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First conversation

>Eliphas : Soulless automatons! You can not prevail against Chaos.

>Necron Lord : ...

>Eliphas : It...your soul is gone....I will destroy you...

Second conversation

>Eliphas :You come to your death, Necron. I will send you back to your tomb!

>Necron Lord : ...

>Eliphas : No...it can not be so.

Can anyone explain to me what the heck is going on between these two? One moment Eliphas says the Necrons are soulless and another he is surprised they don't have souls, short memory lose much?

And what's up with the second conversation? Eliphas really dropped the mental ball in that one.

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If you call some a flaming faggot in anger, and then they then prove undoubtedly that they are a flaming faggot, you take a second to comprehend what just happened

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So, Eliphas was surprised that Necron's don't actually have a soul. Explains the first part, since it seems like he's floundering, like he was expecting it to shout back at him. Doesn't much help the second part though.

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I read it as Eliphas explaining himself.

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Machines have no soul.


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Do the Newcrons invoke the same sense of fear, I wonder.

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>>"We are the most ancient empire to have ever existed. We broke and killed our gods when they ceased to be useful. We solved the scientific arts. We destroyed our only rival. We defeated multiple genetically-engineered species specifically designed to kill us all. And then we went to sleep because nothing was challenging anymore. Now we're awake again, and we want our empire back. Join us or die."
I don't know about you, but I'm shitting my pants. It's like the worst of HFY sung in reverse.

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>"Captain Fuel, the enemy has claimed our orbital relay and is transmitting target coordinates to the Litany of Fury. Your orders?"
>"But Captain, a simple vox could -"

And Eliphas lost to this guy.

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All of that IS nothing compared to the power of the Warp.

The C'tan were chumps in comparison to the almighty Chaos Gods.

>We solved the scientific arts

Except for the art of warpless FTL travel, you losers.

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That's one of my favourite things about newcrons. Humanity is struggling constantly with the daemons born from the galaxy's excesses and the Necrons lean over and go "We had that problem once! We put them in boxes!" and then they swagger off to have their servants start levelling the planet so they can build the 11th hole on their new sector-wide golf course.

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Thule one shotted the Necron Lord. I think he is capable enough to do the same to poor Eliphas.

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BFG is still canon, dammit!
> because nothing was challenging anymore
except that's wrong. They went to sleep because they killed their gods and doing so fucked them over so hard they had to recover.

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>>Except for the art of warpless FTL travel, you losers.
Inertialess drives, motherfucker. They can FTL just fine, thank you. I have no idea how it works, but it does.

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Nah, they lost that in the new version. They just use the Webway, before that they used sleeper ships.

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Shut up and enjoy webway travel.

>BFG is still canon, dammit!

Outdated material based on old retconned fluff.

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Oh they still have it.

Warp based FTL is just better, larticularly if you include the webway.

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I'm sad they got rid of Pariahs.

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Pariahs aren't gone from the canon, just no longer a part of the bulk necron forces. They were the C'Tan's plaything, and since the C'tan got boxed, as >>20069855 put it, they aren't important.
Imagine you have a bike. It's simple to use, it's easy to understand, and it doesn't cost much to fuel. That's the 'slow-burning torch ships' that they use. Good for getting around, if slow.

Then you figure out the car. That's the inertialess drive ships. They have the ability to go faster than anything that came before, breaking what was thought to be a barrier like cars broke the speed of sound eventually. It's pretty good, and you use it for a bit and enjoy it.

After that, though, you find out how to make a fucking plane. ZOOM. You can go faster than you'd ever dreamed, crossing the entire planet in less than a day - the planet being the galaxy, in our metaphor. This is Webway/Warp FTL. You still use the car for going on day to day stuff, but when you need to go somewhere far and fast, you get on a plane.

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Their lack of FTL tech is what fractured their vast Empire and made them lose the first war against the Old Ones.

The Necrons got FTL when the C'tan taught them how to use the webway.

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No, the Inertia-less drives are gone. Necrons use the Webway exclusively for fast travel now.

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Don't forget the Webway's defenses try to destroy/trap the Necron whenever they use it.

So it is not a sure thing that they will reach their destination.

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>Work with Kyras to corrupt the Blood Ravens
>Abaddon says Kyras plans to sacrifice the Blood Ravens to Khorne
>Meet Kyras (sort of), call him a loyalist

Oh Eliphas.

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I told you.

He suffers from a short memory problem.

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All he can think about is that stupidhead meanie Davian Thule.

>For decades, I was flayed and burned! Every accursed second I thought of you and your meddling!

Totally not gay.

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>Davian Thule, I thought of you constantly while I was getting my jollies from horrific torture!
>No homo.

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Thule's reply was pure gold.

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Even in death, he still serves

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The second part is pic related.

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