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Why do you like him so much /tg?
Why do you call him the only competent chaos lord in the DoW series?

The man hasn't done anything successfully in his three appearances.
He first appeared in Dark Crusade leading the Word Bearers on Kronus. There he got defeated by Davian Thule so badly that his body was destroyed by daemons.
Later he returned as member of the Black Legion, apparently he got kicked out of the Word Bearers after Kronus, with Araghast the Pillager. There he proved to be an even bigger idiot by betraying Araghast, a competent chaos lord, and this led to a Black Legion defeat in Aurelia. Unlike the first time where he faced hundreds of Blood Raven this time he got defeated by four Blood Raven squads.
He somehow managed to make a return in Retribution where he got promptly defeated by Diomedes and two other Marines.

The only redeeming factor about Eliphas is that he sounds menacing but even then Araghast sounded far more menacing and evil.

Why do you think he is a competent chaos lord?

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He succeed in Chaos Rising. Ulkair was released, was he not?

It's not his fault that Ulkair failed.

And another thing Bad Guys aren't suppose to win. All Chaos Lords were incompetent, but only Eliphas had class and a charming personality.

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From what I can remember(haven't read much about him recently) was that he was loved in the DoW1 series because he was the only cause lord that wasn't pants on head retarded(terrible voice acting or terrible plans) but he sort of lost that in DoW2 but people didn't care since he'd shown that he atleast had a couple brain cells at some point unlike any of the other chaos lords

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Compared him to his colleagues.

Lord Bael - An infamous lack-luster halfwit who relied entirely on SIIIIIIIIINDRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, which is also the one word he's famous for.
That Chaos Lord from the first expansion - Completely forgettable except for the fact he worships Khorne yet is anti-Khorne enough to use sorcerors rather than shedding blood to accomplish his goals. Also, BLAWD FOR THA BLAAAAAWD GAAAAAWD
Lord Carron - Like Lord Bael, the complete opposite of the Alpha Legion he's supposed to represent. A dull, war-obsessed, Chaos-worshipping moron. Also, OWAH ENEMIES HIDE IN METAL BOXES, THE COWARDS, THE FOOLS!

Essentially, Eliphas is the only one who hasn't burst out into an idiotic, memetic speech.

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Araghast was quite smart. He successfully led the Black Legion in Sub-Sector-Aurelia and had a good plan of defeating the Blood Ravens. After Araghast got killed the forces of chaos didn't do anything significant other then sit around on their ice world.

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I was actually moved and saddened when Eliphas betrayed him and that's an achievement considering I don't usually like chaos or it's followers.

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Araghast was a fool for trusting the ''New Guy''. He paid the price for his idiocy.

He forgot that the one who holds Eliphas leash is not him. It's Abaddon who holds Eliphas's leash.

>After Araghast got killed the forces of chaos didn't do anything significant other then sit around on their ice world.

They unleashed Ulkair the daemon who was powerful enough to destroy the whole sector. Sadly for them, He failed.

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>implying Eliphas didn't have the best voice in Dawn of War

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>They unleashed Ulkair the daemon who was powerful enough to destroy the whole sector. Sadly for them, He failed.

Had Araghasts plan worked there would have been no Captain Vanilla Ice to stop Ulkair.

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Trusting a fellow traitor with his life, proves his foolishness and stupidity.

As Sindri said ''We can not abide stupidity''

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That means chaos is doomed to forever losing.

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Self defeat is one of the many aspects of the Chaos and also one of the reasons Terra/Cadia still stands.

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>Had Araghasts plan worked there would have been no Captain Vanilla Ice to stop Ulkair.

What plan? ELIPHAS, KEEP OPENING PORTALS SO I CAN ESCAPE! Tactical fucking genius.

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"Blood Ravens, hear me! I am Araghast The Pillager! Master of Hounds, the Lash of the Black Legion! You, and ALL your kind are cowards! Lowly lickspittles! You must be emulating that pile of bones you call an Emperor! You are as dead and as useless as him! I am destroying your worlds, Blood Ravens, yet you do nothing! I see your precious craft, hanging in orbit above Aurelia! I am here! FACE ME, IF YOU DARE!


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Eliphas set the wheels turning that hastened the downfall of half of an entire chapter and created another clusterfuck war.
Although no major plans succeeded many souls were reaped for the chaos gods

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>Although no major plans succeeded many souls were reaped for the chaos gods

That should be the only real goal of any Chaos Champion.

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Ah, but that's the thing.
Most chaos worshippers are less interested in what they can do for their god, but what their god an do for them..
The only real ones who aren't this way are the World Eaters and Word Bearers.

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They're Chaos Lord enemies in Space Marine focused games.

You REALLY expected any of them to be given a fair go?

OF COURSE they're going to have stupid plans that ultimately fail, that's the only way the good guys would ever be able to beat them.

They have the OPPOSITE of plot armour. Their veins are pumping concentrated plot poison around their bodies.

So consider that, next time you call a Chaos Lord incompetent. It's really not their fault.

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Lure Blood Ravens into a trap and then escape so that your troops can kill them off. Sadly Eliphas thought it would be a great idea to abandon that plan and instead sit on a ice world and wait for the Blood Ravens to kill you.

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You two clearly have no clue how traps work do you?
Araghast could have had the Blood Ravens stomp around Aurelia for a long time and kill them off one by one with attrition and endless daemons&heretics.

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His voice and eloquence is what everyone loved him for. Giving him a new voice in DoW2 was a terrible mistake.

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>Steve Blum
>A terrible mistake

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It's not old Eliphas. Decent, but not old Eliphas.

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Exactly. He just ended up sounding like Another Chaos Lord.

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He lost his old voice, but they gave him a new wife with the voice of SINDRI!

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Such a charming couple. They have such chemistry between each other.

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May that produce a multitude of spawn between them.

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Such a spawn would challenge the might of Abaddon himself!

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Eliphas was the Commander of the Kronus Word Bearers in Dark Crusade, as far as I recall.

Under No-arms he was reassigned as an Undivided one properly.

Besides, the reason I liked Eliphas (Besides sex voice and utter charisma) was what happened when he won - Daemon world fucking errone all day errday, ruled by an enormous Daemon Prince.

Would've loved for Chaos to be the canon victor then, imagine playing a campaign to reclaim an entire world of Daemons, climaxing with a battle against one big, suave, smug motherfucker.

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Eliphas DC ending had him launch his own Black Crusade bringing forth the Imperium's darkest day.

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And now he is scared of Abaddon the Armless whose Black Crusade are just a bit more then a constant annoyance for the Imperium.

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Would you play an alternate Timeline where that happened? Where you follow Eliphas on his galaxy-wide crusade towards Terra?

Sure, you'd have to kill Davian, Angelos, Tarkus and corrupt the rest, but for the first time ever you get to play as an Aspiring Champion.

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Warhammer 40K : Chaos Space Marine?


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I'm hoping whatever non-MMO game DMO morphs into gives us multiple single player campaigns. Get your spess mahreen, get your sorcerous Chaos, get dodge happy Eldar, get you Nightmare Difficulty IG, etc.

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just watch this one and u'll understand why

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Blood Ravens confirmed for traitor Primarch successors and probably Magnus considering their love for librarians or they are Lorgars successors which is unlikely.

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Black Crusades generally require some degree of unity of purpose. And Eliphas's stronghold defence strategy was to not even make an attempt at unity, instead letting his cults remain fractured and uncoordinated and allowing the enemy to easily pick them off one by one.

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I recall his stronghold being the easiest to take down. Tau and Necrons on the other hand were a pain in the butt.

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Necron was easiest for me because I was playing Tau at the time, and had the stealth upgrade for my commander. He managed to solo most of the Necron base thanks to a lack of stealth detection!

Eldar stronghold as Space Marines is a pain because you share a small area at the top and basically HAVE to take the Eldar out if you want to press southward, otherwise you'll always have them on your ass; you end up taking them on with very few commander upgrades or free units.

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My first run was as the IG and to be the Necrons seemed so frustrating for some reason and Chaos went down quite easily.

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Looking at any Crusade other than Horus' go will only show you how NOT to do it.

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I wonder why Abaddon hasn't tried to go around Cadia for once rather then try taking it. There surely must be some other ways to reach Terra other then confront the second most fortified world in the Imperium of Man.

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He goes around Cadia all the time.

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Technically, that is how orbit works.

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Abaddon can sneak a small force aboard the Planet Killer out of the Eye through other routes, but the Cadian gate is the only stable route to get a battlefleet out.

Planet Killer was destroyed by three imperial cruisers. The most Abaddon can ever accomplish without conquering Cadia is repeating the story of Bismarck over and over.

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That's because he's fat and doesn't have much of a choice.

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Even though he was slowly getting killed and infact didn't have unlimited men at his disposal.

It was a derp plan and he failed, as par the course for Chaos Lords.


And that's why the fucking get killed. Make yourself an asset and you'll get resurrected. Act like a pretentious fuck wit and you'll find yourself getting betrayed and your soul bartered like fucking cheetos at AnimeCon.

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What I mean is why doesn't he flank around Cadia like Germany did in WW2 with the Maginot Line. Instead of attacking the heavily fortified planet/line you go around it.

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Four cruisers, but yeah. That's what happens when you loan your world-cracking superweapon out to one of your dickhead lackeys. Arkham could have just mailed the Planet Killer back to Abaddon and stayed in his favour (and more importantly, alive), but no, he had to go and be a bigshot.

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He rarely goes for Cadia itself. The 13th was the first with with mission statement: FUCK CADIA.

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Second actually. According to Liber Chaotica, Crusade number 2 besieged the newly built (well, only 300 years old at the time) defences on Cadia for five years, before spilling out to either side and eventually being pushed back.

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Interesting, he got closer to Terra on the 1st attempt than on any other crusade.

Also, is it just me or does the Eye of Terror look like a vagina in that pic?

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