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I may be starting a game of rogue trader soon, so i am looking for ideas on how to play my rogue trader. so how about a rogue trader general

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I Rogue Trader
That's two points for Tim Curry.

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this is how I Rogue Trader

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and this is how I Rogue Trader

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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All the Corruption and Madness points.

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this is how I rouge trader

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This is how I Rogue Trader

>Frigate with a giant flaming Aquila on the prow

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This is how I Rogue Trader

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And this is how I do the rest of the Family

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This is how I rogue trader.

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Since nobody posted it yet.

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This is how I explorator.

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The Romanovs are actually a pretty good example of Rogue Traders. So are the Makarovs for that matter. So sad that series ended

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Someone posted a guide on you would go about scooping up mass amounts of people while converting them into servitors to sell back to the planet as cheap, mindless labor. Then using said servitors in strategic positions to completely overthrow the government to put the Rogue Trader in charge.

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This is how I navigator

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just whatever you do DON'T act like these people and you should be fine.

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there is no other way you should be able to do Rogue Trader

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>Don't touch everything
Pussy. Next you're probably gonna say I should have sex with that chick with the spikes growing out of her skin and bulge in her pants.

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this is how I rogue trader

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> have sex with that chick with the spikes growing out of her skin and bulge in her pants.
well not having sex with it would ensure long life.

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this is how I techpriest

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But I LOVE her!

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>But I LOVE her!
love her? or want to bone her? there's a difference ya know!

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I don't want to know the story you have because it is already better in my mind.

>the Rogue Trader brothers Bo and Luke Duke
>their vessel The Lord General Lee
>being pursued by Inquisitor Boss Hogg across Hazzard Sector

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THIS is how you rogue trader

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This is how I rogue trader AND how I commissar.

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She promised me unlimited power and an eternity of pleasure!

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That's how I Dark Eldar

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>This is how I Rogue Trader

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and you believe that?

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This is how I Rogue Trader

We really sucked at our jobs

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The whispering voices constantly gnawing at my conscious mind tell me she's legit.

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File: 65 KB, 848x480, OOO ; Den-O ; All Riders - Let's Go Kamen Riders (DVD 853x480 H264 AC3 5.1 24fps) [87430A73].mkv_snapshot_01.18.24_[2011.10.06_16.32.26].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how I skitarri

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this is how I rogue trader

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When playing RT, you must remember that all the characters are SOMEBODY. Right from Rank 1, a 'lowly' voidmaster is someone who has risen to a position of influence and mastery in a weaponized space city populated by tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of souls. You are not the lowly whiteshield pre-guardsman that a R1 dark heresy character began as. You ARE, or REPRESENT, an ALLY of the EMPEROR HIMSELF, able to mildly flaunt laws, TAKE PLANETS AND STAR SYSTEMS in his name, profit on the backs of all of it, and proudly and openly display xeno weaponry taken from their cold dead corpses as your trophies [and now main weapons].

Do not be a snivelling little retard. Rogue Trader characters are alphas.

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unfortunately even a shitty dynasty in terrible disrepair should be a step above that crew. Now, characterwise, perhaps, especially when on the ground.

But ships like the Firefly, and whores like that one whore, are things you carry as cargo or auxiliary craft even for a frigate. There's an entire harem of those whores down on deck five.

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this is how i techpriest...

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This is how I Arch Militant

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Combined with this

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Mighty Ubuntu of the Mechanicus tribe?

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This is how my group Rogue Traders.

Fucking mutants.

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This is how I xeno mercenary

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This is how I Magos Biologis.

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This is how I Arch Militant and Commissar.

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unfortunately no, that would make too much sense...
this guy is supposed to be the team mechanic and fire support, and yet in every fight the designated fighters get beaten to a bloody pulp and the techpriest end up slaughtering the opponents and walk away unscathed. one time he ripped the head off a chaos werewolf with his bare hands, used the head to make a servo skull.

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Most of his weaponry is Polish.
It's kind of weird.

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You poor fools, I hope for your sake you can at least master the art of ripping of locals for profit and move up into better times.

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This is how I Acquisitionist

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Tech-Priests. Ours is a nerdy pedophile who doesn't even like combat, completely ignores all the good loot and still kicks more ass than anyone else in the party.

The only problem is that he's even more useful in the lab, so we don't really want him out fighting.

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This looks like an appropritae place to ask a nob RT question.

So, I've been looking through the RT book and the ship construction section made me realize something - I don't know a thing about ships.

For example, I'm interested in the iconoclast class raider and it has two dorsal weapon mounts.
There are also prow mounted weapons, port weapon slots and starboard weapon slots.

The port and starboard are fairly cleat to me, they are on the left and right, but the other two, I don't understand completely.

From what I gathered from google, dorsal means that it has a turret on top of the hull, much like and Iowa class real life battleship, while the prow mount means that it has a weapon sticking out of the front, much like the vinidicator tank.

So, did I get these right?

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That is correct. Differently placed weapons have different firing arcs, which are all explained if you read the chapter on ship construction and combat thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the Rogue Trader ship rules are often far from intuitive and only very rarely are rules grouped together in ways you would expect them to be. My group and I skimmed through the rules, and the result is that two years into the campaign we've barely got the basics down to pat.

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Also, I spologize for the spelling errors, it's getting late here.

This is how I rogue trader, btw.

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Ah, the bad old days of armies composed of one dude on a bike with ALL THE ARMOR and fifteen orbital bombardments.
Also vortex grenades. Are there vortex grenades in RT?

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"Come with me if you want to live"

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I don't have a pic on my phone, but the 10th Doctor is how I rogue trader.

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this is how I techpriest

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I adept.

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this is how I Rouge Trader

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This is how I servitors.

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>Port/Starboard - Left/Right (can carry Broadsides on Light Cruiser and bigger)
>Dorsal - Left/Front/Right
>Keel - All around (very rare on Imperial ships)
>Prow (on ships smaller than Light Cruisers) - Front
>Prow (on Light Cruisers and bigger) - Left/Front/Right

The book Battlefleet Koronus add some weapons with special rules.

>Torpedoes - always on Prow or Keel, can only fire to the front
>Nova Cannon - Light Cruiser and bigger only, can fire in the front arc only
>Fighter Bays - Only on Port/Starboard on Light Cruiser and bigger, doesn't fire, can send out fighter, bomber and boarding craft in any direction

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This is how I.... psyker?

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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this is how I priest

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OP, are you playing the Rogue Trader or one of the other classes?

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I am the Rogue trader, OP here

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Hey now /tg/, are there any working download links for the Koronus Bestiary? I'm in dire need of some void krakens...

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Do you have any plans on what kind of Rogue Trader you're planning on being? Crime, War, Trade, Exploration and Creed (the religious kind, not the Tactical Genius guy) are the standard keywords for Endeavors, which of those do you plan on focusing on?

Will you lead from the front or will you always keep a couple of bodies between you and danger?

Are you the heir of a dynasty or were you yourself awarded a Warrant of Trade? How did you or your ancestors receive a Warrant of Trade?

Are you a scoundrel only seeking riches for yourself or do you actually believe in the Pax Imperium?

Some questions to help you get started.

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As one poster who chimed in during the Foie Gras story said, you don't get mad. You have people to do that for you.

You are a Rogue Trader. By extension, you are captain of a warp ship, and possibly commodore of a small wing or even fleet of such ships. Tens of thousands of souls live and die, profit and starve, by your command. You can do what you want, when you want, to whom you want; and anybody who isn't dissuaded from revenge by your fancy piece of paper will have a hell of a time making you toe their line by force. And what's more, you know all this. When you want a soda from the fridge, you don't get it yourself; you flag down the nearest navy rating and have him get it, then float him a hundred Throne tip, cuz why the fuck not? You want the precious metals out from underneath a sacred Exodite shrine, you don't work out an arrangement whereby it's carefully and non-destructively removed; you show up in orbit and tell the knife-eared peasants to hop it before you decide to give your lance crews occasion for some target practice.

You have also seen and done things that the average Imperial citizen could not conceive of in their wildest dreams. You have encountered and both literally and figuratively fucked the shit out of creatures that would make James T Kirk cross himself in horror. You have rubbed elbows with every noble in your operating territory, and probably had affairs with a few of their wives and/or husbands.

In short, you would be drowning in resources and power, if you weren't floating on them aboard a raft made of Class and Swag.

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It hasn't been scanned yet, but some guy posted the Void Kraken pages.

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>Are you a scoundrel only seeking riches for yourself

I wasn't aware you were allowed to play anything other than that in the AMAZINGLY DIVERSE 40K setting.

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That's preposterous.

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I don't know if I'm missing something, but it seems a bit underwhelming if it uses that 35 for attack skills.

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>Blood and Vengeance
To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.

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This is how I Arch-Militant

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Nah he's right, if you're not playing 40K as SOME kind of murderous asshole you're doing to wrong

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Fool! Now someone will have to stream it!

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This is how I Tech-Priest

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or debauched noble. Where is my picture of that fat little Malafai Noble!

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Here he is, I knew you couldn't hide from me!

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I'm only a murderous asshole to Xenos and stuff. Otherwise I am, to quote one NPC from our game, "the only man foolish enough to mistake being a Rogue Trader as a noble calling".

I am a stupidly idealistic servant of His Will who seeks to expand the Throne's influence into the Koronus expanse, for the security and prosperity of Humanity and the Imperium.

If I get fabulously rich, impressively famous and magnificently powerful in the process, well that is just a very swell benefit. One day I'm sure it'll end in tears, but until then I am gonna be a bid damn hero.

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my group ran a battlefleet koronus game. It was good.

When playing with a naval intelligence specialist be prepared for him to bring studies on carrier operation to sessions.

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Much love!

Also, I like how most of the noted places in the Koronus Expanse from the books are ranging from average planet places to some quite creepy shit, the latter being more common.

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>"The cap't, he said it was just a moon at first and to think no more on it, but I's knew better. I told him I did, I says to him that there is no moon..."

Oh Fantasy Flight Games, you sneaky bastards

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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So are you the Iron Man, the Xeno or the Slaaneshi cultist?

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>not nurgle

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The guy eats chilli chutney sandwiches for breakfast and once taught a vending machine how to make beer milkshakes.

>> No.19976867

he is a general slob, and got so sick once, the sickness became split personality

>> No.19976874

but he was also pretty upset when Rimmer took over his body and started smoking cigars

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This is how I rogue trader.

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becasue he had a delecate system, and the excess the rimmer was doing was more slanessh, so lister .... actually he seems quite chaos balanced, he has his momenst of anger, and this trolling moment too, so he might be unallingned

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This is how i Tech-Priest

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Most likely. There's also that time he outsmarted a time travelling robot, so there's definitely some Tzeenetch going on there.

Rimmer's a Khorninate, he's just not very good at it.

>> No.19976999

kochanski might just be a normal pilot

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This is how I rogue trader

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This is how i commissar

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Being a hologram hinders your ability to commit horrific violence. Its kind of sad really

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This is how I junior officer

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This is how I voidmaster

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This is how we voidmaster
We're all fucked....

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This is how I Rogue Trader

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>> No.19977348


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This is how I explorator

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this is how I rogue trader.

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oh god

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