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Need an opinion /tg/. We all know not to force a paladin to fall or to put players into situations that they have basically no chance of winning but how does /tg/ feel about making them do so to themselves?

The party in question is a longstanding Dark Heresy party and while getting drunk last night I came up with a Chaos plot that might very well kill or turn all of them with very little chance for redemption.

The thing is, this plan hinges on several PCs. These aren't random Alpha Legion HURR add ins either. These are trusted friends who will be offered a chance to get the thing they want most for a price that seems like a steal at the time of the offer.

If done right it'll culminate in one final moment where they are so out classed that the only options will be turn traitor or die. And before they make the choice I plan on revealing the hand that the others played in this heresy. I'm really hoping to break the one character who's never wavered from the service of the Emperor since the beginning of the game.

Also, I'm considering drawing up demonic contracts and actually having the players sign them in character, then just dropping them on the table infront of the loyalist when the time comes to tip my hand.

I love these guys, but I'm afraid I must choose Chaos

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Know what? I'll say it.
It's a good idea. Don't make it impossible for them to get out of worshipping chaos.
And if the character is able to continue in his unwavering service to the Emperor (choosing death over working for chaos) I think they should be rewarded.

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