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I want a game/quest/story about the really powerful folks on Holy Terra. Anyone else interested?

The Custodes, the Sisters of Silence, the Assassin Temples, the Navigator families, everything in the Sol Sector, and the tragically underfluffed home of humanity. we know so little about Terra, Mars, Jupiter... and isn't there a Craftworld running around in there?

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Is there really a craftworld floating around in Sol? I play Eldar, so it'll be hilarious to fluff my army around that haha.

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I don't know about a craftworld but I think Mars is a tombworld

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Craftworld Bausstealth

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I wouldn't think so, it'd be dead. Between Luna being a battle station and Mars having all kinds of crazy and whacky shit and that the rest of the Forgeworlds could only have wet dreams about.

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That'd be Craftworld Altansar.

Lexicanum says when Maugan Ra rescued it from the Eye of Terror, it popped out in Segmentum Solar, "somewhere near Terra."

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Dude how do you think Craftworlds have stayed hidden so far? I don't doubt the Eldar's ability to mask themselves and fly around Sol, supposed to have super advanced tech and all.


Mars is the prison of the Dragon, the C'tan the emperor defeated and chained there so it's dreams could inspire the technological feats and miracles of the adeptus mechanicus.

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The Custodes actually look more like this these days. And they dress in black.

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Oh yeah, then sprint around in pants, capes, and helmets. No shirts, just tats.

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>Dude how do you think Craftworlds have stayed hidden so far?
I figured it might have to do with the fact that craftworlds are planet-sized ships.

In a place as big as the galaxy I imagine it's hard to find a ship that can move around and if needed, slip into the webway which mankind hardly knows how to navigate.

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It would be a setting all of its own.
I mean, EVERYONE has people in the Sol System. The Sororitas has the Convent Prioris on it, for instance.

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Let's not forget he kicked its ass so hard it became a ROOM. And then imprisoned it on Mars in the 3rd century AD.

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>Fucking Maugan Ra

That explains everything. Fucker's even worse than a Primarch.

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*The Assassins temples are not located on Terra (probably), they are scattered about the galaxy and quite hard to find.

*Some of the Custodes have been guarding the Emperor since the Horus Heresy, they were created to be completely loyal.

*Terra is the official homeworld of the Imperial Fists, although they act as a fleet-based chapter in practice.

*Imperal Guard regiments are recruited from Terra.

*The Imperial Palace is the size of a continent, with the Emperor's throne room located in Nottingham where GW's HQ is. There are secret entrances to the palace.

*The Sisters of Battle have one of their main bases on Terra

*There are mutants which get purged occasionally.

*Much of the population live in impoverished hives, with the lowest ranking jobs at the Adeptus Terra viewed as lofty attainments.

*There are periodic 'que wars' on Terra among the epic lines of pilgrims queing to visit the Imperial Palace, which have to be put down by custodes (violently).

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Lexicanum doesn't have pages for Mecrury, Venus, Uranus, or Pluto, and the Neptune page lacks fluff beyond "it's old." Any fluff on them?

Terra has holdings of all the Adeptus, plus the Navigator Houses. Luna is a battlestation. Mars is the Mechanicus home. The Inquisition holds Saturn and its moons. What else is there? That shit could be a great game/story.

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>The Assassins temples are not located on Terra (probably), they are scattered about the galaxy and quite hard to find.
Complete bullshit. It's stated to be based on Terra in a secret location.

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>It's stated to be based on Terra in a secret location.
This is wrong simply on the basis it implies there is only one.

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The Administratum is based in the Palace.
Venus had pleasure orbitals during the Heresy at least. Jupiter's a forge world.

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>with the Emperor's throne room located in Nottingham

Isn't the Imperial Palace supposed to be in / most of Asia?

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Its main Temples are on Terra, as well as the School of Assassins.

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In the Himalayas, actually. The guy you're quoting is out of date.

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The Navigator's Ghetto (which is actually really nice) is located on Australia.
All of it.

Terra no longer has oceans and every inch of it is populated.

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But the Forbidden Fortress in in the Himalayas. That's impossible.

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Not really quoting anyone, just going on the best of what I remember.

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The Inquisition's offices are situated beneath the polar ice caps in Antarctica.

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Responding to, rather.


That's really funny. Mutants everywhere. The Paternova has super weird fluff.

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Let's not forget the Hall of Judgement, with its endless tomes bound in human skin (seriously) comprising the Book of Judgement.

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That's a campaign. A Warmaster's united chaos and between them and the Tyranids, they've glassed Terra.

The inquisition have few fucks to give. You five go beat him.

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Why would nids glass Terra?

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Five Custodes must purge intruders from the Webway. How much fun would that be?

Oh man, this reminds me of an old thread. The idea was that a Dark Eldar kabal obsessed with racing kidnaps a Custode and his jetbike. They force him to race Reavers and other slave-racers around Commorragh.

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Nids are hungry for the Astronomican. It's the reason they're in the galaxy.

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The Ecclesiarchal Palace covers a shitload of of the southern part of Terra. The Ecclesiarch lives there in a fortress.
Also, Terra is where all the psykers are sanctioned and the High Lords meet.

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I asked why they would glass Terra.
Nids don't glass planets

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I was thinking Chaos used the Nids as a distraction whilst they glassed the planet, or something.

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They do, actually. Once the various fighting bugs have eliminated all resistance, huge capillary towers bathe the planet in acid and strip away not only all life, but the first few layers of minerals and stone.

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I remember that shit. We decided he kicked their asses and escaped, then kept getting fan mail from Dark Eldar no matter how hard he tried to catch the messengers.

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Abaddon and the swarmlord are college buddies now?
Good luck getting near Terra

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That was a great thread. Between that and Commorragh! The Dark Eldar RPG, there;s a lot of great stuff that /tg/ has about my favorite faction.

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That isn't glassing a planet as much as stripping it.
Glassing a planet is from heat weapons which is why it is called glassing.

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Found the picture.

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The Astronomican is located in the Himalayas, not the Emperor's throne room.

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...you wouldn't happen to have more Custode art, would you?

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Henceforth no man shall set foot upon the world, and all around shall be set sentinals to ward away unwary spacecraft. We must accept that this place is lost to us forever, and is now the eternal habitation of abomination.
-from The Contagion of Ganymede

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You just had to ask.

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Wasn't Ganymede the place where the Admech was trying to reverse engineer the squat's perfected plasma engines?

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"Warp-core technology," or so says Lexicanum.

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Warp core tech.

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No choice, huh?

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Thread's dead.

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In the film the race is held on 'Roboworld', who try and defend with every military asset they have, the race / racers have trouble giving any fucks.

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Also I finally found the actual picture of a post-heresy Custodian.

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They aren't the Custodes.

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Holy hell. Whoever mentioned Redline, this is super cool.

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The original thread about various 40k races racing was vaguely based on Redline - It's just GOING FAST - THE MOVIE.

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Also the symbol of the Custodes is the single most Imperial symbol I've ever seen.

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I'd read/watch/play it. Hard.

The scene with the Reaver race was one of the few good parts in Path of the Renegade.

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>most of the population live in impoverished underhives.

What? Where does it say this? Impossible, with the amount of pilgrims and sheer proximity to the emperor they all must have, like, 100 fate points. I imagine most of them work in the administratum.

In fire warrior it shows almost the whole planet converted to building structures which are probably ports.

I like the other bits though, and that there are still mutants, which there probably... might be. Can the emperor control DNA? Well the warp can obviously... so he should be able to...

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Read the key word there. UNDERhives. The bulk of the population live beneath the surface and it's a not a good life.

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It's true. The average citizen lives a miserable life desperately hoping to become a slave-adept.

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>> No.19902561

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Saved the best for last.

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Thanks for this dump! Are those Sisters of Silence on the end there?

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Impossible. It doesnt make sense. All the imperiums resources are at their disposal. They probably receive terras weight many times over in tithes.

Does the Vatican have loads of poor people? No.

The way you tell it, you make the crimson fists chapter keep sound better. Its basically an imperial world.

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Terra is the most overcrowded world in the Imperium. There's something like a trillion people on it.
A tiny cramped apartment on Terra costs more than a palace on any other world.

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You're sabotaging your own point there. The Vatican is an impossibly small area in a country really feeling the squeeze in an economic crisis.

Literally, they're living in luxury, whilst people outside are counting their meals. I can imagine life is similar outside the Administratum / Imperial Palace.

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There were poor people and almost Imperially abandoned cities even during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.

Sources: The Outcast Dead and a few other short stories from the HH Series.

What evidence do we have that every single man/woman/child is prospering just because they happen to be on the planet the Emperor of Mankind is at? Emperor's Meatshields etc etc..

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The Imperial Palace is stuffed full of starving peons, though. It's basically a sprawling hive.

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The bulk of employed people spend their entire day scrawling shit into books. The small minority of a population of billions get these jobs.

>> No.19902765

They'll usually die without seeing that book be finished.

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>You're sabotaging your own point there. The Vatican is an impossibly small area in a country really feeling the squeeze in an economic crisis.
>Vatican is an impossibly small area in a country
>Vatican is... in a country

And you say im sabotaging my own point. Was your school system just teaching you how to say the letters U S and A in the right order?

Also terrible use of the impossibly.
>The Vatican is an impossibly small area in a country
So... ? You could fit the entire thing on a cheese cracker?

>What evidence do we have that every single man/woman/child is prospering just because they happen to be on the planet the Emperor of Mankind is at?

Because, you meatloafheaded moron, its the one place that controls the entire imperium. They allready talk about administratum worlds and garrison worlds. But your trying to say that most chapter keeps and the ultramar system are better run.

Most people ARE starving in the imperium, but those people are not lucky enough to live on a shrine world, let alone bask in the vast financial glory of the emperor.

The toe bone of a person that even visited terra is worth more than most peoples lifes wages.

An apartment on terra would be worth more than several worlds. Especially considering rogue traders own several worlds, and the Inquisition knows it can sacrifice a few to save the many.

All of you have weird broken ideas based off of nothing else but the crock of non cannon shit that is the black library.

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Keep in mind that the estimates for other hive worlds populations have gone over the hundred billion mark and Terra is one of the largest hive worlds. Even with billions of people employed by the administratum there's still going to be a lot of poverty.

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How long is the book? A frugalpoopilion pages?

>> No.19902841

Who wants to bet that the Governors of each Hive are bickering Feudal lords constantly at war with each other?

Now I want to play in a game where all the PCs are Hive Lords. It would either degenerate into constant warfare or with everyone uniting and carving a Hive-Cluster Utopia out of the Galaxies most overcrowded slum.

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You DO realize that your average guy on a shrine world is a starving peasant, right?

>> No.19902862

Pretty much. Plus it's very slow, painstaking work. Plus they don't live very long.

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Sources for poverty on Terra, both in the 31st and 41st Milleniums:


The Outcast Dead


And I'm pretty sure it's touched on in some of the short stories.

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The Black Library is a division of Games Workshop and completely canon.

>> No.19902892

GW's position is that everything they produce is canon, even regardless of inconsistencies or contradictions.

>> No.19902893

Also terrible use of the impossibly.
>The Vatican is an impossibly small area in a country
>So... ? You could fit the entire thing on a cheese cracker?

How many countries can you stand at one end and look to the other of? The entire Vatican state can be walked across in fifteen minutes. It does not even remotely resemble Italy as a whole and it's clear your knowledge of the world at large is frankly insulting to anyone with half an education.

Look at a map of the world. See Italy? The bit on the south of Europe, looks like a boot? Where's the Vatican? You can't see it? that's because it's so tiny that it doesn't matter. It's insignificant, and you, sir, are an idiot.

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No, the pilgrims are usually starving peasants. And thats because being a pilgrim is hard.

The average guy on a shrine world probably either sells goods to pilgrims or makes goods to sell to pilgrims, or he does any number of other jobs imperial worlds have.

The Planetary government of saint Drussus shrine or whatever is probably almost as powerful as any rogue trader.

What makes the imperium a horrible place to live is the constant threat from within, without and beyond, and the fact that very advanced technology that enables healthcare and to live good lives is in incredibly short supply. What they do have is books and allot of hearsay. Added to that the fact that most people of any insight are killed before they have time to spread their knowledge due to the constant wars and need for troops. The imperium is bereft of innovation, all known improvements have been visited many times before independently on many worlds, and to go beyond that is to take a risk that it will not just destroy you like the dark age of technology. This is what entices so many tech heretics. While the technology of the eldar and necrons are hugely complex can it be truely said they have not lost more than they gained?

And that is the 3/4ed i was raised on and all else is bullpucky.

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>He thinks hes trolling me right now.
Thats not smart you know. You said something dumb like Vatican city is part of italy. You cant take it back.

Only the Codecies are cannon.

Everything else is the imaginings of a writer struggling to finish a book while not bothering to actually read and understand all of the information contained within the Codecies, which takes time. Instead they pick and choose what suits them.

GWs official position on this is that everything is a myth about the Imperium and may or maynot be true.

Which falls short of "its a subsidiary company, thus it can re-write the work of the main company" bullshit you said.

No wonder morons belive that the adeptus arbites go around with their own fleets of ships attacking worlds. And i suppose they do that with their artillery and titan regiments too. And their sanctioned psychers aswell?

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>> No.19903081

>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.
The Arbites have ships in Battlefleet Gothic. Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.19903126


>Thats not smart you know. You said something dumb like Vatican city is part of italy. You cant take it back.

Coming from someone who can't grasp basic grammar (That's, can't, Italy - with a capital I) nor how to spell. Also,

>canon, not cannon.


Yes, yes he is.

>> No.19903144

No, im already quite sure its you.

You only need one guy to light the candles.

See, the problem with you is that you have no idea of the demographics of the world you live in today.

So you find it impossible to understand the demographics of a story that is modeled on British history in the year 1000 up until about the 1700ds.

>> No.19903164

>no u
I'm going to stop justifying you with responses now.

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>> No.19903198

So after getting caught out and deciding to call me a troll,
like people wont just go back to your first response and my rebuttal of it and see what you said.

You are now trying to attack grammar and spelling like a Nazi?

Your just irrelevant to this conversation arnt you?

>> No.19903209


Stop trying to win an internet argument. Both of you.

>> No.19903226 [DELETED] 

Ive already one.

Both logically and by the lore.

You should shut the troll up.

I care not for your agreed facts.

>> No.19903234

Ive already won.

Both logically and by the lore.

You should shut the troll up.

I care not for your agreed facts.

>> No.19903237

I don't get why the people in this thread haven't figured out that for all its mystique, Terra is just a bigger, more overcrowded, overpolluted Hive World were a fraction of a fraction of 1% of the population controls the fate of the Imperium and enjoy its fantastic wealth, while most other people are shit out of luck. Just because its the Emperor's seat doesn't mean that it's any less shit for the common man.

>> No.19903238


First of all, it's "won," not "one."

Secondly, it doesn't matter. Both of you keep answering to the other.

>> No.19903246

One guy thinks otherwise, dude.
One guy.

>> No.19903279

Because thats retarded.

Any one thing that controls all of something else is never a medium balance between them. It is always an extreme of them.

Its a historical fact, and your basis for believing otherwise doesnt seem to come from the 40k tabletop which preceded all other writings on the matter.

And that is why i call you morons.

>> No.19903314


>Calls people morons

>Agrees with the previous guy's point whilst thinking he's in the right

>Can't spell for shit

>Calls others morons

Seriously, shouldn't you be in bed by now?

>> No.19903342

>truth by democracy

Yeh right so we should probably ask the country if it agrees with the periodic table, and thermodynamics and keep asking until we've rewritten everything because apparently truth is achived by what most people belive.

Especially given that the average IQ is 100.

But from my experience people with IQs up to 130 can still be morons who know nothing about what their talking about. They just know more subjects to know nothing about what their talking about, with.

You already know this applies to you, so lets bring this to an end.

>> No.19903345

I honestly don't understand just what you were trying to get across with that? That expecting an extreme separation between classes on a world that has stagnated for 10,000 years is somehow wrong? Or is that what you just said, agreeing with my previous point while saying you disagreed with me?

>> No.19903360

>spelling nazi is worried about spelling
>links to comment with no spelling mistakes.

The worrying thing is that you dont keep your own mouth shut. You just keep spreying spittle and never learn anything.

Its like you lack the humbleness required to learn things at a higher level.

>> No.19903365

IQ isn't about the range of subjects you know

>> No.19903376


I like that you're trying to prove your superiority to people about "learning at a higher level," and yet the arcane art of the apostrophe eludes you.

I'd sage, but this is my thread. Just beat it. Go to bed.

>> No.19903382

Given how I just walked in on this thread, your unwarranted and frankly bizarre tangents are more amusing than inflammatory. Perhaps I should have stated my obviously opinionated post with a warning sticker that said "Danger: Opinions Within" so that you'd realize that my hyperbole aside, I do not expect everyone to exactly agree with my views.

>> No.19903387


>and yet the arcane art of the apostrophe eludes you.

Not even any of those guys, but fuck, my sides

>> No.19903424


I do try.

Anyway, the only way this thread could get worse is if Japanese Lettuce Hardcore showed up and started posting Touhou, so I'm gonna call this one a loss for the side of Good and go to bed.

>> No.19903446

I love how someone tells you that you're wrong, and your autism instantly kicks in attacking every pedantic strawman that you can. Then, because you need to make it very clear that you're autistic, you start using the bullshit scapegoat of what defines canon, even though they're all official sources.

>> No.19903458

I think i remember that 40k Wacky Races idea. In fact, why not expand it? What would be the tracks, other than Holy Terra? Cadian Battleground? Catachan Jungle? Comorragh?

Carron and Sindri could be a racer, they're the Dastardly Dan and Muttley of the racers. "They race in their METAL BAWKSES! Quickly, Sindri, do something!"

>> No.19903460

Well first of all, because your grammar is shit.
>fraction of 1% of the population controls the fate of the Imperium and enjoy its fantastic wealth, while most other people are shit out of luck.
You dont explain weather that 1% relates to terra or the entire emperium.

Saying that it has been stagnating for 10,000 years lends no credibility to your argument. Its just an arbitrary number. Least of all because they have been stagnating for Millennia.

None of this means that every planet in the imperium has an impoverished economy. Very few will be incredibly wealthy, but the majority will struggle with the basics. One of those very few will be:
- terra
- the ultramar sector
- many SM chapter keeps
- shrine worlds
- adminstratum worlds
- rogue traders
- imperial worlds
- hive worlds

Just because a world happens to have most of its population in a hive, does not mean it has an underclass of people who live like feral stays. Thats on the majority of imperial worlds. But imperial worlds differ vastly.

>> No.19903479

>implying im not a nascent psycher before the warp beasts grew to consume the eldars dreams.

(If you dont know that bit about the eldars dreams then just stop posting)

>> No.19903483


Nah, that vehicle is way too slow. Custode on a jetbike, a Dark Eldar on a Reaver Jetbike, an Eldar Shining Spear, a Necron Tomb Blade... if the Guard is involved, it's in a stripped Tauros.

>Imperial Palace Halls
>Commoragh City Streets
>Webway Road
>Speed Freek Test Track

>> No.19903499

Nah, for the true test of Speed they'd all have to be in Flyers, navigating the labyrinthine maze of Terra's galleries and halls.

>> No.19903511

naah, that's for Ace Combat: Deff Skwadron.

>> No.19903521

>I love how someone tells you that you're wrong, and your autism instantly kicks in
Calling other people autistic for rebutting arguments.

>attacking every pedantic strawman that you can.
Proving them all wrong, yes yes.
>Then, because you need to make it very clear that you're autistic,
Still labeling me autistic for disagreeing with you.
>you start using the bullshit scapegoat of what defines canon,
Like the order in which the canon was written has no relevance to which is more correct.
>even though they're all official sources.
Now look whos trying to make excuses when they dont want to admit the order in events.

Your making me angry now. Dont use words from critical thinking that you are perverting to your own use. Especially when they dont apply. Especially when you dont apply them to your self. Especially when your a biased son of a bitch.

You call others autistic because its you whos autisitic and your projecting your flaws onto everyone elses arguments.

If you were in the room with me right now i doubt you'd be so bold as to make fallacies that you have.

You dont use truth to lie. You DO NOT use critical thinking to lie.

>> No.19903531


>Custode Jetbike
>Astartes Attack Bike
>Imperial Guard Tauros 'Apollo' Protype
>Craftworld Eldar 'Shining Spear' Jetbike
>Dark Eldar 'Reaver' Jetbike
>Necron Tomb Blade
>Ork Warbike
>Chaos Space Marine Attack Bike

Now we just need our racers...


I've actually statted this out.

>> No.19903581

>Especially when your a biased son of a bitch.
>You call others autistic because its you whos autisitic and your projecting your flaws onto everyone elses arguments.
>If you were in the room with me right now i doubt you'd be so bold as to make fallacies that you have.
Your retard strength doesn't care me.

This is the exact same shit you tried to do, and it's a sign of autism. You really need to get that checked out. There are services out there to help you adjust and properly interact with society.

Best part is, I'm not the one who disagreed with you. I came in later and facepalmed when I saw your shit.

>> No.19903623

>Custode Jetbike
Twin linked ancient bolters (S/3/-)
>Astartes Attack Bike
Twin-linked modern bolters (S/2/6)
>Imperial Guard Tauros 'Apollo' Protype
>Craftworld Eldar 'Shining Spear' Jetbike
Twin Shuriken
>Dark Eldar 'Reaver' Jetbike
>Necron Tomb Blade
Scythes (the longer range scythe-arms)... flayer...?
>Ork Warbike
x2 shooters
>Chaos Space Marine Attack Bike
Bolter & melta & Scythes

>> No.19903648


>you disagreed with me
>therefore you are autistic
>im not scared of your violence
>i can be as wrong as i want
>It certainly isnt ME whos the autistic one and is projecting

Its funny how you never once said that you werent diagnosed with autism.

You dont have the right to be wrong.

>> No.19903677

rolled 5, 6, 1, 2 = 14

Hey, Ignatius. All I can say is that I'm terribly sorry for you right now. Sucks that a bunch of grognards decided to shit up your thread,

>> No.19903725


Custodian Volo. Abducted by Dark Eldar and forced to race for his freedom.
Battle Brother Fugio of the White Scars. Another slave.
Sergeant Weaver and Lietenant Scipio of the Avernus "Avengers" 48th Hunter-Killers. Gone rogue in the name of speed.
Shining Spear Atarial, of Craftworld Altansar. Left behind when the Craftowlrd escaped the Eye.
Reaver Trapnyr of the kabal of the Screaming Mask. In it for fame and glory.
Warrior 117 from an unknown Dynasty. Nothing further known.
Speed Freek Ratsmuk of the Evil Suns. Obsessed with being the fastest,
Brother Levitas of the Accelerators warband. Idolizes Doomrider.

>> No.19903911

>Warrior 117

Took me a bit but I chuckled.

>> No.19903954

Why not just hold the race on a Tomb World? Finishing point is the Monolith: first one to blow it up wins.

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