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I wish I had diapers of holding when my kid was a baby. Some sort of extradimensional pocket to dump baby shit would've been invaluable.

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Wait no you didn't this is /tg/.

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The only important thing is whether or not it's got good rules.

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Now that I think about it, that sort of thing would be useful at all ages. We'd never have to worry about getting up to use the toilet, and if we can use portable holes to obliterate the contents, then we'd never have to worry about human waste disposal again.

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That picture stops getting as annoying when you post it fifty times per day.

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Man, you could put any undesirable substance in there and destroy it that way. All that plastic? Gone. Toxic chemicals? Done with. Run off? Gone.

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The only thing that pisses me off about that pictures is how complacent the artist is.

I bet the artist hasn't grown past that style at all and has been probably drawing that way for well over a decade. No growth, no experimentation in other styles or methods, just the same pseudo-Disney tripe with anime eyes over and over again, all for the sake of getting off to stupid fucking fetishes.

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>>19996150 Oi, why's the food so fucking expensive all of sudden?

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Nuclear power suddenly becomes environmentally friendly. The energy crisis is solved long term, and third world countries finally relieve stable electricity.

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* receive

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>blatant troll thread about diaperfurs
>/tg/ immediately turns it around into a working solution to nuclear power

Dear god, /tg/ really is untrollable.

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>Dear god, /tg/ really is untrollable.
Oh, I wouldn't say that. I'm sure there are ways to troll /tg/. Remember -4 Strength?

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We might have to worry about the slow but steady permanent decline in the Earth's mass, though.

I mean, hell, imagine an alternate history earth in the industrial era, where instead of unknowingly fucking up the earth by pumping out tons of pollutants, we've unknowingly fucked up the earth by decreasing the mass of the earth by a noticeable amount by getting RID of those pollutants, and...


Did I just get a great campaign idea from a thread started with a picture from a furry fetish artist?

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It's hard to tell when /tg/ is trolled. We revel in RAGE after all.
Are we really mad or are we just having fun frothing at the mouth?

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Sometimes rage feels good.

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china is already working on plans to trap asteroids in orbit and mine them for metals, just get that working and up the production and we can add however much mass we need

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Dude, do you have any idea how valuable that shit is?
Or how easily recycled?
The Chinese buy shredded German PET bottles by the ton for their textile intustry.
It's fucking exported!
There is an intercontinental market for used plastic.
And when oil runs low it will become ever more valuable.

On the other hand this would surely hamper the developement of innovative technologies that might do without magic shenanigans or directly use magic as a power source.

Not really. But this one is just so blatant, nobody falls for it.
Anything about gender equality and transsexuality will lead to heated and pointless argument.

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More importantly, we could use the gathered baby shit to fertilize fields everywhere.

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Decreasing the mass of the Earth significantly would put it underneath the threshold where its core could perpetuate itself, and the core would begin to cool. Magnets would become weaker, and eventually the magnetic field would be gone entirely.
Solar radiation would blast the Earth and make everything horrible.

More or less what happened to Mars, only it started out that small.

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So you make Diapers of Dimension Door, and dump the shit straight in a hopper at a fertilizer manufacturing plant.

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Putting our garbage in trans-dimensional spaces wouldn't cause a shortage. It would revolutionize both waste processing and transport. When you can take 100 cubic feet of garbage and put it in or take it out of a 1ft square that weighs almost nothing the possibilities are endless.

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What's this thread about?

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What does the rattle add +3 to?

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Trans-dimensional garbage disposal as a solution to the pollution and clean energy problems.

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It's just a +3 Rattle.

So, +3 to to-hit and damage rolls.

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I'm afraid one would have to process it first and make regulations for the use.
Otherwise the nitrate concentration in the fertilized areas could become a problem.
I'm not really aware just how the concentration in baby poop compares to pig shit, though.

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>/tg/ does what /tg/ does best
Love you fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls.

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Just FYI Stronghold Builder's(or is it s') Guidebook already advocated the use of Bags of Devouring for use as waste disposal/beneath garderobes.

That nobody actually connected the step makes me disappointed, as bags of holding do NOT hold infinite amounts, and you'd not be removing mass from the EArth with them*.

*except in the small amounts that one stored in an extradimensional space.

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/tg/ is piss-easy to troll. It's just they've seen so much furry shit it hardly phases them anymore.
Poke fun at their usage of Devlan Mud, though, and watch the spittle fly.

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/tg/ is easy for /tg/ers to troll. People from outside the board don't know shit about what gets us angry though.

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>Remember -4 Strength?
Remember when /tg/ proved that statisticly based on both normal people and world class athletes that the difference between males and females in the real world add up to almost exactly -4str when the D&D rules are applied to the info?

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>Poke fun at their usage of Devlan Mud, though, and watch the spittle fly.
Why go that far? Just mention how 40k was not actually the first to invent everything and how not everything is sooooooo 40k, then you will see tears.

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goddamn this guy, his (at least anthro) artwork is pretty good, why must he waste it on satisfying a diaper fetish?

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You might be a redneck if...

...you've ever thought "6-12 pounds" on the side of the Pampers box was a reference to load capacity.

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My two successful runs with the Devlan Mud threads were quite rage-tastic though. Even pissed off some professional painters who were mad because I made it sound like they were tools for using it or what-ever thing they imagined I said.

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>how dare they use their talent for something they like that I don't like
>stop liking what I don't like

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same reason a lot of good artists, furry and non, get attatched to certain fetishes - neglecting to put limits on the content of paid commissions. That's how, for example, for a long time Palcomix was largely known for loli/spanking pics - one guy kept commissioning pic after pic of them, and they couldn't afford to turn him down because they were low on money at the time. It's only recently folks have begun buying other stuff, and that guy's requests have slowed, so they're slowly pulling away from the reputation of such things.

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But they weren't. Tolken was.

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>"Look here Tom, I know you're trying to get the new guy into the game but you can't start with a god damn +3 Rattle.
>Why would you even WANT a +3 Rattle? Are you some sort of jungle man or something, its not like its more entertaining or more adorable or something.
>Diapers of holding? Are you some- oh god...whats...what are you guys doing. I'm. I'm just going to go home now

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>Diapers of holding.
If I recall, food decomposes when is put inside a closed "X" of holding, like some weird ass reverse tupperware. What if you fill this "X" of holding with a good ammount of feces, then close it then open it again with a torch upfront? does it turn into a flametrower?

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Not COMPLETELY untrollable.


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oh my god....it could work

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I would wear a Diaper of Holding.

I guess the only bad part would be discovering its carry limit.

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Purgandus populi.
Suprema lexis.
Amen, amen.
Purgandus populus.
Rigum purgandum.


I really wish a group of people dressed as Franciscan monks assault a furry convention and physically assault the fucking artist. Once the artist are disabled, the furry fandom is over.

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An explosion, at least. But that's not accounting for the limited oxygen supply, which might affect the extent to which it could produce methane.

>> No.19998318


if food rots in a BoH...

...does crap turn into food in a BoH?

Dear God, it'd be like those filter things in Waterworld, where they pee into a machine and clean water comes out.

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There was a fungus discovered that can decompose plastic.

Plus it's recycable. The only reason we have so much trouble with plastic are all the idiots that don't recycle at all.

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>implying the monks wouldn't get overpowered by the conventiongoers and then arrested on assault charges immediately if they even tried

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>Implying they wouldn't take them down in their hotel rooms.

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I'm sure /jp/ would love them.

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By what method?

I genuinely want to know.

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WHAT IF you throw a corpse inside a bag of holding, close it and then open it again in a week or so? will the decomposition process will reach the point in which it turns into petroleum?

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Come on mod!

I saw you delete the gay thread, I know you can delete this one too!

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Bags of holding accelerate time ?

I thought they went with normal time.

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WHAT IF you make some grape juice, then you deposit said juice into a bottle of holding then close it for a few days and then open it again? will it turn into a well aged wine?


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They accelerate the decomposition process of things, hence why you can't store food in them.

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>Solve waste AND Oil crisis

Bags of holding rock.

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Careful you don't get vinegar.

>> No.19998699

Or aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar)

>> No.19998718


We would have to know the age acceleration beforehand and convert it to standard time.

Most fine wines are aged at least 5 years.

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Sadly more and crappier ones emerge every day from deviantart and other hives of fail

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You would blow your dumb self up, you need a pipe or something to prevent the combustion from entering into the bag.

>> No.19999228


So this bullshit is actually feasible?
There's nothing at all that prevents PCs from doing this shit?

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NUH-UH! Tolken was so ripping of 40k and before you say it so was the bible!

Impolite sage because you are a dumb doo-doo head and 40k did it first.

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Nope. Next game in which I'm a player, bags of holding will be my infinite oil works.

>> No.19999289

I'm touched. I wonder how much of the culture it has taken up.

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>So this bullshit is actually feasible?
The actual quiestion would be"Would my DM let me fill a bag of holding with corpses and feces so I can get a flame trower and neverending oil?"
Not in this life, chump.

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>/tg/ engineers flamethrowers out of diapers

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>> No.20000705

Spelling mistake.

If only the Sororitas had access to that technology...

>> No.20000732

I will fucking murder you in your sleep.

>> No.20000851

It's okay, everyone does spelling mistakes, I was just pointing one out.

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Willy sees you Willy don't care

>> No.20001066

>K'kree, Alsan and Vargr adult baby fetishists
This is why the only aliens I hang out with are Hivers. They kill and eat their young to keep the population down

>> No.20001088


...Are we talking SOTS Hivers ? Because I don't remember reading that about them at all.

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>/tg/: Turning diapers of holding into an invaluable technological innovation.

>> No.20001093

except they didnt, where blatently ignoring data and the way people perform olympic tests.

the actual figure comes out to -2 when you account for these differences. women are already inferior, why is it that /tg/ tries to spend so much time trying to degrade women further?

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>> No.20001149

No, these dudes. Manipulative space-hippy starfish people.

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>Diaper flamethrower

So, how much damage would inflict?

>> No.20001412

>ITT: /tg/ brings another groundbreaking stupid mechanic into fruction.

>> No.20001455

Well, how much would a gas-fueled flamethrower inflict?
Truth be told, it probably wouldn't be all that effective, as gasses tend not to be suited to flamers. That's why they use liquids; liquid travels further, straighter and burns longer.

>> No.20001515

> -2
Yes -2 modifier, which is -4 str.

Why is it that the femanazi spend so much time not being able to /tg/?

>> No.20001527

...is in fact very low-magic, so no.
Seeing as carrying capacity is strength SCORE based, no, you're the idiot.

>> No.20001562

I think that the gas would be better suited for just knocking people out. Your diaper of holding becomes a portable gas grenade.

Also... As someone with a diaper fetish, I have to say, thank you /tg/ for being awesome and not being trolled by such an old image.

>> No.20001627

You're welcome you crazy /d/eviant.
Also this pic gets posted almost daily so anyone who isn't a summerfag doesn't give two cents about it.

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I'm trying to think of what kind of diseases we could come up with using this bag-o-shit. What incubates well in methane?

>> No.20001870

Well, heartworms incubate in plain old shit.

>> No.20001898

To easy. I'm thinking plague bomb quality stuff. I want to see if we can make a bag so full of infection and scourge that it would give a cancer mage wet dreams.

>> No.20001907

Let's look through these.

>> No.20001911

It doesn't work. Congratulations /tg/, you didn't make a flamethrower, you made the equivalent of a magical, diaper powered, welding torch/gas grenade. It's not as powerful as a flamethrower but still quite useful I would say.
However, that's not completely true, you did craft a flamethrower, you just didn't figure it out.

That would also generate gas, in fact, if we take it further we can make it so the pipe reaches the oil, and the sheer pressure would make the oil blast trough, so take a pipe that reaches the oil, put a valve on said pipe and attach a torch to the front.
Congratulations, you just bullshit your way into a magical, corpse powered, flamethrower.

>> No.20001913

>Diapers of Holding

>> No.20001916


>> No.20001936

Are we making cholera bombs to drop into the enemy's water supply?

>> No.20001957

>Diaper of Holding filled with huge amounts of shit.
>Wait a few days for shit to decompose into methane.
>Release cultures of all these horrible illnesses, cholera, typhoid, cystic fibrosis
>Empty diaper into well.

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>Corpse based flamethrower.
Welp, so much for sending hordes of kobolds.

>> No.20002316

Papa Nurgle is pleased.

>> No.20002372

>ITT: /tg/ crafts plagebombs & flamethrowers out of stuff overlooked as mundane in every campaing.

You sacare me sometimes /tg/.

>> No.20002384

I meant scare, fuck.

>> No.20002393

/tg/ gets shit done.

>> No.20005131

Why not just have a constant prestidigitation effect cleaning your clothing?

>> No.20005174

You mean to tell me that you don't have one of those already?

Do you wander arround for days wearing the same sweat covered clothing for days in your campaings or something?

>> No.20005190

rolled 17, 7, 8, 3, 7, 16, 1, 2, 12, 13, 1, 5, 6, 9, 14, 13 = 134


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>> No.20006620

>mfw making plaguebombs out of diapers and flamethrowers out of corpses is a-ok but wearing the same shirt in a fantasy game for a few days is a no-no

Stay classy /tg/.

>> No.20006778


>Diapers of holding are mundane and used in every campaign.

I don't know what kind of games you run, and I don't want to know.

>> No.20006819

Well when is the last time a player character stopped to take a dump, hmm? Bet you can't remember a single instance.

>> No.20006839

Because it's roleplaying, not the Sims.

>> No.20006953

I'm a 3.5 DM and I remind my players periodically that their characters haven't passed waste recently. If they refuse, I make the have them make a fortitude save. Also there's a new skill in my campaigns: Bowel control. Class skill for fighters rogues and barbarians.

Players have to dispose of their waste carefully. Wild beasts and others can track them by their droppings, so a Diaper of holding would save their lives.

>> No.20008882

You lot do realize that it's not actually neccessary to make a diaper of holding right? like, you can have a regular BoH, and make a stop in a farm so the character that wants to craft the plaguebomb can buy some manure to fill the bag.

>> No.20008901

And the bag can be used as a fucked up potty too, forgot that for >>20006953

>> No.20009256

Since nobody has actually ever measured the actual amount of methane produced by a decomposing body lets play with some numbers to estimate just how much methane a decomposing human body could produce...

-CH4 is Methane's chemical makeup.
-The human body is roughly 18% Carbon and 10% Helium
-maximum output of the body is 12.5% of it's total mass in Methane.

Im no chemist so I can't tell you how much methane there actually would be or the explosive output of the methane being weaponized. Someone please continue this work!

>> No.20009465


I'm pretty sure you mean hydrogen there.

>> No.20009573

Just saw this on the front page and and it occurred to me that it would make a great "tg.jpg" screencap. Unfortunately, I can't, as I'm on my phone. Would some fine gentleman be so kind?

>> No.20009610

You mean your body DOESN'T have a mini fusion reactor in it?

>> No.20009646


Enjoy. Make the rest yourself.

>> No.20009982

You also gotta estimate the actual value of weight from the corpse since it's not the same trying to obtain methane from a kobold than from a human or a giant.
let's say you encounter a regular thief whose weight total is 70 Kilograms. out of these 70KG we can roughly come out with a data of 70*0.1 hydrogen and 70*0.18 carbon. considering that you need 4 times the ammount of hydrogen than you need of carbon you need to keep a proportion of 1:4 for it.
For this case you got a total of 7,0 kilograms of hydrogen and 12,6 kilograms of carbon, you would need 4Kg of hidrogen and 1Kg of carbon to obtain 5Kg of methane the rest becomes real simple.
for this example you would waste 1,75Kg of carbon and all 7Kg of hidrogen to obtain 8,75Kg of methane. Meaning that killing one simple enemy would land you a reasonable ammount of the stuff.

>> No.20010059

And the rest, of course, would turn into raw fossil fuel. meaning you could obtain about 61Kg of petroleum from killing an enemy and dropping it into a BoH

>> No.20010517

Oh my god I can already see the players
>"I dip my sword in the BoH covering it in oil and I light it up with my torch"

>"I leave my quiver inside the DoH so my arrows get dipped in oil for a flammable strike"

>"I dip my fist in the BoH and proceed to light em up"

>"I dispell the BoH inside the orphanage, causing an explosion of oil and then I proceed to light it up"

>> No.20012256

>would save their lives
"Would", not "might"? They would literally die without the fetish item?

>> No.20012392

Apparently they're always within the "kill circle" of wild shitwolves.

>> No.20012499

Diapers of holding don't actually solve the problem, you need diapers of devouring.

Good luck getting your players to wear those.

>> No.20014808

Great, now we have a vore thread...

Can we please get back to the biological warfare of lighting a bag of shit on fire and leaving it on the neighbor's door step?

>> No.20017766 [DELETED] 

>Well when is the last time a player character stopped to take a dump, hmm? Bet you can't remember a single instance.
My DM had my character need to take a piss.

Which he'd never made a character do in previous campaigns. Which he didn't make the other characters do.

That's what I get for playing a female character.

>> No.20020269

>Well when is the last time a player character stopped to take a dump, hmm? Bet you can't remember a single instance.
My DM had my character need to take a piss.

Which he'd never made a character do in previous campaigns. Which he didn't make the other characters do.

That's what I get for playing a female character.

>> No.20020533

Was it at least so you could get eaten?

>> No.20020548

What was old is new again.

Or is this neingag's supposed raid?

>> No.20020571

No. It was just an out of the blue comment to me.

>> No.20020663

You're looking at things based on mass, which is wrong when it comes to chemical formulas. CH4 has 1 Carbon atom and 4 Hydrogen atoms, this is not the same as 4 times the mass of Carbon in Hydrogen.

An atom of carbon weighs about 12 times as much as an atom of hydrogen.

So by mass it's 18% carbon and 10% Hydrogen, so for every 18 Carbon atoms there's about 120 Hydrogens.

Ratio of 4 to 1 and all of the carbon ends up used as does 60% of the Hydrogen. This ends up being 24% of the human body, by mass, turns into methane. Assuming all the Carbon gets used for methane, which seems unrealistic.

>> No.20020897

It's even more.
Let's say you have 1000g of mashed human.
That gives you 180g of carbon and 100g of hydrogen.
180g carbon makes 15 mol carbon
100g hydrogen makes 100 mol hydrogen
you nead 4 mol hydrogen per mol carbon to create 1 mol methane.
this means you can get 15 mol methane per 1kg of human
1 mol methane weighs 16g
-> 15 mol merthane * 16g/mol methane = 240g methane/kg human
this means you can get 16,8kg methane out of a human of 70 kg
which is 23333,33 l at 0°C and 1013 hPa
and that still leaves you 40g of hydrogen per kg human mass that you can also use for burning stuff

>> No.20020978

Does this means that you can turn up to a 24% of mass of your corpse into methane under an unrealistic condition (derp, BoH)? it might seem so but it can be well adapted to a dice roll for a game, that way it wouldn't be as exploitable.

>> No.20021084

> 23333,33 litres of methane
I dare to say your calculations are off. For this volume, gas density should be 0,00072 kg/m3. I dont have precise methane density for 0°C, but for 15°C and 1.013 bar its 0,68 kg/m3, which means 24,7 litres of gas.

>> No.20021206

>someone posts a furry image that sends /b/ and /v/ into shitfits.
>/tg/ uses this to make a campaign setting, weaponize mundane magical items, solve several world issues, and then argue about the chemical decomposition of humans to turn them into oil assuming all condition are ideal.

Sometimes I don't even, /tg/
Sometimes... I don't even.

>> No.20021287

I almost want to make a video about this now.
>Diapers of holding, /b/!
>Diapers of holding, /v/!
>Diapers of holding, /tg/!
>Wait a second, doesn't organic matter rot faster in a a bag of holding?
>Yes, why?
>Theoretically, you could, if conditions are right, use shit to produce methane at an astounding rate, couldn't that be weaponized?
>Uhhh.../tg/? furry diapers?
>No it'd be more like a gas grenade... WAIT, What if you put in a corpse instead?
>My god, due to the gas building up, it would cause the body to come under extreme duress, transforming it into crude petroleum! But how would you access it?
>Guys... Scaring me.
>Simple! You just go to a person, and kill them.
>Guy slits the throat of troll, and throws them in a bag.
>And you shove a pipe down into it with a 4 way valve, allowing for a pneumatic pressure assembly to create a controlled process!

>> No.20021425

Sure is /tg/ in here...

>> No.20021612

Shit like this is why /tg/ is the best board.

>> No.20022170

0,72 kg·m−³ at 0°C
16,8kg/0,72 kg·m−³ = 23,33 m³
1 m³ = 1000 liter
=> 23,33*1000 liter = 23333,33 liter

>> No.20022206

Damn, I derped hard and thought m3=liter, sorry.

>> No.20023573

cc = mL
1 m^3 = 100^3 cc = 100^3 mL = 1,000,000 mL = 1000 L

>> No.20026767

I'm willing to bet he fapped afterwards.

>> No.20027053

>Congratulations, you just bullshit your way into a magical, corpse powered, flamethrower.

>> No.20027132

>Bag of Holding
>Mechanical steed of some sort
>Leather armor
>green plate helmet
>solve everything by lighting it up
I shall call him Joe.

>> No.20027325

We may as well see how much of a combustion we're getting out of this, assuming oxygen is in excess and we give the methane enough time to hit a 5-15% concentration in the area we're talking about as it doesn't ignite well outside of that.

Take a 70 kg person, get 16.8 kg of methane, that's approximately 1050 mols of methane. The std enthalpy of combustion for methane is -890 kJ/mol so .9345 Gigajoules if my math is correct. This is a pretty large fire we're talking about here.

>> No.20027939

>mfw /tg/ creates weaponized bags of holding and finds the best way to use corpses

This is why I come to this board

>> No.20027958


>> No.20028006

>meet lich
>sing "Keep Quiet"
>Attack him with a knife
I'd have so much fun with that character

>> No.20028053

I really want to run a game where a tyrannical king has overthrown the land with an army of warforged, and one man creates a being powerful enough to bring light to the city

>> No.20028185

>a being powerful enough to bring light to the city
Would it be something along the lines of a somehow half-warforged familiar?

>> No.20031111

He was a That DM.

>> No.20031252

We're gonna need an archive. RIGHT. NOW.

>> No.20031319

On an unrelated note, who drew this? It's awesome.

Polite sage.

>> No.20031399


Someone beat me to it, naturally.

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>> No.20032336


>> No.20033148

This thread is ample evidence that /tg/ is as good as ever.

Well done, you glorious neckbeards.

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