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FLGS Derby Cancelled in Blatant Show of Rigging by 4ChanCupCommittee
What was shaping up to be a highly anticipated and feel-good match against /co/ has been called off, as the 4ChanCupCommittee has completely re-done the elimination brackets. /tg/ will instead be facing off against /jp/ in the preliminaries. Will we see a Maids vs Medio matchup in this coming game? Keep tuned, as the Daily Neckbeard brings you continuing coverage of this sporting event.

In other news, I've added the roster to the wiki: http://implyingrigged.com/index.php?title=/tg/_Roster

Discuss possible additions bin the talk page, or here.

Main site: http://implyingrigged.com/index.php?title=2012_4chan_Summer_Cup

Hopefully we can keep this thread alive until Friday or long enough for theDM to notice.

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...Well shit
I was looking forward to the FLGS rematch.

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Possible new players:

Endless Quest Thread (or a variation thereof, might be too many characters)
Classic Blunder
Big Boy Blue
Luke Plagueson
Nephem Festiva
Emperasque (trade for Emprah)
Acolyte Grendel
Blood Magpie (trade for NigraMarines!)
Anal Circumference
Elf Slave (Wat do?)

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I suppose that trading out Emperasque for the Emprah would be a good move, same with NigraMarines.

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>same with NigraMarines for the Bloody Magpie
After all, he steals cups.

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Oh, so /sp/ bitched at Germanbro enough?

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They did have that huge "Behead those who insult the Spartans" thread yesterday.

>> No.19911295

I'm just hoping some incredibly stroke of irony gets them eliminated.

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What we really need is Ball of Arms Man as goalkeeper.

>> No.19911330

What is the deal with our conditioning?

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Yep, /sp/ and /m/ were derriere-devastated, so the entire thing was rigged so that if they were to face each other, it would be in the Finals.

Instead, we face /jp/ and, if we win, /m/. I think we have a good chance over /jp/, and can bring it to /m/, showing them arrogance has no place on the battlefield. (Pray for 20s)

I guess we're in good relations with /m/, though. We even field an Atlas! Who drives it, I wonder? /m/ has "pilot names" under each of their Giant Pilotable Robots.

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Who drives it?
John Cloud Raven.

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We already beat /m/ to win the Easter Cup. I'm feeling good about our chances.

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They want a repeat champion or something. Hell if I know.

>> No.19911383

Well that's just fucking bullshit.
Each team might as well just fucking pick who they play for each round if this shit is gonna fly.

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I would love to see /k/ beat /sp/, just to pay the /sp/artans back for whining so much.

>> No.19911406

I didn't see /m/ complaining. /sp/ was just buttfurious, going so far as to vandalize the wiki. They were calling for Germanbro to step down, some of them even wanted fucking Leddy back.

I feel bad for Torres. He was taking the whole thing in stride, and then his autist fanbase freaked the fuck out. I know we're supposed to be bros and all, but it's pretty hard to respect that much whining.

>replacing NigraMarines
Get out

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>/sp/ in charge of being anything but whiney babbies

Ah well, as long as we make it to the semi-finals I'm happy.

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It's completely ridiculous though. Why the fuck was it changed? He should step down.

>> No.19911444

NigraMarines is from before there was /tg/, though. Sometimes it's best to let the old guard rest. Besides, we need to take players out to put new ones in. Blood Magpies is just overall better. Still SPESS MARINE, except now you can joke about stealing the ball, the cup, and everything else.

>> No.19911448

>Black Lotus

>> No.19911462

Well, /sp/ went as far as vandalizing the wiki repeatedly, as far as I know.

So faced with a torrent of butthurt, Germanbro had no option but to try and appease them.

>> No.19911470

Don't be one of those autists, please. Go join the chorus of butthurt of /sp/ if you're going to get demand someone step from a pretend just-for-fun game of divegrass.

It's disappointing that he gave in, but we'll deal with it. And give /sp/ endless shit, no matter what happens to them.

I just hope TheDM sees the changes.

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Well, let's get down to it. Does anyone else know when PES 2013 is releasing?

>> No.19911478

Bloody Magpie, not Blood Magpie. And the jokes about him stealing the cup are too good to pass up.

>> No.19911490


Crane Clan Champion's Young Husband

>> No.19911542

Too long. Character limit is 35.

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Oh, we are discussing the new players already? Well ok...

As I said in the chat, I think Special Snowflake and That Guy should combine because they tend to overlap. Leave just That Guy and we have an empty space to put a new player.


Drew the lich

Wasteland Warrior maybe?

>> No.19911598

Yeah, Special Snowflake is not really as relevant to /tg/ as it once was.

I'd like to see Endless Quest Thread or Anal Circumference.

>> No.19911600

I dunno. Angry Marine(s) seem more /tg/.

>> No.19911622


Isn't Fucklaw our coach though? Besides, I think we have enough 40k already.

>> No.19911656

>Wasteland Warrior maybe?
It's been. A long long time. Since WW was relevant.

We will not see his ballsack's like again.

>> No.19911664

>enough 40k
Choose one.

>> No.19911696

Nigramarines should stay. Yes, it's old, but it's part of our founding. Part of a culture in a way other stuff won't be.

Fuklaw is our coach, and that's probably a good enough representative.

>> No.19911822

Oh wow, they really made Germanbro re-do the eliminations? Every 4chan cup it's almost always ends in something involving /sp/ or /m/.

>> No.19911908

nothing else to discuss except RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED unless you guys are running test games or have new position proposals.

yeah, special snowflake should get combined with That Guy, and the individual That Guys (BBB et all) shouldn't get individual players. Changing That Guy to a starter might encompass all of that.

Also, how do people feel replacing T.O. Chainsaw with Classic Blunder?

I'm not too keep on Faptau, either.

>> No.19911981

So what's going on with the wild card matches for the 3rd place teams?

>> No.19912031

The road to victory

>> No.19912061

>The Railroad to victory

>> No.19912064

/co/ vs /tg/ finals, calling it now. OUR FLGS GAME WILL NOT BE DENIED!

>> No.19912071

On the topic Of T.O. Chainsaw, I think he has earned his place in the team and would like to see him stay.

Even if he himself is not /tg/ related:

1-He has earned his place playing for us since the beginning
2-He sort of represents Lego Quest
3-Motherfucking transparent orange chainsaw

In my opinion, we shouldn't let him go. I say we wait to see what other changes are implemented on the team before focusing on this issue.

I wouldn't mind too much about this if I didn't fear /toy/ would take him at the first chance.

>> No.19912175

I'm rooting for /pol/, they just have the best player names

>> No.19912190

I don't buy that explanation, because there are other players we could have that would make the team feel more alive.

I don't think there will be any, the 3rd placers that didn't get eliminated will just get a pass to Winter cup.

Someone was talking about a new logo, if anyone has any good ideas, throw 'em out!

>> No.19912353


Anyone running test games?

>> No.19912368

Goddamit, I'm going to miss the /jp/ match.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.19912521

We may have to. If we're unfortunate enough that TheDM doesn't see the bracket change...

>> No.19912534


Calibrations and simulations. It's going to be a long week.

>> No.19912549

TheDM should be simming them. I'm sure he'll notice this thread sooner or later, and I'd like to mention the /jp/ manager is memorizing spells and won't play stupid anymore.

>> No.19912566

Would it be fair to say we have a rivalry with /toy/ now?

>> No.19912649

Nah, we were already qualified, although tense that one counts as a friendly match.

>> No.19912678

How about pic related.

>> No.19912701

not well known enough, must players are based on ages old /tg/ traditions.

>> No.19912711

Quantum Lich needs to be our new player.

Other suggestions:
Olianus Partridge
Thrust to the Groin!
Powder Keg of Justice

Take your pick, we have more.

>> No.19912715

Wow, that is some poor sportsmanship from /sp/.

I preferred the randomized drawing.

>> No.19912853

What about harkening back to /tg/'s golden age when it was all other boards? Each game we have a different new player blatantly belonging to the opposing board, much like Orange Transparent Chainsaw.

>> No.19912916


Monster Girls.
Balkan Elves.

>> No.19912933

We already got Maids, how else can we steal /jp/'s shit? I don't support no toohoos.

>> No.19912944

Would be funny, but might give us bad rep. Not worth it, unless the opposing team(s) also get joke players.

Feel like that should actually be /b/'s gimmick.

>> No.19913031

Well, now, we won't be STEALING anything.

>> No.19913043

Fuck that, 'hurr don't need other boards' was never our golden age. That's what brought the mod here besides.

>> No.19913056

Touhoufag was our optimization guru for a long time.

>> No.19913062

What brought the mods here was the porn, loosing the tangential content was a side effect, moot himself said he liked us that way.

>> No.19913104

New player: Moot Prefers /tg/

That and we need Asdrubael Vect, just to make the announcers try to pronounce it.

>> No.19913107

BBB does kind of... Ascend to a new level. It's kinda like saying a pistol is like a tank cannon. Kind of, but not really.

>> No.19913108

The porn was one of the biggest parts of the ALL BOARDS IN ONE nonsense. The most famous "don't need the other boards" screencap involved porn.

>> No.19913109

Oh, please don't start this. I prefer my tangential content at least SOMEHOW related.

>> No.19913133

There will always be new legendary That Guys.

God no. All this will do is make us look arrogant and strip us of our bro status.

Worst case, it'll cause a bunch of people to come and shitpost again, as happened last time.

>> No.19913146

ya and honestly, in those moments of never needing any other boards ever /tg/ was amazing.

>> No.19913159

Yeah, more of a joke. I would like to see Vect though.

We probably shouldn't reference all of the porn, either. /d/ deserves musclegirls and monstergirls.

>> No.19913168

No it wasn't. /tg/ was at its best in '08, when we didn't have much in the way of mods because we didn't need them. All topics naturally converged on to on-topic stuff.

But let's not start this shit up. Having stuff from other boards is obviously dumb because it's SUPPOSED to be about us, not them.

>> No.19913186

>tfw /sp/ bro
>tfw My body was ready for the match vs /m/

Now we are going to be eliminated by /n/ or /toy/ in a less glorious fashion.

Oh goody.

>> No.19913243

Yeah I feel sorry for your manager and the rest of you that were properly ready to fight for GLORY. Some people on your board really just don't have the right attitude though.

Have some consolation GOATs.

>> No.19913251

If someone worse than BBB reveals themselves, I'll eat my hat.

But yeah, he's probably too far. What about Old man Henderson?

>> No.19913255

>/d/ is set to fight /pol/
>after already raping their big brother /b/
This will be DELICIOUS.

So, honestly, I can't care much about the bracket change. I'm just going to laugh when /m/ and /sp/ are eliminated early after all the bitching. Do hope it comes down to /co/ and /tg/.

>> No.19913263

Already in. He's a GK. I think we should throw him into our next match. TANKRED needs a break.

>> No.19913273

im thinkin we should add
Toofkicka for Warboss
trickle down orkonomics lol

>> No.19913284


>trickle down orkonomics

I like the cut of your jib, sir.

>> No.19913286

Not too familiar with soccer/football and even less so with PES, but I looked around a PES forum after doing some searching and I found this formation. Would something like this be decent for /tg/? I'd like to at least try and contribute to my favorite team.

>> No.19913302

>oh woody
Watch out for /n/ and /toy/, their managers are fierce.

What about him? He's a goalkeep currently. We could move him out into playing position, and put Ball of Arms Man into his GK position, but why? He hasn't seen play, if I recall correctly, but are you suggesting we remove him?

>> No.19913305

Test that shit out man against the /jp/ formations. See how it does.

>> No.19913325

At least we'll be able to meet in the finals, right /sp/?


>> No.19913330

I'd test it myself but my computer is far too shitty to run PES.

>> No.19913336

I'm pretty sure the place you grabbed it from didn't do AI sims but played themselves

>> No.19913351

I wouldn't doubt it

>> No.19913352

Ork-upy Waaagh Street?

>> No.19913477

Honestly, I'm never going to root for /sp/ again after what they did. Fucking autists.

>> No.19914293

>> No.19914362


Son, I am proud.

>> No.19916099

I sure hope TheDM sees that we're facing /jp/, not /co/.

>> No.19917068

I just realized

/sp/ has become That Guy

>> No.19917098


They Come In Waves And We Push Them Back

>> No.19917154

Why is the 20 still visible on our die? Shouldn't it be removed? I mean, it's not like anyone doesn't know what number lies between 2 and 14 and 8 on a d20.

>> No.19917164

Perhaps it's for the benefit of those not from our board?

And I'd guess some of our questfags have never touched a d20.

>> No.19917380

I wish that cup mattered more than it did.

We kicked ass.

>> No.19918136

Wish we had some way of contacting TheDM.

>> No.19918147

We will continue to kick ass in this cup.

>> No.19918157

As far as I know, the /vg/ thread is the best place to look for him.

>> No.19918167

Really? Never seen him post there.

>> No.19918244

Man, I don't recognize fucking anyone up there. Except Crazy Hassan. And bottom left is a kobold I guess? And I imagine the luchador is Los Tiburon. But who's everyone else?

>> No.19918267

This would have been the condition for the /co/ match.

>> No.19918269

Dunno, Crazy Hassan, Creed, Deep Rot, Doomrider, Old Man Henderson I Think, Los Tiburos, Muscle Wizard, Noh, Transparent Orange Chainsaw, Dunno, Sir Bearington Maybe, Atlas?

>> No.19918271

/sp/ got scared facing /m/ because were in a downward spiral trying to find a way to consistently beat /m/ (and fail miserably)

And they resort to being babbies whining and crying, I felt disgusted supporting /sp/ when the cup started

>> No.19918273

/sp/ just wanted a fair system, they didn't like that they finished first in the group and didn't get a bye.

Apparently Germanbro was going to change the draw anyway, Sideless revealed conversations with him that showed he was planning it before the shitstorm really started.

>> No.19918283

Paint Thinner

...Why the hell wasn't this suggested earlier?

>> No.19918291


/sp/ wasn't as much concerned about /m/, as upset that /d/ got a bye, when we beat them in group. Shit just didn't make sense.

>> No.19918295

Atlas, Hassan, Creed, not sure, DOOMRIDER,
dunno, Los Tiburon, Muscle WIzard, Noh, Transparent orange chainsaw
Dunno, dunno, tankred endures

>> No.19918300

Most of /sp/ is delusional as fuck and don't realise how good /m/ really is, their main complaint was that two of the best teams had to face eachother in the first round and they didn't get a bye while runner up /d/ did.

I don't really think it was because /sp/ was scared because I try to convince them that /m/ is so much better and they don't believe it. You guys have to remember that /sp/ is the sports board and takes this cup very seriously, much more seriously than any other board. They even tried to make Germanbro change the bracket again because he still hadn't made a fair bracket. That fairer bracket had /m/ meeting /sp/ in the semis.

>> No.19918308

Could someone link the games on the stream from our wiki page on implying rigged? I would do it myself but the stream doesn't really work for me.

>> No.19918325

Oh and that testing to beat /m/ was months ago, only a handful of people from /sp/ knew about that.

>> No.19918327

>don't believe /m/ is good
>/m/ won babby cup

>> No.19918336

/sp/ see the Babby Cup as a Mickey Mouse cup of no importance, against weak teams like /3/, /sci/ and /d/. Most of them didn't watch it.

>> No.19918342


This is true. As a /sp/artan, I can say that /m/ concerns me, but to have two of the top group winners face each other in a preliminary makes no sense. There's prestige that goes along with making it deep into the tournament, even if the actual ramifications for rankings and such aren't there. To be forced to eliminate one of these teams, who played well enough to earn byes, is silly.

However, Germanbro, while he improved upon the bracket, didn't do it quite right. He put /m/ and /int/ in the wrong spots in the bracket, and misordered the prelims. It's an improvement. I don't think he's willing to change it again, but he's truly aware of the problems of structuring the knockout round.

>> No.19918370

It doesn't really matter if it makes sense. This is a game of pretend, and as fa/tg/uys, you should know better than anyone that games of pretend are primarily about having a good time. Even /sp/'s manager was a-okay with the old bracket.

But no, the fanbase had to go and be a bunch of That Guys, threatening to throw everyone out of the house if everyone didn't do it their way. Pretty disgusting.

>> No.19918371

Well that's fine then.

>> No.19918380

Disgusting that they wanted it to be fair?

>> No.19918391

Yeah, but they have a point. I mean, is someone cam and said he was giving wizards cleric-style casting with all spells on their list known, and also they get spontaneous casting while we're at it, you would object too. Even though the rules are only guidelines, there's such a thing as doing it wrong.

>> No.19918419

/co/ here. Godspeed, /tg/ bros. May our combined domination of the tournament wet our thirst for the only battle worthwhile, the finals. A most fitting place for our glorious FLGS Derby to shine.

>> No.19918420

/sp/ don't see it as "just a game of pretend". This is what I said in the /vg/ thread and I'll say it again; the other boards don't realise how important this is for /sp/. /sp/ had a 3500 post sticky and about 20-30 full 500 post threads in the course of two days. While it may seem like just a bit of fun for the other boards, /sp/ sees it as a competition that they must win.

>> No.19918443

Okay. Too bad we're missing the date we'd set before, but we'll see you then!

>> No.19918455

Hey guys, when I try to watch games on livestream, the video just eternally loads and it never starts playing. Before I thought this was just because too many people were connected, but I went and tried to watch stuff now and it didn't work. I've successfully watched livestream before, but not recently. Anyone know a fix?

>> No.19918460

>check the wiki
>all /tg/'s data is there
>almost none of our opponents have more than their name on their wiki page

>> No.19918463

Other people wanted it to be fair before the draw had been revealed.
/sp/ are just crying because they were forced to play.

>> No.19918468

Because there are two wikis.

>> No.19918469

Majority of /sp/ didn't realise it would be that way.

>> No.19918480

Disgusting that they were so set on a game of pretend being fair (despite the fact that there's tons of randomness already, just look at Creed's condition across the group games) that they were willing to ruin everyone else's fun by vandalizing the wiki, trying to get together a DDoS, and throw a general shitstorm that could lead to this sort of stuff falling apart all together?

Yes. Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.19918490

Then they shouldn't complain now.
It's not like it was kept secret from them.

>> No.19918508

They assumed it would be a fair system that make sense. It wasn't, they were unhappy and questioned it.

>> No.19918519

also because I am apparently a masochist for wiki editing.

Just ran a test with /tg/ vs /m/, we won 2-1. No promises, because it was just one test so far, but it's not impossible.

Trying some new formations (3-4-3) where players play in-position. Bearington is a useless player at this point.

Don't fucking underestimate /jp/, and pray that TheDM can properly railroad us to victory, that conditioning is in our favor, and that /jp/ chokes. They have an amazing defense, and Autism/Get Out of JP are a dynamic scoring pair that don't need no team.

>> No.19918521


>> No.19918543

Germanbro had actually decided he didn't want it to be fair. He wanted to leave it to PES random draws.
/sp/ came too late if they didn't want that. Other things were decided long beforehand as well.

>> No.19918579

Germanbro said he decided to change it because he didn't like the system and Sideless had evidence that he'd been planning to change it before the shitstorm.

>> No.19918584

Maybe try to trust the random condition and pick a formation purely on which players are in the best shape.

>> No.19918594

We need a Daily Neckbeard about this /sp/ re-drawing fiasco so the matter can be laid to rest.

>> No.19918598

He still decided to change it after he had made the draw in the live stream.
He had months of time to change it before that since the system had come to light during the Babby Cup. Changing it after the draw had been made was pure rigging. And doing it after it had been presented in the stream made it even worse.

>> No.19918605

"Germanbro has obviously been subverted by /sp/'s communist mutant traitors," remarked team owner Friend Computer.

>> No.19918609

Seriously, does nobody know? If it's not possible I'd appreciate if someone put the /tg/ games on YouTube, but I can understand if nobody wants to bother.

>> No.19918613

You really think it's rigging?

>> No.19918620

Why would they rig the cup?

It's not like a real match- it's for shits and giggles, and it's just for fun.

>> No.19918628

Changing the dice after it has been rolled is cheating.

>> No.19918630

I wouldn't call it rigging, but it is pretty sketchy.

>> No.19918642


>it's for shit and giggles, and it's just for fun

My friend, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

>> No.19918645

Heya /tg/. I want to make a wager. If we win, you guys must stream a Touhou based DnD game. By stream, I mean get the pen and paper action on video, and the players must all be in a skype chatroom. You all must stay in character, and imitate girly voices as good as possible.

What do you want if you win?

>> No.19918650

But it was unfair to begin with and didn't make sense based on what had happened in the group stage.

>> No.19918652

If you're using adblockers that could be fucking it up. Try disabling your adblocker and seeing if it works.

>> No.19918654

>tfw /sp/artan fa/tg/uy
>tfw my /sp/ bros whine about /m/
>tfw even though the previous system was balls out retarded, a draw had been made and we should respect it
>tfw I wanted to crush /m/ under the mighty boot of /sp/ and now it's all RIGGED and >implying implications

>> No.19918661

but Touhoufag was banned from /tg/.

I don't know if we can take you up on that wager, because we're going to need some mad skills to not lose.

>> No.19918668

I bet we could do that using Magical Burst. That sounds fun. Or maybe we can get Gnome of Dorfquest to run it, he loves Touhou.

But why are you giving us shit we would do anyway?

>> No.19918669

Then it shouldn't have been rolled.
You can't retroactively declare it void because you don't like how it turned out.
The moment you throw the dice is the moment you accept their result.

>> No.19918670

It's fun to watch.

I'll say

>> No.19918675

That worked. Thanks!

>> No.19918679


>> No.19918693

Which board are you from? /jp/, right? The Touhou leads me to believe so, if I recall correctly /a/ sent all the touhous to /jp/.

I can hardly claim to speak for the board, but, I think 'tis fair that you gather up as many anons of grorious /jp/an as possible. Into a chorus. And sing pic related (part one of two) in the orkiest voices possible. One man, the best singer with the best groggy, harsh Cockney accent, on lead as Kaptin Bluddflag. And the rest as the chorus of boyz.

>> No.19918696

This. One does not dispute with the dice. This is in violation of sacred principles.

Oh well, /sp/ can enjoy their asterisk on the shirt.

>> No.19918698

Well, I would be down to play the game, but I don't want to lose.

>> No.19918700

And part two. Is this a fair wager, dread demon-neckbeard of the East?

>> No.19918701

Won't happen. The majority of /jp/ doesn't even want to be in the cup.

>> No.19918703

/jp/ don't even care. I heard they want to forfeit.

>> No.19918706

Isn't Gnome working on a Touhou game anyway?

>> No.19918709

>Gather up as many anons of grorious /jp/an as possible
So, 0?

>> No.19918713

Sorry to ask for more, but does anyone know which recorded game(s) are /tg/ ones? They don't seem to be labelled really well.

>> No.19918719

Yes. That's why I thought of him.

>> No.19918722

"/jp/" wants to quit. They want out because they don't want to have to interact with other boards.

>> No.19918740

There shouldn't even be a dice, that's not how football tournaments work. The fault is with the game. If it was based on dice rolls, we might as well just roll dice at the beginning to determine who wins.

>> No.19918749

In this case, dice is a metaphor.
>we might as well just roll dice at the beginning to determine who wins
Isn't that what you guys did?

>> No.19918751

I'm not well-versed in /jp/'s ways. I am casual as fuck regarding anime, just not a medium I've ever been able to get into; /a/ would throw me out on my ass. /jp/ from what I hear is those who were too elitist, otaku and off-topic postan even for /a/. I'm guessing you have a terrible tripfag infestation?

There are browsers of your board who are so utterly spaghetti and pretentious, that they can't even bear to see anyone else interact with the other boards without bursting into treats and copypasta spam?

... I'm so sorry.

>> No.19918752

Am I the only one who thought the promo had great voice acting?

>> No.19918763


I thought so, too.

>> No.19918769

I know dice is a metaphor, I'm not saying there's an actual dice. I'm saying it shouldn't be random.

And no we didn't just roll dices to decide the winners, people tested formations and watched the simulated matches.

>> No.19918774

Go by the time.

>> No.19918783

ForeverPandering has a decent vocal range, good audio equipment and a good grasp and love of 4Chan. It's a shame he doesn't do more shit, but he's undoubtedly been so inactive lately because he's busy commentating on the Summer Cup.

He looks a little hipstery, but he's a cool dude from what I've seen. Go watch his videos some time. Many are pretty funny and others are at least a good bit of mentally stimulating commentary.

>> No.19918785

>I'm not well-versed in /jp/'s ways. I am casual as fuck regarding anime, just not a medium I've ever been able to get into; /a/ would throw me out on my ass. /jp/ from what I hear is those who were too elitist, otaku and off-topic postan even for /a/. I'm guessing you have a terrible tripfag infestation?
No, /jp/ hates tripfags as much as anyone else. And we aren't just about anime, we're mostly touhou, visual novels, and wich 2hu wud u fuq?

>There are browsers of your board who are so utterly spaghetti and pretentious, that they can't even bear to see anyone else interact with the other boards without bursting into treats and copypasta spam?
>... I'm so sorry.
Don't be, it's what makes /jp/ special. That email was completely unexpected though. It's not spaghetti, it's 100% pretentious. They think that more people will post in /jp/, leading to a quality drop.

>> No.19918791

>I know dice is a metaphor, I'm not saying there's an actual dice. I'm saying it shouldn't be random.
It's full retard I know.

>And no we didn't just roll dices to decide the winners, people tested formations and watched the simulated matches.
Just a joke.

>> No.19918794

Sir, you do realize these aren't real teams? That the entire process is all one huge RNG? Every kick, every header, and that's not even getting into the condition - it's all literally an RNG.

You have forgotten you are playing pretend. Seriously, /sp/, get over yourselves.

>> No.19918796

>It's not spaghetti, it's 100% pretentious. They think that more people will post in /jp/, leading to a quality drop.
I, uh... Wow.

>> No.19918802

>quality drop
Really? How is that even possible?

>> No.19918812

That was the default for all of 4chan only half a decade ago, you know.

>> No.19918819

It would be hilarious if /k/ or /x/ trashed /sp/ after all that complaining and whining from /sp/fans

>> No.19918822


What purpose would it be then...?

>> No.19918828

There's a reason Autism is our silver.

>> No.19918837

>/jp/ wants out and lose on purpose
>plan backfired by /tv/ saying FUCK YOU to /ck/ and /jp/ goes into knockouts

>> No.19918840

So the winners of the groups should get relegated right? Because that's random right? The teams that win, win because of pure random chance. Not because of better tactics or anything like that. We've already set up groups that have teams from different pots, throwing all the teams into a pile no matter how well they did in the group stage is not consistant with how the cup has been set up.

>> No.19918844

...that wasn't on purpose. I just didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

>> No.19918852


Serious business.

>> No.19918853

Better watch out for those free kicks, Doogie.

>> No.19918873

Don't worry, I've got a plan for our setup. Though I will admit, you guys are a bit harder to beat than /k/.

>> No.19918874

We have an IRC don't we? Does anyone remember what it is?

>> No.19918876


So bragging rights? I don't hear /k/ going on about the Winter Cup.

>> No.19918880

You could borrow mine, /jp/ stopped using it.

/jaypee/ at Rizon.

>> No.19918883


>> No.19918889

No, I know we have one. I just don't know what it is and my IRC client doesn't remember either.

>> No.19918897

Except that WAS how the cup was set up. Literally, that was it.

/sp/ was just butthurt that their undefeated in group stage didn't do anything for them. There was no fucking promise that it would. The only reason they're angry was because it put them up against /m/.

I haven't seen them rioting to fix the bracket now, despite the fact that it's still incorrect from a technical standpoint. You know why? Because it's advantageous to them.

That Guy behavior if I ever saw it.

>> No.19918904 [DELETED] 

>Goemon's random goons just randomly appear to help MC without any introductions

Really Japan?

>> No.19918906

>Quality drop on /jp/

>> No.19918930

They were angry because the second place team /d/, got a bye and they did not.

>> No.19918941

This contradicts my post how?

All I'm getting out of this is that /sp/ got /jp/ levels of autismal over this. That's basically what they themselves are saying.

For a board that claims to be bro, this is not very bro behavior.

>> No.19918942

Some guys from /sp/ have asked Germanbro to change the bracket again, but they aren't confident that he will change it again. Not all of /sp/ knows it is technically wrong still, they just know it's fairer.

>> No.19918968

/sp/ made assumptions about how a football tournament would work because they are used to dealing with how football tournaments work. Even Ken said on the stream that first place teams would get a bye. And of course /sp/ would be autismal about this, they take this very seriously because it's sports related and it brings everyone together.

>> No.19918978

It's also far less interesting.

But /sp/ are too autismal to care, I guess.

>> No.19919001

Then why the '0 anons' bit? Or was it simply because not a single one of them would do such a thing?

I can understand the quality drop fears. But an old saying comes to mind, can't recall the proper quote at this fel hour, but, it amounts essentially to "if your group gets by amusing itself acting like idiots it'll eventually be beset by actual idiots thinking they're in good company," and, well...

>we're mostly touhou, visual novels, and wich 2hu wud u fuq?

You're kinda bound to attract otaku even worse than yourselves rather than anyone not otaku enough, though those will certainly open the gates of pretentious Hell by encouraging further degradation and stagnation to defend against the outside. I don't mean to offend in my implying of implications, but particularly the "wich 2hu wud u fuq" silliness is dangerous. Your natural defenses might well be enough, assuming they don't destroy you rather than your enemies. And if they aren't, I'm not sure your board can get much worse.

Maybe, as a /tg/ poster, I'm just not experienced with board quality degradation. Oh, we've had our ups and our downs, and shit has gone down in the past, like the Janitor Wars, or the Drawfag/Writefag Holocaust, but /tg/ has always soldiered on mostly unchanged. Archives to old and rarely even ancient /tg/ exist, so little can be lost, and sometimes the old comes back. The board's subject matter and idiotic yet genius habit of taking troll topics and twisting them into genuine ones, generally keeps /tg/ from invasion or from having any harmful shitstorms. Because it thrives on those shitstorms.

>> No.19919017

I suppose that where /tg/ thrives on heated yet often respectful debates about trivial bullshit protects it from being trolled with trivial bullshit, especially from outside boards, /jp/ thrives on pretentiousness to keep itself intact? But pretentiousness and isolation alone won't hold /jp/ together. All the Touhous in the world won't save you from the advancing storm of /b/ and /a/'s summerfags. Either you will fall to the barbarians at the gates, or collapse like a giant, pretentious neutron star, causing a thousand neckbeards to cry out in pain from gamma waves of pretentiousness.

I think what I'm trying to say past all this tl;dr is that you'd best keep your shit together, Doogie, and not once even consider listening to the whining jackasses who want to pull out of the cup and go to your Emperor-danged hugbox board, to let it erode and sink further into oblivion. Because if /tg/ is going down, it's going down fairly, and we're not advancing just because part of /jp/ is going to puss out. The FLGS Derby's possibility, unlikely as it is, will NOT be further tainted! YOU HEAR ME, SON? NOW FIRE UP YOUR FUCK-DAMN TOUHOU LASER BEAMS. WE'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU WITH A BILLION FLASHLIGHTS AND T-SHIRTS. Pic related, you filthy weaboo heretic.

In all seriousness, good luck, sir. Hopefully neither of us shall roll a nat 1; this fight needs to be close and heated, just like the last of /tg/'s matches.

>> No.19919059

Calm down son. Just let /jp/ be. They know what they're doing, for better or worse.

>> No.19919069

This is what you are thinking of.

/jp/ doesn't even WANT to be in this anymore, and the janitor/mod deletes all summer cup threads. I wouldn't be able to gather anyone to do this.

/jp/ doesn't have quality drops during summer. Due to their purposeful shitposting and lack of common decency, no one new really comes in. Sure we are stagnant, but it's a good stagnant.

>implying /jp/ has a say over what I do anymore

Are you guys always this long winded, I'm too tired to reply to all of this.

>> No.19919079

I did my first visit to /jp/ a month ago or so
It seemed that Otaku Culture was basically a bunch of NEETs afraid to leave their house while believing everyone was below them

I'm not sure if it was that way or if I missed a golden age of posting seeing as it was called the best board for quite a while.

I'm sad I didn't get to see it's golden days

>> No.19919082

>>implying /jp/ has a say over what I do anymore
This sounds bad, let me rephrase

>implying the shitty part of /jp/, found on the board, and not in IRC/ /vg/, have a say in what I do

>> No.19919089


>> No.19919128

What, a man can't have an impassioned rant about practically nothing for the purposes of shallow inspiration and amusement anymore? That's not the /tg/ I know talking!

Thanks, friend. Anyways, it comes and goes. Usually it's reserved for (occasionally embellished) copypasta stories, but other times tl;dr is utilized for other shit. There is not a particular amount of stigma on /tg/ for longwinded posts, as far as I've seen, so long as it all amounts to something halfway readable. But seriously, what is the hell is /jp/ like, if you'd not mind going into more detail? It is something of an enigma compared to other renowned shitposting boards, though perhaps I am giving it too much credit for lack of hearing about it.

Oh, don't fret, that much was implied. Elegan/tg/entlemen can, in fact, read, you know.

>> No.19919129

/jp/ has always been hyper elitist. Always.

>> No.19919140

>Are you guys always this long winded, I'm too tired to reply to all of this.

>What, a man can't have an impassioned rant about practically nothing for the purposes of shallow inspiration and amusement anymore? That's not the /tg/ I know talking!
Only if it's well written.

>> No.19919145

I could explain /jp/, but I'm going to bed. How slow are you, will this thread be up in 9-12 hours?

>> No.19919174

A brief explanation of /jp/: /jp/ is composed of elitists who pretend to be shitposters in order to keep out everyone else who they feel is a worse poster than them. Unfortunately, this became /jp/'s culture, and now the board is composed mostly of 'ironic' shitposts.

They still have their moments for non-translated VNs and the like, but at any given moment, the board is 50% touhou, 45% ironic shitposting, and 5% acual discussion.

>> No.19919178

>Only if it's well written.

/tg/ is one of the slower boards, yeah. It may or may not be here, if it isn't bumped. Things have been marginally faster lately because of increased activity from Summer (it does affect us, not much, but it does) and from maybe a dozen quests that've been running these days. You can bank on it being here or having a replacement thread, in any case.

>> No.19919199

I'll leave you with 2 of my favorite /jp/ screencaps. Maybe they can help explain why I love /jp/

>> No.19919203

Night all.

>> No.19919219

It could be. It could also not be. We'll see!

>> No.19919246


>> No.19919254

>What /sp/ has become

Take me in as a refugee /tg/?

>> No.19919278


Come, brother.

The fortress-monastary has space for more, just be sure to read up on the lore in the Librarium.

>> No.19919279

Sure, if you'll help revive the Blood Bowl League.

>> No.19919281

As long as you promise not to get upset if we lose, sure. Take your complimentary d20 and find a seat.

>> No.19919307

How beautiful. They were my third team to cheer for too.

Oh well. We still have /co/.

>> No.19919326

>Changing the rules to a tournament midway

Fuck /sp/ for their unsporting and ungentlemanly behaviour. You just don't change the rules midway.

>> No.19919327

Does anyone else not understand a single thing going on in this thread?

>> No.19919344

Germanbro changed the rules.

>> No.19919351


Poor GMing for caving into the pressure on Germanbros part.

>> No.19919363


Fuck Germanbro then. Had /sp/ been this upset about the rules determining placement in the playoffs beforehand, they shouldn't have taken part.

>> No.19919365

4chan cup. Pretend games of divegrass run with AI teams playing each other, each team representing a board. We had a round robin stage to determine who got to play in the tournament who goes back down to qualifying stages.

After that, /sp/ got really, really mad over the random knockout bracket that was generated and started defacing the wiki and threatening ddos. Germanbro changed it. Some of them were still super mad and demanded he step down.

>> No.19919366

tl;dr version: Some guy on the internet sponsors a video game soccer tournament with all the teams named after boards and all the players named after memes/characters from those boards (/tg/ has CREED, Doomrider, and Los Tiburon, for example), it becomes SERIOUS BUSINESS, whining happens.

>> No.19919376

Fucking hell. I was really looking forward to the FLGS match too.

>> No.19919385

To be fair, those threats were not serious. A board that created lel and le shiggy donatello are not going to ddos a site. Their hate for Germanbro was a satire of Muslim hate.

>> No.19919394

That Guy behavior from /sp/ and poor GMing from Germanbro giving into them.

Bad form all around, really.

>> No.19919398

Copy-pasting Germanbro's official statement:

Yes, I think it [the bracket change] is right. Otherwise I would have not done it. The entire 24 team tournament idea was flawed, yes, but that should have been fixed before the Babby Cup. We should have allowed not 8 but another 16 teams to continue which would have given us a better format to work with, 32 teams. That is clearly superior as a factor of 2 and doesn't result in weird preliminaries. But it was what it was and I couldn't just allow another 8 teams after the BAbby Cup or it would have lost its meaning.

So we went through with this setup and I knew it was silly PES randomizing everything, we had experience from the Babbies and I wanted to make sure this tournament things would be changed to make more sense. I suppose it was a mistake on my part to call the first draw official but I really have no excuse, not even being tired. We should have waited, then changed it. But what's done is done and we will go through with this, rest assured future cups will be in 32 team format and I hope we can avoid this. Maybe in PES 2013, with sensible draws, or with PES 2012, and a new tournament after the group stage because PES is crazy.

I hope you all don't take this too seriously and enjoy it, that is the most important part.

>> No.19919406


Oh well.

>> No.19919410

To clarify, the people on the boards make the teams, the one guy (Germanbro) doesn't. And we have an official coach, theDM who manages our swap outs and things like that.

>> No.19919417

Maybe the DDoS was a joke (loldunno about that) but they were fucking with the wiki.

>> No.19919421


>le shiggy donatello now has cross board awareness

>> No.19919427

Yeah to get attention. They were changing the wiki to the perceived correct draw.

>> No.19919432

Right, thanks for clarifying that for me.

>> No.19919463

That is probably a /sp/ goer, because I've certainly never heard of it.

>> No.19919509

le shiggy donatello (TM) is a daring synthesis of several memes and popular culture: constanza, TMNT, sadfrog and the ironic use of "le" all in one meme

>> No.19919519

It's shit, right?

>> No.19919527

It's shit.

>> No.19919540

>implying it's shit

le diggy shonatello

>> No.19919547


Shiggy pls go

>> No.19919556


>> No.19919566

i'm sorry we ruined everything /tg/ ( ._.)

>> No.19919587

Shit happens. At least some of you know better.

The rest of your brethren are busy embracing their role as the edgy faggot though. That's unfortunate.

>> No.19919612

To be fair, the system /sp/ wanted legitimately is less retarded.

>> No.19919613

You'll notice most are American, American /sp/ is terrible. I heard one tried to troll you guys earlier in some shitposting thread here.

>> No.19919616


The death of /sp/ was coming for a while. If it wasn't this it would have been the Olympics.

Still, you guys seem like fine fellows. I think I shall lurk around.

Does a "Last sane /sp/ poster" build with increased immunity to shitposting through exposure make me a Mary Sue?

>> No.19919622

Only if you're a catboy as well.

>> No.19919628

Summer Cup is a fraud.

/sp/ already got the brackets rigged in their favor because they bitched like autists

>> No.19919633

i keep getting older while /sp/ keeps getting younger

>> No.19919658

To do a money scam you have to... you know... get money. From people. By decieving them.

>> No.19919686


>I will spam this email a couple of times to make sure it gets to you

>> No.19919730

That's not such a stupid thing. I mean, one of my lecturers outright stated that if we should spam him with important messages to give them the correct priority. And practice shows that messages sent less than three times are not read at all.

>> No.19919928

They're seeing wrong.

6 out of 8 babby cup teams in this tourney made it to the knockouts.

/int/, /m/, /n/, /d/, /toy/, /pol/

And I wouldn't say /d/ is weak, after /sp/ nearly lost against them. The babby cup was just as competitive, if not more than the previous cups.

/3/ was just unlucky, and they even managed to beat /v/.

>> No.19920776

Guys. GUYS. Don't you realize? /sp/ is the sports board, so they're taking this like like an actual football cup. So they're getting into character as football hooligans, only with less rioting and more whining.

>> No.19920842

get a drawfriend on this, I want to see the collapse of a pretentious neutron star

>> No.19920886

>less rioting
Nah, they got plenty of that in vandalizing the wiki to force Germanbro into a corner.

>> No.19920988

Apparently, he had always been planning to change the brackets (so says Sideless), and that he himself said that he was a moron to call the first bracket draw "official". So while /sp/ made a big fuss and mess, it was pointless from the outset and had no bearing on the change.

>> No.19921034

/sp/ here, sorry about /sp/ and you not playing /co/. Some of us are trying to argue for the old bracket but Germanbro probably won't listen.

>> No.19921171

fuck off. don't start this sentimental nostalgic /b/ shit of "former glory" when everything is the exact same as it was. you're better than that.

>> No.19921474


Neutron stars don't collapse though, they're formed after a supernova.

>> No.19921577

Here's what the /sp/ shitstorm was like:


You be the judge.

>> No.19921653

/sp/ went full retard with this, but it's to be expected from the sports board. Even if they had a point they crossed the line with the shitstorms, spam and vandalizing, there's no excuse for that.

...But I like to think we are still bros.

>> No.19921894

This right here. We're disappointed in the shitstorm, for sure, but hey. At the end of it all, it's just a game. And if there's one thing /tg/ knows, it's to not let a game come between bros.

>> No.19921935

Back to possible new players....

How about Swen Godslayer? He was recently promoted to godhood after leading his tribe (the Runic Men) for nearly half a century. He was known for selling not-dead bulls and cutting fuckers in half before they were aware of his sword.

>> No.19921991


I don't know man. Knowing that your bros bitch and whine like children the moment something goes against them in a game to the point of demanding the rules get changed.. well, that kinda reveals some less then pleasant things about your bros.

>> No.19922551


True, but even our best bros have their un-brolike moments. Now, let's get down to business and defeat /jp/ (to the tune of Be A Man).

>> No.19922864

>/sp/ whines, throws a fit, considers raiding and demands the rules of the game be changed so they can do better.
>It won't be changed back
>/sp/ are now notorious as socially incontinent cheats with a self-entitled attitude
>Any victories from now on will be tainted by the rigging and hollow as Mystara
I'mokaywiththis. Every campaign needs a BBEG

>> No.19923019

"The cheating goats you love to hate"

Kind of disappointed Anal Circumference, The Whizzard, Thri-Kreen Erotica, CoDzilla, Edition War, Giantess Thread didn't make the team. I'd take off nigramarines and OTChainsaw. But not until next tournament, focus on winning now.

>> No.19923439


Who are the new players?

>> No.19923568

The roster can't be changed during the cup anyway.

>> No.19923667

the brackets were changed because they were WRONG. /sp/ deserved the bye (if you even know what means) because we topped our group. That's the the CORRECT way.


>> No.19923696

>because we topped our group
So /co/ or /n/ don't deserve a bye?

>> No.19923750

that lose against toy left me hurt, fucking tg dice

>> No.19923789

/m/ was the fun villain before this. See: Arrogance for /m/.

This is just plain douchebaggery.

Or we could use the KoDP duckmen.

>> No.19923870

/jp/ here.
I lurk your board occasionally and I just want to let you know that no matter what happens, you guys are still okay in my book.

I hope we have a great match on Friday. Whoever wins has to promise that they won't let /sp/ take the cup, okay?

>> No.19924134

Hello again. A word of advice, DON'T focus on names right now. /v/ only focused on names, and look where they got.

>> No.19924179


True that, I heard they had a 6 hour multithread just to discuss anthems.

But we can't do much more without The DM here....

>> No.19924305

You saw us autisting last night.

We do what we can without our manager. I really, really hope he got the message...

>> No.19924664

We still don't have much of an anthem, though.

Full level autism is mostly in the IRC.

>> No.19924677

Swen is a better choice than the duckmen.

But would Swen be as good on the field as he was in Dragon Pass?

>> No.19924719

Orkz is a great goalhorn, for anthem I was thinking In The Garage by Weezer.

>> No.19924738

Did you guys think of what you want for our wager?

>> No.19924745


How about "Hey Dewd".


>> No.19924750


/co/ and /n/ had the least points among group winners. Only four teams get byes, so they should go to the best four group winners.

>> No.19924793

Cheers to you mate, let's have a good game. We're the opening match of the weekend after all.

On the topic of new players, I am definitely in favor of the Bloody Magpies and Luke Plagueson making an appearence, but what confuses me is that Cultist-chan hasn't been brought up yet.

>> No.19924794

Not much of a wager if we're the only ones who can be held up to an end of it.

>> No.19924839

Yeah that's the problem. I apologize for /jp/'s apathy.

>> No.19924906

Probably for the better for us anyways. I don't fancy our chances.

>> No.19924946

No deal, but someone might go ahead and record a touhou game for you anyway. I'll let the guy who's working on a touhou system know you wanted one next time I see him. I don't know what his group is like but he might be down to do at least a partial recording of one of his playtests.

>> No.19924947

Yeah, we're going to have to decline that wager.

>> No.19924958

They probably reset it so head-to-heads mattered.

Well, we can beat /jp/. They're a crappy team.

>> No.19924979

Yeah, it's not like touhou is something new to /tg/.


>> No.19924992

No they aren't. They've really improved since the last time. They were beating us solidly in the simulations we ran.

>> No.19925001

Weezer and a Beetles parody? Is that really the best we can do?

>> No.19925004

I know a guy who's working on a touhou system (Touhou MYON), and I helped playtest that - I could totally upload logs if people wanted.

>> No.19925023

Is it Gnome? Because if not that would mean there's two touhou games in development, and that would be just silly.

>> No.19925060

>Is that really the best we can do?
No. We can do this:

>> No.19925064

Nope, it isn't.

Unless Gnome also calls himself CrazyPenguin.

But there are a ton of touhou games out there - Gensokyo d20 is an offshoot of BESM d20, TOPL is some sort of d6 system, MYON is d10 roll and keep (sort of like L5R), and the Japanese one is just sort of...what.

>> No.19925095

Well damn. We should have been doing that from the start.

>> No.19925411

Holy fuck, this is a goddamn obvious choice. We need to contact theDM to get this in there.

>> No.19925432

It's nice, but it might be a bit on the serious side.

Most of the best anthems are silly and/or spammable.

>> No.19925495

>Song of Durin
>not spammable
It has lyrics, it can be spammed.

>> No.19925504

The world is grey, the mountains old,
The forge's fire is ashen-cold;
No harp is wrung, no hammer falls:
The darkness dwells in Durin's halls;

>> No.19925534

It's a really good song, but we can't spam along to it in chat like we can with BE AGGRESSIVE. I can imagine this song being used in a video compilation (with time-lapses of clouds and mountains for no discernible reason), but not really for walking onto the field.

>> No.19925546

I dunno, it's a great song, really. But it's just really serious. Not the sort of thing you'd listen to before a silly and hopefully friendly competition.

>> No.19925687

Be aggressive is really shitty though.

>> No.19925833

How about the Yu-Gi-Oh theme song?

>> No.19926143

So? It's not like it's supposed to be a great piece of music.

I'm open to other suggestions. The other day someone put up Roll a d6 in the IRC, that might work.

>> No.19926188


It made me sad, but did you see that thread on /sp/? They don't give a fuck about anything but winning.

All I want is the FLGS match. /co/ and /tg/ have to play for the cup.

>> No.19926259

Yeah, it was pretty sad. Not the bro board I remember.

I hope that's just a summer thing for them.

>> No.19926293

well, i'm all autism'd out.

Someone tell TheDM to railroad us to victory, because I have no clue how he's going to do it.

Roll 20s, hope for good conditioning, and lots of tactical free kick genius.

>> No.19926345

So you're getting butthurt that Germanbro changed the system to something you deem unfair?

>> No.19926397

here comes the /sp/ defense force.

Remember when people (/sp/ included!) starting complaining about /m/ taking the whole thing too seriously? How their testing and autism was going to ruin the nature of the cup?

How do you think you guys look right now?

>> No.19926488

>something you deemed unfair

What? When did I say that? I just want to see /tg/ and /co/ play a game, and with the new bracket it's going to be the cup game.

But by all means, keep putting words in my mouth.

>> No.19926615

Did you see how it happened during the Babby Cup when /m/ was afraid of meeting /pol/ in an early match and having to miss Summer?

>> No.19926708



How about this?

>> No.19926761

I thought we used Be Aggressive at least in part because it was related to something that wasn't 40k but was still /tg/.

>> No.19926782


Point taken.

>> No.19926814

The worst thing about all these shenanigans is that if /sp/ win the cup (I don't see it happening but it is possible) every other team is going to have legitimate grounds to complain that they essentially cheated by forcing a re-draw. If they had just kept it the way it was no-one would have any reason to complain and we all would have said well done /sp/, you played well and deserved it.... now.... not so much. Could you imagine if during the euros they had done a re-draw after the group stages just because Spain would have had a difficult game (or some equal equivalent), the entire sporting world would have has a hissy fit... this mt fellow fa/tg/uys is exactly the same principle.

>> No.19926841


You may say it's too /v/.
If you were to do so, I wouldn't disagree.

>> No.19926873


Perhaps a suggestion for the goalhorn.

>> No.19927007

I really would advocate changing Be Aggressive, whatever the case.
I just don't find it fitting.

Blood Bowl main theme I think would work well:

>> No.19927078

ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ is widely considered to be a fuckin' great goalhorn.

If we change it, it has to be to something equally spammable/relevant/catchy/silly.

If we're going to change the goalhorn, I suggest making DOOMRIDER's goalhorn be "overdose" by DJ Tomcraft.


It's mega-heretical, but Doomrider is our Slaaneshi MVP (well, just next to Creed).

>> No.19927110

I support this idea.
I do like me some player-specific goalhorns.

>> No.19927130


>> No.19927218


>> No.19927228

If we can do player-specific goalhorns that's good. But not as a total replacement for ORKZ.

>> No.19927255

No lyrics = shit for our purposes.

>> No.19927263


>> No.19927279

I was fine for keeping ORKZ for the goalhorn. I meant for the anthem-a-thingie.

Which, now I check it, is the Blood Bowl theme anyway.

>> No.19927316

check the new wiki


>> No.19927351

That's a thing?
Well ok then

>> No.19927441

We don't really need to be worrying about any of that right now. No changes we make will matter til next tournament.

What would be better is for people to start simming against /jp/.

>> No.19927557

Not quite as spammable but it's catchy and would make a good walk on type song.


>> No.19927988

>implying this isn't the best tolkien anthem


>> No.19928033

I wanna feel the gear
Pumping through my veins
I wanna feel the drugs
Fuckin up my rains

I wanna dance all night
And fuck all day
I want cocaine
On a breakfast tray

Darren Styles' - lost the plot

DOOMRIDERS goal theme

>> No.19928467

when The Hobbit comes out (hopefully in time for the Winter Cup, which we qualify for), I want the full version of “Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold” for the anthem.

/tg/ loves The Hobbit in general, it's dorfy, and really sounds like an anthem you'd stand and sing along to.

>> No.19928560


Hm, might work.

>> No.19928602

If we're going for dorfy Tolkien music, the Song of Durin is better.

>> No.19928633

Or this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0uNo0Wx2vhs#t=61s

>> No.19928707

I like the Song of Durin better as a song, but as an anthem, Misty Mountains works better. Higher production value, lyrics that are more ADVENTURE and less tolkien. Also shorter. Not entirely sure that the Tolkien music is the best approach though.

>still arguing about anthems instead of testing
We are fucked.

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