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Since we had a Slaanesh General yesterday:

So I'm trying to think of some non-traditional method of worship for Nurgle. What else would please Nurgle other than the ubiquitous "DISEASES EVERYWHERE"?

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"Nurgh-leth" literally means Lord of Decay.
If you worship him, it's going to mean that.

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not flushing the toilet?

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Leave your bananas out for too long.

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Planting shit on corpses, maybe? Papa is rather big on the whole circle of life thing.

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Yeah, but the other gods have more subtle means of worship, like Slaanesh feeding on obsession with perfection as well as the usual SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL.

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Not showering. Ever.

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Khorne doesn't.

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Telling dad jokes would please Grandfather Nurgle.

Shall we begin the worship?

How does Jesus make his tea?
>Hebrews it!

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Raising a garden?

Heck, I'd wager you could go hunting and then spread the entrails of whatever you kill, and Nurgle'd approve. Especially if you contaminated the kill so you created life whilst feeding life.

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Despair. Working to bring others in line with this was of thinking.

Every decision we make is meaningless, as it will all come to naught in the end. Embrace this. Let all come to ruin.

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Quit your job and do nothing but procrastinate, eat and drink. As little of the latter pair as possible. Just sit front of your screen and have fun, gorging yourself once every two or three days to survive. Spend as little cash as possible and simply splash your savings on your rent or your taxes, saving a small amount for food, drink and entertainment.

Just slowly rot away until you have no cash left and your home is such stinking squalor no one would be willing to evict you from it.

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So basically, Nihilism?

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I was climbing a tree the other day, when I lost my balance, slipped, and fell. My clothing got caught on a branch on the way down, and I found myself suspended in mid-air!

>Now that's what I call a STICKY situation.

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Holy shit, half of /tg/ are nurgle worshippers.

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Frostbite? Cold Entrophy, slow decay, works.

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Nice joke, but you should actually try it some day, for just six months or so.

It's nice to have no responsibilities and just rot away and by the end of it, you can't see your carpet through all of the stains, the clumps of shed hair and the general detritus you've never bothered to clean up. Your property shall stink in such a fashion that its scent will cling your clothes and your skin for the next year. A strong, sharp, metallic stench that makes nostrils want to sew themselves shut.

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Khorne can encompass martial prowess and discipline as well as just blind rage

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That's the point of Nurgle.
It's defiance borne of despair. All are equal to Nurgle, as all come to him in the end. Accept the absurdity of existence.

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Yeah, but the question was about worship. You worship Khrone by killing in his name, and that's it, since he gives zero fucks about anything else.

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Nurgle is pleased by decay.

Use the same weapon over and over until it no longer functions. Never repair it or attempt to maintain it, just keep using it until it's junk.

Then get a new weapon, but make sure it's COMPLETELY new. Never been used before. Ever. Totally fresh.

Then start the process over again. Do the same with armor, and just about any other equipment you care to. Follow the gradual death of your equipment until it is no more, then bring fresh, new gear to that same point.

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This man right here can tell you everything you need to kno about worshipping Nurgle (and Slaanesh also isn't that displeased since he became a horrible trap-like thing)

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Khorne prefers sacrifices to his name done in battle, with more difficult battles being more rewarding.

As opposed to rounding up a bunch of kindergarteners and killing them.

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Fun ways to worship Nurgle:

Stand outside in a snowstorm until you're severely frostbitten, each lost body part is a gift to Nurgle

Lay outside on a hot day until you're severely sunburned and dehydrated, each lost piece of skin is a gift to Nurgle

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ITT: people know nothing about worshiping Nurgle.

Nurgle, at its core, is all about despair. You just need to be an emo kid that wallows in his own sadness, pondering about life's futility and your impending doom.

Then, papa Nurgle comes, licks the tears off your cheek and cheers you up by making you immortal and forces you to watch as your beauty fades and your flesh rots off your bones.

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I don't think that you have to kill to worship Khorne. It'd be the fastest, easiest way, but Khorne is only indirectly about killing, or even violence.

Khorne is about strife, about toughening up against the harsh reality of life, about viewing existence as a battle where you can acquire the means to endure for an acceptable amount of time if you only stop being such a little bitch.

I'm sure that, in theory, being an hardcore athlete/worker/whatever would be a good way to honor him. You may or may not have to kill when needed, but that's not what's important.

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I like the idea of my Plague Marines being a bunch of mad scientist types. Apothecaries who spend all day in the lab, creating extremely virulent diseases, while rendering themselves immune, then put them in grenades and bolter rounds and spray guns and what-not so that when they go to war, love can bloom.

too bad Plague Marines don't get poisoned weapons, because that would suit them. (both my version and the standard-issue Death Guard, because those dudes are contagious.)

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So the whole BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL throne thing isn't that important, is what you're saying?

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It is, of course, and in an universe as violent as WHFB/40k, killing en masse would be the natural way to worship Khorne. But purelyy hypothetically, you don't have to focus on that to express what Khorne is all about. f course, it'd be stretching things a bit, but eh, we're talking about clean Nurgle worshippers.

And don't forget that supposedly every emotion ever feeds at least one haos god.

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There are also hordes of lesser Chaos gods, so not everything goes to the big 4. So there's probably a lesser god of perseverance and strife, leaving all the murder to Khorne.

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>rendering themselves immune

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But last I checked, they're more or less related to the big 4. The horned rat is a Nurgle daemon/prince/whatever and Hashut (or what ever the Chaos Dwarfs worship) is part of Khorne.

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An'sl, Mo'rcck, and Phraz-Etar are related to?

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Who knows. They might also be undivided daemon princes, but what ever they are, their dominion is insignificant to the big 4, if they truly even exist and aren't just figments of some worshipers imagination.

Chaos gods go by many names and contain in them many qualities of life, not just the most prominent ones we know of.

Depends on the universe as well. In 40K you have the Eldar gods and variety of non-Chaos warp beings. In WHFB all gods are aspects of the big 4, be thy empire, elf or whatever.

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They exist.
In 40k there are loads of lesser gods.

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My emergency piss bottle is a Christensen Brothers brandy bottle, and it's beginning to look a lot like brandy.

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> The horned rat is a Nurgle daemon/prince/whatever

lolwut? no, clan pestilens anre all filthy heretics. emphasis filthy.

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I keep an emergency piss bottle (for drunken continuous video gaming or when I really don't feel like going all the way to the bathroom). It's a Christian Brother's brandy bottle, and it's seasoned for so long, it's beginning to look like brandy again.

Praise Nurgle.

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Put People into long Drug induced comas, Without them their lives "decay" around them

Or better yet start a cult about long drug induced sleeps

That one magical book that lets you dream an adventure might inadvertently cause Nurgle worship

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or you could become super morbidly obese, and just sit and let filth accumulate around you.

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Or you can have a room full of peaceful sleepers that give not a fuck that their lives fall apart around them, they are too busy dreaming/not dreaming not sure yet.

who says the obesity and such is not already happening?

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>So I'm trying to think of some non-traditional method of worship for Nurgle. What else would please Nurgle other than the ubiquitous "DISEASES EVERYWHERE"?

>entire thread goes "BLERGH FILTH"

I sometimes forget that Nurgle is the god of stagnation as well...

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The greater Daemon of Nurgle has such a great voice actor.

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Nurgle is by far the best chaos lord to follow.

Your compatriots are not going to backstab when the oppoortunity arises since they are family

The other gods companions would backstab you in a heartbeat for many reasons

Because you're in the way, to sate their bloodthirst


Because killing feels really good


To further their goals


Nope, you're family.

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I Feel that Nurgle And Slaanesh Share the Domain of "Nothing else matters"

Slaanesh because "Nothing else matters but this"

Nurgle because "Nothing fucking matters"

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where can I buy this

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just be british

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Mould, letting anything fall into disrepair, aging and dying.
Nurgle is the chaos God I can most relate to, as I take a fairly nihilistic view on the world. If, by some random chance, I was forced to join a chaos cult, I would be Nurglite.
Out of curiosity, what would other fa/tg/uys choose?

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Actually this is a hilarious idea.

Just look at the show put on by the London Olympics.

The British have nothing to be proud of but their Works of fiction, the Industrial Revolution time period and garish old fashioned garb and hats.

And they really love their works of fiction involving the industrial revolution in garish gar and hats.

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>the british have nothing to be proud of


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Make Dairy Products and Revel in your fine cheeses and shit like that.

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I always wanted to a fungus-based Nurgle army. Blossoming with mushrooms.

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Forge World. They did an Exalted Greater Daemon model for each god.

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Don't start this, you fuckwad.

I know you're probably fresh out of /v/, but that shit isn't tolerated here.

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Beside despair and decay I would say that endurance pleases the Great Father.

No matter what shit life sends your way you take it. And accept your fate.

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