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I'm bored, so


AKA big-tittied daemonettes general, AKA was Fulgram reelly possessifyied or did he break free??? general, AKA noise marine awesomeness general.

No Khornate ragetards allowed.

Eldar however are extremely welcome, just head on down to our holding ce- ah, basement, which is a really awesome basement and not creepy or dangerous or anything like that.

Pics, fluff discussion, tactics, etc, anything Slaaneshi goes in here.

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I like my titties small to medium please.

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that's fine, as long as they are in EXCESS.

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I hated that short story in Primarchs. I felt like reading Fulgrim was a total waste of time if that story was to be believed.

On the plus, Slaaneshi characters are great for challenges now

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Y'know, I was always a little annoyed that the whole "Strive for perfection" thing always goes beyond usualy human sensitivities so swiftly. It has its place(especially because it can be enjoyably disturbing), but every now and then I'd like to see something slaneeshi in nature that hasn't yet moved beyond human aesthetics. Like I don't know, a daemon prince or cultist that is just so beautiful (by human standards) that he persuade the enemy to stop fighting by sheer charisma.

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Ive read Fulgrim, but... uhm.... what happens in Primarch?

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Fulgrim is not actually trapped in the painting, he was only pretending

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There is that one guy in Fantasyhammer, but fuck me if I can remember what he's called.

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Actually, I recall there being a Slaaneshi cult leader who was something like that. It was in one of the Ciaphas Cain stories.

I don't like that type of Slaanesh follower, though. Chaos is supposed to be horrifying as all hell. Slaanesh is supposed to be a God of depravity and corruption. Rather than seducing you with a genuinely beautiful figure, they should warp your mind into thinking that their mutated body is beautiful.

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Sigvald the Magnificent

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Thing is, these are not mutually exclusive. Plus, there has to be some 'entry-level' stuff to entice new worshippers.

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Well since Slaanesh is supposed to be mostly the god of excess, the corruption would be a kind of a sliding scale kinda thing. In that vein I'd just like to see people who are on other places on that scale that aren't full on horrorshow. Especially with that third picture there, it seems like they just look creepy for the sake of it and not because of any specific ideal.

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To be fair, in that pic he's not trying to be perfect. He's trying to absorb as much sensation as he can. Its when you stop giving a fuck and try to enjoy life as much as a mutated genetically-altered super-human can.

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Magnificent indeed.

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Not only that, but the definition of "perfection" varies from worshipper to worshipper. Some of them consider beauty an aspect of perfection. Some of them consider a terrifying and repulsive appearance to be an aspect of perfection, because it instills disgust in their victims.

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Hey, here's one guy that looks somehwat normal.
>cock out
>Slaaneshi symbols everywhere
Well, FUCK.

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Perfection is also only really a Fulgrim/Emperor's Children pre-Heresy thing. Most Slaanesh followers don't actually care, since its the God of Desire and Sensation. The perfection obsession was just a useful tool for Slaanesh to tempt them.

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What a hunk of a man. I'd field him, if you know what I mean.

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"I was beautiful once."

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It's basically God of Overdoing Shit. That's all that there is to it.

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That is where the Doomrider joke came from, afterall.

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they should bring back doomrider

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>The idea of setting off without a detailed plan rankled at Marius, a warrior for whom each advance and manoeuvre was planned with meticulous perfection and enacted without deviation. Julius Kaesoron had once joked that he should have been selected to join the Ultramarines, meaning it as a friendly jibe, but Marius had taken it as a compliment.

Deep down inside, the first Noise Marine still secretly wishes he could be one of the sons of Guilliman.

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That's not sand or snow that he's riding down the slope of.

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Hey bros!
I have a question.
How do I have a consensual relationship with someone and really slowly introduce her/him into my lifestyle without scaring them?
I think I'm too aggressive and startled them.

I'm also crafting a little 6 inch melodybox, playing various songs from man-o-war to the queen, pretty ancient stuff, older than any brother we have.
Do you have some ideas beside on-off switch with the slaaneshi sign?

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I know.

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The whole "I DO COCAINE" party-animal thing was made up as a joke by /tg/. The original character is pretty boring, since the only thing going for it was that he randomly appeared and then drove off into the warp during battles.

They should. He had no personality, but he was still so much better than Lucius.

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Just introduce them to some daemonettes. You'll see right away if they're long-term relationship material.

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He's trapped in his own body instead?

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To be more specific we stole it from Dr Rockso from Metalpocalypse.

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Fulgrim was well and truly possessed, and did not break free. I'm not sure where you got that idea from.

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in an ulterior novel, Fulgrim appears, and is not possessed.

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a noise marine with an organ on his back made out of a bunch of human vocal cords 1 for each note, would be awesome. we need a drawfag asap

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lol 40kids

Just kidding
I was expecting some Fabius Bile, you disappoint, /tg/

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they won't be recognizable as human cords. They won't be recognizable as each able to produce only one note.

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this thread is about SLAANESHIS. Fabius Bile is NOT a slaaneshi.

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But he was an Emperor's Child (?), so I think we can let that slide

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hey that rhymes!

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He was an apothecary in the Emperor's Children, and is obsessed with creating the perfect warrior.

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Yes he was.

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I'm reading Fulgrim right now. Man, this is depressing knowing that the Emperor's Children are fucked. They seem like a really great chapter. I'm guessing this how the author wants me to feel?

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Didn't Crovax (of Magic the Gathering fame) have a giant organ (agnophone or something like that) that operated in a simillar manner?

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that's why i haven't started reading them yet, i just finished all the GoT books and i can't go through more heartbreak.

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Yeah, kind of. Although honestly, the part that makes me go 'nooooo' is when they meet Eldrad. Apparently, they are why he is a dick.

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I fixed that image for you.

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>Thinking a sorcerer is a rubric marine

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>Slaneesh offers you an eternity of mindblowing pleasure and sex, in return for, well your soul
I don't believe any of you guys would turn him/her down, would you.

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Shit, there's a good chance some random daemon is gonna devour my soul anyways, so I might as well go whole hog. And old Slaanesh sure sounds best out of all four.

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>He thinks Slaanesh is all about sex.
>He thinks it wont get boring eventually anyway.
>He thinks Daemonettes will care about geting him off and not doing what they want.

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That's a pretty cool image. A female slaneeshi marine that's not all 6 tits shitting dicknipples. Finds a nice balance on the whole mutation/humanity scale.
Also a surefire way to incite instant nerdrage if used right.

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That's the cool thing about Slaanesh. No matter what terrible things the daemonettes do to you, you'll learn to enjoy them.

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Then you'll eventually get bored of it, and need EVEN MORE extreme stuff to get a thrill.

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>>He thinks Daemonettes will care about geting him off and not doing what they want.
Doesn't him getting off feed Slaanesh? So the Daemonettes would probably be willing to get him off, but only for the sake of Slaanesh.

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you could have several torsos, their screams would be the notes enduced by electric current and then amplified

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>AKA big-tittied daemonettes general
I'm okay with this.

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Canonicaly this is where noise marines come from. Nothing else interests them anymore.

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She's not a marine, I think. Seems fairly human sized and not huge. Human scale power armor does exist.

Maybe Noise marines train random humans to emulate them?

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I'm thinking of worshipping Slaanesh because I revel in new sensations, find specific emotions/moods/thoughts addicting and seek to enter those states intentionally, and really, really enjoy eating.

I do not find drugs or sex interesting.

Is Slaanesh the god for me, or do I need to settle for the blood god?

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I like to think that that's a dude. Slaanesh is generous with his blessings...

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No Slaanesh is for you. Everybody jumps on the lolsex band waggon because it's the go to assumption for a god of pleasure and excess, but doing anything you enjoy to excess is slaaneshi, even if it's building a fuck huge library and reading all day every day.

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Considering only men can become marines you're probably right. Regardless of what it is now it had to start as a dude at the very least.

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With Chaos, nothing is certain. But everything is awesome.

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There is nothing to stop Slaanesh from making her in to a spacemarine if he feels like it.

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Whatever helps you fap without feeling gay bro.

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Pherhaps. But you need more than just power armor to be a space marine.

You need size, and the picture doesn't grant it.

Still, CSM made in the warp using base human females as a frame is fine by me.

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You just know the guy in the lower left is painting the most incomprehensibly amazing picture

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I like the expression on the sorcerer, too.

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It must suck being a Slaaneshi dreadnought.

Unless they lace the sarcophagus with heroin or something

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Actually, I use selfmade and quality tested condoms.
I gave it several slaaneshi scientists to testify.
The condoms not only fit, the material isn't hindering the pleasure of the wearer, yet prevents the condom to burst from cum overload. It also protects the participant to about 99.99999999999999999999% from stds.
I love creating stuff.
Many reasonable daemonettes can testify.

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I've never liked this idea.

The Chaos gods are representations of emotions, hate and bloodlust, scheming and betrayal, sickness and death, excess and lust.

But I don't understand why they aren't allowed to represent have the positives om there too? Why can't Khorne also be the god of genuine honor and victory, Tzeentch genuine intelligence and ingenuity, Nurgle genuine love and fatherhood, Slaanesh genuine beauty and ecstasy.

I get that the Chaos gods are supposed to be evil and grim and twist the good into something awful. But that's the point, there can be no corruption of a virtue if there isn't a vestige of the real thing in there.

This is why i don't like the new Daemonettes, they don't look like something beautiful that's been twisted. They just look twisted and ugly, there's not the barest veneer of beauty in them, they're just ugly, not enticing in the slightest, how the fuck are they supposed to corrupt the innocent if any innocent how sees them instantly turns 360 degrees and walks away?

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>Implying they don't emulate the feeling of sex on every remaining cell

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Because of corruption, or its just only negative emotions turn into chaos gods. Who knows?

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Fantasy Chaos is like that, and there are entire cultures that worship Chaos gods in (mostly) their positive aspect.

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Because grimdark

In the old fluff Khorne did actually represent honour. His followers never killed the innocent

Now he cares not from were the blood flows...

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Yes, I see that now from yours and other posts. Disregard my last, then. Kind of weakens the tale of the Childrens' fall from grace if it was really all "just as planned" by Fulgrim.

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Not him, but honestly I think it was mainly used to allow whole-scale Chaos slaughter.
Because then Khorne followers if they followed by those rules would never be able to glass cities due to killing innocents.

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this is why me and my friends are convinced there are really 8 chaos gods, there's the chaos gods we know and then 4 others that represent the positive emotions you listed.

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You guys aren't getting it. You think that just because he threw off the possession in The Primarchs, that his story ends there.

1.) Fulgrim gets the sword, becomes increasingly tainted and fights a losing battle against possession. Can't admit he's losing because he's perfect.
2.) Locked in a fight with Ferrus Manus, Fulgrim gives up and submits to full possession.
3.) His soul trapped in the painting, Fulgrim goes off the deep end and opens mind to the powers of Slaanesh. He becomes 100% corrupt.
4.) Fulgrim throws the daemon out of his body, takes over again, and eventually becomes a true daemon prince in between The Primarchs and the flight to the Eye of Terror.

So yeah he's not possessed anymore, but he still becomes the naga-like daemon prince later.
4.) Fulgrim fights the daemon

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That's GW being a bad company.

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I think that they used to write them like that, but because of the increasing grimderpification of the setting, those have largely been abandoned.

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They've brought it back a bit in the current Daemon codex. Skulltaker still represents Khorne's warrior honor, wandering existence, challenging people. Nurgle and his daemons are still jovial and caring in their own messed up ways. Such as the story of Isha. Nurgle rescued her from Slaanesh and gives her his "gifts" out of love.

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>Such as the story of Isha. Nurgle rescued her from Slaanesh and gives her his "gifts" out of love.
I never did understand this.

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I highly recommend reading reading First Heretic and A Thousand Sons. Two completely different views on the warp, both of which are true

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>how the fuck are they supposed to corrupt the innocent if any innocent how sees them instantly turns 360 degrees and walks away?

Because Daemonettes are possessed of a particularly unearthly glamour that addles the minds of people who look at them. Depending on what you read, it either makes the viewier see the Daemonette as his/her heart's desire, or the magical aura screws your brain into the biggest whyboner.jpg imaginable. You know what you're looking at is grotesque, but can't help but want to let it embrace you.

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Since my thread wasn't going to get any answers, I will ask here.

Space yiff player here, and I am falling to Chaos.
Sixth edition has been really fun and I want to start myself a CSM force, as Wolves are a little lackluster.
When I began playing last year, I finally settled on Wolves due to my previous love of vikings, and knowing I would love the assault phase. I was looking at Chaos for the zerkers too, as well as IG for a whole other reason.
Anyways, I was wondering what you guys would recommend invest in for this transition?
I hear zerkers got nerfed pretty bad, but thats ok, I do not plan on assault being my main focus. Thousand Sons have me drooling over their AP3 boltguns, Plague marines and Noise marines are just awesome too. I already know I want at least one prince with lash, but I don't want to put money into shitty units I will end up never taking. What should I buy, /tg/?
Also, whats the best way to take Noise Marines?

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Nurgle is weird. He feeds off of depression, so he gives people diseases to inflict suffering. But he doesn't see this as malicious, since it is his nature. Kind of like how a parasite doesn't realize that it is hurting the host organism. He shares his diseases and plagues with Isha, not actually realizing that it harms her, he sees it as sharing what he has with someone he loves, like a puppy/cat bringing a dead squirrel as a toy/food to its master.

>> No.20061873

So Nurgle is the big plague baby that thinks everyone likes what he likes?

>> No.20061878

I don't play Chaos so I can't help you out much

Im pretty sure Noise Marines and Thousand Sons aren't worth taking though

>> No.20061900

Yes, he is the ultimate neckbeard.

>> No.20061903

I'm always angry about the lack of Chaos space elves.
The Dark Eldar are almost there but honestly aren't chaos-y enough

>> No.20061910


Right now, yes. This may be changing come September when the new book comes out.

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Well that is good to hear. Hopefully they get a boost, Noise Marines are so cool.

>> No.20061943

Isha is beautiful. Nurgle took the chance to get his waifu

On a more serious note Isha is the god of healing so he pretty much uses her as his test subject

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I believe the current rumors are a drop in points, and Sonic Blasters will be 36" Salvo 2/3 weapons.

>> No.20061999

What are Salvo weapons? I am still pretty green.

>> No.20062019

They're a new class of weapon introduced in 6th. Essentially, they're like bigger Rapid Fire weapons. A Salvo 2/4 weapon would fire four shots if the bearer was stationary or two if it moved.

>> No.20062048

Ah, awesome. Thanks for the explanation.

>> No.20062050

New type introduced in 6th. Think heavier Rapid Fire. If you move, you get the first number in shots up to half the weapon's range. If you stand still, you get the second number up to full range. And no assualting after using. So, for Noise Marines, it'd be 2 shots up to 18" if they moved, or 3 up to 36" if they stood still.

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Which is still rather bad. Let's hope the cost reduction will be enough to take them.

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Slaanesh thread? Why didn't anyone invite me?

>> No.20062188

The modern fluff is only canon if you want it to be. Personally I ignore pretty much every retcon from the last eight years.

>> No.20062209

Its a 6" lose on their moving shots, 6" gain on their stationary, and relying on pistols to assault. Also, their weapons ignore cover. But considering that they used to be 25 pts., any point decrease will be welcomed.

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because I didn't invite you.

>> No.20062221


Agreed. We hear snippets about how terrifyingly powerful and dag nasty they are, but we never see any of them. I bet they make CSM look like a bunch of pansies.

>> No.20062224

No neckbeards allowed.

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>> No.20062234

I am surprised and impressed that this thread didn't turn into a porn dump.

You're a chill bro, /tg/.

>> No.20062243 [DELETED] 

My point exactly!
And although another Eldar faction would be a little too much I wouldn't mind another chaos/Dark Eldar offshoot with Chaos Eldar.

>> No.20062264

My thoughts exactly.
They shouldn't mention them if they don't allow them, and I honestly wouldn't mind another Chaos/Dark Eldar offshoot, since another Eldar faction would be a little too much.
Although considering how many Space Marine chapters there are...

>> No.20062273

isn't the khorne oldschool fluff the same as the actual but without khorne orcs and khorne half orcs?

>> No.20062300

so all that honor stuff yada yada was nothing more than fanfiction? seems kind of right

>> No.20062306

I would like to know if when othe races fall to chaos do they get all well hulked out and monsterous looking as the marines do?

>> No.20062328

Some would retain their forms, most likely Eldar.
Others would probably fall faster.

>> No.20062335

Didn't Dark Heresy present a way to find out the underlying mechanics of creating great art, but it involves obsessing so hard about science and art that it results in Slaanesh-themed Mutations and Summonings?

>> No.20063362

So they do canonically exist? Tantalizing.

>> No.20063393

You thought they didn't?
DE have some Chaos Eldar in their lore, but nothing influencing the board.

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>> No.20064757

The original chaos codex did mention that many rationalise their devotion with honour, bravery or martial pride. So worshippers concerned about that do exist, and worship Khorne in that aspect.

But when it comes down to it, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it does.
Sorcerer or Slaughterer, Child or Champion, Hero or Habadasher.
Khorne cares as much for Kharn's life as he does for Ahriman. Either of them dying is a boon to him. He has other servants after all.

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