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>like 40k for the cool art, the tyranids, and shit
>moba discussion
>post that I'd like to see a WH40k moba
>some guy flips his shit and starts ranting that 40k fans are worse than fucking bronies for some reason
>ask him to elaborate
>everyone in the threat starts screaming at me and agreeing with him

So, are we the bronies of the gaming world, /tg/?

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Your first mistake was going on /v/.

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Yea, us faggots keep inserting 40k into EVERYTHING.
Nobody else can have a decent fucking conversation without some sweaty, neckbeard mother fucker like us coming along and interjecting random 40gay bullshit that may or may not even be tangentially related.

God I fucking HATE people like you and me

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>listening to /v/

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>Expecting /v/ to do anything other than shit in it's gaming chair

Why you bother going there, I have no idea

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what percentage of the 40K threads on /tg/ are actually about sexual fetishes, fapfics and shit?
How many are about "silly and crazy" space marine chapters, etc.?

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You went to /v/ dude

To /v/

And expected to not be rejected as part of a select group

You'll get yelled at if you say you like anything on /v/, they are the definite source of "stop liking what I don't like" with the special quirk of not liking ANYTHING AT ALL

/v/ is the antithesis of /tg/

While we like/can live with most things, there is absolutely NOTHING that will NOT make a /v/irgin rage HARD

Pic relate, it's /v/

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I'm usually on /v/ and that sounds like the kind of shit that goes down.

On a personal note, I'm not a huge 40k fan. I find Tyrannids and IG interesting, but I can't muster the drive to actually start because all the guys who play 40k at my LGS only play as Ultramarines or Grey Knights. Oh and the one, ONE, guy who plays Necrons. Seriously like 20 or so 40k regulars and they all play the same two armies.

On the other side of the coin, I enjoy playing WHFB since the guys who play that have a lot more varied armies. I think practically every army is represented, except maybe Bretonnians and Tomb Kings. I don't think I've seen any of those.

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I just...I just thought a DOTA clone that let me be a hive tyrant would be neat

and my creeps would be hormagaunts

and when I blew up a tower I would get termagaunts and when I blew up another one I would get warriors and so on and so forth.

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>While we like/can live with most things

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For once I agree with /v/ on something.

Stopped clock, etc., I guess.

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>So, are we the bronies of the gaming world, /tg/?


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Even if you do argue you didn't like 4e I can assure you a good 50% of /tg/ likes/is okay with it

Actually most would agree D&D just isn't great in general

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a 40k MOBA would be weird.... but interesting. How would you do it though? Legendary units and shit? I think part of the appeal is that you have these big crazy as fuck armies, and not just 5 guys slapping at 5 other guys in a forest

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>bigger scale moba
twenty vs twenty matches

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> InB4 40k moba ends up with everyone picking ig Grey knights and marine equivalents

on a sensible note I can see it having a lesser counter creep summoning aspect to bring some of the scale and units back

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That's a little sad, and incomprehensible, too. /tg/, as a 4chan board, is the first to hate things, even things that didn't deserve hate.

4e is objectively bad. Yet, there is a number of people _not_ bashing it.

I... don't know why. Brainwashing? The hipster-ing in "I like something everybody else dislike "? Simply, the fear that their favorite franchise turned wrong? I would like input from kind anon, because frankly, I don't understand the theory behind such insane comportment.

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>4e is objectively bad.

Anal pained 3eeaboo detected

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oh god this. Every game would just be marines versus marines. Pick something that isn't a marine, or at least IG? RAGE RAGE ALL DAY LONG KILL THE XENO ARGHLBARGHL in chat the whole fucking game

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>objectively bad
Objectively bad means bad at everything it attempts.
It attempts to be fun.
I have had fun playing it.
Ergo you are objectively wrong.

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Because unlike most other boards, /tg/ is founded on being creative rather than judging someone else's creativity.

So we accept virtually all things, no matter how "objectively bad," the minority thinks they are, because we can take that clay and mold it into something we like, rather than kicking back on our couch and talking about how shitty that clay looks.

In short, shut your dumb face and go to /a/ if you want to see sperglords sperging.

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(of a person or their judgment) Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

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>4e is objectively bad

Confirmed for assimpacted 3eaboo.

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So many times this.
If you want dogma, go to your church or the in-canon-discussion of some work of fiction.
This is /tg/. We don't deal in absolutes, only in what is better for some or better for others.

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Let's be clear - GW thrashes their dicks around and doesn't respect their fan base, and this pisses people off that it doesn't piss off 40k fans. Both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k are good IPs though, and with the massive fucking investment cost of getting into wargaming though, being a big fan of the game is justified, and really, you got tard trolled.

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D&D sucks, but 4e was its best edition yet.

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A game can not be judged by facts other than the fact that a person either enjoys it or doesn't enjoy it. A game is played by people, not numbers.

>> No.20002153

you really should check before throwing out the definition of words, especially since you don't know what objective means.

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Nerds have the unfortunate habit of attacking other nerds, in the hopes of propping themselves up to be a little cooler by comparison.

The tragic irony is that every nerd group thinks that they will be immune to being victimized by this behavior until it happens to them.

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>D&D sucks,

Thank you for starting your post with that. It's like saying, "Please disregard my opinion, I have nothing of worth to say on this subject."

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I... see. You're saying that, no matter how objectively bad 4e is, is appreciable as a work of creativity ? Like FATAL is appreaciable as a work of creativity ?

That's... a reasonnable explanation, I guess. Thank you. That's a little too philosophical for me, forcing myself to like something bad because it has the merit to exist nontheless, but I think I can understand that motivation.

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You see, you're very VERY wrong

/tg/ is notorious for being a relatively hateless board

And people have different tastes, maybe you've heard of those?

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if that were true then the word objective would not exist because you could say everything is opinion.

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Subjective means something that is true because of a subject. That's why it's subjective.
Objective means something that is true regardless of a subject.

Your failing to understand intersubjective definitions of words doesn't entail you to project your own reality unto other people.

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>some guy flips his shit and starts ranting that 40k fans are worse than fucking bronies for some reason

Yes, and? 40k fans are worse than bronies. They're like furries in that they need to shove their fandom into fucking everything. You are the Sonic Fangals of tabletop gaming and you ought to be ashamed.

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The word "Bigfoot" exists regardless of whether or not Bigfoot exists.

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>bring up 40k randomly in an unrelated discussion

Yeah, fuck you, seriously. Keep that shit in /tg/.

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seriously... go google "define objective" and "define subjective"
Please just do it before you try to define the words again.

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>if that were true then the word objective would not exist because you could say everything is opinion.

Regular waterater is made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.

>Well that's just like, your opinion, man

Please stop.

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why not simply play a starcraft MOBA?

>> No.20002206

>Because unlike most other boards, /tg/ is founded on being creative rather than judging someone else's creativity.
Would have dropped the "tg can't get shit done" dosage if some people weren't trying to bullshit engineer their way into a diaper powered flamethrower on another thread.

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I'm a philosophy student. I've had the words defined thousands of times by people with careers based on those definitions of those words. I knew one guy existed on /tg/ who didn't know the correct definitions, but I just hoped you weren't that asshole.

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Well it's more along the lines that just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad. Personally, I'm not partial to 4E. Why? I just didn't really enjoy it for a lot of minor but appreciable reasons. However, I can see the ways it was good; it presented some much more visceral approaches to 3E mechanics, it simplified a lot of things, it brought a lot of otherwise "boring" classes like Fighter forward and into the spotlight in non-traditional ways.

Things CAN be bad, but part of having an open mind is appreciating that people like/hate different things in different ways. The things I dislike about 4E might be things somebody else likes. And as an adult human being I can empathize with other people and understand why they might like "thing X" that I dislike.

Of course, though, as I said things CAN be bad. /tg/ pretty much universally reviles FATAL as an actual system (though we find it absolutely fucking hilarious, since... well, "roll for anal circumference"?) which is something. Things can be bad, it's just understanding that our bad isn't someone else's bad.

More to the point on the other dude's shenanigans though is that if a system has appreciable qualities, they can be fixed or used elsewhere. Lots of 4E's stuff can be salvaged or homebrewed or modified somehow. And that's pretty cool! I tend to run Pathfinder and, when I got a request to make a more interesting Fighter variant, I looked to the 4E handbook. I didn't use the content there exactly, but it was a great source of inspiration.

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>using good and bad as relatives instead of absolutes
I like you.

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I think it would be more accurate to say that even if FATAL and 4E are shit (I'm not passing judgment either way, but for the sake of argument).

What matters in the end is not the machine, its the input (the actions and ideas of those who play the game) and the output (the games that result from that and the fun we have) that is important to /tg/.

/tg/ could probably have a 300 post thread about Candyland, debating the possible backstory and fluff of the universe, regaling each other with stories of times they'd played it, adding in variant rules and designing add-ons and expansion packs for the board, all that good /tg/ stuff.

The quality of the GAME doesn't matter because all we care about is making the game a tool to give birth to fun. And we don't care how much work we have to do to allow that to happen, which is why we don't (often) spend a lot of time just dicking around talking about how much we hate a given game.

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>Making a good MOBA

It wouldn't, at all.

See, this is what people hate about bronies, 40k fans, and many other absolutely viral fanbases. You attempt to put your shit in EVERYTHING, even where it is a terrible idea. No, we don't need a Call of Duty/My Little Pony crossover. No, a 40k MOBA makes no fucking sense.
But that isn't the bad part. You do it when literally NOBODY wants to hear about it. If you pitched a 40k MOBA idea as its own topic in its own thread, you'd get laughed at, but people wouldn't be annoyed. When someone is having a nice discussion and you derail it with 40k or ponies, it gets very annoying.

Not all mingle X with Y ideas are shit, but ALL mingle X and Y ideas ALL THE TIME is very much shit.

>> No.20002231

MOBA is a horrible 'genre' anyway... if it can even be called one.

>> No.20002238

>So, are we the bronies of the gaming world, /tg/?
Yes, the 40k fandom is the equivalent of Bronies in the gaming world.

No, the 40k Fandom is not nearly as bad as the Brony fandom. There's a stark difference between "most annoying fandom in community Y" and "most annoying fandom". The 40k fandom is roughly the 3rd worse, just barely above Bronies and Jehovah Witnesses.

>> No.20002239

>wants to troll /v/
>goes to /v/
>starts call of duty: black ops discussion
>majority of posters look forward to BLOPS:2

>> No.20002255

Yes, the Warmachine fandom is the equivalent of Bronies in the gaming world.

No, the Warmachine Fandom is not nearly as bad as the Brony fandom. There's a stark difference between "most annoying fandom in community Y" and "most annoying fandom". The warmachine fandom is roughly the 3rd worse, just barely above Bronies and Jehovah Witnesses.

>> No.20002258

so basically you're saying "I'm more educated than you, therefore I'm right" instead of providing some reason why philosophers choose to ignore dictionaries and change what words mean to suit themselves?

>> No.20002264

Yes, the D&Dfandom is the equivalent of Bronies in the gaming world.

No, the D&D Fandom is not nearly as bad as the Brony fandom. There's a stark difference between "most annoying fandom in community Y" and "most annoying fandom". The D&D fandom is roughly the 3rd worse, just barely above Bronies and Jehovah Witnesses.

>> No.20002267

It's about the same in the end but I find a lot of 40k fans are, as much as I hate using the term, pretty fucking autistic.

No one is ever as bad as Bronies, though.

>> No.20002276

>this is my opinion and it is fact becuz I said so
>not autist

>> No.20002279

>ignore dictionaries and change what words mean to suit themselves
Different poster, but hat's pretty much how language works. It changes constantly and not always in a good direction.

>> No.20002284

Yes, the MTG fandom is the equivalent of Bronies in the gaming world.

No, the MTG Fandom is not nearly as bad as the Brony fandom. There's a stark difference between "most annoying fandom in community Y" and "most annoying fandom". The MTG fandom is roughly the 3rd worse, just barely above Bronies and Jehovah Witnesses.

>> No.20002294

Yes, the Pokemon fandom is the equivalent of Bronies in the gaming world.

No, the Pokemon Fandom is not nearly as bad as the Brony fandom. There's a stark difference between "most annoying fandom in community Y" and "most annoying fandom". The Pokemon fandom is roughly the 3rd worse, just barely above Bronies and Jehovah Witnesses.

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I disagree, he's using a word that means somethign different that what it means to me.
Language's purpose is to allow us to communicate, so therefore the words must mean the same thing between 2 people talking for any understanding to happen. Otherwise it's like an english person talking to a german person.

>> No.20002299

>everything other people say is objective fact according to them
>even when they cite personal experience

>> No.20002310


english is a mutable language, deal with it

>> No.20002312

>> No.20002314

>he's using a word that means somethign different than what it means to me
Yet, if enough people accept his meaning of the word it will become the correct meaning, or at least a partial/secondary meaning.

>> No.20002341


I bet you celebrated the millennium on December 31st 1999.

>> No.20002349

>philosophers choose to ignore dictionaries and change what words mean
Anon, consider two possible ways for dictionaries to be written:
1. some educated dudes get together and try to capture what people mean when they use words in their culture and period
2. God wrote them to tell humans the exact and only possible meaning of words for all time

You appear to believe no. 2.

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Holy shit guys, some honesty, please.
/tg/ was basically created to get the 40k fandom off of /b/, just like the /mlp/ board was. 40k is a VERY viral fanbase.

>> No.20002353

>We aren't dogmatic
Uh oh, I know where this is leading
>Go to your church
>We don't deal in absolutes

So you're implying we're all redditfag edgy atheists? Not only is that objectively wrong, you just dealed in an absolute.

Pictured, your face when.

>> No.20002357

>moba discussion
>post that I'd like to see a WH40k moba
Well there's your problem. MOBA players are the Bronies of video gaming - hideously obnoxious terrible people and all that.

>> No.20002367

I'm not sure what you're trying to imply, but I believe pulling the 'u mad?' card is appopriate for this situation.

Things change, deal with it.

>> No.20002368

Holy shit guys, some honesty, please.
/vg/ was basically created to get the video game generals fandom off of /v/, just like the /mlp/ board was. Video games generals are VERY viral fanbases

>> No.20002378

He's sort of right about Pokemon, though.

/vp/ was made for a reason.

>> No.20002380

Take Last Stand. Add Lanes and three more heroes. There's your DoTA.

>> No.20002382

The only game that ever thought that could possibly be a good 40k game was a Battlefront style game, similar to the old star wars ones. Maybe something like 'Mass Effect' style, just not as shit as the actual Mass Effect.

Anything else would just be shit if you tried to force them into a genre that didn't fit with the theme behind 40k i.e. Dawn of War worked because it was a game about controlling armies similar to how 40k works while SpaceMarine worked because it was in a similar to background fluffy of Space Marines being 'hurt durr super hero men'.

>> No.20002386

It's because you called it a MoBA instead of ARTS, like most people do.

>> No.20002388


It's Pokémon, with an é.

>> No.20002389

Holy shit guys, some honesty, please.
The MTG forums were basically created to get the MTG fandom off of WoTC generals, just like the 4e boards were. MTG is a VERY viral fanbase.

>> No.20002391

amongst 99% of the people I talk to objectivity means what the dictionary says it means.

from what I can understand philosophers decided to change what it means for use in the subject of philosophy (therefore making his definition only relevant in philosophy)

He's decided to use the word in a way that 99% of people wont understand.

>> No.20002397

Except that was for a different reason, asshat.
The issue was not generals spamming their shit in every thread, but simply generals BEING every thread.

Pokemon, however, was the same as 40k and MLP.

>> No.20002399


You were asking for it.

>> No.20002411


And much like /d/ was originally made to get futa out of /b/, the additional content on the newly spawned boards is way more interesting.

>> No.20002417

There seems to be some sort of anomaly in this thread that makes posts repeat themselves with slight variations. Possibly a time warp.

>> No.20002427


There seems to be some sort of abnormality in this thread that makes posts repeat themselves with slight variations. Possibly a time wrap.

>> No.20002441

But >>20002175 are the dictionary definitions...

>> No.20002451

It appears that there is an irregularity that causes certain posts to be repeated, though fluctuations may occur. Likely a malfunction of space time.

>> No.20002462

where I come from the dictionary says:

objective: (of a person or their judgment) Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

subjective: Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

And that's what most people I speak to think it means. Don't know what dictionary you're reading...

>> No.20002499

/vg/ was created because /v/ had become so bad that you couldn't discuss video games on it. Now /v/ is leaking over to /vg/ and you're really forced to not discuss games or go to reddit, which is sad.

Even though /v/ is pretty bad nowadays, the poster that criticized OP did kind of have a point. The WH40k fanbase is one of those that spreads everywhere. They are like bronies in that sense.
Bronies are way more obnoxious, though. I can at least see the appeal of WH40k.

>> No.20002509

Roughly 30%? Then again, /tg/ does tend to veer wildly off topic.
Also: moba? is that the term for a DoTA-like game?

>> No.20002515

MLP has a nice appeal to it too, go actually give the show a chance. It's charming.

>> No.20002523

I think you mean /v/. /tg/ is about awesome, and 4e makes awesome pretty regularly.

>> No.20002540

Most people just hate the show by extension of it's fanbase. As someone who watched it without becoming a brony I have to say it's pretty good... but highly overrated.

>> No.20002549

That's the main part of it. MLP is a fine cartoon (just "fine") but the fanbase makes me want to hurt small children. I love a lot of things but I don't plaster them everywhere and write/draw all kinds of crossovers or run blogs about them.

>> No.20002550

There are 40k related posts on /v/ pretty commonly, which consist of shouting "HERESY" or an image of a 40k character holding a mug, mostly in completely unrelated threads. Also, /v/ fucking hates repeated subject matter like no other. I'm not going to generalize about the fans, and that douche shouldn't have freaked out, but after the 20th mug image or shouting of "HERESY," it gets fucking annoying. Finally, it's /v/. It's a place of rage. Don't expect kindness there.

Oh, and 2/5 threads on here seem to be about 40k. Once again, not saying anything bad about the fans, but there comes a time when someone will want you to shut the fuck up about the same shit they've been hearing/seeing all the damn time, because you don't seem to have any other fucking interests. I mean jesus christ there is an individual thread for every single person who wants build help. Really? You all need your own thread? Make a god damn general build discussion thread, instead of shitting up the board with fourty thousand separate threads about "How many Space Marines can I have with this many Tanks?" or whatfuckingever. Also, do you really need to start a thread about this one tiny detail that nobody has thought or cared about except you, until you pointed it out? You yourselves call it "fluff" for god damn sake instead of "lore." Is that just a /tg/ thing I haven't picked up on? Because it seems like you're all well aware that it isn't about the story at all, when you're calling your game's backstory "fluff." I'm sure it's great and fun and wonderful, but sometimes you come off like a bunch of fucking autists who don't realize there are topics other people would like to discuss, but can't because you keep spamming out all the slower discussions. I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I get tired of it sometimes.

>> No.20002554

And we've pretty well hammered out Card Wars basic rules, now it's mostly just making cards.

>> No.20002564

>Philosophy major.
"Yeah, I'll take a number six, no pickles..."

>> No.20002568

It IS highly overrated. It doesn't come into its own until halfway through the first season.
The animation is strong and they do some nice work with averting tropes or being clever with the writing (the entire second season is exploring the idea of Flanderization), but ultimately, yeah, it isn't as magnificent as people said it would be.

Which is kind of ironic; it only got popular because one baby of a journalist tried to say it was the end of cartoons forever.

>> No.20002581

>Having a general for builds
Pls no. That would be on the front page 24/7, as opposed to the random little ones that crop up every once and a while and die

Because it "fluffs" up the book, making bigger books with less actual rules. That's how it got its name, at least. Something like WoW lore isn't fluff, as it doesn't "fluff up" the size of anything.

>> No.20002600

Thank you so much. Somebody had to say this.

>> No.20002630

Imagine if everything Warhammer was on another board. That would be glorious.

>> No.20002645

/sf/. Shitty fandoms. 40k, ponies, pokemon, homestuck, and whatever else is necessary.

>> No.20002657

I think it's funny as hell how two games that spawned off D&D are irritating people, and apparently unlike other gamers, we prefer social interaction with other warhammer players so that we all know what the fuck is going on.

>> No.20002682


Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Warhammer for being what it is, though it's lore is a bit retarded, but this is a very slow board. I really would appreciate if this board had more variety, and I find it hard to deny that a very large portion of threads are about 40k. Not even the other Warhammer or GW games. Just, a huge chunk of 40k, and it gets so incredibly old when you don't care about the game.

>> No.20002688

>ITT newfags don't know why /tg/ was created

>> No.20002690

>Imagine if everything Warhammer was on another board.
I'll try to imagine that:
>Imagine if everything Dungeons & Dragons was on another board.
>Imagine if everything Magic the Gathering was on another board.
>Imagine if every Quest thread was on another board.
>Imagine if everything White Wolf was on another board.
>So what are we going to talk about?
>Let's just dump Sergal porn.

>> No.20002693


Unlike bronyshit, Warhammer Wednesday was fucking boss.

>> No.20002694

Oh, don't even. You know you can't deny that 40K takes up way too much of /tg/.

>> No.20002695

Isn't that a slippery slope argument?

>> No.20002697

>Imagine if every Quest thread was on another board.

It's.. beautiful

>> No.20002699

In that case you might also want to learn about how 'to entail' works. Hint: what you wrote is not a valid collocation.

>> No.20002701

'Twas grand.

>> No.20002703


Easy, make a thread that can beat out the 40k threads. 4chan operates, generally, on a very simple principle. Threads people like survive, threads people like less die. If you aren't making threads of a quality capable of beating out 40k threads you have only yourself to blame.

TL:DR put up or shut up

>> No.20002704

So make threads about something else. If warham wasn't here to take up space, then something else would and then you'd complain about that instead. I'm not even a fan of 40k, but you guys are just full of shit.

>> No.20002705

>Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Warhammer for being what it is, though it's lore is a bit retarded, but this is a very slow board. I really would appreciate if this board had more variety, and I find it hard to deny that a very large portion of threads are about 40k. Not even the other Warhammer or GW games. Just, a huge chunk of 40k, and it gets so incredibly old when you don't care about the game.

Trust me, Poster, I know how that goes. I have to work listening to people talk about Cock of Doody all the time. "OH DID YOU PLAY GODDAMN BLACK COCKS LAST NIGHT IT ROCKED" "OMFG MODERN SHITFUCK 3"

Is it really a solution to herd all the Warhammer people into their own section? ... Well hell I suppose...

>> No.20002724


>implying anyone is defaming anything other than 40k
>implying anyone is defaming Warhammer: Fantasy, which I believe is generally a game most people appreciate
>implying there haven't been countless shitty games based off of DnD
>implying DnD is the only other game people like or want to talk about
>implying you're cooler than everyone else for hanging out and talking with people who share your interests, which doesn't make any sense anyway 1) because we do that exact thing too when we play, and make threads about our games, and chat and such, and 2) your game costs forty thousand times more to fund than ours

Please, don't do this.

>> No.20002730

It is, but it's not any less sound than the "I don't like it" argument that people use to justify getting warham off the board. I don't like it either, but why would you want to split a small slow niche board into even smaller and slower niche boards?

>> No.20002735

This, without 40K threads and the occasional quest or other thread /tg/ would just be one Giant circle jerk/argument about D&D editions.

And then you'd all complain about D&D taking too much room...

>> No.20002740

If you don't want general spam on /v/, you make /vg/.

If you don't want Warhammer spam on /tg/, you make /40k/. Or /wh/ or /warhams/ or /neckbeard faggots/ whatever who cares

I don't really care much for warhams or MtG, I'm here mostly for the PnP/DnD stuff. If the board were diluted into a drip for just that then that would be tops but I don't know if it'll ever happen.

>> No.20002747

40k has PnP games too though...

>> No.20002752

well then they can stay here i guess

i haven't given this more than fifteen seconds of thought and you're doing yourself a disservice by giving it any more

>> No.20002766

Saying /tg/ has too much 40k is like saying /d/ has too many dickgirls. Possibly true, but that means most of the traffic to the board will die. It's what the people like.

That said, I try to piggyback my questions when I can.

>> No.20002768

>2) your game costs forty thousand times more to fund than ours


>> No.20002782

I'm surprised that people complain about 40k and not quest threads tbh. Not wanting to call anyone a newfag but yeah.

>> No.20002783

>forty thousand
You missed the joke.

>> No.20002784


I feel for Strategy bros because of this. It's lame that they charge you so much for unpainted, five cent pieces of plastic, and that you need so many to play.

>> No.20002795

well, at the moment, we have 6 wh40k threads on the front page and 0 quest threads

we have obviously stomped the quest thread problem out of existence

>> No.20002804

>When I'm playing DoW2:Retribution I always play as the Lord General.
>Beginning of each game I type in team chat, "Mutant, heretic, or xenos; it does not matter! Today you are conscripted into the Emperor's service and with me you will triumph in glory or fail in glory!"
>Every time I revive a downed ally I say "To your feet, battle brother! The Emperor is not done with you this day!"
>In general I try to be the biggest bro in the Imperium.

>> No.20002849

this thread just made me want to go on /v/ and talk about 40k for shits and giggles

>> No.20002854


As if /v/ needs more shitposting.

>> No.20002855

Don't lower yourself to their level.

>> No.20002858

Trolling /v/ is kind of unfulfilling, man. You should aspire to better things in life.

>> No.20002862

that post made me chuckle

I know, but I had a really bad day and some butthurt would brighten my day up.

>> No.20002864

>bring up 40k when its not related to the discussion
>constantly post images of 40k
>posts containing nothing but CAPS LOCK
>entire threads are spammed to death by some 40k fag

Yes, 40k is to /tg/ what MLP was to /co/

>> No.20002870


I've seen a few 40K threads on /v/, and the ones I've seen have been civil. Go for it.

Unless you're trolling, in which case you're a troll trolling trolls trolling trolls...

>> No.20002875

>going to /v/
Well there's your problem son

>> No.20002888

What the hell is the context for this picture? Not ignoring dem thighs and hips, very impressive, but why are they all pants/skirt-less?

>> No.20002893

Glad I'm not the only one who wanted to know.

>> No.20002894

It would be, if /co/ had been founded primarily in order to house the MLP threads of /b/.

40k is to /tg/ what MLP is to /mlp/

>> No.20002898

>some guy flips his shit and starts ranting that 40k fans are worse than fucking bronies for some reason
Nope, you were the equivalent before there were bronies but now there are bronies. You will have to try hard to be as useless and obnoxious as they are.

>> No.20002906


I think its something they do in Japanese high school/college as a celebration for something.

Everybody turns up without pants for the day.

>> No.20002909

That must be simultaneously exhilirating and terrifying for the boys.

>mustnotgetboner, mustnotgetboner... oh god.

>> No.20002910

>tabletop MOBA

Would it work?

>> No.20002912

>he doesn't know about penis-measuring day

Obviously the girls do something else, but I'm not sure what.

>> No.20002920

>4e is objectively bad.

By which objective metrics is it bad, oh son of pigfucker?

>Anal pained 3eeaboo detected

Brother I tell you: A troll may troll on any subject even one where he has no stake in either side.

>> No.20002924


>> No.20002931

I don't see why not.

>> No.20002935

Yeah. Not judging you in particular, but the 40k-Fans as a whole have always inserted their fandom in unfitting threads on /tg/. Well, it's better than a few years back, but some people have a hard time forgetting and forgiving.

>> No.20002938

Well, this has been an entertainingly terrible thread!

>> No.20002939

I love you.

>> No.20002940

>By which objective metrics is it bad, oh son of pigfucker?
You can't call it an RPG when it's basically WoW on paper.

>> No.20002956

rolled 16 = 16


You must roll for a willpower check to prevent boners

>> No.20002962


>> No.20002964

Surely a 40k MOBA would work with special characters in place of Champions/Heroes.

So a team could be say, Ghazghkull Thraka, Commissar Yarrick, Trazyn, Captain Lysander and The Avatar of Khaine. Creeps/minions would just be like guardsmen or something. It could even be Xeno Vs. Imperium, or you could just fuck the fluff and have mixed teams, which would be better from a game play stand point.

>> No.20002968

So, you want a second /b/, only with a slight focus on hobbies?
'Cause if you ask 100 anons, you get 102 different lists of what they consider "Shitty Fandoms".

>> No.20002970


>You succeed in preventing your erection, but a small amount of blood still reaches your genitals, making your flaccid penis swell and appear larger.

>> No.20002986

I'm inclined to agree with /v/ but honestly I'm in a similar position as you, OP (I like tyranids).

I think it's just Imperium fanboys that do that shit though (90% of WH40k fanbase) what with their "LE HERESY XDDD" and "UR A MUTANT LOL :P" shit.

>> No.20002995

A 40k moba would suck, and why are you listening to /v/s opinion on games?

>> No.20003003

>You can't call it an RPG when it's basically WoW on paper.

Sounds subjective to me, son of pigfucker who in turn was son of usenet member CODEBREAKER

>> No.20003008

I've talked about this concept before. Dealing with og of War is the difficulty that I keep running into.

>> No.20003012

F'serious. Haven't seen a thread this shitty in a while on /tg/.

Maybe I just don't come here enough. Dunno. This thread's a real hellhole though.

>> No.20003014

OP, that's because he's a stinking heretic and probably a mutant

>> No.20003039

I'd play a 40k MOBA. Sly Marbo goes up against Sindri while Yarrick and Mag Thraka roll across the battlefield, only to have everyones perception shift, seeing friend as foe and foe as distracting little mooks because Eldrad swings that way.

And then Doomrider fights Gutsmek.

>> No.20003044

Yes, OP, yes you are. I sincerely wish death on all 40k players if only to see GW crash and burn as everyone realizes 40k is literally THE plague. But if I can't have that, then I'd like 40k (not GW, just 40k, WFB players are bros as are specialist games players) to be given it's own board. Perhaps they could share it with futa, which would free /d/ to be about legitimate alternative fetishes, not gays in denial.

>> No.20003082

It's Underwear Day in Taiwan.
Some corporate thing, not a full public thing.
Don't know why these guys
are talking out of their ass.

>> No.20003094

To create boners.
Let people dream.

>> No.20003104

Any fanbase made out of nerds are bound to have a lot of socially akward people and since 40k is bigger then most other hobbyist fanbases that means we have a shitload of them.

I don't think we are as bad as Bronies that have a large motherfuckering minority fap to fucking horses. Or how about that they allow no negative thoughts to better ignore the fact that the world is not a fair place, centering their life around talking horses that will never reach adulthood, trying to argue that a show for kids is totally mature for someone in their late 20's and other things that makes me raise more then one eyebrow.

>> No.20003111

>liking MOBA

>> No.20003117

Back to /v/, go be tsundere for your better half there.

>> No.20003118

You probably just suck at DotA, right?

>> No.20003121



>> No.20003125


Don't you mean, DAoT?

>> No.20003131

i'd be really surprised if plenty of 40k nerds didn't fap to it

i mean why else do sisters of battle exist

if you've never jerked it to a piece of 40k art you are not a patriot

>> No.20003147

>pushan lanes to gankan creeps

>> No.20003154

Most 40k porn is at least humanoid and not horses (with exception of Tyranids that I'm not sure what they are).

Just head over to /mlp/ and read the Anon in Equestria threads that is mostly about how the shy ponies are lusting for the self-insertions cocks.

>> No.20003168

>tfw all this /v/ hate.
>tfw i was gonna come here and see if anyone wants to talk DoW II: Last Stand with me.

>> No.20003169

>I don't think we are as bad as Bronies that have a large motherfuckering minority fap to fucking horses.

Whereas majority of 40k players get the gays for space marines. It's just as bad.

>> No.20003193

Any reason to back up that vitriol?
We can't just run around and cut out the most popular thing out of every board.
The majority of threats will be about the most popular thing. No matter if you like it or not.
And putting it somewhere else will not make people care about your niche thing.

I hope you don't want to imply people who fap to horse porn are all in with that bronie thing.
That's an insult to all good and honest horse fuckers.
Damn I hate when people who like something that is frowned upon band together and make it their secret club house.
And even worse if they subsequently demand acceptance from everyone.

>> No.20003196


The visible side of warhammer is 99% retards. That's because the people who play it who aren't socially retarded realise this and therefore keep it as a secret shame.

It's a viscous cycle.

>> No.20003204

>Yes, the Pokemon fandom is the equivalent of Bronies in the gaming world.

I thought it was the Sonic fandom. Maybe it's both.

>> No.20003207

>Thinking you'll get an interesting thing going in a moba community

>> No.20003211

>It's a viscous cycle.
Full of shame and semen.

>> No.20003235


Yes, that is what you are. I am not talking about porn or anything like that but just about that you feel the need to stuff your Fandom everywhere, especially down everyones throat.

40k here, 40k there, 40k everywhere. I am not specifically talking about this board here, /tg/ and 40k are meant to be together but I am talking about everything else. Whatever game you are talking about, be it vidya or traditional, chances are high that someone will jump up and start shouting about HERESY and other 40K memes. Or start shoving 40K into this game and telling how this would be so much better with 40K and the EMPRAH. Or how SPACE MAHREENS would totally kick everyones ass in this setting. If it's not that someone starts about ORKS and DAKKA but that's the minorty compared to SPACE MUHREENS and the Imperial Guard fuck yeah stuff.

Really you don't need to stuff your fandom everywhere and compare everything with it. In that case you are just as bad as Furries and Bronies....well with the added benefit that you don't promote sex with animals. With you it's more sex with Xenos or torture-porn with nuns and the occassinal Slaanesh stuff.

>> No.20003240

>And putting it somewhere else will not make people care about your niche thing.

I do not mind 40k takign 90% of the board. I do mind when the socially-retarded manchildren swarm out of 40k threads onto every other thread on the board, yelling "FOR DA EMPRAH" and "OOH, THESE GUYS IN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SETTING DO NOW WORSHIP EMPRAH, IT"S HERESY!" and sticking their unwashed, smegma-sealed withered dicks into the threads in question. Fortunately they can't spread their "love" very well because being 40kids for the last 30 years, their sperm solidified into ambergris in their ballsacks.

>> No.20003249

Man, I dislike 40k, but what you display is... wow. If we could turn your Rage into electricity, we could power the whole world for the next year.

>> No.20003266

You sound an awful lot like Stententious Logar talking about rogue traders.

>> No.20003287

Red Dwarf was cool.

>> No.20003297

Actually, even distilled waterateraterater isn't 100% H20. There's at least one H30 and an H in there, in an equal 1:1 ratio. This is what causes water to have a pH of 7.

>> No.20003308

40k fag here. I love the setting for the same reason I like metal album covers. During all my years I have never spouted 40k memes IRL except when everyone though Gav Thorpe did cheesy lists. Is this some American thing? Because I live in the sane side of Sweden and never had anyone act like jocks over 40k.

>> No.20003313

Despite you sarcasm, that is true.

>> No.20003331

>mfw I wear NFL gear to my LGS and people grill me for days

>> No.20003341

Like, what? A jersey? That's acceptable. Anything more is just tacky.

>> No.20003345

playing 40k in NL here, why the hate guise?

>> No.20003349

Jersey and a hat, usually.

>> No.20003351

We all know the reason morons hate 4e: wizards aren't an immediate "I win" button anymore.

>> No.20003363

I didn't like it because everyone advances in exactly the same way: add 1/2 your level to everything you've got. Plus, I want there to be more difference between class levels than "do x more damage".

>> No.20003364

40k fans are pretty bad. They constantly spam-bump any thread they don't like and perpetually spam the word heresy as if it's like air to them.
My biggest grievance is just how stupid they are. 40k is not a deep setting (which isn't a bad thing) but they're unable to grasp even basic things about it and end up trivialising aspects of it. This can be best seen with the Chaos Gods.
Slaanesh is LOLSEX

>> No.20003374

That's ok. I don't know why some people who play video games et al. hate anything sports related, it's not highschool anymore

>> No.20003377

How is this a bad thing?
Also, look into the inherent bonuses option in DMG2. Beats throwing magical items at your PCs to give them more variety.

>> No.20003378

>it's not high school anymore

Most 40k players are stuck at the age of 16.

>> No.20003399

Because some classes should be better at things than others and I don't think a +3 from all the way back at first level represents that well enough. Plus, why bother involving that shit to begin with, when it would be easier to just not have any of those bonuses at all? The simplest way to handle it, is instead of adding all of those numbers, you instead say "okay, you gain a +1, to everything, for every 2 levels your character is above the target in question the monsters also gain that bonus, if they are above you in level" because it's the same fucking thing, only you didn't have to right +1/2 level all over the goddamn place.

>> No.20003439

That sounds like a retardly more complicated way of doing the exact same thing.

>> No.20003445

>go to /tg/ during daytime summer /tg/ because "What could possibly go wrong?"

What the fuck is this faggotry? You are the real toxic part of /tg/ not the 40kfags!

>> No.20003468

It's not, because it's a single line in the fucking book, instead of typing +1/2 level all over the goddamn place.

>> No.20003572


OR insert everything into 40K. I can't count the number of threads I've seen where people try to slightly modify a setting to slot it into 40K as some world somewhere.

It kind of amuses me in that way. The biggest 40K neckbeards hate shit like furries and bronies for doing /this exact thing/ and then do it themselves without noticing the hyporcrisy.

It's hilarious.

>> No.20003657

But 40k was made in mind with inserting whatever you want in to it. It is entirely made by a mash-up of movies, comics and books that nerd loves.

It was made to be a nerdfest without copyright laws holding it back to begin with.

Then for some reason that pisses you guys off when they are actually doing that.

>> No.20003909


That is a pretty positive description of: "They stole whatever they could from whatever seemed popular."

>> No.20003928

And it is GLORIOUS!

>> No.20003930


Except it's also a very strictly defined universe that prevents you from just dropping in everything as-is and expecting it to be seemlessly integrated. Most settings could not interact with 40K without being paved low and added to the Imperium (or destroyed if composed of xenos and/or mutants) or extensive altering to keep it from being wiped on contact with the Imperium that effectively makes it not what you were dropping in anyways.

40K isn't a setting to drop anything it. It's a setting that references a lot of things - particularly British sci-fi - but it's not a kitchen sink setting you can drop in Jedi and superheroes and Federation starships and expect it to work.

>> No.20003935

Which means it's FAR more likely to be easily missed, especially if the maths for everything else doesn't mention it. And relating things by level is way more a pain in the ass than just saying 'plus half your level'.

4e is about the first D&D designed to actually make sense when read and easy to understand the maths and the idea behind it, but apparently that was a mistake and gamers prefer systems that make no sense at all.

>> No.20003939

I thought that was obvious at this point.

Space Hulk was conceived because GW didn't want the headache that came with dealing with the Aliens license.

GW has just become more greedy bastards with the years, though.

I don't see an issue with stealing ideas. Everyone else already does it. Star Wars and video-games is built on stolen ideas for example.

>> No.20003960


And Blizzard buttmutilated GW by ripping them in turn while making even more gold.

>> No.20003971


True, but almsot any concept can be shoehorned in to it if you want to be strict with the lore.

Otherwise there is nothing that will stop you from having an entire IG regiment that looks like Ghostbusters.

>> No.20004012

Fair is fair.

Why should just like one IP be allowed to use archetypes like Space Marines or Chaos because they called dibs on it first?

>> No.20004026


Because Tom Kirby and Mark Wells have a divine right granted by the Emperor to your money.

>> No.20004039

Tough luck that they don't own any unique concepts.

>> No.20004046

We can't be as bad as some /v/ demographics like Sonic fans and Kingdom Hearts players.

>> No.20004067


Ethereal spirits in your hive? Contact the Ordos Hades today.

>> No.20004092

Despite being aware that their rage is nonsensical and unjustified, you simply mirror their bad behavior instead of criticizing it. I wonder if you're even cognizant of the reason you're so upset.

>> No.20004184

It's bad on both sides but Bronies is simply a much larger behemoth then 40kids. These days it's hard to go anywhere online that is nerdy in nature without running in to them.
I have never been to Games Day but I can't imagine it to be this bad, right?

>> No.20004241

Their mere presence is not a problem. You treating it like one is.

This has happened for hundreds of fanbases beforehand, and will continue to be the real problem for the next hundred. You focus on iconic examples of "shitty faggotry", and treat them as if they were inherently tied to the individual medium liked by the target. This clearly does not make sense, and what's worse the reaction that many people try to justify.

The haters are always worse than any fans they target. This has always been true and always will be.

>> No.20004268

I don't really have any problem with obnoxious fandoms as a whole. It gets annoying when they enter your social circles, though.

>> No.20004278

>mfw /tg/ was built for 40kfags
>mfw newfags tell 40ksfags to get out of their own house

>mfw newfags need to leave NOW for being the true poison on this fucking board

>> No.20004357

>fans of MLP:FiM used as a reference point for the worst fandom out there

/co/ here

[nospoilersonteegee]we're so sorry[/nospoilersonteegee]

>> No.20004402

I generally try to stay clear of the hate-bandwagons because they only make the atmosphere more foul.

>> No.20004410

You do if you believe in them. Prejudice is constantly being disproven, and always with the same true reasons; why must we painstakingly drag every single example out of the fire by our bare hands, rather than simply extinguish the fire?

>> No.20004446

It would have to be mentioned every time math is mentioned, meaning that you would have plenty of chances to actually see it. Also, the math isn't just easily understood, it's fucking insulting. Sure not everyone is really good at math like I am, but I don't expect it to be babbies first math experience either.

>> No.20004483

They are right, though unless you spammed 40k art in the thread like a faggot you probably didn't deserve to be painted in the same brush as the worst 40k fans.

The problem here is you went to /v/ to talk about MOBA/ARTS games. /v/ itself doesn't always make for stellar conversations, but MOBA fans too? They are the worst gaming community bar none. League, DotA, HoN, it doesn't matter which one they are fans of, most of them are fan boys who argue non-stop over why their brand is better all while calling each other casuals and making circular arguments in never ending threads.

So yeah, 40k is to /tg/ what ponies are to /co/, what Touhou is to /a/, what Sonic is to /v/ and so on. There is a constant stream of dark edgy twelve year old kids who spam space marine pictures in any thread they don't like (ponies mostly, which is a delicious irony right there) and act like huge faggots.

I like the Warhammer universe (both fantasy and 40k), Sonic has it's moments in history as a good game, Touhou is enjoyable to play, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is actually watchable if not to my tastes, but the fans. Holy shit. If you want to enjoy anything avoid large fandoms. Homestuck is a prime example of this.

>> No.20004509


I think before that we used the Sonic fan base, then Bronies overtook them in scale of creepiness.

Still, Bronies are a pretty useful in that respect, I can seriously look at Homestuck generals and say 'yes, this is more annoying then anything I've seen bronies spam.'

>> No.20004570

It would be hilarious if Moot forced homestuck share the /mlp/ with the bronies.

>> No.20004617

While on one side of the argument, 40k fans can be annoying injecting 40k into everything.

On the other side of the argument, >moba fans

Those games attract the most cancerous, retarded, circlejerking, elitist assholes.

>> No.20004648

>every other word in that post
Fan-hating rarely even resembles a real opinion. It's more like they just twitch, and insults drip from their mouths.

>> No.20004680

/v/ here, we don't hate 40K by the large. Some of us hate the memespammers because let's be honest, who doesn't who doesn't hate memespammers? However, from my knowledge of /v/, I can say most of the hate came from
A) Wanting yet another MOBA. MOBAs are both gross and have shitty, zealous fanbases. By wanting another one, you had the anti-MOBA crowd hating you for shitting in the pool so to speak and the pro-MOBA crowd hating you for threatening their precious DOTA clone with hypothetical competition.
B) Furries. Yep, /v/'s got a lot of furries. It ain't a pretty thing to admit, but there it is, the hermaphroditic, crossdrossing, diaper-wearing, people-eating dragonkin elephant with two dicks in the room. These annoying fuckers hate anything and everything that isn't furry or threatens furries. As such, they've actually begun a hate campaign across /v/ against both lolis and 40K. Shit's weird, man

So there you have, /v/'s State of the Board Address. Now you can proceed to call me names for being horrendously offtopic since I haven't read the thread and knowing you guys, it's now about the metaphysical implications of every child's ingrained desire to play "The floor is now lava" or something.

Personally, I'd rather a WH40K: Battlefront meets Space Marine with light MOBA/hero character elements game.

>> No.20004705


>> No.20004717

More of these please

>> No.20004736

The elitist part is true, though. They not only think -their- MOBA is the end all be all of MOBAs, but anyone who would dare deign play anything different is a pathetic casual plebeian scrub. And then there's playing the actual game and dealing with the fun little blame game where it's everyone's fault but your own.

I think it's what happens when your genre is too stagnant and the games are too similar, causing people to nitpick to justify their purchase/loyalty, because you see a lot of the same thing in the fighting game community.
Sure thing. /v/Kelly is one of my favorite recent things about /v/.

>> No.20004745

Fuck it, you finally made me crack and google to find out what the hell MOBA actually is. Sounds pretty boring. Carry on.

>> No.20004747

You hate memespammers? /v/ is nothing BUT memespammers. The "we hate everything" mindset is a meme. The original point was that by having high standards, to the layman you appeared as if you didn't like anything. Now newfags honestly don't like anything.

Would you like some Snacks?

>> No.20004748

Wow. You are so hate-filled that you're almost surreal. It's bizarre that someone could even hold such a warped view of people.

>> No.20004766

It's more that you breathed "elitist" at them while vomiting insults, bile, and other forms of elitism at them just for liking something you loathe. The truth value of that particular lump is just an invalid rationalization.

>> No.20004774

having your board filled with furries does that to people

>> No.20004780

>/v/ is nothing BUT memespammers.

all the more reason to hate memespammers

>> No.20004785

They can be mindless fun from time to time, provided you have a decent team, but you'll hear little argument from me.
Why do you think I'm here? There's maybe one or two good threads a day on /v/ worth lurking for. Everything else is /br9k/ lite.

And fuck yes I'd like a mod that actually banned people for being shitty people. We had that for about a week once and then all the /b/tards cried about "the culture of /v/" and moot folded. Fucking moot.
Hate-filled? How so? Brutal honesty isn't the same as hate, you know. Besides, having a bunch of people spamming crossdressing dogs taking it up the ass from a dragon whilst another thread is filled with nothing but dragon dildoes and people crying about >tfw no trap gf tends to make one a touch callous. I just wanted videogames, man.

>> No.20004792

But moba fans really are that bad.

Most fanbases have a balance where the reasonable is in the majority and like 10-25% (Depends on the fanbase) are fucking awful. Moba fanbases flip that percentage. Even people who are normally reasonable turn into fucking asshats when they log into a moba. People who are normally jerks evolve and become the next stage, some kind of overdouche.

>> No.20004795

You can't have video games. They're not a meme.

>> No.20004796

No, being beaten like a dog by other hate-filled people does that to you. The presence of your target isn't really relevant to your barking at them, and it especially doesn't have an effect on your preconcieved image of them. It's not that furries are automatically... what you said... it's that you SEE that image every time you see the object of your hatred.

>> No.20004808

How bad are moba fans? I never played dota on warcraft 3. Only Parasite 2, and island troll tribes

Christ, Parasite 2 was fun.

>> No.20004822

>Brutal honesty isn't the same as hate, you know.
Calling that bile "honesty" is. Brutal honesty isn't honesty; it's a term used by people who like to hurl abuse at people to give their abuse some false legitimacy and degrade their critics.

And that's when they even bother to pretend to have points. Half the time, they just go "oh noes FANS" or whatever and emote panic and horror at a level more appropriate for the coming of Ragnarok than a difference in opinion.

>> No.20004825

You clearly haven't been to /v/. Furries are the worst. Not only do they make offtopic threads, but they derail ontopic ones with furshit. God help you if you want to discuss Klonoa WITHOUT wanting to discuss how you'd force him to drink your pee whilst sniffing his dirty underwear.
Which again, is why I'm here until that one good thread on /v/ surfaces from the septic sludge that is /v/ for a brief hour before it drowns under the weight of the muck once more.
Pretty fucking terrible. You know what I miss? Golems. From Starcraft. God, that game was fun. Parasite, ITT, and footies were good, too, but oh man golems. And Evolves.

>> No.20004833

Worst community in any game, hands down. They take first, second, and third prize, and then they fuck the whole thing and take every other place in the running as well.

And then they call you casual because you aren't as great at being a horrible person as they are.

>> No.20004836

>Golems and Evolves

Those were before my time, wise one. What were they like?

>> No.20004863

I like you 40k guys. You got into the wargame with the most commander dressup and customisation options.

By and large that's who you are. There are wargames that I think are better, but there's no scope for personal input quite as strong as 40K - the miniatures and fluff encourage it. Your effluent is terrible, but your original content can be good as well.

Oh yeah and half you guys are into it because you like the scale of conflict. I like you guys too, you guys should flirt with FoW as well.

>> No.20004885

Golems and Evolves had similar premises: you spawn an infinite amount of units and tried to kill the other teams' bunkers. In Golems, the units spawned around your bunker and as you got kills, you earned civilians that acted as "golem parts". Combine 3 or 4 golem parts on various beacons to spawn a golem that could be anything from a suicidal infested terran to a goddamn protoss carrier. Thing is, golems only spawned in the middle, so he who controlled the middle, controlled the game, but was also vulnerable on all sides rather than just one, leading to lots of mayhem.

Evolves was also had bunkers, but you had a flying invincible science vessel that your units spawned under rather than them spawning around your bunker. As you got kills, your spawned units would level up, or evolve. You start with marines, then you get firebats, zealots, hydralisks, better zealots, etc. until eventually one guy got enough kills from other people to just steamroll everyone.

Also, both games featured a "send all of my army to go fuck up [X]'s base or the middle" button. Fun stuff, that.

>> No.20004886

Fucking evolves man. And risk, assuming you didn't get screwed in the first five minutes. Man those cold wars were fun. BRB nostalgiaing like fuck.

>> No.20004897

>ITT: An objectively bad thread

>> No.20004922

But it is. Even reasonable MOBA fans hate 90% of the community and furries are terrible people. Unless you can specifically point out where you find contention with what I posted and offer a counterpoint, I'm going to have to assume you're just an angry furry/MOBA fan who's flapping about angrily and calling me names like a tumblr activist because you got offended.

>> No.20004948


I'm gonn ahave to agree. The MOBA community is objectively bad.

>> No.20004971

Furries (and bronies) aren't nearly so bad when you realise all the sane ones hide their power level when they're not in friendly communities. The ones that don't are regular ol idiots, of course. (or trolls, since they know that admitting to being a furry/brony is instant firestorm)

>> No.20004974

Typical offended bully tactics: hurl more insults at the victim, ignoring the absence of any actual argument. It's as if they think saying something over and over genuinely makes it true. That, or they're just addicted to insulting people and not really trying to communicate.

The other standard tactic on display is attacking the concept of being offended, as if they weren't obviously offended themselves. Like most of their arguments, they simply take for granted that not liking things is bad without attempting to explain why, instead opting to simply act superior and privileged.

>> No.20004991

The problem with being 'ironic' on the internet is that if you keep it up long enough, you attract newfags who think you're serious, until suddenly the community is flooded with actual memespammers/racists/haters of everything that drown out the original crowd.

>> No.20005000

By attacking his ad hominem you ARE USING AD HOMINEM YOURSELF.

>> No.20005008

Notice how this logic is based on the unquestioned assumption that one is entitled to spam to death any thread with mention of one specific, disliked thing. It's not mentioned that the threadbombers might be the real problem, who destroy perfectly good discussions for no reason.

>> No.20005010



>> No.20005020

So you're a butthurt furry, then. Sure, not all furries are bad and all that kumbayah jambalaya peace and love bullshit, but the one's on /v/ are a fucking blight that I'm not confidant even an exterminatus is enough to fully wipe the fuckers out.
I hope that wasn't directed at me, because I spent the better part of two posts detailing exactly what I disliked about furries and MOBA fans alike. As for my name calling, name calling isn't automatically ad hominem.
Ad hominem works like this: "You're a faggot therefore you are wrong"
Name calling works like this: "You're wrong and here's why, you faggot".

>> No.20005023

The MOBA community seems a lot worse than other games because it requires a ridiculous amount of teamplay compared to other games. /thread.

>> No.20005027

Please, that man has long since advanced beyond the rank of Captain.

>> No.20005040

Sounds awesome, I wish I would've been around to play those.

>> No.20005046


Captain, Captain, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to state the obvious!

>> No.20005048

>I hope that wasn't directed at me, because I spent the better part of two posts detailing exactly what I disliked about furries and MOBA fans alike.
And that's exactly what I said you did: screamed hateful stereotypes like a fountain of vomit. You're advocating MASS MURDER and trying to play it as "just stating the truth".

>> No.20005063

Actually OP I'm more surprised that there was a moba thread on /v/. That's really more /vg/'s thing. /v/ hates that shitty genre; they prefer RTS.

>> No.20005071

Well of course, but a lot of the internet doesn't seem to realise that til it's too late.

Honestly, /v/ deserves the furries if they can't manage to drown them out or drive them off. They're no more of a blight than the rest of the board, whose attitude is spreading to other boards as well.

>> No.20005086

You'd think a 40k MOBA should do the obvious thing and start as a Dawn of War mod.

>> No.20005093

>You're advocating MASS MURDER and trying to play it as "just stating the truth".
Well now that's just adorable. I had my thoughts, but up until now you played the role quite well I must say.
But they do drive them off 90% of the time, which is why you get furries bitching about 40K on /v/, which was my original statement. It also helps that we have less mods than Purity First advocate

>> No.20005095

Our problem is that our board is too big. If someone shitposts on /tg/, whatever, the board is small enough that there aren't enough idiots to reply to the thread. Or if /tg/ does reply, they make it to derail the thread.

On /v/ you can shitpost and by the sheer volume of the board there will be enough idiots to reply and take it all the way to the bump limit.

And because moot is an ass he refuses to split the board up into smaller sub-boards the way 2ch did, even though we desperately need it.

>> No.20005134

>is so offended he can do nothing but condescend
This isn't really a new development. It's not like you're abandoning even the pretense of legitimacy, since you never had that to begin with. But you're certainly abandoning the pretense of having a pretense of legitimacy.

Of course, there are plenty of echo boxes willing to parrot "hatefurries hatefurries hatefurries". So it'll look like a logical position to those who don't know what logic is, or how to distinguish one action from a completely different action.

>> No.20005164

Oh look, pulling out the strawmen now are we?

>> No.20005186

7/10, I silently fumed.

>> No.20005187

Don't bother. We get tons of his type on /v/. Whether or not he's being ironic, your best bet is to just not engage.

>> No.20005207

...really? Do you not know who Kelly is? He's a cartoonist for the Onion and the guy those comics were based off of if that helps.

>> No.20005220

No, a strawman is when I accuse you of saying something you DIDN'T say. If you say that people who like something you don't are "a fucking blight" and that they should all be bombed to death in hopes that one might "wipe the fuckers out", then accusing you of advocating mass murder is stating the obvious, not a strawman.

>> No.20005230

Mass murder applies to people. Furries aren't people.

>> No.20005237

>crying samus
Now I don't have to play Other M to masturbate anymore!

>> No.20005241

>as bad as MLP

>> No.20005242

It's not /v/s fault, its the assholes who can't post in the right board.

>> No.20005249


Not the same guy, he said:

> but the one's on /v/ are a fucking blight that I'm not confidant even an exterminatus is enough to fully wipe the fuckers out.

Implying they are so hard to get rid off, even an exterminatus wouldn't get rid of them.

He did not advocate mass murder, nor did he say they should be bombed in the hope of killing them.

You are strawmanning to a tee.

>> No.20005252

Really? Because people who like furry characters aren't fundamentally different from people who like, say, banana, except that they like furry characters instead of (or, often, in addition to) bananas.

>> No.20005264

We also get upset because most of our 40kids were educated on /tg/, and by educated on /tg/ I mean they read /tg/ in-jokes like "tau actually do sterilize human populations" or as you mentioned "the waaagh makes lolanything happen!", stuff like that, and took them seriously.

And so then those of us who've actually read the codices and shit get pissed at them and tell them to fuck off.

>> No.20005265

You can try to call people bananas and spew ad hominem all day long, but furries still won't be people.

>> No.20005268


But Orks can do anything

>> No.20005276

He clearly implied that he wants them to be wiped out, and he used mass murder as an example of what, specifically, he meant.

Is this one of those things where you act like you're privileged to be as vitriolic and hate-filled as you want because of some nitpicky rule saying your hostility doesn't count as itself?

>> No.20005283

>All dose people hating 40k

It's a fun, silly setting with a fun tabletop and fun fans. If you honestly hate it for the group of /v/tards who take the imperial shit waaaaaay too seriously then you're just as braindead as they are.

>> No.20005284

I thought the psychic boost was minimal because orks aren't actively using it and thus it works more internally to fill in the gaps in ork society rather than, say, a psyker actively trying to kill you with his brain.

>> No.20005289

But it's true. Dnd has poisoned the ttrpg world with asinine ideas like the moral absolutism or alignment, and fixing character concepts to a single class. Dnd was little more than a dungion crawler at first, and its evolution has been rocky at best. Dnd may have invented the genre, but it's been surpassed by far better games.
Dnd is like Plato. I'm with Nietzsche on this one: Plato may have been the first, but the idea of the "Platonic world" has poisoned western philosophy, and he's been surpassed by better Philosophers who have resources he didn't, and built on his success. Anyone who still thinks Plato is the undisputed king of philosophy is just licking his balls at this point. This all applies to dnd as well.

>> No.20005292


No he doesn't "clearly imply" that, at all.

>> No.20005301

Yes, but that is because of the power of friendship, not the WAAAAAGH!

>> No.20005305

To be quite honest, I'm pretty tired of 40k fans dropping into a thread and screaming HERESY, like it isn't as old as "The cake is a lie".

I like 40k and all, but you guys should calm yo' tits and talk about something else every so often.

>> No.20005308

But I thought only tau had the power of friendship, according to the alliance chart.

>> No.20005316

Yes, yes you are. Although I would like to see Dota ripoffs that are anything but fantasy. Can game designers get some goddamn creativity?

>> No.20005319

And HERE is why /v/ hate's furries/why /v/ hates the part of /v/ that loves furries.
They're shitposters, through and through.

>> No.20005326

Lying doesn't change the obvious. You have to take tone into account, and his tone was clearly "I want this to happen". If implication exists, and it does, then my description of him is accurate.

>> No.20005331

>Can game designers get some goddamn creativity?
Not MOBA designers. If they were they would make games in a good genre.

>> No.20005342

Dota clone
With godzilla characters.
Call it defense of the kaiju or something.
Would play?

>> No.20005357

I see one person posting one tangenially related, inappropriate thread. That is what the problem is. It's not that the character is a humanoid animal; if she wasn't, the problem would be the same.

Same with anything that a specific fanbase is accused of. If you change the subject but keep the action, it's just as bad; if you keep the subject but replace the action with something non-problematic, there isn't a problem.

>> No.20005364

>dota clone
>would play?
No. Anything else is irrelevant. Not to mention there's no environment destruction in DOTA, meaning half of the fun of being a kaiju is gone right there. I'd rather a melee oriented mechassault clone if you're going to have to rip anything off with godzilla game.

>> No.20005378

tl;dr: Furries have no goddamn place on /v/. I never said that they were the only shitposters, only that every furry related post on /v/ is shitposting.

>> No.20005415

You know those faggots who insist that 40k can beat all the other fictional universes? Those guys are the embodiment of everything wrong with the 40k fandom.

>> No.20005431

I used to post almost exclusively on /tg/, but I've since migrated to /v/. You know why /v/ is a better board?
/v/ knows it's shit.
/tg/ might not be as shitty, but you faggots act like it's the best board on 4chan. People used to think that back in the day before the great mod faggotry, now /tg/ isn't popular with anyone.
I want all the armchair philosophers to go back to Something Awful.

>> No.20005450

Gotta agree with this. I enjoy vs debates (because pic related) but 40kids are like JRPG and superhero fans, they come in and shit all over such debates because they just spew hyperbole everywhere.

>> No.20005469

you truly are spoiled by /tg/ aren't you?
it's not as clean outside

>> No.20005482

To be fair, people on /v/ vastly underestimate their strength and will pair them off against shit like the master chief or a marine from Starcraft. So basically everyone is to blame for that shit.

>> No.20005490

vs debates are retarded because the biggest mary sue will always win.

>> No.20005497

>lel /tg/ is my souper sekret special club!
/tg/ is actually one of the worst boards on 4chan.

>> No.20005510

I'm just saying the grass is more greener here than /v/ and that you /tg/ guys are spoiled

trust me

>> No.20005516

Don't get me wrong, I hate those powerlevel dickwaving contests, I was just saying where the whole "40K beats everything" shit stems from.

>> No.20005523

Actually, as someone who mains /v/ I gotta say /tg/ is a lot nicer of a board.

>> No.20005542

I actually like /v/ more than /tg/. /tg/ just comes across like as smug to me, and they over analyse everything. It's like everyone on /tg/ is that faggot moviebob. Yeah /tg/ is more polite, but you have to understand that /v/ is the most popular board on 4chan, so it gets a lot of attention from clueless bored teenagers (read: Reddit users and /b/tards).

>> No.20005544

That's not an underestimation of their strength.

The people who believe a Space Marine is substantially superior to a Spartan-II or Terran Marine are precisely the sort of retards who make us dislike 40k fans.

>> No.20005573

>but you have to understand that /v/ is the most popular board on 4chan


>> No.20005591

It actually is though. /b/ went waaay down in popularity in the last year.
I mean popular as in, most visited.

>> No.20005593

/tg/ strikes me more as a hobbyist minding his own damn business who, if you present him with foreign material to try and derail his hobby, will instead incorporate into his hobby. It's how a porn picture becomes a fully fleshed out fictional setting. If you want smug superiority, look no further than /a/, /fa/, or /mu/.

>> No.20005596

second most next to /b/
user = popularity for better or for worse

>> No.20005600

Popular as in most populated, not as in well-liked.
Probably because /mlp/ was made last year.

>> No.20005607

can you give me the statistics?

>> No.20005611

>you want smug superiority, look no further than /a/, /fa/, or /mu/.
Ok, now that is true.
The best board on 4chan is /ck/, hands down.

>> No.20005624

/v/ is looking more and more like moviebob these days

>> No.20005668

Are you kidding me? He's a huge nintenyearold who LIKES OTHER M and hates pc gaming. Pc gaming is becoming the fastest way to prove you aren't a casual on /v/, fucking everyone besides him hates other m, and nintendo fans have practically shriveled up and died.

>> No.20005697

yeah but then there's all the other stuff moviebob has that he shares with /v/

>rabid fanboyism
>the belief he is right even though everyone proved him wrong
>bias even he is aware of and never seeks to change
>I don't like it = it's shit

>> No.20005708

>rabid fanboyism
>the belief he is right even though everyone proved him wrong
>bias even he is aware of and never seeks to change
>I don't like it = it's shit
Let's be fair, /tg/ does all of these too.

And moralfaggotry is a tiny minority on /v/.

>> No.20007226

>moralfaggotry is a tiny minority on /v/.
Don't tell me you fell for the constant "Since we ALL hate Kenshiro blah blah" reposts.

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