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/tg/, a supplement for Rogue Trader called The Soul Reaver is coming out soon.

This book is focused on my personal favorite 40k faction, the Dark Eldar, and making them PC options, as well as incorporating them into games. I really want to run an all-DE game, and use the RT mechanics to make it about a rising Kabal instead of a Dynasty. Can this thread be about ideas for this kind of game?

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My current favorite is inspired by an old archived thread about a kidnapped Custode Praetorian being forced to race through Commorragh by a kabal obsessed with speed.

The Kabal of the Screaming Mask is obsessed with speed. They host impressive reaver races in their tiny arena, but are overall not a very powerful force in the dark city. It surprised many when its archon petitioned Asdrubael Vect to organize a massive race through the territory of others. It stunned all when permission was granted.

Known as the Blackline, this race pits some of the best reavers from around Commorragh against each other in a bloody fight to the finish. Exceptionally interesting are some of the other contestants in the race.

A hulking human in golden armor is silent as he rides his ancient jetbike. None know who he is, only that he desperately needs to return to holy Terra. One of the deluded craftworlders has been brought in, along with his 'Shining Spear' jetbike. He races to save his soul. A traitor astartes pledged to She Who Thirsts and an Ork of the Kult of Speed both came practically willingly.

Many have gathered to bet on or participate in the Blackline. The stakes are high, and foul play is a given. Who will win?

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i would play the fuck out of this... had i a group interested in running RT game...

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