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>"Alright, got to run game next month, time to write up a world!"
>...zero inspiration

I need your help, /tg/. I haven't been able to write anything I haven't done before for a week now. How do you breathe some fresh life into the same old standard fantasy world (I'd love to run something different, but my players are adamant, and sadly they're the only group around)? Just throw ideas for anything at me. Gods, places, states, philosophies, characters, factions, anything. Just let your creativity run free, because I sure as hell have currently none left.

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Don't build a world. Build local places and connect them together later.

Also, pressgang your group into building things. Ask them questions, like "so what is dwarven cusine?" of the guy playing a dorf, or "what's in the Hero's Wood?"
Make them put their hands into the setting, don't take all the burden yourself.

I'll type up some half-assed locations in a minute.

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I would, but it just leaves me with mostly the same old Tolkien-esque world. My players aren't exactly fountains of creativity. Every now and then there's an interesting idea, but they're just so set in the average D&D-world mindset that it's hard to enthuse them for something different.

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If you have freedom to make 'a fantasy world' how can the players be 'adamant' about nothing different?

Shit, just pick one of the more interesting official settings, like Dark Sun, Ravenloft or Eberron.

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Setting where magic has been boiled down to a science (pretty much is in most D20 systems), become more prevalent and common in everyday life. Consequently religious worship has dwindled in favor of more "technological" pursuits; gods do not like this, but powers are heavily influenced by faith of their worshipers, and so can't muster up straight-up divine ass-whooping. Instead, creates an undead plague (just an example, it could be anything) that starts ravaging the land; resulting zombies are resistant to conventional magic to a degree.
Also, watching this thread because I'm in a similar boat.

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Tombs of the Fisher Elves:

They're along the coast, scattered through the salt marshes, each of them placed so that when the tide rises, they're submerged: the graves of the long-gone(?) Fisher Elves.

Each tomb is entered through a hole in the ground, blocked by an oval carved stone plug. Past that the tunnel slopes sharply, levels out for a bit then rises, creating a U-bend. This leads to an underground chamber a few feet below the ground with shallow pit for offerings and some artwork. Another tunnel or two leads further inland to where the tide cannot reach; here are the burial chambers, hopefully drier than the entryway.

If you're going to loot one, move quickly. You only have a short window before the tide returns and traps you with the deceased...

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okay, how about this?
There are flying castles in the world. They work by magic or science or I don't know, some stuff, it's irrelevant now.
There is not much flying castle maybe 40-50, so there are a lot of regular cities and such.
The flying castles are while not impossible to defeat, they are pretty much something you don't want to siege
Every castle is a kind of city state or country if you like. They fly wherever they want, and don't give a shit about others.

And now the REALLY important parts
The people in the flying castles are enormous faggots. I mean they are all GIGANTIC douchebags that mortal people simply cannot comprehend.
They have these shit tanks which are filled with all the sewage and shit and piss and they unload it ONLY if they are above another settlement.
They think it's fun and the subhuman beings who live above them are generally deserves it, after all they are not in a flying castle so they clearly a race to shit upon.

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Who should totally wake up and swim around.

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Use a pre-existing campaign setting



Has the right of it.

If you don't want Tolkien there's plenty of settings that are wildly different from that template.

Have you tried Eberron?

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>I need your help, /tg/. I haven't been able to write anything I haven't done before for a week now.

Expand your horizont. Wholesaley steal from comics they haven't read for sure.


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Actually, some of the dead have been mummified and reanimated by the salty air and Other Stuff (like magic so I don't gotta explain shit). They're not evil but they do not take well to interlopers and desecrators. More than a few graves have new occupants keeping the old ones company.

Also, some tombs do end up flooded from one thing or another. Sometimes fish get trapped in their and grow to become voracious predators looking for any scrap of food to enter their tiny ecosystem. They're tenacious buggers, that's for sure.

And the Tide Sprites, a cousin of the Will o' the Wisp. They lure the unwary far out onto the tideplains, leaving them trapped by the returning waters or breaking their legs falling into hidden holes.

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>I need your help, /tg/. I haven't been able to write anything I haven't done before for a week now.

Expand your horizont. Wholesaley steal from comics they haven't read for sure.


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Feudal Europe type of setting, with accent on feudal.
Crusader Kings the RPG.
PC are vassals of some minor landlord and are thrown into court issues.
Let them handle themselves during a big banquet with nobles from all over the world.

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>Let them handle themselves during a big banquet with nobles from all over the world

Oh god, that's so simple, yet has so much potential to wreak utter havoc. How did I not get this idea ages ago?

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Don't worry, pal, I got this idea from someone else too.
Now design a very complex political system with many important NPCs. I bet you will have fun too.
I did.

In my world there are no big wars in civilised world for they have elves when they need to beat somebody (early colonialism, stuff), so there is one big empire and one loose coalition of countries that used to form a second empire. From the outside they looks like united entities, but in fact they are all about internal conflicts, nobles attacking each others, court politics, trying to pass laws and to outbreed your brother's line so you can become a head of family (yeah, being a head of family is a very prestigious thing and sometimes rules regarding it can be very foggy)

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How do you usually build your worlds.

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So? At least they're being forced to come up with things on their own instead of being spoon-fed a world by you. Creativity can come later.

Or tell one of them to man up and learn to GM.

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Game of Thrones: Crotchspawn edition

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The Old Bridge:

Somewhere, doesn't matter much there used to be a big, bold stone bridge. Nice and wide road for traders and the like to pass through, the villages on either side of the bridge got a lot of traffic, etc. Until one day the bridge fell apart for Reasons, leaving a raging river and two ruined towers. Now there's a rope and plank bridge in place but the only animals crossing that are the villagers' goats and donkeys, not mechant horses.

Why is this place special? The secret chambers underneath the towers. The towers are collapsed, too much rubble to get in. But the secret doors on the riverbed? Those lead right into the secret basements.

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Make it a sword and space game. Refluff all the "traditional" fantasy races into different kinds of aliens and set the whole thing on a 1920s interpretation of what Mars used to be like (the old canal theory thing).

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