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i heard there are some pretty capable coders around here, our fps 40k mod exterminatus for the source engine is in search for skilled coders who will speed up the process of putting stuff ingame. were also searching for good animatos, the current animations looks shit, and a better texturer wouldnt hur too.

contact us on mod db via the comments section or via the exterminatus forums if youre interested.

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>This is now an Exterminatus help thread

Does anyone know how the fuck to load/recover a corrupted image or texture? The connection throws a shitfit whenever I connect, saying I'm missing the Lictor model. Reinstalled it three times and added all the recent patches I can find on the site, but it doesn't do jack.

Any help?

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You could really help yourself by explaining what are you talking about to those who don't know. Maybe you'll catch their interest while at it.

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This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe, as seen in Dawn of War and our previous mod WH40K : Rival Species.

The 40k universe is set in the year 40,000 by which time mankind has colonized millions of worlds thought the galaxy by interstellar warp travel. Humanity is ruled by a vast, uncaring, priesthood/bureaucracy on Earth in the name of an all powerful God/Emperor. A galaxy of insidious alien races have threatened and fought the Imperium since its earliest days in innumerable wars and battles.

Developers of this mod have deliberately chosen to include only 2 of the many races of the 40k universe in order to focus on the quality and polished that the mod would not have otherwise. Please do not ask about the other 40k races.

Exterminatus is feature complete and the game is fully playable. A public beta is available for anyone that wants to try it. Regular scheduled games being hosted on a number of dedicated servers each week (check our steam community page for the latest scheduled times and our manual for a list of servers).

Development is still going on to improve existing features. Asking if the mod is dead when we have posted news in the last 8 weeks will get your comment deleted. These things take time to do right and must not be rushed.

Each map sees the Marines and Tyranids competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet.

Players that do well for their team are rewarded with the option to use more powerful player classes including special and heavy weapons marines, the tank like Carnifex and terrifying Lictor.

This is the description of the mod, we currently need help to make this what its supposed to be.

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And what game is this mod for ?

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source engine

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The Source Engine i.e. Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Dota2, Counterstrike.

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Your mod's great. Hi!

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I played this... last year, I think? Back when /tg/ went through like two weeks of rabid playing of it. You guys have some solid gameplay here, and I like the levels and classes. Now there just needs to be more people playing.

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I wish more people played it :<

Should so make a SM vs CSM some time too.

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Ok i'll try and explain what the hell stahl is on about.

The warhammer 40k mod He is talking about, is Exterminatus: rival species 2, a half-life 2 source mod, featuring Tyranids vs Space marines.(currently anyway, more races could be added when those two are balanced and complete)

Premise of the game, for most maps, is there are a linear path of capture point on the map where you start at point A and need to cap point B to get point C. There are one or two maps which feature an objective based capture, where one team is on offence , and the defence need to stop them from completing their objectives.

As for for units at the moment,space marines start with basic tactical marine and tyranids have genestealer or a warrior. To get to the more advanced units when you get kills or capture points , you receive score when you die if you have sufficient points you can choose a higher tier unit.

Current units within the game are as follows;

Space Marines: tier 1: tactical marine, tier 2: veteran, weapon specialist, tier 3: terminator, heavy weapon(aka heavy bolter but i think it's being switched to missile launcher)

Tyranids: tier 1; genestealer, warrior, tier 2: lictor, carnifex ,tier 3: zoanthrope.

links: http://www.40ksource.com/

Damn all this typing oh well post it anyway.

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thank you, but please try to keep the thread as clean as possible, we want to hire more people because our only coder, texturer and animator is chrome, and hes too slow alone (i made so much models and effects for him he cant keep up anymore) so we really need all the help we can get, or this mod is not going anywhere soon :/ the progress is just too slow for my taste.

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I dont know why but I think 40k needs to start breaking out of the RTS mold...

Space Marine was cool for third person but multiplayer is a fucking nightmare with peer 2 peer.

Exterminatus is pretty fun, not many play it that must sadly but atleast its a good FPS...better than a certain fucking game...COUGH COUGH FIREWARRIOR!

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i have like 5 classes ready to put ingame and 3 new fx from the fx artist from firearms source. please if you know people who can help, ask them at least

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The thing about FPS's now is that a majority of people won't play them if they don't have:

•Level Progression
etc. (Basically, stuff BF series and CoD have)

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True but the feeling of having six bolter firing into a carnifex as it charges you, only to have in die at your feet, is awesome, then the dread as the lictor who sneaked past cleans you up one by one.

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Mark my words /tg/ - one day there will be finally a game about Sisters.

And it will be glorious.

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Do you need to install Half-Life 2 or something to play this mod or is it a stand-alone game ?

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if you have tf2 installed that will work but you need to go into the tool menu of the library tab of steam and install source SDK base 2007.

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wait youre hiring people? as in paying them?

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Okay I'm going full retard and can figure out how to install this, I download the installer but when I click on it it says it's removed.

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couple of questions do you have a source enigne game already installed did you install the SDK 2007, or are you having a problem installing the alpha version?

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OP do you need help with mapping ? i'm no pro programmer but you gotta get experience somehow right?

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Yes and Yes

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op is a faggot
mod is for faggots
40k is for kids
sage in every field, losers

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hmmm let me think try restart steam?
If that doesn't work get new copy of installer and try again.

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OP is it mainly LUA scripting or... ?

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you are all fags

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says the noob that can't inna SAGE

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shut up you fat loser kiddy

i will fucking buttfuck you you fat fuck

fucking 40kids

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it feels awfully summer in here >_>

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So anyways, this mod seems pretty cool. I wonder if Relic/THQ will make a game that is an FPS of 40k

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shut up you weabo cunt

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i hope not you faggot

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might as well come clean before anyone gets hurt.
Good show gents!

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Having fun are we? Fitting in yes?
ya except for the fact thunder hammers and melta guns are just crazy in that.

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Space Marine is a Third Person Shooter, not a First Person shooter

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....right, I meant a better one

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Call of Duty: Imperial Warfare might interest you..

>yes, they went that low

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Don't forget to mention fucking laz cannons

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for the few people I saw using them I proceeded the pump them full of plasma gun. got to level 19 then couldn't take anymore of tthe crippling host migration 1 bar connections.

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Okay So I download the .exe I go to click on it and it fucks up.

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If they're good shots, you die.

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guess they didn't, now people with stalker bolter they had good shots.Fucking loved fighting them 50/50 chance of winning usually.
gonna need a picture governor,can't do shit if you just say it fucks up.

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I pulled out all the stops

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your anti-virus dun goofed son, which one you using?

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Dunno if this has been addressed already, but I'm a decent animator. What can you tell me about the character model files and the relevant editing tools?

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>antivirus outright removes
>doesn't quarantine
Nigga you need to try Comodo. It's like a 7ft black guy at your door who says "Boss, this guy looked like a troublemaker so I locked him in the closet. Go take a look at him."

Most others are "shoot first".

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I have defeated the monstor known as Norton and it's now working.

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well done champion you have gained experience a skill point of anti-virus management.

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hope it worked Now I'm fucking off to sleep if you still have trouble find someone else.

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Guess that's a no.

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yes we could use mappers, the current maps couldnt looks less 40k than they already do. feel free to do some mapping for us.

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