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Oi, yoo stoopid 'Umiez and Beakiez!

Betcha di'n't know dat yoo ladz use our roight proppa Ork Tek!

Lookit your Beakie armies!

Da red wunz go fasta

Da green wunz are extra burny and 'ard, makin' dem real proppa

Da bloo wunz are lucky, and e'rywun wantz ta be dem

Da yellow wunz have all dat extra blasty flash

Da black wunz are all about gettin' stuck in first.

So you lot iz nuffin' but a bunch'o weedy little diggaz, makin' like yooz proppa Orkz! Yooz should all be lookin' at Boss Ghazghkull as your Prophet of Gork and Mork!


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What's Purple, Orange, Brown, and White, then?

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Purple'z da color of stelf.

Orange iz da color of Speed Freakz dat di'n't let da paint dry

Brown iz da color of moi bootz

White iz what da flash paint so da yellow don't turn green

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>this fucking thread

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Is this good or bad?

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Da best!
>Orks general?

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Wut da zig iz dat

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Orks general.

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>Orange iz da color of Speed Freakz dat di'n't let da paint dry
I love you

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>What's Purple, Orange, Brown, and White, then?

White, with Black, makes you roight proppa and ded 'ard. Brown is old-time, old-fashioned, or 'tradition' (Snake Bitez). Orange is just lighter-red, and still used for speed, but has the added implication of fire or burning.

Orks are color blind to purples and pinks. All they see is 'Panzee' when they see those colors.

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ORKS orks orks orks ORKS orks orks orks

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They Loot anything

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Orkz can see purple.
It's the color of stealth.
Pink is just purple.

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Could the Orkz loot the Deathstar?

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Is that a dreadnought?

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This concludes my presentation on why Looted Carnifexes are now way overused.

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they can, but it will inevitably destroy itself before it reaches a suitable target.

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would count as space hulk so yes...

red spikey deathstar... some drawfag do this!

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Vile beast.

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There is an image of this? What? Did you just make this?

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Five posts too late

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Let me know when an Ork lootz an Ork. THEN I'll believe they'll loot anything.

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What if the Orkz looted THIS?

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what if warboss whiley and warboss robotnick joined forces

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Never stopped their hulks. Wouldn't stop a Deff-Starr.

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what if an ork looted an ork?

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What if orks found a gun that shot orks out of it?

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Wouldn't they look it from Angry Muhreens?

>philosophy: drtanc

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Purple/Pink is not the color of stealth. It's the color of weedy panzees.

FUCKING CAMO is the color of stealth. What color do you think the Blood Axes are!? Definitely not some weedy, knife eared panzee color! They're in full fucking military camos with fucking comissar hats and T-34/85s motherfucker! Do you know what that means? That means the Blood Axes are the most bad ass clan of stealthers there are, because THEY DO NOT INTO PANZEE COLORS, you blind mother fucker! HOLY hot squigs from hell! You see this fucking tank? BOOM. Blood Axe tank.

Fuck yeah Blood Axes.

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They already do.

It's called a Shock Attack Gun. It's been around since Rogue Trader. Snotlings are just another type of Ork.

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They already have that. It's called a shokk attack gun.

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What if they found a gun that shoots other guns that shoot orkz with guns that shoot orkz with chainsaws? Its choppy and it has dakka.

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What if an ork looted himself?

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Wouldn't that be like ork masturbation?

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>Shoot me closer, I want to hit it with my sword!

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Not all Orks loot. For that matter, the Deffskulls are the only clan renowned for looting. Blood Axes get most of their looted equipment through merc contracts.

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>OI! Shoot me at 'im! I wuntz ta 'it 'im wif mah Choppa!


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Ork Mec or a Painboy ?

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"If yoo wantz me ta work fer yaz, I'll need...a thousand shootas, two thousand choppas, all da boolets ya can find, a big tank a promethium, and a hat. A really nice one."

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I fucking loved Bludflagg. I don't even give a shit about the other stuff you offered me, GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING HAT.

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Oi, ya git! 'Av you evah seen a pink ork? No? Obvious den, innit; pink is ded sneaky.

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Essentially, 90% of Orks loot. They will only completely build something themselves if there is no other source to steal what they need from.

Take an Ork Trukk. Only a very small part of it would have been manufactured by an Ork, and if it is, it had likely melted down from something belonging to another race. Everything else has been cobbled together from a wide-variety of sources. A bit of a lift-loader from here, the engine from a supply truck there, garnished with cut-up Chimera armor plating. They simply are not a race of industry, they take what they need and refit it to their purposes.

However, in the more traditional sense of "Looting", yes, Deffskulls are the most notorious for taking weaponry from other races and rather than completely gutting it and turning it into something else, just refitting it for an Ork's use or adding extra Orkiness to it.

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What if an ork looted the concept of looting?

>> No.20039379

Meta-Looting's been done before

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Any Mork-Damned Thing!

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You never see a pink (or purple) Ork, because those are colors a WEEDY PANZEE WOULD USE. You STUPID FUCK. (note. panzee = Eldar).

Seriously. Camo = stealth. Orks don't use Pink/Purple because they're gay colors, and Orks are awesome. Not fucking space marines or eldar.

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i want to do that for my ork allies. use the grey knight codex with ork models with grey knight stuff.

necrons have hilarious allies.

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Not true. Clans like the Goffs (traditionally, not per the latest codex's "Ultramarines" treatment of them) have been very anti-looting. The most they will do, is salvage scrap metal. But it is just that, literally cutting apart an entire tank beyond it's component parts and using just the metal, to rebuild into something of their own liking. Orks do have slaves who mine resources (especially grots), do forge their own materials, and do build their own equipment. Some clans are particularly noted for doing so. Others don't necessarily care where their raw materials come from. And others are more than happy to improve upon an existing design and salvage it, keeping much of the gun/tank/ship/whatever in it's basic shape. And that, is 'looting' in it's basest explanation, and something the Deffskulls do extensively. Other clans... not so much.

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So what you're saying is that the non-sneaky Orks wear camo, but think they are sneaky. Or maybe it helps them be sneaky, but hurts their perceptiveness since they're unable to find the purple-pink Orks. Or maybe the purple-pink Orks are just that much better at the sneaking?

You bring up good points!

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>Warboss Wily

Oh my god I have to go make an army for this RIGHT NOW.

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I've honestly never heard of camo meaning stealth to orks, but I've always heard that purple mean stealth. Not pink though, but purple, yeah.

Then again, my knowledge of Orks comes from /tg/ however.

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There are no purple/pink orks. Just faggots on the internet who want Orks to be some prissy army like spess muhreens or eldar.

Stop being a prissy faggot.

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they are just so sneaky you cant find them.. anywhere

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Oh man, now I want to make Tau roight orky, such as having a gretchin riding on top of a looted crisis suit.

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>Then again, my knowledge of Orks comes from /tg/ however.

That would be why you've heard that garbage.

The Blood Axes mimic human and other 'non-ork' armies, and have historically (in fluff) been keen on Camo because it's sneaky and seems to work well for the 'oomies.

The most common purple/pink armies in the game are either attempting to show royalty (purple), or decadence (pink). Orks are neither of those, and as such do not officially use those colors as they are very commonly associated with Eldar, or Slaanesh. Neither of which are things Orks like or want to be associated with. They just aren't "proppa" colors.

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Welcome to 3 weeks ago. Most Ork players are just using the allies rules to allow themselves to finally field ACTUAL looted vehicles and not a shitty rhino with a sawn-off battlecannon.

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Does anybody have the picture and story of the Ork in Space Marine armor, who was accepted into the Ultramarines or something?
All the marines thought he was one of them, just a little bit odd and smelly.
I've forgotten the orkz name, otherwise I'd have found it myself by now.

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The only prissy faggot here is you, getting worked up over fucking colors.

>> No.20039603

>Getting worked up over Orks being Pink or Purple
>Because the colors are "prissy"

You are probably the prissiest fuck on /tg/, you realize that don't you?

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Da stealthy color is purple
>no, it's not.
Ever seen an Ork wearing purple paint?
Dat'z because da stealthy color is purple.

Literally EVERY person I've explained this to gets it and understands it.

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Some people don't want to get it.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

But shit, Joker fucking loved purple, so I don't know what this guy's problem is.

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I don't think that Goffs got ultramarined all that much. Each clan has something they're good at, Goffs are good at being 'ard and choppy. Then again, my army is mostly goffs, so...

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The thing to also remember is there is a very common theme for what a color does or means for the Orks, and with what the color symbolically means. Red for instance is fast. This is an unconscious thing we, as humans, associate with red. It also has to do with blood and voilence, or revolution. Hence it's fitting for Orks that in theme, Red means "Faster" as it also means they can get to the fighting quicker "tie in with violence".

For humanity, yellow typically symbolized happiness, wealth (especially gold), or intelligence. Well the last one might not necessarily apply, but Yellow is certainly eye-catching, and it has ties with wealth and bright explosions or flashiness for the Orks.

Blue is typically serene, and tranquility. But it has also been used historically as warpaint as well. While the serene and tranquil nature of the color blue means nothing to Orks, the clan that does use it tends to view it as 'lucky' and dab it on in large amounts as warpaint. Not too unlike the Scottish during the middle ages.

Black is a dark, brooding color, and when paired with white is all about contrast and very stark differences. You don't get a much harsher color combination as black and white, and it does fuck with the eyes quite a bit (a lot of optical illusions are black/white patterns). Hence the biggest, meanest, harshest clan of Orks favors the harshest color combination... Black and White.

Brown is associated most commonly with leather, and nature. Hence why the Snakebites favor it, as they're all about 'old-fashioned tradition' and don't particularly favor the technological approach to things.

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>> No.20039751


Therefore the traditional color themes to purple/pink do not coincide with Orks in the least. Orks are neither regal, or noble (purple). Nor are they particularly feminine, frilly, or dainty (pink). Hence why neither of those colors has a meaning for the Orks, and why neither color is part of one of the major 6 clans. It's not about no one having seen a Pink Ork (I've seen plenty, even blood-axes painted pink to mimic Emperor's Children). But rather it's because the implications and meanings behind those colors do not coincide with the underlying themes of Orks.

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I need some Boyz to help me with my list.


It got buried almost immediately.

>> No.20039763

I understand! You are not alone!

>> No.20039833


>Orks are neither regal, or noble

Except that there are some Warbosses out there that most certainly are. Look at the galactic map showing the biggest Ork regions and their rulers. Just look at their names. Now read their fluff.

Purple fucking suits them.

>> No.20039848

If orks don't royalty/decadence, then why Nobs/fight?

/tg/ 1 - doubtingfags 0

Purple/pink is stealthy. I feel like only one can be stealthy and the other is something else entirely. But one of them is, and that's all that matters

>> No.20039851

>Ever seen an Ork wearing purple paint?
Yes. And it looks fucking retarded.

>> No.20039852

Why do elephants paint their toenails?
To hide in a jar of jelly beans.
>That's retarded.
You ever seen an elephant in a jar of jelly beans?
Must work then.

Same damn deal. I don't get why that other guy was so angry about it. I guess he decided Orks have to be manlier than Spehss Muhreens and thus no fun is allowed, even though Orks are all about fun.

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There's been an inflow of ORKS MUST BE SRS BZNZ faggots lately. It's really getting tiresome.

>> No.20039892


Purple/pink tend to be lumped together, especially when discussing painting tiny models.

>> No.20039893

What if orks looted the markers from the dead space universe?

>> No.20039925

...seriously? Are the SM kiddies swapping sides or something? Orks are fucking galactic comedic relief with a dash of hyperviolence, their whole shtick is their lack of SRS BZNZ.
Orks are already fungusy spores, so the marker would either lie dormant since Orks can't get sick or it'd be like Orks vs Nids where every ork corpse is necromorph'd, causing orks to grow bigger and stronger to face them, causing bigger and stronger necromorphs and so on and so forth until something else is unfortunate enough to come along.

More likely they'd just weld it to the front of a ship and crash it into something because it looks pretty.

>> No.20039927

>Except that there are some Warbosses out there that most certainly are.

Warbosses use 'noble' names (Arch Overfiend, for example), but there is nothing truly 'noble' or 'royal' about them in the traditional sense. Warbosses come to power by being the biggest and best fighter. Not because their birth dictates it. The Orks actually are baffled at how humanity can follow someone who is has no visible or discernible reason why he should be in charge (i.e., not the biggest like a Nob or Warboss).

>> No.20039955


Exactly. They have a fucking nobility. The bigger fucking Orks are their nobility.

That's the fucking point. And the most noble of all? Are their kings.

>> No.20039957

>implying humans don't do the same damn thing

>> No.20039967

>One ork is the biggest and the strongest
>Becomes warboss
>Decides he must've been born to become warboss, as he was born, he fought, and he became warboss
>paints his armor purple to reflect his "NOB-le Birfrite"
Boom. Purple Orks.

>> No.20039979

Maybe at first, yeah, but then it turned into "I'm on the side of God, dare you question my ordained right to govern?!"

If an ork ever said something like that, he'd be killed by someone bigger. Unless he was a weirdboy, possibly.

>> No.20039985

Can Orks loot a Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh, an Eldar Wraithlord, or a C'Tan?

>> No.20039991


Ghazghkul Thraka.

>> No.20039992


Also see Thraka.

>> No.20040009

>There's been an inflow of ORKS MUST BE SRS BZNZ faggots lately. It's really getting tiresome.

No, there's just been some exceedingly idiotic ork fans on /tg/ that don't pay attention to their actual background. The same kind who think they can fly a jet out of fuel, or fire bullets from a metal pipe.

The problem isn't an influx of "no fun zone ork fans", but rather that there are a lot of "lol randumb slapstick" ork fans. Orks are neither. They are humorous, but not in a "Hurr never seen purple Orks means purple = stealth", or "durr Blood Angels have overcharged engines because Orks believe red is faster applies to them". Neither of those are supported anywhere in fluff. What IS supported in fluff, is that the humor for the Orks is very pitch black. In the same sense as shovelling wave after wave of your own men into the enemy, because they'll run out of ammunition. If anything... in very bizarre sense, the humor ingrained into the Orks bears a lot of resemblance to stuff found in Black Adder or Portal.

>> No.20040013

Obligatory Deffboss reference.

>> No.20040017

And another Ork kills him, takes his spot, and all that is null and void.

>> No.20040025

>The same kind who think they can fly a jet out of fuel, or fire bullets from a metal pipe.
Well of course. Any ork knows you need fuel and a propa dakka. Trying to fire a pipe is just silly.

>> No.20040031

>Looted C'tan

Heh. Hehehe.


>HURR, people are making jokes about an already comedic faction. CLEARLY THEY DON'T KNOW THE FLUFF.

>> No.20040035

Pro-tip for you... Orks represent the darker side of humanity. In fact, they represent all the dark sides of humanity with black humor tossed in the mix.

>> No.20040039

>>HURR, people are making jokes about an already comedic faction. CLEARLY THEY DON'T KNOW THE FLUFF.

Try more like /tg/ wanting to fish-malk the Orks.

>> No.20040046

>>Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh
Disappears from realspace when destroyed
>>Eldar Wraithlord
Has a mind of its own. Break it to dig out the spirit stone, shove a weirdboy inside and hope the nigh-indestructible goliath construct doesn't go hulk in the mek's lab. It doesn't have a control system, a power source or any kind of wiring. It's powered by a particularly powerful Eldar soul. Psyker could interact with the wraithbone with luck, but only one as fine tuned as an Eldar bonesinger. Building an orky exoskeleton for the construct works.
C'Tan don't like psykers and they are not really material beings. and it takes necron tech to activate a shard. so no.

>> No.20040059

Yes, but a lot of /tg/ DOESN'T know this. They think such silliness is actually canon.

>> No.20040067


Oh, okay.

>HURR, people are making jokes I don't like about an already comedic faction, CLEARLY THEY DON'T KNOW THE FLUFF.

>> No.20040075

He's being sarcastic.
Ur a faget.

>> No.20040077


No, they think such silliness is funny. So it's repeated. And treated as canon for the sake of a joke. Fucking get over yourself.

>> No.20040082

>>HURR I make stupid points via greetexting that are irrelevant because I don't like discussions or arguments.

>> No.20040105

>Getting mad about jokes on the internet
They aren't even trying to troll you and umadbro

>> No.20040109

>treated as canon

And therein lies the problem. Imagine if you will that they did the same thing with marines being completely homosexual. As in in the same jokes perpetuated about the navy. Oh wait... /tg/ does, but it doesn't stick because people get butthurt over that too.

>> No.20040115

Orks have stolen a ship that was out of fuel before because they didn't know it was out of fuel.

It just gets powered by Warpstuff instead because of the Waaagh.

>> No.20040117

Well, homosexuals are known for their tendency to get butthurt.

>> No.20040118 [DELETED] 

>treated as canon

And therein lies the problem. Imagine if you will that they did the same thing with marines being completely homosexual. As in in the same jokes perpetuated about the navy. Oh wait... /tg/ does, but it doesn't stick because people get butthurt over that too, and often cite canon just as much in counter-argument against it.

>> No.20040127

[citation needed]

>> No.20040139

I'd dig it up but Lexicanum is down.

>> No.20040140

And /tg/ is known for it's tendencies to assume silly jokes are canon material, and thus cram them down everyone's throats.

>> No.20040146

>in other words It doesn't exist.

>> No.20040148

>Imagine if you will that they did the same thing with marines being completely homosexual. As in in the same jokes perpetuated about the navy.
>implying everybody thinks that all men in the navy are gay
Are you just too dumb to understand a joke?

>> No.20040161

>>implying everybody thinks that all men in the navy are gay
>implying they aren't
The don't call him the Rear Admiral for nothing...

>> No.20040178

They're always swabbing poop decks, too.

>> No.20040186


"Treated as canon" is called fanon. You know what that means? It means fan-created elements that the fan considers part of the over-all canon. Meaning not actually part of canon.

Things like "Purple is sneaky" and "No Arms Abaddon" or "Failbaddon" are fanon. Seriously, you said that the rest of /tg/ doesn't know things, but you are the only one showing ignorance of basic things that the rest of /tg/ takes for granted.

>> No.20040196

>complain about lack of evidence meaning truth
>do the exact same fucking thing you're accusing other people of doing

>> No.20040214

>>do the exact same fucking thing I've been doing this whole thread.


>> No.20040244

lol silly faget. You're the one complaining about it, not me. Make your case why your reasoning is exempt from your own arbitrary rules, and gtfo.

>> No.20040277

Except Fanon is much broader, and much more widely accepted than little jokes turned canon that /tg/ believes.

>> No.20040279

God damn it /tg/ I dont know whether or not to find this thread hilarious or just plain sad. Redardless I love you all, no homo.

>> No.20040302

nigga is you in the navy?

>> No.20040311


>> No.20040316

-[citation needed]
-in other words It doesn't exist.

Oh wow, I must be fucking royally buttmad with simple one line "complaints" like that!

>> No.20040319


I think you're honestly confused over the semantics of 'fanon.' The little jokes that /tg/ turns into it's own canon is called 'fanon.' It's obvious by its name that it's "Fan-based canon." If you think that most people on /tg/ think it's fanon is GW Canon, then I have to wonder if you're Jon Snow.

>> No.20040330

>implying /tg/ doesn't think it's fanon is GW Canon

>> No.20040338

Cant we all just agree to disagree and get on with some more wacky orky stuff?

>> No.20040347

You probably are, seeing as how you can't stop replying. Plus ignoring the points made makes that kinda evident, too.

>> No.20040359

>ignoring the points made

Oh sweet Jesus, are you serious?

>> No.20040366


>> No.20040373

Because that's not what /tg/ does. Everyone is so self-righteous, that nobody has the balls to actually stand up and say "you know what? you're right." or "I'm sorry, I was being a total douche-bag".

Except you know what? I will. I was a douche-bag. And I'm sorry for thrusting my knowledge and opinions down everyone's throats.

>> No.20040376

Wot. Da Emprah was da most toughest stompa to ever stomp gitz, so he became biggest humie.
Dat dipplmacy sounds a bit like muckin about!

>> No.20040420


Pink Orks are canon. Read Brothers of the Snake

>> No.20040422


>> No.20040433


Except this is an anonymous board, and nobody knows what posts are actually yours or not, so the gesture is kind of worthless.

And even if you selected a bunch of posts to show which ones are, someone could destroy the credibility by saying some or all are theirs. Even if they're lying, how do you prove it?

But >>20040366
has a point.

Be supreme overlords of the galaxy and fuck it worse than anything or anyone before or after them. Still think they're the best ones to do things. Anything really. Of course the Eldar are the joke race.

>> No.20040446

deff skwadron is the only ork-related book worth reading by black library.

>> No.20040479


Brothers of the Snake is a Marines book, Orks are just one of the enemies.

And are the comics part of BL? Don't know why, but I think I always assumed they were separate

>> No.20040482

>so the gesture is kind of worthless.
as is /tg/.

>> No.20040491


Whilst I completely agree, Brothers of the Snake is a Space Marine book (and one of the only good ones at that). They just happen to face a horde of Orks wearing pink in it.

>> No.20040496

>we eldar now

>> No.20040505

>Brothers of the Snake is a Marines book, Orks are just one of the punching bag villains.
Hence why the only ork-related book worth reading, is Deff Skwadron.

>And are the comics part of BL?
Yes. They are by extension. BL was responsible for Warhammer Monthly and the comics released under GW's license.

>> No.20040525

I swear, that marine has "No Fun Zone" practically stamped across his face.

>> No.20040535

Indeed. Birds of a feather, my good sir.

>> No.20040559

>They just happen to face a horde of Orks wearing pink in it.
So? All BL books have to be taken with a serious dosage of salt. Keep in mind even the better ones pull shit that makes you wonder why the fuck it was allowed. Keep in mind, Gaunt kills a dreadnought with a power sword and hot water.

Forgive me, but I'm very dubious of a marine book throwing an arbitrary punching bag in with any serious respect or regards to that victim.

>> No.20040575

glad we can agree on something. because if we were worth something, we wouldn't be here.

>> No.20040576

Then he should be /tg/'s new mascot just for that reason

>> No.20040588

But I don't wanna be a space faggot. I've always liked every variety of orc, including orks, and I refuse to stop now.

>> No.20040591

needs moar beard and pimples

>> No.20040615

Why are BL so shitty at writing proppa orky stories? the old RT/2nd ed era codexes and shit had great short stories about makari getting his teeth pulled out by debt collectors or a yoof getting upset because one of his arms has come off and he cant find it, and all sorts of fun stuff. Why can't I have a collection of orky short stories GW? Y u do dis

>> No.20040637

I have a neat little story about the invention of the gargant, but I'm sure you've all already read it a million times. If not, I can post it if you want.

>> No.20040648

Because BL, along with the rest of GW, don't really give a shit about the Orks. They're forever held in the 'generic villain' category, to be pulled up as "yet more cannon-fodder for Chaos", or "plot vessel for showing how many bad dudes some bland marine chapter or character can kill"

>> No.20040721

Is it the one from Waaargh the orks? I quite like that one, as I do the rest of the stories in it.

>> No.20040739

I'm not entirely sure to be honest. I got it off 4chan. I would guess yes, though.

>> No.20040751

Yeah, we probably have.
Post it anyway.

>> No.20040756

Sure thing boss!

>> No.20040761

>> No.20040769

>> No.20040773


>> No.20040775

>> No.20040781

>> No.20040787

>> No.20040861

And I'll top it off with this, because damn do I love that orkish chant at the end.

>> No.20040921

Remember at the end of Fallout 3, when you follow Liberty Prime into battle against the covenant?
Remember that rush, that sheer sense of joy, resolution, and inflated bravado as he crushed everything in his path with you and the rest of the Brotherhood swarming behind, picking off the stragglers and isolated pockets of resistance in his wake?

I bet that's what it'd feel like to be an Ork.
God damn it'd feel good to be an Ork.

>> No.20041047

>> No.20041053

Enclave. Not covenant.
Don't know what I was thinking.

>> No.20041106



>> No.20041506

That's not even crazy enough, but it's a start. Think that, but with two dozen liberty primes, a thousand times as many troops and more tanks and trucks than you can count. All the while everything and everyone is exploding around you and every ork worth his gubbins is shouting as loudly as possible, killing the nearest enemy in his most favorite way. You think you might have lost your arm in that last explosion back there, but you don't care enough to find out, because you are having the time of your life, happier than you've ever been on a battle high that would make Slannesh greener than even Mork and Gork with envy.

THAT'S what it probably feels like to be an ork and DAMN would that feel good.

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