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Because it's the best fucking Ork tribe I've seen in years, another Scraplootas/Blue thread.



The Scraplootas are a clan of Orks who managed to steal a Titan from the forces of chaos. A Mekboy took a shine to the Titan and now refuses to leave it, believing that he IS the Titan. Boris the Titan also has a complete, functioning Gretchin bureaucracy working on its inside. Later on, they were attacking a Tau colony and found a little blue Tau girl. Mistaking her for a blue Grot, she was embraced into the Ork society to help with mechanics. She quickly became an integral part of the clan.

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Reposted from previous


The feet and lower legs form sort of hub areas. Grots come in and out, are signed in, assigned to different areas, there are basic market stalls and entertainment, casinos and the like. There is no particular culture to speak of, though the right foot is more shop-oriented, and the left more entertainment based.

Heading up the legs, we hit industrial areas, controlling joints and things in the area. Tends to be filled with lower level workers, and is a usual starting place for Grots, though some stay there, preferring its easy lifestyle to other areas.

Reaching the lower body/crotch area, we hit the first bit of proper industry. Bullets are made, parts are repaired, new parts are made. There are actually a few different factory areas, each run by an enterprising capitalist Grot. The parts are distributed throughout by a complicated series of elevators.

As we head up to the heavily armoured chest, we reach the heart of the Titan: the Bureaucracy. The bureacracy is made up of many different offices, each with specialised areas of charge, distributing parts, allocating jobs, appeasing the different areas, etc. This is arguably the most important part of the Titan.

Next, we hit the arms. The two arms actually have a bitter rivalry, as the left arm has a lot of saws, chainsaws and choppers, whereas the right arm has a lot of guns, artillery and shooters. This has led to two factions, the Shootists and the Choppists. CONT NEXT POST

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Each arm does their jobs more than adequately, and when Boris moves, the arms obey, but they still feel hatred towards the other side. The arms work in an interesting way, due to their constant state of movement. Instead of using a traditional floor system, the grots move around with a complex set of wires and harnesses, attaching themselves to different wires when the arms are up, down and horizontal. The more important grots, foremen and the like, have become known as "swingees", from their ability to quickly travel around the arms using the wires.

Finally, there is the head. The head has a council, with a representative from each area of the Titan. Most of the tension comes from the two arms and their bitter rivalry, but it is unusual that any council members come to blows. There is also an elected president, who is in charge of making the ultimate decisions. Given its nature, the head of the titan has become known to the Grots as "the 'ed of state", the joke lost on them all. The head is also known for being well kept, clean, and respected. The council chambers are a sight to be seen.

Needless to say, Boris remains completely oblivious to ALL of this.

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Did we ever get Blue sexy pics?

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Can we brainstorm on color scheme, tribe symbol and characteristics? I have some orks laying around I lost interest in and this would give me ample reason to get them painted up.

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Tribe Symbol is the OP pic, colour scheme is a pale yellow, not sure what you mean by characteristics.

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Well, are they well equipped, do they focus on weapons or vehicles (I'd been assuming vehicles from the writing), any quirks other than being extra looty, just things about the tribe I can take into account when adding bits and gubbins to the boyz.

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They're techy generally, not really specialising in anything in particular. Since they have a huge number of Grots and not much else, they have a lot of output in most sectors, but not many Orks to do anything with them.

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Alright so i think were doing pretty well when it comes to Borisian society. I think now we just have to go into a bit more detial on the diplomatic interactions of each sector, maybe come up with a few important and enterprising grots, and we have ourselves a working society.

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This makes me want to scavenge a bunch of augmetic/tech priest bits to make them the ork equivalent of the Iron Hands.

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we never will, as Orks have no sex drive

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The 1d4chan article says they're followers of Gork as opposed to Mork.
Based on that, I'd say more weapons than vehicles.

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Just a note, we still haven't touched the Kommandos of the Scraplootas. The gretchin swarm may be the meat of the band, but the fine bone is still the Kommandos.

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in the last thread we established boris is an imperator titan formally known as victus vae

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We have. Scraploota's tactics for attack:

Step 1: Send in the Kommandos, to sabotage anti vehicle weapons/heavy artillery
Step 2: Send in Boris
Step 3: Loot all the spoils of war using an army of Grots.

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Not only is Boris oblivious to all this he should also treats them all as stupid grots that are muckin about, sometimes they try to yell over the microphone so Boris krumps them and it leads to a new leader being elected.

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The kommando's think blue is good and lucky so they continually try and loot her from Mek and take her on raids.
Mek doesn't particularly like this but blue enjoys it

When she gets taken along she rides on the nob's shoulders/back because she can't keep up otherwise.

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Here is what we know about boris the titan.

It is an Imperior class titan which we stole from the forces of chaos, in a raid that cost us most of our boys. Because it was a chaos titan the warp taint has had some effect minor on the crew of the titan including the pilot Boris, who believes himself to be the titan referring to the titan as his body and communicating through it loud speakers. All of the other orks seem to hold this as truth, or are at least humoring him. unannounced to Boris there is actually a Grot bureaucracy within his "body" complete with various sectors social structure and even government.

Cant remember if this was canon but the daemon at the core of Boris is still very much active and powering the titan, although inadvertently kept in check by weirdsqugs created by exposure to chaos taint running around in the core, who unwittingly assault him with focused blasts of WHAAAARRRGGG!

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did i miss anything important?

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What do you mean?

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boris shits out warbikes

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Keeping with boris thinking the Titan is him he should have it randomly painted with green ( his skin ) red, yellow and blue.

Maybe he has the head done like the scraplootas insignia becoming a walking icon of the tribe.

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What would the tabletop rules be for all the characters?

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he can be they're 400ft mascot

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Does Blue hold any role in maintaining Boris, or is she relegated to other tasks?
And do Mekboys muk about with Boris, or are they banned by the Titan Grot Pseudo-Independence Act or something

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Blue does whatever she fancies, as most of the Orks think she is a genius with a spanner, so she might add some more Dakka onto Boris sometimes. Though I'd imagine she'd keep more down in workshops, tinkering with smaller scale things (but maybe making plans and blueprints).

I think the Titan Bureaucracy is more in charge of maintaining Boris than adding things.

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Boris is maintained by the grots because it is such a big job, sometimes they might loot some big shoota and blue might work on it but for the most part she doesn't really deal with working on him all that much.

Maybe she goes up to see Boris with Mek when he needs wires jammed back into his noggin but that's it

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Blue: Support unit
Atandard mek boy rules with lowered stats
Special attacking rule about Mr.Squigs, unless he is his own unit (would not recommend own unit)
Special rule involving her being "lucky" that buffs your boys.

Big Mek Tinka Zizzbitz:

Improved standard mek boy stats

Special rule that buffs him around Blue

im sure they could be done better then what i proposed

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I want set up a Scraplootas army for epic now. Too bad i dont have money

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"This council session is now open, we will start with important business, then each sector will have their turn to voice opinions and concerns, and we will have free questions at the end"

The Gretchin looked around the room at the eight councillors in front of him. Two representatives from the legs, one from the entertainment sector in the left, one from the commercial sector in the right, and two from the joint sectors of the legs. The lower torso had a factory owner representing them, the upper torso an important civil servant. The left and right arms were each represented by a swingee, and were sitting on opposite sides of the room.

The rest of the room was filled with note takers, a journalist from the Titan's news radio office, a variety of factory owners, and some curious Grots who were on break and popped in, wanting to see what the high life was like.

"Now, to begin, the shortage of steel plates in the factory sector. I understand that the..."

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CURRENTLY REQUIRED: Drawfaggotry of Boris.

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Sure, why not. though Im sure someone will beat me to it

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Remember, Boris is a red and yellow looted chaos imperator titan

>> No.20130057

yeah remember dem castle towers

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If it was not so late I would take a crack at it, so sometime tomorrow night I can see what I can do, hell, if someone else makes it, Ill just work on another bit.

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A solution to our lack of boyz would be to make cybork body grots. Or..cyrgrots..or...whatever you want to call them. And Killa Kans/Killa Tins for them. A grot will feel invincible in a buzz saw wieldan/shoota shootan walking abomination.

>> No.20130198

i thought that the lack of boys and the specialty being kommandos would mean that our gitz were roite and propa sneaky liok.

even the titan could try and be sneaky and cunning as possible.

>> No.20130209

Well at least the shokk guns won't go wanting for ammo

>> No.20130216



Just imagine it trying to hide behind a stupidly large cardboard tree.

>> No.20130218

So he is painted with splashes of purple as well? And he yells at the grots ( ie everyone ) to be reel sneaky like or dem umies are gonna find them?

>> No.20130235

Mr.Squig needs an option to go to battle in a KOPTA or in a KILLA KAN.

Yes, that's right, a killa kan for a squig.

>> No.20130239

Fuck, tablet is acting like shit. Im sorry, but I wont be able to do it today.

>> No.20130242

>Ork Taktikal Genius?

>> No.20130248


'E iz da Squiglander. DERE CAN ONLY BE WUN!

>> No.20130260

Or his Kopta can attach to a mini kan that blue made for him to control

>> No.20130266

Now we definitely need to have a picture of Mr.Squig wearing a kilt.

>> No.20130284

Where are all the drawings of Blue at?

dem hips require more pictures

>> No.20130289

Mr.Squig of the clan McSquig.

>> No.20130399

how connected is borris? i'd expect him to be constantly entrenching him self in the control room, becoming truly one with the titan wire by wore, tube by tube, and metal plate by metal plate, so that he can never be taken out.

also how about a small group of grots assigned to borris to be his lackeys and ensure the bureaucracy is never found out, and also try and turn the will of the grots into suggestions for him in the hopes he'll 'steal' the idea

>noered precept
gues i know the last driver's name.

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>> No.20130443


>> No.20130449

Yellow needs a sharp contrast like a Black, or really really dark color, like a dark purple.

>> No.20130473

"The representative from the left arm will now speak." The head of the counsel sat down as a surprisingly well kept Gretchin, adorned with an innumerable number knifes, small axes, and other generally point/sharp things stood up in front of his peers at the table. "Thank you councilor... *eherm* We of the left arm would like to motion for the reallocation of grotpower to our sector. The increasing demands of keeping Boris in working order is becoming taxing for-"

An equally well kept but infinitely more frustrated Gretchin, with a shoota bigger than his entire body propped up next to him, shot up from his seat across the table. "We all know that the left arm is doing just fine. You installed a new motor on Boris's main saw last just last week, where as we've been barely able to keep the Gailgun batteries running at all! If anyone needs more Grots its the right arm!"

>> No.20130489

well mostly he doesn't notice much outside of the titan because he is connected to it so thoroughly.
think like a deff dred pilot, wired in to a nigh unkillable frame but stuck in there, he might have a squig beer tube and grots bringing him food but mostly he is stuck in there because he is literally wired into the chair with big cables that allow him to control the daemon engine.

>> No.20130509


The representative from the left arm immediately fallowed up with a retort "We upgraded the motor because the old one had broken! Perhaps if we had more Grots It wouldn't Have needed to replace it in the first place!"
"Maybe if you weren't so busy playing with knives it wouldn't have needed replacing in the first place!" Their banter had the ease and timing of a well practiced play. "The idustial sector has been short staffed for months! The Warboss just keeps ordering bigger and stupider crap and our current workforce isn't enough." A third counsel member had jumped in, this one short and grimy, years of oil, grim, and grit staining everything about him from his skin and close to his personality.

"The production of weapons and machines for our boys id more important than the needs of some stupid ass gits who cant help but spasm over every shooter and choppa they some across!"
"How about I personally show you just how 'Important' Shooters are!" the counsel room was ablaze ablaze with anger, each counsel member passionately stating their argument while yelling over the others.

>> No.20130517

I'd expect, given the fact the Scraplootas are a tech oriented clan, Boris would be completely wired in. That would also be why he feels he IS the Titan.

>> No.20130518


"Gentlemen please, this is no place for conflict. We are supposed to be deciding the future of Boris." The counselor was the picture of stoicism among the carnage that was the counsel table. "We must set aside our quarrels and look to what is best for our society. Save your your wrath for the battle field where it is needed, for now we must think of a solution to this staff problem."
As rational and calm as he was the counselors efforts to assuage the raging representatives was for not. If something wasn't done soon the situation would only escalate and the bureaucracy that has lead Boris to prosperity for so long could come crashing down around him.

"OI Y' STOOPID GITS! What're y' go'n on about!? GET BACK TA WERK BEFER I KRUMP DA LOT A YA! ...stoopit grots... I swear Im da only sane one on dis whole dam fing..."

The entire counsel silent. "Motion to re-adjourn."

Motion carried.

(im not exactly a practiced writefag but i did my best)

>> No.20130571

I think we have more than enough about boris for me to draw a comic about him.

I better get to work

>> No.20130697

I look forward to seeing it

>> No.20130704

It's pretty good but it seems weird to have grots speaking properly.
I suppose even using orky spelling would make it seem more right but that's just me.

>> No.20130728

Actually, Grots are reasonably intelligent, and speak a lot more properly than the orks.

The only reason the Orks are in charge is because they're bigger and hit harder.

>> No.20130742

I know they speak more properly but not that properly.
They still speak orkish as well which has poorly spelt words all through it because orks cannot actually pronounce a lot of gothic words.

I guess it just seems too far above orks for how they act. Like they are weird grots with too much brains

>> No.20130777

Which model of titan is Boris? Warlord?

>> No.20130783

Emperor class i believe.

>> No.20130790

fairly certain we decided on Imperior class

>> No.20130794

Imperator I thought.
The idea was that it was half scrapped and we lost most the boyz taking it which is why it is manned by tonnes of grots.

It is also because it allows us to have the grot republic

>> No.20130813

Quick question: Do other orks ever go inside Boris at all or is the whole thing nothing but grots? I thought the grots were mostly living in the walls and the gunning chambers where the orks wouldn't bother them, but now they've got full blown casinos and stuff.

Also holy shit you guys move fast.

>> No.20130817

So the WAAAUGH was sufficient to chase out the dozens of deamons that more than likely infested it? Or at least keep them in check?

>> No.20130819

So heres a question that just occured to me. How does the titan feel about this? Titans are supposedly entirely sapient with their own personalities and depending on whos writing, has the gestalt consiousness of all of it's previous users. How would Boris be dealing with this...or would he join it happily? Would the WAAAGH! Corrupt as Chaos did before it?

>> No.20130827

I thought the orks wouldn't really go inside Boris all that much since we have only a few boys left and they are sneaky gits

They could well go in there to gamble, buy bits and generally krump anyone smaller than them who is mucking about

>> No.20130877

Well shit, we just invented Orkreed. Now I kinda think Urtylug needs a cigar and must constantly praise himself for his taktikal geenyuss even though most of his plans are just retarded shit that by some miracle happens to work, usually at the expense of loadsa grots.

>> No.20130887

thet speak so well to set them apart, they are supposed to be the aristocracy of Borian society all the other grots speak more orky though. I wasnt really sure about it either though, but by the time i wanted to change it i was already half way through, sooooo yeah. I think it came out well enough though

>> No.20130929

We welded weirdsquigs to the ones we didn't kill. And yes, it was. We lost a lotta boys that day.

>> No.20130937

Boris probably has schizophrenic arguments with the Titan's personality, not to mention all the chaos demons who still lurk inside the machine, but maintains absolute control through sheer brute force

>"seeek....kiiilll forrr Khooorrrnneee....!"




>> No.20130958

We were discussing that a little last thread. The idea was that a select few of the squigs that grew inside of Boris were weirdsquigs that glowed green for some reason. Not sure of the significance of them, the orks just started welding these WAAAsquigs to the daemon infested core of the titan for good measure, drowning out its taint and making Boris right orky.

>> No.20130985

>a whole Gretchin city that is constantly swaying back and forth as the Titan moves

>all the shops and stalls engage in a precarious balancing act, piles of goods constantly teetering and shifting

>> No.20130987


I proposed the weirdsquig thing initially, though i was assuming that was for the core only, the personality/daemon/gestalt entity in the manifold i expected was a seperate thing. But whatever. WEIRDSQUIGS!

>> No.20130996

just out of interest who did boris belong to before us? obviously chaos but I mean like a traitor titan legion, chaos marine army or something else

>> No.20131009

want to say Iron Hands? They certainly would have a Imperator Titan handy

>> No.20131042

some dark mechanicus types.

>> No.20131060

*Iron Warriors

>> No.20131061

Traitor Titan legion for the Titan but Boris was a mekboy who got obsessed with the Titan

Yeah they are sort of haphazardly slapped on and they keep the daemon under control by licking, amplifying waaaagh and Boris telling him to shut it.

Well they could be weird grots who are smarter and bigger so they ended up on top of the other grots but not big enough to be above orks which works just as well

We did have reference to the daemon causing more weirdness to crop up so it is easily doable

>> No.20131092

canonically speaking, no loyalist chapter has any titans post-heresy. Not even the Iron Hands.

>> No.20131221

in the last thread the titan was an archenemy imperator called victis vae

>> No.20131274

didn't discuss which traitor leigo though

>> No.20131353

The Alpha legion, or those other guys, the red ones who like to steal

>> No.20131370

That's perfect
We are so sneaky we stole a Titan from the sneakiest legion.

>> No.20131380

>with gretchins

>> No.20131407

The Night lords?

>> No.20131422

see >>20131060
He meant Iron Warriors.

>> No.20131468

Nah alpha legion.
They infiltrate and are proppa sneaky, the night lords are more ambush

>> No.20131472

>adorable tau girl adopted by orks
>/tg/ builds an entire society around her

We'z not muckin' about. We'z proppa orky.

>> No.20131480

how do the grots move about the titan if the floors keep shifting?

>> No.20131483


I... I think I love TG.

>> No.20131484

Since the Scraplootaz are Freebooterz, shouldn't we be calling Titanloota "Kaptain" instead of "War Boss"?

>> No.20131511

Funny thing is, it isn't even centered around her. The Scraplootas ended up as so bizarre thanks to the Dice Gods that Blue is just yet another member of the crew, which makes Blue all the more adorable if you ask me.
We'z agile orks.
E'z da boss, so we'z call im whateva 'e wants to be called.
But yeah, you're probably right.

>> No.20131516

Yeah technically.
It does depend on what the boss wants to be called as well though since generally they choose their own title by krumpin anyone who disagrees

>> No.20131539

Now when we're gonna relate them with /tg/'s other custom factions ?

>> No.20131563

I pretty sure they've been cordially invited to the next Black Crusade.

>> No.20131568

Hmm. Does /tg/ have it's own Tau Sept?

>> No.20131572

Explain further

>> No.20131581

It's just a snowballing thing.

At this stage, we have a legitimate ork tribe who would work within the fluff, they just happen to have a kawaii adopted Tau girl.

I imagine that shit will happen of its own accord.

>> No.20131611

i'm not sure, but if not, we should

>> No.20131629

I think that is one of the few things we don't have yet.
We have dozens of marine chapters, more than a few guard regiments, a few chaos warbands and some ork waaaaghs but no tau

I think we have one eldar craft world and no dark eldar Kabals or necron tomb worlds / factions

>> No.20131637


Looks like you got one there.

Unless sexy means chest gubbins exposed. Which it don't.

>> No.20131638

I'm not entirely sure myself. A couple of tripfags were talking about it.
Does /tg/ have anything besides loads of Space Marine Chapters? The closest thing I've seen to other custom factions is the Hive Fleet Funk, but that was nothing more than a bunch of shoops. Great shoops all the same, but no fluff for them or anything like that.

>> No.20131654

theres a kabal and tomb world aswel, the craftworld diddn't really take off that well. Tau is the one thing we've never actually touched though, probably because; what can you really do with tau

>> No.20131671


>> No.20131696

There is hive fleet nidhoggr

>> No.20131702

>what can you really do with tau
Turn them into little girls and then shove them into other factions? It's kind of scary how often that keeps happening.

>> No.20131712

There is a volcano-themed Nids codex. Last May they were working on it. Hive Fleet Nigromburg? I can't recall.

>> No.20131715

Except Blue is a lot better than the other ones.

>> No.20131716


The Tau are /tg/'s blank in which they can have fluff approved lolis.

You know this to be true in your heart of hearts.

>> No.20131724

PIc related.

We could always use the allies rules and make some Sept that has assimilated a non-standard race.

>> No.20131737

Hive Fleet Nidhoggr. Because nids just weren't scary enough.

>> No.20131743

Grot society lead by supersmart (for Grots at least) genetically warp altered weird Grots?

Hmmm, It sounds pretty viable, I also think it adds a bit of character to their hierarchy.

>> No.20131748

Well yeah, that's because Orks make everything better.
I thought they were just for people with xenophilia. And lolis, of course, but mostly the xeno part. Xenololis.

>> No.20131750

>now they're FIRE nids
gee, how innovative.

>> No.20131756

It was the junior-under-assistant-mek Finkles first day on the job, with the eagerness that comes from youth he climed the ladders up to the hallowed ground of the foundary level in Boris. Amongst the swaying furnaces and sliding piles of scrap an important looking grot was shouting at the team pouring shell casings "NO, NOT LIKE DAT! POUR IT QUICKA, OI ... OI UGLY, YEA YOU, YOU WIV DA FACE WAT YOU DOIN?"

Finkle edged nervily closer to the head grot and offered him a data-slate, he snached the metal plate from his hands and sniffed as he squinted at the runes drawn in grease paint.
"Yea seems loik this is yor furst day on da job. Mi namez Senoir-grot-mek Thud da first. Yau got a lot ta lurn boy but you's find us fair and hard workin lot here. Keep ya nose clean an yors fingas outta my teef draw and we's guna have no problems."


>> No.20131764

since we're going off on a kinda ta(u)ngent here, I like the idea of tau settling on a world almost completely water, aquatic vehicles, scuba suits and wierdass fishmen allys

>> No.20131765


>> No.20131776

By the gods...there must be something more!

>> No.20131782

I figure a lot of the grots are smarter than average, partially due to the warp affecting their genes and activating the weirdboy gene more often and partially due to the Scraploota's primary tactic of "spam grots at it until it dies" leads to only the craftiest grots living for long enough to secure themselves a permanent spot in Boris that avoids fighting. And even then they have to deal with a society more cutthroat and conniving than Menzoberran.

>> No.20131801

>W-well, if it's f-for the g-g-greater good, I guess we can t-take our c-clothes off
>What? It helps i-if I call you onii-c-chan?

>> No.20131808

Huh. I haven't heard of that for some reason. Hell, I haven't even heard much about any Chaos Warbands, just all the different SM chapters.

>> No.20131814

So, Tau Sept Aqu'Aman?

>> No.20131823

They are also the only faction that can be naieve and culturally open enough to be thrust into other factions and adapt to them in any real way.

Eldar, humans, chaos etc all are pretty set in their ways thanks to millennia of being assholes to one another but the tau can be optimistic

>> No.20131825


>> No.20131831

there were some awesome chaos warbands created, the ivory huntsmen and glistening host especially

>> No.20131840

I seem to remember Crisis Suits working underwater in fluff.

>> No.20131852

More like AquaTauts, amirite?

>> No.20131861

Go for it.

You got the grot down perfectly. More legible and intelligent than an ork, but still roight orky.

>> No.20131883


>> No.20131924


>> No.20131928

Now I want to make a Scraploota tabletop army. How would that even work? Just load up on grots, kommandos, and mekboys? Apparently Boris shits warbikes, so I guess those are in, too.

>> No.20131935

>you will never hear an orky version of this

>> No.20131951

Well that is largely because the other factions were done up rather hastily and space marine chapters get a full fucking week of work generally.

That and the most comprehensive rules existed for the space marines first so they got used the most

>> No.20131965

>unlike conventional nids, they opt for XBOXHUEG monstrous creatures over nid fodder swarms
>Instead of traveling via hive ships they caise insanely large volcanic eruptions, flinging giant masses of molten rock encapsulated nids
>years before unveiling themselves they play merry hell with the planet's tectonics

Fire nids...yeah

>> No.20132004

Look, he's crashing down my wall
Steel and shooty, very tall
Now he's up above my head
Crushing, smashing, we're all dead

Boris the Titan
Boris the Titan

>> No.20132019

That's the general idea
Don't forget to model a tau sitting on the mek's shoulders and a drone Kopta being piloted by a squig with dakka and spiky bits all over it.

>> No.20132025


>> No.20132029

I'd love some more of that, that's great bro.

>> No.20132032

oh, so they're sues on top of being a recolor of regular nids...

>> No.20132034

Now he's blown the hab block floor
Heading for the fortress door
No way he's as scared as me
Where's he gone now, I can't-CREEED

Boris the Titan
Boris the Titan

>> No.20132050

Shooty, choppy
Shooty, choppy
Shooty, Shooty, choppy, choppy
Shooty, Shooty, choppy, choppy
Shooty, Shooty, choppy, choppy
Shooty, Shooty, choppy, choppy

>> No.20132058

We haven't really fluffed the Warboss/Kaptain, have we? All we know is that he takes pride in taking the Titan and that he krumped some Dark Eldar. That's it though.

>> No.20132079

Actually it was just eldar in general
We never rolled for craft world or dark but we ended up with a "don't krump dem spiky pointy eaded gits" roll later on so people assumed he krumped craft world eldar

>> No.20132082

Please learn what the term "Mary Sue" means before you use it to describe anything.

Otherwise you look like a fucking retard.

Polite sage because I'm not contributing, just hopped in to yell at a faggot.

>> No.20132096

There he is stuck in a wall
Doesn't seem to move at all
Praying he's dead, I'll just make sure...
By the emprah he kills more!

Boris the Titan
Boris the Titan

>> No.20132104

Shooty, choppy
Shooty, choppy
Shooty, shooty, choppy, choppy
Shooty, shooty, choppy, choppy
Shooty, shooty, choppy, choppy
Shooty, shooty, choppy, choppy

>> No.20132114

a think he tends to triumph because of sheer dumb luck most of the time, as for dark eldar related krumping could be something like; chased some back through a webway portal to some Archons kabal, much krumping ensues, they're wiped out and the boss is off on his next crazy adventure. somewhere Vect is going 'just as planned'

>> No.20132142


>> No.20132148


Couldn't the "no krump order" be because the Warboss deals with the Dark Eldar? Maybe he did some mercenary work for them, krumpin' for loot and DE tech...

>> No.20132150


>> No.20132153

Our world is come to an end
Don't think we can ever mend
All around us, we hear the sound
Space marines crushed in the ground

Boris the Titan
Boris the Titan

>> No.20132175

I bet he just want to krump 'em all himself.

>> No.20132179

That could well be it.
He took out a rival archon for someone opening up his Kabal to move in and take over in exchange for loot, dakka and Stabby bits

>> No.20132201

Maybe they gave us the tip about the Chaos Titan so that we could distract the Chaos Marines while the DEldar did their thing, but when we actually conquered the Titan, DEldar said "fuck that" and pulled out of the region and lets Scraplootas do their dirty work if they need anything. Bein a respekatble Kaptin, Urtylug still honors the agreement and krumps where he pleases.

>> No.20132214

You took nids, and made them use overpowered bullshit methods to achieve the same goals but even harder simply to make them the betterest, vaguely following an incongruously chosen but banal theme (fire).
That's pretty much the kind of creative process behind Mary Sues. And the result is similar. 40k is already full of overpowered shit clumsily built around vague themes, you had no reason to push it twice further. The only way for you to make them more sue-ish is now to create special characters based off your personal tastes and experience.

>> No.20132241

No, it was Dark Eldar in specific, and the no krump order was for regular eldar. He specifically wants to krump Dark Eldar.

>> No.20132265

I really love that idea.

Half survival of the fittest, half actual mutation.

>> No.20132306


>> No.20132327



If you want to try and correct me, make sure you know what the fuck you are talking about first.

>> No.20132347

The Boris Song has now become one with my .txt file archive for future generations who may forget.

>> No.20132354

I don't even care about Hive Fleet Nidhogg. The first I have heard of it is in this thread.

But you don't know what Mary Sue means, yet you still use the phrase. Please do not do this, because it makes you sound dumb.

>> No.20132360


>> No.20132371

put it on the 1d4 page

>> No.20132383

Right, krump Chaos. Have to rub the fact that they stole the titan in their faces in every encounter.

Now to figure out the thing about the Eldar.

>> No.20132388

Then what is it if not what I explained you it was?

>> No.20132414

Fucking saved.

>> No.20132417

>Ork version of this

>> No.20132419

I can't believe nobody has drawn Boris yet.

The Scraplootas really have a good representation of different things. Blue is adorable, Boris is awesome, the Bureaucracy is genius, and Threegrot/Fizzgutz are just plain hilarious.

I love you guys.

>> No.20132454

I want a picture of Boris deploying warbikes with the caption "I'm a titan shitting warbikes, your argument is invalid"

>> No.20132464

Well we don't krump dark eldar so the boss krumped a heap of normal eldar?

>> No.20132484

Aw fuck no son. Boris da Titan was hard enough for my shitty rhyming and creativity abilities. Welcome to the Grotocracy would be way too fucking much for me to handle. Fuck it, I'm going for it.

>> No.20132525

I apologize. I was mostly going by the scraplootas 1d4chan page, which apparently mixed up 85 with 86. Looking at the thread, the next non-attached die roll was a 10, so it was DE.

Aside from that, DE are dicks, so we should be as unaffiliated with them as possible.

>> No.20132546

A character which has no flaws, or which has flaws which only serve to make the character better in some other way. Nothing in their universe provides any resistance to their whims and they will inevitably be successful in all endevours, and they generally have all the traits and personality quirks that are desirable in any given universe, and to an extreme level.

Nids are knocked right out because they don't have a personality. Furthermore, hive fleet nidhoggr is not portrayed as being immensly successful to the point of drowning out the other 'nids.

I have a feeling you are just knee jerking about /tg/ homebrews, and then yelling "Mary Sue!" with no real cause. I would really hate to see anything you write if you consider this a mary sue, because it would be the most dull thing imaginable. Just because something is somewhat unique, or has an aspect not normally seen, doesn't mean it is a mary sue.

>> No.20132561

No, we don't krump normal eldar, that at least the wiki was right about. The next unattached 1d10 roll after the eldar/dark eldar were rolled was a 10, so it's dark eldar.

>> No.20132594

Welcome my grot, welcome to the machine.
Where have you been? It's alright we know where you've been.
You've been in the pipeline, wasting your time,
stealing all your toys and watching for Boyz.
You bought a spanner to finish your werk,
And you don't like to fight, and you know that you've got no might,
So welcome to the machine.
Welcome my grot, welcome to the machine.
What did you scheme? It's alright we told you what to scheme.
You schemed of a big boss, he played a mean double cross,
He always sat in the Head Chair. Grots were afraid of his mean stare.
So welcome to the machine.

>> No.20132612

"And what do YOU do?"

The Head-Councillor did his best to hide his boredom, on his tour of Boris' right arm. He was already sick of having to swing around on all of these muddled wires, and he felt it was entirely beneath him. But votes were at stake, so he had to show his face.

"Oi'm in charge keeping ar' shootas clean and firin' proply, boss- I mean, 'ed Councillor."
"Fascinating. And do you enjoy your job?"
"Why yes, oi do indeed. Can't never get bored of workin' wit shootas, ser"

The shine in the Gretchin's eyes showed that he wasn't lying. Not that he had enough of a brain to lie anyway, thought the Head-Councillor. Blasphemous as it may seem, he was utterly sick of these hellish industrial corridors, he just wanted to get back to his comfortable office and do something nice and clean. Anything, even studying the daily oil distribution graphs seemed like a more interesting prospect that spending more time in this hellish place.

Still, it wasn't like he had much of a choice. If he was to keep his seat, he needed morons like these on his side, especially with the Councillor of the commercial sector hanging on his coat tails. He knew that if he was to put one foot wrong, he'd be down in the industrial sector breathing in smoke for the rest of his life. Best to just keep a friendly face. It'll pay off.

"Now, you mentioned this weapon here"...

>> No.20132656

I love it

>> No.20132668

Ah missed that bit.
So yeah fuck the dark eldar then, the boss krumps em, we krump em and the other pointy heads don't give us trouble, maybe they told the boss where the Titan was so we headed out that way.

>> No.20132730


If they've got dealings with Craftworld Eldar, I think there's some story behind that too. Maybe there's a Farseer with a similar outlook as Uthan the Perverse. You know, the Orks have won the great struggle of life, they are the pinnacle of existence, and so on. Basically an Ork fanboy. Or fangirl.

>> No.20132747

>A Farseer ork fangirl who is mad jelly of Blue and the ork's affinity for her
Fund it.

>> No.20132777

Sorry for rough MSPaint silhouette, the scanner's out of commission temporarily

is Boris an Imperator?

>> No.20132784

>Still no Boris fanart

I guess he's too complicated.

>> No.20132785

I think it turned out pretty good. Orkifying songs is surprisingly fun, and it's hilarious how well they fit with the characters.
>is Boris an Imperator?
I'm pretty sure that was the consensus, yes.

>> No.20132788

>she constantly is trying to befriend blue and the orks by guiding them to the best fightin and lootin.
>the boss doesn't think anything beyond the fight and blue just thinks she is weird.

>> No.20132849

Thinking of it, just what the fuck do they fly around the galaxy in?

It would have to be big to fit Boris into but at the same time they are rather few in numbers so a lot of ships wouldn't be able to work that well with so few boys

>> No.20132860

see >>20132777
We've got an outline now, at least.

>> No.20132862

wouldn't living in/on Boris be a lot like living on tone of the Titans from On The Backs Of Gods?

also the castle on top is replaced by an orky fort right? and we have welded all maners of walkways and buildings upon the hull, any ones in the way would just be smashed up!

ANd we also need to talk about the fleet we have,

>> No.20132879


Bigass carrier ship!

Also does that silhoette of boris have...a kustom force field?

>> No.20132884

Yeah the castles have probably been orkified and smashed up pretty badly so he looks more like he is carrying a scrap heap on his back than cathedrals.

Maybe that's where the entertainment sector of Boris is, there's gambling, fightin, drinkin etc up there

>> No.20132888

Figure Boris himself would be wired into the Titan's control throne, probably barricaded himself into the chamber. Maybe some Grots are posted as a crude parody of Adeptus Custodes

>> No.20132916

They give Boris a rocket pack made out of a kill krooza

>> No.20132933

Could be, yeah.

I still reckon the council should be in the head, and the offices in the heart though. If nothing else because of the joke.

Also, I still like the arms having a bitter rivalry of shootas vs choppas.

>> No.20132938

Maybe during trips some of the lesser members of the Grotocracy handle taking care of the ship at large? After all, Boris would need only minimal maintenance and staffing when he wasn't stomping about.
You know, as obvious as it is, it just occurred to me how much exactly Boris is just a giant dreadnaught.
Sort of, except they live inside Boris as well as on top of him. Only the control room is off limits because Boris welded himself inside it.

>> No.20132946


>> No.20132948

>Boris is just a giant dreadnaught.

A giant ORK dreadnaught.

That's an important distinction.

>> No.20132957

Just so y'all know, as soon as we get a good drawing of him, I'm making a wiki page for Boris.

>> No.20132959

It only occurred to me when I saw the picture and thought "fuck me that's a bigass stompa"

>> No.20132971

Ork dreadknight, you say?

>> No.20132979

As awesome as that is, it is getting a bit too close to deffwotch again.
Damn Shas'O beating us to all the good orky ideas.

>> No.20132999

Anyone else think this could be the start of an "Orkhammer," story where they replace the crew of a Titan?

>> No.20133001


>> No.20133004

>Looted Imperator titan with a Kill Krooza welded to the back

thats roight propa orky, that!

>> No.20133009

Well yes, of course. Though he even sounds like a dreadnaught given his little speeches.
At the very least give him a four or five kopta "parachute" he uses for when they drop him in the middle of a city.
I was just thinking about how he's probably treated the same way a dreadnaught is when they travel. They probably just hoist him up in a corner and work on him while he yells about how great he is.

>> No.20133044

That actually sounds really cool
He drops in off a couple of lifts kopta's, smashes a whatever he lands on and gets krumpin.

Then when he is done they pick him back up after he stops stompin on the rubble and let him laugh about how much fun that is and how he is great.

You know rereading the creation rules technically the boss is supposed to be riding Boris into battle, maybe Boris is the old boss and he got replaced after he got stuck into the Titan and went mad(der)?

>> No.20133059

Blue: Boss, boss, look at da new gun I scrapped together!

Zzizbitz: Dat's a wimpy gun! How can it dakka proper'y wit only one tube for da dakka to come out?

Blue: It don't shoot dakka. I adapted it from da Tau guns we stole when we krumped them.

Zzizbitz: Ah, dat was a good krumpin. Still, even der Grotz has more dakka dan da Tau gns, even do dey're dead-ard.

Blue: Booossss, it don't shoot dakka. Watch dis!

>Blue pulls a lever, and the oversized railgun capacitors hum to full charge, emitting a worrying shower of sparks. Without warning there's a loud KATUNK and the railgun fires. The rough outline of a somewhat undersized warbike with tiny bolted-on wings and the accompanying sound of a gunning motor and screaming grot can be made out, the shape catching fire shortly after leaving the the railgun barrel. In the far distance, the bike finally impacts into a small fireball on a distant hill.

Blue: I still need ta fix da capcitors a bit so dey don't always burts inta flames, but whatcha think boss?

Zzizbitz: *crying in happiness* Dat is da orkiest fing I have ever saw.

>> No.20133110

Nah, Boris is just a crazy mekboy who loves the titan so much he became it. Urtylug just sits in the orkyfort on his back and directs the battle before him and his elite band of Swashkrumpas start jumpin through the city

>> No.20133139

I like the Idea of how the Gretchin not only have a civilization going on inside Boris, but they also contribute to making his "body" more like its organic template

>Gretchin bureaucracy gets a small civil war to quell in the guts of the titan

>Boris catches a cold and sneezes rebel Grots and Gretchin

like Osmosis Jones, only 40K

>> No.20133168

Once again /tg/ you never cease to entertain!

>> No.20133243

>Grots are posted as a crude parody of Adeptus Custodes

The Scraplootas warboss goes on a tour of Boris and finds the Gretchin society has somehow taken on the aspcts of the Imperium, with a chaotic "Adminiztratum" and a paranoid "Inquizition"

>> No.20133244

Blue: Hey boss, ya know how yous always complainin about dem monsters and all dat that occasionally pop out of da walls and stuff?

Zzizbitz: Yeah, dem daemony-things. They does offer a dead-ard fight, but da grotz get krumped by them right proper.

Blue: Well, I done messed around a bit with da force field on Boris, since da field flickers on and off anyhows. I also took dat Gelly-fieldy-thingy da Kommandos dun stole off dat humie ship and bolted dat on too, and looky what I made!

Zzizbitz: Dat just looks like another gun like whats da burna boyz uses.

>Blue mashes a trigger, and the hum of part of a forcefield collapsing can be heard, accompanied by the screams of thousands of daemons being squeezed out of a narrow opening in a Gellar Field. The warp-monstrosities come out of the end of the mega-flamer barrel like a geyser, completely coating one of the hive spires in front of Boris with daemons.

Zzizbitz: Dat's right shooty, but nows you've dun stopped us from krumpin dem beasties when they pop up in Boris.

Blue: Nope. Now dey krump da gitz shootin at Boris for us, and den our boyz can krump dem.

Zzizbitz: Dat...dat's right orky if I dun say so meself.

>> No.20133260

And to think this all started with a little Tau Earth Caste girl being adopted by an Ork clan

>> No.20133313


I like to imagine there's a couple "60-second markets" like this video in Boris. Grots have about a minute to buy or sell before they need to get out of the way of a piston or ammo cart, encouraging ruthlessly-fast negotiations, bartering, and footspeed. Extra kudos if there's a big version of this inside their equivalent of a stock market ("Da Stuff Market") in the torso.

>> No.20133320

That's the Power of Love!

>> No.20133333

dont worry bro. as soon as i find a working pencil i will post some Boris art

>> No.20133346

>mobile markets
>Gretchin Wall Street shenanigans
I love every part of all of the things you just said.

>> No.20133349

I like it

>> No.20133370

Now it's not just "great character in faceless ork group", it's "Great character in group of other great characters".

I love it.

>> No.20133421

Hah, that's quite good. Fits with Orky "health and safety procedures" too.

So, are we decided on the lead councillors being of a much higher intelligence than the other grots, through mutation etc?

Perhaps the head part is what causes them to become more intelligent, so the councillors who are elected, even if stupid initially, become cleverer from working up there.

>> No.20133459

Something in the reactor fumes up, mutating them towards intelligence

>> No.20133480

They probably have bubbles like we have for mortages that pop, except their popped investment bubble is on ammo because Boris decides he REALLY wants to completely destroy a hive spire on occasion, literally burning away their investment.

And we can't forget "Da Stuff Market Crash o' 55" when a Boris stumbled and the Stuff Market piston extended unexpectedly.

>> No.20133559

Dis thread is approved by 'Eadboomed 'Eadboom Joe.

>> No.20133700

And corrupt, they are corrupted by the lingering demonic influence in the tainted warmachine.
They cannot be really turned to chaos, but it's giving them ideas.

>> No.20133724

And, really, what is true evil if not bureaucratic government?

>> No.20133756

What we know anout Boris the titan: revisited.

Boris the titan was originally a chaos Imperator titan named Victus Vae, which was looted long in a raid that cost us the majority of our boyz and considered one of the scraplootaz greatest achievements.

The latent warp taint within its has had some effect on its pilot, Boris. A former mek boy, he is now wired directly into the control throne of the titan and now believes he is the titan its self, referring to it as his own body. Apparently no one seems to think the contrary and just except it as truth.

The effects of the taint aren't just limited to the pilot though, the countless grots that crew the titan have felt its touch as well. Many years of exposure has led to a dramatic increase in the spawn of "weirdgrots" and generally more intelligent grots. These smarter and often psychic grots run the behemoth more like a city state than a war machine. Boris come complete with entertainment, market, industrial, and governmental districts all with their own social sub facet within the overall society, all run by a council of highly intelligent grots in the head that speak proper Gothic unlike the stupider grots under them.

Also of not is the bitter rivalry between the arms and its deamonic core. The left arm believes in the superiority of shoots, the left in choppas. Needless to say this can cause some friction in the council but the two districts function perfectly well in together despite their differences.
As for the core the daemon it its heart is still alive and well, but held in check inadvertently by weirdsquigs stuffed inside the core, which unwittingly assault it with concentrated WAAARRRGG at all times. Ironically these weirdsquigs are also caused by the lingering warp taint.

>> No.20133780

I forgot that it also shits warbikes and what not from a factory in its ass

anything else need to be covered?

>> No.20133793

Boris could very well merit his/it's own wiki page, considering how much goes on inside him/it.

>> No.20133799

Wasn't that Vae Victis, woe to the vanquished?

>> No.20133916

Is there anything I should add before I color it?

>> No.20133928

Right, I'l fix that in the next "what we know about Boris."

with how much effort we're puting into the Grotaucracy i think might do a summery for them to just to know where we stand on the fluff.

We also still have a lot of work to do. We havent touched the komandos, Warboss Urtylug, or Zizzbitzz

>> No.20133929


morkin' capcha...

>> No.20133972

I...I had heard the rumours but I can't say I though it was true...
/tg/ do get shit done AND IT'S AWESOME

>> No.20133977

more shooty, more stompy( lets see some gitz gettin' stomped) and bit more choppy. Also spikey if ya pleaz

>> No.20134003

needs more dakka

>> No.20134077

I don't know about this picture, but a future one will need some Chaos symbols covered by the the Scraploota emblem.
Some Chaosy spikes wouldn't be a bad touch to the thing. Spiky bitz would deserve to stay.

>> No.20134084

I don't give a flying fuck about W40K and yet I'm loving all of this stuff. You're all a bunch of creative bastards, /tg/, keep being awesome.

>> No.20134146

What happens if blue survives long enough to become a fine proppa lady and wants a family on its own?
Will the orks even let it slide, or much less realisticly, even integrate them into their clan?
Tau die "young", but orks live as long they survive.
And they don't really fit each other.

>> No.20134210

what are you talking about she'll never get old because GW won't advance the story line

>> No.20134236


Gorka Morka style bunch of Ork-Wannabes. Like Digganobs but...Blueberry Nobs.

>> No.20134350

Right, I am going to create a page for Boris. Because the fucker deserves it. Especially for his status as a city.

>> No.20134372

Actually, before I do, do I name the page "Boris", or "Boris the Titan"?

>> No.20134419

>Warboss Urtylug, or Zizzbitzz

These ones particularly need attention.

>> No.20134432

heeeeeeeere's boris

>> No.20134450




>> No.20134495

boris the titan

>> No.20134500

like dis? This is taking longer than I expected

>> No.20134506

The orkz recognize as a grot. We know she can't really produce any WAAAGH, because she's a tau. But the orkz saying she's a grot may be enough. And she's lucky to boot. So when she's near other orkz, her acceptance as a grot and blue color will cause an increase in the WAAAGH effect. By the same token, the WAAAGH field will begin to affect her, bestowing some orky virtues.

>> No.20134507

I'll make it redirect from Boris to Boris the titan

>> No.20134511

It needs little guns all over it'
s everything.

>> No.20134573

Oi was tinkin' da exact same ting!!

>> No.20134622

>That cannon on the crotch
That's great!

>> No.20134653

Grot's manning turrets all over its body that fire more grots and grot-filled pods at the enemy.

>> No.20134663

Don't mean to spoil anything here, but shouldn't grots, or any member of Ork society barring the Tau girl be.... less articulate?

>> No.20134686

The Titan's Chaos influence has corrupted the higher-ups, but seeing as the Orks have their immunity to the warp it really just turned them into snide bureaucrats.

>> No.20134690


Grots are smarter than orks. A bit.

>> No.20134693

Head needs to be lower and top superstructure needs to be bigger. Imperator Titan's have their heads below shoulder level, supporting a giant battle-fortress on top. Have a hunched kind of look. Good job though.

>> No.20134721

Chaos has failed to turn them into servants, so it twisted them into the most evil thing someone with the intellect of a grot can possibly become.

>> No.20134731



And, because it seems adequate at this stage:


>> No.20134732

Am I the only one thinking we need some drawfaggotry of Blue tinkering away with her inventions while Mek is watching?
It's in the Writefaggotry.

Pic unrelated

>> No.20134743

Hah, I love it.

Not only is it funny, it also makes some sense.

>> No.20134764

>Apparently no one seems that bothered, and just except it as truth.
> that bothered, and just except it as truth.
>and just except it as truth.

>> No.20134765


>> No.20134782

So let me get this straight:

Wat do thread






Boris the Titan


Titan Bureacracy

To think, it all started with waifu bait.

>> No.20134800

Don't worry, it's fixed in the wiki page.


>> No.20134827

/tg/ doing what it does best, I say.

>> No.20134851

> superiority of shoots,
> deamonic core.
Just did a quick readthrough with my OCD.
Innit' right boss?

>> No.20134852 [DELETED] 

That's beautiful. The left arm would probably have extra blades, saws, and spikes as opposed to the right's extra guns.

My favorite part is probably the cranes.

>> No.20134876

That's in the Bureaucracy part.

>> No.20134899

That's beautiful. The left arm would probably have extra blades, saws, and spikes as opposed to the right's extra guns. There might be one or two shooty or choppy bitz on the wrong sides, too.

My favorite part is probably the cranes.

>> No.20134901

It's edited in the wiki now.

Thanks for your OCD.

>> No.20134909

dunno if I wanna color it in at the moment

>> No.20134919



>> No.20134938

Imperator titans are the FUCKHUEG walking castles, right?

>> No.20134940

How did I not notice this sooner?!

>> No.20134963

Yeah, the ones that are more fuckhuge than others.

>> No.20134992



>> No.20135033

Oh, come on. They're all over the thing. It's a Chaos Titan.

>> No.20135038

Aw, alright boss. But da shootist movement ain't 'appy.

Hold on while I add it to the wiki.

>> No.20135047

Yeah, Ignore me, I forgot it was a Chaos titan.

>> No.20135133

Updated the wiki to include the new picture: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Boris_the_Titan

>> No.20135202

Someone should do a floor plan of the titan, map out the various Gretchin districts and the Stuff Exchange, other Boris landmarks

>> No.20135209

I'm just sad Blue's been forgotten ;_;

>> No.20135287

Do we assume, given the fluff, Boris sees, hears and moves as the titan, since he's all wired in?

>> No.20135322

boris is in the head bit?

>> No.20135324

Dis' aint no waifu thred'!
We'z makin' it orky again!

>> No.20135335

By now his nerves are all hardwired into the systems, and to take him out would probably kill him. He's in there for good however, and orkish tech has more or less turned the titan into a giant dreadnought. The best part is the fluff actually supports this concept!

>> No.20135337

She is not forgotten, anon. She is just one small part of this glorious creation.

>> No.20135363

disregard that, I don't know where the control room on an Imperator titan is

>> No.20135392

Actually, according to this, it would be right for Boris to be on the Bridge, which is located in the head.

>> No.20135395


The Imperium and Chaos are all about symbolism. I'd bet the control center is always in the head.

>> No.20135422

Here a better example of we're dealing with. Chaos titan cockpit.

>> No.20135449

Someone needs to do a model like that, but with different sectors of the city.

>> No.20135467


"So, er boss. Whut yu wantin me doin today?"
Finkle rung his hands nerviously,
"First and most importan' job; makin squig tea for da lads,"smirked Thud.
"firs yous find da big pot, den ya grab ya squig, den boil it. den ya ring da big bell and da ladz cum an get da tea. Simples."
Thud returned to shouting at his work gang, Finkle scatched his headand got on about his new found resposibility. After much fighting with the squig he found bouncing round the corridors, finally subduing it with a large spanner and dragging it back to the kitchen he looked around for the pot he was supposed to use, after a good hour he still couldn't find it so he scraped a mega-bolta shell clean and filled it with grey-brown water that spurted out of a pipe marked "WARTA" some time later he dropped the portesting squig in and waited for it to come up to the boil.

A large, scrarred and greasy grot came to see what he was doing "So yoi da new tea grot huh? Dunt worry yus self about Thu, hes a good hart but little distracted he likes his tea wiv a dash of mota oil and sturred wiv a rag, like dis." he motioned Finkle to cupboard above a hole in the floor,"Yoi wanna use da oil in da yella tin, yea dat one" he grinned.

>> No.20135551

The bridge of an Imperator-class titan is drastically different from a Warhound's cockpit.
Their principes are also not sitting in a throne but drifting in shock-absorbing gel tanks and if I recall correctly, they don't leave them.
It's been awhile since Titanicus.

>> No.20135552

>mfw stories of characters inside a character

There's something brilliant about that for some reason. The idea of lives going on within the confines of the Titan, with the pilot completely oblivious.

Plus, you can have stories of any part of the Titan. The story of a Shootist in the right arm, of a market trader down in the commercial hub, a chronic gambler down in the entertainment sector, or a politician, or a Choppist, or a policegrot in the residential sector, and so on.

>> No.20135571

I think we're assuming there have been some HEAVY Ork modifications to Boris though.

>> No.20135721

So, Kommandos. We need at least one character. How bout this?

Rockeata Brugg
The chief kommando. Remarkably patient when out sneaking, and keeps his boyz just as patient with judicious use of threats and violence. Named for his habit of chomping on rocks with his beartrap-like metal jaws both as a display of 'ardness and to fill his belly when food supplies have run out on a mission (unfortunately for his underling, anyone who complains about being hungry is likely to be forced to share this unconventional food source), behind which lie his actual regenerating teeth.

I think orks use teeth as money, so as far as I know they wouldn't replace their own teeth. If they do, then take that last bit out.

>> No.20135744

Bump limit reached, new thread?

>> No.20135782


Perhaps. It'd need a bit of work though, I think.

>> No.20135833


New thread. Boris the Titan edition this time.

>> No.20135986

Ork Teef constantly regrow like the teeth on a shark

>> No.20136541

K. This is rough, and shit can change, but here's an initial map.

>> No.20136802

We've got stories in stories in stories!

>> No.20136998

Hey boyz, I 'erd you like stories, so I put a story in ya story, so you cun read wen ya read!

>> No.20137349

Everything about this is just 15 different levels of amazing

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