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Somebody get me a beer and a broad. Not necessarily in that order! Derpy Hooves got herself locked in her crypt again so I'm running this tomb, now.

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Get your own beer.

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Yeah, Xeno's not locked in a closet. She's actually over in the Boone Quest thread right now.

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I'm in a what now?

Why's it so dark in here?

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But my dear Drone, you have not the utilities or the orifices needed to indulge in copulation or to be intoxicated from alcoholic beverages.

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its gonna mindshakle the broad and then drink the beer.

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Polite sage for nothing to contribute

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We're roleplaying. Roleplaying is a traditional game.

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Drone's not a mindshackle scarab, though.

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Oi! Whatz dis 'ere? Weze found us a shiny boyz fort.
'Ere you go runty Shiny boy, Ruzzgats finest!

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Miss Shadow! quick, go help Xeno out!

>> No.19900761

Drone, you can't be in charge. Core is in charge.

>> No.19900781

Well, not primarily, but he can do that. He mindshackled a tau girl's ass, once. He can even mindshackle mindshackle scarabs.

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There's actually not a lot Drone can't do. He's very talented.

>> No.19900872

What does Core even look like? Xeno said it was like a big scarab, but it's not a spyder.

>> No.19900888

Like this but probably more scarab-y.

>> No.19900930

>not an actual core

>> No.19900969

Drone is already an adventure scarab. And core is a girl.

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: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little Xeno bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Schola Progenium, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on the Eye of Terror, and I have over 10000 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire Adeptus Astartes. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this Galaxy, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the vox? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Temple Assassins from Terra and your grid coordinates are being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, Xeno. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Ordo Malleus and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the universe, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, Xeno cunt

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OI! Youze leave da Fish'ead Gurl alon or I'ze rip ya part for gubbinz! An ya wont get nunav da beer!

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Great, the orks are attacking my nemesis Xeno! Just as planned. She will pay for having devoured the soulstones of my ancestors!


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>gorilla warfare

>> No.19901044

Oize! You'ze elp us Krump da shiny ladz, eh? Like weze was meant to wayz back when, but den youze lot buggered off and Orkz 'ad to finish da job!

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The shiny gitz are the blueberry's lads, you can't do that.

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Yes. As a matter of fact, she is a shiny git AND a blueberry.
She also used to be Baus' personal deffkopta. And she krumped (or rather, slapped in a girly fashion) an ork boss who was being rude.

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Wait...If youze beat a boss... Doez dat make you da boss?

>> No.19901263

Not necessarily. I don't think she finished, actually.

>> No.19901296


*Weeps, holding his can of "razzgutz finest"

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Drone! I have supplied the requested broad.

>> No.19905054

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

>> No.19906898

When did Drone become such an asshole?

>> No.19907031

Had to live a childhood full of neglect and abuse, sadly...

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>>Derpy Hooves
It's Ditzy Doo.
And why's her crypt got a lock on it?

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Derpy was canon for a while until trolls ruined everything and gave her voice actor death threats.

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Nah, he's actually a pretty cool dude, very helpful, an all, but he's getting tired of constantly having to rescue Xeno when she's trying to rescue him.

>> No.19907085

Xeno is derpy, and she has hooves.

>> No.19907109

quit trolling faggot.

what's next you're going to say han solo didn't fire first?
derpy is a sanctioned xeno.

>> No.19907188

The script writer for the ep actually said that she wrote it as Ditzy originally but was ac\sked to change it at the last moment 'for the fans' and had she known what Derp meant, she would have never changed it at all.
Hasbro was ready to purge the ep after the shit-storm came a brewin.

But anyway, Why does the crypt have a lock on it?

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Fucking \ key is the long one on this keyboard and <-- is the short one.

>> No.19907256

it was probably Xeno's idea. Humans in red dresses often come in to steal stuff.

>> No.19907317

>had she known what Derp meant
had she known what derp meant she wouldn't of changed it back for the over sensitive cunts.

>> No.19907353

Especially since at its worst, Derp means a brain fart which we all get.

>> No.19907361

>using locks
>not using the more traditional methods of getting rid of intruders

>> No.19907365

>wouldn't of changed it
>wouldn't of

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why? looks pretty damn good to me.

>> No.19907403

Take the film off your eyeballs, then. Those paints need to be thinned.

>> No.19907413

sorry. I must concur.
This looks deliciously technological.

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Well, first of all, she all ready came out and said this so don't pretend otherwise.

Derp is an offensive term for retard.
She has a developmentally delayed son.
Do the Fucking maths.

By the by, the 'oversensitive cunts' (I'm guessing your Aussie?) were not the ones that sent death threats to the VA, or the HUB, or Hasbro. They gave well reasoned arguments why using a slur for a name was a bad idea.
It was the loyal and supporting fans of 'Derpy' that were the ones who fucked it all up with death threats, rape threats, spamming, threats of violence, attempting to have DA remove Yamino's account for 'terrorism'.

They were the ones who showed why they were not allowed to have nice things.

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Woah, woah, woah.
Thats not one that I painted myself, it's just an image of google images

>> No.19907423

the paints are not thick, they're just clumsily applied.

>> No.19907443

>I just don't know what went wrong!

>> No.19907532

>mfw I got the reference

>> No.19907561

... No, it's a reference to Derpy Hooves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOljwJCujLk

>> No.19907594

Oh you dumb fuck. Oh you incredibly dumb fuck.

That was exactly what I meant. Or do you think I'm referring to P&S by using this image to express my distaste for you?

Hint: I am not.

Bonus hint: Now I'm even more frustrated.

>> No.19907596

For fuck's sake.

I told you fags that anything even remotely related to ponies could not be tolerated.

Now since you fags didn't listen, this shit is stinking up the front page.

>> No.19907617

then stop using reaction images
it's completely useless and leads people who haven't read/watched the source material of your reaction pic to assume you might be actually using it as a reference.

>> No.19907623

>summon the storm.avi

>> No.19907624


>Derp is an offensive term for retard.

because "retard" isn't an offensive tern for the handicapped

>> No.19907627

>stop using reaction images
>image board

>> No.19907632


>then stop using reaction images
>people who haven't read/watched the source material of your reaction pic to assume you might be actually using it as a reference.

How long have you been on 4chan, couple of weeks?

>> No.19907653

>stop using reactions pictures
>on an image boards

>> No.19907657

Because a wall-eyed, oblivious, clumsy, ditzy girl isn't an offensive depiction of mentally handicapped people.
Derpy looks derpy, acts derpy, feels derpy. Not being called "derpy" shouldn't make her any less offensive to sperglings.

>> No.19907672

Please don't devolve into this, please /tg/.

>> No.19907680

Retard is a technical term that got shanghaied into being an insult. None the less, it's still a technical term that when used in context is not an insult.

>> No.19907684

I've finally found an excuse to use this one, it's been sitting on my HDD unused for months.

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Yes, as a matter of fact, your two posts wouldn't have been any less eloquent without reaction pictures. That everyone has seen thousands of times already. At one point, they don't express anything anymore, they're entirely superfluous, if not a waste of time, so, I just try seeing why people would still use them. A possible answer would have been "to make a reference to the source material", but I guess that it's actually just a matter of conditioning.

Seriously, unless there's something specifically relevant and new about a reaction picture, don't use it.

>> No.19907722

Enjoying your summer vacation so far?
Also, you can use google to reverse image search.

>> No.19907727

>implying that anyone's going to stop using reaction images

>> No.19907732

New? It's been two years, I've moved past using generic reaction pictures. Even casually.

How about you?
Is that picture of Wonka so new and amusing to you that you feel you had to go through your folders to post it? Or are you simply incapable of expressing its contents with text?

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>> No.19907748

You really don't seem to understand how 4chan operates.

>> No.19907752

It's like you don't know how 4chan works....

>> No.19907762

>>Derpy looks derpy, acts derpy, feels derpy. Not being called "derpy" shouldn't make her any less offensive to sperglings.
Said 'Muffins' once.
Dropped a few heavy items in a slapstick sequence by accident once.
Wrecked a building with a lighting cloud without realising it once. (The full scene that was cut for time shows that it was already most wrecked in an earlier storm)

So sorry, you were saying something? Twilight has done more shit in Lesson Zero then Ditzy has done in two seasons and no one has started saying that she is an insult to the developmentally handicapped.

You may want to remove your fan-canon goggles, they seemed to have fogged up and left you rather stupid.

>> No.19907770

Well, I do, and it's the first time I'm complaining about people pointlessly using reaction pictures because it's the first time it induces a misunderstanding significant enough for a guy to call me a "dumb fuck".

>> No.19907772

Yeah I see what you're playing at. Just give it up, you're no J__ P_____, my friend.

>> No.19907790


No, I actually thought that guy >>19907532 was referring to It's Not My fault I'm Not Popular.

>> No.19907791

There's nothing calling a spade a spade, dumbfuck.

>> No.19907803

Well that's because you ARE a dumb fuck. Not because of my actions, but because of your neuron deficiency.

>> No.19907804

People like you ruin /tg/ for me. I don't know why, but I think /tg/ at some point started attracting people from other websites who don't like imageboards but still want to post here.

>> No.19907805

Nothing *wrong with* calling a spade a spade, dumbfuck.

>> No.19907814

>Seriously, unless there's something specifically relevant and new about a reaction picture, don't use it.

You do realize that by using a well known and well used reaction pic, I can immediately communicate the attitude of my post to most people who read it without having to type a paragraph just to explain?

So no, they DO express something, and they are actually a time SAVER. 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. Ever heard of that? Or are you going to say that facial expressions in general shouldn't be used unless they are unique?

>> No.19907818

welp, keep wasting your time looking for reaction pictures, I'm wasting less time answering with text only.
It also makes you sound unable to come up with ideas and reactions on your own.

>> No.19907822


>> No.19907838

Do you realize that without this reaction pic, your attitude would have been understood just as well?

>> No.19907844

They don't any time at all if you name them. You should've been able to learn that in two years. But you haven't really been around that long, have you?

>> No.19907853

My only mistake was to assume he might have been witty enough to actually exploit the communication potential of a reaction picture in a relevant manner.

>> No.19907855


>> No.19907868

Why don't you just go to some text only website? I like 4chan because I think posting with images is fun and can be creative. Next you're going to tell me you don't like greentext.

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>> No.19907879

that doesn't mean they will be proud to showcase their lack of creativity. usually, creativity is valued on /tg/ and /co/, the boards I frequent the most.

>> No.19907884

Yo, 13 from House? As a Medusa? Hell yes!

>> No.19907887

Nope. Third party here: I would've imagined a different tone if it was text alone. So quite simply put, you're fucking wrong. Now let's not get back to the OP, because that was complete shit.

>> No.19907890

CAN be creative.

99,99% of the time, it's just kneejerk meme-spouting.

>> No.19907894

Sometimes? Yes.
Other times? No.

There are times when the attitude of a post is not easily conveyed through text alone. And when the attitude is, a reaction picture simply serves to accentuate the feelings the post is trying to convey. It's like smiling when you say "I'm happy". Is that such a 'time waster'?

And if you're worrying so much about 'wasting time' why don't you get off the internet and go do something 'productive'?

>> No.19907913

Oh, you mean he might have sounded slightly angrier without a reaction picture? But, you do realize that going as far as to use a picture of a sarcastic-looking person only suggests that you actually are upset, don't you?

>> No.19907918

Oh god the reaction images are posting on thier own, someone help me I'm
>implying implications

>> No.19907922

You know what? Memes have always been part of 4chan. They were better before reddit started spamming them so much that they ended up on t-shirts sold in malls, but they're here to stay.
I guess I don't understand why people complain about the basic features of an image board being used.

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>> No.19907937

I believe people do the things they do good sir, because there is nothing left to do.

>> No.19907945

I'm not so much worried about wasting time as i am about misunderstanding.
And most of the time, reaction pictures are not a means to convey your attitude, but a means to disguise them, or to over-emphasize them.

>> No.19907953

>sarcastic-looking person
>not recognizing Ainsley
No way you've been here two years.
Two summers maybe, but not two years.

>> No.19907959

Look, there's a difference between exploiting a meme and mindlessly spouting it when not doing it would have been just as funny.

well, yes, I'm upset.

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>> No.19907965

You do realize that a meme isn't simply an internet joke? A meme is any sort of cultural idea or manner that is wide-spread. A smile is a near universal human meme used to portray happiness.

>> No.19907972

I mean sarcastic-looking person in general.

Like right now.

It only tells me "I really care about showing him I don't care, because what he thinks and says about me is important".

>> No.19907973

Comparing how long one has been 4chan is very much akin to comparing how long terminally ill patients have been bed ridden in hospital.

>> No.19907987

>implying implications
>implying you're not getting the fuck trolled out of you

>> No.19907992

Actually, no, because smiling isn't just universal to all humans, it appears to be inborn. It's not an idea that spreads from person to person, it's something we're born with. Thus, it's not a meme. The notion of God is a meme, though.

>> No.19908004

The difference is that smiles are instinctive, and that they are not jokes. Because yes, reaction images are primarily a joke, and secondarily a meme. You don't have to make a conscious choice to smile. If you don't make a conscious choice to use a reaction picture, there's something wrong with you.

>> No.19908009

>The notion of God is a meme, though.
I don't know why but the idea of God showing up on know your meme or some insipid internet tv show makes me laugh.

>> No.19908034

So what you're saying is that you're afraid that you will be unable to understand what someone is saying unless it's plain as day?

And isn't over-emphasizing an attitude conveying it but in a more exaggerated fashion?

>> No.19908036

I don't care if this guy is a terrific troll or just astronomically asinine, I'm having a blast following this retard rollercoaster of a thread.

Never was someone so ridiculed by so many for so little.

>> No.19908040


The Dawkins/Blackmore conception of a meme is quite different than the way it's used on the internet today. As someone who was enamored with the concept when I first read it, I would recommend we find some new word to describe replicating units of culture.

Or, sadly, we may just need to abandon the concept. No scientist has yet proposed a definition of what a meme is that is falsifiable, nor found a use for the concept to make testable and verifiable predictions, so the concept currently belongs more to philosophy than science. A way to interpret the world rather than a way to discover new truths about it.

>> No.19908043

Over emphasis can be mistaken for irony good sir.

>> No.19908062

You're not real weasel-ferret thing! Go away!

>> No.19908063

No, I mean that it's usually plain as day, and that reaction pics, unless used carefully, are redundant at best, confusing at worst.

>> No.19908070

A friendly reminder from /jp/.

>> No.19908074

Okay, perhaps smiling was a poor example. I was merely thinking about how in humans bearing your teeth is usually a sign of happiness, while in most other animals, it's a sign of aggression or hostility.

Perhaps the 'thumbs up' signal would be a better example of a meme.

>> No.19908078

Tell them that sage goes in the email field.

>> No.19908091

Well, actually, it's more like a bunch of bizarros laughing at superman, to me.
I mean, really? You have to use reaction images on top of words, or you're afraid people won't get what you're meaning?

>> No.19908108

In my opinion good sir I take the biological route when explaining the concept of memes of being the smallest unit of cultural expression.

A even better example of a old meme would be the "V for Victory" hand gesture. For it actual has applicable modern political roots.

>> No.19908115

>implying you have any insight to anyone's motives

>> No.19908116

Technically, they're always redundant, since they're always supplementary to the text; never essential.

That you took a reaction image to be essential to the text only compounds your stupidity.

>> No.19908117

It's not a matter of celerity you jackass, posting images is fun.

>> No.19908122

Ah, but is that not the point sometimes? To wrap up our posts in layers of meanings? Am I being truthfully ironic? Or is my irony actually a disguise for truthful meanings?

It's all part of the fun of clever wordplay and reactions. Which admittedly is rather rare among these parts at times...

>> No.19908145

Symptoms of the complete transaction today's society has made from a oral culture to a visual one.

>> No.19908146

it CAN be fun. If they're new, exceptional, or if you're new to the whole "imageboard thing". Not after six months or a year.
then what is your motive? You do it because you think it's funny? How long have you been there to still find it funny?
thank you for supporting my point.

>> No.19908161

Irony is the poison of our civilization.

>> No.19908164

Wasn't this a Xeno thread? I don't even know anymore.

>> No.19908165


>> No.19908169


You would propose a behaviorist approach? Memes as replicatable behavior? It's an interesting approach, though I'm afraid the cognitive school currently dominates psychological research (for good reason, I should admit.)

>> No.19908177

or at least explain me how you can still have fun doing that.

It just seems humanly impossible.

>> No.19908184

Since this is a semi-meta thread....

Which Tripfag you would like to meet in RL and punch in the face?

>> No.19908192

It's still a xenos thread. Now go get me the rest of the girl pile.

>> No.19908195


>> No.19908202

And satire is the bitter antidote.

Yes I do propose the behaviorist approach it is honestly the most reliable way of extrapolating and interpolating trends in culture. Because honestly, human stupidity must be taken into account, and be seriously studied.

>> No.19908207


It is fortunate that you're apparently too dumb to read more than two lines in any given post, lest you would see how little support I've really lent you.

>> No.19908208

Sergalfag. but I wouldn't go as far as to punch him myself, I have sensitive knuckles.

>> No.19908218

satire is made of irony, you idiot

>> No.19908229

>human stupidity must be taken into account, and be seriously studied
So...this thread is an advanced form of collaborative research?

>> No.19908230

Well, you might want to read back mine, because despite insulting me, you were actually supporting me.

>> No.19908232

Its called a sergal....

>> No.19908235

It is better to imbibe some poison, then no poison at all.

And honestly all cures are poisons, and all poisons are cures.

>> No.19908241

All right you runts, master's home. Xeno, get back in your goddamn closet and stay there.

And for the love of the fucking C'tan, would someone Gauss the drone?

>> No.19908245

Sounds like you know the meaning of neither.

>> No.19908254

I don't care what he's called, I just know that he's not real!

>> No.19908279

"Life itself is only an illusion. A dream. Nothing exists save empty space and you. And you are but a thought."

>> No.19908285

Anything is poisonous to our civilization when there is too much of it.

>> No.19908287


>Because honestly, human stupidity must be taken into account, and be seriously studied.

I quite agree! Have you looked into behavioral economics? It's an emerging field, but it has a quite heavy focus on how bias, shoddy thinking and rationalizing keep humans from making rational choices. I actually wanted to study it before finding out the university I was attending had no serious plans to offer any courses in the field.

...you know, I have better discussions about science here than I do on /sci./

>> No.19908309

No, no, it's just you that isn't real. Dreamsun and all that, purple, all sorts of other things. It's just you who's imaginary.

>> No.19908317

/tg/ - You don't even need the other boards anymore.

>> No.19908321

>this is not a greentext

>> No.19908325

you have any idea how foolish that sounds?

>> No.19908358

I think if we were to sent out some cartographer of image boards and the ideas expressed within their confines, we'd find /tg/ to be more or less at the centre of the universe.

>> No.19908362

Well duh, you're on /tg/.

>> No.19908365


>> No.19908371

Not exactly my words good sir. That is why they were in quotations.

I have taken a look into behavioral economics, but alas, I am afraid the more I learn about this new field of study, the more of my faith and hope in humanity will be lost.

Hope and faith is a terribly scarce commodity now a days, especially when the world is set to end this year.

>> No.19908381

But what if it's true?

>> No.19908399

It's not, don't worry.

>> No.19908413


>> No.19908423

But life is an illusion good sir, all the fundamental sub atomic particles of matter are not fixed quantifiable variables. They are probabilities.

They continuously blink in and out of existence, and sometimes appearing in both states at once.

>> No.19908451

That's only because you're not real.

>> No.19908452


Strength found in ignorance is no true strength, comrade. Understanding our flaws so we may overcome them is a worthwhile cause.

>> No.19908455


>> No.19908468

1st and foremost once something is large enough to have actual mass and not atomic mass, quantum mechanics no longer apply. any quantum physicist would tell you that.

>> No.19908474

And how can I trust you? You could be nothing more than a figment of my imagination given form through a random website!

>> No.19908492

Dear faggots:
There is a reason why Sergalfag was permabanned ages ago.
Don't pay him any attention, fags.
Sincerely yours,

>> No.19908516

The gods that be play dice with the universe. This mere thought should be shocking enough. Pray that they continue to roll natural 20's. And pray even harder that their natural 1's will have mercy on us all.

>> No.19908524

By that "logic", wouldn't the website be imaginary too? And your computer. And your family. And everything you have ever known or seen. All could be imaginary. In fact, wouldn't that make YOU imaginary too?

>> No.19908545

why are you suddenly speaking in gibberish?

>> No.19908548

But I know I'm real! Anything else though, I can't prove it really exists!

>> No.19908560

How can you prove that you exist? And, by your thought process here, the proof itself wouldn't be real either

>> No.19908576

>But I know I'm real! Anything else though, I can't prove it really exists!
see this is what happens when you over think things too much, you'll only end up breaking your own brain!

>> No.19908593

Perhaps it is not the end result of the though process that prove existence, but the mere fact you are capable of though processing proves existence.

>> No.19908613

Because I'm thinking right now. So that means I have to exist!

Unless I'm really just a figment of YOUR imagination which thinks it exists...

>> No.19908623


>Deepak Chopra bullshit


My mind must exist, as I am thinking. Thinking requires a mind.

My mind is composed of the perceptions I take in through my senses and the thoughts I have about those perceptions.

My mind exists, therefore its components exist. These perceptions exist.

Therefore, the source of these perceptions must exist, though I may perceive it improperly. This source must come from outside me, therefore I am not the only thing that exists.

Determining the location of a subatomic particle depends on probability, but do not confuse our struggles to measure the behavior of a particle with the actual behavior of the particle itself. The fact that humans can't predict the motion of an electron doesn't mean it can't be predicted. It just means our methods can't pull it off.

>> No.19911529

>MFW existential argument with Sergalfag about the nature of satire in a fucking Xeno thread

>> No.19911933 [DELETED] 

The Galactic Partridges steal glory. Why haven't they tried to steal glory from the greatest chapter of all, the Grey Knights? Getting the credit for saving the entire Imperium of man from the Daemonic Menace time after time must be worth it, right?
Plus Partridges Thread. Haters shall Hate!

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