fair enough, I like that better anyway. Most of the depictions of 'her' are dickgirls though.

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but /d/ isn't trans.
it's simply undefined

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I just kind of figured what with /co/'s obsession for shipping and gay shit that they've probably got most of the females on this site.

But then again, what do I know.

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They probably have one of the largest populations of girls outside of the fetish boards.

Because it's not undefined, it just changes.

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They have a massive tumblr infection, that much is for sure. Whether it's the majority or just really vocal is a different matter.

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And /v/ is more obsessed with traps then real women and will defend it to the point that they will claim dating and fucking a trap doesn't make you gay, 98 male there too but it seems like 50% of them are fags, so why should /co/ be any different?

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Trans implies a correction of biological sex to correspond to mental gender. /d/ has no defined mental gender - just whims. Whims and a wide assortment of genitals not limited to human anatomy.

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Wait, /tg/'s board-tan is male? I thought we wanted to be the little girl?

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/co/ does indeed appear to have more women in it. It seems to be inhabited by both regular (male/sexless) Anons and a kind of anonymous offshort of online fandom community. Plus I would not be surprised if a huge number of women went to 4chan, in spite of the misogyny threads (although a significant amount of women seemed to help out /b/'s BitingBeaver raid).

As well as the sites that 4chan is recognised to have grown from, its earlier culture resembles other almost wholly female online communities. Like how ED was founded by women who wanted to document LiveJournal drama.

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Except every single time any board has done a survey its been >90% male...

I can speak from experience as well, out of the hundreds of fucking women my age range (early 20's, including my younger brothers friends, high school) I've met I think I've met maybe ONE who actually has visited this site and occasionally posts, most of them know what it is but aren't interested and just use tumblr/reddit.

>implying I talk to women
>implying I have friends
etc etc

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/ck/ seems to have a roughly even split according to skimming the last survey thread.

I've asked my male friends about 4chan and they've universally reviled and hated it as much as my female friends. Let's face it, casuals just don't like us.

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>implying 4chains hasn't become all but mainstream these days anyway
Long gone are the days where we were a niche, dark hole in the wall that was only associated with hackers on steroids and CP.

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Alright, why the hell do women not like traditional games?
I am honestly fucking curious.
Them not being made for them is fucking bullshit. Look at fucking My Little Pony. Huge swathes of its fanbase consists of men, and they are ostracized for it (which is usually the real complaint, which is legitimate in most cases, I'll admit), but they still fucking love that shit.
I don't watch MLP and don't condemn/endorse it, but seriously, what the fuck is up with women not liking traditional games.

I have also not met more than three girls (and I've met many) who're distinguished enough to enjoy more esoteric subjects/more refined examples of their preferred pastime (I have lots of spare time, so I explore lots of weird shit and have general knowledge of the 'better' parts of stuff etc. but with music, it's always radio tripe, with movies, it's always popcorn flicks, so on and so forth).

Females are a majority of the population. I've met a lot of men who like at least one thing to an extent that they're fully engaged in the good parts of it, but with women it's so much rarer.

I would chalk it up to just unfortunate circumstances, but it seems that anecdotal evidence from every fa/tg/uy matches up to my own experiences.

Maybe girls just don't like sharing the interests they actually care enough about to fully explore?

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Has /tg/ ever actually been that?
/b/ has always been shit, really.

I think the reason this nostalgia exists is, that many have been drawn to 4chan, hoping to find examples of this ludicrous behaviour, which has been documented on the rest of the internet, only to find the truth far duller than what they expected.
They stick around too long to forget that they weren't always a part of 4chan, and look back at previous achievements (which will always be extraordinary, because otherwise, they wouldn't be achievements), and wax nostalgic over unexisting things, cursing and denouncing wholly imaginary constructs.

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>typical women
>possessing the brain power, motivation, drive or imagination to actually engage in roleplay or have a meaningful discussion with.

>> No.20162490

You are forgetting that to the public /b/=! 4chan

>> No.20162505

The typical man is just as vapid and droll.
I mean, just look at America. Those fucks actually use 'liberal' and 'socialist' as insults.



Also the happiest countries in the world are socialist and you can suck my dong.


>> No.20162506

>anecdotal evidence

>> No.20162511

Women do like traditional games. You're just in the wrong area.

At uni my RPG society was 60% female and all the executive officers were female. Back at home my gaming club is more male dominated but there are still girls including a girl in the executive.

I find girls are more interested in roleplaying than wargames. My roleplaying groups are usually split 50/50 between the sexes, and I've GM'd for all women groups before.

>> No.20162522


>implying Americans are anything like their politicians
We're just a bunch of chumps watching a puppet show at this point. Shit's more railroaded than some quest threads.

>> No.20162525

>using politics and hurr durr the US as examples in a discussion about hobbies and gender
Ya blew it.

>> No.20162533

uh, what?
/b/ is all there is to 4chan to the public. Was that exclamation mark unintentional?

It ceases to be anecdotal once the sample size is large enough, if the individual cases can be verified.
They can't in this case, and I shouldn't have used the word evidence, but give me a fucking break. I used half a minute to type that shit up, and speaking half a dozen languages fluently will fuck up your vocabulary at times.

>> No.20162549


I'm sorry, I wasn't aware you were tripping over your own genius while you were typing.

>dat backdoor brag

>> No.20162554

preferences started to merge long ago.

>> No.20162562

I still don't get how the American public can stand only having two legitimate parties as choices.
Why do you accept that shit?

That wasn't a discussion regarding hobbies, I was just saying that women aren't actually dumber than men, it's people who are stupid as a whole, and we just see the women because either they are:
A) More exhibitionist
B) Made fun of because they're female

>> No.20162563

>half a dozen languages
>feeling the need to mention it in any way shape or form for the sake of this discussion

>> No.20162576

Yes. I'm bragging anonymously on an image board which does not even record its posts without anyone ever having any potential knowledge of my true identity and linguistic prowess, because in real life, I'm a timid manchild who's attempting to get over his complexes and develop a personality that won't get him immediately decried as a persona non grata.

You figure out whether that's sarcastic or not.
Go ahead.

ok bro w/e u say lol

>> No.20162597

in all honesty I'm not expecting this thread to last.

>> No.20162601

Because otherwise even less gets done than does now.

That and the last time a 3rd party candidate won he ended up being one of the biggest war criminals in our country's history.

>> No.20162602

But you've proven smarter than us, how are we supposed to figure this out without your help? Come on, man.

>> No.20162621

> Discussion isn't about hobbies
Were you not the one who just asked why women aren't interested in traditional games? I mean-

>America only has 2 legitimate parties
Oh. You were trolling, carry on!

>> No.20162634

MEANWHILE, ON /co/ >>>/co/39382979

their thread went to shit too, but then they recovered.

>> No.20162644

well maybe /tg should take are of their waifu a bit...

>> No.20162661

Knowing languages doesn't even make you slightly intelligent.
All of those fucktards and THAT GUYS all speak languages. They don't just grunt in semi-intelligible ways, huffing and puffing and flailing around in their own shit until someone comes by and is pestered by the quasi-simian shit-flinging dickknob.

>> No.20162664

when I was starting up my group I was ROLLING in ladies who wanted to join.
I ended up with only one because timetables.
HAHA uni

>> No.20162667

was for >>20162602

>> No.20162697

MEANWHILE, ON /m/ >>>/m/8052313
they've been discussing this kind stuff for over a week now.

>> No.20162726

So, let me get this straight.

A) You presume that a multi-party governmental/parliamental system will be drowned in bureaucracy.
On what, exactly, do you base this?
I counter with the simple fact that when there aren't just two parties with diametrically opposed, but rather a spectrum of opinions, it allows for less "Us vs. Them" mentality which hurts rational lawmaking. If you can focus entirely on the merits of the law, rather than what your opposition is doing, what you presume to be the logical, or at the very least ethically correct choice, will be the one you pick.

So, one bad apple spoils the bunch?
That's like saying that the last time Germany had a failed artist as the leader of government, y'know.
That thing happened.

The two things (multi-party political system and horrible misuse of power) have absolutely nothing at all to do with each other.
There is absolutely no causal link.
Pic related, shows you just how flawed that reasoning is.

>> No.20162730

>Why do you accept that shit?
Why does EA still exist?
Why does CoD still exist?
Why did Resident Evil turn to shit?
Fucking casuals, that's why.

Anyways, this is /tg/, not /pol/ so I'm done here.

>> No.20162731

I told my e/x/al/tg/irl I love her when I got out of bed this morning. If you want me to tell /x/ as a whole, I'll need to do my voice warm-ups. You have to really yell for /x/-tan to hear you over the buzzing of the /b/s.

>> No.20162755

Because whenever it almost changes, someone runs around and starts screaming "JEEEEEEEEZZZZZZUUUUUUUZZZZ" and everyone votes for them.

>> No.20162757

That's offensive towards bees.
At least they produce something of value.

>> No.20162759

As a deeply religious man, I'd wish religion would just sod off and the state could be made secular.

Religion is for men, not for countries.

>> No.20162768


Basically. After hemming and hawwing for hours on end, the ultimate decision most 'good' people will make is to do nothing. Or, if they do something, you will hardly be able to tell them apart from those you would call 'evil'.

>> No.20162782

Was it Mark Twain, Churchill (the drunk fuck) or someone else who said that thing about there only being three choices:
The best thing - The right thing
The second-best - The wrong thing
The worst thing - Nothing

>implying implications, haww haww

>> No.20162788

It's like you guys don't even know that all human governments are just puppets of our reptoid overlords ruling us in secret from the pyramids.


>> No.20162794


That would be why they were in 'quotes'.

It was probably a nicely liqoured up Churchill.

>> No.20162796

Is this where I say 'never change, /tg/'?
That's the thing you do when this happens, right.

>> No.20162802

Last time I told /x/ I loved her ended in tentacle rape because /d/ overheard.

/d/ is awfully protective of /x/, unfortunately (for us and /x/)

>> No.20162810

>separation of church and state
Good luck with that.
Really, I look forward to the time when USA joins the western world.
Metric system, secular state, democracy...
It could be a glorious thing

>> No.20162816

what even is this thread's topic anymore?

>> No.20162821

Why do you need a waifu /tg?

You have Captain Diomedes!

>> No.20162825

I think you made a mistake.
/d/ simply heard you. It was not out of any sort of desire to protect /x/.

>> No.20162833

Thread successfully derailed, guys.
Let's go home.

>> No.20162837

Get rid of /x/ /tg/, she isn't pretty or charming anyway. Go for cooking!

>> No.20162851

/d/ rapes everyone indiscriminately.

best case scenario when /d/ is around is an orgy.

>> No.20162857


I know, wouldn't it be amazing?

>>Debates on funding for scientific research and infrastructure by candidates.
>>No mention of moral or religious debates such as gay marraige over more important things such as economic inequality.
>> A professed athiest is elected President, an even more unlikely event than a woman or a black.
>> International policy becomes more a helping-hand rather than a smoking gun.
>> Actually giving citizens something to be proud of.

I want to live in a US with a Canadian government and moral system is that too much to ask?

>> No.20162859

you had your shot and blew it.

>> No.20162871

Why not just move to French Canadia?

>> No.20162876

Before she became a cesspool of /b/ level shitposting and trolling.

>> No.20162884


Who said we won't just kidnap /ck/ and chain her in our basement!?
Only letting her out to cook for us!

>> No.20162910


Why don't we just take /d/? It's not like /tg/ cares for a romantic relationship.

>> No.20162924

/tg/ - /b/ 4.0

>> No.20162930

Shit's going down. /ck/ is ours.


>> No.20162933

Wait, I know /v/ is 2.0, but what's 3.0?

>> No.20162938

Guys good news. It seems simply walking in and saying cooking is ours worked. >>3781335 >>3781344

>> No.20162941

Although, /tg/ is rather far removed from /b/. Possibly /d/ is closer to the insanity.

>> No.20162945

/x/ is /b/ 3.0 according to /tg/.

this is the kinda crap that makes people hate the board-tans.

>> No.20162954

/sp/ has been b 3.0 for a while now. /x/ is b 4.0. /r9k/ is /b/ 5.0

>> No.20162959

I was the one who went into cooking and said she's ours. She agreed. As a reward I demand that our board-tan will be changed to an overweight Araghast.

>> No.20162967

All dead now, thanks to the great /b/ehemoth
/a/ wil be the next to fall, mark my words. That is if /jp/ doesn't get them first

>> No.20162990 [DELETED] 


>> No.20163010

/sp/ is doing a pretty good job at being off topic shit posters, I think they're 3.0

>> No.20163059


Psychologically speaking, women are built from the ground up to conform more than men are. If you look at /any/ element of society's extremes, you'll find more men at both ends. There are more male politicians, board room executives, military chiefs, etc. There are also more male criminals, alcoholics, death row-ers, etc. There's lots of theories why this is the case, and you could spend months or years talking about things like maternal instincts, friends versus acquaintances, etc, etc, and it would all be pertinent to it.

But to boil it down, the majority of niche activities will have a significant male majority. Other factors will obviously influence the extent of it, but this is at the core. Women are less prone to taking up 'extreme' societal positions, and when they do, it is often more likely as an element of participating with a group they are already familiar with.

>> No.20163084

>Except every single time any board has done a survey its been >90% male...

Probably not crazy accurate but there ya go.

>> No.20163258

No. You were entirely terrible, you get nothing.

>> No.20163283


Unlike your generall whining and "please come back", /ck/ at least payed attention to me and agreed to be our wifu. So shut up faggot you didn't do anything useful.

>> No.20163313


>> No.20163358

>Unlike your generall whining and "please come back"
I hadn't posted anything on the subject until >>20163258
I just personally found your posts to be awkward and ill befitting of a representative of /tg/.

>> No.20163361

I'm going to /x/ and tell them we're divorced. You can leave goodbye comments in the divorce thread.

>> No.20163401

If you think having a metric system is what defines a nation-state as western, then you're fucking ignorant. You also don't know anything about American history.

The USA had one of the first clear separations of church and state in the world, not to mention being the first modern democracy and longest continuous government on the planet. Tell me, who's the head of the Church of England again? What's the state religion in Bavaria? What's the official religion of the Republic of Italy? Which church gets taxes from the state in Sweden?

You're a dumb fuck, get educated.

>> No.20163468

>I don't mind /x/ being /tg/'s waifu but I always felt like /d/ was probably more appropriate a choice considering the amount of deviants around here.

Really? I've always felt it was Toy, what with Miniatures and Board games. I mean back in the day Magic:TG did crop up on /toy/ too.

I don't think I've ever dropped by /x/ for anything.

>> No.20163532

There is nothing stopping us from once again having /x/, /d/ and /toy/.

>> No.20163535


I wasn't refering you personally mate. I was talking about /tg/ generally and how they don't put in any effort. Even stupid troll comments got more attention from /ck/ then anything else.

>> No.20163557


/toy/ is more /co/ and /a/ than it'll ever be /tg/.

Except for some reason /co/ is paired with /ck/.

>> No.20163559

My question was "why are there so few women, it's not statistically probable".
You respond:
"There are loads of men who like this junk, and not so many women."

Essentially, you answered my question with its own premise.

I don't care about the 'what'. I can observe that quite clearly.
I want the why, the how, etc.

>> No.20163560

As your example clearly demonstrates, USA is not a western country, beign the exception.

>> No.20163561

/tg/ fits /toy/ well, but /m/ fits /toy/ better

/tg/ goes with /d/ and /x/ best, and /d/ rapes everything. So the obvious solution is /x/ with brohood semi-consensual threesomes involving all too many dicks and tentacles with /d/

>> No.20163564


Why do you even want /x/? Leave her for fitness, that way they won't touch /ck/ and /d/.

>> No.20163570

Well..mod is.

>> No.20163577

Wow, you are so dumb I don't even.
You fucking Americans always think you invented stuff.
Or were important.

Look up France.

(Also, the other points are too stupid to respond to. Unlike America, religion has no place in government, despite acceptance/technical state religions).

>> No.20163582

moar diapers?

>> No.20163584

/co/ is paired with /ck because /co//ck/

>> No.20163602


>> No.20163611

Why does our board-tan suck so much?

>> No.20163630

>Glance at /x/
>No breakup thread

>> No.20163652

but /x/ isn't /x/ anymore

real /x/ is spread out across multiple boards, mostly /tg/ but with a few /x/enophiles in /co/ and /v/.

The /x/ board is just /b2/

>> No.20163668


>> No.20163669


I thought you all ignored my comment and therefore I didn't post it. I also believe /tg/ will track me down and murder me if I post a divorce thread.

>> No.20163673


/fit/ and /fa/ are already a couple.

>> No.20163685

Our board-tan doesn't suck

He's a representation of the average fa/tg/uy, and probably the most accurate representation out of all the board-tans, except perhaps /ic/

>> No.20163699

/tg/ does like to spend time with /d/ more than /x/... but also looking through /a/ while staying friends /ck/ , also going behing /v/s to hang out with /vg/

Where does /tg/ stand with /b/ ?

>> No.20163714


He actually physically resmelbes fa/tg/uys as it turns out.

>> No.20163717

He exists, but it's best if we stay away from him.

>> No.20163723

we're apparently the only board to survive a raid, though.

>> No.20163727

he used to be a proper fa/tg/uy. Then a bunch of people whined about how he didn't look like them, so now we have a generic teenager.

Fucking morons.

>> No.20163743

But that's wrong

/b/ has raided plenty of boards. Any board with sufficient traffic can survive.

>> No.20163757


Thank me later

>> No.20163763


>> No.20163767

because he's rarely drawn in his bulkout rage mode.

>> No.20163769


Look, just because you're grotesquely unhygienic and obese, doesn't mean the majority of /tg/ is.

Granted I would rather have our board-tan be a gigantic neckbeard.

>> No.20163777

>also going behing /v/s to hang out with /vg/
/v/ and /vg/ are the same person, they just both pretend/think that they aren't. Think of /v/-/vg/ as Tyler Durden

>> No.20163779

Yeah! Fuck /b/! I oughtta go over to /b/ right now and challenge them to raid us! They won't do shit!

>> No.20163782

There have been some interactions between /b/ and /tg/, but it mostly ends with /b/ getting confused and bored with /tg/ and leaving. They don't really try to troll us, since we don't seem to make for an easy target.

>> No.20163786


That's more fitting.

>> No.20163790


>> No.20163803


Don't you dare doing that!
Tell them to raid /co/, so we can have /ck/!

>> No.20163806


>since we don't seem to make for an easy target.

You're not very bright, are you? /tg/ is one of the easiest boards to troll.

The problem is the only people who give enough of a shit to troll /tg/ is fa/tg/uys.

>> No.20163813

I'm not even fat.

I'm just not stupid enough to think that board-tans look like the people who inhabit their boards. Fuck, if that were the case, there wouldn't BE any female board-tans.

>> No.20163841

Not really sure where that delusion got started, anyways.


>> No.20163847


Well, /cgl/ would be female. Or trans.

>> No.20163851


You're right dude. I don't think board-tans should look like people who visit them, unless you're telling me people from /d/ really have tentacles.

>> No.20163852

very few pics...

/tg/, /co/, and /a/ are all very east boards to troll.

Just because you can make a milkshake using porcupine milk, doesn't mean you will.

>> No.20163858

No, no, /tg/ only seems easy to troll to you because you're one of us. The typical troll tactics tend to fall flat, and /b/ doesn't care to learn about edition wars or Mat Ward.

>> No.20163859

/tg/ is a board about the people on it, hence why /tg/'s board-tan represents the average person on it.

This is also true for /soc/ (an unnattractive, slightly pudgy woman)

>> No.20163867

the whole reason /tg/ is paired with /x/ and not /d/ or /ck/ is because after /x/ was raided by /b/ most if not all of the /x/enophiles migrated to /tg/

/x/ has already moved in with /tg/

>> No.20163869


Ain't never heard of the redheaded baker's daughter, have you?

>> No.20163870

The thing is, /tg/ enjoys its trolls and makes them productive. Shit, just look at the Scraplootas.

>> No.20163890

I have, but I fail to see how a wonderful piece of writefagging counters my point

>> No.20163917

I have seen that, but I fail to see how a wonderful piece of writefagging counters my point

>> No.20163919

Why does it keep saying my post is spam?

>> No.20163926

The whole LOL WAT TOPIC thing is stupid. I've always gotten the feeling that it's just a way for people who don't give a fuck about traditional games to feel like they belong here somehow.

And before someone tells me WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN OFF TOPIC, /tg/ was not like that before '09. We used to be off topic plenty, sure, but we'd always relate it back traditional games in the end. We've lost a lot of our ability to do that, for whatever reason.

>> No.20163929


speaking of which, I was wondering - is pic related part of an actual comic, or is it a standalone wonder? Found it in an "elf slave wat do" thread

>> No.20163935

>When was the last time you told /x/ you loved her, /tg/?

Didn't we deliver a WHOLE FUCKING FACTION of our pride and joy, Enter The Shadowside, at her feet? And how did she treat us? "Haha, that could never happen anyway, lol" before going back to reposting creepypasta and leaving us at her doorstep in the rain.


Fuck the slenderman mini I was making for her; the cat can chew it for all I care. I'm never calling that whore again.

>> No.20163947

I'll believe it when we stop having 250 post feminism and /pol/ threads that contain nothing of value.

Yes, once in a blue moon, we get something out of a troll thread, but 90% of the time you just get trolled.

>> No.20163949

I actually like the idea of /tg/-tan transforming into the fat rage man instead of being permanently that way. To the people who think /tg/-tan should always be an angry neckbeard, some more lurking is in order. One of our defining characteristics is how civil we are, even in troll threads.

It's only when it comes to a few (oddly specific) things do we go flat out grognard sperglord. We're more likely to debate a topic for multiple threads than to start calling each other dickbags and cocksuckers.

>> No.20163950

Yes, that's... somewhat true, but was it ever about the traditional games themselves? Or was it about the people playing them?

It was always about the players and GMs, what they did in the traditional games, what crazy ideas they came up with, what experiences they had, what ideas blossomed forth.

>> No.20163975


As an aside, I actually listed some of the common troll words in my post, and the system refused to let me post it because it claimed it was spam. Apparently you're not allowed to have the GW codex guy, a piece of cork to hold your drink, and a system of morality popularized by D&D in the same post

>> No.20163999

Stand alone, I think.

Actually, not really. It was usually about the games. We had a MUCH more focused community back then. Usually things would either get converted to some sort of 40k thing or get statted for D&D. I don't mind our storytime focused /tg/ of today, but I certainly miss touhoufag and his ilk.

Besides that's not what the 'IT'S ABOUT TRADITIONAL GAMERS' tripe implies. It's just saying that no matter what you're talking about on /tg/ it's /tg/-related because it's traditional gamers talking about it.

>> No.20164005

So no M-Ward, coasters, or alignment shit?

>> No.20164007

my impression from the Scavenger sourcebook is that /x/ is being somewhat retconned into way lesser prominence for that faction, as merely an origin point of many, but not even much of a hangout anymore.

>> No.20164015

I don't mind that, but then I don't think I've ever seen him transform into a fat ball of rage before this thread. I guess I started hiding the board-tan threads after a while.

I just think pic related was more entertaining than our current incarnation ever was.

>> No.20164020

Well, Iagree with you if you put it like that, but I still think the period between back then when we just talked about the games themselves, and now when we're overrun withquests and shit, was the best and most notable time for /tg/

>> No.20164023

Bros with /sp/ and /k/
Waifu is either /toy/ or /lit/.. Secret love /a/
/v/ shitposts.

>> No.20164026


Apparently m-ward is the only buzzword. The other two pass just fine.

How bout that?

>> No.20164028


The troll density is too high for a single post.

>> No.20164039

Yup, M-Ward's real name is blocked. Haha, that's clever.

>> No.20164040


>secret love /a/

Landing Gear pls go

>> No.20164045

/lit/ is a guy, you know

>> No.20164056

I like to pretend /r9k/ is secretly a self-loathing chick

>> No.20164059

Oh my, the irony.

>> No.20164085

I still feel like '08 was probably the golden age for /tg/. We had tons of homebrew and even finished a few. We still had storytimes - Noh is one of the oldest - but they weren't ALL we did. We were more proactive.

I liked Ruby Quest, but it brought a lot of bad shit with it (some of which we would later force out to tgchan). We also got some anti-homebrew backlash around that time because of people with shitty ideas forcing them on to /tg/ (plus the disaster that was the Unified Setting). And then we had the summer of Elf Slave Wat Do, and you know how that went.

>> No.20164091


As if I ever stop thinking about the baker's redheaded slightly-overweight large-breasted daughter.

>> No.20164101

This.... Is a good point....

>> No.20164115

You know, I never understood this sort of thing. Board relationships have stayed pretty static, at least until /co/ gets involved. /co/ makes a thread, and all hell breaks loose, with accusations of cheating and trying to be a gigantic /co/ck about everything.

I suppose it makes sense. /co/ is the "main character" over there, and the general rule of thumb over there is that the main character does whatever the hell he wants. Anyone wonder why /co/ is the person everyone asks for help in the comics, or why /co/ seems to have every "female" board at his beck and call?

Well, that's why. /co/ is narcissistic and everything is about /co/. Meanwhile, /tg/ and /x/ are still a thing, despite what drama /co/ might kick up for an interesting story in the latest issue of his life. /k/ is still a man with a gun in a bunker that everyone calls when shit needs done, /d/ still rapes and spices things up, /v/ is still tsundere for /a/.

>> No.20164137


I'd forgotten about the unified setting. Jesus, that was a mess.


>> No.20164153

I disagree, I think 2010 was the best year for /tg/

It gave us deep rot, after all, it's pretty hard to top that

>> No.20164156

and /tg/ is the main character here, hence /tg/ must be the one to kick up drama.

Just as all the others when they make board-tan thread themselves on their own boards.

>> No.20164190

Haha, no. Deep Rot was cool, but we make cool stuff all the time. It has nothing to do with overall posting quality.


His point was that we would not do that, because we're not a bunch of narcissists.

>> No.20164196

/tg/ is not the /tg/ of years past, where there was cross-board camaraderie and boards-tans were a thing. Also, mind that the few people who really pushed for and encouraged that sort of shit, like shipping fan-character representations remember the things they enjoyed most fondly.

In the same way, I figure in a few years, there will be people waxing nostalgic about all those awesome animu quests /tg/ used to have and how in the good old days Mahou Shounen Quest threads would run 3 or 4 threads full to autosaging and everyone loved them... When, in actuality, more people hated those quests then those who loved them.

More importantly, /x/ is not the same /x/ it was years ago. It's all trolls trolling trolls. People show up to /x/ for a lot of conspiracy theory, brotherhood off the holy starlight, awakening bullshit and also just to ask "OMG YOU GUYS ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS?!" over and over and over.

>> No.20164211


Except, you may note the /co/ thread was made before this one. Logically, one can assume /co/ started this recent outbreak of crossboard drama, or someone that was lurking on /co/.

As it stands, we never get these threads around here anymore. This might be due to the summer, and people not understanding /tg/'s history much, or it could be that people have been fairly satisfied with things. We don't need to talk about /x/ to have threads that pertain to it. I recall some Cthulhutech threads, maybe some talk of Call of Cthulhu, and that's with my relatively low amount of lurking these days.

/co/ makes a thread, and some time later, "When was the last time you told /x/ you loved her, /tg/?"

>> No.20164225



I actually found that one fairly innocuous. Sure, it was spam, but unlike ELF SLAVE WAT DO or any number of east-vs-west topics, it didn't actually generate much in the way of discussion.

>> No.20164237

I still think we got the ugliest board-wife. I am not pleased!

>> No.20164254


You mean the underage-est. Why do WE have to be the pedophiles?

>> No.20164260

You are in the minority.

>> No.20164268

but isn't that what some of us are doing right now with the whole /x/ thing and the shitposting over on /ck/?

/co/ didn't have anything to do with that.

actually it started on /m/, they've been pumping out board-tan stuff for at least 10 days now and it's spread to the other boards, rekindling interest in the whole thing.

no one should blame anything on summer.

>> No.20164270

Foie Gras anyone?

>> No.20164272


We got some underaged freak as a board-wife while everybody else gets something nice. This sucks!

>> No.20164279


Someone is not a loli because they lack tits the size of planets. You watch too much animu and porn. Those "teens" you see are 25+ with breast implants.

>> No.20164288

Or it could be that board-tans were always kinda dumb and we finally got tired of talking about it. Seriously, when that 4chan house shit was going on with endless threads going to bump limit, ugh.

Yeah, I suppose you're right. Elf slave wat do really was the worst though. They were like shitposting generals. Except you had 3 up at once.

>> No.20164297


You're ignoring the part where /x/-tan is characterized as loli. Most of the art I've seen of her actually has normal B-cups, so it's not her chest that's convinced me that she's underage.

>> No.20164303


Don't forget their cousin "Golem rapes woman what do?" that covered the front page as well.

>> No.20164307


Sure we should blame things on summer. Summer /tg/ (At least, this year) isn't so bad, but there's definitely an influx of people that aren't familiar with the board.

>> No.20164347

Summer is a real thing. Just ask anyone who was here for the summer which brought moderation here.

People usually blame things completely unrelated on it though.

>> No.20164348


Okay, so, you're only referencing her breast size, but you're claiming she's characterized as a loli, and saying it's not just her breast size.

>> No.20164371

You mean pic related?

>> No.20164374

So is there actually anything coming out of this?

>> No.20164375

For what it's worth, I've come across some shitty posting that really feels like it could only happen if I person was either frozen in time and returned only to assume nothing had changed, or if a new person generally had no idea what the fuck the board was about.

Things like.. "NO ANIME ON MY /TG/!!!" posts, coupled with lots of spess mahreen images and 'purge the heretics!' bullshit.

Not saying this shit is over-running and ruining the board, but it's highly anomalous for the usual behavior of /tg/ that I've come to know over the years.

>> No.20164380


>> No.20164388

As much as I hated the days of Nazi mod, seeing those threadbans made me feel all tingly inside.

>> No.20164402


We have "Spess Marines" and "Purge the Heretics" in winter as well. The only thing that increased in number that wasn't here during winter are the quest threads.

>> No.20164409


You mean with that 'slaaneshi' futaspammer? Yeah, that shit was bad.

>> No.20164422

...Like what? It's a thread, not a committee meeting to determine the future prospects of inter-board relations.

>> No.20164423

holy shit that's x-tan. What game is this??

>> No.20164434

Oh, we've had spots of "ZOMG WEEABOOS" morons here and there throughout /tg/ history. I guess there might be a few more about than usual, but that's probably just because of animu quests making that shit more visible.

Calm down, sir. This is not an important enough pretend for getting all up in arms.

>> No.20164443




>> No.20164455

/tg/ original supernatural RPG with /x/ being one of the factions

>> No.20164466



>> No.20164480

Wth? This is fucking awesome, what the hell are you talking about?!

>> No.20164487

Oh, I know, but I just find it incredibly questionable, especially when 2 or 3 of the front page threads are usually animu quests, and the "NO ANIMU" reaction was to a facetious mention of some concept sound like a moe anime premise.

Literally, just something mentioned in passing met with angry marine and 'u so mad!" bullshit that was just.. downright out of place for present day /tg/. Like I said, it was anomalous, and it happened to occur during summer... So, there's that.

>> No.20164488

That was the only time I actually stopped browsing /tg/ for any extended period of time. I just couldn't take it. Front page covered with ELF SLAVE WAT DO, ELVES ARE ASIAN, and MONSTERGIRL DUMP PLS. All of them garnering tons of responses. Plus other, less successful but no less frequent troll spam on top of that. The entire front page hidden. Truly, those were the worst of days.

And people wonder why some of us don't take kindly to FUCK U I POST WHAT I WANT shit.

>> No.20164501

/v/ gets /a/, which means /v/ gets the dick. Does /v/ not deserve the dick, I ask you?

>> No.20164504

>with /x/ being one of the factions

Eh, not sure if that's the case anymore. They were hardly mentioned at all in the sourcebook. Fine by me, btw, and I normally hate retcons, but yeah, scavenger > /x/ by far.

>> No.20164523

Could be worse guys, at least unlike the other media oriented boards we don't have to deal with "him" constantly

>> No.20164539



>> No.20164548

If I may chime in: /v/ can go fuck itself.

>> No.20164551


They're all gay on /v/ anyway. They probably like the fact that they get dick.

>> No.20164553


Why didn't the Eagles just fly them to Mordor?

>> No.20164571

Why didn't they put mirrors on TSF?

>> No.20164581


Why doesn't Batman just kill the Joker?

>> No.20164601


Because Sauron had a well build AA-defence around Mordor.

>> No.20164604

We had Frodo dwelling among us for a while. After all, LotR is pretty closely tied to /tg/.

>> No.20164612

Why didn't they EMP the helmets?

>> No.20164623


The Hobbit will be devided into three parts!
Are you guys just as excited as I am about the movie?

>> No.20164642

But i don't recall him ever Frodo'ing on /tg/
Otherwise we'd get:

Why doesn't the Emperor just resurrect himself?
Why don't they just virus bomb the Nids?
Why doesn't Chaos just open an Eye of Terror in the Sol system?
Why don't the Ethereals just pheromone mind control everyone they fight?

ad nausium, and thats just for 40K. I haven't even touched WarHams Fantasy, Infinity, or any of the RPGs

>> No.20164658

/v/ is a shitposting crossroads for /sp/, /r9k/, /b/, /lit/, /a/, /fit/, /fa/, and /tv/ at the very least. Do NOT say we aren't being punished for some ungodly sin or another

>> No.20164695

This is a Hobbit thread now.
What do you think about the upcoming movies guys?

>> No.20164720

>/v/ is a shitposting crossroads for /sp/, /r9k/, /b/, /lit/, /a/, /fit/, /fa/, and /tv/ at the very least

Ive said it before on /v/, on /a/, on /co/, and on /tg/.

Just because a shitposter on /v/ decides to shitpost using content relevant to another board, that does not magically make him a troll sent from said board on a nefarious purpose. More likely /v/'s shitposters are /v/'S SHITPOSTERS and are just using animu/TV/cartoon/sports as a cover to incite more rage. Clean up your own goddamn house before automatically assuming "BAWWW OTHERS ARE TROLLING US"

>> No.20164891


Yeah, fuck /tv/. That guy's an asshole.

>> No.20164937

Looks pretty bad ass. A few weeks back I visited the Hobbiton set in New Zealand. Looks awesome, the film's going to be great.

>> No.20164982

>Toy with Mecha
Really? That's bullshit. Most of Mech are probably ALSO Toy.
Now there is a good case of Tyler Durden, only their going out with themselves.

Oh /tg/ you relate to everything but no one relates to you.

>> No.20165000

Abloo bloo bloo.

>> No.20165041

And a total pedophile.

>> No.20165059

Why would I do that? Cultist is /tg/'s one and only.
get hype for summer smaugdown 2k12 fuck yeah

>> No.20165134

I think /ck/ is in.

>> No.20165252 [DELETED] 

/tg/, we're needed. Lets make some rules for Cakehammer 40cookies.

>> No.20165268 [DELETED] 

/tg/, we have been called to make rules for Cakehammer.

>> No.20165287

Man, I cannot into crossboard post quotes.
Anyway, we need to make Cakehammer rules. Lets get shit done.

>> No.20165320


But game of thrones show did bring a resurgence in of the rpg. He is not all bad.

>> No.20165323

Cakehammer? fro the guys who made Buttertech and Pie of the Beefholder?

>> No.20166009


I only get butthurt about the animu quests and that call of cthulhu anime.

The former I don't bother posting about and the latter only rustles my jimmies when someone posts that shit in a legitimate call of cthulhu thread

>> No.20166138

Come now friend, there's no need to be upset.

>> No.20169736

/d/ is /tg/'s love now.

>> No.20169842

/d/ is /tg/'s alter-ego..

>> No.20169875

/d/ is /tg/'s Tyler Durden...

>> No.20169913

/d/ is everybody's love.
Whether they want to be or not.

>> No.20170083

No, no, no..
Have you heard that old idea that Anonymous is the true face of society? Like, people without the normal restrictions of sense of public shame would totally act the way Anons on /b/ and 4chan in general act because of reasons, or whatever?

/d/ is that idea, but applied to everyone's sexual preferences. Deep down, every last person is a depraved pervert in one way or another.

>> No.20170091

Yeah, we all secretly crave sex in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation.

>> No.20170192

Keep that sick bullshit out of here. /tg/ is a blue board, y'know.

>> No.20170247

since when does /tg/ have to choose?

>> No.20173495

>/s/, /x/ and /d/
That was a good day.

>> No.20177086

What does it mean that out alter-ego is a girl?

>> No.20177119

/x/ never really recovered from the massive raid by b a few years back.

Don't get me wrong /x/ was never perfect but interesting threads seemed to be more common back then.

I'm an e/x/ile who pretty much shifted to /tg/ only and really enjoy horror themed threads here.

>> No.20177138

Foursomes are wholesome for the soul... at least /d/ would think so. I agree with her.

>> No.20177183


>> No.20177281

Let me state this clear.

/tg/ with /mlp/ sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

She cooks. She plays tabletops. She likes Warhammer40k.

>> No.20177310


>> No.20177354

I honestly don't hate this...
assuming /mlp/'s board-tan is female and we can avoid all the "brony shit" because of it

Would be like PB&J except "Untrollable Bulwark & Troll-tastic Juggernaut"

>> No.20177370


Well, according to 1d4chan she is...


>> No.20177393

I still wouldn't suggest it. /mlp/ is just a strain of /co/, distilled into something... different.

>> No.20177437

If /d/ catches us around /mlp/ she's going to think we're into that kind of thing, and grow herself a horsecock again.

>> No.20177443

Think of the combined possibilities though:
>we'd have a female /co/
>would piss of /x/ and maybe make jelly
>would also piss off /v/
>stolen from /k/
>/mlp/ makes the same fashion mistakes /tg/ does wears a fedora
>it would russulator a ton of jimmies

>> No.20177460

/mlp/ is too new. She's underage.
What do you think this is, /tv/?

>> No.20177473


Well, /d/ tends to rape everything, everybody and anything, so I'm not sure it would be too much a difference.

I must confess that I think we have a lot in common with /mlp/, and if we don't mind being gifted ponified warhammer 40k pics... well... this might not be a great idea, but it looks like it's the best one we can choose.

>> No.20177478


disinfo agent detected

>> No.20177491

it's actually more /b/ than /co/ now.

not stolen from /k/.
/mlp/-tan will obsess over anyone who shows her even the slightest hint of kindness, right now the current obsessive crush is /mu/ from what I hear.

>> No.20177511

what a slut!

>> No.20177523

the only time she's ever had sex is when /d/ raped her.

and she enjoyed it.

>> No.20177533

I think us getting with /mlp/ is inevitable, considering that thread about the baby Tau girl adopted by Orks. /tg/ seems to be losing its edge.

>> No.20177535

how about we fire some "kindness" across her bow then?

>> No.20177548


That's actually... sad. A board that tries to be liked, but tries to hard and so her plans always turn against her. Maybe if somebody would love her, she would calm down a bit and... and...

...fuck. I will go and check if ponified Warhammer makes me RAGE.

>> No.20177599

probably will

she also screams pony names when she climaxes.

>> No.20177626

/mlp/'s problem is that she's not actually /co/'s sister. She's a fucking fucking changeling. She was once a pretty sweet girl. Mild tempered and not really awful to be around.. Then she got dragged to /b/ and what came back.. It wasn't the same. She began to wander to other boards, obsessively looking for that lost piece of herself, trying to belong.. /co/ couldn't handle it, watching this shell of the person he once knew, aimlessly wandering around.. he gave her /mlp/ and left her there...

>> No.20177628

Surprisingly I did not rage too hard when I saw the ponified 40k stuff.
Maybe it's because we put 40k int everything.

>> No.20177638

>implying this isn't perfect for our whiteknight faggotry

>> No.20177640

But, no, seriously, 40k and MLP are weird mirror images of each other and 40k doesn't want to admit it.

>> No.20177641

and we scream our character names, perfect match!

>She's a fucking fucking changeling
Our love for her shall give her power.

>> No.20177651

Yeah. It wouldn't work. Then we'd have ponies on the board, and I've seen how much and how often that causes a few sperglords to totally flip their shit.

>> No.20177660


>> No.20177664


Actually, it didn't. It's not that bad when it's not somebody's attempt to shove it in your face.

Also, I don't think we should be the ones to complain about weirdness (ehem, ehem, /x/, ehem) and strange behaviours (ehem, ehem, /d/, ehem).

You know what? I think of my mind as "hardened" (anything that wasn't was burned away when I was forced to watch Thundercats with younglings). And I actually got interested. Wish me luck, pray for me - I will try and actually watch an episode of this stuff.

>> No.20177665

/b/ denies ever having a relation with her no matter how many rumors she spreads about him.

/mlp/ is just /mlp/ now. The things it was made up of have merged into something else.
It's like being overtaken by the warp, only different. Not better or worse, just a different kind of madness that seems all the more horrifying since it isn't the same madness everyone is used to dealing with.

the fact that it actually got on /d/'s nerves is what's impressive about it.

>> No.20177687

While there are plenty of bros over at /mlp/ I think that getting together would bring out the worst of both sides, ponyfags and spergdemigods respectively. I don't think we should take that kind of risk.

>> No.20177690

Well.. For what it's worth, I want you to remember a few things: First off, it's just a show. You can enjoy it, love it, or even just think it's sort of okay. It doesn't make you a different person.

Secondly, the fans of the show are so far gone into their own elaborately constructed rituals and behaviors, that they are more like fans of themselves, than they are fans of the show. meaning, they have this elaborate head-canon, in-joke, parallel world sort of thing that they all do. They rarely talk about the actual show as much as they talk about the weird fanfiction they've created around the show itself.

>> No.20177712

Yeah. They're less a group of fans than they are a subculture.

That is to say, a small group of people who get together on Friday nights to hang out.

Except for /mlp/ it's 24/7.

I one day long to see a setting created from the three most infectious fandoms. Warhammer 40k, Homestuck, and My Little Pony. I've seen two combined at times, but not all three.

It would be glorious and horrifying.

>> No.20177718

/b/ is full of liars and psychopaths. I doubt they'd admit to something that would make people hate them any more. The only reason that board is kept around is because no one wants those faggots displaced into other boards.

>> No.20177735

I'm kind of imagining a weird ponified 40k, complete with space mare-rines and such, where one of each of the major factions ends up playing a game of SBURB with each other... Then the shipping starts...

>> No.20177746

it's not possible to have feelings any stronger or lesser towards /b/ anymore. Opinions about it have been set in stone for too long now.

basically /mlp/ is just the same as /vp/ and /jp/...
except /mlp/ is festering a bit more.

>> No.20177926

You stood in front of the doors, thinking. It was known since ever that /mlp/ was into RPGs, but never before have you heard about her hosting a game at her place. Well, you have never actually heard about her playing with any other boards!
Those stories about her… you know, the ones in which she...
Oh, hell – your internal whiteknight hushed yourself – there are stories about every board around here. Mostly negative. What is the worst thing she can do to you? Slap you with a plushie pony? Feed you with grass? Well, you’ve been through worse, nothing could probably beat some of /d/ and /x/ ideas in terms of stupidity. Anyways, others are supposed to arrive soon…
You hesitantly raise your hand to doorbell and press the button. You hear a quiet, tingling sound, and then footsteps which – strangely enough – stop on the other side of the doors.
Nothing happens.
After a long, long time – about as much as somebody could spend trying to calm herself down after a sudden surge of emotions – there is a quiet click and the door opens.

>> No.20177946

Standing in front of you is /mlp/. She’s smiling nervously with her hands crossed. She apparently done something with her hair, and you can’t help but notice much – too much – make-up on her face. Even though she apparently used half a jar of face powder, her blushes are still visible. She takes a deep breath, as if getting ready to speak – but goes silent.
It lasts a moment. When, finally, after a few minutes you finally decide to say something, she blurts nervously
“Oh,howgooditistoseeyou!” A smile you have yet only seen in moe-full animes gets on her face. “Umm… it turned out, that the others won’t be able to come, but… but…” her smile grows wider and wider, her blush gets redder and redder as she apparently gets more and more nervous “…but I’ve thought that… you might want to come in? I… I have prepared some food, and maybe… maybe you could look at my Warhammer minis? I… I’d be very… happy… if... you… would…”
She goes silent, as if realizing she’d said too much.

>> No.20178024

go on... if you must.

>> No.20178139


>> No.20178248

. . . go on.

>> No.20178366

the party continues this way I guess >>20178241

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