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I'm looking into starting to play warhammer 40k with a couple of my friends from my local gaming shop. I was hoping that someone could give me some tips for what i should buy/ what armor and weapons i should use. I really want to make a space marine army. I would also like to obtain a pdf. file of the space marine Codex. links would be appreciated. thanks.

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Please take yourself over to /rs/.

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We really need to make a FAQ for new players somewhere, at least 3 threads like this a day now it seems. Here's a link for one i just found, but scanning through it should have everything you need, blood angels and space wolves codex, plus a bunch of expansion stuff and all the chapter info you will need to make it as detailed as you want.


6th edition just came out but i don't have a decent link for a pdf of it, also ask any questions you want, i got nothing better to do.

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here's a more condensed one, use this one instead.

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Now as for suggesting units to take, it all depends on what playstyle you want. The advantage with Space marines is they have the best all around troops in the game, and they can do a bit of everything, so if you want to play heavy assault you can, but just know that there will always be someone who does what you do better.

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>We really need to make a FAQ for new players somewhere
You say that like we don't:


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