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No Paint Thread?

>thin your images

just about done ten dudes in less than a month. Sarge's banner and gold is still WIP, but.. yeah, Paint Thread!

>I'm drilling the bolters later

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What paints do you think I could use to replicate this color scheme, I think I know the techniques they used to get the texture of the paint. Can someone please help me out on the glow affect as well.

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sexy sergeant head. Mind sharing your method for it?

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simple enough;

Calthan Brown base
Badab Black wash
Blood Red
Blood Red + Golden Yellow highlight
Golden Yellow highlight
Blood Red to clean up the edges of the highlighting

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sounds nice, thank you

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Here is the Artemis I have been working on for a bit


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not done much of anything in about a week now. Tracks were painted since this picture. but otherwise i'm still waiting for bits for a minor "conversion" for the top bit that hasn't been primed yet to carry a pintle-mounted HB

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Tau paintan. how to make those damn lines i did in orange?

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Looks pretty armless to me

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Damn nigga, that looks good.

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Yeah, he's not done yet

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Really nice painting job you got here! I love those ultramarines.
Here is a modest part of my deathwatch army. Take it as a gift !

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And here one of my tac squad, ready to purge the bad xenos !

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The prototype for my blue horrors.
Next one will have the colours reserved and will be my prototpye for the pink horrors.

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layer skull white, layer skull white, layer orange, highlight with mix orange/yellow

Thats what I would try.

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About to paint Orkz for the first time today. Any tips?


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Red wunz go fasta.
Blu iz for da lucky gitz.
But green iz best.

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Green for da skinz, or for da armour?

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Nobody called me out on not using P3 colors.

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Don't be surprised when green skin looks as good as, well, flesh-colored skin with less effort.

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Something I saw earlier and had to take a pic of in my FLGS.

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Green for everything.

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I've erd dat da Orkz is the cleverest gitz around, dat dey steal fings from the humies and make it work fer dem.

Izzat true? Can an army of Orkz use humie technology that they've Orkified?

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Please tell me you have closeups of the Eldar tanks and the dreadnought.

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current WIP the Predator
as you can see I've tried to do things a little differently compared to the razorback next to it.
The Razorback is handpainted yellow while the pred was done with an airbrush and preshading and pigments etc.

Unfortunately as a result, it looks a million times better :(

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I have a ton of old medieval 15mms, anyone know a good game for em?

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so much cheese in that set-up

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I'm looking through my files. I know I didn't get a close-up of the dreadnought.
I do have a word on the colors of the eldar falcon though.
used a Harder-Steenbeck Infinity.
"I fade from a darkened Dark Angels green/black to a full DA green, then to a Scorpion Green which warms it up a bit, and finally to a Vallejo light yellow green. Generally it's a better practice to fade down - from a light color to a darker - since lightening from a dark in your color cup means cleaning progressively for each color, but to achieve this fade I need the warmer greens to blend over the cooler dark greens. On my other Eldar skimmers I would need to put white on top of the whole fades of green to even out overspray from my single action airbrushes. However, the Infinity is so accurate this wasn't necessary.

I keep my PSI around 35-40. I have an 8 gallon compressor / tank, and I can go as high as 80-100, but the problem then becomes the shooting distance to the model. "

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Please elaborate

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how hard was the FW front to fit? Mine was too small and I had to bulk it up with plasticard strips.

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Much appreciated.

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No other pictures.
It was during a tournament.
Here's a picture of my razorwing though.

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hey guys

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Sorry I don't have any close-ups

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Is that the effects of too much plastic glue?

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Does anyone have a babby's first guide to greenstuff? I want to make some flesh and pustules etc for my plague marines, the plague marine models just aren't plagued ENOUGH.

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really shit
they are undersized depending on the cast

for example the one on the razorback is fine, a little gappy but nothing too crazy. The other two I have, one I chopped up and stuck to the plastic faceplate (the resin one was just a mess, not the right size and was never going to fit properly) and the other one was too short lengthwise (somehow) but had a better vertical fit.

On the predator I just used the FW Icon + plastic kit components and I think it ended up looking better in general. The doors are fantastic though...

The first time I have been disappointed by FW.

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same, I used some on a razorback and the fit of the front panel was terrible as I said. Although the doors were amazing.

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I thought I was so original by painting a nipple on this buey. But the problem is that it keeps staring at me in my sleep.

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based on my experience now, unless I really really like the doors, I'd look at using Icons and/or Brass etchings on the original plastic parts instead

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I'm making a Cryptek. However, I have run out of legs. Should he walk on a bug like carapace, like Illuminor Szeras, or should he float on a hoverball thingy?

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I think I'm going to stay away from FW altogether unless it's something that really looks good. It took them 3 tries to mail it to the right address and I fucking live in Nottingham.

Content posted to prevent off topic.

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i'd go with Illuminor, it looks cooler

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Just do what >>20057644 did

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>implying that masterpiece is your work
>implying it hasn't been on 1d4chan for months at least

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Comedy gold

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well in that same batch I bought Deimos pattern predator, the cast was absolutely perfect. Everything fits perfect and it isn't flimsy like the front plates.

I dunno, I'm an ausfag and often its cheaper to buy in bulk from FW than it is to source stuff locally.

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Look at my awesome lesser daemon of malal.
Totally not a shop guys.

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Really, no one is gonna help me out here.

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Are you supposed to thin Agrax Earthshade? or use it neat? I don't want my firewarriors to like like they are covered in shit.

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Trying to strip the paint from 5 destroyers i bought off ebay for cheap. Its proving to be a real pain.

Kept them in a plastic box of Dettol for 24hrs, several layers of paint came off, atleast 3 but there was still a layer of boltgun metal and underneath that was black. Bought more dettol and soaked them in it for a further 24hrs. Not convinced it actually did anything, tried my best to scrub off the remaining layers using a toothbrush but its not that effective. They are coated in this black tar like substance that is really sticky :(

Any thoughts?

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Not a finished model or anything but a test of trying to get rusting right for my deathguard, im wondering if the silver is too bright? perhaps start with a tin bitz base and highlight with boltgun then do the rust?

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>I don't want my firewarriors to like like they are covered in shit.
then don't use earthshade
but no, washes are good right out of the pot, but try it on a test model first

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>But the problem is that it keeps staring at me in my sleep.
fuck I laughed

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Anyone else having problems painting in the heat?
It just feels so exhausting, and it's almost like I can feel the paint drying on my WETPALETTE.

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Are Seeker heads even that small?

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Working on my destroyer lord while i consider how to approach fixing my 5 sludge covered destroyers.

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pics of the sludgestroyers?
have you tried rinsing them off with soapy water?

>> No.20059095


I shall go take some just now. I've rinsed them thoroughly in water while scrubbing with a toothbrush, but not soapy water.

Also, any idea how i make these pictures smaller, i dont want people to have to open my 1mb shitfiles!

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any image editing program
if you have MS office you should have one

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FW commander model.

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Resize, save as .jpg

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Included the full image size so you can see the consistency of this stuff.
From the picture it looks like the plastic is pockmarked with it, but its not, its just clumping of the sludge into tiny little raised bits allover the model.

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Thank you anon, will do so in future.

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Hmm.....to be perfectly honest, if you choose to do so, that texture would look great if you painted it to look rusted and weathered.

But it's your model.

>> No.20059299

Looks like it has shitty spray primer/GW Spraypaint used on it.

Agreeing that you could indeed "make it work" if you wanted the model to looked aged.

>> No.20059329


The problem is the substance isnt really solid, its like this strange tar like sludge, although perhaps it would go solid once i had sprayed it. It is also very sticky.

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New guy to the hobby here, have most of my army assembled, and about to start painting.

What the balls does "thin your paints" mean? My google-fu is too weak to find anything, and the extensive "How to paint your minis" dvd series that I [Nospoilerson/tg/]Pirated[/Nopoilerson/tg/] doesn't mention anything about thinning your paints, yet their work looks great

>> No.20059341

Another painting newfag here. It, apparently, literally means mix your paint 50/50 with tap water before applying.

>> No.20059363

You want your paints about the consistency of milk so they flow nicely on the model and do not clump like those joke pictures you see people post all the time.

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I'm working on my first miniature, a Word Bearers Chaos Space Marine. Should be done within 1-2 hours. I'll post pictures when I do so, hopefully I'll get some constructive criticism.

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Well fuck, you guys were right. A few layers of thinned down paint looks INFINITELY better than one layer of unthinned.

Thanks for the advice guys, fuck. I'm never using the default paint unthinned again.

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Wise words bruva

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Melty-guard guy here
Found this picture that I forgot to show you guys

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Just leaving this here.

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Alright so how do I paint Guardsmen faces and not make them the next THIN YOUR PAINT template?

>> No.20060413

thin your paint, apply, wash with agrax eathshade, if you arent confident ignore the eyes.

>> No.20060417

What I do:
-leave 'em black, none of that white shit
-start with a dark skin tone, I use dwarven flesh
-Highlight with something else
-dip your pencil in a drop of skull white
-dip it into the water so the tip of the pencil is moist
-now paint the eyes and apply a small dot of chaos black in the middle
-finish of details (scars,...) and highlight
-wash with devlan mud (your friend for the rest of your life)
It won't win you a golden demon but it'll look decent

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Hey, I've seen your stuff over on the B&C, what manner of conversion is gonna go on the top of the raider if you don't mind my asking?

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some of my thousand sons, no idea what to do with the bases though.

>> No.20060494

Do it the cheap way. Pick up some gravel from wherever, glue them to the bases.

>> No.20060506

So why haven't you guys bought that ForgeWorld Thunderhawk yet? It's only 900 points and 30 man carry capacity.

Tuuurrrrbboooo laaaaassseeerr.

>> No.20060529

Go away redshirt I don't want to buy any space marines!

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also what do you think of my unpainted thousand sons terminators?

>> No.20060593

What's to say?

The moulders did a good job.

>> No.20060617

Just wanted a second opinion, i thought they might be a little too ornate.

>> No.20060803

> little too ornate

>> No.20060856

yeah in retrospect it was a bit stupid of me.

>> No.20061019


Pick a colour that compliments the TS/ something that gives them a theme

Easy mode: a drybrushed dusty rock base to relflect the dust that lies within the armour of the rubric marines.

>> No.20061468

So I just sprayed a few miniatures with a primer, but the coat didn't seem to come out evenly. It feels rough instead of smooth, even on the smooth edges of the base. Is this due to the temperature/humidity? What should I do about these ones, strip them and try again?

The only other set of miniatures I've painted I sprayed when it wasn't as hot out, and their coat is nice and smooth.

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A painting thread. Perfect place to ask for opinions on my first ever painting job.

I realize the lighting in this pic is a little weird, but it's the only one I got with a detailed view.

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File: 1.11 MB, 3072x2304, 101_5668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Other side.

>> No.20061508


Nice job bud, i like the glow of the eyes and the gemstone effect.

I'd do the base desert colours, think it would compliment the yellows and golds of the armor well.

The terminators look fantastic, do they come with thousand son shaped heads? Post a pick of them once youve got them painted up.

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Just been painting some random stuff from my bits box, it's been fun, and infuriating. Can't seem to crack black power armour, I've tried straight black (left) and dark grey (right) and they both look like shit, thanks to my edge highlighting skills.

Carnifex head-half was fun though, anyone have any good black armour recipes?

>> No.20061552


Great first miniature, i'd suggest putting some nuln oil wash around the inner layer of the shield to seperate the gold from the blue alittle better but other than that it looks real nice.

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File: 165 KB, 1115x836, 101_5662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just realized I probably should've scaled down the images a bit. Oh well, too late now. Here's a blurry picture with good lighting so you can get a sense of the actual colors. Also, a more reasonable file size.

>> No.20061569 [DELETED] 

Also, since I hate black so much, can someone recommend me a BA Chaos legion with little black in the colour scheme? (Lazy, I know, but I can't seem to decide, even though I'd be happy with most things, bar iron warriors).

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bueno. me gusta.

>> No.20061581


Can't help you out with the black armor but they dont look shit to me at all, they look better than tabletop quality.

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File: 488 KB, 1280x960, 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, since I hate black so much, can someone recommend me a BA Chaos legion with little black in the colour scheme? (Lazy, I know, but I can't seem to decide, even though I'd be happy with most things, bar iron warriors).

>> No.20061596

That's really good for a first-ever paint job. Get some mud wash on the fleshy areas, and highlight the white cloth a little bit too if you're really feeling audacious.
from what i know of Fantasy though, you shouldn't stress too much over getting every single basic infantry model in your army looking utterly glorious, especially if you're playing a horde army like Skaven.

>> No.20061602


Base him up and he's ready to rock.

>> No.20061619

The heads they came with look like various Egyptian gods like a jackal, an alligator and so forth. They also came with a bunch of awesome pauldrons. But yeah with what the people have said in this thread i think some kind of dessert ruins would look good.

>> No.20061620

Is that yours? How did you get the base looking so watery?

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Their going to look amazing once youve painted them going by your marines scheme. Superb models, thousand sons are some of my favourite style of chaos.

>> No.20061674

Thanks. Not sure what you mean by highlighting the white cloth though, but I'll keep the rest of that advice in mind.

Now to get some sand and static grass so I can finish this base.

>> No.20061702

Thanks man, i'll make sure not to disappoint.

>> No.20061813

I'm trying to get started with some painting I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions.

Should I prime all my models or just metal ones, and what primer should I use?

And I understand that I should wash miniatures before priming or is that just for metal ones?

>> No.20061869

Wash 'em all, prime 'em all.

As for primer, most of /tg/ would recommend a can of spray primer (krylon), however I prefer to hand prime, as it allows a greater level of control over the application of the primer. Downside is that this is very slow.

Also, don't forget to remove the mold lines from the miniatures.

>> No.20061989

Word Bearers. Silver and Red, with black helmets for possessed/elites if you -really- want to, but..

also a good excuse to take cultists and daemons

>> No.20062029

>then don't use earthshade
then what do I use?

>> No.20062122

Try watering it down, several thin layers will be better than a thick layer that makes it look like a kid with a chocolate bar.

>> No.20062162

And what colour are they? GW, and indeed Vallejo, make coloured washes just for that reason- if you wash red armor in "earthtone", it will look like mix of blood and shit. If you wash with thin wash of red, it will make brighter red edges pop. Well, unless it pools terribly, but that's always a danger with flat-surface models like majority of Tau.

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