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With 6th edition having just come out, I'm getting back into Warhammer:40k. I'm going for a Necron army, any ideas/help on a solid build in the 750-1000 points range? I'm going to buy when I get off work today.

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scarabs ftw!

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no anon das gay

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try to keep from foot slogging. you need maneuverability to keep from being butchered in assaults.

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Should I include warriors at all or just go with immortals for infantry?

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whatever you want they are 5 points more but get a better weapon and armor.
i go with flimsy warriors because everyone fields AP 3 rockets so having the boosted armor doesn't help shit.

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And here's another image in my "Shit paintings" folder.
Also, good choice OP.

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How about this build? Viable?

Destroyer Lord [190]
-Sem Weave
-Res Orb

Destroyer Lord [190]
-Sem Weave
-Res Orb

20 Warriors [375]
-Ghost Ark

20 Warriors [360]

5 Wraiths[210]
-3 Whip Coils
-1 Pistol



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Nice Tomb Kings conversion op.

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If your gonna stick those lords with wraiths then the resorb isn't worth it.

Also as far as pure destruction goes, a overlord on a command barge will fuck up a lot more people than am other destroyer lord (remember to give him a warscythe and mindshackle scarabs because you can use them from a barge in 6th)

So if your drop the orb and one of the destroyer lords you'll save about 220 points and you can add a overlord with a barge warscythe and scarabs for 195 points.
This leaves you with 25 points left over to play with and you're still more lethal.(I would recommend spending 5 points for another particle castor for your wraiths as their normal attacks are considered a close combat weapons and a pistol means they get +1 attacks now)

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You can't transport the warriors in either the nightscythe or the ghost ark.

I would reduce the # to about 10 in the ghost ark and nightscythe by 5, saving you 195 points and then take another ark for 115 and fill it up with warriors with the remainder of points.

This guy has it right >>19936706

So you'd have:
Overlord command barge w/warscythe MSS [195]

Destroyer lord w/septernal weave MSS [160]

8x warriors w/ghost ark [219]

8x warriors w/ghost ark [219]

10x warriors night scythe [230]

5x wraiths [215]
-3 whips
-2 pistols

Doomscythe [175]

Points 1413

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>Dat Paintjob

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hey if you drop a pistol on a wraith you can get an annihilation barge.

Overlord command barge w/warscythe MSS [195]

Destroyer lord w/septernal weave MSS [160]

8x warriors w/ghost ark [219]

8x warriors w/ghost ark [219]

10x warriors night scythe [230]

5x wraiths [210]
-3 whips
-1 pistols

Doomscythe [175]

Annihilation barge [90]

points 1498

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dat armor 13 saturation

dose flyers

dose tesla destructors

dat wraith wing

dat overlord

Thank you OP, you helped me a lot

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DAS PAINTWERFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can anyone remind me of that method to make your models all shiny and metallic?

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Paint on metal models.

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...use metallic paints?

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>DER FARBWERFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bad paint job thread?

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DER METALLISCHWERFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The look of horrified bewilderment on the third Marine's face cracks me up every time.

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Reminds of me of those retarded NES megaman boxes

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i think /tg/ make the best lists. Much better than what you find on dakkadakka or warseer

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What is this , a michael j fox thread?

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overlord w/ scythe + MSS in barge 195
10 warriors in night scythe 230
10 warriors in night scythe 230
10 warriors in night scythe 230

annihilation barge 90
annihilation barge 90
annihilation barge 90
total is 1155 need to fill in, i want scarabs but so far scarabs have been hit and miss alot of the times.

also been looking at nemesor zahndrekh just for adaptive tactics because they are invaluable. giving vehicles tank hunter or night vision at will while taking away a bonus from an enemy unit.

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Looks like a retarded Kael'thas from Warcraft.

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>please respond

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Zandrekh is cool and all but he's pretty expensive when you consider how cost effective generic lords are.

Also, for your list I take it you want to spam tesla destructors and fliers which can be done a lot better if you take minimum unit of warriors. Hell if you drop the size of the units you already have you can afford another Nightscythe and still have 30 points left over.

I would either suggest doubling up your bargelord for another 195 points because they are just that good or making a wraith wing with a destroyer lord to fuck things up.

You are right though, scarabs take a lot of finesse to use properly and are really hard to master but when they do start to multi-assault a IG parking lot the taste is sweet.
With the changes to glancing rules now (along with no penalties for being ap-), though, your gauss and tesla weapons can pick up any slack in a list without them.

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another one of my concerns is lack of armor on the field now.

the past games i played they only fielded walkers and a single tank. i had 3 units of 10 scarabs and 2 of them were nearly annhilated on turn 1. the next one ripped apart the unit of walkers the tank and the warboss and grots.

i was thinking of putting in a spyder squad to have some kind of repair squad standing by to fix hull points and weapon destroyed results from my aircraft and barges freeing up one of the barges to put in a second lord with warscythe and mss.

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>i was thinking of putting in a spyder squad to have some kind of repair squad standing by to fix hull points

Not worth it at all, vehicles go through hull points really fast and a repair at the expense of a heavy support slot for the off chance you might be in range of something you can repair before it goes up in smoke is too low (also consider you have to choose repairing weapon dmg or a single hull point).

Spyders are only useful in lists where you want to scarab farm with Imotekh (fun but anyone worth their weight in salt can counter it).

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I would go even further. Drop all warriors down to 5 man squads to save 143 points. Then add in crypteks to boost up your fire power - voltaic in the scythe, destruction in the arks. That takes up 95 points, so you get 48 to play with or 135 to get to 1500. That's what, an extra Wraith with coils and an Annihilation barge? Alternatively, you could have 9 scarabs. It's even possibly worth taking 5 tomb blades and an extra wraith, which would give your opponent far more trouble to get off the board.

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>your gauss and tesla weapons can pick up any slack in a list without them.


Gauss changes mean armor isn't a problem for you anymore even without the bugs.
I have elected just to drop them from my lists.

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well an entire scarabs squad can be dissolved to nothing with a single blast template.

you are right, best to spend the points on something worth while like 50 point crypteks to maintain night fighting.

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>Drop all warriors down to 5 man squads to save 143 points

might be too frail in an objective game.
though it might be cool for a stormlord to run with the scythe squad and blow fuckers up with his staff.

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Not OP

I'm trying to get a Zahndrekh/Obyron plan going for a 2000 point list. Current plan is as follows: Zahndrekh runs around in a Catacomb Barge and gets into position while Obyron chills in the back with five Lords, each with a Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs.

Zahndrekh gets within assault range of something that desperately needs a high-strength no-save ass-whooping.

Obyron leaps across the field, bringing the Lords with him, and starts fucking shit UP.

Good idea? Bad idea? What Crypteks would go well with this? I'm already putting a Solar Pulse Destruction Harbinger with a Warrior Ark squad.

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5 man squads are decent against assault armies. 10 man squads are better against shooting armies.

plus in the aircraft you can wait a while till conditions are proper to drop off the warriors to take the objectives.

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>Obyron leaps across the field, bringing the Lords with him, and starts fucking shit UP.

I see your first problem, Obyron can't take his squad with him if he is jumping to the protection of Zandrekh only if he uses his veil (even then the squad has to deepstrike as normal)

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The plan is to send Zahndrekh ahead as a Deep Strike beacon so that Obyron can Deep Strike to his location, bringing the Lords along with no chance of scatter.

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The problem with that is if zandrekh gets assualted before obyron has a chance to use the mantle.

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that sounds like a fucking monster deep strike squad.

a squad that can stop enemies from doing shit and have s7 ap1 weapons.

i wonder if d3 attacks stack making xd3 attacks on self against a IC or MC.

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Zahndrekh's in a barge, though. Obyron uses the Mantle in place of moving on his movement phase. Zahndrekh only needs to get into range on MY turn. I get him close and jump Obyron over on the same turn, after he's in range but before he can be assaulted. I've now jumped Obyron and the Lords ahead to the fight, where they can assault whatever might be thinking about assaulting Zahndrekh, and if Zahndrekh gets hit and Obyron jumps, he jumps like 4".

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It's what I've been running and it's not let me down. Thing is, with a 4+ the 5+, so long as you're not against AP4 weapons, you are as durable as a Space Marine. The key is just not to disembark, as in, turn 5 earliest. You also get a guy who can always make the 5+ roll and effectively only lose 2 men in the GA and 4 in the scythe. I find that if my warriors are going to die, they die whether I have 10 or 5, so I dropped everything down. It's also worth noting that if you have night fighting (either solar pulse or just mission) your GAs have a minimum 5+ and a maximum 3+ in the open, along with AV13 and 4 hull points. That alone will keep warriors alive.

I've got to agree with everyone else though, scarabs have been underwhelming so far. Everyone in my area is taking blast weapons again and almost all of them will wreck a whole unit. Tomb blades however have been wonderful - in that one mission where FA scores, it's great to have jetbikes. They're just good generally at harassing everything with both S5 and gauss. At 20pts each, they're also dirt cheap for what you get (same gun as Immortals, 3 pts more, trade the 3+ for jetbike speed and T5- seems good to me).

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I think I'll throw a bare Harbinger of Eternity in there too, to troll Carnifexes.

"RAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr oooooooooohhhhhhhhh fffffffuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk IIIIIIII''''mmmmmm sssssssllllllllllooooooowwwwwwww"

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yeah i kind of want to run my old destroyers as tomb blades or just run all my destroyers as tomb blades. because i think think the tomb blade design looks like shit.

>> No.19938681

i love that weapon. it just sucks it isn't a power weapon. like at all.

with the 1 attack base and a staff that could fuck over any multi wound model is just fucking hilarious. i want to take him just to see if i can actually get him to activate it on some expensive unit

>> No.19938804


Nevermind, it's extraneous. I just discovered that any Carnifex that gets attacked by 5 Warscythe Lords is statistically dead anyway (average of 4.44 wounds, and that's NOT counting the extra attack from assaulting). Obyron adds another wound and a third into the mix, making it 5.77 wounds. On the charge, it's 1.78 from Obyron and 6.67 from the guys, or 8.45, which will wreck 2/3 of a full Fex brood. A Harbinger of Eternity in this squad is wasted, especially since Fex initiative is already 1 to start with.

This squad does need to do one thing: never port in against melee orks. The sheer numbers are too much.

>> No.19938854

>Harbinger of Eternity in this squad is wasted
not really a reroll that you can put anywhere in that phase can make a huge difference.

but as for his weapon yeah. it's pointless

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I want to see how Zandrekh internalizes the Tyranids as Necrontyr Separatists.

>> No.19938907

did they ever FAQ the shrouded deathmarks deepstriking all over the place?

2+ wounds is rather good

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I have now created the following list:


1x Nemesor Zahndrekh w/ Catacomb Barge

1x Vargard Obyron

5x Lords w/ Warscythe and Scarabs


5x Warriors in a Ghost Ark w/ Harbinger of Destruction w/ Solar Pulse

5x Warriors in a Ghost Ark w/ Harbinger of Destruction

10x Immortals w/ Tesla Carbines in a Night Scythe

Fast Attack:

5x Canoptek Wraiths w/ Whip Coils

10x Canoptek Scarabs

Heavy Support:

3x Canoptek Spyders w/ Fabricator Arrays

Zahndrekh, Obyron, and the Lords do the above strategy.

Wraiths run around and fuck shit up, and take points in the mission that lets FA takes points.

Ghost Arks fly around shooting vehicles into slag and generally being a nuisance, as does the Night Scythe. Night Scythe also drops off Immortals at a suitable location ASAP, Ghost Arks prepare to drop Warriors on objectives on turn 5. Scarabs run around destroying vehicles and being hilarious, as well as capturing points in the FA mission. Spyders support Scarabs and patch vehicles when needed, as well as pounding puny infantry and taking objectives in Big Guns Never Tire.

Well, /tg/? What could go wrong?

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I have trouble seeing how wraiths and Spyders work on a fluffy Zandrekh army

>> No.19938944

heh a destroyer lord can join a unit of deathmarks. that entire unit now has preferred enemy (all)

>> No.19939029


Only fluffy part is Zahndrekh and Obyron both being in it.

>> No.19939048

No, actually the FAQ confirms that the people who have been using it as such are doing it rite.

I use them to fuck up termies and grey knights as a 5+ invuln doesnt matter as much when you hit 6-8 of them at a time.

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YAY AP2 template weapons that always wounds on a 2+.

Put two bad boys in a squad and give one a veil and watch the MEQ players flip through your codex for 3 hours trying to check if your cheating.

>> No.19939077

i hope you do this >>19938944
a model with preferred enemy gives it to the entire unit.

>> No.19939110

So your harbringers can reroll whenever they roll a 1 on a die that wounds on a 2+ all the time anyway?

You sadistic bastard, I think I want to have your babies

>> No.19939117

Insane Cannibals and augmentationists?

>> No.19939138

don't forget the roll to hit. you miss on the first 2 and 1-2 on the second roll.

basically i'm going to wound your stupid squad 20 times.

>> No.19939567

Thin your paints.

>> No.19942436

what are you talking about? you mean redeploy using shroud then choose a new target?
that is not mentioned in the FAQ at all

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