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seek'ir masterrace

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Good morning and welcome to another installment of Primordial! Right now we're going to start the South Continent Tribal Game, all are invited to participate. To start a tribe, choose one of five available sentient species in the South, make up a tribe name and tribal symbol for them, and pick a starting location using this map right here.
Of course, each of the five sentients have their own advantages and disadvantages, as we'll detail more below.

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Umm, IG, the Gantu need to be resized... they average around 9ft. tall. Nad made a resized version somewhere back in the E. Continent threads... I can go find it if you like.

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As with much of this continent.
If nothing happened to them, this pic is the proper Puruu scale. The shorter one is the average. Large is the maximum size they reach in old age.

Log'eadz are the biggest if not counting an Elan's antlers.

Geists are pretty spot on.

Don't know about Shwirms.

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Shwirms are good. The hips are oddly stanced, real wide, but if I was anywhere near a good of drawfag as IG I *might* have a right to critique, but I don't so I'll shut up and stop being anal-retentive.

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The five available races:

Tendency: protective, prideful
Special Abilities: fast runners, natural tool source (antlers), good climbers, comparatively weak strength, frail
Travel Distance: 137 km/day (roughly 1 1/3 square)

Tendency: very social, slight xenophobia
Special Abilities: echolocation, fast movement, irritation when exposed to strong light, lack of sight when in quiet and wide open spaces, natural camouflage in darkness (light-refracting slime)
Travel Distance: 105 km/day (roughly one square)

Tendency: social, curious
Special Abilities: natural weapon (arm blade), fast breeding, high endurance to injury and environmental factors, small stature, cannot use complex tools if alone
Travel Distance: 72 km/day (roughly 3/4 square)

Tendency: aloof, curious
Special Abilities: hard to kill, can survive decapitation, can regrow lost limbs, can breathe underwater, very good climbers, immune to dream mold hallucinogen, comparatively weak strength, slower speed, needs high moisture to survive, frail
Travel Distance: 40 km/day (slightly less than half a square)

Tendency: aggressive, prideful
Special Abilities: very strong, natural weapon (retractable arm spike), tough, can't into stealth, can't swim due to weight, bad climbers, very slight learning disability
Travel Distance: 54 km/day (roughly 1/2 square)

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Welp, resized. Should be good now.
This means the Puruu also gets very small stature as a Special Ability.

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Doing this game:
So you got yourself a tribe, what now? Well, first you can state what kind of GMing you'd like to have. GM (me and nongent would provide a large input for your tribe, from which you can decide what to do next), Self-GM (you dictate all the roll results and story for your tribe, we only interfere if there's a major gamebreaking dispute), and Assisted GM (we provide the roll results, stuff outside of the tribe and upon request).

All rolls in this game will use d20s, so note the dice when you want to roll. It is preferable to roll for a lot of things in one post, since it will free up post space.
Oh, almost forgot, if you decide to go with GM or assisted GM, also state if you want hardcore mode or not. In Hardcore mode, failures are more catastrophic, successes less epic, and your tribe could be wiped off the map completely.
You can also state if you want your tribe to be social (in which they will get contact with other tribes earlier) or isolated (discovery by other tribes only possible very late in the game), player vs player combat (yes or no; if yes, your tribe can go into hostility with another tribe and vice versa).
Next posts, I shall detail the roll results needed for self-GM.

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Self-GM roll results.
In this game, you roll when you want to try out something new, invent or upgrade something, or explore. For inventions and the like, if you get a continuous string of 3 failures, you still get the invention, but it will be crude. It can be improved, however, as long as you succeed the improvement roll.
When interacting with another tribe (outside of combat), it is supposed to be done without rolls, since dice diplomacy method are not as realistic as normal diplomacy.

That said, here are the usual severity of results:
1 fucking bad. really fucking bad. (death, crippling, coma, etc)
2-3 fucking bad, not as bad as one. (loss of limb, but life goes on.)
4-6 bad, but recoverable (badly injured but will recover)
7-9 Meh. status quo stays the same. (if starving, you find just enough food to surive and keep starving, instead of die.)
10-13 minor positive
14-16 positive
17-19 very fucking good
20 a legendary act/ event/ result

If hardcore mode is on:
1 is death, horrible ultra death with a ripple effect to the rest of the tribe
the 2-3. also death. basically, the bad is worse, and the good isint as good. a 20, is just something that is pretty nice, with 14-16, and 17-19 being merged into an area of simply ok, to good results.

For exploring, you can roll a minimal of two dice: the progress of the travel, and the result of the travel. 1 is a disaster or attack of some sort that prevents any movement, and may harm or kill your travelers. 2-5 is a reduction in speed to 1/2. 6-19 is normal travel speed. 20 you must have found some good crack, because you are moving at 1.5 speed.

If you want, you can roll to decide direction, maybe if one of your tribesman decide to wander in unfamiliar territory.
1-6 turn 45 degrees left
7-14 go straight
15 -20 turn 45 degrees right

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With that said, the tribal game is officially started! Here is a biome map to help you decide starting locations. Wouldn't want your Puruu to start in the middle of the desert now, won't we?

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I'll have to do this tomorrow as it's late in my time-zone, but for now, know that I'm taking square R14 with my tribe of snow-dwelling Shwirm

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Oh, don't forget to give them a symbol, so I can put them on the map.

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I'll have to do that tomorrow it's 2am here.

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Okay, good night then.
How about other players? New ones interested in joining but have questions? Ask away!

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Running two tribes this time. Turning hardcore on for both. These sprites fit in the blocks quite well, so they'll serve as my map markers.
To anyone else, no rules against running multiple.

Puruus living around H, 16.
They live between the splits of the river, where Lubs and trees are within close proximity to each other.
Their bedding and egg pools are constructed up in the trees, make of Hexis leaves adhered together with their own saliva. They are lead by a single elder, usually the oldest, and thus largest. They worship a pantheon of gods which command the world around them, but there is one they revere above all else; Ramur. Just as microscopic jellyfish make up the bodies of Puruus, they believe that they came from the body of Ramur.

Geists living in the valley between the mountains at Q, 12.
A rather laid-back tribe, the Vierachè live along the slopes of a valley next to a hot spring. Their chief is the large alpha male of the pride. They hunt and gather food down in the valley to bring up to their home, which is a large den dug into the ground not far from the spring. Their beliefs are that the sounds of the wind are the voices of spirits from the Great Empty. A shaman provide guidance to the tribe based on what she hears from the spirits. (The Great Empty the sky. As Geists rely on echo location, they're unable to get any feedback, so it just appears to be an endless void).
Most of the time though, they just lounge in the spring water.

As for GMing, I'll self-GM the small lore-related rolls, and leave the more important things such as exploration to you and nongent. If either of you get some sort of idea for one of my more minor rolls, please share. It'll probably be better than something I'd think of myself (like the Burrahn blowguns and Lenarus going into the wilderness).

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currently debating between schwars or logeads.

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Starting position: I 12

The Iminye Tribe is divided between four different families. Grim, Fiery Messenger, Inviting Bark, and Earthshaking Grub. Each emphasizes a different tribal idea. They are seasonal migrates that travel in the Plains during the Time of Grass and in the Forest during the Time of Leaves. It is currently the beginning of the Time of Grass. The Tribe is preparing to wander the Plains, the hunters eager to prove themselves in the Wild Hunts. The grazers dread leaving their ideal lifestyle, but understand. They are ready gather oats and grains of prairie grass.

This is good starting point for me, but I should've been in bed hours ago. So I'll start making actions and rolling when I get back. Look forward to a great game. I plan on directing alot of my tribes actions, and am open to other player interactions.

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Might be a good idea to have these as well. Up-to-date illustrations of the southern races.

I've noticed stridas (former name) being referred to as Elen and Elenii. Is one the plural or something?

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I am guessing that Elen is the singular and Elenii is the plural

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Slanera tribe Elenii rocking up to K12 (that green is forest right?)

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You sure you want to be that close to another Elenii Tribe?

The Iminye are only a few squares north of you.

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I couldn't tell what race you were from your post.

But i'm willing to move up to G8.

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looks good man. are you the same guy who did the slanera island lem way back when?
for all: either myself or IG will get to the map in about 9 hours or so.

the two tribes in close proximity could be interesting. Either conflict or cooperation. alternatively, one of you could migrate away if it is unfavorable, but for the sake of interesting things happening i would prefer it. it would make sense two as they are the same race.

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I am indeed the Slanera island lem guy.

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A little update, because it always happens: lets say you want to quit the game because you aren't interested anymore/ too busy and need/ want to abandon your tribe. that's fine, but your tribe falls under NPC category, and is no longer protected as it would be with a player tribe. That doesn't mean it will be outright annihilated. It does mean that absorption by another tribe, conquest, destruction, or fading into the background are quite possible.

If you think you can throw a few token posts here or there to keep them going, and want that, do so. If you dont care, state that too. If you plan to come back, but might be gone for a little while, let us know, just dont go silent without warning.

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Okay, putting the symbols on the map. I just need confirmation on Slanera's start position, K12 or G 8?
Fortune's Schwar tribe would probably come later in play when he comes with the symbol (and name, I might add).
I assume Yapap and Vierache doesn't have symbols, at least one not seen.

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Im sure IG can do it better with the source material and a real photo manipulation program, but this was requested, so here it is.

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This is more of a tool for the GMs, but it will show locations of major blung hordes, and dream rot infections.

The players who first encounter these things will name them.

Blung fields grow and grow until they cannot self sustain anymore, they disperse, and are diminished, able to move on, and possibly split off more self sustaining hordes.

They are at their weakest during initial colonization of an area, and their strongest right before dispersal. Blung fields will occupy a single square, and radiate out influence, as the central square grows in concentration of presence, it will begin to extend influence out around it, increasing the chances of tribe/ blung interaction.

Blung hordes are not always friendly with each other and may prey on one another.


Dream rot by itself is harmless, but as it grows in concentration it attracts more and more cedya. They are not so harmless, and will eventually cause the Gesh Dreamers who are the progenitors of the rot, to flee to a new region less they be slaughtered one and all. Once they are gone, the rot dies down, and the cedya disperse. As the Dreamers stay in one location, the rot builds up again.

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glad to see you make a triumphant return, im logging off soon but i had a few questions about that tribe. (were they something you want to revisit, if so did you have plans for them? If not, i have some plans when we go back to the west continent for the metal age)

Aside from all that, here is to a good game. Feel free to start making discovery rolls, or hunting, or tribal life in any way shape or form.

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I don't really have any plans to re-visit them, I'm open to anything really, I don't mind what happens to them.

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this didnt get posted but... swing on by the IRC, also there is a fair bit about your tribe in that wiki.

1d4chan article and archive links:

IRC: come and talk.
Player, lurkers, and those just curious, feel free to come in.

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I claim O20 for the Log'ead tribe of Tra

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Have a symbol Nad made for me

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I might as well post my tribe.
Though it will be seen how active I will be able to be this time around.

The Lufae are a tribe of geists that live in the hills of the area R 17, that slope downwards to the plains from the mountains.

Living right next to the plains has shaped their psyche somewhat. The Great Empty and the Endless Void are always present in their lives. They believe that one day, the world song that keeps the void at bay will end, and the great empty will engulf the world.
Their tribal symbol is a depiction of the Lufae people standing in watch as the world is consumed by the void.

They live in large communal burrows that are dug in to the ground, and reinforced with mud and chompa bones and shells. The strong brute males are excellent diggers, and the tribe has already developed primitive tools that help them dig their tunnels even better.
All the tribe members live in the same burrow. During days, they gather there and rest in one great pile in where the pheromones of their slime can easily transfer across the whole tribe.

They wear garments, necklaces, and bracelets that are all full of pieces of wood, fangs, hollowed out seeds and beans and other things that cause noise. These "sound clothes" are used by the tribe to augment their own personal song, which is important for their sense of self. The geists are never truly silent. Their basic sonar humming is augmented with more elaborate noises and songs, which make up the language of the geists. The communal song of the Lufae people is sung by the whole tribe, but the most important singers are placed in the communal chamber, from which the song resonates in radius of many kilometers. This song connects all the Lufae together.

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The Log'ead tribe known as the Tra live in northeast corner of the eastern Siwari plain. They, giving them access to the forests, the Lacorra Badlands, the siwari plain and, if they want visions, the Dream Forests. In my previous post, I stated they'd specifaclly be in the area of O 20

The Tra are a tribe that values strength, and sees their spikes, or Mulpacs, as physical embodiements of Strength and Honor. Elder Log'Eadz posses mulpacs so long they cannot be sheathed, so amongst the tribe, having ones weapons at the ready means one is "wise"

The Tra use animal horns for spear and javelin heads, which are their main weapons. They will barrage prey with javelins, herding prey towards warriors armed with heavy spears.

Homes are made up of tents made from stretched runna skins ( or do they just have bony exoskeletons?).

The tribe is lead by a pair of chieftans, who have beaten, literally, all other challengers for his position. If they remain strong, he will lead the tribe till he dies in the hunt. Their names are Eno and Dlo, and Eno is the father of two young warriors, Krom and Krog,

The tribe wears simple garments, made from the hide of animals, and wears braclets of animal sinew, decorated with bits of bone, or, in the case of warrior males, the Mulpacs of their defeated foes.

Looking for a tribal driven, and semi character driven storyline, with assisted GM for things outside of the tribe

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The plains are a terrifying place for the geists. In the wast open areas, their echolocation doesn't work as well as it could. The geists navigate by tracing objects with distinct echoes, such as trees, large boulders, hills and mountains. In the plains, these things are so few and far between that the geists have hard time figuring out where they are.
Imagine that you are in a dark space of undefined size. Only relatively small space around you is lit up, and this area moves with you. Sometimes objects enter this zone of light, but beyond them, you can't see anything else.
That is what it is like for a geist in the middle of the plains. Their sonar's range is simply too limited to reliably navigate in the was open plains.

Because of their fear of the plains, the wyvern geists have grown into important figures in the Lufae belief system. Their sonar screams "light up" the void of the plains, allowing those who hear it to find their way back home. They are thought to be opposing forces to the all consuming Endless Void, they are almost angelic figures to the Lufae. The wyverns are the singers of the world song in the Lufae mythology. They are said to be the servants of the main deity of the Lufae religion.
The Lufae often leave offerings and tributes to the wyverns atop of high hills and such. Sometimes old members of the tribe offer themselves to the wyverns, in hopes that the magnificent beings would carry their souls to the choir of the ancients.

The Lufae main deity is called Lupia. In the songs praising her, she is depicted as the creator of the world and the protector of the geist people. She sung out the world from the void and banished the great empty to only loom over it. In the tales she often appears to be a tall female geist with wyvern wings and tail.

>> No.20072254

What happens when it storms on the plains? I would think that the thunder would also "light up" the world for the Lufae people as well, no?

>Also, holy shit this is going be epoch. Keep up the good work Nad

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The Tra have a strong belief in the power of imagery. They have symbols for many things, that, when made upon an object, are thought to imbue it with the properties of the symbol made.

The River: Life
Broken River: Death
The Mountain: Strength
Crossed Spikes: A Warning, a display of strength

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The current status of the following families:

>Earthshaking Grub
The whole clan is made up of male members and grubs. This family forsters invention and celebrates birth. Families lines are recorded through the mother, so unless some grubs developed into girls, this family will not survive another generation. This has lead them to try to mark the tribes history with their radical thinking and new inventions.

A Dream Shaman. Like his other Earthshaking cousins, he was once an curious grazer. He studied at the edge of the dreamforest until he decided becoming a Shaman was the only way to learn more. To others, he is the less scary but more foolish shaman. He thinks out loud constantly.

The only Earthshaking Grub Steward. He is sometimes concerned about his clan's influence in the tribe and how it will be remembered in the future. He tends to favor experimentation with new things and ideas.

>Inviting Bark
This family is known for their clam hearts and their contrary profession choice. They have a history of negotiating conflicts between families. They have more female than male hunters which serve as a scouting party during the Time of Leaves. The were also blessed with a strong hyper-male, that chose to be a grazer.

An alternative to Firil, she can gather the support of stewards of other families easily. She believes that her family holds the right idea of cooperation that will keep the tribe from failing.

A hyper-male whose primal urges have been suppressed by his Inviting Bark family. He wishes to protect the tribes Grazers and accompanies them during the Time of Grass.

>> No.20072456


A big family known for their stoic determination. They hold two high positions in the tribes structure, one of which is the eldest of the whole tribe. They are also known for their many female grazers. They take the funeral responsibilities for the rest of the tribe. After a hunter dies, their grazers are seen collecting decorative plants for their burial.

Was once a great hunter until he become lost in the dreamforest. The gesh rot took away his ability to defend the tribe in the waking world. To the rest of the tribe he is mad and crazy. He is a scary dude with sunken eyes and a wiry white mane. Becoming a Dream Shaman, he believes he can defend the tribe in the Dreaming.

The eldest Elen of the Iminye tribe. She is ancient looking compared to everyone else. To the rest of the tribe, she is the only real authority because she has the most experience. She is determined to lead the Iminye even if she has to sacrifice some along the way. Was once the mate to a hunter who died and visits his grave every Time of Grass.

>Fiery Messenger
They are brash leaders who have the most Stewards and Hunters. They believe they can lead the tribe into the future. Their hunters hold rivalries with other families for sport during the Wild Hunt.

A prideful Steward who believes he can lead the tribe. He uses his influence to push for exploration and hunting. To others he is a maverick that can capitalize on opportunity. He looks forward to the annual Return Feast and personally hunts the trophy the tribe eats.

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Good point. Perhaps the storms are seen as Lupia singing so her children could walk in the void?

Regarding the choir of the ancients, the Lufae believe that the worthiest of Lupia's followers will be placed in the choir, to sing the world song with the wyverns. Some even say that eventually, the ancients will become wyverns themselves. Because of this, the wyverns are always treated with utmost respect.
The Lufae word for the wyverns is Ethalnu, which means "Respected elder."

The Lufae are suspicious of the other races. Their ability to "see world without song" (actually seeing, instead of echolocation) scares the Lufae. Geists always know when other geist is "looking" at them, but creatures with sight can gaze upon the geists without the geists noticing, and that scares the lufae people.
They call other races "Ilufens" which means "songless". The Lufae try to almost instinctively stay out of the sight of other races. They lurk in the shadows, observe, listen and hide.
To some of the smart males of the Lufae tribe, the songless are subjects of morbid curiosity, they seek to find ways how to move even more sneakily and how to avert or disable the gazes of the seeing ones.

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Race: Puruu
Location: D,12. Forest, bordering on a Lub forest.
Assisted GM
Hardcore: No
Social: Yes
PvP: No

Their egg (Runu, as they call them) pool is a re-purposed natural pond under a Lub. The Ruufaya live their lives around the pool; they were all born from it, they constantly feed it and when they die, they are fed to it. The Ruufaya repeatedly swap their old, tired Runu with fresh, well-fed Runu from the pool; individual Puruu are made through the incubation process of taking a group of Runu into the "womb" in their heads.

The Ruufaya have no religion as such, instead they tell stories of Papuruu, an ancient Puruu who was perfect in every way; whether Papuruu really existed is left to individual opinion. Some believe Papuruu was the first formed Puruu and he invented the first Runu pool, though the general consensus is Papuruu was the strongest, smartest, fastest, wittiest Puruu there's ever been and all Puruu should strive to be like him.

>> No.20072570

rolled 14, 16 = 30

Before moving on into the Plains, the Iminye grazers will try to gather as much fruit and food from the forest, once more.

The Steward will pack up the branch and hide tents, wrap the grub babies and tie them to their mothers, and wait for the grazers to return.

Rolling for Grazers collection, and Stewards preparation.

>> No.20072858

rolled 5, 18, 7 = 30


For the most part preparations went pretty well. The tribe believes they will have favorable luck in the next season. However they aren't able to carry as much as the wanted. They have the idea to convince Kirunna to carry their supplies and will try this idea soon.

The Grazers return with a modest collection. They can eat this for a day before having to harvest prairie grass or eating game they hunt.

They march out into the Open Sky and keep an eye out for danger and game.

Rolling for finding game, finding Kirunna or other Runna species, and avoiding monsters.

>> No.20072975

rolled 9 = 9

Hardcore: HECK NAH
Assisted GM
PVP: Maybe


The Hunters of Tra grow restless, and the tribe itself is hungry. It is time for a great hunt.

Roll roll roling for the success of the hunt

>> No.20073013 [DELETED] 

rolled 4, 17, 5 = 26

The people of Tra are satisfied by the food brought home. Runnas were killed, and their horns are taken and sharpened upon rocks.

Some of the males however, are still restless. Some wish to venture to the lacorra badlands, to hunt rainbowback males for their horns. A dozen young males leave the tribe to go hunt the Rainbowbacks

Rolling for Tool making, How many of the hunters return from rainbowback hunting, and how many have rainbow horns for new spears

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Here is a base blung horde chart.
The hordes will begin to move eventually, but for now, they are mostly located in their own territories.

The numbers indicate what particular blung breeds exist in each horde. Over time, the hordes might grow even more different from each other, but for now, this is what they are made of.

On to other things.

Firstly, the name of the tribal hoppa species isn't Nad'lun, that is the name of just that particular tribe. The tribal hoppas are named Alun.

Secondly, the geists are also excellent climbers. They have gecko like paws that allow them to climb on almost any surface. That trait was developed way back in the cave threads.

>> No.20073175


Tra hunters track the small herbivorous Paresh. It looks to be an easy kill, when the Paresh ear perk up. Expecting to give chase the hunters prepare to charge. The Gesh start running toward the hunters and out of the taller grass comes a Crusade of Cathedral Chomps.

They stampede towards the Hunters position.

>> No.20073230

rolled 16 = 16

Ruh Roh. Cathedrals

The Hunters are confident in themselves, but are not so arrogant ast to think they can take a crusade of Cathedrals.

Rolling to escape the cathedrals

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Going to claim P15 for the Puruu tribe of the Urupuruu, who live on the great river Arupa, on the stretch below Uru ul Prapau, which means "The Great Water of Standing Still" in their tongue. To the east is Gru la Ularu, which is" The Great Crack in the Ground", and beyond that is the Trackless Sea of No Water, or Gral La Uru Pu La.

The Urupuruu worship the river Arupa, which they believe to have once been a very tall and fat Puruu, who one day walked to the top of the Big Rock (Ul Url) which is the Mountain, and fell over on it's side, killing poor Arupa and leaving the river behind. Gra la Ularu is also a sacred place to the Urupuruu peoples, for they believe that the world is flat, and that Gra la Ularu is actually a big hole in the world that falls out into the sky.

Their Runu is a small spring fed pond next to the river.

Assisted GM would be nice.
No PvP
No Hardcore

>> No.20073584

They narrowly escape the Crusade by retreating behind a boulder. The thunder as they pass is deafening. But they ignore the Tra hunters. In the distance they hear a terrible roar they can't recognize.

After the Cathedral Chomps pass, the hunters rediscover part of the Paresh herd near a watering hole. It seems safe. They hunt a few Paresh successful but the rest escape again.

>> No.20073667

rolled 13 = 13

A dozen hunters stay to collect the Paresh, another dozen head off to hunt a few more, and a half dozen youngsters feel like proving their worth. The youngster head off towards the direction of the Cathedrals, to slay one for great honor and respect in the tribe

Rolling for Hunting more Paresh, finding Cathedrals, and if a cathedral is found, killing a lone one

>> No.20073678

rolled 4, 4 = 8

derp, Rolling for the other two things

>> No.20073834


More Paresh are caught and killed. The hunters ambush the Paresh returning to the water hole.

The Cathedral stampede left plenty of tracks. But they have gain alot of distance from the younger hunters. The Cathedral are now a day's walk from them. If honor and respect is wanted, they may have to march longer into the Plains, or wait for another opportunity.

>> No.20073884
File: 10 KB, 300x302, geist village.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 9 = 9

Okay starting with Vierachè first.

Crawling out from the den one late afternoon, one of the tribes stumbled hungrily to the food supply, only to find that it was starting to get a bit low. With this news, a gathering party is formed. They to to visit the shaman, who advises them on where to search for fruits and edible roots.

Rolling for food gathering.

>> No.20073886

The youths, being young and foolish, venture back to the other hunters, and take a little bit of meat for their journey, but are rebuked by the elder hunters, and are forced to help carry the slain paresh back to the tribe. Perhaps some other time they will prove their worth, but not today.

>> No.20074082
File: 85 KB, 800x600, Raga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 5 = 5


Time goes by and the pool requires feeding, though what with only further time will tell.
Mercifully, the Lub Forest provides a potential solution in the form of Floating Raga.

Rolling to catch Floating Raga.

>> No.20074095

The Shaman's advice was taken and the gathers find some brillent Gildenthread bushes in full bloom. As well as bronze grass covering the hillside. The land seems fertile but it is currently the off season for the good roots and bushes to bear fruit.

The party realizes that this grove alone will not be enough to resupply the food store.

>> No.20074194

rolled 14, 4 = 18

There was plenty of food, but the gathering party didn't have time to collect much, as a Ravenous Shambler was in the area. They had to get out of there before it could notice them. They'll have to wait until the Shamber leaves until they can go to that area again.

To the more tropical north, there is contest taking place. In the Yapap, an old Puruu is challenging the previous elder for his position in leadership of the tribe. They go at each others with curved spears of sharpened hexis. Unlike many other races, Puruus become stronger in old age. These two giants dodge and strike each other until...

Rolling for result of combat. High roll favors the challenger, low favors the current elder. If close to 10, the fight continues.
Second die is waiting for the Shambler to leave the fruit patch.

>> No.20074574

rolled 4 = 4

The shaman of the Urupuruu, Rupol, has discovered that when air is blown over the top of certain jugs, it creates an attractive, musical sound. Rupol decides that jugs, however are not enough. he begins to experiment by poking holes in the side of the jug to see if it changes pitch.

Rolling to see how successful Rupol is at making a musical instrument.

>> No.20074781

The strange sounds that come from Rupol's jug, (which is made out of sun baked clay from the river bank) frighten the other Puruu of the Urupuruu. Rupula, Rupol's apprentice, mistakes him for a dark spirit and runs (relative to how fast the Puruu normally move) off into the hills. The other members of the tribe then proceed to smash the clay jug into tiny clay pieces.

>> No.20075587

rolled 16, 15, 4 = 35

With the meat of the paresh returned, and hides collected, the tribe is content. Mostly

Some of the spears of the elder males were cracked during the hunt, and new spear heads are needed. Eno suggests that the hunters venture the Lacorra Badlands, and hunt rainbowbacks. The half dozen youths had gone after the cathedrals jump at this, and soon, a dozen of the tribes hunters leave for the nearby badlands.

In the meantime, the rest of the tribe prepares the meats, and tan the hides of the paresh.

rolling for hide tanning, food preperation, and hunting in the badlands

>> No.20076144
File: 300 KB, 800x600, Lufae surroundings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Lufae tribe is led by the alpha male. He is the absolute ruler of the tribe, in theory at least.
In practice, he mainly directs the tribe in matters that interest him, and he keeps the other brute males focused on either trying to gain his favor or competing against him.
In the background, the females rule the society. They subtly influence the whims of the alpha, as well as plan and do things on their own volition in order to further their interests.
The smart males collaborate and aid the females in their plans, and get to breed in exchange.

The alpha and the brutes aren't by no means dumb, or unneeded. No, they simply don't tend to make as elaborate plans, or think ahead for greater length of time. They approach problems in direct and brutally efficient manner, and without them, the more feeble females and smart males would have much harder time to survive. The brutes are strong and resilient. They dig the tunnels of the tribe, defend it an drag the large kills of the females back to the nest of the tribe.

The males are a minority in the geist society. About 60-70% of the geists are females. This means that the females do the bulk of the labor of the tribe. They are the hunters, warriors, artisans, caretakers gatherers etc. of the tribe. The males are far more specialized. The brutes do the heavy lifting while the smart males occupy duties that require the cunning of the females, and the individual tendencies of the males, duties like scouting. The males can tolerate loneliness far better than the females, and thus scouting is the natural niche the smart males gravitate towards.

Posting a picture of the genral terrain surrounding the tribe.

>> No.20076566


The Lufae tribe has lived in the edge of the Endless Void for generations. Like their ancestors, they stand on watch over the plains as the ever vigilant servants of Lupia, they do their part in ensuring that the world song plays on and keeps the Great Empty from devouring the world.

For many years, the tribe has been led by an old and wise alpha called Thun. He has managed to keep the internal balance of the tribe stable, by giving every member of the tribe a task to do. The brute males defend the burrows and expand them, the smart males scout and help out the females, and the females do the other tasks. He has even been quite lax about other males breeding with the females, as long as they still fulfilled their duties and didn't directly oppose him.
But as his strength has started to fade, the pheromonal influence he has had over the other males has started to fade. This has been noticed by a young and ambitious brute male named Khuna. He has gathered a small band of other brutes around himself and they have a plan to oust the current alpha.
The first step in their plan is to knock down the food supply of the tribe, for a while at least. They are planning to follow the females who are on the hunt, and then ruin their attempts to get prey by scaring it away before the females can prepare their attack.

>> No.20076593

rolled 5, 9, 4, 3, 16, 11 = 48


As the females leave for a hunting trip, 4 brutes follow them, claiming to be there in order to guard the females. The females are somewhat suspicious, but they can't really stop the brutes from following them.

Meanwhile, the shaman of the tribe, named Iliath, prepares a tribute for the wyverns, in hopes that they would continue to favor her people. She has collected an offering of dead blade shwirms and two blung hounds atop a large hill. She begins to sing the song of Lupia so the wyverns would know that their cousins wished to honor them.

The tribe has also sent out 3 scout squads composed of 2 smart males each to search for new hunting grounds. One of the groups will follow the river passing near the tribe upwards, while the other downwards. The last group is tasked to explore the edge of the plains northwards.

Rolling for hunting, Khuna's attempts to mess it up, Iliath's tribute to the wyverns and the 3 scouting rolls.

Also, what I want for this game:
GM ( I have too little time for self GMing.)
Hardcore: No
Social: Yes
PvP: Maybe.

I will probably participate quite erratically, as I have currently no control over how much free time I have. Because of this, I would prefer for the GMs to keep my tribe up to speed if it becomes necessary.

>> No.20076737

About the Runnas, they do have exoskeletons. All Thudder descendants except for the Smasha line have exoskeletons. I'd say your tribe has a plate-like skeleton as well, but it's just under the skin now. If you want leather, go after Gesh and Smashas.

>> No.20076768

The names of those races are retarded, only a step better than naming them shit like Xzzthfgqthluzqy

>> No.20076877
File: 36 KB, 291x363, 3osqb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20076924

The hunters sent to the badlands approached the end of the plains. Static electricity filled the air. Moving through the spines of the Lacorra was difficult and cumbersome. They found a clearing the badlands and wait a second. They hear the roar again, and out from the Lacorra come the Rainbow Horn.

A second roar bellows from behind the hunters as another Rainbow Horn blocks their exit. Before the youngster realizes, the second Rainbow Horn charges knocking him. He is trampled underneath by the other.

>roll for combat, fight for recue, escape, or honor.

Meanwhile, the Paresh meat is pepper and seasoned. It is spit roasted and the smell salivates everyone around. The tribe uses every piece of the hides to make yards of fine tanned hide. These can be made into clothes, or even carrying pouches. There is plenty of material.

>> No.20077010

rolled 18, 14 = 32


The hunters stalked what looked like some good meat, when they heard a distance shriek. Back at the camp something was tearing up the tents. From the mound next to the Elder Sehquetas, came dozen of mean looking Schwar. They descend on the Elder en mass.

Sehquestas ran out her tent, dropped to the hard ground and rolled herself shaking and crushing the insects beneath her. Until she stops moving entirely. The tribe rushes to flick the Schwars off her using their hands and brushes of prairie grass.

The hunters rush home to find, the tribe stomping out the Schwars. Some batted the insects away with antler clubs. The Elder was poorly, but alive. Her exo-skin was cracked in a few places. She took a club and used it as crunch.

"I'm fine," she said, "Move the camp further down the way. Then have some hunters fish these bastards out. We have Schwar tonight." With that she limped. Only a few saw her in pain. Her injury would need care not to become worst.

On the otherside of the Plains, Grazers carried hoops of Hexis Vine rope and forest fruit. They had found a young Kirunna by its lonesome. The Inviting Bark sisters coo and tweet to the young Kirunna giving it some sweet forest fruit.

rolling to convince the Kirunna to come, and how bad Sehquestas' injury is

>> No.20077097
File: 958 B, 110x60, MmrnmhrmCaptain_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only a step better than naming them shit like Xzzthfgqthluzqy
Say that to my face, motherfucker, and not online. See what happens.

>> No.20077197 [DELETED] 

rolled 6 = 6

The hunters of Tra stand firm, and shall not flee from mere beats

Rolling for fighting the beasts

>> No.20077216

rolled 15 = 15

The men of Tra stand firm, ready to face the beasts. They shall not flee, and if they die today, they die decent deaths

>> No.20077641

rolled 20, 11, 16 = 47


The Puruu of the Urupuruu are sad that they have accidently scared off Rupula. Rupol and the Elder of the tribe, Rapulachu, set out to try and retrieve Rupula.

Rolling once to see if Rupula survives/hasn't met some horrible fate, once to see if they can track Rupula, and once again to try and calm Rupula down if they find him.

>> No.20077954
File: 24 KB, 592x516, Ravenous Shambler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 11, 8, 3 = 22


The challenger trusts forward his spear, catching the elder in the upper portion of his upper right arm. The crowd that that gathered around the two gasps. With a good jerk, flesh is ripped from bone. Water gushes from the wound, but that alone won't be enough to take the elder down. He takes the spear in both lower arm and charges at the challenger, intending to knock him down and finish this with one swift blow.

A group of five heads back down into the valley, and it appears that the Shambler has moved on. While collecting fruit, one of the gatherers steps on what feels like a thick tree root. She freezes instantly. There aren't any large trees around this patch. The foliage blocked their sonar from picking the beast up. Once it begins to move, she drops her fruit and books it out of there. Unfortunately, the large Ravenous Shamblers are fast creatures, and doesn't take long to gain on her. The others hear her cries for help and immediately go to her aid. They pick up rocks from the ground and pile onto it, but the Shambler is strong, and it manages to whip some of the Geists off.
After beating it down with the stones long enough, it eventually releases its prey and slinks off back into the grove. All five of them come back with minor injuries except for the one who was caught first. She's badly cut up, bruises, and her legs and tail may be broken. Little food is brought back, as they had to carry back the injured party member. She is brought to the tribe's shaman for care.
Someone gets the idea to grind up a grass that whistles in wind and spread it on her own wounds, as it sings with the spirits.

Rolling for the Elder's counterattack, gatherer's recovery, and medicine.

>> No.20078273
File: 105 KB, 656x457, Ma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 4, 8 = 12


Rupula in his haste runs right into the River Arupa. He dives down to hide from the evil spirit summoned by the Shamans jug. Underneath the waters he finds a purple critter with multiple eyes. It swims around him. When Rupula trys to swat it away, It shocks him.

He loses consciousness for a few seconds. His spirit leaves his body and he believes himself in touch with the Beyond. He awakens to a strange creature never seen before, It is a slug with frills the color of the River Arupa with star light. The Ma'uma prods him(pic related). It seems friendly. It eats some weeds that gathered on him as he ran.

>> No.20078478

rolled 8, 3, 7 = 18

Rupol and Rapulachu find Rupula in the river with the Ma'uma. Rapulacha and Rupol both fall to their knees, offering a prayer to Arupa, for such a beautiful beast as this is most certainly a messenger from the Beyond. As they pull Rupol to towards the bank, he explains his out-of-body experience. Rapulacha seems in awe, but Rupol is sneering.

The three of them attempt to herd the Ma'uma back towards their spawning pool.

Rolling three d20's, taking the average score

>> No.20078527


The Logheads fight bravely. Punching the snouts of the Rainbow Horns and spearing them in the sides. Unfortunately the beasts crush the fallen hunter under foot killing him.

One hunter is gouged by the beasts and shocked several times. He rears his fist back and punches its face. His mulpacs tears its eye out and the beast collapses. The other is speared to death before charging the hunters again.

>> No.20079435

rolled 5 = 5

Despite all of their best efforts, the Urupuruu cannot seem to move the Ma'uma anywhere it does not want to go. They decide to return home instead.

Rolling a d20 for some event to happen.

>> No.20079503 [DELETED] 

rolled 8 = 8

A single push and the beasts shall die! FORWARD HUNTERS!

>> No.20079560 [DELETED] 

Oh boy... say, are we doing the method of stacking multiple rolls, to create success from multiple failures? Or are my hunters about to die?

>> No.20079622
File: 486 KB, 960x960, S cont tribal map 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good morning everyone! Glad to see the ball's rolling on this one. Here's the tribal map, currently with no boundaries; when the tribe expands into more than one square, then there will be boundaries.

>> No.20079773

rolled 4 = 4

Fuck me, whats with all the low rolls where it counts?

Anyways, sense it's a low roll I won't justify it with an event, and instead continue on with life in the Puruu tribe of the Urupuruu..

Anyways, Rupula and Rupol return back to the tribe, along with Elder Rapulachu. They gather around the Runu along with the other members of the tribe in order to discuss what the coming of the Ma'uma means.

Alright, I haven't been having the best of luck with rolls, so here it goes again.

1-5 = The Urupuruu interpreted it as a warning. They must exodus eastwards towards the Great Crack in the Ground.

6-10 = Rulupa has been chosen as the High Shaman by a spirit of the Beyond! Rupol is to be banished from the tribe, (he was never liked much anyways) and Rulupa is to take his place.

11-15 = Everything is all right. It's not a sign of anything, and if it is, they won't do anything about it.

16-20 = Apura is sending the Urupuruu a message that they are to dwell closer to the heart of the river. They are to make their way upstream with all haste, to dwell by the lake.

>> No.20079921
File: 8 KB, 328x272, Goodshow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Much storytelling will come of this I assure you.

>> No.20080178

rolled 3 = 3

You know, this self-GM deal is kinda boring. I'll just mention what I'll judge myself in future posts, and leave the rest to others.
As for the options, yes for all. All interactions, tribe able to dissolve, etc.

The elder succeeds in knocking the challenger to the ground, but he rolls out of the way when the elder tries to plunge the spear through him.

Low favors elder, high favors challenger. I have a sort of scoring for the fight going on. I'll also take care of this roll myself. Requesting results for the other two rolls in my last post.

>> No.20080431 [DELETED] 

rolled 6, 1, 14, 7, 16, 11, 20, 19 = 94

The Urupuruu leaders determine that the coming of the Ma'uma is a warning from the Beyond that a great catastrophic event is about to occur. It is determined that the Urupuruu will have to relocate. Rupol suggests moving to the east, five days away to Gru la Ularu, the Great Crack in the Ground. There, the Shaman says, they will find the Dark Walkers, who stride across the endless void of the sky.

In order to prepare for this journey, the Urupuruu will need many large jugs and bowls that they can fill with water, so as to stay hydrated. These jugs and bowls will be made by baking clay in the sun.

Okay, so the tribe has one Elder, one Shaman, the Shaman's apprentice, and 6 unnamed auxiliary Puruu. I guess they each need to carry one jug a piece, and have a large bowl to carry the contents of the Runu. Considering that a Puruu moves at about half a square a day, it should take 5-6 days for them to reach the Great Crack in the Ground

Guess I'm rolling first to see if I can manage to make seven jugs and one big bowl.

>> No.20080441 [DELETED] 

rolled 9 = 9

The Urupuruu leaders determine that the coming of the Ma'uma is a warning from the Beyond that a great catastrophic event is about to occur. It is determined that the Urupuruu will have to relocate. Rupol suggests moving to the east, five days away to Gru la Ularu, the Great Crack in the Ground. There, the Shaman says, they will find the Dark Walkers, who stride across the endless void of the sky.

In order to prepare for this journey, the Urupuruu will need many large jugs and bowls that they can fill with water, so as to stay hydrated. These jugs and bowls will be made by baking clay in the sun.

Okay, so the tribe has one Elder, one Shaman, the Shaman's apprentice, and 6 unnamed auxiliary Puruu. I guess they each need to carry one jug a piece, and have a large bowl to carry the contents of the Runu. Considering that a Puruu moves at about half a square a day, it should take 5-6 days for them to reach the Great Crack in the Ground

Guess I'm rolling first to see if I can manage to make seven jugs and one big bowl.

>> No.20080455 [DELETED] 

rolled 19, 7, 12, 15, 17, 20, 15, 10 = 115

Wrong roll

>> No.20080568 [DELETED] 


Fuck. Uhh, sorry for polluting the thread with multiple posts.

Anyways, the Urupuruu craft some effective, but not particularly pleasant looking jugs and bowels.
They should be enough to carry water for 5-6 days of hydration. One can only hope that there is a water source to be found at Gru la Ularu.

I'll finish this tomorrow. G'night for now, everyperson.

>> No.20080748

No problem NOTRIP

The gatherer injuiries were quite sever. Her tail was infact broken and hampered her walking. For many days she will be in bed recovering. The Geist that applied the whistling grass learned to regret her decision. Painful heaves erupted on her cuts and bruises. She too was in bed-ridden.

They were seperated from the rest of the tribe to keep the heaves from spreading. Fortunately, the two Geist had each other while they recovered. They developed a much deeper bond together.

>> No.20081200

if you click the box on your post, for each one you want gone, then go to the bottom of the page, and click delete (right hand side) it will take care of that for you.
Holy shit. look at all this activity. And im quite proud of you guys. Here we do not only not feed the trolls, we bury them under our creative output. well done.
currently working on another map to indicate player locations and names, to overlay with the blung map. then we are in business.
currently working on my own tribe. waiting to see what fortune makes. Also wondering if anyone is interested in a close by neighboring tribe to interact with. pondering on logeads or schwar.
small events are upcoming.

>> No.20081360
File: 400 KB, 1278x876, korobushka data sheet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's what we do. Funny you should mention me, just finally finished my datasheet/tribe. The Korobushka! These Bladeshwirm live on the cold snow-capped peaks around an alpine lake, hunting and ice-fishing for what they need to survive.

> Hardcore?
> Style of Play?
Tribal Development
> Player Interaction?
Removed (for now, may later change to open)

Korobushka culture will draw from Russia and Eastern Europe. Their language is a mix of Russian, Coptic, and Arabic. They currently have neither religion nor fire, but I've plans for their rituals when/if they get there.

Instead of dumping a whole bunch of text here, I'll slowly reveal their culture to you through the various events. Also, from now on, I'll be namefagging as Korobushka.

>> No.20081602

rolled 20, 9, 8, 8 = 45

All right, the hunters return from the Lacorra badlands, with the youngster now much more wary of of the dangers of the world.

The tribal shamans, a pair of old women, are going to travel to the "Spirit Forests to the north," where they hope to experience visions that well help guide the people of Tra.

Meanwhile, a couple of youths who did not accompany the hunting trip to the Lacorra Badlands get into a fight. One is Krom, one of the two sons of Eno, on of the two tribal chieftans, and Pluk, a nephew of the Shamans.

A few of the women folk (and the children to young to fight or hunt) begin to craft clothes from hides that were tanned earlier, to welcome the hunters when they return from the badlands

Rolling for the pace of the hunters on their way back, the Spirit Quest of the Shamans, the fight, and clothes making

>> No.20081616

rolled 8 = 8

oops, forgot to specify who would win for a given number for the fight

1-10 Pluk
11-20 Krom
Lets reroll for that

>> No.20082489

rolled 7 = 7

One question, did you mean hives?

Before the challenger could get back up, the elder firmly pinned him down underfoot. "I've won. You know this, Kwaku," he said, spear tip held just above the challenger's face.
The elder released Kwaku from the ground and looks up to all of those gazing down on the two combatants from the canopy. "By rite of battle, I, Ytai, am still leader of the Yapap." After his address to the tribe, Elder Ytai climbed back up into to the tree canopy to retrieve an egg for patching up his wounds.
Ytai and Kwaku are the two eldest, and most respected members of the tribe, as well as its founders. Every other puruu (or lifou [Lih-foo] as they call their kind) in the tribe is descended from one of them. They founded this new tribe in their youth with the beliefs of their old one, which fell to famine many year ago. The two have had disputes on how things should be done many times over the years, and leadership has been passed between them in numerous occasions.

Not long after the fight finished, a scouting party of two who went out up the river three days ago returned.

Rolling for results of exploration.

>> No.20082511

rolled 9, 20, 13 = 42

>field too long

While the gatherer's legs were not broken, she is still unable to walk. A deep cut from the Shambler's teeth cut a tendon in her right leg. The recovery will be long and painful, but it does look like she will live. Despite recovery, she will have a limp for the rest of her life.
Defiling the whistling grass must have upset the spirits, and this ailment is undoubtedly punishment. The shaman tries to commune with the wind spirits, asking them to forgive her for this foolishness.
With the Shambler still in the valley, and food in low supply, the tribe has two choices: search for food further down the valley (closer to the lake), or rid themselves of the beast immediately.

Rolling for recovery from hives, deciding between slaying the Shambler (even) or searching elsewhere (odd), and success of chosen action. (please involve spirits in the derision)
I'll judge the recovery myself.

>> No.20083123

I am gonna draw some more things later today.
This thread must not die.

>> No.20083224

Agreed, but today I had lots of errands to run. Tomorrow I'll have lots of time to contribute. As of now it's far too late and my creative organ is a little tired at 3am.

>> No.20083918

Bump before sleep.

>> No.20084634
File: 487 KB, 960x960, S cont tribal map 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Allright, added Korobushka to the map.
There will be some kind of random events, but for now, it's too early in the game for one. We'll see how this goes first.

>> No.20084783
File: 61 KB, 800x600, IHasAStick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 11, 6, 15 = 32


Since trying to catch the Raga turned out fruitless, alternatives had to be sought out.
One Puruu noticed the Yazda that were flying all around the Raga and devised a plan to catch them; a long rod with the end wrapped with algae strands and coated in sticky mud.

Rolling for one more attempt at the Raga, invention of the sticky-stick and catching Yazdas.

>> No.20084972
File: 81 KB, 1059x754, bronze update.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bronze, i took some liberties with your tribe's gear and redrew it so you can have a sort of paper doll to work with, to represent future developments etc. Also took some liberties with body art, and a 300 spartan style man thong. i could not stop myself. weapons were re-sized to character and based off existing drawing scale. All in all, i hope you enjoy, and are not offended. However if something doesnt sit right, its an easy picture to draw, I made no "soft lines" so its easy to erase with right click paint bucket.

>> No.20085067


Hunting goes poorly with nothing found, Khuna is more obnoxious then a hindrance, his urge to show off around the females distracting himself from the task at hand. lliath's tribute is met with silence and she is shocked, has she done something wrong? Scout teams: first gets lost along the river and is now unsure as to where they are. other tribe discovers a new hunting ground with abundant food, but it is blung, the last Finds minor game and nothing of note as the plains give way to "Abyss" for them, the endless flats.


Raga are capture in small amounts, those that drift low enough. The sticky stick is...more muddy then sticky and needs refinement, perhaps their own mucus in greater quantities may do the trick. The Yazdas are attracted to the few ragas the tribe does get and cant help but to swarm to them, and get caught. like suckers.

>> No.20085224 [DELETED] 
File: 80 KB, 800x600, Prototypes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Runu are refreshed and with them, the tribe.
Despite its lacklustre performance in Yazda catching, the Ruufaya see a glimmer of potential in the humble sticky-stick and time is set aside into experimentation.
3 prototypes are designed. A "net" made from crossing 2 smaller rods across the shaft and binding them with algae strands; a cat-o-nine-tails-style whip with many loose, sticky strands, and the original sticky-stick with mucus-reinforced mud.

Rolling for nets, whips and sticks; highest result will be the chosen design.

>> No.20085230
File: 80 KB, 800x600, Prototypes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 13, 6, 9 = 28


The Runu are refreshed and with them, the tribe.
Despite its lacklustre performance in Yazda catching, the Ruufaya see a glimmer of potential in the humble sticky-stick and time is set aside into experimentation.
3 prototypes are designed. A "net" made from crossing 2 smaller rods across the shaft and binding them with algae strands; a cat-o-nine-tails-style whip with many loose, sticky strands, and the original sticky-stick with mucus-reinforced mud.

Rolling for nets, whips and sticks; highest result will be the chosen design.

>> No.20085431


The females return to the nest hill empty handed. Sun is beginning to rise, and they can already feel it's burning rays on their backs, they try to catch few burro scwars on their way back, to somewhat amend their failure.
Khuna begins to plan another way to sabotage the current regime. He knows that some of the runty smart males are cutting out deals with the females in exchange for mating. The current alpha tolerates it, but only if the males also perform their duties. Khuna begins to plan how to sabotage the works of few of the tool maker males, who are responsible for carving simple records and making the sound garments. If they fail to do their duties, the alpha has to punish them, or ignore it, both options would make him look weak ruler (in Khuna's mind at least.)

Iliath takes a piece of wood and starts drumming it against an old hexis tree that grows on the hill. She begins her song again, in hopes that the revered wyverns would answer it.

>> No.20085436

rolled 20, 3, 7, 13, 19, 13 = 75


The first scout team tries to locate themselves. They try to track the flow of the river back to their tribe. In case they would get lost again, in stroke of genius, one of them begins to hang noise bracelets on plants, so they could at least find their way back to the place they started from.

The blungs are edible, though the Lufae do prefer the taste of the blade shwirms. The elder of the team is also slightly concerned. The blung sightings have grown more abundant from downriver lately. That means that there is either a new nest of them nearby, or a big nest is about to burst. Both options aren't really good for the Lufae. The blungs drive away other, more favored prey, and are a potential threat to the tribe itself.
He decides that the matter must be investigated further. The scouts continue their trek downstream, in their search for a potential blung field.

The final scout team heads back home. The void of the plains making them uneasy. One of them observes a small pack of geist wolfs venturing back from the void. He wonders how these beasts can enter the void and not get lost.

Rolling for hunting scwars, Khuna's schemes, wyvern ritual, finding back home, investigating the blungs and observing geist wolfs.

>> No.20086050 [DELETED] 


The Females end up gathering far more scwars then they would have of their original prey, and it will feed the tribe for some time. The creatures have grown placid and abundant from a lack of predation. Khuna and his troop are "coerced" into helping carry back the massive load of scwars despite initial protests. It would seem he is still easily manipulated by the female population. The shaman bangs on the dead tree in steady rythm, for an evening, and on into the morning. The spirits must be appeased. The sun burns the geist's sensative skin, but in trance the shaman drums on, into the evening, finally, the call of the ancestors is sounded and the shaman stops. A giant Wyvern Geist slowly spirals overhead, it is a familiar one.

The scouts that were lost, make their way back home after having to find shelter under a cliff face for the day, a little hungry and lonely but otherwise fine. The next scout team discovers many details about the blung, down to species and the number present. This horde is full of stronger, larger blungs, but few small fast ones.

The scout is unsure of how the wolves operate, their song is different though. Odd. They keep their head to the ground frequently. Perhaps they have excellent memory, smell, magic? The scouts were unsure.

>> No.20086093
File: 198 KB, 1568x959, primotool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a tool, for tracking the blung hordes, the DreamRot infection severity (what kinds of cedya/ how aggressive will be moving in scales with severity), players, and who is GMing for them.
For the players, please put in a post your current preferences, you can have more then one. and IG, if you see this, who you will GM for. I figure if we divide the load amongst ourselves this will go quite smoothly. Also list preferences for who does what. if its primarily self, but you want an external source for exploration, requests. Or if you and another player are GMing with eachother. I think Notrip and Poe were dooing that, or if it was just Notrip, not sure. going to bed now. Have a great day everyone, and good luck.

New players are welcome. Sutorex might be coming in soon.

>> No.20086145
File: 51 KB, 915x853, Staatgreich.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Starting at M30

GM:ing at situations where the outcome of roll requires it but mostly i think i can selfGM.
Gameplay will be more tribal with perhaps hint of roleplaying.
Death of tribe... Oh why the hell not. Perhaps they even should fall if someone gets butthurt.
Normal difficulty because i'm not that mad to try HC mode.

>> No.20086213

hey anon, welcome abord, got a player name to go with the tribal one? also, german influenced bug men to fight soviet influenced bug men? ill allow it. Keep in mind, if you arent sutorex, sutorex has a claim to the mountain right next to your spot, which makes for eventual neighbors. Otherwise, the bugmen can live pretty much anywhere.

also, im in the IRC if you got the time to give me more details on the tribe.

>> No.20086483
File: 10 KB, 237x236, Comrade Shwirm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not just Soviet inspired, mind. The red logo is simply an easy way of identification, since they have no cultural history that I can reference as of yet. If you showed that logo to a member of the Korobushka tribe they wouldn't know what it was.

The Korobushka will take inspiration from ALL of Russian history, not just the Soviet era. I hope that marker/place-holder doesn't give anyone the wrong idea.

>> No.20086503


The Females end up gathering far more scwars then they would have of their original prey, and it will feed the tribe for some time. The creatures have grown placid and abundant from a lack of predation. Khuna and his troop are "coerced" into helping carry back the massive load of scwars despite initial protests. It would seem he is still easily manipulated by the female population. The shaman bangs on the dead tree in steady rhythm, for an evening, and on into the morning. The spirits must be appeased. The sun burns the geist's sensitive skin, but in trance the shaman drums on, into the evening, finally, the call of the ancestors is sounded and the shaman stops. A giant Wyvern Geist slowly spirals overhead, it is a familiar one.

The scouts that were lost, make their way back home after having to find shelter under a cliff face for the day, a little hungry and lonely but otherwise fine. The next scout team discovers many details about the blung, down to species and the number present, their activities, etc. They will have an easy time hunting them.

The scout is unsure of how the wolves operate, their song is different though. Odd. They keep their head to the ground frequently. Perhaps they have excellent memory, smell, magic? The scouts were unsure.

>> No.20086814
File: 120 KB, 492x510, 1343535999727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it cannot be stopped.

>> No.20086873

rolled 5, 14, 16, 7, 11, 16 = 69


As the females gather the scwars in great numbers, one of them gets the idea of bringing few ones alive to their nest. Perhaps these things could live closer to their home, and thus be a steady source of food?

Khuna has lost some of his followers due to the fact how easily he himself was swayed by the females. In order to regain his status among his peers, he tries to execute his plan to sabotage the male artisan's work alone.

Iliath makes the proper greetings to the revered wyvern. This one has soared the skies above her home as long as she can remember. "Oh, great elder! We humbly offer you this gift! May your song ward away the void evermore, and may your wings still carry you to the empty! I hail you, Singer of the World Song! Take our gift, and see that we are still loyal servants of the All Mother!"
As she finishes the greeting song, she quickly steps away from the tribute, to wait for the wyvern's response.

The scouts continue to track their way back home. They continue to mark their way with the noise bracelets, even making new ones when the no longer have more of them. They are now convinced that this idea could be of use for their people.

The scouts investigating the blungs decide that they have seen enough. They know that attacking the horde just by themselves would be madness, and the elder is quite sure that the blungs are getting ready to move out anyways. The scouts decide to leave before the horde starts to head their way.

The scouts continue their observation of the wolf geists. One of them gets the idea of trying to attract one of them by trying to imitate their sounds and using few of the rations they have with them.

Rolling for domesticating/breeding scwars, Khuna's schemes, Wyverns reaction, finding way back home, returning upstream and attracting the wolf geists.

>> No.20087114


Funny thing. I also was going to use the whole german history as basis for these guys.


Oh i didn't see sutorex it in the map. Perhaps i should read posts more carefully.

>> No.20087144

rolled 3 = 3


As the preparations for the Exodus get under way, Rupol and Rapulachu come to a disagreement about how to deal with the presumed displeasure of Apura. Rapulachu believes that they should head farther up the river, in order to discover the source of Arupa's anger. Rupol thinks that Arupa has discarded the Urupuruu. Their heated debate causes a schism within the small tribe. Rapulachu has convinced a small number of people that their salvation lies not in the East, but to the South, on the Waters of Standing Still.

Well, I have 9 tribe members, so I guess I'll roll to see how many Rapulachu manages to convince to head South.

>> No.20087152
File: 9 KB, 328x272, Goodshow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 8 = 8

>Wake up at 11:30 Central time
>Nongent redrew my tribes gear >>20084972

>> No.20087179

Is beautiful, we shall venerate Boris as our Primarch, and Sascha as the Blessed Wife/Sidearm.

Fine by me, Staatgreich, I just didn't want this to turn into a re-enactment of WW2 is all. Forgive my presumptions.

>> No.20087180

Actually, I think IG let Poe be a second Co-GM. Also, I quit with the self GMing. Incredibly boring.

Needing roll results.

>> No.20087644

rolled 3 = 3

Hey, could someone please give me some roll results here?

>> No.20087861
File: 635 KB, 1024x590, BladeshwirmVillage_05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 7 = 7

The village of what will be known as the Korobushka lies high up on the slopes of a tall mountain, surrounding a large alpine lake. Their only comfort is the fire within their stretched-hide tents/yurts and the furs that they wear. It is a cold place to call home.

Of course, when they developed fire and then tried to bring it inside they suffered from smoke inhalation. Prompting them to try and come up with a way to vent this smoke. Until then, the poor bugs will have to just wrap up in extra furs.

Rolling for development of a form of ventilation in the teepees.

>> No.20088573

Bump with an update of current topics discussed in the IRC channel.

- Geist Language
- Echolocation-based Assasination
- Wyvern Riders' and their Training

>> No.20089059

We are the imperial guard, and we will place a bump here, or die trying!


>> No.20089794


the scwars wreck havoc inside the tunnels running about and making noise. Khuna manages to do minor damage to a brail tablet. The wyverns respond favorably and take the offering. The shaman has established a relationship with them, and they will return with regularity. The trip back home takes twice as long due to them getting lost easily. The trip back upstream is uneventful. The wolf geists seem to instinctively want to be fed an interact with the tribe. it was easy.

roll again, or you can assume 3 break off, though really, unless you want to roll for it, an exodus is something i think the entire tribe could get behind.

puruu- another tribe of puruu was found, smaller then yours and without strong leadership.
Vierachè -Shambler was slain, but it was not an elegant, quick, or clean process. They took turns striking and retreating, with the plant beast bellowing and clawing as it died over the course of an afternoon.

>> No.20089919 [DELETED] 

Hey nongent, can I get some role results?

>> No.20089920


The hunters make their way back home with preternatural speed, and are renown for their quickness from here on out. The only thing the shaman gets is a vision of a coast, and something in the water...red eyes, claws. its horrifying. perhaps the coast is bad. Pluk wins the skirmish and with no supervision around pulls out one of Krom's mulpaks. When the tribe gets home he is wearing his gristly trophy, still red and wet. The women make simple torn rags and loincloths.

The first attempt at ventilation was to cut the top off of the teepee this just caused it to be cold as fuck, funnel wind into the fire, and burn down the test teepee. in the future something sturdier may be needed,

NOTRIP, so poe is also a coGM, cool. If anyone else is interested in banding up with one another for Co-GM'ing, let me know, otherwise with me, poe, and IG, we might have this shit. just maybe.

>> No.20089972

rolled 6 = 6

Rolling again, though I'm not sure what for.

>> No.20090340 [DELETED] 

rolled 16, 9, 10, 18, 4, 15, 14, 6, 14, 20, 15, 20, 20, 14, 14, 2, 2, 5, 5, 1, 6, 12, 11, 20, 3 = 276

Oooh,,,, intersting

The shamans return to the tribe, and warn them to not go near the coasts, for a mighty beast lives there. Normally, this would only spur the tribe young warriors to action, but they haven't learned caution from their foray to the lacorran badlands... well, the youngsters who went to the baldands did (more later in this post)

Meanwhile, Krom nurses his wound and, whenever he sees Pluk, he shows due defference to the one who took one of his mulpacs. It had been assumed for a while now that Krom and Krog would one day be Malucals of Tra, but now that is cast into doubt, since one of the brothers has lost a Mulpac. Now how can Krom and Krog lead when one of them is not whole? Krog will attempt to restore his brothers honor, and challenges Pluks brother, Plub to their own duel. Will the shamans allow it? Will Malucals, the chieftans, allow it?

Meanwhile, Krom seeks to regain his honor, and tries slips away from the tribe during the night, with his fathers spear. He seeks to slay the great beast that live on the coast that the shamans warned the tribe of

Rolling for Shamans and the Chieftans allowing the fight, success of the fight (1-10 is now krog, 11-20 is now Plud), Krom slipping away, and if he Krom leaves unnoticed, his rate of movement to the coast, through the forest (non hallucinogenic forest)

>> No.20090446

An update of the topics of conversation going on in the IRC, posted here so IG or the other GMs can see and comment. Again, I keep a transcript of these conversations so if you want the whole thing just ask and I can put it up on Pastebin for you.

- Snowdrifts shaped like the British Isles
- Cliff Racers attacking hapless Korobushka
- Working Titles for Spore 2, it got out of hand fast...

> Spore 2: We Took Our Head Out Our Ass
> Spore 2: You'll Actually Want To Go Past Creature Stage This Time
> Spore 2: Debbie Does Darwin
> Spore 2: Maybe This Time It Won't Just Be Pure Dicks
> Spore 2: There's An Actual Row Of Dick Pieces

>> No.20090698

rolled 16, 4, 3, 18 = 41

Oooh,,,, intersting

The shamans return to the tribe, and warn them to not go near the coasts, for a mighty beast lives there. Normally, this would only spur the tribe young warriors to action, but they haven't learned caution from their foray to the lacorran badlands... well, the youngsters who went to the baldands did (more later in this post)

Meanwhile, Krom nurses his wound and, whenever he sees Pluk, he shows due defference to the one who took one of his mulpacs. It had been assumed for a while now that Krom and Krog would one day be Malucals of Tra, but now that is cast into doubt, since one of the brothers has lost a Mulpac. Now how can Krom and Krog lead when one of them is not whole? Krog will attempt to restore his brothers honor, and challenges Pluks brother, Plub to their own duel. Will the shamans allow it? Will Malucals, the chieftans, allow it?

Meanwhile, Krom seeks to regain his honor, and tries slips away from the tribe during the night, with his fathers spear. He seeks to slay the great beast that live on the coast that the shamans warned the tribe of

Rolling for Shamans and the Chieftans allowing the fight, success of the fight (1-10 is now krog, 11-20 is now Plud), Krom slipping away, and if he Krom leaves unnoticed, his rate of movement to the coast, through the forest (non hallucinogenic forest)

>> No.20090707

rolled 5, 6, 11, 1, 2, 10 = 35


The distractions caused by the scwars drives the tribe to disarray and chaos. Thun, the current alpha of the tribe orders the scwars to be captured as fast as possible. The females meekly obey. As they gather up the scwars, they seek try to plant them on a other nearby hill, few hundred meters from their communal chamber.

Unfortunately for Khuna, the destroyed braile table was the claimed to be caused by the scwars and the artisan who made it got away without blame. Thun's quick handling of the situation didn't really harm his reputation either.
Khuna had to come up with new plans to his coup, but for now, he too is forced to gather up the scwars.

Iliath gets few other tribe members to help her build up a shrine for the wyverns so the tribe could regularly place their offerings there.

When the scouts return, they attempt to refine their noise bracelet based trail marking into a proper navigational aid.

The other scouts return with the news about the blungs, prepare to build weapons they could use against them. One of the tries to make lighter spears that could be more easily thrown to the lying blung types that seemed abundant downriver.

The scouts attempt to take few of the wolf geists back to their nest. They hope that they could perhaps use their ability to venture into the void to the tribe's advantage.

Rolling for, planting the scwars into a better location, building the shrine, refining the noise based trail devices, building weapons, inventing throwing spears and training the wolf geists.

>> No.20090845
File: 329 KB, 800x600, omgimonfire_sharpened3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 12, 16 = 28

Then for now we'll stick to fur blankets and a bonfire outside when weather allows. Alright, we're running low on food, we need to go ice fishing. Also, this has been a fruitful year, and more than a dozen babies are born in the tribe this year. We're gonna need more food, more shelter. It's time to hunt some Redaresh. Let's hope the Ceryatzi don't catch our scent.

What? Ceryatzi? Of course they're real! The name doesn't frighten hatchlings for nothing...

>> No.20090891

Herp, forgot to mention that I was rolling for ice fishing in the lake (for food) and then hunting for Redaresh (for food and leather)

>> No.20091514

rolled 4, 5, 9 = 18

The camp is moved and several hunters make a small sport out of Schwar whacking. They take their haul back to the tribe and cook them up. The meat is tough to chew and there is little there on the Schwar. But if prepared right, could last awhile...

The sisters successfully bring the Kirunna back to camp. There they tie it to the tent post of Aelah, the Inviting Bark Steward. They share their achievement with the rest of the tribe. Their tribe members start coming up with ideas of how to use this beast.

Some think it can be made to carry their packs. Others think they should ride it. An excited youth seeing the big lassoed creature jumps on its back...

The Elder Sehquestas emerges from her tent holding a crutch. She is recovering but now acutely feels her age. Rumors spread around the tribe that she will soon pass on into the dreamtime. The various Stewards talk about who should lead after Sehquestas is gone.

Firil naturally assumes that he should lead. Hulys thinks otherwise saying Firil is too reckless and wasteful. They argue but nothing is decided, since the elder herself reprimands them by whacking them with her cane.

>rolling for preparing Schwar trail rations, if anything happens during the night, and the beast's reaction to be ridden.

>> No.20092127

The fishers start throwing their nets over the banks of their home lake. They catch a few, but get the idea that the lake maybe over fished. They remember a fishing hole up river known to have lots of red snappers in this season.

The hunters suceed in finding a group of Redaresh grazing. With their primative weapons they ambush and kill quite a few. The tracks of the escapees leads into a well known and safe valley. The hunters can retrack this group for more hunting.

>> No.20092522

The Shamans allow the fight. After Kroms lost, it had been suspected that the Krom brothers were too weak to become Malucals. This honorable duel would test the younger brother. Krog wins the duel decisively. Neither pair of brothers is whole. But they both have equal honor.

Krom does not escape unnoticed but is caught by Pluk's uncle the Shaman. He kneels deferentially. The Shaman questions his secrecy, suspecting dishonorable violence against his nephew.

>> No.20092805
File: 18 KB, 356x296, redcirled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You do realize that the lake they're on is the massive alpine lake in the middle of the continent, right? Or at least that's what I was trying to communicate.

>> No.20093293
File: 71 KB, 573x487, seabiscuit is small time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh this can *only* end well...

>> No.20093648

ah, alright then, how about instead of the whole lake just the current bank. And the fishing hole is actually just on the other side of the lake.

>> No.20093720

That sounds good to me. Your comment just made me realize that, despite assuming such things I had never actually said as much, and I thought I'd correct that oversight.

>> No.20094127

no problem. try getting into the IRC, I'm usually there and try to double check myself with other players.

The youth jumps on the Kurunna's back only to be bucked off. The creature cries and screams fighting against its tie. The youth is scolded by his family. The Inviting Bark sisters calm the beast down. But not before it is answered by a sympathetic bellow in the distance.

The tall grass sways in the darkness, and bursting comes the Kurunna momma. The momma wrecks the tanning rack where the Schwars were being prepared dropping the meat to the dirty ground. It charges at where its young has been caroled.

In its way was the most distracted mind in the entire tribe. The Dream Shaman, Solith. He was walking talking to himself about the strange lights in the sky and generally lost in thought. He wondered if they had different names, as the ground beneath him rumbled.

He turned to see the Momma Kurunna charging right at him. A second passed before he reacted by popping the string on his dust pouch filled with hallucinogenic power. He threw the dust and pouch at the beast...

>rolling for hitting the momma with Dream Dust.

>> No.20094146

rolled 20 = 20

lets try that while rolling

>> No.20094257


Alright Nad here we go. Feel free to have nongent have another take on this.

The schwars were replanted in the hill away from the communal chamber. However the Schwars rejected the hill and returned to the tribe. They dug in and around the communal chamber and were again a nuisance.

Unfortunately the tribe did not have enough materials for a proper shrine. The few volunteers were soon distracted and began other work.

The scouts start experimenting with their noise bracelets. While they couldn't make the sound travel further, they make excellent poles to hang them on. They decorate the poles with their Braille cravings.

The crafters attempts at making weapons ended terribly. A female crafter tried making a swing to throw small rocks. The swish of the sling attracts the interest of a brute male. She accidently lets the sling go and a rock hits the brute in its face. The brute rages and breaks all the new weapons.

The wolves grow accustomed to Lufae commands, but only follow simple understandable instructions, such as "come" or "go."

>> No.20094258
File: 82 KB, 800x600, 1034608-D17GAR2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 11 = 11

Like a BOSS.

The hunters send the some of the younger, less experienced ones home, there could be danger here... the youth carry the meat home as well as a message, if the hunters aren't back in [one Earth hour] then send help. For now, 7 skilled hunters, with blade-arm and stone hand-axe follow the tracks.

Rolling to see what they find.

>> No.20094538

rolled 5, 17, 4 = 26

Krom explains to the shaman that he was going to the coast. He'd heard of the vision that the shamans had recieved, and the monster in the vision. The wished to regain his honor by slaying the beast that is supposed to be on the coast. He asks for the shaman to bless him before he leaves the tribe.

Meanwhile, several young couples in the tribe are restless, and retreat to their tents to "know each other"

Rolling for if the shaman lets him go, whether he will bless Krom (if he does not let krom go, this will still help restore a little honor), and babymaking

>> No.20095102

Urupuru Rightye- ((you can make a success out of 3 minor failures, and if you are saying you only have 9 tribe members, a 3 would say you only pull1,2, 3 at best. thought for an exodus, i dont really feel a roll is necessary at this stage. you have nothing to pack up or too many members to convince, unless you want ultra hard mode.))

The tribe has a core value of strength, and honor, to regain it is important, or you will live a false life. The fight is allowed. Krog wins in a rather long a savage right, and walks away with plub's mulpac. To loose one is not a total detriment, and perhaps the sign of a warrior who knows a valuable lesson. defeat,but still breathes to use the experience. Krom is caught leaving by his own father. He will not allow the boy to pass, but Krm will not have it, and headbutts his father unexpectedly, dropping him into unconsciousness. He reaches the coast is quick time. ((the red eyed beast is a lone kruelb, exiled from its own pack))

the scwars are not easily gathered, and continue to infest the tunnels, likely for a long time. This casts doubt onto the brutes who could not do such a simple job, but also will be readily available, if not somewhat annoying, food. The shrine is only a foundation right now, crude and simple. The noise devices stay mostly the same, but understanding of them progresses. Testing the new weapons leads to a female getting killed, due to its erratic nature ((boomerang, this covers both weapon rolls)). the wolf geists are a bit wild, and the scouts drag them back to their nests by carrying them, the wolves snapping and howling all the way. They seem to be restless inside the small tunnels, confined, as a positive they hunt the scwars relentlessly.

>> No.20095349


The hunters track the herd to a small valley surrounded on all sides by the steep mountain walls. With only one entrance, it seems incredibly secure. The hunters find that their voices carry across whole area. This place is a natural auditorium. They also find some Redaresh grazing.

>> No.20095437

Hmm, no reason to let this Providence go to waste. Let's get 5 of the hunters to grab an elk or two, while the other 2 make sure no Pumesh are waiting 'mongst the rocks.

In the meantime, let's give these hand-axes a longer stick, stay further away from dangerous critters (invention of spear).

> Rolling for:
1) Nabbing some more meat and fur for the tribe in the Valley of Voices
2) Inventing the spear.

>> No.20095463

sorry nongent, but I think I covered all those rolls, except for the Urupuru

>> No.20095474

rolled 13, 5 = 18

(Let's try that again)

>> No.20096698

last post from me today

The hunters explore the Valley of Voices and discover a natural dam of strange rock, shaped and textured differently than those surrounding it. Otherwise nothing of note.

The valley turns out to be a boon, much game is acquired. Back at home, there is the attempt at making the spear, but Bladeshwirm hands find the current design difficult to wield.

>> No.20097820


>> No.20097882

you may not know it but this post was directly resultant of a slapdash geology lesson on the chat

>> No.20097942
File: 12 KB, 310x357, Yapap gatherer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 14, 8, 11 = 33


Head elder Ytai is not too concerned about the other tribe up the river for the time being.
The stones that a tribe member strikes against one another in the process of making new knives produce a lot of sparks. Occasionally one lands on a small patch of undergrowth.
A group of six hunter/gatherers head out to go get food and materials.

First two rolls: the discovery of fire and supply-run results.

It was a hard battle, but the Shambler was slain, and its body was drug back up to the village. With it gone, the gathering parties were free to go back to the grove and gather up bushels of fruit. That night and the day after, the tribe celebrated the slaying of the grove-lurker with song, dance, feast, and other merrymaking.
It would take a long, miserable week, but the gatherer who ground up the grass did recover from her ailment. The shaman said to her that the spirits were forgiving, but wanted to make sure that she, nor anyone else would desecrate the whistling-grass in such a way again.
The shaman climbs up to the top of the valley, closer to the Great Empty. She gave thanks to them on behalf of the tribe for allowing them to fell the Shambler from the grove, and also to ask for their guidance for the future.

Third roll: Guidance from the wind spirits.

>> No.20098821

the spark lands on some dry vegetation, which steadily grew into a small flame. Some Puruu noticed this phenomenon, and discovered that they could replicate it... even though it takes about 15 times.
The supply run was meager at best, scavengers manage to take off with most of the supplies.

The shaman heard a distant thunder, and the soft caress of the wind at the same time. The shaman interpreted this as 'there will be distress in the future, but we shall keep a lookout for the tribe'. The Great Empty has spoken, its ambience prevailing the noise.

>> No.20099043

rolled 9, 13, 13, 20, 16, 2 = 73


The alpha of the tribe orders new tunnels to be dug, so the scwars could inhabit them, instead of messing around in the communal chamber. All the brutes are put to work, and thus Khuna can't properly scheme around right now.

Iliath is interested in the noise poles the scouts made. She requests that they would be planted around the shrine. She also ads some noise bracelets to them, so that the wyverns would spot them easier.

The scouts are sent to plant these poles around the tribes territory, for easier navigation. The edge of the void is especially seen as an important area to chart with the poles.

The artisans ad some bean chains to the few remaining intact weapons, so that the arch of the weapon could be tracked better from the sounds the beans make.

The scouts further continue to train the wolf geists, some of them are however thinking that the adult ones are too stubborn. They go out to try to capture/lure some of the younger wolf geists to their fold, in hopes that the young ones are more receptive to training.

Rolling for tunnel building, shrine improvements, pole planting, improving the throwing weapons, training the wolf geist and trying to acquire young wolf geists.

>> No.20099323

Tunnel building seems to be going normally, although a bit hindered by the schwars running around and messing with rubble.
It seems like the shrine is better, since more wyverns are seen above it. Not a lot, but increased nonetheless.
The scouts plant the poles at the edge with little hassle... lo and behold, they can now see more landscape.
One of the artisans had a loud idea: instead of attaching cumbersome bean chains, he made grooves and holes along the returning stick's sides. His design proved to be musical; as the returning stick is thrown, it hums with sound, lighting the path it traveled. And since it is now visible to the Geists, it can be caught more easily.
The captured wolfgeists get more receptive once the geists fed them regularly, but since they're protective of their young (as one geist proved, with bite marks), no young wolfgeists can be trained yet.

>> No.20099748

ah fuck, sorry poe. looks like im late to the party. But you are doing great. I'll leave my post up just incase bronze or the others want to pull chunks of it off/ merge with your results like what happened with IG and myself in the past. BUT! ill be very diligent from here on out to make sure there are no posts made by other GMs. with that. im setting off to craft some tribe specific encounters, as i cant really call them events.

>> No.20100254

rolled 8, 6, 6, 8, 5, 10 = 43


As the tunnels get finished, the tribe begins to drive the scwars into them, so that the tribe could have their peace in their main chamber.
Khuna sneaks away, as he has a plan. He secretly tries to dig tunnels that would lead the scwars away from the tunnels that were built for them. He thinks that it could cause more distress and resentment towards the current alpha. (As you might have realized now, Khuna isn't actually very smart in his plans.)

Iliath and some of her apprentices continue to work on the shrine. One of the apprentices attempts to carve holes in the poles, that would cause similar howls in the wind as he had heard coming from holes and cracks in trees. He thinks that if the holes were made well enough, the sound would please the wyverns.
Iliath herself tries to sing to the wyverns, in hopes that they could share their wisdom with her people.

The new weapons are taken for a test run downstream. The scouts want to see if they are effective against the blungs. They will try to locate small cluster of flying blungs, and avoid attracting the attention of the main horde.

The wolf geist trainers try to modify the throwing weapons into harmless tools. They think they could use them to train the wolf geists better with them.

Rolling for herding the scwars into the tunnels, Khuna's plan, making wind flutes, Iliath's attempt at communicating with the wyverns, testing out the new weapons and modifying them into training tools.

>> No.20100361


The scwar scatter, but not into the tunnels entirely, they just spread out into the new spaces, while still infesting the rest of the caverns. Khuna only manages to scatter them further. The wind flutes are very, very crude, more like obnoxious wind kazoos, if anything these will drive the wyverns away, but it is a start. (rule of failures here.) Lliath manages to hit one note, just one, that gets their attention and causes them to come closer for a moment. They seem to be curious. The new weapons are "loud", and when thrown all at once disoriented the geist scouts, even causing headaches. One lone overblung was killed in the assault however, if only by chance. The Wolves seem to enjoy chasing the sticks, almost as much as they enjoy killing the scwar.

>> No.20100395
File: 146 KB, 1534x754, Kah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, here it is, the first of some tribal "encounters" essentially small events for one tribe at a time. As i make them, you have choices on how to respond. You can respond in the negative, and i will make sure it does not happen, or the positive and we run with it.

up First, Bronze and the Tra.

One of your scouts encounters another scout of all things. Its even a logead! What news! A brief exchange happens and you learn the following: the tribe is the Kah. They value strength, and are rather savage. The scout had no mulpacs and was confused as to why your scout had both of his. Their tribal symbol is a Logead skull, stabbed in the forehead by a mulpac. They seem to value the sun, but didnt go into detail. They are on a long journey from the sands of the west. The scout seemed a little arrogant. They give you coordinates to a central meeting point. how do you react?

>> No.20100490

Awesome shit there nongent, I like it a lot!

>> No.20100544

rolled 12, 11, 3, 10, 6, 6 = 48


Some of the females try a different approach on gathering up the scwars. They place lures of food in the tunnels, in hopes that the scwars would congregate there.
Khuna is frustrated with his chain of failures, and in his anger, he howls at the useless scwars scrambling around the haphazard walls of the tunnel he had built.

The flutes are taken away from the shrine so that they wouldn't bother the wyverns. The apprentice requests help from the artisans in refining the flutes.
Iliath gathers the remaining apprentices and starts to sing new songs with them on the fly based on the tune that seemed to attract the wyverns. She is in almost trance like state, exited for the possibility the mighty wyverns might sing to her.

The scouts return with their kill, and inform the artisans of the minor flaw in the weapons. The artisans set to work on redesigning the grooves and holes in a way that the sounds they cause resonate more pleasantly with the sonar of the geists themselves.

The wolf geist trainers decide to tag along with the female hunters, in hopes of seeing if the wolves could be of use for the hunters. The females move downriver, and then depart near to the edge of the void, in hopes of spotting bladeshwirm or runna herd that had ventured towards the river for drink. The trainers follow them with their hounds.

Rolling for luring the scwars to the tunnels, to see if Khuna's raging howl causes something, refining the flutes, communing with the wyverns, improving the throwing blades and to see if the females can find prey.

>> No.20100622 [DELETED] 
File: 80 KB, 932x600, last stand of momma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Several small children come running to the village, they grab an adult and pull him by the sleeves with all the urgency and speed a group of children can muster. Their excited chirps almost overwhelm the adult. He can barely hear himself think. When they finally arrive they find an injured blade shwirm. The children are concerned for it, the practical adult sees an easy meal for his family. The creature gets up from its resting place limping forward attempting to drive off the invaders. It is quite weak and can barley stand. Behind it is a very large clutch of eggs.

It is your tribes move.

>> No.20100721


After much effort, it seems food works. Give up food to gain food. The schwar are mostly contained. There will always be a loose one or two, but nothing to the degree of the chaos that was the last few days. Khuna's howl while loud, does very little save leave him with a very sore throat and only able to produce a quiet rasp for a voice. Then he looks around his feet. The closest schwar to him are convulsing and twitching, stunned by his throat injuring howl. In victory he picks up one and takes a big bite. The Artisans are busy working on the throwing blades, and get confused with the flutes. Neither project proceeds very far, but much about acoustics is learned. The Wyverns seem pleased with the new song, and more slowly circle the shrine. A small but brave one lands to eat from the offering pile. (getting + modifiers for past experiences/ race/ etc.). The females find very little in the way of food, just a lone inoglund of all things, it is rare to see them, but not unheard of. The wolves pounce on it with savagery, and apparently hunger. There is nothing left of the kill. bad dogs.

>> No.20100777
File: 80 KB, 932x600, i have no heart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Several small children come running to the village, they grab an adult and pull him by the sleeves with all the urgency and speed a group of children can muster. Their excited chirps almost overwhelm the adult, he can barely hear himself think. When they finally arrive they find a blade shwirm by itself. The children are concerned for it, the practical adult sees an easy meal for his family. The creature gets up from its resting place limping forward attempting to drive off the invaders. It is quite weak and can barley stand. Behind it is a very large clutch of eggs. The injured shwirm is not long for this world.

It is your tribes move.

>> No.20100896
File: 24 KB, 199x172, good...good.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(hey man, i was looking for, and saw no response to your bad ass natural 20 dust throwing)

Solith tossed the dust and it flew true, right into the face of the charging momma. She promptly fell over on her side drooling, and kicking in an uncoordinated manner, attempting to run in her dream state. The child runs up to its mother and just sits at her side with a great deal of concern, making pathetic high pitched bellows. A temporary catatonic state follows, the tribe will have an easy time securing the beast and child.

Solith was looked at in a different light from that day on, with perhaps a bit more respect. He never even noticed. Another individual saw the encounter from the edge of the forest, and it was pleased. That night While Solith was wandering in thought, he heard a call, a voice not of his kind. "boy. wont you come here?" the voice called from the edge of the forest.

((gesh dreamers are all very intelligent, though to outsiders or people not under the influence of the dream, they may seem like lazy, mindless creatures. they live long lives, and can pick up other languages, though its arguable right now that Solith is effected by the dream fog that he is transcending language to understand the beast. really high.))

how you react, if you choose to heed the call, or even attack, is all up to you.

>> No.20101217

rolled 5, 20 = 25


The tribe convenes. The shamans speak with Chieftans, Eno and Dlo, about what they should do. Eno is eager to meet these outsiders, but his brother Dlo is more reserved. The two eventually agree that, while the tribe shall meet these outsiders, they shall send Krog and Pluk to meet them. And so, Krog, Pluk, and half a dozen hunters leave the tribe for the meeting point

Meanwhile, a young warrior begins to practice with his spear, and, when trying an overhand jab, he looses his grip, and sends the spear flying forward, impaling it up to the animal sinew that binds the head into the ground. The boy rushes to tell his friends of this.

Rolling for getting to the meeting point, and seeing if javelins catch on

>> No.20101227
File: 103 KB, 513x339, success-baby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nat 20 for new weapons

>> No.20101389
File: 488 KB, 960x960, S cont tribal map 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boop, map update. Where is the Staatgreich? On the east island, it turns out!

Krog, Pluk and their ten-pair hunters got distracted by a rather large Gesh in their way. They chased it into some tall Siwari, and has lost their way. They failed to catch the Gesh as well.
In the meantime, the javelin invention is getting interest like wildfire in the tribe. One particularly inspired set of twins even went as far as adding weight near the pointy end, making the spear even more damaging.

>> No.20101411

Is there really a race of poop on the west continent?

>> No.20101464

Nah, they're grublike creatures. Their existence is more like fairies to your typical fantasy human.

>> No.20101480

No, the Glud are small worm-like creatures with chitinous carapaces the colour of fertile soil. They're intelligent but very small, ruled by their queens living in a hierarchical society similar to ants or naked mole rats.

>> No.20101492
File: 20 KB, 614x520, harpoons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IG already gave you the results, here are some extra as i had already done them and the picture by the time he posted.
Javelin research went so well that the tribe began to carry them constantly, and in number. A carrying case was devised, as was a way to retrieve them more easily, which had unexpected results. Harpoons. add that on with IG's weighted ends, and now you have this drawing. extra murder-y/ ease of hunting.
the NPC tribe will be waiting for as long as you need. ill be back in 8 hours or so.

>> No.20101763

The pragmatic adult sees a meal, but the children beg compassion from their father (well, he's one of the children's father). Normally they would be scolded for such a suggestion but earlier that weak the hunters had returned with lots of Redaresh meat.

"Alright, wûwochka*, but it shall be your responsibility to care for these creatures. All of you."
The now-dead parent creature is eaten by the family but the eggs are placed in warmers at the insistence of the mothers (not exactly what the father had in mind, but he doesn't know or doesn't mind). Working together is a tried and true tactic for survival in the mountains, meaning that cooperation will likely become not just a trait, but a cultural value of these Stone-Age people.

*[wə-'wōch-kah] or wuh-Wōch-kah
The ō is a long O as in "owner" or "boat", and the apostrophe in the first transcription and the capitalized letter in the second indicates that it is the second syllable that is stressed.

wûwochka/wəwōchka is the word for children in the language of the Korobushka tribe, called Búshkít [Boosh-keet].

>> No.20102417

The success of the javelins is to be tested/celebrated with a hunt. A small one, but still a hunt. A half dozen hunters leave the town, spears and javelins in hand, to see if their new weapons will be up to the test.

The party that is to meet the outsiders carries on, making their ways steadily to the meeting point.

Also, Krom gets a special visit from his favorite lady friend to cheer him up.

Rolling for new weapon testing, making way to the meeting, and baby making

>> No.20102424

rolled 16, 20, 1 = 37

Derp, here's the rolls

>> No.20102503
File: 10 KB, 250x265, 57207182_George_Takei_oh_my_xlarge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 for babymaking

>> No.20102508


The females are ordered to collect some roots and other plant things to feed the burro scwars with, so that the tribe wouldn't need to spend it's hard earned kills on feeding them. The females begin their work, somewhat annoyed, as this duty wasn't something they One of them get's the idea of trying to scan the ground with her song in order to locate the roots faster.

Khuna is exited by his discovery. He quickly heads to the healer of the tribe, so that his throat could get better so he could attempt the howl again, with others to see it. He hopes that he can impress others that way.
The healer hears his blight, and tries to come up with some remedy for the sore throat. (Lufae only have very primitive medicine utilizing some plant and animal parts, in addition to songs for healing. It is more based on superstition than actual knowledge.)

The artisans continue to work on the two projects, trying to incorporate what they have already learned on the new designs of both the wind flutes and the throwing weapons. (What do they look like btw? They were originally intended to be throwing spears. I imagine them to be some sort of curved sword things)

>> No.20102531

rolled 12, 11, 20, 17, 10, 9, 6 = 85


Iliath is overjoyed as she "sees" the young wyvern feast on the tribute of her people. She waits for it to finish, and then tries to approach it, singing a song of reverence to it. Her apprentices watch in fear and awe as their teacher walks closer to the child of the mighty beasts.
"Don't worry, the child of the great ones! I am only your humble servant. This food is for all of you, and we only ask your benevolence in return."

The females are angered. They tell the trainers to take the wolfs to the edge of the void, where they belong. The trainers see that it is in their best interest to obey the females, if they wished to be on their good side after they returned from the hunting trip. The two groups part ways, the females go back to the edge of the river to lurk for prey, and the males head out towards the area at the edge of the void, which was now "illuminated" by the recently planted chimes.
One of them gets the idea of trying to get the wolfs to hunt prey from the void, as he had witnessed them do earlier.

Rolling for harvesting roots, healing Khuna, improving the flutes and the weapons (2 rolls), approaching the young wyvern, the females second hunting attempt and for the hunting of the wolves.

>> No.20102670

rolled 7, 12, 5, 11, 11 = 46

thanks nongent

Solith in his wanderings heard the strange voice not of his kin. He looked to the edge of the forest and realized the Dreaming must be calling him. He begged the voice but a second and called for the other shaman, Duari.

Duari was an intimidating presence before he was lost in the dreamforest. True, he had been a strong proud hyper-male of the Grim family. But after his return, he became a terrifying silent presence, the embodiment of the Grim being.

He walked silently to Solith. "Duari, I walk the Dreaming tonight. Please protect me." Duari answered by nodding his head. He understood that the gesh dust took away his fighting ability in this world, but the Dreaming was his territory now.

The two Shamans respectively approach the voice. Solith was especially excited about learning what secrets he could.

For the rest of the Tribe, morning came. The Grazers herded the dazed Momma with her pup in tow into the prairie besides the Iminye camp. Having food and being together calmed both beasts.

The Stewards were interested in gathering more of these beasts. They could focus the entire seasons efforts into making a herd of these beasts for themselves. They proposed many hunters and scouts explore the plains, which pleased Firil quite a bit. It was also proposed to create a pen for these creatures from Hexis lumber. To do so they needed better tools...

Each party is sent with a Inviting Bark sister that successfully brought back the baby Kirunna. While the Earthshaking Grubs knock their head together coming up with a better wood cutting tool.

>rolling for exploring North, South, East, West for more Kirunna, and making good wood cutting tools

>> No.20102730
File: 50 KB, 600x500, Soup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 13 = 13


With the popularity of nets increasing, the Ruufaya fancy bigger game; larger, more powerful nets are experimented with for snagging the various flying species of the Lub Forest.

Food is plentiful but perishes quickly. The Ruufaya decide to make use of the Lub reservoirs and make soup out of natural Lub water, Raga fruit and, of course, crushed Yazda.

>Rolling for improved nets

>> No.20102866

rolled 7 = 7

Back at last and ready to roll! Staatgreich do not have any type of government implemented yet as they have no leader. They simply are group of many families (Do Schwar/Shwirm have many egg laying females or do they have some sort of queen that lays eggs?) At the moment they have found suitable place to settle down but what kind of area is it? They send some of the males (if they have genders) to search the surroundings.

Rolling for scouting the surroundings. (here i need some GM'ing)

>> No.20102950

The Upright Bladeshwirm, or Shwirm as I call them for short, lay eggs and mate with a single partner. They are *not* social insects like ants or bees. The only ant-like sapients I can think of (off the top of my head) are the Glud in the West and then the Pusmal in the South.

The Shwirm reproduce like humans, minus the live birth of course. Sexual reproduction with one partner, the pair has few (1-2) children at a time and raise them to maturity. The eggs have to be kept warm either by sitting on them or some other method, if available or seen as necessary.

Though I suppose this brings up an interesting question regarding individual lifespan and the age at which a Shwirm becomes sexually mature, all those details... if you like we can collaborate here or on the IRC link given above on these things.

>> No.20103612

rolled 1, 18, 3 = 22

derp, I meant the Pusmal in the Central Continent.

Alright in order to bump this thread and get some progress of my own, I'm going to roll for the possible domestication of the baby bladeshwirm (must come up with a Búshkít term for them) across several decades. I'd like to attempt to explore, so, going to suppose that the Korobushka will be sending 4-5 man scouting parties in various directions. Rolling for exploration as detailed here: >>20067665.

> Rolling for:
1) domestication of the bladeshwirm
2) progress of the exploration
3) direction of said scouting

The bladeshwirm need not necessarily be dogs or some equivalent, if the GMs or other players have any cool ideas for their role or what the Korobushka could breed them for, I'm all ears. Besides, such a discussion will keep the thread bumped.

>> No.20103680 [DELETED] 

Oh dear...

Well, at least the exploration is good. Something fantastic to the northwest. I'm curious as to what it will be.

>> No.20104227

The explorers travel North trailing the River. They discover a few landmarks, such as the Lacorra badlands on the East bank and the Hexis Forest on the West bank. Further North they see a large body of water, but turn back after their supplies run out. The explorers get the idea that traveling on the river could speed up expeditions in the Future.

The baby bladeswhrims are hatched. It seems like they are growing mature and well. Until they start acting very aggresstive and strange. There slimy tougue grows dry and bright red. Some of the babes have become rabid! The rabies infects a caretaker and she becomes irrational and angry.

>roll for the rest of the caretakers infection, and the percent of babes rabid

>> No.20104357

rolled 20, 16 = 36

First roll is for the caretaker's infection, second if for percent of tribe infected.

>> No.20104511


Is high roll good or bad? Because this could be a start for something FUN

>> No.20104611
File: 50 KB, 600x500, Fuck Rabies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20104752

rolled 20 = 20


There's a feeling of power that comes with being able to create and control one of the most well known, and ferocious forces of nature at will.
With only a meager number of supplies retrieved, Head elder Ytai had another group sent up river to go ask if they could spare some food and other miscellaneous supplies. Perhaps their language wouldn't be so different from their own, living so close. Before the new party could head out, Kwaku intercepted them, telling them them to use force if needed to get what they need, but he'd prefer if they didn't have to.
Supplies to look for are fruit, meat, skins, and wood.

Rolling for contacting the other Puruu tribe for supplies.

Can't think of anything for the Vierachè at the moment.

>> No.20104829

rolled 19, 3 = 22

Rolling to explore North-Eastwards into the Lub Forest.

>> No.20105017


The females gather edible roots for the Schwars. The female uses her song, but doesn't penatract the ground deep enough to see anything interesting.

Khuna's sore throat is sooed with ice cold water and some heribal plants. With pratice he can howl without hurting his throat.

With a brillent break through they make an instrumental flute made out of bones and wood that gives it many different pitches and tones. The player is able to select the note using a combination of different holes along the flutes shaft. Progress on the throwing weapons advances greatly. They make a whitsle boomerang with a sharpen edge that returns after it hits.

The wyvern finishes its meal and directs its song at Lliath as she approaches. It calls down another of its kind. The two wyverns sing at Lliath testing her.

While lurking at the river's edge, the females find the tracks of the a Deer Strida. Whereas the party with the wolf geists, don't find many tracks at all. Just as they are about to turn back from the Void, the wolves start barking up a storm. Out of the Void comes a thunder of footfalls, charging right at them.

>> No.20105118


No GM'ing for my roll? Perhaps i must do it myself but i think you know more of this world than i do.

>> No.20105324

Hey sorry about the wait. I got a list to work through. Thanks for the patience. Sometimes me and nongent are swamped. While waiting for us, how about working on some tribal fluff or talking to the peeps on the IRC.

The shwrim tribe explores the forest around their home to discover severeal potential dangers. The trees are covered in Shamblers, creatures that seems like tree branches and yet have a thrist for blood. Beside the Shamblers, the hunters also see a spook! A Green figure stalking them through the trees.

>> No.20105348
File: 113 KB, 1200x1300, Water critters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 18, 14, 8, 8, 15, 11 = 74

The females bring the roots to the scwars, and the one who attempted to scan the ground for roots started using her song to spot any potential tunnels that the scwars had built, to see if they had started compromising the integrity of the tunnels.

As the scwar problem started to get under control and the tribe started to gather to the communal chamber for rest, Khuna approached the center of the chamber, few of his remaining allies carrying living scwars with them. As the tribe and even the alpha followed his moves with amusement/confusion, he ordered the scwars to be placed in front of him, and as it was done, he howled at them, hoping to cause the same effect that happened before, and to impress the tribe.

Some of the flutes are assembled to the chime poles, so that wind would blow trough them and cause them to make sounds themselves.
The warriors begin training with the new weapons.

Iliath starts to sing with the wyverns, trying to imitate and emulate their song, hoping that it would please the great beings.

The females begin to track the deer stridas, while the trainers and their wolf geists quickly scramble away from the noise, hoping to find a vantage point to observe what was causing it.

Rolling for scanning for scwar tunnels, seeing if Khuna manages to impress anyone with his display, improving the chime poles with the flutes, training, tracking and observing the cause of the noise from safer location.

Also, have some water critters.

>> No.20105380

rolled 6 = 6


I forgot one roll.

Rolling to see if Iliath manages to pass the wyvern's test.

Also, the water critters I posted inhabit the rivers and even the shallow sea. They can be a good source of food for the tribes.

>> No.20105397
File: 453 KB, 800x810, mossman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> a green figure
Awwww snap

>> No.20105448


>> No.20105696


They improve their nets making the basket bigger. They are able to catch more in one swing. While Air fishing they catch many Yazda, and some Aquabats Flappers, and vulture cedya.

The explorers travel North-East into the Lub Forest. They climb and name many of them making a mental map of the area.

When they travel, they see something. They catch it and it turns out to be a strange purple flyer. The wind that carried it smelled rotten.They reach the other side of the Forest to find where the river empties out to the ocean.

One adventurous Puruu walks into the rolling tides. The water irritates his limbs making them cramp up. He can't compensate and is soon swept out into the ocean. Before the rest realize what has happened, the brave fool has gone under the murky water. They fish him out and bring him back into the river. However his body has been ripped by some underwater beast. He dies shortly after, giving some last words.

>> No.20105925
File: 37 KB, 600x500, Sad day for Puruukind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 9, 15, 2 = 26


The Ruufaya mourn the loss of their departed compadré and ceremoniously commend his remains to the pool, that they may foster a new generation as brave as he. Another starts incubating a batch of Runu to replace him.

Through the sadness, the Ruufaya view the expedition as beneficial as they made great headway mapping the Lub Forest and opening to themselves a much wider menu.

A new exploration mission is far from on the cards for the while, their time is decided much better dedicated to preparing for future trips.

Rolling to develop a water filtration method, portable soup jugs and foot-wraps.

>> No.20106027

Hang on, water filtration in the Stone Age? That does not compute comrade.

I suppose I could self-GM this. The caretaker receives the virus and while he does contract it, he is now resistant to future infections. As for the pups, when the eggs hatched, there were 20 individuals, about 5 died before the disease and 4 died to the rabies, leaving 11 pups to continue breeding. Granted, they're still feral, but they're alive. Hopefully none of the GMs (or players) find any of this contentious.

>> No.20106109

rolled 4 = 4


Forest seems like bad place so Staatgreich try to keep clear of it for now as they moved to nearby hill to settle down. They start to dig small holes to the ground to have some cover from the wind. As the nests are ready they start to find something to eat (Does Shwirm eat meat or plants? I suppose they are omnivores)

Rolling some sort of food to keep the tribe fed for the near future.

>> No.20106150
File: 49 KB, 492x416, WATER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> 4
Oh dear...

As for your question, yes, as far as I remember, our Sapient Shwirms are omnivorous.

>> No.20106296
File: 105 KB, 600x500, Proper nets and Lub jugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 8 = 8

It's not that sophisticated at the moment, just experimenting with pouring water through soil; purely to get the salt out of it.


Demonstration of how our nets have developed. They are now made mostly of algae strands with a single, short rod as a handle, resembling a lasso.
Also, soup jugs are made by pulling the Lub pool off of the plant and tying it with a binder leaf, the leafs around the rim are folded upward and also tied; as long as they are stored upright (usually slung around the shoulder) they will maintain their contents.

Rolling again for footwraps.

>> No.20106310

rolled 11, 20, 16 = 47

A few Rolls while I wait for NG to return to continue my interaction with the Kah

Also, Name Change

The Tra, while waiting for their envoys to complete their mission, begin to experiment with their surroundings

A few of the children too young to hunt play around with the shells of Ma'auma that have been discarded around the camp, punching each other and ducking behind the shells. This is merely play, but could it become something more?

The shamans regularly crush herbs into potions for when they head into the Dream Forests. A few mischevious children get into their supplies, and begin mixing up brews. They're excited by the pretty colors they make.

The elder hunters set to work on the bones of the paresh that were killed a few days ago. They begin to make more of the new javelins for hunting, and war with these "Kah" if need be.

Rolling for Shields, new potions, and javelin crafting

>> No.20106551

from the mouth of babes....
1. steal brews
2. kids on acid
3. ???
4. Profit!

>> No.20106699

rolled 6 = 6


Seems like there is no food to be found in the nearby area. Some of the families are sent to farther areas to see if they can find some food from longer distance.

Rolling for other families to find some food.

>> No.20106779

rolled 1, 12 = 13


Oh dear. Seems like there is not much more food to be found. About half of the Families leave to West because they see no way to live in this area. Those who stay have no other choice but to venture into the forest to find food. If this fails there will be many who suffers.

Rolling for finding food from forest and safety of the travels for other part of the tribe.

>> No.20106809

Comrade, food seems to outrun you at every turn. My condolences.

>> No.20106995

The Tra watch their children play and get the idea to make protective shields. At first they try the materials around them. Wood shields may seem like a good idea. But somebody gets a better idea. The Catherials have though hides that could make better ones.

Javelin crafting goes very well. They pratice with them and find they can throw these things pretty far. The best javelins have either a sharpen bone, or a rainbow horn to penatrate the target.

Over the last several weeks the male population have tried becoming fathers. But no matter how much they try, their females will not bear children. They turn to the Shaman for a fertility drug. The Shaman tries many different combinations that he knows not to be poisoness.

The naughty children mixed up a concotion of grass and paresh horn. The Shaman chases them away at the same moment a potential father walks in. The Shaman hands with the concotion. To everybody's amazement, his female is with child. Soon every male desires the new fertility horn powder.

All at once every female is with children, including Krom's.

>> No.20107020


>> No.20107063

rolled 5, 17, 4 = 26


Oh shit. Those who Went to forest never came back and the part of tribe that stayed in the hill has to resort to cannibalism to survive. At least the other part of the tribe made it safely to the west (M29). As those who stayed cannot do much because of hunger there i only roll for the tribe near the coast for finding more food from there.

Rolling for finding either plants, game or fish for stable foodsource in M29

>> No.20107311
File: 47 KB, 659x388, Collective Wisdom of Glorious Peoples.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 6 = 6

Hmm, let's try a new ventilation system. See the diagram. Only now, several generations after the event of "Those-Comrades-What-Burnt-Their-House-Down" has the fear lifted away and new ideas are attempted.

Paresh don't have horns, though they do have oversized teeth, some like rodents, another like walrus'. Is that what you refer to? That said... stop saying "Paresh", as these creatures are no longer extant. They evolved into the Redaresh, the Eshug, the Mogshur and the Pumesh. I made the Paresh as well as the previously mentioned critters so I don't think I'm stepping over any bounds (If I am I will rescind some or all of these statements as necessary, except for me making them. That I won't take back).

>> No.20107376
File: 30 KB, 94x94, Dwarf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20107426

Completely unrealistic, as the dwarf has noticed.

>> No.20107466

rolled 2, 5 = 7


Seems like this area (M29) is quite rich in game (Could someone tell me what it could be). Without wasting time the Tribals started to find ways to hunt the animals to get some food.

Rolling for hunting and new ways to preserve the food for transportation to east.

>> No.20107530 [DELETED] 

Sure thing, give me a moment and I'll get you a picture.

>> No.20107574

I thought Paresh were derivatives of Runnas. Also, someone else started using the term before I did so NOT MY FAULT

>> No.20107647

rolled 11 = 11


Who needs hardcore mode when you have rolls like this. Hunt goes really bad and many are lost that day and without meat there is no way to learn new ways to preserve it. It is starting to look like grave situation for the Staatgreich. Many are lost to finding food and some have succumbed to cannibalism. Staatgreich in east will attempt to hunt again in desperation to get food.

>> No.20107673
File: 281 KB, 1095x705, game available.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The sizes of most the creatures is unknown to me. The Arboreal Striders are about 4ft. tall and the Ma'uma breeds are shown there with a scale reference.

No, the Paresh and Runnas are derived from a common ancestor but they are separate lines. Also: SOMEBODY'S GOTTA PAY, MIGHT AS WELL BE YOU, PREPARE THINE ANUS.

>> No.20107725

Ah yes, you are totally right. Excuse me, I use the Paresh as short hand for those grazing pairie creatures. I'll remember to be more specific in the future.

As for the Horn, it would have been better to call them teeth or fangs. But outside the head they look like Horns, the shaman could have stored them under that name.

In anycase thank you for pointing that out.

>> No.20107898
File: 199 KB, 525x638, paresh vs. runnas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The grazing prairie critters you refer to might be the descendants of the Runna, or Runniformes as I call them in a fake taxonomical-sounding name. The Paresh-descendents (which I suppose you could use Paresh to mean) live in the mountainous regions... for the most part. I suppose it wouldn't be too unbelievable to see them on the plains or even nearby forests, but their main habitat is the alpine regions.

The Runnas all live in the plains save the Frenna, which also sometimes ventures into the forest. Note also: the Tiranna, when frightened, turns bright red as it's blood pumps faster in response to increased heart rate, allowing it a burst of energy in times of danger.

I'm not trying to be a know-it-all or be autistic. It's just that these kinds of things can lead to confusion and I figured I'd nip it in the bud quickly before we can't remember where the fuck anything is.

>> No.20108567

rolled 5, 16, 1 = 22

The men of Tra, while elated at the though of being fathers, soon realize they're in trouble. They'll need to find food, quickly, to feed the expectant mothers. They split up into groups, one third of them leaving the tribe at a time, the rest protecting the the vulnerable females form any threat

Rolling for First Hunting group, second hunting group, third hunting group

>> No.20108660

rolled 2 = 2

Paresh and Runnas actually share no common ancestry. Paresh are Sluck line. Runnas are Worem. Don't forget that Paresh descendants don't have eyes, and that Runnas have exoskeletons.

Years pass, and life for the Geists of the Vierachè tribe remains mostly the same. Children are born, grow up, have children of their own, and life goes on.
Now an expectant grandmother, the Shaman has taken an interest in finding someone worthy to take her place.

Rolling for finding someone to train to be the new shaman.
I also still need results for my last post.

>> No.20109954
File: 11 KB, 400x242, Khaaaan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

son of a...

Seems I'm no stranger to derp. See? Told 'ya I wasn't a know-it-all. While I meditate on my failure, could I humbly request a roll result on >>20107311?

>> No.20110286

I think these are the posts in need of responses. I may be wrong about a couple.

>> No.20110663

Yapap contact the other tribe, and they are a smaller, but friendly group, perhaps naive, but no more so then the yapap. They have plently, and are more then willing to share in exchange for fresh "blood" for their own breeding pools.

nad-females learn how to do penetrating scans into material. this will have bonus to future results. the tunnels are sound. Khuna impresses his leader enough to have him pulled aside and given a special task on learning more, and refining this skill. For the time being, Khuna forgets his aspirations of usurping the tribe in favor of a real calling, and a chance to leave his legacy. The chime polls are refined with experience from the prior lessons of the musical spears, etc. They work well enough. Training with the new weapons is a little awkward at first. The noise is tracked with the combine song of the wolves and the scouts, just in time, as it is a crusade of cathedrals on the run. They were saved from being crushed today, and there may be something to learn from their wolves. good dog. Iliath seems to amuse, more then impress the great beasts.

Ruufaya- foot wraps are built with the prior experience of last time. They are simple bindings, but will help with the stress of long walks and are comfortable.

Korobushka - While smokey, this method works. ((i will give bonus from last time, as well as an actual picture showing how it works. good job.)) Unrelated: The trainer will pass on the immunity to its children. The little beasts grow large...quite large indeed, big enough to ride perhaps?

>> No.20110760
File: 13 KB, 316x248, 1341349827014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


first group finds some carrion, second group thankfully finds enough food to feed the new family in the form of an inoglund pack. Some punching and stabbing later, and they are good. The third group is now fighting a wild blungzilla. defend yourself. The Kah tribe has grown weary of waiting, and now moves to find your tribe. ((yeah i'm aware its my fault, but i'm gonna go with "Your guys were making javelins/ harpoons." more to come in about 2 hours.

Few seem willing to step up to the position of shaman. perhaps a child will have to be groomed from birth for the position.

Over the generations Your tribe has endured much hardship, and those that have survived are rugged, hardy individualists with a strong survival instinct. The weak are dead, long live the strong. They now hunt abundant schwirm varieties, laser bord (somewhat dangerous), grippas (like repto monkeys) and pests (repto monkeys that steal your stuff) pic related. The monkey like things are agile, and fast. A better weapon may be needed. For now starvation is a thing of the past.

>> No.20110849

Excellent, thanks ng. Join us in the IRC. I'm about to introduce a topic I think you'll be well suited for (seeing as you've introduced me to so much new music). This invitation extends to Staatreich.

>> No.20112063

Bump before bed.

>> No.20112757

The two tribes meet, and it is peaceful, if tense. Traditions, beliefs, and ritual are discussed. There is talk of trade, and of arranged couples. The Kah are much more blunt about it, seeking new warrior blood. To add to the intensity of the situation, the Kah, while not taking pity on those who have lost one or both mulpacs, more seek to guide them into bettering themselves. The parents and fellow tribesmen feel like they are trying to break the natural order of things. The Chieftain and Shaman leader of the two tribes might have to fight in an honor duel in order to prevent all out fighting. ((your race is alpha as fuck. bound to happen.))

-you have options: you can do an honor duel, you can do all out war, you can attempt diplomacy. the outcomes of all of them vary in severity and depend on what you want, which i would recommend putting with your rolls. (outcomes: diplomance, kill entire npc tribe, kill leader/ defeat leader - absorb tribe and gain everything they have including the population/ trade and gain their "tech" at a cost. all of these lead towards the initial goal you set.)

((About the Kah: many generations ago a chief's son killed his father, stabbed him right thru the head with his mupac. go figure. they dont value their mulpac like your tribe does, as a lost mulpac can be replaced with an even more potent sul'pak. They have strong attachments to the concept of eventual death, killing, and the sun. They are more barbaric then your tribe. Strength is respected above innovation. You take what you kill. They will eat the dead after a fight. They will collect the bones. Do not take this as evil though.)) The kah number at 25.

You have the next move.

>> No.20112826

rolled 4, 18, 6 = 28


At last some food. There was no time to learn new ways of preservation as they had to bring the food to west as soon as possible. Some of the meat was starting to rot when they got to eastern tribe but it didn't stop them from eating it. Now that Staatgreich has its streigth back they can start working. Good path must be found and cleared to make travelling between villages more easy because from now on the eastern village is dependent of western villages meat. Because easterns don't have to worry about getting food anymore they have time to think new ways for hunting.

Rolling for Clearing the path between tribes, Making of primitive entangling and blunt weapon for hunting.

>> No.20112935

rolled 9 = 9

Oh my, you've given me horses? I like. The tribe numbers at about 100. I'm struggling to think of anything else, so let's roll for a population increase.

>> No.20113013
File: 179 KB, 1330x652, 1343571865347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Clubs are...sort of broken off tree branches, but its about as primitive and blunt as you can get. The entanglement device is actually two sticks tied together with a lot of loose string tied between the two. when it makes contact with another object, the weak bindings break open and the string spills all over the creature. at first mobility is not too restricted as the string is loose, but it rapidly will cause tripping and falling over. the path is long and dangerous, filled with wild beasts who are more agressive then the usual food stuff, it is not easy to clear and you are attacked by jungle geist along the way. ((See the green dude in a previous post)). I also redrew your tribe symbol to make it more primitive, as the game goes on, feel free to update it.

a very minor population increase happens. about 20 new individuals are born, the winter was cold and many eggs did not make it. ((as for direction, animal husbandry, breeding, fishing, building a defensive wall, docks, building a communal hall, messing around with fire more, docks to fish from, or sail on your lake, better homes (half earthwork, half tent), many ideas...many ideas. and with those numbers its easy to shotgun out the rolls. oh also that ranged weapon we spoke of. that is pretty significant))

im chilling in IRC if either of you want to swing by, otherwise, ill probably go to bed in about an hour or two

>> No.20113060

Talk of a ranged weapon... I do not remember such a conversation comrade, but then again, it is late and I must rest myself.

>> No.20113162

the Kirunna are evasive and wild, attempting to capture them has resulted in, minor injuries for all involved, several orphaned baby kirunna due to being overly aggressive/ unskilled with the capture attempts, and several injured kirunna. They will need special care, and all in all, 1 new adult, and 3 healthy and two injured baby kirunna. Non appear to be near death. The scouts are banged up pretty well, and are hauling a rather large mother in tow.

The wood cutting tools are a very slight refinement over their existing ones, in fact, they are their existing ones, just cleaned a little. and sharpened more.

Durai and Solith walk into the dreaming. The moment they enter the haze their heads began to swim, each having a different reaction. A Gesh Dreamer walked out, staring at them with milk colored eyes. "You came, this is happy." it spoke slowly, simply. And so they walked thru the dream, talking of many things, each of them important and insignificant at the same time. The haze grew thicker, and breathing slightly harder. "you.almost see, now. look at my face. closely." And they did. the Dreamer sighed a long breath into their faces. It sent them into visions, of joy, of endless mist, of knowledge so large they could not hold onto it. They wept and laughed. "violence. we ask for it for others. we give our peace." at this point all the two could do was nod and drool, eyes dilated like plates and walk out of the forest in a near trance.

>> No.20113220
File: 182 KB, 1330x652, Mark 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 18, 6, 6 = 30


That symbol looks awesome. Only thing i changed was the locations of the tribes in the map.

The great hunger culled the population of Staatgreich much and now they have shortage of workforce. Young couples are encouraged to have as many children as possible and hopefully with the fast breeding of Shwirms the tribe will grow larger. Also ways to improve the nests are attempted as the simple pit in the ground protects them from the wind it won't do much against rain or sun. Some of the young warriors attempt to study these jungle geists in order to better understand them.

Roll for population growth (To see does the hunger still affect the birth rates), Improving the nests and studying the Jungle geists

>> No.20113434

Population boom. many small babies incoming. nests are still holes in the ground, but now with leaf bedding! the jungle geists run away, and when confronted are aggressive, but not much else is known.

Tribal Encounter- during the midsts of recovery a slightly smaller and more nomadic tribe ventures into your territory, they are starving, weak, and have lots of strange and wondrous new equipment, but no warriors to defend themselves. They have no idea your tribe is in this region, and your scouts have just reported the find.

how do you react?

>> No.20113670


Those nomadic shwirms are welcomed and our warriors show them way to south of our territory (N30) to claim as their own. But this all is not pure and free kindness as the price is incorporation to the Staatgreich. This deal would be more than beneficial to them as they would get protection from our warriors, get stable supply of food and our young could find partners from eachothers villages.

>> No.20115600 [DELETED] 

rolled 7, 17, 11 = 35

The Tra decide that they cannot let these savages be left alone. They shall be defeated, or at least they're leader shall be defeated in an honor duel. Eno is chosen to fight the Kah Chieftan, in ritual combat. However, preparations shall be made, for the Kah Chieftan has shown himself to be be dishonorable by killing his own father. The tribe prepares for war, fashioning more javelins, and hunting Ma'auma for both food and new sheilds.

One way or another, the Tra shall absorb the Kah

Rolling for THE HONOR DUEL, Moar javelins, Ma'auma hunting

>> No.20115629

rolled 19, 5, 11 = 35

The Tra decide that they cannot let these savages be left alone. They shall be defeated, or at least they're leader shall be defeated in an honor duel. Eno is chosen to fight the Kah Chieftan, in ritual combat. However, preparations shall be made, for the Kah Chieftan has shown himself to be be dishonorable by killing his own father. The tribe prepares for war, fashioning more javelins, and hunting Ma'auma for both food and new sheilds.

One way or another, the Tra shall absorb the Kah

Rolling for THE HONOR DUEL, Moar javelins, Ma'auma hunting

>> No.20115770 [DELETED] 

I was gonna say... if you can't catch a Ma'uma what the fuck are you doing? Their armour is soft leather (non-rigid and relatively weak) and they move at like a mile an hour... *maybe* 5, if they're bookin' it.

A young Korobushka, hearing of the stories of the river from his grandparents, long ago. He thinks, why not travel with the river? Of course, the young shwirm cannot swim. What to do?
He ponders... ice floats on water. Perhaps if he stood on the ice?

> Rolling for
1) The youngster's (18-19 in human years) attempt to see if he could stand on an ice floe and remain above water.

>> No.20115810

rolled 10 = 10

I was gonna say... if you can't catch a Ma'uma what the fuck are you doing? Their armour is soft leather (non-rigid and relatively weak) and they move at like a mile an hour... *maybe* 5, if they're bookin' it.

A young Korobushka, hearing of the stories of the river from his grandparents, long ago. He thinks, why not travel with the river? Of course, the young shwirm cannot swim. What to do?
He ponders... ice floats on water. Perhaps if he stood on the ice?

> Rolling for
1) The youngster's (18-19 in human years) attempt to see if he could stand on an ice floe and remain above water.

>> No.20117112

One shitty day behind, two more to go.

As I am posting from phone, I can't really make elaborate updates. I would appreciate it if my tribe was kept up to speed along the plans we discussed ng.

Basically the shaman continues to improve the relations with the wyverns, the wind chimes are improved, Wolf geist domestication continues and the tribe starts to develop their sonar and voice into useful thibgs such as the stun scream.

Have a nice week gents.

>> No.20117586

Ma'aumas have only leather for shells? Dang, I thought it was made of hard bone. Looks like I don't have shields after all.

>> No.20117981

Well, not leather-leather, but yeah, it's like hide armour. Sure it's armour, but a strong spear will go through it. Until then though, you've got some fancy hide armour, what's more it's comfortable to move around in.

>> No.20119395


((the Kah chieftain of old, many generations ago killed his own father, but im gonna run with this)) The duel is an epic, and it lasts many hours. Each combatent is bloodied and tired, over the course it becomes apparent this is a fight to the death. The Tra cheer and yell, but the Kah stare in unnatural quiet. Eventually the chieftan is bested in combat, killed with a punch to the head. The Kah start to chant "take what you kill! take what you kill!" Eno does not realize it now, but he has just become the chieftain of the kah.

You make no javelins, ma'auma are harvested in moderate numbers.

The Kah, for better or worse are now a sub sect of your own tribe, their understanding and technology is yours, and at the same time, some of their beliefs may bleed over into yours as well.

you take what you kill. the bones of the old cheiftain were made into trinkets, totems, and armor. Eno now has the chieftain's gear.

>> No.20119398



>> No.20120023


Nothing for me in that post? Made me confused for a moment

>> No.20120024

rolled 7, 18, 12 = 37


The unskilled methods were unfortunate and inefficient. The grazers and hunters were taught to treat better methods to lure and lasso. There wasn't much to be done so the tribe moved on.

The growing herd was seen as a sign. Just a few days ago they had nothing. If they harvested the Kirunna now, they could clothe many and eat for a few days.

Firil was the first proponent of the growing herd. He needed the efforts of the whole tribe to gather the creatures and build a pen for them. He directed the Earthshaking Grubs to design and build the pen. It would be fenced and wrapped in Hexis Vines with their barbs intact.

As long as it was the Time of Grass, the tribe could be persuaded to continue. But the Time of Leaves would return, and the tribe would move back to the forest. Firil started spreading the idea gathering lots of Kirunna.

The two Shamans returned to the tribe. Solith tells the tribe of the voice of the Forest. That the Forest needed protectors and it would reward them with great secrets if they took the duty.

Slowly the Time of Leaves dawned on the tribe...

>rolling for new lure and lasso techniques, gathering more Kirunna, and creating a fenced pen

>> No.20120592

rolled 16, 14, 3 = 33


The lessons were largely ignored by the hunters and grazers. Despite that the tribe became more skilled at the old techniques. They lassoed over the beasts horns and jumped on its back. The beasts bucked while the youngster rode holding onto the rope. Using this method many young hunters were injured, but many more Kirunna were gathered.

The pen the Earthshakers made was small and only held ten Kirunna at a time. The barbs turned the cattle away, but wouldn't stop a stampede of them. Extra cattle was slaughtered away from the pen, the tribe eat well this year.

When the time came, Firil went to the elder Sehquetas. She was sitting in front of the fire holding her walking cane. Holding horns harvested from the Kirunna cattle Firil said, "Look at the bounty that awaits us in the Prairie. If we stay an extra season, we could gather many of these beasts, build a bigger pen, and prosper for many generations!"

Hulys who was standing close by said, "It's true, we might live well for a few years, but what about Solith's Dream? We were promised secrets and Knowledge if we returned and defended the Forest from outsiders." Solith, in a stupor, just nodded his head as if he understood.

"Firil," Aelah, the Inviting Bark Steward said, "You forget why we return to the Forest. We may gather many beasts, but our own numbers will not grow. Don't you look forward to the Returning Feast? Some of us prefer the safety of the trees"

To these questions Firil said, "We can make new traditions, and make a secure new living here."

Sehquestas heard these agreements and...

>rolling for Firils words, Hulys words, and Aelah's words.

>> No.20120757

rolled 11, 6 = 17

The two shamans of the Tra meet with the Shaman of the Kah, to discuss their respective philosophies, potion making, and visions.

Eno greets the Kah with raise fists and mulpacs extended. He welcomes the Kah to the Tra, and declares they are now Two (this is similar to the idea other tribes might have of a union, expect the name and relationship are coloured by the Log'ead fixation on the number two) The tribe shall now collectively be known as Tra'Kah, though individuals from each of the subsets will be referred to by their original tribe name. The Kah men soon begin to court any unmatched females of the Tra, and the same is true for the women of the Kah.

Rolling for how many matches are made between members of Tra and Kah, and what productive things come of the discussion between the shamans

>> No.20121311


As the youngster tries to stand on the ice, it cracks and floats away from shore. The ice is slick and the youngster loses his footing. He manages to catch himself and remain on the ice. The ice sheet floats towards the center of the lake. The ice around his feet crunches slightly.

His brother notices him far in the middle of the lake, and cries out to him.

>> No.20121338

rolled 5, 3, 8, 4 = 20

Just days after first coming to the other tribe requesting supplies, travelers from the Yapap arrive again and ask to be shown the direction to the egg pools. Once arriving there, they regurgitate embryonic puruus into the water, which members of this tribe quickly swallow so that they can finish developing. As with the agreement, the Yapap traders return to their home with supplies of wood, food, and skins. Before they left, they asked if the tribe knew at all of what lies further up the river.

Days have gotten longer for the Yapap ever since the discovery of fire. It lights up the darkness and produces heat for unusually cold nights. Also helps keep the larger beasts away from their home. The feed the flames with fallen Hexises and Tree Siwaris. It would not be hard to figure out that resins dripping from some of the logs burned well.

In a few days a small party of four would begin a week-long expedition down the river and back.

Rolling for what the other tribe knows of to the south, torches, exploring north (with torches if that roll is successful), and cooking/dehydrating food.
(Breeding isn't quite the right word, as Puruus are pretty close to asexual.)

Vierachè update coming later.

>> No.20122115

rolled 7, 13, 16, 10 = 46

>Will demonstrate the new footwraps when I'm able.

With their new equipment, the Ruufaya's faith in exploration has gradually returned and a trek to the South, through the forest, is being planned.

Rolling for improving footwraps again, improving nets again and 2 rolls for exploration of the South forest.

>> No.20122401

rolled 15 = 15

Poor bastard. Perhaps the youth can reach help. If he can, then this youth and his possibly revolutionary idea will be saved! Does anyone hear the little brother's cries?

>> No.20122731 [DELETED] 

rolled 5, 15 = 20

Bump with a picture of Enos new helm, made from the skull and Mulpac of the Kah Chieftan (did he have a name?)

>> No.20122766
File: 4 KB, 158x229, Enos Awesome helm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump with a picture of Enos new helm, made from the skull and Mulpac of the Kah Chieftan (did he have a name?)

>> No.20123208


The other tribe is vague, but tells the travelers that there is a body of water to the south.

The Yapap test several resins and found some that burned well. However one Puruu accidentally knocked over a jar full of the gathered resin. The resin falls and ruins cooking preparations.

The explorers travel up the river, when suddenly a floating raga plant falls from the sky. One of the Puruu is knocked back into the rapids of the river. His mates try to catch him, but can't. Before long he is lost to the river.

After resurfacing down the river pass the rapids. The lone Puruu tries to get his bearings. He decides to start upstream, until he sees something alien and terrible. He finds Titanolubs much like his own at home. However its green has been replaced with purple. And the smell is foul and awful making the explorer gag.

He hears shrieks and sees a figure stalking him between the Lubs. He flees in terror.

>> No.20123468

The Tra and Kah make some cross matches, but it seems that most of the Tra females are already bearing children with Tra men.

The two shamans try sharing their belief systems. But it seems that they aren't very compatible at all. While the Tra believe in Honor, the Kah believe in "Keeping what you kill," which is something not understood by the Tra shaman.

((have nongent explain some of what this means))

>> No.20123882

The adults of the tribe quickly take notice of the youth's plight. They throw him a life saving rope. Holding the rope tight around his wrist and waist, he pulls himself and his floating ice sheet to the other side.

Not only does the idea of floating vessels circle the tribe. But the tribe discovers a new form of locomotion across shallow sections of the lake. By standing on the ice and pushing off the lake bottom with a long stick, they drove sheets of ice across the water.

>> No.20124779

rolled 20, 19, 15 = 54

Just a few more rolls before I go to bed

To celebrate the union of Tra and Kah, a great hunt shall be had. All the warriors of Kah and Tra shall take turns hunting the beast of the plains, seeking to slay the largest, and most ferocious creatures, or simply bring large numbers of simple creatures like the Runniformes. The hunt shall also be held to provide enough food for the pregnant mothers, and their soon to be born children

Rolling for First Hunt, Second Hunt, Third Hunt

>> No.20124789

I hope I got a cathedral or something from that 20

>> No.20124802 [DELETED] 

rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5

I hope I got a cathedral or something from that 20

>> No.20125295
File: 9 KB, 285x203, frozen line fishing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 10, 9, 1 = 20

The tribe now can fish well into the brief autumn, those scant 2 months or so when their land is not freezing cold. During the winter they walk out onto the ice, traditional ice fishing. In the autumn they row out upon the ice canoes. It never gets warm enough that they melt, but they do break up. The process is so easy and simple that a fisherman can spend all day out, with a relative rowing out upon an ice flow of their own to bring him meals.

Fishing is a boring business, a line with a hook, (no rod or reel) waiting for a bite so you can haul it in. Most fisherman find a hobby, or something else to pass the time... you know, something constructive. Of course, there's an old joke that "fishermen's sons are born out on the ice".

Over the seasons, children are born, and the tribe grows. More exploring in the vast woods below the mountains treeline.

> Rolling for:
1) Population increase
2) Exploration: Direction
3) Exploration: Success

>> No.20126583

rolled 16, 19, 13 = 48

While they probably meant the sea to the south, the Yapap assumed that this tribe was talking about small a lake along the river.
The Puruu who caused a small fire by spilling the collected resin got smacked around a bit by the other who had wanted to try something with it. They'd have to collect some more. The area of the fire was cleared out, ash and burnt-out coals were swept out of the fire pit so that it wouldn't be piling up.

While the one explorer was lost, it had a general idea of where he had to go. The river's current would be the Puruu's guide. It would be a long and difficult journey, but it would try to make it back home.

Rolling for torches again, discovering ceramics, and the explorer's return.
>If unable to return but not killed, keep in mind that Puruus reproduce asexually, and the explorer could become the progenitor of a new NPC tribe after a few years.

>> No.20127399
File: 86 KB, 424x249, korobushka_attacke01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 18 = 18

While the tribe waits for news of the unklucky bastards who went into the forest, let's see if we can't develop something else. This roll will determine progress on the ice-floe not-canoe. Let's do this...

>> No.20127478

((sorry about that man)) The tribe slowly absorbs the small village over the years, and in time the two become one, with two distinct rolls being formed. Farmer/ craftsman, and Hunter/ Guardian.

((feel free to crank out 5 or so rolls at a time))

>> No.20127503

The Tra'Kah hunters successfully tracks a herd of Cathedrals. Using their brute strength combined with cunning, they manage to get not just one, but two, large Cathedrals on their first hunt. Their second hunt yield another cathedral, while the third manage to catch Plains Runners. The two tribes will have a surplus of goods and food for the next few months.

It seems like some of the fishermen succeeded in getting busy in non-piscine ways. Two new batches of eggs will be laid soon. Meanwhile, the other fishermen manage to carve a canoe-like structure made of ice, and put some leather on it for better structure. It floats!
Only one of the scouts return, badly injured. He tells of green demons and very tall, antlered beings of the forest. The scout saw how his teammates got killed by what seemed to be plants, ambushing them mercilessly. Only luck seems to save him from the cruel fate his mates suffered.

>> No.20127570

rolled 12, 14, 1 = 27

Excellent! Our canoes of ice shall now explore the lake, and the river beneath it. What do we find? (First roll is direction, second is success) And no, the Korobushka have yet to discover that ice melts. Just... keep that in mind.

The scout's return causes unrest among some of the villagers, the leaders of the various families feel that something must be done. For generations they have used hand-axes and spears of sharpened wood, perhaps it is time to combine the two.

> Rolling for:
1) Direction of canoe exploration
2) Success of canoe exploration
3) Stone Spear Invention

>> No.20127578

I think we invented Russian Roulette instead...

>> No.20128016


The resin from the spill was a boon of two fold. First, the resin that was mixed in with the ash and dirt formed a wonderous new substance of great curiosity. It was hard, and broke into sharp, sharp edges, but even breaking it came with some difficulty. The other substance left behind was from what got put out quickly, a thick sticky substance. Tar. The tar burned long and slow. As for our intrepid exporer, that puruu came back with much knowledge of the areas "he" had been. As well as some small juvenile puruu in tow. reproduction happens. It has been about a year. ((count a +1 bonus for your eventual roll on cartography/ maps/ etc.))

footwraps continue to improve moderately, they are now stitched instead of simply being cloth wrappings, more like tabi socks now. Nets gain longer handles, and a bigger net. the two exploration teams take radically different paths. one goes south west, the other south east.
Those who go southeast travel about two weeks along the river before they encounter another tribe of puruu. ((roll dice to see what happened along your journey.)) Those that travel southwest were unprepared for the increasingly dry climate and hostile large creatures. They retreated back home.

>> No.20128110


the canoe's head ever northward and begin to melt, but the scouts make it to the coast before all is lost, and with a valuable lesson. The continue up the lake until it becomes a river. For about a week, at a cautious pace, they continue until they discover an outpost of little creatures living in the "trees". (urpuruu tribe) they retreat back.(( If Righteye is seeing this, roll to see if you were discovered. If you dont respond within a week, im going to assume abandoned tribe, and it becomes an NPC plaything of the GMs. nothing sinister there. fortune, roll for events of the scouts trek back home.))

The Spears...were a bad idea. They were flimsy at best, and unusable for hunting. Instead of being taken apart, the inventors, who were many of the tribes adults, left them laying around, intending to burn them as fire wood. Instead the children played with them. One child poked another, that child grew mad and chased it's friend with a spear. Child A trips over rock, impales child B in butt, who runs about flailing with a spear in its ass, thru a fire. Igniting his clothing, now flaming and running thru the village setting blaze to the tents as it races for the lake. Thus began the legend of Volkolai, burn child what bring misery. In the end you lost "3 huts, totally burned. 12 huts, various states of damage, as well as a permanent fear/ hatred of polearms as a bad, bad idea." if that is too brutal, ill redact, and redo the result. No one died.

>> No.20128154
File: 13 KB, 262x257, Volkolai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 20 = 20

I love it! Foolish child, but we shall prevail. As the shwirm saying goes "Kônh dúsô wəwintr-ún, ôrimagh thí vísh". Perhaps one day you will understand what it means, comrade.

Alright, cool beans, time to roll for the journey home.

>> No.20128159

((The Kah tribe has lived a much harder, savage life then your tribe. They believe strongly in the strong taking what they need to survive, and to answer to no one. They also literally believe they own what they kill. Your one dude killed the tribal leader/ owner. now he is leader. that simple. They do not tend to waste much, considering they came from the desert lands and have been on a long trek. the ancient story of the leader killing his father may date back before the continent splitting earthquake. His father was weak, and was leading their tribe to their death, so the stronger son took control. And so it has been that way forever for them. The father grows weak, and a "son" (member of the tribe) will fight, and eventually kill him if he is victorious. If not, the Father kills him, and gets a collection of skulls and bones/ etc. Death to them is a reality, not a religion, and they acknowledge it with the paint on their grey bodies, and with their weapons made of bone and sinew. They respect strength above all, and that will overcome all cultural differences, but now over generations, that reverence of strength and acceptance of death may bleed into parts of your tribes culture. The great belief to murder the sun will die, faded into legend, grand as it is to take the sun because you killed it.))

>> No.20128220 [DELETED] 

> murder the sun
I have a feeling the Gantu would not take kindly to that...

Also, holy god damn! >>20128154

>> No.20128435

((in nad's absence, I am making this one time progression he asked for))
- Geist wolves make for loyal, if somewhat dangerous pack members. ((might have eaten a kid or two. bad dog)) It is understood that the Geist wolves sing in a different way, at the ground mostly, the vibrations go out and come back to them. Ground penetrating sonar/ a good memory of where they have been/ a keen sense of vibrations and what they tell. They also have a very developed sense of "smell" they loll their tongues out in the air as they walk or run, tasting their environment.
-Wyverns become more sociable with the shaman caste of the tribe, and the two develop a repitoir of singing back and fourth, even allowing the shamans to groom them. The Shaman leader has had a few children that are being taught to be shamans also.
- Technology and culture: music grows more complex, chimes and bells become easy to make for the tribe, along with associated products. Each geist will craft their own cylindrical chime/ bell that is unique to them. Artisan caste starts to craft masks/ muzzles to change how the "song" works/ sounds.
-The existing alpha continues to grow older, and more placid. Khuna while the most dominant of the brute caste has been very busy developing his screams and howls with the other brutes, as well as growing more mature and patient. The females have turned their penetrating scans to studying the internal make up of living organisms. (two schools of song. destructive/primal vs introspective/ inspecting/ curious)
Problems on the horizon/ already happened
-tunnels are starting to get cramped, periodic tremors endanger parts of the tribe and may require at least partial movement to surface, Alpha may die of old age soon, reports of walking blade schwirms.

>> No.20128586

The scouts take the other way around the lake, to further study their region. Is duty of handed from tribe. On their hike they discover a strange collection of hills and strange noise in the distance. Near them are many sticks with strange sounding objects attached, the noise is pleasing to the ear. Each one has a music attachment that is pleasing to the ears. They take one per scout, make note of the strange place, but venture no further.

Hunting comes easy to the troop on their adventure and they want not for food, however as they venture into the mountains, every night a horrific screeching can be heard, every night, it gets closer. It was on the darkest night that a towering beast with red eyes and many sharp blades made itself apparent. There was no stalking, no game of cat and mouse, and no time to prepare. It crashed into their ranks with untold savagery, scouts went flying, and injuries were had. however the scouts attacked with whatever was at hand, some beat the creature with their bell sticks, and others used axes. The noise of the sticks seemed to distract and drive the creature mad, unable to focus or attack properly it trashed wildly. the Scouts took note of this and as a team made noise and attacked. The yelling, banging, and chiming disoriented the creature enough that they managed to bring it down and hack it to death with no real looses on their side. Sure, there were broken arms, scratches, busted...exoskeletons, and even a few lost eyes, but all lived that night.....

...Into town came the scouts, long to though be dead, dragging a creature thought to be legend. A ripper tyrant.

>> No.20128994


The tribe mulled over the consequences of each path. Debate, worry, and hope were abundant in equal measures. A small minority wished to stay as they were. Sehquestas spoke. The tribe cannot afford division, nor can it afford stagnation. New, stronger, larger pens will be built immediately on the edge of the forests, the creatures will be herded there. More will be captured if they can during the construction of the new pens, and during the time of leaves. This may not be as many as hoped for, but it is a cautious step forward. The shamans have leave to pursue the deamers, as it was their actions that started this progress. The closeness of the tribe will be able to support them and their needs. The traditionalists will have to be satisfied with this result, as it is not an absolute victory for any one group.

the new pens are made of already existing trees, logs and vines, as well as new saplings to eventually make a living wall. essentially fenced off chunks of of the forest that are more open. This was thought up by all the major representatives of the tribe.

>> No.20129621

The Tra'Kah feast on the cathedrals and plains runners, socializing and bonding as they did so. The newly matched Tra and Kah dance around the fire, though to us it might look more like flailing wildly. The children play, chasing each other with play spears, and reenacting the hunt of their fathers bringing down the cathedrals

Meanwhile, Eno and Dlo meet with the shaman of the Kah. It is agreed that he shall be granted rights over all of Tra'Kahs dead, while the two shamans of Tra, Bido and Pak, shall guide the spirits and minds of the tribe.

>> No.20132633
File: 508 KB, 800x600, FullContentLoged.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is for you. This fella looks pretty damn happy with a full belly, but who can blame him.

>> No.20132677
File: 37 KB, 400x394, Waitasecond.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump with humor

>> No.20132909

rolled 18, 1, 4 = 23

I've got nothing to do, so it's random encounter time! Let's just say its a final hunting party that goes out for the last of the celebration, but gets a little lost.

Rolling for direction, progress, and what I find.

>> No.20132927

rolled 6, 18, 5, 15, 19, 18 = 81


With the third villages merging with Staatgreich they now need to find some way for other villages to pay for western villages food. Souhern village has no way or idea how to repay for food so they now try to find way to feed themselves. They are no hunters like people in western village so they try to find some edible plants. Eastern village tries to repay with helping Westerns to hunt easier as they now try to develop better weapons. Staatgreich is also interested in finding more nomadic tribes in the north and sends scouts to search the land. Another attempt to improve path between west and east and building whole ne path to south from eastern village. Eastern village also tries to build simple mound around the village in order to protect themselves from the forest.

Rolling for (N30) Finding Plants, (M30) Improving hunting tools, Improving E-W road, Making E-S Road, (M29) searching the north for more nomads, (M30) Building simple "walls"

>> No.20133663

rolled 8, 6 = 14

When the scouts return home, the beast is mounted in the town square. A Celebration is had, something rather rare for this long-suffering people. That said, the canoe's fate is troubling. What in the world could have happened to the craft? The leather didn't disappear...
With all this exploration going on, cartography is not likely far behind, but it'll be a grueling task to learn how to make accurate maps. Lots of exploring of dangerous places and venturing to lands unknown. But before we get to *accurate* maps, let's just see if we can get to fucking maps.

>Rolling for:
1) See if they figure out what happened to the canoe (basically, do they learn that ice melts in warmer temperatures?)
2) invention of mapmaking (not necessarily accurate maps, mind you)

>> No.20133865

rolled 19, 5, 2, 4 = 30

Tree Shaping – (an idea taken from nongent)
During the Time of Leaves the Iminye practice tree shaping. It is the construction of structures using living trees. They tie tree branches together, so that they grow to support the weight of Elenii. They will also make scaffolding to direct the tree's growth. The Earthshaking Grub clan is the most skilled at this.

Everyone praised the wisdom of the Grim Elder. And the Return Feast is not marked my clan divisions. Upon returning to the Edge of the Forest, the tribe makes preparations for the feast. Kirunna are slaughtered for their meat. They dig the fire pit and roast it.

The Mothers of the tribe lay down their grub packs and let their grubs molt. The grubs start walking on their four legs and become true children. The mothers are extremely proud.

The young adults present themselves to the tribe and profess themselves becoming hunters and grazers. Some take a new profession of herder. They will tend to the growing number of Kirunna, herding them around the prairie. Aeiro, the grazing hyper-male, becomes the Master Herd Elen.

During the late night, the young adults retreat into the forest for privacy. The grubs from this night will be brought up in the clan of their mothers. Huly is gloomy because the Earthshaking Grub clan has very few potential mothers.

After the feast, the tribe checks the Tree Shapes from last season. Forest demons are known to roost during the off season. They also make plans to explore the lands to the East. Lastly the grazers are tasked by the Solith to gather a collection of different plants.

>rolling for new Earthshaking Grub mothers, checking the tree shapes from last season, exploring east, plant collecting

>> No.20134095

The hunting party travels west looking for more game. The party is a mix of Tra and Kah. Before venturing far from the tribe, an argument breaks out between Krog and Skuller, a Kah hunter.

Skuller calls Krog weak for not challenging his father for leadership of the tribe. Krog rebukes him for not respecting Tra elders. A fight breaks out between the two.

>> No.20134301

Aggressive predators drive the Southern villagers away from edible fruits and plants.

Eastern villagers discover heavy clubs to crush hard shells, and sharp bone knifes to stab soft bodies.

The east-west path loses some definition and has to be redone. While a east-south path is trailed and paved by stomping the ground. Most of the work is done by east-villagers who seem to be quite industrious. They dig a trench around their village and use the dirt to build up a wall behind it.

Scouts discover a family living by itself to the north.

>> No.20134536

rolled 3, 11, 17, 5 = 36

Krom steps into fight, delivering a single punch each to Krom and Skullers heads. The two then break up, and they go on their merry way to hunt, resolving to deal with their differences when they get back. Or at least THEY'LL deal with it. Eno, Dlo and the Tra Shamans go to meet with Kah shaman (Kah shaman needs a name. How about Mort?).

Second verse, same as the first. Direction, Progress, WHAT DO THEY FIND. Also, is Mort (Kah Shaman) obedient to his new chieftan, or does he side with Skuller in this situation?

>> No.20134848

They figure that since the Ice can from the lake that Ice Boats can only float on the water they were made from. Otherwise the ice returns to the lake that spawned it.

As far as map making, the tribe must decide how to measure position. Some want to make the map according to distance from the mountain peak. A polar map based on distance from the mountain and the angle from the town square. Others say they must make the map directions according to right angles from the town square.

The maps become confusing when different Explorers use different standards for measuring distance and direction.

>> No.20136021
File: 365 KB, 753x519, KorobushkaTerritory_00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I'll get working on that Korobushka "distorted map". In the meantime, here's an accurate map. It's more for our purposes, since the poor comrades don't yet have all the surveying tech to make something like this.

>> No.20136175

rolled 15, 3 = 18

What you describe sounds more like pitch than tar, but I'll use it.

Strips of leather soaked in pitch are wrapped around a narrow log and lit on fire. These torches are set along the ground around the village.
Some sorts of dirt and mud in the fire pit had hardnened into a strong, but somewhat brittle material. Someone gets the idea to make containers out of the stuff, which at the very least keeps a lot more dirt out of everything.
When the explorer eventually returned, nobody could believe their eyes. Everyone had thought "she" had died, and the exploration mission was cut short after the river swept her away. The tribe celebrated her return that day.

Rolling for the discovery of alcohol.

None of the current younglings seemed suited for the position of shaman. While still an expectant grandmother, the shaman wasn't too old to wait for someone with the proper qualities for this duty. (time era, and just how geists are, I see them becoming parents at a young age)

Rolling for apprentice shaman candidates again.

>> No.20137158
File: 127 KB, 700x1000, Master of nets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 11 = 11


Netmanship is the crowning talent of the Ruufaya tribe. Young Puruu are given a net as soon as they are developed enough to hold it and will practice throughout their lives, catching food for the tribe. The standard grip of the handle has evolved to be lain down the forearm with the end held in the hand and with it comes a new horizontal "snap-back" technique to ensnare game on the same plane as the Puruu.

Our explorers are excited to meet another grouping like themselves and approach the South-Easternly Puruu caustiously with an offering of soup. Nets are kept at the ready to aid an escape, if deemed necessary.

Rolling for reaction from the other Puruu tribe.

>> No.20138867

rolled 9, 7 = 16

Over the next few weeks Earthshaker Grub women were discovered with grub. Hulys realize that some balance was returning after the turbulence of the Time of Grass. Until he saw the settlement that they left.

The tree shapes from last season had degraded. The ties had been undone and the branches had grown wild. Seeing the disorder, the Stewards set right to work fixing their home up. They never noticed the Inviting Bark sisters leaving the camp.

The sisters left to explore the eastern side of the Forest. This side was wild with underbrush and the canopy was abuzz with chirps and unknown crys. They traveled further than they ought and by the time they realized it was dark.

Out from the dark underbrush came a dank smell and then a spray of burning green mist. It caught the first Eleni in the chest, bringing her down in pain. The creature burst out of the brush and tackled the second Eleni with its tentacles. The last Eleni ran away as fast as she could. A small creature caught onto her leg and crawled its way to her back.

The last sister felt a stab in the back of her head before blacking out.

When the tribe realized the Inviting Bark sisters were missing, they sent out a search party. They found the remains of two. They looked half eaten, the victims of forest demons.

At the sad news, the Eleni females clawed at the dirt in grief. The males immediately organized a search party for the last sister. Aeiro, the calm hearted hyper-male, cousin to the sisters, who never had a mean idea in his head, who fought his rage daily, went running into the dark forest.

>rolling for search party, Aeiro's rampage

>> No.20140226
File: 8 KB, 151x172, Tra'Kah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 8, 13, 15 = 36

bump with a new logo for Tra'Kah

also, three rolls before I go to bed because NG asked me to. I think they're for all those pregnant women of Tra

>> No.20140388

The hunters went north. The travel is uneventful. They get further into the jungle to discover an open grove. In the grove is a calm cool pool of fresh water. Grabba calls fills the air.

Mort backs the position of Skuller. He agrees with Skuller, but not his actions because it disrupted an active hunt.

The other tribe, called the Rhine, is reserved but wishes to show their hospitality. They take the soup. To them the taste is bland. The explorers are brought in and fed a soup spiced with seasonings. They are most interested in the fine nets the explorers brought with him.

The Yapap discovered a simple wine could be fermented from smashed fruit. They drink some to celebrate the Puruu's return.

The Shaman waited, but no candidate presented itself. She withdrew from the rest of the tribe. She stared into the Great Empty thinking her world disappearing from her eyes. The last years of her life drew on. Until her grandson approached her.

He was young and virile and had all the promise of a long life. She began to teach him what she knew. Before long he was finishing her stories. She felt a little more certain of the tribes future. That it would go on without her.

>> No.20140867
File: 724 KB, 753x519, KorobushkaTerritory_03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 18 = 18

Meh, it's a start I suppose. Old-timey map of Korobushka with some of the polar directions, one set from the peak, and one set from the tribe.

Some of the more inventive shwirm come up with an idea... what if we could keep the ice by *tricking* it into thinking it's "home".
You remember how Mythbusters showed that insulating a snowman kept it from melting as quickly? That's what I was thinking here. The shwirm have accidentally stumbled on some science here. This roll will determine how successful they were (given that they're working from a false premise). A roll of twenty either probably means they stumble on why ice *really* melts or they discover that wood also floats in water (much like ducks and witches).

>> No.20142511
File: 42 KB, 357x409, it's funny because fortunehost doesn't drink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try "Drunk Uncle" brand vintage! What's that? You don't drink? What are 'ya, some kind of FAGGOT?

>> No.20143652

I really dig the logo, looks like a hyper thick necked logead with skull face and horns. despite its origins. metal as fuck. Over time this symbol will evolve.

as for the three mystery rolls, here they are. Kah culture continues to be somewhat independent within the tribe, though this diversity may perhaps not be a bad thing. The more brutal aspects of their life are starting to become a thing of the past, though when aged, instead of seeking death in an impossible hunt, they seek death at the hands of their own children, in one last savage, if futile fight. There is no anger, or despair in those final moments, perhaps only a deep understanding and grim acceptance to die by the way they lived.

next two rolls.

The Kah, and Tra Women produce a large number of eggs, and soon there will be many twins.

suggestions: two ways to progress, settle down, or tame beasts of burden to carry your things. Ways to store food better. Fire if you dont have it yet. More shaman visions, whatever you want.

>> No.20143678 [DELETED] 

> heading to bed
> see nongent back
Fuck that shit, it's party time!

>> No.20143826

(forgot to post this but that tribe you are visiting might be one of the ones either close to NOTRIP's tribe, or one he is already trading with, the choice is up to NOTRIP and if he wants interaction with another player tribe.)

Those who study, and perhaps respect the ice spend a long time figuring out it's secrets. a few more nights of hard pondering will yeild that ice seems to melt by the fire side. Wood is not only good for building, and burning, and if you are Sasha the idiot, for eating, but it floats! ((great job on mcdrunkey's fighting juice))

The search party finds little, and is forced to turn back due to the demons of the forest. Aeiro storms into the depths crushing and killing all before him before long he fades back into a stable state of mind, only the find the crushed body of the tribe's missing female at his feet, her blood on his hands. He is horrified, but notices a strange thing on her back.

>> No.20144148

Idiot cousin Sasha! Why must he be like his great-grandfather Volkolai?

>> No.20146668


I am back!
Thank you ng for keeping my tribe up to speed.

Time for some updates!

The resent tremors, as well as the increased population in the cramped tunnels has raised the levels of tensions in the tribe. The old alpha of the tribe, Thun, has decided that it is the time for the Lufae people expand their living space.
He has both ordered the construction of additional tunnels and chambers, and sent out search teams for new, geologically more secure areas to make new settlements in. Scouts have been sent both up and downriver and some of them even boldly began searching the edges of the plains, planting wind chimes on their way.
Females skilled in the use of their sonar are put to help in both the tunnel expanding and in the search of potential new settlement places.
In addition, some of the artisans have started trying to develop ways to reinforce the existing tunnels so that the tremors wouldn't affect them that much.

>> No.20146691

rolled 13, 17, 16, 11, 9, 1, 20, 4 = 91


The shaman Iliath spends most of her time at the wyvern shrine. There, she communes with the great beasts, trying to learn their song. Her apprentices and children help her out, but they also tend to the wyverns that visit the shrine.
Some of them have started on expanding and improving the shrine, so that the wyverns would find it more pleasing. (More chimes, flutes, bells and most importantly, feeding pits.)

Khuna has refined the howls to the point in which he is confident that he can use the skill to hunt down prey. He takes few of the other brutes who have also learned the technique, some geist wolfs and heads out to the mountains, to investigate the rumors of the bipedal bladeshwirms. The things could be worthy trophies he could use to impress the tribe.

Rolling for:
Making new tunnels
Reinforcing the existing tunnels.
The tree scout teams (3 rolls, upriver, downriver, plains)
Iliath's attempts to learn the songs of the wyverns.
Improving the shrine.
And to see if Khuna finds anything of interest.

(do the females skilled in the scanning sonar benefit the rolls of the teams they are in?)

>> No.20146817 [DELETED] 

One then twenty. Oh dear... what a welcome back, Nad.

>> No.20147025

rolled 18 = 18

One thing that strikes me about the development of ancient cultures is the strange way that some seemingly "advanced" things come way before others. Ancient China for example was said to have had something resembling mental hospitals long ago, yet even today they possess herbal folk "remedies" that do fuck all. Rhino horn as an aphrodisiac, for example.

Sasha in truth is not "idiot cousin", but suffers from a psychological condition known as "pica" [Pie-kuh]. It is basically a compulsion to eat things that are not edible. What I'd like to roll for is the basic discovery/concept of mental health. Of recognizing mental maladies as health issues rather than "demon possession" or locking them up. All of this before the discovery of metal, a sort of interesting anachronism that could help to define the culture of the Korobushka.

>> No.20148969

rolled 1, 20 = 21


The hunters spread out to find prey, though not after deciding who will stay behind to make sure the clearing is safe. By deciding, I mean they have a general brawl, and whoever gives up first has to stay behind

Meanwhile, at the camp, it is decided that the tribe should settle down, and establish a more permanent settlement, perhaps near or on the edge of the forest. However, before the tribe can begin to move, it must wait for the hunters to return.

Rolling to see what the hunters find, and if anything shows up at the clearing (Note: good rolls for stuff showing up could mean nothing, or something good)

>> No.20149462

Horrified beyond belief, stunned by his own brutality, Aeiro howls at the sky. Out of the forest comes a large forbidding figure. At the same time, a sinister fungal centipede crawled its way up Aeiro's back.

"Have you come for me, Grim visitor?" he said, "I have killed my own kin." The figure walked into the grove and revealed himself as Durai.

Durai had followed Aeiro to see the old hyper-male rage fighting he had left behind. He had tracked Aeiro until finally finding him looking over the Eleni female.

Durai answered in a graveled voice, "I don't believe you." He looked around the scene. He saw Aeiro's bloody hands and antlers. Aeiro had charged the female then beat her about the head. Death would have been quick. But Durai knew more there was more to the scene. "It looks like you killed her, but you wouldn't have attacker her first."

"I don't understand," Aeiro began to say but was bitten hard on the back of his neck. The sinister centipede grew its barbs into his spine. Pain forced him to stand and charge Durai.

Durai wrestled the other hyper-male. He was slower but had more experience. He threw Aeiro behind him. He swung his head and antlers at the sinister centipede, knocking it off. Duari wrapped the creature in a leather hide pouch.

"Aeiro, I believe his spirit just possessed your body. It might have used your cousin as well. I will take this thing and show it to the tribe. I want you to remember the rage that brought you out here. Use it to protect the tribe."

With that Aeiro took a stump and uncovered a nest of the centipedes. He crushed them all. He marched into the forest his mission renewed. Durai took the female's remains and the pouch back to the tribe's camp.

>> No.20149492

rolled 7, 6, 7, 15, 7 = 42

After being driven back by the forest demons, the tribe prepared for war. They took their axes and crafted and extra blade on the other side. They would cut the demons to pieces.

Every Eleni was outfitted with the Kirunna leather hides. Thanks to repeated Kirunna bucking during the Time of Grass, the hunters molted an extra layer of exoskeleton. This extra protection could be the difference many a critical injury and a lethal blast of spores.

Firil was quick to point out that they could return to the plains right now and cut their losses. He was shamed by the Grim Elder who took up an axe ready to lead her clan. Firil took back his statement. Each clan led a war party into forest.

They went into the Forest that day to drive the demons out half way to the badlands to the north, and all the way to the river in the east.

Five years from now they called it ...

>rolling for Fiery Messenger, Grim, Earthshaking Grub, and Inviting Bark war party, as well as Aeiro's rage

>> No.20149699

rolled 4, 10 = 14

Alright. Before I update the Yapap, I just need to get one roll out of the way: Do Puruus have any sort of natural alchohol resistance due to odd biology.

The shaman looked upon her grandson, just a child when he first approached her, and now on the verge of adulthood and a master of reading the winds. With him ready to take her place, she decided that it was time to retire from the position of being the tribe's shaman. A ceremony was held for the change, and once completed, the Vierachè celebrated the naming of the new shaman.
After the ceremony and party had ended, the new shaman climbed up to the ledge where his grandmother always went to commune with the wind spirits. Almost immediately, he was met by a breeze traveling east through the valley, beckoning for someone to follow. He brought the news back down to the tribe, and an exploration party was assembled the next day.

Rolling for Puruu alcohol resistance (self judge) and exploring east.

>> No.20149939

Okay, quite susceptible to intoxication it seems.

When the pink Puruus arrived, they were quickly surrounded by others with curved, wooden spears, babbling in some unknown language. When it was seen that these Puruus didn't have any identifiable weapons, the Yapap warriors lowered their spears. At about this time, an elder about three times taller than the rest (but hunched over and using his first set of arms for walking) approached the group. He looked at the pink strangers and said something to the warriors. They began to follow this elder, also gesturing to the pink Puruus to follow. Those taking the rear would prod them with the dull ends of the spears if needed.

Take it from here, Ruufaya.

>> No.20150031

((previously discovered skills, depending on mastery/ complexity of skill/ gm and task at hand do indeed count towards bonuses to rolls, as well as the context of the situation. 20 logeads fighting one puruu rolling a 1 may not mean that they all die at the hands of the slayer of men, death incarnate, the murder puruu.))
new tunnes expand out. Existing tunnels are reinforced with wooden and bone braces like a mine. those who go upriver discover a new hunting ground with abundant game. downriver is little of note. the plains find little of note as well. all three scout teams planted many chimes along the way, expanding territory they will not get lost in. lliath finally learns the wyvern song (more then 3 failures at this point, plus all experience) it is not a perfect understanding, but the communication is there, or so she thought. A hopeful but foolish attempt to ride one of the beasts results in her getting dropped from a high but not fatal height, by an angry wyvern. ((accounts for roll of 1)) she will be recovering for a while from the near death drop. In her absence her apprentices have improved the shrine vastly, enlisting help from the artisians. The Wyvern's come with great regularity now, several times a day. Perhaps the greatest significance to this is that they will sometimes roost there, and leave their young behind in the Geist's care when they hunt. Khuna goes out into the mountains but finds nothing other then several missing chime poles.

The Korobushka do indeed discover the nature of the mind, and begin to develop their own understanding of it. Sasha has stopped eating wood. he is still an idiot. This marks the beginning of what may be a great cultural revolution for the tribe of the Korobushka. ((load me up with some rolls on your next post man, i hunger.))

>> No.20150080

hey nongent, next time your doing roll results can you come onto the IRC? Just so I don't do work already being done.

>> No.20150098

>they all die at the hands of the slayer of men, death incarnate, the murder puruu.

Nad? Drawbro? Some other lurking drawfag? We need a picture of this.

>> No.20150162
File: 47 KB, 800x600, Bullies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Ruufaya are reluctant to respond to such obvious threats but are presented with precious little alternative.
They follow the hulking, blue elder with itching fingers firmly gripping net handles.

>> No.20150232

Hunters find a leviathriwm bursting out the ground with intent to eat them. (its pretty fucking big.) roll to survive, one for evasion, for retaliation, and for retreat or a follow up on the attack in addition to whatever else you roll on in your next post. In the clearing a "sick" cathedral bellows and grunts, laying on its side. it is no position to fight back, nor is it aggressive. The tribe watches with curiosity. It begins to lay eggs. ((retcon if it cathedral's give birth to live young, it will then be live young.))

((prior experiences being tacked onto the rolls, as well as liberal bending of the situation by me.)) The first day of combat went poorly. Only inviting bark made real progress, finding and killing several demon nests. The next day the tribe moved as a mob and managed to clear their territory half way to the river in the east, but no progress on the river to the north.

Exploration east revealed very little other then a few burn pits in the middle of the rugged wilderness, and some abandoned tools. Hand Axe found.

To the Urpuruu and Slanera tribe. I am trying to get a hold of you. Do you wish to keep playing, are you just short on time, have to quit and abandoned your tribe?

>> No.20150395

rolled 1, 16, 10 = 27

>Cathedral begins to lay eggs/ give birth in front of my hunters.
>I see what you're suggesting

The hunters who stayed at the clearing cautiosly approach the huge beast. None of these young males have ever seen such a spectacle. They could slay the beast, but it is clearly ill, and they would gain no honor for such a kill. One of them begins to examine the eggs/ the young.

Meanwhile, the other hunters fight for their lives against the Leviathwirm. Skuller charges the huge creature head on, and Krog, not to be outdone, joins him

Rolling for survival, evasion, and Krog and Skullers Charge

>> No.20150488

Only Krog and Skuller survive the onslaught of the massive beast. It churns the ground like it is water, and eats the hunters whole, striking again and again. In the end the warriors were forced to retreat, though it is more likely the mighty leviathwirm had its fill. A lesson was learned that day, though it depended on who you talked to. "some things are just too big to kill" or "we need bigger weapons"

>> No.20150606

The pink explorers are lead into a clearing below the canopy of Lubs and Hexises. There are many puruus here taking care of their day-to-day business, from skinning animals, chopping up meat, making spears, and even making containers that somewhat resemble the soup containers, but made of mud set in a fire rather than wrapped leaves.
When the group arrived, many stopped what they were doing, seeing these odd puruus. Pink with no hands on their tails. Another elder of similar size descended from the treetops, confronting the one leading them. After a short moment of arguing, he looked at the explorers, and back to the other elder before permitting them to pass.

The Yapap had no place for keeping prisoners or bindings, but they'd be kept around the center of the clearing, with the warriors keeping a close eye on them. Minutes later, another member of the tribe came up, carrying two containers. One was a clay jug full of water, the other was a skin pouch with some fruit, yazda, and a couple scraps of meat inside. "Food," he said in a language that the explorers couldn't know, placing a hand on the pouch. Similar was done with the jug of water.

(This is a long ways away, to them, your Puruus look really weird, and they can't help but to be a bit suspicious. The NPC tribe was close enough to have almost the same language).

>> No.20150744


The Ruufaya are completely blown away by the advancement these blue strangers have made and look around, frankly dumb-struck.
Liara (named for an anonymous lurker, pictured >>20137158 ) has been leading the Ruufaya pack so far and she accepts the offering of food on behalf of her party, picking raga fruit and yazda from the pouch, as she recognises them, and taking a long drink of water.
She smiles widely to display her appreciation as she hands back the clay jug. Her fellow Ruufaya watch anxiously from further behind; her hand never strayed from her net.

>> No.20150937
File: 778 KB, 671x879, Map1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 18, 17, 9, 17, 1 = 62


To the Eastern village the forest is the best source of materials for weapons so they now attempt to pacify the forest (AKA cutting trees and hunting dangerous animals down). As there has been problems with animals in both southern village and E-W road, western village sends hunters to deal with these pests. Family found in the north is peacefully forced in to the tribe as they know that they have no chance against Staatgreich and that they will only profit from joining. They now try to build path to northern family(N29) as their nest will work as lookout to the north. Areas to the southwest are unknown so scouts are sent to that direction.

Rolling for Pacifying forest (M30), Hunting damngerous animals in southern village and E-W road. (separate rolls), Building path between western village and northern lookout (W-N road) and scouting Southwest.

>> No.20150975
File: 127 KB, 682x510, bushkavilla.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 8, 6, 16 = 30

I didn't expect them to literally solve for mental illnesses, more of realize that they are "diseases" in of themselves. Only the beginning, as they say. Shit, I don't think we have a remedy for pica IRL...

Hmm, anyway. A note on the structure of the village. Each immediate/nuclear family lives in a single home, but the homes are clustered around relatives, forming whole neighborhoods of distant cousins. Each family has an elder or leader. Known as the patriarch or matriarch.

The elders meet to decide major decisions in the village. It has been suggested that a central building, used solely for these meetings be built. A town hall, if you will. Mounted upon the wall will be the ripper tyrant skull.

Wood begins being used to construct buildings, before it was just hide stretched over bone or wood. Now it's wood with a hide inner layer for insulation, or at least, that is the goal.

A young shwirm begins picking the busharri in the forest, to be used for food later. He wonders though, why not just plant some at home, so he didn't have to walk all the way into the terrifying snowy pine forest, risk getting eaten? He thinks... and takes a few seeds home, to plant in the ground. Maybe they will grow, maybe they will not.

> Rolling for:
1) building the town hall
2) new wooden houses
3) see if the busharri grain grows outside of the forest

>> No.20151127

Seems that in the logging stage the damn trees fell on top of them. This wood business is dangerous shit.

>> No.20151256

rolled 12, 18, 7, 2 = 39


The reinforcements and expansions done to the main village allow the Lufae people to live more securely in their home. Thun is pleased to hear about the news from upriver, and decides to send out few of his most trusted sons, along with competent females to start up a small hunting settlement, to which the main tribe could rely on in case of a disaster.

Some of the artisans still ponder how to further reinforce the tunnels and burrows of the tribe. Up to this point, the tribe had mostly used dried mud, bones and wooden poles to strengthen their tunnels. The artisans are however trying to figure out how to make the walls of their tunnels as sturdy as stone.

The scouts that headed downriver decided to make a checkup on the blung horde infesting the area. The elder scout fears that the blungs will soon burst out from their hive and sweep the nearby areas with their hordes.

Despite her injury, Iliath continues to work in the shrine. She continues to teach her children and other apprentices, as well as communicate with the wyverns. She and her daughter have started to tend the wyvern pups left to the shrine. They offer them food, and sing to them, to keep them calm while their parents are hunting.
Iliath has even tried to teach the pups the songs of her tribe.

Khuna is alarmed by the missing chimes, who would have taken them? He sends some of his companions back to the village, while he, 2 other brutes and 3 geist wolfs continue onward to the mountains, in search of the chime thieves.

Rolling for:
Expanding upriver
Checking on the blungs (shouldn't the hordes start moving anyways?)
Tending/teaching/socializing with the wyvern pups.
And to see if Khuna finds anything.

>> No.20151302

rolled 20, 4 = 24

... The Time of Woe

The first day of combat went poorly, the demons hid well and ambushed the hunters. They survived the spore blasts by the skin of their teeth. Causalities still ranked high, especially with the Grim party. They spread themselves too thin working their way north. Sehquestas caught a nasty blast and was mauled. She died shortly after and her body was taken back.

The Inviting Bark hunters used the trees to their advantage. They climbed the trees and were able to maneuver and reinforce themselves. Leaping from branch to branch and dropping down unexpectedly, they surprised the demons on the ground. Their favorite son, Aeiro died as well. He was last seen brawling and charging a Elen sized demon with thick arms.

The tribe reorganized and revised their strategy. They would use the Inviting Bark techniques and concentrate on purging the forest to the east.

>rolling for new technique and a second day of fighting.

>> No.20151310
File: 32 KB, 800x600, Khuna and a geist wolf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 1 = 1


I knew I forgot something!

Rolling to see what the artisans discover. (Primitive masonry perhaps)

Also, a picture of Khuna and a geist wolf

>> No.20151324

They discover a cave-in it seems.

>> No.20151380

((I dig your map man, that is slick. for reference use for you, a scout from your tribe's race can travel about half a square a day at a brisk pace during the waking hours.))
Many trees are cut down, but in an almost checkerboard pattern, allowing the forest to eventually regrow, lumberjacks and foresters your bugmen are.. East road is cleared of beasts, and meat/ bone/ resource is gained. the West road is still infested, and a few hunters were killed. the north west path is constructed, and southwest, no one returns from it. there is only death there.
((Nice village man, i like. As for the mental illness, its not a perfect fix. more of a "your tribe has developed heart to heart counseling, and can convince him to stop. he is still mentally ill. and an idiot.)) The town hall progresses quite slowly due to a freezing rains and slush, same for the houses. Logging has been dangerous, with trees falling down and a few were cut close to the village edge with the trees crushed some huts, no one was hurt. The busharri grain does indeed grow quite well outside the forests, and the elders are impressed. farming here you come.

>> No.20151398

The expansion upriver is a bit rocky, but the first settlement is formed. It is a very spartan establishment. The blungs are sitting tight, but have grown in numer, thankfully they are not too interested in the cold mountain region. The wyvern pups are a wild sort, more eager to play then learn, but they are friendlier then their parents. Those play bites hurt thought. Khuna has to turn back due to a severe storm of freezing rain and slush. He and his band get very sick, but not deathly so. The currenlt alpha directed the artisans to experiment in an isolated tunnel that was no longer in use. 2 brutes, 3 artisans, 2 females and one child who was playing in there were crushed/ trapped in the cave in. The geist can hear muffled songs of pain from within the rubble. no idea on survivors. time is of the essence as they may suffocate, or give in to the crushing weight.
ran out of time, gotta go to work. ill create this when i get home.

>> No.20151466

new thread

>> No.20151509
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the thread is dead, hail the new thread.


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