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What do you think so far? I am on the fence about getting it, and since I don't do tournaments and other powergamer shit it doesn't really matter to me, but I want to hear how other players are doing with it, what do you like and what do you hate?

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I havent played since 3rd edition came out and they removed everything I thought was fun with WH40K.

Heard some small aspects of it is back though, yay..

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Any news on the new fluff? Anyone care to post some of the stories/descriptions from the new edition?

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1. Shut the fuck up.
2. Leave.

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There's a light at the end of the tunnel for humanity: instead of being HUMANITY IS DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEDDDD

Also the background for the Imperium (like past events) is arguably more grimdark. So whether or not it's overall more grimdark is up to debate,

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Quoted from another forum:

>With the new rulebook this power weapons are divided in power swords, power mauls and power axes, there is also the option for a power spear/lance.

>Power axes hit at +1 str at the same time as fists but allow you +1a for 2 cc weapons. They are also ap2 so pretty good weapon.

I admit this assrapes my entire Space Wolves army, as I was taking the FLUFF approach with modeling and dishing out mostly axes for power weapons.

I have also heard that armor has been put on steroids. 5th might have made it acceptable, but I guess 6th makes it nasty.

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Spehss Mahreens.

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The only way to break a man who has nothing is to give him something to live for, and then take it away. So I'd say more grimdark now.

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Assaults got nerfed, shooting got improved. This pleases the Imperial Guard. Blast weapons got better. Vehicles got nerfed a bit, nevermind, I play blobguard.

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Assaults were nerfed? Like how? Wtf.

So happy to know my IG are fine while my Wolves suffer, lol.

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Please elaborate on both point more. I love the juice details.

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Is starting a Raven Guard army in the 6th edition a bad idea?

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>Random change range, defensive fire, outflanking units can't charge, multicharges don't give you extra attacks, harder to assault out of vehicles.

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What do power swords do in 6e?

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No. Jump pack assault marines and drop podded tacticals are the new hotness.

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Power Swords are user's strength and AP3
Power Mauls are S+2 AP4 and concussive
Power Spears are S+1 AP3 on the charge, Normal S AP4 otherwise

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Fellow new 40k player here. I can't decide between starting with raven guard and blood angels. On one hand, I like jump pack assault troops, but on the other hand, assaulting has been nerfed and shooting has been buffed. Help me decide?

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>Space Wolves
What the fuck am I reading

Go for it. Deep Strike is a (little) safer, Outflank a lot worse for assault. Can always play em as Blood Angels if you feel like it

When you get out of a drop pod, you have to stay bunched up now right? Sounds dangerous

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>>Space Wolves
>What the fuck am I reading


>When you get out of a drop pod, you have to stay bunched up now right? Sounds dangerous

How the hell are we supposed to do that with the plastic flower of death? Drop a drop pod (and I have been yelled at for not opening the doors on it) open the doors and deploy. I often have guys in a circle around the damn thing just so I deploy them correctly.

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penalty for multi-charges is bullshit. Ork's got so fucking nerfed because of it.

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No, you dont. &e you get to put them anywhere in six inches,you basically get your movement by disembarking. No more templates you shall fear.

Also, Chaplains now can punch tanks to death. I like.

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Sorry was signing up for fall classes.

if you're still here.
It's more Grimdark in that they've put the Imperium through a ton more shit in the past.

It's less grimdark in that it implies that humanity is facing it's hardest hurdle, if it survives the current era we'll become a race of warp-immune psychers or somesuch.

The problem is we have to survive the current era which is the worst it's ever been

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Oh boy thanks for spoiling the ending GW.

Thanks for the info btw.

Any news on other races? Like the Tyranids for instance?

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I don't think the Imperium being put through shit is necessarily grimdark. I mean, the Imperium itself is capital-letter Evil.

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Allies. YOU can now have allies, I play Space elves. Now I has Dark space elves allies. Oh you've got some slow moving transports? WARP HOLE>>WRAITHLORDS OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE


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Is there a pdf anywhere?

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>More grimdark by focusing on humanitys bullshit
Oh wow seriously?

>Humans have a bright and positive ending in sight
fucking SERIOUSLY?

Warhammer 40,000 went and jumped the shark. Now they have to cater to spineless cumstain children that can't be allowed to tolerate death and defeat.

Thank goodness I stopped collecting two years ago.

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Unfortunately, you cannot deploy allies via Webway Portal.

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You always knew in your heart of hearts that Imperium were the good guys and good guys always win.

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Any new Ork updates worth mentioning?

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>I stopped collecting two years ago

I remember what adolescence feels like.

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oh oh! We've got a tough guy here who was only on when 40k was dark and mature enough for him, nvm that 40k wasn't grimderp when it was conceived

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Can someone shed some light on the wound allocation in 6th edition? With wounding, do i really have to roll each wound dice individually if the closest model has a different armor save?

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maybe someone here can help me. I've not played since 3rd edition (just after the Eye of Terror campaign) and my club has convinced me to get back into it. I've collected since then, but have no idea of what factions are any good beyond grey knights and necrons being awesome. I have Imperial Guard, Orks, Imperial Fists and a few Tau and Sisters in my collection already. My question is: what would /tg/ suggest I use in an upcoming escaltion league? Alternatively: Which ice cream flavor would Horus have prefered?

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Definitely mascarpone.

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Available somewhere?

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It really should be more grimdark. The Imperium lost the Eye of Terror megaevent a few years ago; The game should be taking a more apocalyptic tone.

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Pretty much, yeah.

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Oh boy. Playing imperial guard at rapid fire range is going to take a while...

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GW has ignored the Eye of Terror.

Read the 5th edition rulebook, any 5th edition codex or 6th edition rulebook. No mention of any Eye of Terror conclusions like Chaos forces on Cadia etc.

If they ignore the campaign, why would they make the game more grimdark? In fact it seems they've been doing the opposite, with the Imperium becoming even more heroic and powerful. 40k is grimdark when you're a craftworld eldar whose army and avatar got soloed by the Sanguinor, but not otherwise.

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Wrong wrong wrong.
1) Overwatch rarely kills anyone but Nids and Orks, both of whom should be charging with 25-30 people.
2) Random charges are a huge buff for things with fleet and jump packs who get to reroll as their average charge has increased
3) New wound allocation allows you to protect good CC weapons
4) Hammer of wrath boosts all jump infantry, bike units, MCs, etc
5) The fearless change means if any fearless unit can get in CC with you, you will not win that combat.

1) Harder to inflict ID on things with multiple toughness (coughNobbikerscough)
2) Harder to make people run off the board with shooting
3) You can't suppress vehicles any more
4) New wound allocation puts short range special weapons at risk (meltaguns in particular)
5) FNP isn't negated by most shooting
6) Look out sir totally stops you if you wanted to stop a special character getting to assault

1) They will almost always fire, you MUST destroy them to stop them
2) They're less likely to die in one shot due to the new table
3) Randomising weapon destroyed makes tanks, artillery and much more far better (chance of destroying the monoliths blast = 1 in 5, it'll be wrecked before that happens)
4) They're easier to wreck but that's fine most of the time because you still get LOS blocking cover from it

Things are more reliable now, not better or worse. It just means there's more to the game than spam transports.

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So do tau still suck?

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kind of make sense that the craftworld eldar lose all the time due to grim darkness, because after the tau they are the second 'least' evil faction

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1. It may not be horribly effective, but overwatch exists now where it didn't before. Therefore it qualifies as a nerf to Assault.
2.Debatable. For many, the certainty of moving 6" is better than a chance of moving 2" (and still getting overwatched)
3.The hell? No it doesn't. The New wound allocation rules force you to remove from the front line back. If your good weapons are "protected" they're not doing jack shit in that assault. Nerf.
4. Granted.
5. Granted.
1. Also applies to Close combat. It isn't a shooting-specific nerf/buff, so I don't know why you'd list it as a counterpoint to shooting being buffed.
2. Granted
3. Not even sure what that means.
4. Granted
5. Nor is it negated by most close combat attacks. See 1.
6. The hell? In last edition the attacked player could just throw those wounds to other members of the squad automatically. Now there's a 1/6 chance that he CAN'T do that, if he's the closest target. If he isn't the closest target, there's effectively no change. So it got EASIER to kill ICs with shooting. And that's before Snipers are brought into the mix.
But really, the biggest thing is being able to move and fire rapid-fire weapons normally. HUGE buff for Tau and IG.

All points granted, you're totally right about them.

So yeah. As the guy you were replying to said, Assault's nerfed a bit (and may or may not be less reliable, depending on your outlook), shooting's buffed a bit (more than just a bit if your army is rapid-fire heavy). You're correct that Vehicles are more reliable, though (unless you're facing 'crons, in which case that's a nice land raider you have there, shame if something happened to it.)

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Can someone give me a download to a 6th edition PDF somewhere? Thanks in advance.

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>mfw Russ squadrons are finally as dominant as they were always meant to be


Wanna talk new hotness? Any Guard player who doesn't take 4 Russes minimum above 1500 is out of his mind.

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>bawwwww my 180 point troop choice can't slaughter 3 squads at once without a care in the world bawwwwwww

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Don't the challenge rules totally fuck up special-character based assault? I haven't read them, but from what was described, it sounds like people can use challenges to "chump block" your best model with some one-wound piece of crap.

>> No.20003454

Yes they can.

>> No.20003481


Not the mentions SCs can't seperate from the squad to do a solo assault elsewhere. They can, but they'll be absorbing a full barrage of overwatch fire by themselves.

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>Now they have to cater to spineless cumstain children that can't be allowed to tolerate death and defeat
Protip: boys love DEATH and SKULLS and EVIL and DOOM. It's the adults who tend to say things like 'but there must be some good stuff in there, right? It can't all be bad...'

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I have a question that doesn't warrant it's own thread:

Since vehicles can't capture points, what happens if I buy a land speeder as part of a ravenwing squadron, made into troops by taking Sammael? Would the speeder be scoring?

>> No.20003524


You answered your own question with your first sentence.

>> No.20003532


But in the rulebook, it talks about how units embarked on transports can't capture unless they disembark. You can't disembark a land speeder. Yet, as part of a ravenwing squadron, it's still a troop choice.

>> No.20003555

Finally had my first game of it today with my nids (against IG with allied blood angels). I like it, especially the new psychic powers.
Highlights include my broodlord enfeedleing some sanguinry guard letting my stealers roflstomp them after I pulled off a long charge. And my unit of 3 Zoanthropes that got Gate of Infinity, so they just spent the game teleporting around blasting tanks to death (I left 2 with their base powers and the 3rd got Gate and Shockwave.)

>> No.20003567

>Since vehicles can't capture points, what happens if I buy a land speeder as part of a ravenwing squadron, made into troops by taking Sammael? Would the speeder be scoring?
>Since vehicles can't capture points, what happens if I buy a land speeder
>vehicles can't capture points

>> No.20003584


T4 character with a 2+ save takes only 0,28 wounds from the full overwatch fire of 10 Grey Knights. It's a negligible element, Calgar in terminator armour will crush a squad of 10 Grey Knights on his own.

>> No.20003615

Overwatch also kills my T3 6+ basic assault unit that costs 10 points a model bro. Not to mention random charges are a nerf to DE. I used to be able to move 12 inches in a skimmer (and hop over any terrain) disembark 2 inches, run d6 inches, and get a guaranteed 6 inches for an assault. Now it's move 6 inches in the skimmer, move 6 inches on foot (now terrain might get in the way, and I lost 2 inches of movement). Then I get to charge 2d6 inches and move an average of 7 inches with a reroll, however with the reroll I might score higher sure, but I might score a lot fucking lower too

>> No.20003636


Fellow ravenwing player here:

Why the fuck are you taking land speeders in a RW squadron anyway? Even if you want AC/HB speeders (which, in 6th, you do), if you put them in a RW squadron, that squadron can't outflank or scout, which is a MASSIVE handicap.

Take HB/AC speeders as single FA choices.

>> No.20003646


Not a big deal. It is only an issue rarely, for example if you charge marines with a squad of boyz with an attached warboss the enemy sergeant's challenge can be answered by the nob instead of the warboss.

Challenging necron lords and similar less straight up killy characters is just dumb, that just loses you the most powerful model in the unit against a guy who on average only kills 1-2 models anyway (in fact the Necron player would be wise to challenge in that situation).

>> No.20003647

Not everyone plays SPESS MEHREENS or Newcrons.

>> No.20003667

doesn't matter. If its a vehicle it can't score or deny full stop (unless it has a special rule specifically allowing it too). Being a troop choice doesn't change that.

>> No.20003674


Fleeting models can reroll one or both dice from a charge roll, for example if you get 6 and 1 you can reroll just the 1.

The curve for fleet charge range looks like this, a much improved chance to get high numbers over standard 2d6 which in itself is superior to 6.

>> No.20003688


Warboss on a bike takes the same amount of wounds, and even less if he's got a painboy.

>> No.20003696

It's not a big improvement over 2+6+d6 though.
I'm not saying it's impossible for shit like DE to get into assault, but they made them as slow as everyone else which is taking away their advantage.

>> No.20003725


>slow as everyone else

This is false, 6th edition didn't give everyone beasts, 60-70 point open-topped/assault vehicles or fleet.

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2+6+D6 averages 11.5 capping at 14
6+2D6 with rolls averages 15 (if i remember my probability right) and caps at 18

Thats a pretty big improvement.

>> No.20003798

>6+2D6 with rolls averages 15 (if i remember my probability right) and caps at 18

6 + 2d6 has an average result of 13.

>> No.20003810

Fleet doesn't make you inherently faster than everyone else in 6th. 2+d6+6 compared to 8 inches out of an assault vehicle meant a clear difference in speed. Now everyone has the same potential it's just fleet models have a slightly better chance.
Beasts are about my only reliable assaulting unit now, but with new wound allocation rules it's harder to keep razorwing flocks from dying.
My open topped vehicles took a nerf as I said. Moving 12 inches with them and skipping terrain was a lot nicer than moving 6 inches, then disembarking 6 inches. Plus with glances being so harmful en masse, it's actually a viable strategy to just fire bolters at any of my vehicles instead of a desperate measure.

>> No.20003818

I was talking about 6+2d6 with re-rolls. not just a straight 6+2D6

>> No.20003823

Why are you including that 6 inches in there for the 2d6?
If you want to do that I can also include the 6 inches extra vehicle movement I get for the 2+d6+6 inches

>> No.20003834

To be fair, 6th kind of balanced open topped vehicles out for DE as they now do a str 4 hit to anything inside. If the vehicle explodes anything inside is going to have a terrible day.

>> No.20003877

well you included the 2 inch disembark in yours so i included the new 6 inch disembark in mine.

>> No.20003886

The 6 inch disembark should be included in the other result then. Either way both results get either 6 + 6 in the movement phase, or 12 inches. Including it for one result and not the other is retarded. Then for the 5e result, you get an addition 2 inches jumping out of the vehicle, then d6 plus 6.

>> No.20003891

disembarking was only 2 inches in 5th ed.

>> No.20003916

You're beyond missing the point here. In 5th edition I could have moved 12 inches with my skimmer and disembarked 2 inches from it. Then I run d6 inches and assault a guaranteed 6.
In total that's 20+d6 inches of movement in total.

With 6e I move my skimmer 6 inches, disembark up to 6 inches (which is bad because now there might be terrain in the way), I no longer run, but instead assault 2d6 inches and eat overwatch fire. In total this is now 12+2d6 inches.

>> No.20003920

Hurr I said in total twice ignore that.

>> No.20003937

oh, originally i was just working on the numbers of the infantry move itself ignoring the vehicles move which is what you seemed to be doing.

>> No.20003955

>So do tau still suck?

If anything, we got buffed.

Rapid fire is now half range instead of 12", which means our 30" guns can now start carnage at 15". They also allow you to move and still shoot at full range now.

Vehicles now have hull points, which get reduced on glancing hits. S5 rifles means that we can now wreck anything up to AV11 with our infantry.

The new wound allocation is first-to-last, which means that a lot of players are going to be putting special weapon guys in the rear. This means you want units to get behind the enemy, which makes mobility key, and crisis suits are high up in the ranks when it comes to mobility.

Overwatch is... neglectible stock, but combine it with a farseer for psychic buffs. Suddenly, you're rapid firing with BS3 at assaulting units. That hurts a lot more.

Speaking of farseer's, they can let us do other crazy stuff like reroll misses or force the enemy to reroll passed saves. Combine with markerlights for a truly terrifying gunline.

In short, are we grey knights level top tier now? Nope. We still die like tissues when an assault hits home, and the removal of target lock in the FAQ is a WTF of retarded levels. But overall? Tau have it good in 6E.

>> No.20003958

Yeah, there's no loss in movement from 12 inches of movement, or 6 inches of movement and disembarking 6, other than terrain possibly being in the way. You do lose 2 inches guaranteed though, and 8+d6 is a lot more reliable than 2d6 with rerolls imo.

>> No.20003966


Guide only works on Eldar

>> No.20003978


Easily solved by swapping to divination signature power that works on everyone and has a longer range than Guide.

>> No.20003983

And all that other crazy stuff you have to roll for.

>> No.20003989


Why should I care about guide? Prescience is divination primaris power, which means I can always get it and it works on everyone. It also has a 12" range as opposed to the 6" of guide.

>> No.20004045


Given that there's only divination power that isn't of much use for a Tau/Eldar army, I'm not really worried.

Let's tally here:

Prescience: Primaris power, which means you can always take it and re-rolls failed hits. No brainer.
Foreboding: Gives counter-attack and overwatch on full BS on the psykers units. Given that tau and eldar are battle brothers, psykers can join squads of fire warriors. Cheers when you roll it.
Forewarning: 4+ invulnerable save for target unit. Nothing wrong with that.
Misfortune: Enemy unit within 24" must reroll failed saving throws. Yes I do like forcing someone with a lucky streak to reroll thankyou.
Perfect timing: Psyker and his unit ignore cover saves. Yes please?
Precognition: Psyker rerolls failed to hit and to wound rolls. The only useless power. Very circumstantial for a tau/eldar army.
Scrier's gaze: 3d6 choose the result you want for reserves. Reliable reserves? Will anyone say no to that?

So, one power that's useless out of seven. Given that farseer's can have up to four powers, I see no problem.

>> No.20004068

The powers are nice yes, but it's not hard to take that farseer out. Aside from sniping him, templating him, I can also take a runepriest who once he gets anywhere near your Farseer has 3 roll to cancel your psyker ability (standard rune priest 4+ cancel, piece of wargear that gives an additional roll, deny the witch)

>> No.20004212

So I've been thinking of building a Pysker army with Nids since they can put the most psykers on the table, its not hard to get 12 or more Psykers who each know at least 2 powers into a 1500 point list.

Thoughts on this, or are the new psychic powers not that good?

>> No.20004225

The new Psychic powers aren't as good as being able to just pick the good ones already in your codex. You could risk ending up with ones that are fairly useless for your army or you could use the ones tailor made for them.

>> No.20004284

>The powers are nice yes, but it's not hard to take that farseer out.

Oh, I agree. They are solid tactical options for a tau army, and will certainly help, but they're not an automatic game-winner. Nor do I want them to be.

>> No.20004300

well I can always mix and match with the zoanthropes. Leave 2 in each squad with their codex powers and give the 3rd one some of the new ones too add some utility to the unit.

>> No.20004382

With Tervigons I'll always be going for biomancy.
The only power I ever used was catalyst (FNP buff) with 3 powers i have decent odds to roll Endurance for a better version of Catalyst, and the rest of biomancy is pretty good for nids anyway.

>> No.20004591

BT and Eldar Bros, poor layout of rules throughout, so they're not always located where it's relevant, poorly worded rules, so that Warlock/Farseers on bikes are T5 by RAW, although this is clearly not the intention.

Also, unnecessary nerfs to assaulting from outflanking despite overwatch introduction.

I do like challenges (though no overkill rule is a serious oversight) and overwatch/snap fire.

>> No.20004623


>> No.20004645

Go with IG. You're wrong on GK being awesome, they're like upper-middle on the uberwafen list now.

Necrons, IG, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar are the top dogs in this edition so far.

>> No.20004673

Most of my Guard army is infantry, only a couple of tanks in my collection, is that still viable or do I need to invest in more armor to support my platoons?

>> No.20004679

Which Fortification do you guys think is the best? I was originally thinking the Aegis Line was, but it gets kinda expensive when you add weapons in. I'm liking the Landing Pad, though

>(though no overkill rule is a serious oversight)
it's to stop the whole "hero-hammer" nonsense 3rd edition introduced, where one guy could just wade through units one after the other with no one able to get an attack in edgewise.

>yes I know 2nd edition was the one called hero-hammer, but 2nd edition combat was a much more personal thing, and although a combat character could beat a unit on his own, it would take some time.

>> No.20004689

One or more vendettas to be competitive. The rest should be able to handle it's own.

If it's not points spent on damage dealers then don't spend the points. Banner, voxes and shit are shit.

>> No.20004697

Infantry is still really solid. IG power blobs are pretty awesome with their overwatch rapid fire lasguns when anyone charges you. Being able to sacrifice sergeants in order to lock down enemy ICs for a round is nice too.

>> No.20004722

Why did they think that leaving codex psychic powers without warp charge costs and then letting you choose if you want to pick any free powers from the codex or roll on some of the random charge-costing powers from the rulebook is a feasible idea?
It makes people not want a new codex because it would nerf their psykers.

>> No.20004731

>Also, unnecessary nerfs to assaulting from outflanking despite overwatch introduction.

Not really sure how overwatch made the outflank nerf unnecessary. An unbuffed overwatch is going to kill, what? One? Maybe two units?

Armor was the big thing for IG last edition, and it's still very powerful now. However it should be noted that with shooting having gotten a buff, infantry guard got a hellalot more viable.

>> No.20004807

because it wouldn't make a difference (unless they make a codex power warp charge 2) if they had given them warp charge

>> No.20004824

A Space Marine Librarian can take Vortex of Doom and Gate of Infinity from the codex, which in rulebook cost 2 warp charge each, if not a Lexicanum he wouldn't be able to take either.
Now taking them fro mthe codex not only allows him to use those powers, but also activate a force staff on the same turn, which uses up 1 warp charge.

>> No.20004882 [DELETED] 

Codex Powers are still warp charge one.

>> No.20004957

Gate of infinity is warp charge one in the rulebook.
Codex Powers are warp charge 1.
So a SM librarian is a bit better off when using Vortex of doom, but thats no big deal.
He still won't be able to use both powers and then activate a force weapon (unless he has mastery level 3).

>> No.20004969

Wasn't 5th edition like a year or two ago? And it was just a kinda shitty patch?

I'm done with these games, to be honest. This should would just get taken care of in an off-hours patch in a video game, not a 60$ book.

>> No.20004992

6th ed isn't even a month old yet.
I have no idea what you're on about with the video game stuff......

>> No.20005074

Don't lie to yourself. You know it would be mandatory DLC for 40$.

>> No.20005161

>I'm done with these games, to be honest. This should would just get taken care of in an off-hours patch in a video game, not a 60$ book.

Usually the most game-changing alterations are the ones that come with expansions or sequels. Which for popular games not only tend to come every two or three years, but also tend to cost... oh, surprise, $60 a piece.

Joke's on you.

>> No.20005432

did we ever get a scan of the rules part for 6th edition? if so, any kind anons got a link to it?

>> No.20005656

search pirate bay, theres a torrent of a good quality scan of the whole book up.

>> No.20005758

Ba-dum tsssssssssssh

>> No.20006370

I am not liking this categorization of power weapons, as now my army's power weapons have just basically turned into a shitload of power fists with some swords splattered in.

I don't think I will be buying 6th, despite my want for Allies. 5th has been my favorite edition and I will stick with it.

>> No.20006554

So am I the only person on /tg/ who actually bought the hardcover? I mean, don't get me wrong, I stole the PDF and played a few games before hand, to make sure I liked it, so I know why you guys are asking for scans (though seriously, some shit is obscure and hard to look for: this is not one of those things. The pirate bay is your friend.), just wondering who else decided to spring for the book.

>> No.20006580

Enjoy mechanics that discourage actual tactical thinking. And I don't understand the comment about power fists, they haven't changed at all. Other than now Powerfist/lightning claw gives you +1 attack.

>> No.20007179

Me. Part of the fun of launch day was everyone pouring over the rules in the local GW, the occasional cry of anguish or cheers of glee left and right burning through the early meta debates.

>> No.20007514

*flips a table, throws a handful of tactical marines, followed by a hardcover rulebook at the guy behind the register*
*thrusts his tapemeasure into a bystander's hands then grabs the metal end and begins to run around the room, touching it to various objects*

Almost literally my friend's reaction to me telling him we could premeasure now. He got fucked up by being bad at judging distances a lot, and I guess he always felt it was some fundamental aspect of the game that you could measure until the action was declared. Our first game he just kept measuring everything, kept seeing if his lascannon had range on the cat and such.

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