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The party I am GMing recently captured a succubus, and despite my reminding them what it is a succubus does, they insist that they are going to chain her up to repeatedly bang her. What are some good consequences to this without being "That Guy"?

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She gains immense power and strength while those who bang her lose levels.

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And compulsions to bang her s'more, remember.

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yep. She probably pretends to be weak until they're done, then they realize they've lost a bunch of levels, and she becomes a new villain or something.

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Lots of negative levels. Remember, a single kiss is enough to inflict a negative level.

Also remember that spell-like abilities don't have verbal or somatic components, so no matter how thoroughly tied up she is, if she's not in an Anti-magic Field or similar, she can Greater Teleport or Ethereal Jaunt whenever she feels like it.

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While it might be treading a step or two in to the area you were hoping to avoid, having them all some down with a case of Devil-Herpes might be warranted by this level of stupidity.

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>good consequences
>without being that guy

Sounds like you're the only not-that-guy there, bro.

Let them bang her. Let them suffer for their foolishness.

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If level drain, and the common sense that it takes to not fuck a demon that corrupts people by fucking them wont dissuade them then you really just shouldn't. I'd just say let what happens happen at that point. That's clearly what the party wants
I don't even see why one would teleport away in a situation like this until she's gotten everything she can from them

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"Gosh /tg, SOMEHOW the party made a successful live-capture of a sex demon, and now they're going to respond in the most direct and obvious way to me giving them a captive sex demon. How can I punish them for what I've done? Give me suggestions so I can pretend I didn't want this all along."

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>banging something that spawned from the very incarnation of evil and chaos itself
>no bad side effects

I don't think so, Tim.

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....If you don't end it with her dominating them with her futa penis after she drains their levels. You're DMing the game wrong.

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This is the kind of action that should be checked, but not 'punished', per se. You aren't some avenging angel of GMship - these are your players, your friends, and although they have to be nudged back on the right path, you can do so without being unduly crippling to them.

I would use this as an opportunity to introduce a plot hook, using the succubus as that hook. The PCs believe they are in control of the situation, but given the succubi's ability to a) leave at any time using Greater Teleport or Ethereal Jaunt AND b) give them massive level-drain simply through physical contact, they have essentially been played.

USE this. Let them have their fun... then let the succubus have hers. Have her take something from them they can't replace with a Greater Restoration. Not just a chunk of their xp, but a piece of their souls. Then have her leave when their guard is down/they're finished/etc, with a note left behind explaining their situation as (partially) soulless, a few verbal barbs, and a bit of blackmail - do [x] or you'll forever be missing a chunk of what makes you /you/. [x] can be something mundane but should be something fairly Evil-aligned - maybe she wants them to deface a temple, or assassinate a priest. See how they play it. Do they give into her demands? Or do they try and track her down?

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Tell them to cast antimagic field around her.

Not sure if it stops the negative level drain (it stops supernatural abilities i believe) but even if it doesn't tell the priest to cast Deathward to the party.

Let them have sex with her intenselly.

Tell them she bares their children.

Tell the priest to cast cure disease on each and everyone who had sex with her.

Oh, yes, tell them to cast dominate monster on her before all these for oral pleasure.

Easiest solution, no arguements, no "you didn't let us, railroading DM wuuzzz QQ".

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No. Fuck you. Stupid people need to be punished, they don't deserve awesome plothooks.

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>Tell them to cast....
Dude... what?

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Make here get away and give birth to a party of half-fiends just like their pc parents in every way and have the succubus lead these evil doppelgangers to the PC Rapist.

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You should probably allow the party wizard to make knowledge (arcana) and general intelligence checks to see if they think about this, assuming they don't do it on their own.

Technically, rape is usually not defined as an act of passion, so it could be argued that it does not bestow negative levels.

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Well, as a succubus, I'm pretty sure she could consider any sort of sexual congress "passionate."

Kinda her whole deal

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No, they don't, because that doesn't actually solve anything, it just perpetuates the same old shit. Do you honestly think that by 'righteously' murdering your party, they're going to learn from their mistake? No, they're going to complain you're a shitty DM (which would be true) and you're right back at square one.
Doing stupid things as a player doesn't mean the GM should lower themselves, it means the GM should rise above the stupid and craft something beautiful from it. And then you're having fun with the "That Guy"s, and everybody wins.

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...I don't... even...

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They should feel the Warp overtaking them.

Fortunately, I'm told it is a good pain.

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>PC - "Hey guys. I'm gonna go burn down that village for lulz."
>You - "You are caught by the guards and thrown in jail"
>PC - "Hey guys I got out of jail, I'm gonna burn this orphanage."
>You - Oh.. so they DON'T learn....
>Same situation
>Me - "You burn in the fire you started, roll your new character up."
>PC - "Oh maybe this time I won't be retarded and try to burn a village as a Chaotic Good character."

.......This works. Because I have been in this fucking situation.

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I remember a player of mine (a monk) skinned a hobo in plain sight after kidnapping an orphan once. Granted, it was in the boonies, but still. He was promptly arrested, beaten within an inch of his life (literally, "You have one hp left after leaving jail"), and his illegal goods seized. The party had to convince a high ranking general to pull some strings to get him out, and flat out said "If he gets jailed for something like that again, I can't help him. He'll be in there for good." He never acted up again.

Anyway, appropriate PC punishments vary by group. You just gotta do what they'll respond to. In my case, it was the threat of starting a new character and the loss of the monk's treasured Hobo-Skin Hand Wraps that motivated him to act better.

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Wait... so you DO agree with me then?
Because that's what I'm saying to do. Punish them, sure my example used death as the motivator but still.

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>Hobo-Skin Hand Wraps

Enchant those motherfuckers and I would do anything to keep them too.

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Magical and non-magical STD's.
Have her come back in a few months after spending time on a plane with a 10:1 time stream ratio. She now has a cohort or three with their blood that can legally inherit their property if the PC's die; depending on the laws of the area they're operating in, they may or may not maintain ownership if they get rezed, which could make them outlaws with all the problems that go with that.

Negative levels and fun like that.

Max out her bluff and make up some bullshit about anyone who consents to sex with a succubus essentially signing away their souls...in marriage. She then sues for divorce and takes half their property and WBL.

They wind up having trouble with their sex lives, having already done the crack-cocaine version of sensuality and can't get it up anymore without demonic nookie; if they want any, they need to start making deals with various demons or devils to get their fix, will save each day or take -1, stacking, to everything they try until they get what they need. Each time they get their fix, they get a Vile +1 bonus to all of their rolls for 1 day.

Succubus comes back with a coterie of other demons, starts corrupting the local officials and sending the guards out after them on rape charges, or murder, or w/e will get them killed, maimed, or otherwise wrecked.

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Yes, they are being stupid and deserve to be punished. But you can still do it in a way that would be fun to play out. I would make the succubus a new recurring villain and raze everything they loved to the ground as retribution. And then they have both a punishment and a new quest for vengeance.

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>She then sues for divorce and takes half their property and WBL.

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What are the normal things that would happen if a succubus had her way with a character in the system you're using?

Either way, you could have her be willingly trapped, and she's just there for some greater purpose. I like the idea of spawning new demon children. Make her the Echidna of your world.

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>she sucks a piece of their essence out
>binding magical contract with her lord
>she keeps the stolen levels
>gets the female members of the party pregnant
>sissify the male members
>collar them all
>she sells them to the BBED (Big Bad Evil Doer)

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He was going to enchant them before he was arrested. Having the entire party be evil leads to a crazy campaign.

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I don't know how good of a lawyer she'd be able to get, so I figured half would be viable. With proper prep-time and allowances to wait until they're in a lawfully-tended area, she might be able to take them for all they're worth; better still if they're on one of the Lawful planes or sends an Inevitable after them to hold them to the "contract" and hand them the subpoena for their court-date, and better still sets it for a time-frame that they'll have to either drop an existing project for or make a hell of a fast trip to the location, else she can send more inevitable out to enforce the "separation procedures according to abyssal accords."

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>I don't know how good a lawyer a demon could get

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>Not Big Bad Evil Dude.


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In fact not just one child but a swarm (a swarm being the number of your PCs) for every time they "raped" her.

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more succubus pictures please?

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exactly. she could but she realised they were going to drain themselves on her body with no effort on her part, if she can just keep up the act before they realise they've gotten weaker [mark the level losses and saves down; DO NOT INFORM THEM till they try to use lost abilities that "its not working. you know you can do it, but the knowledge is all fuzzy, and your body can't quite seem to do it right".

they are LITERALLY raping her to death.


and they deserve EVERY BIT OF IT for this dumb shit. especially after you warned them. enough warnings. taste the fruits of her refreshment.

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They have alter-self to get mortal ones or Knowledge Arcana to get the inter-planer ones.

Mostly depends on the method the DM wants to use.

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Crazy is fun sometimes.

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theresone pic in particular i used to have, of a demon chick with wings kissinga tied-up angel chick with wings. really high quality picture, looked almost like oil painting

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Or they can just waltz into hell and find all of them.

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>the evil one is a female

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Do all of this but don't kill them. Make them suffer.

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"God damn it Cladius, When i said bind the demon i didn't just mean with chains. "

remember kids when courting sex demons ensure you have all the proper protection applied first.

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Naw, LN can swallow their pride to deal with a CE creature, but the Abyss and the Inferno get along about as well as Isreal and Palastine.

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Not to sound like I'm advocating being a dick. Use this as a chance to add a large conflict in the story.

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"If you make me cum, you get a very powerful relic!"

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>suddenly the very players who asked I not force fetishes into the game all jump onto the succubus for the promise of items

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Turn them into addicts too maybe?

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Firstly, negative levels and continual suggestion effects to make them lose levels for fucking her (dumbasses!).
Secondly, by engaging in a violent sexual act with her, a tiefling babby comes toterm extremely fast. She teleports away, the mother or a PC's child, and becomes the new BBEG.
One of the majour EGs is now the pissed off tiefling son.

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>>19947627 here
when I said they can rape her to their deaths; its not a "and now kill them" recommendation. But rather; if they keep on fucking her THAT much that they can no longer handle things they would have if they weren't so drained... or even drain themselves to 0?

well that there's their fucking problem. Because that's a bloody valid TPK.

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>as if they aren't stupid enough already, seeing as OP said they wanted to fuck her anyway

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Oops, totally fucked that post up.

Firstly, negative levels and continual suggestion effects to make them lose more levels for fucking her (dumbasses!).
Secondly, by engaging in a violent sexual act with her, a tiefling babby comes to term extremely fast. She teleports away, the mother of a PC's child, and becomes the new BBEG.
One of the majour EGs is now the pissed off tiefling son.

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Actually Tieflings are further down the line. half-fiends aren't quite the same.

At least pre 4th edition Tieflings were like this: its a "maybe grandpa or great-grandma was a devil, demon or yugoloth or something, or maybe more than one"

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>A rape victim getting revenge on the perpetrators of their rape
Choose one.

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this and the linked posts so hard

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>revenge isn't bad if a rape victim does it
Don't turn this into a morality debate.

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I wasn't saying that you were saying that they should actually die in that post. More of a way to make sure that the OP here doesn't go too far with his punishment. Not that he would since he doesn't want to be "That Guy" anyways.

Although, I think they would have some kind of physical warning that they were doing damage to themselves before they died. If you just say, "Oops! You've been draining your health this whole time, you died!" then that's just a dick move to your players.

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She wouldn't be getting revenge because of the rape. She'll be getting revenge because the PCs will have fucked up whatever scheme she had going on the prime material plane.

I don't think it's possible to traumatize a demon with something like rape by mortals. She's probably gotten worse from higher ranked demons just because they felt like it.

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Hey your PCs wanna do this go for it

let them experience the consequences, its a fucking succubus, I'm sure she servers a demon lord or something who will find a way to use the situation to his/her advantage

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or you know, she jumped in that pit of floating dicks one time for the hell of it

>> No.19948078

The perfect woman does not talk in so vulgar terms. I know there's not really a middleground for female sexual characteristics between "medically accurate terms", "porno terms", and "purple prose terms", but still. I mean, c'mon, that's the language of a low-class prostitute.

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i cannot believe anybody would be so stupid.

maybe your players are bored and are just too lazy to make new chars?

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Can you rape a succubus? Is that even a thing?

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demon AIDS

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Well, devils could get better, certainly.

And yeah, it's not insta-TPK but "You fuck her, gain a negative level, make a will save to not get a Suggestion to want to do it again. Later, make a fort save to ditch the negative level." Repeat.

>> No.19948295

>add 10-20 to the fort and will saves for lust haze/full retard mode they're having

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Fuck these guys over. Really, you'll be doing them all a favor. You'll be doing us a favor. You'll be making them learn that maybe you shouldn't turn a story about big-damn-heroes into rapesville.

Shit, they're talking about raping a demon. A demon that fucks you over with sexuality, the very thing they're going to be freely feeding it (that could count for level-drain: the passion is freely given, not exactly consensual, but free will is exorcised, thus making it EXTRA effective).

They are being the worst kind of that guys: being hopelessly platemail-on-head retarded, turning a friendly fantasy game into an uncomfortable sexual fetish reenactment of the Fall of the Eldar, and disregarding the DM's discretion to do this stupid crap. Don't take their shit anymore! GET MAD! I don't want your damn fetish shit! What the hell am I expected to DM here!?

> Take a lesson from Mr. Johnson, here.

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Big Bad Evil Dame?

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Post of the year, all years.

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Demons don't get good lawyers, because they're creatures of chaos, and their style of wackiness doesn't go down well in a courtroom. Devils, on the other hand, have the best damned lawyers in existence. Suing for divorce and taking their shit is what an Eyrines would do - a succubus is much more likely to just grab a big chunk of their souls and use it to raise her power level way over 9000 - and then wreck a lot of shit.

>> No.19948504

An Eyrines would take the case just to grind a party that retarded into dust for fun. Maybe the succubus has a little more self control.

>> No.19948576

I think i know the picture you're describing, and i THINK it's a Boris Vallejo painting, but GIS aint in a helpful mood tonight

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Whatever happens OP must report back to tell us the grand tale of this adventure and his players reaction. Fuck em over hard with no lube OP. They deserve it for being such dumbasses. You gave them the opportunity when you made sure they knew about what Succubi are capable of.

"Ndditza man" Yes Captcha the succubus is also a man.

>> No.19948925

Just remember succubi have an alternate form ability.

Consider springing it mid-boink, if you DO end up not FtBing.

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Don't try to stop them or prevent them. Let them do as they will and quietly keep track of how many levels they're receiving - do not just outright state "you all get negative levels". Let them even keep the succubus, who pretends to be 'trapped'.

If someone manages to accumulate enough negative levels to drop dead, that's when you have the succubus laugh her ass off and teleport away and when your players QQ about it you respond with a simple "YOU DECIDED TO RAPE A SUCCUBUS, A THING THAT GIVES NEGATIVE LEVELS WITH A TOUCH, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN YOU CONSUMMATE RETARDS". IIRC you cannot be revived from death by negative levels - so you take that character sheet and tear it the fuck up.

If that doesn't happen, do not adjust encounters for them, make sure they go into a fight thinking they're hot shit, then have the sudden horrifying realization when they try to use powers that they don't have anymore that they all took *severe* negative levels, at which point the succubus teleports away.

Have them lose part of their souls, and class features (permanently unless they get their souls back). She could now be your bbeg, and hell, you can even introduce their half-fiend children as bad guys later to throw it in their face how retarded they were.

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They get...

Demon Fever

Type disease, injury; Save Fortitude DC 18

Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day

Effect 1d6 Con damage, target must make a second Fort save or 1 point of the damage is drain instead; Cure 2 consecutive saves

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Well OP it depends on how you want to run things. If you are not okay with this course of action and want to discourage it then use the advice already given for providing "Correction" though it is my experience that this only keeps the PCs from repeating the SAME tardation, so they won't capture another one and they likely will not try to keep this one as a pet, but the next Nymph or Dryad the see may still be in the rape zone, and all non rape related bad ideas will still likely occur

If you don't feel like disciplining them then simply let them do it and suffer the consequences which you have TOLD them are gonna happen(although I advise against killing one of them with suprise level-drain, you can feel that shit and revival prevention is gonna piss the flying fuck outa whoever gets perma-killed, and spends the rest of their days calling bullshit).
If they do be smart about and anti-magic field+ deathward/restoration that bitch then let them have at it, they will eventually get bored, piss something off (Outsiders usually have Masters/Owners or Super pissed of Paladins that will kill they whole (rapist)party to slay the DEMON), or otherwise screw things up (PUNS).
Though the thing to keep in mind is that the Succy will be motivated to do everything they possibly can to get her soul suck on, so if the players don't cover ALL their bases have it bite them in the ass (potentially literally)

>> No.19950122

Vagina dentata

>> No.19950160

Well... they know what a Succubus does, so I don't get why they do it. Obviously, they lose levels. It's not even unfair DMing, you even reminded them. So I guess they gangbang her and everyone loses at least one level.

Somehow I expect they'll be angry about this, but you told them bro, you told them about succubi.

>> No.19950173

If the players are immature enough to go "HUR DURR RAPE TIME" *AND* dumb enough to decide to pull it on a succubus of all things - with the warning about what succubi do, negative levels and character permadeath are entirely appropriate.

A ripped up character sheet, and the next encounter potentially being TPK will teach all the participants not to act like fucking retards. I'm normally not in favor of harsh methods, but I'm not particularly fond of retards who think they can rape everything in sight because 'tabletop lolololololo xd so fanny'. It's a line in the sand, and they stepped over it first.

>> No.19950188

so it's only justice if someone else does it?

>> No.19950190

source on that girl?

>> No.19950213

Astarotte no Omocha.
I found the name with a 20 second google search. Don't be lazy and look it up yourself this time.

>> No.19950216

>Energy Drain (Su): A succubus drains energy from a mortal it lures into some act of passion, or by simply planting a kiss on the victim. If the target is not willing to be kissed, the succubus must start a grapple, which provokes an attack of opportunity. The succubus’s kiss or embrace bestows one negative level. The kiss also has the effect of a suggestion spell, asking the victim to accept another kiss from the succubus. The victim must succeed on a DC 21 Will save to negate the effect of the suggestion. The DC is 21 for the Fortitude save to remove a negative level. These save DCs are Charisma-based.

One negative level for a ~6 second kiss or a hug, gangbanging her is probably going to go on a bit longer than 6 seconds. So you roll 2d6 for every character, and bestow that many negative levels to all parties involved. Oh, and demon fever as a previous poster mentioned. Not to mention charm effects.


>> No.19950727

Also, add insult to injury. Have the succubus effortlessly free herself afterwards and tell the players that they were the worst lays she ever had. Also that they're thundering idiots for trying to pull this.
Then she teleports away and becomes a recurring antagonist who occasionally fucks up their plans in some way.

>> No.19950747

The PCs are the first victims of AIDS to walk the world.

>> No.19950790


I'm pretty sure nothing you can do at this point would render you any more of a 'That Guy' than they are. They're going to make a NPC their rape-slave? That's some FATAL shit right there.

Honestly if I was a DM of a group like that I'd scrap the whole thing and find some new people. That's some 14-year-old shit they're pullin'.

>> No.19950802

>The entire gangbang lasted just over a minute, but when it was through, Martin suddenly realized that he could no longer remember how to cast ice cone

>> No.19952801

That's pathetic. You may as well just be telling them "roll dice but nothing BAD can actually happen to you, because I'm too much of a pussy to make you suffer consequences"

Its called level drain, and its what succubi do.
Its called NOT ADJUSTING DIFFICULTY, and its what the GM must do in this case.

If they're playing around as level 4s when chasing down CR16s? ITS THEIR OWN DAMN FAULT

>> No.19952867

"you feel bloody drained after all this. She took it pretty well, but you're pretty sure she'll be quite sore"

The wizard may notice first when he can't memorize that high level spell; hopefully he'd already topped off beforehand and won't notice till he tries to cast.

The others? for the most part, until they try to use their abilities with a bit of experimentation behind it? Up the DCs by amounts equal to the penalty they don't know they have [instead of giving them a hint with penalties].

Best case scenario, no big combat occurs and they go two or three days before realising something's wrong beyond just a bit of bad luck...

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Gonna throw my chips in and say: yes, ensure they suffer a big fucking heap of level drain.
If one of them loses all his levels, let him drop dead.
Drink their neckbeard tears, and show no mercy.

>> No.19953182

I say give them ONE chance to realize that this is a BAD idea. Maybe they start to feel the drain as soon as they start the gangbang (but it only feels like something is 'off'). Maybe the succubus doesn't seem that off-put by them trying to have their way with her. Whatever you do, make sure it's a warning, but a subtle one. Thinking about raping a sex demon should set off warning lights before they even start the act.

If they ignore common sense and your little warning, show no mercy. Let them sow the storm and reap the hurricane. Drain their levels (but don't tell them), have the succubus turn the tables at the end, have Good organizations angry at them for being so intimate with a demon, give them their just deserts. Don't go totally overboard though, they should be able to fix things with enough work and not repeating their mistakes.

>> No.19953223

they've been warned. That was more than enough, especially for the that-guy level activities they are wanting to perform.

It is time to drop the hammer, and dispense some indiscriminate justice.

Which they will grant themselves. With their dicks. in that pussy. because they're assholes.

>> No.19953293

Why don't they use the succubus as a weapon? Use it to lure adventurers or some shit then take their weapons/whatever you guys get and she gets adventurer dick. Everybody wins

dont actually play this game just lurking from different boards, not sure the lingo

>> No.19953541

well, because they're idiots.
Wise players would tell this sex-bomb they've got a perfect place for her, and send her to an enemy lord or king or something as a new concubine.

"We let you go, you get to fuck a kingdom with our help getting in; I know your type loves doing that. In exchange, that asshole and his son are going down... one way or yours *wink*. You're prone to breaking deals and all that, but all you gotta do is get in there and do what you love doing, with our blessings or banes or whatever it is you lot prefer."

>> No.19953591

A novel idea (not for your situation, but maybe as a plot hook for others): what if people got addicted to level drain - not the drain itself, mind you, but the sensation of experiencing things anew. Now you really CAN play that game/watch that movie/read that book/comic for the very first time all over again. Or in D&D terms, re-experience your first dragon-slaying, or the thrill of learning a difficult spell.

Chaining up a succubus is a retarded way to get this thrill, but maybe have a wizard/cleric selling it like a drug.

>> No.19953836
File: 285 KB, 500x386, sweeneytodd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying revenge doesn't always backfire

>> No.19954351

Alternatively, put your foot down and tell them "Fuck you, I won't have your characters raping anybody in this game. That's fucking creepy."
Sure, it's important to enable the players to have fun, but at the same time you to need to remember that as the GM you're still playing with them, not for them.

>> No.19954389

Levbel drain the hell out of them without makign it obvious. "You're feelign pretty wasted after you did her three times in a row." "You're exhausted and she's crying in the corner." "Yeah, you tear her a new one, and by the time you're done you're satisfied and could sleep for a week."

It's not like they shouldn't expect this.

Meanwhile she's at double her HP and ready to rape them in quite another way.....

>> No.19954415

Your part y wants to play out a rape fantasy.

The best response is to light the table on fire and never talk to them again.

>> No.19954426

I was being 'fair' with it, Normally I'd say roll 2d20 per person and call it a day.

>> No.19954583

3d4 I'd say.
As they finish up with the fucking... since they might be curious as to what you're rolling:
"Oh. well you guys DID fuck her a LOT... sex can have consequences and whatnot", grin and wink at them.

Technically you haven't lied, but they're not going to like the real meaning of that soon enough..

>> No.19954594


I would do this

>> No.19954711

It doesn't say explicitly, but it's implied by the Teleport spell that you cannot use it while over the weight limit. Pretty sure being chained to a wall counts as carrying something over 50lbs.

>Your next campaign involves an elder titan wizard who can teleport himself and his entire castle and uses Strength as his casting stat.
>Max load of a vanilla Elder Titan is 307,200lbs

>> No.19954729

She hypnotizes them with the power of the puuuuuuurpleeeeeeeee

>> No.19954760

Babby would be a half-fiend or a cambion

>> No.19954866


One Succubus I played as a blue mage, she had knowledge of a ritual that would grant someone a semi-undead state, and bolster their power with negative levels. Basically, it would grant a maximum amount of "Positive levels" equal to their HD. For all intents and purposes, their type became Unbreathing and they benefited from negative levels. Only catch to the ritual was that it only worked on virgins, and her being a CN succubus meant that you likely didn't get to where she'd grant you that much power without fucking her first.

One point in the game, she was captured by the evil kingdom, and they knew about her ritual. They had her perform the ritual on their greatest soldiers constantly, or else they would hurl her into the abyss and kill her on her home grounds, which would permanently vanquish her.

In other words, she knew that the ritual, which involves sex if it's not obvious enough, was being used to send superpowered soldiers after her friends. She was given the choice of endangering her friends, or oblivion.

And that is how you rape a succubus.

>> No.19954877

They know exactly what the risks are, and are doing it anyway. The succubus drains their souls through their "acts of passion", escapes her restraints once they're too weak to resist, and ends their lives in horrific ways for being arrogant imbeciles.

Kill them all, Johnny.

>> No.19954918
File: 528 KB, 768x1024, congofetish1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my fetish

>> No.19954959

She dresses them in high heels and corsets and reveals her mondo futa shlong for a night of ravenous femdom lovemaking.
Then they lose levels or take damage or something.

>> No.19955035
File: 71 KB, 360x270, i have the weirdest boner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She's probably gotten worse from higher ranked demons just because they felt like it.

>> No.19955062

Good christ that's bastard DMing right there. I don't know if I should punch him or shake his hand.

>> No.19955102

PCs: We rape the succubus

DM: And....level drain, level drain, level drain.

PCs: Wait, we stop

DM: She compells you to keep going with her suggestion, and you don't make it. Level drain, level drain, level drain, and...TPK!

Seriously, there's no reason at all to insulate these dumbasses from their own stupidity, let things play out exactly as they will.

>> No.19955807

Suggestion is not dominate, though.

Fading to Black, i.e. having whatever happens, happen "off-screen" / "off-stage"- y'know, NOT roleplayed.

>> No.19955915

Drain them to level 1. And have them become "spawns" of the succubus, forcing them to do her bidding.

>> No.19955947


This is the best idea.

Have them restart as level 1 characters in their chosen class, and they are now all evil and servants of the Succubus.

>> No.19955976

Give them an abyssal STD. It'll be incurable, the saves only lessen the effects each day. Have it result in something gruesome, and make the STD be really obvious to whoever meets them, like a demonic stench.

>> No.19956020

This man has the right idea. "Mother says you've been very bad to her, Father." The kids could grow freakishly quickly. Or kid, if instead of having one child represent each party member, there's only one child total and get the party to argue over who's it is

>> No.19956026
File: 47 KB, 500x330, lamprea_meson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First character gets to feel just how.. unusual.. Succubus vagina feels.

Pic related.

>> No.19956099
File: 92 KB, 694x642, CATFACE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In a twisted version of level drain she steals their masculinity in addition to their XP, reducing them to young sexless children. With her newfound powers she then re-ages them into what would be their normal forms, except now rather than being burly adventurers they're delicate ladyboys. Male enough to have a penis, and maybe get hard if they're touched in the right place, but definitely not enough to ever rape someone ever again.

They have to then re-learn their fighting styles and/or their magic, since being in a new body and mind makes life completely different.

Also, force them to wear lingerie to the next session under threat of character deletion.

>> No.19956127

Here's a suggestion:

Give them condoms with either divine or magical blessings to protect them from the succubus. Also have them wear gloves.

>> No.19956128

Well I think /d/ is here.

Time to go play Monster Girl Quest. Thanks for the weird boner, /tg/.

>> No.19956187


Raping a succubus is like someone dragging you in a dark alleyway and force feeding you delicious cake. For them it's good, and you're giving them what they want.

>> No.19956203

Dude, Succubus.
You cannot rape a succubus. And I mean that literally.
Even if you drug her, chain her up in Protection from Evil chains, tie her down, drug her, etc., so long as she gains power from sex, you CANNOT rape her because IN HER VERY NATURE she wants sex because it fuels her power.

So at the end of the day, you'll have a 8th level spell cast by a (now) 6th level wizard holding a 25th level succubus.

She'll break out when she realizes you've all grown wise enough to go "Wait shit we basically threatened her with a goddamn power plant to keep her under our control".

>> No.19956241

See >>19954866

>> No.19956246


>Suggestion is not dominate

It's not, but they have to make a will save to shake off the suggestion, and then resist a grapple attempt if the succubus is feeling motivated. Not that the first save is charisma based, and the last one is Dex(I think? Don't remember PF rules that well) based, so most classes will fail one of those rolls.

Also, the more levels they lose, the easier it is for her to keep them 'raping' her

>> No.19956297
File: 266 KB, 432x545, LENCUBUS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>trying to resist being reverse-raped by a level draining succubus

>> No.19956338

I've played enough CoC to know where this is going..

>> No.19956349
File: 15 KB, 356x408, 1339596627962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Regardless of whether it feeds the monster or not, the players still want to chain something up and fuck it against what they believe to be its wishes. That's fucked up.

>> No.19956361

ಠ _ಠ

>> No.19956389


The one problem I have with this plan is the just Teleporting away. Succubus should drain their levels, and when she's powerful enough, and they realize they've lost hella levels, she effortlessly busts her restraints and beats the shit out of them. They wake up, battered and bruised if not bleeding, and there's a big hole busted through several walls. Make them realize they just got screwed and then beat it into them: this gives them the feeling that it wasn't some stunt the GM pulled that got Deux Ex'd away.

>> No.19956393

The funny thing is, they got an incurable sickness from her and she even tried to warn them.
Oh the lulz that they lose one to two points of every stat every in-game month.
Of course their xp earnings are reduced to a third, the body's metabolism and functions are really fucked up :(.
Not to forget that she actually was on her way to her mortal lover to spend her last breaths with him/her.
Now a worried and quite enraged lover is going to rape them with a weapon of it's choice.
Still not enough?
The disease, slowly overtaking their body, repulses people who don't know why but are so displeased that even the loosest wench won't spread their legs for them.
Have fun.
Have fun watching them despair.

>> No.19956403



So you're having sex and then she forces you out of her without your consent?

>> No.19956424


>cancer mage

>> No.19956467

Not at all. Since rape is defined as something only men can do, you need a new term for when women do it. Thus, reverse rape.

>> No.19956481


>something only men can do


>> No.19956494

If they are dumb enough to think "Succubus Sex-Slave" is a good idea, than it's not really his fault.

They are draining themselves dry. It's not his fault none of them thought that having sex with a creature that siphons energy through sex would be a bad idea. They are severely retarded .

Teleport, Dimensional Door, and Greater Teleport all say You CAN bring along objects. She can willingly ignore the bonds (even though they are "attended") and ignore them when she teleports.

>> No.19956543

Though the Succy can easily escape by use of charm person, teleport or plane shift, if they're gonna feed her levels then she'll play along.

I.e. struggles, complains, sort-of-enjoying-it-but-totally-not-comfortable-with-enjoying-it act, etc.
Succy should try to provoke/charm the players into kissing her, have them actively roll will saves and visibly lose levels if she's successful . Do this only once or twice so as not to dissuade the players.

If the players notice that they made a will save and got a black mark on their char sheet for the kiss, but not for the rape, they'll assume the rape has no consequences and keep going at it.
Obviously, the succubus is outright spamming the fuck out of level drain. Don't let the players know this until you've drained their asses all the way down to level 0.

Once the players have been level drained to near death, succubus teleports or plane-shifts out.

>> No.19956599

Baator as fuck. I like it.

>> No.19956604

sorry, would you please elaborate? ;_;
I am new to this.

>> No.19956669

A Cancer Mage could be her mortal lover.

Nothing worse than pissing off a dude who can make your body die slowly.

>> No.19956695


Not the guy who posted that, and my knowledge of the system consists entirely of this board's banter, but I think he's saying that the overpowered succubus disease is neat and all unless one of the rapists is a cancer mage.

Basically, a cancer mage can ignore all of the negative effects of a disease, and then use that disease as a weapon against others later.

The only effect that would work is the becoming repulsive thing....but cancer mages are already pox marked, pus-spewing blobs of hideous flesh anyway.

>> No.19956699



Ya blew it.

>> No.19956734
File: 25 KB, 311x378, I_told_you_about_negative_levels_man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Players capture a Succubus.
Players rape the Succubus.
Succubus level drains the party.
Succubus escapes.
Succubus becomes the BBEG.
Players defeat the Succubus in surprisingly easy combat.
The Succubus is now captured.
Wat do?

>> No.19956770

Stop trying to start shit. Rape is forced penetration as defined by the law. Women can't rape unless they use a dildo or a finger or something. It's lame but deal with it.

>> No.19956812


rinse and repeat.

>> No.19956818

She forces penetration. Him on her. Against his will.

Still rape.

>> No.19956821

But they already do this, the body fails more and more.
Calling them a vegetable would be an understated.
Preventing their brain dying away though....
He could heal the head.
You could prevent that and put them on a stake, still alive.
They feel, see, smell, hear, perhaps even smell how much their body rots, maggots crawl in their body and so on.
The intestities are falling out of the body.
They would become insane, if they also stay isolated XD
After they have given up their hopes, crushed.
Let the head have some pain, reactivate their pain receptors.
Make them get visits by crows or other animals, chewing away the rest of their body, slowly, leisurely.
And their mind, ergo the soul, would become empty.
Wrath is capable of such big feats....

>> No.19956841

Go try that out in a court of law. The penetration has to be on the part of the woman, not the man. In case you're retarded: The woman has to stick something in the man for it to be rape, not the other way around.

>> No.19956848


>> No.19956867


That's called "being an undead"

>> No.19956878

Everyone ignore the troll, he's threadshitting and he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's clearly a virgin, he clearly has no kids, he has clearly never been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, and he clearly hasn't had a younger brother be targeted by a female child molester. He doesn't know what he's talking about and he's not worth talking to.

>> No.19956929


>that feel when I was calling out someone's troll attempt to avoid this very scenario
>that feel when someone potatos their way into trolling themselves because of it.

>> No.19956939

Who are you talking about? Also, rape is not molestation. At least not in the eyes of the law.

>> No.19957028

Imagine how drained you feel after jerking off a couple of days in a row.

Except it's in their fucking souls.

Level drain is a pretty fucking stupid game mechanic, and you can do much worse.

>> No.19957127

I never fully understood the IC consequence of level drain. Is it like erasing your memories? De-aging you? That's some powerful shit.

>> No.19957136

Well he's right in that some places only legally define it as rape if there is penetration. Of course that is some not all, and the legal definition not the dictionary definition.

>> No.19957151

Good question.

>> No.19957180


A monk loses ki, a fighter's muscle memory is wiped (or his actual muscle tone diminished), a cleric's spirit is disconnected from reaching their deity.

Pretty easy to make up. Especially if you consider wizards, like I do, to be similar to CoC investigators: the more magic they learn, the more fucked up their brain chemistry becomes. So de-leveling a wizard is basically giving him a normal brain again.

>> No.19957197

>I'm a top judge at the UN supreme court and I know the law as it applies in all countries, and certainly all of the many jurisdictions within the sole country I genuinely have even a little legal knowledge of

>> No.19957288

I don't intend to be an asshole, just provide the federal government definition of rape. I'm only going off of the US government because fuck the rest of the world.

>> No.19957350

Mate, the law defines a lot of things, but we're not talking about the law.

>> No.19957376

Rape is having sex done to you, against your will, forcibly and usually without your consent. Regardless of gender.

>> No.19957379

No, we're talking about rape, which is a crime. Crimes are handled by the law, and thus defined by the law.

>> No.19957395


her cunt would suck the life out of them pretty much, and they still wouldnt want to stop

>> No.19957401

Going solely by that definition ignores the facts that even ignoring the rest of the world there's more than fifty jurisdictions within the US which can have their own definitions and that governments can't legislate language.

It also contradicts the concept of statutory rape.

>> No.19957465

But that definition wasn't law; it was just what was used by the FBI for statistics.

By your own logic your citation is irrelevant.

>> No.19957503

>Holder announced changes to how the federal government defines “rape.”
I've made my point, there really isn't much more I can say. I'm not saying I agree, just presenting the facts.

>> No.19957544

Your point is wrong. You gave one definition, arbitrarily ignored and dismissed all others, and inadvertently dismissed your own while you were at it.

>> No.19957554

The FBI changed their definition to be less inclusive of male rape. They don't even count male-on-male prison rape as "real" rape for their purpose of their statistics.

>> No.19957597

>first PC to do it realizes what is happening
>tries to break free
>the steroided succubus pins him in place with her arms and legs and drains him to death before breaking free and beating the shit out of the rest of the party, followed by much taunting and then an escape

>> No.19957612

Alright, what state/country do you live in? You (or I) can look up the definition that it abides by.

>> No.19957636

Actually, never mind. I'm bored. Please don't respond because I don't want to carry on this discussion anymore.

>> No.19957656

How is the new definition less inclusive of male rape? According to the article, the original definition explicitly allowed only female victims.

They certainly are sexists though:
>it will now acknowledge male victims as well as female.
But not female rapists (except in corner cases), because it still requires penetration, which is anti-male.

>Situations in which the victim is unable to give consent will also fall under the definition – for instance, anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol
If they're both drunk, we can all guess who's the rapist and who's the victim.

>The Women’s Law Project (WLP) is one of the organizations that have been urging this amendment for a number of years.
No surprises they wouldn't want a definition that includes normal female sexual activity.

>> No.19957823

If they are both drunk there is no victim.
I guess you live in the utopia that women won't get you drunk to have sex with you, or get herself drunk so that she may accuse you of taking advantage of her if you ever say "haha, had sex with you bitch".

I hope i did not misunderstand your post, but it seems racist against males.

>> No.19957831

You're ignoring the facts I already pointed out that governments cannot legislate language and that one jurisdiction isn't the world.

The common law definition of rape, which evolved over time alongside language and is used by multiple jurisdictions, is
>the act of one party forcing another to have sexual intercourse with him or her. Common law rape required the utmost physical resistance by the victim, as well as substantial force by the defendant.

I don't want to let other people think you might be right simply by not defending my case, so I have to reply.

"I'm bored" sounds a lot like "I know I'm beat let's end the conversation", but I don't want to be so presumptuous as to assume that's why you're backing out.

>> No.19957840

Rape is defined as "any forcible sexual penetration."

This does not mean that the rapist is necessarily the one doing the penetrating.

>> No.19957900

ITT men's right's activists (AKA a known hate group) try to redefine rape to make themselves less responsible for their inborn male privilege.

>> No.19957921


There needs to be an award (or an image macro of one, at least), for "Least disguised attempt at trolling"

If there was an image, I'd post it right now. If there was an awards ceremony, this anon would walk away with the trophy.

Either way, the fact that someone with such a disgusting lack of subtlety being on /tg/ is depressing in so many ways.

>> No.19957923


>> No.19957925

I was arguing that the definition is sexist against men (misandrist), and implying that the man will be assumed to be the rapist and the woman the victim when both are drunk.

That works. Does the FBI interpret it that way, with forcing someone else to penetrate you being rape?

>> No.19957941

This reminded me of the unthread.

Why are there no female sisters of battle.

>> No.19957962

>implying MRAs are a single group
>implying they're considered a hate group by anyone except misandrists

I think it's propaganda, not trolling. Anon's honestly trying to turn people against men's rights, not just annoy /tg/.

>> No.19958174


>> No.19958383

That's actually the only two elements of rape. The application of force and sexual penetration.

I don't know what the FBI internal policy is, but those are the elements of the crime per federal law.

>> No.19958506

> That's actually the only two elements of rape. The application of force and sexual penetration.
That's the wonky bit of it. The perpetrator does the penetration, and the victim is the penetrated.

I forget how it works in the US now, but I'm pretty sure that's still how it works in the UK.

>> No.19958515

>mental health professionals
>overt but denied sexism
I'll think about this whenever someone backup up an opinion by saying they're a therapist.

That's good and not so sexist.

>> No.19958519

Same in the US. It includes fingers and other objects as well, I believe.

>> No.19958552

The FBI, being an enforcement body, does not make law. In any fashion. That function is reserved for Congress, unless delegated to an agency with guidelines. The FBI has not been delegated the authority to make law.

Ergo, the FBI's statistics definition doesn't. Mean. Jack. Shit.

In fact, federal law does not define 'rape' at all. The term under the federal code is 'aggravated sexual abuse,' and the definition is as follows:

Title 18 Section 2241(a): By Force or Threat. - Whoever, in the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the
United States or in a Federal prison, knowingly causes another person to engage in a SEXUAL ACT -
(1) by using force against that other person; or
(2) by threatening or placing that other person in fear that any person will be subjected to
death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title,
imprisoned for any term of years or life, or both.

>> No.19958574

According to Federal law, the perpetrator is the one who uses force. Doesn't matter who gets penetrated.

>> No.19958576

According to this article it's defined as penile penetration, meaning only men can commit rape:

Spot all the misandry on that page.

>> No.19958636

>waltzing into baator

I don't think so, chim.

>> No.19958676

What if a chick straps on a dildo? Does that count as "penile penetration?"

>> No.19958715

So, continuing on that vein, lets look at some of the rape statutes that actually do use the word 'rape.'
California: ""rape" occurs...under California rape law...when an individual engages in sexual intercourse with another person when the sexual act is accomplished (1) against that person's will, or (2) without that person’s consent"
New York: "a person is guilty of rape in the first degree when he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person: 1. By forcible compulsion..."
Virginia: "If any person has sexual intercourse with a complaining witness, whether or not his or her spouse, or causes a complaining witness, whether or not his or her spouse, to engage in sexual intercourse with any other person and such act is accomplished (i) against the complaining witness's will, by force, threat or intimidation..."

In conclusion, Mr. Troll, 'the law' defines rape as by other than penetration without consent.

>> No.19958717
File: 95 KB, 600x750, variantpaladins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unless your party has a palidin with ranks in "lawfull hot dicking" this can only go poorly op

>> No.19958752

No, the law says "penis" specifically.

>> No.19958757
File: 216 KB, 459x354, dinosaur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's even better when you find out both parties in that image are male.

>> No.19958768

Then it's sodomy, which is also illegal.

>> No.19958772

shhh, your suposed to wait till folk go "i would smite that evil, if you know what I mean" before you tell them that activates your trap card.

>> No.19958825
File: 41 KB, 513x695, 207193722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread got me thinking of creating a good version of the succubus/incubus (at least statistically in Pathfinder, fluff wise any system).
It came about because how there are many creatures already in RPG's that are basically the same, just ones good the other bad.
The basic idea I'm floating around in my head, is a celestial being that generally works for a love goddess.
They instead of sucking out the life of a person grant bliss and happiness (I feel like giving life is too much).
Also at times the patron deity that they lie under sends them out to those who do great deeds literally in the name of love to give them the reward of ultimate love and affection.
Basically the greatest lover in the universe.
The only problem with them might be they are willing to spread this love to anyone.
So don't expect to not come home to your celestial wife banging the neighbor, his wife, your other neighbor, the guard down the street... excetera.

I see this as a way to reward groups who don't mind more errotic things in their games or for evil groups wanting... yeah

>> No.19958857

I forgot to ask what people thought.
Is it an alright concept or should I not even go there?

>> No.19958996


There are a few problems, at least in the way you presented it.

>Granting bliss and happiness instead of giving life

My neckbeard says that is horrifyingly evil, because it's robbing someone of their free will. You can't just "make" someone happy and be good at the same time.

>Being the ultimate lover

Someone mentioned this above on the nature of succubi. Once you've had the ultimate lover, normal folk will never satisfy you again. Which is bad

>Sex Angel waifu fucks everyone

If the forces of the universe consider infidelity a bad thing, then Angel waifu is Bad by doing it.

Also, sex != love. The opposition to a succubus would be a love angel who guides someone to their soul mate. If the person they're guiding is a pervert who wants the best sex ever, they'll be guided to a like minded partner. Just being 'sexy angels sex good people' brings up the question 'what if you don't want sex from the angel?' or 'why is sex the only possible reward for good deeds?'

>> No.19959092

Remember, if the party is consenting in this action, then they would be denied their willsaves.

>> No.19959169

Hemm some of those are really valid points.
But I also should have made it clear I wanted to design this creature not just as a sex creature as is one of your worries.
It would be something that would literally love you for you no matter who you are.
Sex doesn't necessarily have to be a factor, just one of the benefits of returning this creatures passions.
Also I planned on making anything and everything it can do deniable.
For example If you say no to the sweet feelings you can get (almost like a drug without the bad consequences) from touching it, it won't bestow them on you.

The infidelity thing is really part of the fluff of the GM's world and my thinking is that if your game has sex as more then background and there is a love goddess most of her followers aren't going to be the type (they can be) to just stick to just one person. Because all can be loved.
And even if it is a love goddess who stresses paired couples, then its as simple as saying this being will be very loyal as well.

I don't want the opposition to a succubus, I want a succubus but good.

>> No.19959217


A good succubus would still be a succubus, friend. That being said, she would probably be a cleric/paladin of the goddess of love, and use her sex magic to weaken bad guys into harmlessness, rather than killing them like the brutish adventurers tend to do.

Delevel the immortal vampire into a lvl 1 commoner who happens to be undead, then saunter off to the next battle/orgy.

>> No.19959226

>My neckbeard says that is horrifyingly evil, because it's robbing someone of their free will. You can't just "make"

But Anon, happiness is the only intrinsically good thing!


>> No.19959271
File: 115 KB, 464x640, 520881160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Allright dog, Ima help you out.
Normally, a Succubus could drain the level fuck out of any group as stupid as this. She could also hit them with Profane Gift, basically a small enhancement in exchange for making it super easy for her to charm and remote view through them at range.
Since they are retards, let everything go much better than expected, multiple times, no level drain.
Obviously Paladins fall, that is between them and their closest Atonement giver. (opens an oportunity for Archetypes or Antipaladin I could drive a bus through, but let's stay focused.)
After they finish ravishing the demon, she poofs. She was summoned, no explanation necessary. PCs feel fine, but are radiating Magic, (Evil, Abjuration, Transmutation, Conjuration, DC 42)

In the succeeding weeks, people around them begin getting attacked by swarms of dretches as they sleep. The Players hear the laughter of the Succubus, and then the joining laughter of another voice and the crackling of flames and whips.
A Diviner should inform them that he believes half their souls are missing, but the spell is two powerful for him to remove, WHAT DID THEY DO? (Many well meaning npcs of holy and magical study should be curious about freaky pcs.)
Finally, when you are done screwing with them, they begin Gating by day. Demons just start using them as a portal, just walking out of their chests with a wink. This process ends when a Cleric Arch Bishop rebukes them and gives them the smackdown of their lives. "We don't fuck Succubi! Ever! This is why!"

>> No.19959357
File: 401 KB, 700x469, death.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your fleshing out of the concept is terrible, but I don't think the concept of a reverse-succubus is inherently bad.

I would either go as >>19958996 suggests and make an angel that leads destined lovers together, or make an angel that is a striaght up mirror to the succubus - she/he finds intelligent undead like vampires, liches, and shadows, and fucks the negative energy out of them, allowing them to experience some of the joys of life - touch, taste, the embrace of a lover, while simultaneously diminishing their unlife. Eventually, the undead are set to rest. Pic vaguely related.

That's my take on it anyway.

>> No.19959415

>implying utilitarianism isn't a false theory created to try to justify selflessness in a godless reality.

>> No.19959439

Don't know about where you are, but here in America, the Supreme Court struck down anti-sodomy laws as unconstitutional. As such, sodomy is NOT illegal. Also, the federal definition of rape - for criminal prosecution, not for the compilation of statistics by the FBI - does not mention penetration. As such, this whole "only men can rape" thing is, at least in the USA, false. Now, it's stupid that there should be different standards for defining rape in a court and for defining it in FBI statistics, but that's America for you.

>> No.19959440

Doing the legal thing seems too lawful evil for a succubus.

>> No.19959546

He's probably referring to the forcible sodomy laws, which obviously are still valid. But they're not called 'rape,' specifically, and he wants to be a pedantic shitbeast.

>> No.19959566

>calling out sexist laws
>topic about rape specifically
>he's being pedantic
Yeah, okay, sure.

>> No.19959626

>she/he finds intelligent undead like vampires, liches, and shadows, and fucks the negative energy out of them, allowing them to experience some of the joys of life - touch, taste, the embrace of a lover, while simultaneously diminishing their unlife. Eventually, the undead are set to rest. Pic vaguely related.

I like this idea.

I think it could be extended to the living as well. If a succubus is a creature of manipulation, I'm thinking a "Sex Angel," would have to be a something that an evil creature would have to CHOOSE to love.

With a succubus there is only an illusion of choice, its all about seduction. The angel would take on the form that speaks to the observers ideals rather than desires. Where as a Succubus supresses thought and invokes animal instinct, the sight of the angel would invoke moral quandary, put the full weight of the observers evil upon their conscience and allow them to weigh it against the pure goodness of the creature before them.

If they choose to forsake their evil the Angel couples with them, but the act is actually a divine punishment disguised as pleasure. Level drains, holy damage, the works.

In short, the "holy," version of a Succubus is the incarnation of death-bed repentance.

>> No.19959668


This is good. I like it

>> No.19959887
File: 694 KB, 850x850, sample_8050e0774fd1253f9ca040566825544a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Seems legit

>> No.19960004
File: 482 KB, 850x568, sample_26fecc73462611469ff5a941fe4d5982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it just me, or is almost every picture with angels and demons with any kind of sexual context all about the angel getting dominated/corrupted? I think is the closest I've ever seen to the opposite.

Good can never win in sex apparently.

>> No.19960028


Because our Lord Jesus H. Christ tells us sex is evil unless its in the dark under the covers for the express purpose of making babies.

>> No.19960059

It's every picture on the board that's been posted in the last 10 minutes or so. Somebody spilled coffee on the img server or something. It happens occasionally.

>> No.19960124
File: 29 KB, 300x300, Paladickings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I must roll a paladin and smite the evil out of the succubus with holy dickings

>> No.19960231
File: 65 KB, 350x438, sammy davis jr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat filename

>> No.19960612

>trap card
Seriously though, that only makes it hotter.

>> No.19963061
File: 379 KB, 998x612, 1309856940345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>equating subbing to a Dom with losing

>> No.19963452

Negative levels and / or ability loss causes them to pass out.
This will make succubus strong enough to escape whatever they have.

>> No.19963510

>Oh, yes, tell them to cast dominate monster on her before all these for oral pleasure.

>Tell them to cast antimagic field around her.

BRILLIANT, either the AMF negates the dominate or if its before the AMF then they dominate her into... passionate penis kisses, = massive level drain.

>> No.19963543

Energy Drain is a supernatural ability and thus negated by antimagic field.

>> No.19963562

No shit. Point being, it negates dominate, and I'm not sure you want to stick your dick into the mouth of a demon, helpless or not: chaotic evil abyss-spawn generally aren't too concerned about the consequences of their actions.

Of course, being a sex demon, I'm not exactly sure she'd be all that bothered by giving slurps, so...

>> No.19963564

So... a servant of a fertility God? Alluring fey could fill that role.

>> No.19963819

3E succubus drains levels by touch and can use "suggestion" by kissing people with the specific caveat that "keep being sexy with this succubus" is always considered a reasonable suggestion.

So she bangs the first guy until his Death Ward turns off, then bangs him until he dies from level loss. This isn't Bad End for the succubus, this is her purpose in life.

>> No.19965144

I'm confused. Who's Didi? Are there two of death in there? Is this from one of the spin-offs of Sandman?

>> No.19965372


I like how even if you forsake your evil ways to do it with the angel, you still get brutal divine punishment for all your previous sins.

If that's not Lawful Good I don't know what is.

>> No.19965527

Sins may be forgiven, but crimes must be punished.

>> No.19965558

>Sex demon who basically steals your life through you dick
>Wanting to put your dick in one even if it's captive.

>> No.19966107

So I recently read the blue mages supplement, and I had a question: Would succubi work in a brothel for pay? Probably not money, but say as the proprietor I hired adventurers to go out and soul-trap monstrous humanoids like orcs and gnolls, then payed the succubi with them? That way she'd do the work without level-draining everyone who visited her?

>> No.19966198
File: 39 KB, 400x726, F_Tiefling_Enchantress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let them fuck her with no immediate consequences. The Succubus then teleports out when the PC's are done, leaving them confused as to why she didn't just do that earlier. She could toss out a line like: "Just as I had planned all along!" if you want to make it really obvious

She gets pregnant, and her child is a demonic spawn containing a mismash of all the PC's features.

Make the child some sort of creepy Psion/Sorcerer like Alma from F.E.A.R. and make her into the central BBEG of the campaign in 3-4 years of game time.

The best villains are the ones that PC's create themselves.

>> No.19966681

My DM once gave me a dagger with a bound succubus inside that had to do as we said. At level 2. It was some seriously Faustian shit, taking advantage of her massive diplomancy abilities for the good of the party, but we still had to resist her attempts to escape/feed. As soon as we could afford it, I went into town and....


>> No.19966942

Oh boy, more mindrape spells that count as good.

Fucking morality, how does it work?

>> No.19966997


I think it's more like the evil soul is taken on a Scrooge-style tour-de-asshole of their lives, with granted insight on why what they did was bad. In the end, good is not forced on them, but given the brutally honest analysis of what they've done versus what could have been, there's no real defense of their lifestyle any longer. Of course, there's still the chance the individual is intentionally rooted in evil, rather than circumstantially or through apathy. The will save to tell the spell to fuck off thereby represents their will to resist good out of misguided principle.

That's how I'd explain it, anyways.

>> No.19967184

A succubus is a demon that is literally made of evil. Every last inch of her is incarnated evil. If you reached into her and pulled out a fistful of guts, you'd have a handful of evil in your grip.

Even if it WAS possible for pure evil to somehow find a spark of goodness within itself, a single year is definitely not long enough for an immortal entity to decide it wants to be good. We're talking centuries, maybe millenia of wickedness.

And how often do adventures involve sealed evils that are breaking their bonds after centuries of imprisonment? Just because a creature is trapped doesn't mean it's going to review its life and decide to change.

That spell HAS to involve compulsion in some way. And even if it does, a pure evil creature like a demon should shrug off the effects without much effort. It's like looking for gold in mud, there just isn't any.

>> No.19967341


I'm arguing on the basis that the compulsion involved is to negate the rejection of reason and instinctual clinging to their ways. They are not forced to change their minds; they are forced to listen to a 100% undeniably airtight argument about why their actions are wrong and they should feel bad about them. It's not brainwashing; it's locking them in their room to think about what they've done, with the ability to rationalize or dismiss magically subdued. In the end, the only logical course is good.

Or it could be something entirely more esoteric, as the spell lacks the mind-affecting descriptor. You're right about this spell not supposed to be working on a succubus RAW, though. Dunno what to tell you there. The DM was cool with it.

>> No.19967370


What about Fall-From-Grace, the LN chaste succubus from PS:T? She didn't need a spell to change herself.

>> No.19967411

why on earth is good the only logical choice?

Self preservation, greed and machavelen tactics are perfectly valid and rational motivators.

>> No.19967437

So they're forced to listen to an argument and not allowed to defend their position?

That's brainwashing.

We're not told how she changed herself or how long it took. She could've done it by choice over decades of introspection. However, that one demon/devil/half-fiend in the shop implies that her goodness is an act to infiltrate something. She denies this, of course, but any agent would deny that.

>> No.19967445

Careful. That anti-moralfaggottry is old shit.

The SPELL makes it LOOK like good is the only choice. That's why it's a spell without a compulsion descriptor. Get your facts straight before people start wanking off to your moral/amoralfag stupidity.

>> No.19967478

We've officially entered ethics arguments, and in a fantasy world no less. Remember that good and evil are tangible forces in this case. By all accounts, good is good, and evil is bad. There's no room for interpretation.

No, no. They're allowed to defend their position. It's just that they're provably wrong as per my above statement, and every time they try to turn their noses up at the argument, they're magically forced to continue until all doubt is erased naturally. Good is the only way to be that's worth anything.

>> No.19967487


That alu-fiend had self-hatred issues, or so Grace said. I'd say she's not exactly a trustworthy source.

>> No.19967500

Hey if anything I AM a moralfag, but that doesnt mean I and dumb enouph to beleive morality is always the rational choice. Its the right choice, but more often than the alternative it is the irrational one.

>> No.19967574

but as good and evil are tangible forces, they are infact TANGIBLE. good is not right and evil is not wrong, good is good, and evil is evil. Nothing more, nothing less. From the stance of the demon, evil is right. So the argument cannot be undeniable correct that good is superior in a world where evil is a real thing and not just a construct based on social interactions. The only thing such a spell could be is mind control or at minimum brainwashing, which by most definitions (especialy in a fantasy world where such difinitions will be crystoline instead of liquid), that would fall into the realm of evil.

>> No.19967630

That's arguing that evil is equal but opposite of good, when it's just opposite.

>> No.19967683

>good the only way that's worth anything

Except Asmodeus and the devils left Celestia in the first place because good wasn't enough in the fight against the demons. D&D evil is just as important as good.

That spell should auto-fail against evil outsiders. It should only work on mortals, seeing as they have the capacity for good and evil. It should also auto-fail against creatures that have removed their capacity for good, like liches, vampires, and other undead.

>> No.19970448

So you're saying moral right and wrong are independent of the supernatural forces of Good and Evil?

>> No.19970466

Your players are already being that guy. Bring down the fucking hammer.

The first one to stick it in her gets his soul sucked out and he is dragged kicking and screaming to the demon realms. She uses the power from his soul to teleport herself, and disappears into thin air to get revenge later in the campaign.

You give your players fair warning, and they continue to be fucking morons, you punish them, and you punish them hard.

>> No.19971430

You don't want to be That Guy, OP? Your group is already a bunch of That Guys.

>> No.19974668
File: 28 KB, 446x406, whatisthis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP, I really hope these are a bunch of kids. As jokingly and non-serious as my friends/idiots normally are, we still don't walk around burning things down and banging npcs. My main group over that when we were like 12, giggling like the idiots we were.

If they are in their 20's they obviously don't really care about their characters or the game. Find another group.

>> No.19976190

I'm 24 now (male), and I usually don't talk about this, but when I was 18 I was raped by 2 girls, 14 and 16. As in, they straight up followed me out to my car, both held me down, and forcibly had their way with me. This is not a joke, I did not enjoy it, and the fact that I had a purely physical reaction to the act does not contradict that fact.
There were no legal ramifications for their behavior because of a combination of the legal definition of rape in this state and the fact that I did not know their names and did not want to go to my boss with the story.
I was working in a resort at the time, and they were visiting tourists.

>> No.19976218

The important question is: were they hot?

>> No.19976231

Wow, didn't think I'd see Elzi's work on /tg/. She'd probably be happy at this.

>> No.19976235


I mean, that sucks man. I assume you're handling it as well as one could?

>> No.19976254

The BBEG of my campaign is a epic level Succubus bard. Banged her way to the top of the biggest military power in the region. Is currently the court harp player and the Kings mistress. Very soon she will dominate the Queen to kill the prince, the kings only heir. She will then swoop in can assume position of queen while slowly sucking the soul out of the king (whos body will become inhabited by a Balor). The longer you can fool the stupid mortals, the better

>> No.19976259


That is a harsh story bro. I don't want to play misery poker so instead of throwing out details, I'll just tell you I know that feel.

>> No.19976263

It was six years ago as of last month. I have a femdom fetish now that ashames and baffles me and I hate that my mind works like that.
I've had the same girlfriend for 3 years who I love very much and with whom marriage is basically assured once either of us becomes more financially stable.

>> No.19976267

Were they armed? Are you a small man? How did a 16 year old and a 14 year old hold you down well enough to de-cloth you and rape you?

>> No.19976337

They were not armed. I am 5'6", and I was very skinny at the time. They were both taller and more muscular than I was. Having to explain that I was basically overpowered by two younger girls is not the difficult part of the experience.
You guys are being very respectful about this, thank you.

>> No.19976456

Thats just plain shitty man, im glad you didnt decide to an hero about it and are taking it seemingly as well as anyone could. Hope you continue to thrive.

>> No.19976478


I'm just curious, I know a few girls who were victims of rape or near rape, and I'm wondering what your perspective of it as a man was like.

I hope I'm not probing too much, I'm genuinely curious. Do you see yourself as a victim? Is sex/trust difficult for you? Do you get offended by rape jokes?

>> No.19976522

I don't really get offended at jokes in general, even if they're directed at me in particular.
At the time I was mostly confused, it started out sort of jokey and then went all too serious. I had already turned down their (what seemed at the time) half-joking advances in the shop on the basis of their ages. I got hit on a lot there. I had conflicting sorts of opinions about what was going on. That was just a defense mechanism, and I felt terrible about it afterwards, but that's how it was at the time. I did the whole "blaming myself" thing for a good two years or so. I'm still sort of confused about what drives two sisters to behave in such a way, but I'm confused about the motivations of a lot of people who do bad things in general.

>> No.19976947

Here's what you do.

Keep having them making escalating fort saves (or equivalent). If they ask what for, say something like "to not pass out. Succubus pussy/ass/mouth is plane-class". They'll keep on trying to make the saves, but eventually, they will fail them. When all of them have passed out, ask for their character sheets. Apply open flame and explain WHY raping a succubus is a bad idea.

Then get up, open the door and leave the floor. Those idiots are gone like the dinosaurs

>> No.19979859

>they obviously don't really care about their characters or the game
There's no way it could be perfectly in character for them?

>> No.19979954

Could always have the Succubus infect them with her essence.

I mean, they are willingly giving a demon full access to their souls. Maybe it could be worked into part of her reproductive system. The players could get access to cool demon powers for a period in exchange for embarrassing random blackouts and eventual conversion into NPC CE succubus minions.

Might be a little /d/, but if they really want to chain her up for sexy fun times, might as well get a few of them to join her.

>> No.19980091

I wonder when OP is going to have his next game. I really want to know what he does about this.

>> No.19980530

BE That Guy.. sort of.

Have everything that could possibly go wrong, go wrong. Negative levels, diseases, demon-spawn, becoming pariahs, LOSS OF CONTROL OF THE SITUATION. The PCs are humiliated and de-powered and at the mercy of this hopeless situation they have put themselves in.

And then an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge happens.
It turns out none of that shit ever happened, they don't have to make that mistake!

If they use their second chance to try to lawyer their way into doing the same thing except differently so that bad things don't happen, then it's time to walk away.


let them think they've had their way, and just kind of zone out while they have their fun. When it gets too creepy, everything stops and it turns out their characters imagined all of it in their last moments before death after being overcome by the succubus.

>> No.19980575

Aeric paced impatiently in the chambers waiting Brother Fredric to arrive with news of his reassignment. He felt something he hadn't felt in a while, his nerves were quaking, but still the sensation almost felt alien to him. Soon the echoes of his footsteps were drowned out by the latch of the door jerking open.

" What is the verdict?" Aeric blurted impulsivly.

" The council has deemed that you remain in the cathedral, you have been assigned to Training... Reformed demons"

Aeric's mind crawled, 'what madness, reformed demons is a death sentence, the success rate is next to none! No demon can be truely reformed, only tamed for a while'. After a pause he collected his thoughts and mustered a reply.

"Demons? Why don't they just hang me and be done with it?"

" One word Paladin Aeric; Redemption. After that episode with the caravan of Urle I am surprised you have not been expelled from the order. You should be thankful the Council has deemed that you should stay, even if it is to work with reformed demons."

The Monks words angered Aeric, he didn't feel he was in the wrong, they weren't there, but he began to realize his emotions were getting the better of him. As his acceptance of his fate settled, he took a breath before politely apologizing to the monk. He was dismissed from the Great hall.

" You'll meet her in the morning" Fredric said as Aeric was leaving

" Wait, her?"

>> No.19980583

Aeric woke as the day dawned. The bells were ringing. This started the usual bustle in the Cathedral. Aeric looked out his window, watching the initiates do their physical training under the Adepts. The Monks with their scrolls running back and forth from the archives. Soon his mind began to wander. 'Well now I get to meet my end today.' His thoughts grown worse and morose; maybe he was in the wrong. Maybe that Caravan was innocent. He blanked his mind and began to get ready for his assignment. After all, he can't be late for his own death now could he? He made his way to the hall of initiates, dressed in his full battle regalia, as was custom, but Aeric felt little comfort in his thin metal skin. He'd fought a demon before, many of his friends didn't survive.

" Brother Fredrick, I am here for my acolyte."

" Ah yes I'll fetch her immediatly. Do try to keep her alive long enough to make an impact..." The monk said smugly.

" Delia, you can come in."

'Delia' He thought, 'Must be a given name.' Before he could muse any longer as he caught a glimpse of her. She wore a heavy wool robe, but it did little to draw his attention away from her face. Her two large black horns protruding from the sides of her head to end resting just on the tips of her cheeks. The large Lumps in the back of her robe removed any doubt. She was a Succubus. Aeric Mustered a great deal of his shattered will to keep from gawking. Thankfully his face could barely be seen from his visor.

"Brother... A word with you in Private." His hand gestured Fredrick to the adjacent room

" What is this! Do you know what she is? I could handle her if she were some kind of-"

" I CAN hear you." She spoke, her throaty voice came across his ears like velvet, yet another peril he has to prepare himself for.

>> No.19980592

Aeric stumbled his words fora moment when she spoke, quickly catching himself.

"Of simple minded demon, but she is a creature of deviousness!" He continued ignoring Dalia entirely.

" Yes, which is why the council ruled that you should work specifically with one of her caliber."

" Then the council made a mis-" Aeric was immediately cut off

" Then go to the council and tell them you'd rather be executed! Its not my life!" Fredrick lost his temper, and quickly collected his thoughts.

With a grunt Aeric left to meet his end. He understood his position, even if he couldn't help but try to deny it like a child. He turned to Dalia meeting her gaze with his eyes concealed within their steel cage.

" As for you, Acolyte. You will learn to hold your tongue until spoken to. Is this clear?" Aeric spewed out venting his anger on the succubus

" Yes... sir." Dalia retorted in similar tone. Her voice seductive even while clearly angered.

The Paladin left the room gesturing his succubus to follow in step.

The two walked down the great halls for a good length of time. Aeric was testing her, to see if she'd break step or speak out of turn. For what seemed to be an hour the two made their way through the grand marbled corridors, walking in a un-plotted course though the maze of hallways and chambers. Luckily Aeric knew the cathedral like the back of his hand, his acolyte did not. He would glance back at her every so often, to his delight he saw the look of confusion slowly grow on her face. They finally came to a stop in front of the statue of Lord Delinar, his father.

"What manner of combat training have you had?"He spoke breaking the silence.

>> No.19980608

Aeric continued to walk cutting her off "Then you know how to use a sword?"

"In a manner of speaking, I guess you could say I do."She purred playfully

"Do not be coy with me!"Aeric turned to her. His expression did not need to bee seen, she knew she was getting to him, but that was a part of her she was trying to repress. Instead of apologizing and appearing weak she stood there silent.

"If you are my acolyte, at least pretend to be a paladin!"

Aeric let the demon get to him so early and so quickly, he was beginning to wonder if he was only using her as a scapegoat for his frustrations. His emotions were beginning to take over him slowly. This would lead him to disaster, and he knew this. in an attempt to salvage the situation he curtly apologized. Taking a deep breath he gathered himself. 'I can't let this demon be the end of me, I wont let her.'

"I'll ask again. Do know know how to handle a sword. It will make training you easier."


"Good, then we'll head to the field."A small part of Aeric's mind screamed at him for this decision.

They Made their way to the training field. It was a simple open area in the middle of the Cathedral, there were clearly marked areas for certain tasks, a small range for archery, a field set up with dummies and polls that the initiates smacked with fervor, then there was the sparring rings. This is where Aeric reluctantly lead his acolyte. Other initiates were practicing their swordsmanship as well. Aeric couldn't help but notice many heads turning towards his would be companion. With a stern glare the initiates went back to their form. His attention turned back to the demon. He glanced her over Looking at her cumbersome robes.

" Are you wearing anything under those robes?" Aeric caught himself. " Anything decent?"

>> No.19980616

To his surprise she didn't try to make a tongue and cheek comment, but her face showed she wanted to.

"Yes, I am wearing a simple outfit tailored to accommodate my..uh... condition."


" My wings...sir."

It seemed to weigh on her to use the term but Aeric was pleased to hear her act professionally. He walked over to the weapon stand and grabbed a couple practice swords. with a quick motion he tossed one to Dalia. " You may remove the robes if you feel you would preform better" Dalia's willpower was put to the test as she repressed a smirk.

>> No.19980840

holy shitballs, Aeric and Dalia.

GEOM, do you have an archive of your story?

>> No.19980889


>> No.19980906

I was going to continue this story or re-write men of the 89th... dono yet

>> No.19981235

I vote for more awkward succubus romance

>> No.19983017
File: 22 KB, 597x353, Watching.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well? We're waiting.

>> No.19985685

>Might be a little /d/, but if they really want to chain her up for sexy fun times, might as well get a few of them to join her.
I wish my DM had this attitude.

>> No.19985947

Dont mind me, im just here to check the succubus pics. Please, continue.

>> No.19986647

>infect them with her essence
Oh my. Perhaps giving them the essence drain quality for boinkings, and using the hunger rules for alternate feedings from Libris Mortis (saves to get your fix, variants for "supplemental" exist iirc)

>> No.19986665

>What are some good consequences to this without being "That Guy"?

They're all fucking idiots and you should do whatever you please ranging from vagina dendeta to level drain until she's powerful enough to destroy the last fuck she needs to be free.

This is not a "that guy" situation. This is acting within the constrains of the creature at hand.

Did I mention your players are retarded?

>> No.19986866

What pictures? There's barely any in here. Mind boggling, usually there would be shitloads by now.

>> No.19987306
File: 505 KB, 800x1133, 1342525515678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More from this artist alien 1452

Reverse Vampire Karin? It's an anime...

>> No.19987559

And a manga.

>> No.19990651

Would you allow a player to have vagina dentata if it's in her backstory? Would it be overpowered if she got it for free?

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