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I don't fully get the whole 'roleplay' thing. You use a book to pretend you're a mage or assassin or something for entertainment? What makes it so entertaining?

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Making your own tale, for one

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Ever play make believe as a kid?
Ever want to play make believe with some rules to make things fair with your friends?

We're all just well in tune with our inner child and our sense of creativity.

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Imagination, something you lack OP.

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No, I never played make believe as a 'kid'. Unless you call my tactical exercises playing make believe. And I wasn't allowed friends.

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You poor thing. See a psychiatrist/psychologist immediately.

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Well, you see OP, for some it's not so much the pretending that's entertaining, though that may be the draw for some here. The fun is that it winds up being 4 guys sitting around a table making up things and telling jokes. It's fun like creative writing is fun, only you do it with friends.

Oh, I get it. You're clever you are

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>Unless you call my tactical exercises playing make believe.

Describe tactical exercises.

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Its Like a Hobby, Which in general is better than spending time and money on drugs.

Unless your hobby is drugs, which is cool.

Unless you're this kid here... lucky bitch can do it all...

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Oh, I see, in this thread you are pretending to take the role of a character, who is confused about taking the role of a character, thus providing both amusement and possible confusion for the reader.

Bravo, bravo!

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>tactical exercises

That's a funny way to describe for throwing snowballs and gathering nuts in the forest.

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Wait. Is OP roleplaying Ilya not understanding roleplaying?

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You could also pretend that you're bahsahkah

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It's not all bad. I'm having fun now, and I'm good at what I do. Want to see?

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why would Illya not understand Roleplaying

Shes a goddamn wizard

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Yes, you're the first one to realize this. We're all lucky to have you here to point out the obvious.

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What are you doing on the computer Ilya! Get back to the woods and train more with Berserker! If you can't kill 30 wolves in 20 seconds, no dinner for you!

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i always wondered why people ran carrying a ball from one side to another they have a book that tells them that they have to run inside a square and that the opposite team must not let that happen what makes it so entertaining?

the answer its because its a game.

there's challenge in wining by overcoming your opponent.
it is a mental and social challenge instead of physical( like chess and battleship).
and you have fun playing with other people. (like pretty much every game ever made that is not solitaire)

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Well, the usual. How to bond with a berserker servant, how to track mages and effectively kill them across any number of terrains, various rituals and incantations.

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...they made you into a child soldier. For a war over a cup.


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I don't think you even watched fate/zero.

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Illya, you're not fooling anyone.

You know all about roleplaying and why its fun. Thats why you spent all that time playing "Little Sister," to Shirou.

Like that time you went shopping with him.

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_No thank you_.

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If I stop Roleplaying I'll die.

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Ah, so it's like Rin and sucking cocks.

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Mostly for revenge for not getting the cup the last time around, actually.

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Hate to burst your bubble, Anon, but Ilyasviel's actually older than Shirou.

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That's different. That's tactically the right thing to do in that situation. Your roleplaying doesn't have an end to a means. What viable use is there pretending to be a warrior in a make-believe world? Is it really that fun?

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Roleplaying -> Fun -> Not Wanting To Die

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If I must reiterate: IT KEEPS ME FROM DYING.

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Then why didn't you stop once you had him captured? Fact is, you have fun playing little sister to him.

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Can't they just buy another cup at the store? or dig another one up from bumfuck: middle east.

Some way that doesn't result in some sort of fuckup where nothing goes as planned?

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Yeah, but that doesn't count anyway, because you ARE Shirou's sister...kind of...

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Oh, I see, are pretending to not notice the obviously patronizing tone intended for humor, thus making your own!

Or maybe you missed it... or maybe I did...

Bravo Bravo!

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Wow. There's actually a child discussing with a mongrel in this thread?

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the first war went as planned. kinda. there was the whole everyone dies thing but nothing went horribly wrong apart from that

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>That's your only schtick

Even funnier the second time. Pretty 'special' talent you have there.

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Except that Justicea dying fucks Zoukens psyche up bad enough for him to have a 33% chance of making the fifth war go horribly bad.

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You see Ilya. There was once a boy who pretended to be a Hero, while this boy did grow up to be a fine one, without all of that pretending he never would have gotten that far.

That said, he had lots of help along the way. From a witch pretending to be like her Father, or a girl playing the roll of King Arthur. Each one of them eventually went far enough to make a great difference in the world. Though in the boys final moments, as he was ready to sacrifice his life in order to play the roll of the Hero. It was a young woman playing the part of his big sister that ultimately saved him.

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To be fair, the Einzberns don't really give a shit about the cup. They care about getting their reality breaking ultimate wizardry back. The cup is just a means to that end.

Much like how the Matou's don't give a shit about the cup and only want to be immortal.

The only ones who give a shit about the cup are the Tohsakas, because they are the Shirous of mages and actually care about that ultimate wisdom shit over their own power and prestige.


Get the FUCK OUT King of Heroes. You don't even know what a computer is, Jesus Christ.

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Yes, it was fun, alright? But it was fun having him around, too! You know, not being lonely for a while! I don't like being in the castle! No-one sees me as a person! I... I hate having to prove my worth just so I matter! I just wanted to get away from that for a little while! Just a little while...

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>Much like how the Matou's don't give a shit ANYMORE about the cup and only want ZOUKEN to be immortal.
Fix'd. Really now.

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My god, the philosophies and ideologies of the heroes of Fate/Stay Night are all just a bunch of LARPS

>> No.19998541

... what is this all from?

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>Get the FUCK OUT King of Heroes. You don't even know what a computer is, Jesus Christ.
>implying I didn't master that techology within five minutes

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Fate. Mostly F/SN with a hint of Fate/Zero.
We have a thread every other day or so. How did you manage to miss it that long?

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Oh another quest thread disguised as a Fate thread disguised as a rolegayplay thread

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I'm not even kidding: never heard of it. It's an anime I take it.

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Little full of yourself, there, Gil. Didn't you get beat up by the same chick in two consecutive Wars?

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>I just wanted to get away from that for a little while! Just a little while...

And thats why we role play. we just want to get out of our boring-ass lives for a few hours.

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We get that you don't like Fate or Quests, but the Thread still isn't what you call it.

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To be fair, she's bullshit OP. And Zero Rider should have won it all, I figure. Shame that Gil more or less hard counters Iskander.

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Okay, knee jerk out of the way: the F/S:N anime is terrible. the Visual Novel is much better. the Fate/Zero anime is balls to the wall awesome (Berzerker, a god damned knight, hijacks an F-15 to dogfight an ancient Mesopotamian airship)

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Only in one. In the other one her master made her kinda break the Grail War even more than it already was, before I could finish her of.

>> No.19998651


Visual Novel, manga, anime, and a couple spinoffs.


If you don't like it, don't read it. Not like anyone's making you.

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>the Fate/Zero anime is balls to the wall awesome

If by that you mean underwhelming and a bit of a disappointment considering the hype, then I agree.

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Relax; your spergs are showing, friend.

Either metaroleplaying thread or bad troll. In either instance, far too much /a/ for my tastes.

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>ancient Mesopotamian airship
It's actually a flying throne from some Indian Myth.

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Pffthahaha. Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of Altria Excaliblasting your ass.

>> No.19998693

close enough.

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Well, if you listen to the Hype to much, nothing hyped will ever be fully satisfying. Same fucking reason I don't spend half a year watching trailers and reading news for new vidyas, but just buy them and have fun.

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Fate/Stay Night is as Visual Novel, telling the story of a sort of Tournament of Wizards and Heroes called the Holy Grail War.

Taking place in contemporary Japan, it revolves around a ritual in which 7 Mages summon the spirits of 7 legendary heroic figures, who take on the role of one of 7 RPG-style classes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Caster, Berserker and Assassin.

The Holy Grail in question, which is not the actual cup which caught Jesus's blood, but is still super magic. The Winner of this battle is supposed to be able to have any wish granted.

However, there's a lot more to the Grail War than meets the eye, and as our hero, one Shirou Emiya, summoner of Saber, gets more deeply involved in this conflict, he learns more than he ever wanted to know about the world of mages, the past of his father, the true nature of his friends and classmates, and what it really means to say "I want to be a hero."

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> I just wanted to get away from that for a little while! Just a little while...

Congratulations. You've just found what makes roleplaying so entertaining.

Just getting away from everything. Even if only for a little while.

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I... o-okay... so let's pretend I wanted to play. NOT SAYING I DO. What... what would I be good at?

>> No.19998732

At least my true master didn't get stabbed without me agreeing to it.

>> No.19998736

that depends on what kind of character you want to play, and what system we are using.

>> No.19998746

so how long would it take to explain FATAL to shirou?

seeing how we get a bit more complicated than JAM IT IN in that one

>> No.19998756

Anything, anything at all.

>> No.19998759


A healer maybe?

>> No.19998764


If we Played DnD 3.5 I'm Sure it woudn't be too hard for someone of your capabilities to cheese up the system to your demands

>> No.19998779


Well put, Comrade Sergeant. I would clarify, however: The Holy Grail is essentially a font of (effectively) unlimited prana, with enough awareness to harness that power to grant wishes.

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>> No.19998812

Wizard, trying to learn "Wish" while casting Enchantments on a boy that seems older, but is actually younger than her?

>> No.19998813


Anything, huh? What do I be to hunt people down and kill them for my glory?

>> No.19998818


Really? That's funny, I could've sworn I remember stabbing him myself...

>> No.19998828

Yeah. That's totally how Ilya thinks an acts, anon.

>> No.19998837


Uhm. Any Magus you'd care to name, except possibly Kiritsusu and that son of his.

>> No.19998838

I'm talking about that Irish mangirl Kotomine took you away from.

>> No.19998850

How would you prefer t kill them?

Straight up brutality: barbarian
Bare Fists: Monk
Bows and animals: Ranger
Magicspam: Fucking wizards
From the shadows: rogue

>> No.19998871

With the ACTUAL blessings of Heaven, instead of swording in a more self-righteous way: Cleric.

>> No.19998873


It's up to personal preference for that really.
You could make the mighty Warrior, forever chasing down the greatest challenge, unable to rest untill he is the greatest in the world.
You could make the devious Assassin, striking from the shadows so that all may come to fear your hidden blade.

Or perhaps you would appreciate making the Clever Wizard, his mind burning with Arcane spells and Ambition who will not rest until he is the strongest spell caster there it.

These are but a few choices, your only limit is your imagination.

>> No.19998887


Well, I certainly liked her better than YOUR Master, damnably annoying sadistic arsehole that he was.

>> No.19998891

If you want to kill them painfully: kender alchemist

>> No.19998898

> The Clever Wizard, his mind burning with Arcane spells and Ambition who will not rest until he is the strongest spell caster there it.

Kyaaah! This! THIS!

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>> No.19998917


don't even suggest that in jest

>> No.19998938

This thread is sort of cute and makes me reconsider my hatred of Nasu ever since I realized I would never get those hours of Tsukihime time back

Maybe I should read F/SN sometime

>> No.19998946


Are you referencing my title or trying to insult me? If the former, I'm flattered; if the latter, you have failed in the most laughable way possible.

>> No.19998961

Wait, a moment, Anon.
You are pretending to be Lancer, but don't know of Hollow Ataraxias Caren?

>> No.19998982


I think that's a little bit too much specific information for someone who'd never heard of this before today. I was explaining in simplest possible terms. Besides, learning the exact nature of what the Grail is and how it works is part of the story. So, you know, spoilers.


Um... how about something like a tough and powerful but still kind and a little bit teasing battle wizard type?

I think you could pull it off.

>> No.19998985

Seeing as its eternally untranslated to the point of meme, I blame not him.

>> No.19999005

You feel so superior to us even though you want to play yourself because you never got to play pretend as a child.
Thats stupid!
You're so pathetic!

>> No.19999012


True enough, Angel of the Emperor. Not that that particular spoiler has any real effect on the plot, apart from purely in an esoteric sense.

>> No.19999017

Yeah, but her bullying him around and insulting him with his title is referenced in other places, like Carnival Phantasm, but (I think) not even a think in Hollow Ataraxia itself.

>> No.19999035


Aww, got mommy issues? Did she leave you alone?

>> No.19999048

>a think
A thing.
Something's wrong with my grammar today.

>> No.19999050

Hope you all enjoy my own personal touch to your little piddly cup~!

>> No.19999060


Since She comes from the Alchemy Family I Imagine Some actually Fun Magic wouldn't hurt.

How Non-Evocation Casters get through the day without Fireball is Beyond me

>> No.19999080

What exactly do you have to do with the Grail?

>> No.19999086

You're just jealous because all your life you've been raised for one thing with no freedom, you're just a doll who would do anything your told!

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Right, I suggest Mage: The Awakening.

It is a role playing game set in the modern world, where a world of Mages live among the normal humans, having secret wars and living secret lives among the company of Vampires and secret religious and government organizations searching for hidden artifcats and long lost secrets oh my god I just realized this must be almost exactly like your life, isn't it?

Well, the rules of magic are different, non-mages actually dispel spells through sheer disbelief at witnessing it, and Atlantis was (maybe) real and the source of all magic.

Mages which get powerful enough can effectively ascend to Godhood and play a great game amongst their godlike peers using the world as a chessboard, for the privilege of actually Ascending to the higher planes and becoming truly immoral and nearly all powerful.

Any mage who survives for more than a week ends up being at least as paranoid as pic related.

>> No.19999099


Of course I know her. What did I say to make you believe otherwise?

>> No.19999103

And you are the reason why Tsundere became such a widespread thing.
Oh God, how I hate you, Asuka.

>> No.19999116


Yeah, but I got over it. Unlike some people.


>> No.19999127

Wondering about the combination of her picture and the word "Dog", for one,

>> No.19999135

Oh, you didn't get the memo? Strange, I could have sworn all my masks got them.

>> No.19999159

But you are a Thing of Beyond, not part of a dualistic Religion.

>> No.19999175

asuka, stop compensating for your inferiority complex and shut the hell up.

>> No.19999181


...whereas you, on the other hand, are nothing but a sniveling brat. You have the GALL to insult a girl who was created for the sole purpose of dying as a vessel in a conflict she was doomed to lose before it began, who never HAD a childhood to speak of? Don't make me laugh, Sie verrückt deutsche Schlampe. Sie sind nutzlos und völlig zu Stimme mit Ihrem kindlichen Meinungen. Schweigen.

>> No.19999187

do you speak of the cup of kings? the holy grail?

>> No.19999197

I am also all of humanity's evil, born of the destructive feelings within the collective subconsciousness. It's an amusing side job but someone has to do it properly.

>> No.19999205


I wasn't. I was referring to myself. Hound of Culann and all.

>> No.19999238

I'm fully aware. You just seemed not to know about this... let's call it "minor meme".

>> No.19999305


In reference to you, you mean? Or am I missing something?

>> No.19999342

I think we have reached the point of nobody having a bloody idea what the other one's talking about. Seems like a sign that I should go to sleep.

>> No.19999364


Sounds like a plan to me.

>> No.20002052

I think she means bra cups.

I think she's offering to touch our breasts.

>> No.20004865

I have no idea what happened in this thread.

>> No.20004881

I really don't see a point in resurrecting this thread

>> No.20005727


Why does that girl have red eyes.

Is she an albino or something?

>> No.20005757


Because, unlike you, we're not autistic; and we have souls. It lets us release stress and have fun.

>> No.20006708

Artificial Creation. Shows Unnaturalness by, yes, having Albino characteristics. Look at the hair, for fucks sake.

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