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How do you roleplay a party of Sisters of Battle ?

Short story is we planned an Ecclesiarchy campaign with a Priest, Sister and other church related careers but then we started joking about Sister being unbalanced and one thing led to another and now all 5 of us are playing them. The thing is that we only know one or two ways to play them: fanatical nun with gun. We could do some of variations of meek vs angry, but is there anything more ? Would Sisters exchange quips and jokes ? Smoke, drink or play cards when they're done with prayers (are they ever done with those anyway) ? Talk about something non-religion or Emperor related ?

I heard Black Library had various portrays of Sisters in Caphias Cain's books, but I you know how it goes with Black Library and canon. Also how were the Sisters portrayed in their own books ?

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First things first: are you all sisters of battle, or are you from different types of orders? What's the general premise of the campaign?

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Power armored Bolter Bitches all the way - the "unbalanced" jokes started thanks to the Battle Sisters' starting equipment.

It's an Ecclesiarchal campaign with Ecclesiarchal objectives - that's all we know right now.

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That is a terrible image. I do not even want to know where it is from.

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3rd edition rule book has a Sister Superior who may more may not be joking about naked rituals on cold stone floors with a new recruit. She also has a pen that is basically wrapped in barbed wire to make it painful to use because lol grimdark.

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There are like a whole bunch of specializations for sisters bro - there's those pseudo-Bene Gesserit police of the nobility, the intensively-trained doctors, the xenos researchers and studiers, and these are just the well known ones.

I mean if you were playing a guard campaign, would you be like 'I don't know how to give each guardsman a personality'?

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How serious do you intend to be? Because this could be anywhere between po-faced purging and silly antics. Whatever the case you'll be a pack of zealot warrior nuns who tend to follow very hardline interpretations of the Imperial Creed. You're likely going to spend a lot of time ruining peoples days with fire and bolt because, ability wise, that's what SoBs do. You haven't got enough variety in the group to do much else.

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Demonophage. A three-volume 40k comic.

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Daemonifuge, you mean. Pictured is some sort of ressurected might-be-a-living-saint lady. The plot armour is strong with that one.

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Well, you play them basically as a bunch of Knights Templar. With tits. You don't roleplay the tits.

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>Mfw your sister squad all develop psychic abilities due to WTF CHAOS plot line and become the pet project of a Radical Inquisitor.

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"normal" human beating several ][-space marines in close combat? fuck yes it is.

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Gotta love dat plot armor.

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not until your first run in with slaaneshi, that is.

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By that point she's been "reborn" through the screaming cage and kind of an avatar-witch-not-even-the-Inquisition-gets-it-thing

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We don't know but I doubt it will be a joke campaign.

I know what we can do mechanically, but that's not really what I'm concerned with. I'm interested in rping them.

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So you're legitimate sisters, being Orders Militant?

If so, you could all be from some of the Lesser Orders. That could give you some difference in background, and since you're not as centralized as the main Sisters, you'll probably be a little less tightass about things unrelated to heresy.

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Well, see >>19909868. There's the baseline of what one is, but you can vary that. Maybe your sister has a sense of humour. Maybe it isn't approved of by most but the canoness has taken a liking to you and lets it slide provided you don't get all blasphemous. Maybe another sister is in it for helping humanity survive, while her sister is far more focused on setting fire to the heretical. Just keep faith and duty in mind as the most important things in your character's life and you can't go too far wrong.

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Play a Repentia who is desperately trying to make up for past mistakes or her lack of faith.

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Listen to Red and Black.
Get ideas on how they operate.

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Seconding this. Especially since it contained a sister with a gruff Yorkshire accent.

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How about a sister who loves the Emperor a little too literally?

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She's an Alpha psyker now so its not unbelievable.

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He's a sanctioned psyker and subject to the Inquisition.
What business does a Sororitas have persecuting him?

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Since he's a psyker he's a constant threat to warp corruption more than any other human, I suppose.

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Suffer the witch not to live.

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everything about daemonifuge is better left forgotten

a misconception that they HUURRRge every psyker ever

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Carefully. With much prayer and meditation.

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Or a joke.

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So who's she, a Culexus ?

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Nothing as high-ranking as that, by the look of it.

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Not sure if it counts but I have a Sister Dialogous, who I play as the nervous greenhorn. She's never been in a combat situation in her life before.

And yet her laspistol keeps blowing things away. Praise the Emperor and whatever saint invented the laspistol.

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Marines of a melee focused chapter.

Getting bested by a Sister and dying like Guardsmen?

I need to read this Comic!

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You shouldn't. It's not because the Sisters are written so badass here, but because the writer doesn't know how they work. I mean, look at the bolters and what they're firing.

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As someone who is personally religious, some of the lols could come from your sisters being from different 'denominations'. They still all serve the emporer and dont disagree enough to call each other heretics, but on certain issues like the role of xenos, leniency towards mutants, whether the emporer is a warp deity or not ect Could result in interpersonal conflict.

Also, if you look at medieval nuns/monks as an example, what they did or did not do depends a lot on their individual circumstances. Some monks brewed beer as a community and sold it, others swore of alcohol completely.

If you have one of your sisters take a vow of silence (Grimdark, have tongue removed) then charades on teh battlefield could be some of your fun too :)

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>Bolters firing small projectiles that look like a normal bullet.
>Speesh Mareenes dying in a single strike to their neck.
>Not just shooting the avatar SOB.
Seems legit

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FFG and GW artists make mistakes from time to time.

My head won't explode because some minor mistake like that.

I want see a Sister doing some badass, anon, You won't stop me from doing that.

To /rs/!

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Enjoy your Eldar husbando.
Daemonifuge is shit and I'm glad it was cancelled.

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>Eldar reflexes and movement far exceeds human capabilities
>To an Eldar a human is a slow lumbering creature


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This is old stuff. Marines weren't quite unbeatable faggots yet and bolters weren't as ridiculous.

Besides, I can totally believe some kind of living warp-conduit fucking the shit out of several Marines. Why not? Even in the most recent fluff they're not immune to being outclassed.

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But she's got FAITH OF THE HEART

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You're in for a surprise. You'll also be upset when they lose the wideface artist halfway through volume 2.

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>comparing a psychic goddess to a normal Sister


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>shooting the SoB
>that they want to take ALIVE
Key word being ALIVE she says that in there.

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It's not about SPEESH MARUNS losing evar. And more about one SoB using weaboo majicks too kill things because the plot demands a badass.

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Well, if you're going to demonstrate how OP something has become having it butcher marines is a pretty good way to go about it. It's not like you're going to upset anyone by doing so.

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I don't know about you, but as soon as I see that this woman can kill a fellow super soldier with a single karate chop to the neck, the rules get pushed out the door and the survival of my fellow BB become priority.
Unless they're ultrasmurfs, there isn't much reason that they'd act so dumb in that situation.

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Ya''ll just jelly of her eldar boytoy

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Someone should storytime this.

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>weaboo majicks

Being super strong and fast is weeaboo? Are you some kind of retard?

Also, it's not that the plot demands a badass, but that the plot demands a main character. And that plot happens to be about its main character becoming very powerful.

Would you be this butthurt if it was some random psyker killing a bunch of marines?

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Honestly, it's pretty shitty. And incidentally this comic is what started the decline of the sisters, retconning one corrupted sister, ever, because a whole order becomes corrupted in it.

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>To the Black Library.
Okay, if there was any doubt she was a Mary Sue they can now be safely removed.

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They're actually Grey Knights.

Yeah. This comic is so old that Grey Knights look no different from normal marines and aren't really any better than them, just more secret.

This was a different time. A time when marines weren't one-man armies.

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as if there was ever any doubt to begin with.

I honestly will not believe that anyone would defend Daemonifuge unironically.

No, they're black templars. The maltese cross on the shoulder and the Black Templars present elsewhere in the comic are enough evidence.

The Grey Knights that DO show up are the Grey Knight Terminators from 2nd edition, covered in runes. There's a point where they teleport in and start gunning down everyone because they might be corrupted.

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>Are you some sort of retard?
When you're ready to have a talk like a big boy let me know, I'll still be in the thread.
That explains a lot, meh forgive the nerd rage.
That too.

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Guess who makes an appearance in the comic.

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You must admit - the suggestion that being really fast is weaboo is... pretty stupid.

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So is killing a space marine with your bare hand, see how this all isn't making much sense?

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Ignoring the main character, read the Sisters there. Each has their own personality, areas of specialty, and opinions on things. They're insanely faithful, sure, but they're each independent people. Even the big quiet one with the flamer turns out to be a chatterbox when not in her armor, "adopting" people and protecting them if they remind her of the family she lost.

If you all play them as typical "faith faith faith no personality faith faith faith" the game's going to get old fast. Instead, shoot for "faith faith faith I politely disagree Sister but that was still damn funny faith faith faith."

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>You must admit - the suggestion that being really fast is weaboo is... pretty stupid.

Eh, not really , the whole
Is a common animango cliché.

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>He deployed his whole army in less than one second!
>Impossible! T-that's the Master Hand of the Emperor technique! Instantaneous simultaneous deepstrike!!!

>> No.19910823

Hmm. I dunno, maybe you haven't read many comics in general? It's a pretty common thing.

Considering that she's clearly not a normal human? No. I wouldn't question a demon or something killing a marine like that, and from what I'm reading in this thread she's something more along those lines than a human.

>> No.19910846

If she appeared to vanish and reappear behind him into two frames, and then they both stand there, and his head falls off or he gets cut in half or whatever a moment later, you’d have a point. But as it is, this just looks like how artists imply superspeed/strength.

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>She's clearly not human
Something I didn't learn until later on. I mean based on the picture she is clearly as human, it says she trained a lot and at one point she has the glowly eye of power I'll give ya that.

Her damn hand better be made of vibranium or some shit else it would've simply shattered all over the place. I'm pretty sure this is about a cliched naruto as it gets. Oh well, she must've read about it in the black library.

>> No.19910934

>Her damn hand better be made of vibranium or some shit else it would've simply shattered all over the place

She's wearing power armour, and, again, she's not a normal human. You might as well say that a daemon prince should totally break its kuckles when punching a marine.

>> No.19910967

That's one fashionable leather power glove.
But serously....

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When does she learn her bankai?

>> No.19911127

When she fights against the Pariah Assassin. She uses her power to overload his abilities.

''He was thirsty....I GAVE HIM AN OCEAN!''

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>> No.19911472

Yes, she is obviously very fast and strong. You've yet to explain how that is weeaboo, though.

If anything, the movement, posing, and panel composition in that page is reminiscent of superhero comics. Which convey speed/power in very different ways to manga.

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Without an prior knowledge, she looks like a normal sister of butter, she has a classic scar or two on her face.
The marines approach, oh she's so fast! She can outrun the first who is raising his gun at her and disarm/kill him with a single karate chop!
She is then able to kneel down, cock the wepon, raise the weapon and shot two more marines only a few meters away. I guess they mistook "Take her alive" as "Let her shoot you"
She then hold the barrels, still smoking hawt, towards her face. Her eye show magick powers.
Three sinister men observe from somewhere, uncaring that their marines r lol ded.

So no, it's not a very good page. Rings with animu magic if you don't know any back story. And is rather silly.
I'm sorry.

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Haha, all that's missing is

>> No.19912295

>> No.19912315

How would Western fiction handle a surprise reveal of superspeed characters?

>> No.19912329

This happened directly after she one shotted a Great Unclean One and purged an entire world of Nurglite corruption.

You don't mess with the Daemonifuge!

>> No.19912381

>Rings with animu magic if you don't know any back story. And is rather silly.

Gee, a page separated from the comic it belongs to can convey odd meanings to people who haven't read the comic, never heard that one before.

All in all, it warms Mat Ward's heart that /tg/ has accepted the paradigm of Marine supremacy so deeply that anything that includes a non-marine besting a marine seems a sheer impossibility breaking the rules of 40k.

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They'd probably have the speedster get punched by the resident badass, even though they should be able to avoid it perfectly.

>> No.19912445

Ya know, if she had a sword or knife or something in that hand instead of a fucking karate chop I'd clap for the rest of my life.
As it stands she has a leather glove.

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I love you, anon.

>> No.19912497


So, she's all magic'd out.

If she was twelve feet tall with horns no one would have a problen with a leather glove or bare hands, but having lots of power does not come with suitably intimidating appearence always, not even in the 40k setting which has not only this, but actual regiment-slaughtering psychic schoolgirls.

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>> No.19912548

I...I just wish it was more evident anon.... T.T

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>Rings with animu magic

How? What does that even mean?

I'm not sure how a western comic would do a super-fast character dispatching several opponents differently. And if you're implying that this only happens in anime, then... I don't even have the words to describe how stupid that is.

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I bet they'd bitch if a Necron tore a Space marine in half.

I mean fuck, Necrons are 9 foot tall metal robots, they dwarf space marines!

>> No.19912630

I'll fucking explain it for all the asshat who says weeaboo powers.

>Sister uses Timewarp Psyker power
>Sister uses Hammerhand
>They're super effective!

She's a Psyker, she fucks shit up because she can.

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Necron Warriors outnumber Space Marines. If the Marine are not superior to the average Necron, then the Marines would not stand a chance against Necron Armies.

>> No.19912660

Not really, Immortals are the same size as Marines.

>> No.19912694

>Necron Warriors outnumber Space Marines.

They didn't used to. And they shouldn't still. Necrons used to be the boogeymen who even the mightay spess mehreens tried to avoid at all costs. Back in the day there was a scenario where one Necron warrior unstoppables its way through an entire Imperial space station.

>> No.19912714

Use your blood to coat your buddies' armor.

>> No.19912739

Get your immortal model

file down the spine ending slightly then make it so it does not hunch.

Necrons are quite a bit bigger than Space marines if they are not hunching over, the Lords are proof of it.

>> No.19912758

Space marines are a little better than a Necron Warrior, and worse than a Necron immortal.

Necrons fuck over space marines when they come in contact with them and the plot armour is on equal sides.

>> No.19912846


What the Necrons were and still are, are endless waves and waves of unfeeling and unreasoning machines which were easily dispatched by the marines.

What makes the Necrons problematic is their unwillingness to stay down despite what grievous damage you inflict upon them.

>> No.19912859

>Get your immortal model

The models aren't properly to scale. It says in the Codex that Immortals are Space Marine big.

>> No.19912874

>Space marines are a little better than a Necron Warrior


Xenos please.

>> No.19912955

I guess you don't remember 3rd Edition and earlier.

>> No.19913035

Pre third they were powerful, statswise at least. But they were a robo-undead horde when they got their codex.

>> No.19913071

>This is what some imperial citizens believe.

>> No.19913092

Which made them kinda shit.

Honestly, the pre-codex fluff for Necrons is the best they ever got.

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