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(( Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Holy%20Grail%20War%20Quest It is not required to read HGW: Seattle, but it might present some context.
IRC is #HGWSeattle @ Rizon, Twitter is https://twitter.com/HowDoIShotTrip for announcements and some questions. ))
[Remember: You are David's familiar - a piece of grey matter empowered with Prana into a living being. You can suggest courses of action to David, and, since he is your master, amplifying some aspects of his biological functions. Abuse of this might lead to him ignoring future suggestions!]
[David himself has the magic of Multiplication - the ability to amplify proccesses and reactions. The applications of this are wide and varied. You are encouraged to experiment, or come up with crazy ideas~!]



((Actual update in next post))

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No, David. You are the demons.
And than David was an incubus.


>> No.19892523

I rise from my bed, inspecting my scarred arm. It still hurts, but it's a gentle ache, now, nothing like the sharp, shooting pain of two days ago. Getting dressed, I meet up with Lisa - only to find her already training Abby. Lisa holds her on the ground, arm in the air, knee on her back. The two look up at me.

"Morning." Lisa offers, not rising from Abby. "I was demonstrating some simple takedown techniques that incorporate a longarm rifle to her. She seemed ill-prepared for close combat, and asked for advice."


"Sometimes pain is the fastest teacher." she says, knowingly, cutting off Abby. "David. Yesterday we did not seek out Hund, we must do so today."

"Yeah." I agree. "We have to get him soon. ...Any ideas?"

"I have a few. There have been some missing person reports that Eliza informed me of - three in the same area near Graham. There was also a killing in Tacoma with suspicious animalistic traits behind it." she adds. "It is up to you where we go from here. But first, we must perform our daily workout."

I nod, as she helps Abby up. She brushes herself off and wanders off to watch - her eyes shifting between Lisa and I slowly.

I'm getting the hang of this. There's still a gap between me and her, physically, but my technique is approaching hers. As the hour drones on, Stalla watches with quiet interest, and Rachel's eyes follow my movements. I've never been one for performance anxiety anyway, but I end up on my back.

"Where do we go first, David?"

>> No.19892599

I'd say investigate murder. It's likely a new werewolf who doesn't know anything yet. Someone Hund will try to hunt down and we can use as a bait.
Missing people sound like a lot of work that may lead nowhere.
Also, new werewolf = potential member of the harem.

Btw, did you inform your mothers that you are an incubus?

>> No.19892648

For the education of my Quest Thread Friends, a brief primer on Demons:

In the Nasuverse, Demons are the fulfillment of human wishes. When a wish is strong enough, it can create a conceptual being that is intended to fulfill that wish. However, Demons are hollow creatures, a false gift, and are incapaoble of influencing the world beyond minor distortions, and typically degrade into nothingness quickly.

Demons can extend their existances by possessing human beings (A simple task because Demons have bodies made of Ether rather than physical forms at birth) and sort of "festering" inside them. As they grow, demons increase their reality warping abilities to the point where they can influence the world around them, as well as the body of the possessee. However, this ability is sporadic during their "adolescense," and usually results in mutations or events which kill the host.

Demon Hosts who SURVIVE possession to their parasite's maturity become Demon Masters, and their little hitchhikers basically give them uber powers, the ability to manipulate their bodies at will, and the ability to warp the world around them into a living hell. The demon is merely a facilitation of the Master's will at this level.

The Holy Church sees Demons as perversions of God's creation, being born from Man's imperfect will and yet able to warp God's creation. Therefore, they are STRICTLY kill-on-sight, even more than Vampires.

The key point here: David may be similar to a demon, but there's something weird about him. No demon should have lived as long as him without possessing someone...

>> No.19892660

He's not an incubus. He's a paradox. Big difference.

Investigate the murder.

>> No.19892689

The murder seems like a good thing to investigate. Missing people means that the person doing it is probably being more subtle about it, you're less likely to catch anything. Murders are probably someone new and not already under Hund's authority, we might get more from them.

>> No.19892703


Side Note: There is another class of beings called "Demons," by the folks of Nasuland. These are "those that were demons from the start," or in other words, critters that arose on Earth in the same way that any other magical creature did, rather than being made by humans. These include things like the Japanese Oni. They're not Phantasmal Beasts, nor are they Spirits, nor are they critters like Faeries or True Ancestors. They're something unique to themselves and have been here since the world was born.

These "demons" are typically IGNORED by the church because they are a natural part of the world. They are best known because they have a funny habit of cross-breeding with humans and giving their descendants Super Powers. The most famous example of this is none other than the Tohno clan, of Tsukihime fame.

Also, Kiritsugu's mom was part Succubus. So yeah.

>> No.19892709

I think missing people are new werewolves found by Hund.

Hence why I recommend murder: we can get bait.

>> No.19892734

Well, that was his adoptive mom, not his actual mom that was part succubus.

>> No.19892738


Murder investigation sounds good. Be careful though.

>> No.19892760

Yes, be very careful.
We don't want to scare a new harem member away. Neither to antagonise any of the current members.

>> No.19892798



I wasn't worried about the girls, mate...

>> No.19892799


Eye Bleach Bob reporting for work, Young Master.

Murder investigation. Take your guns and silver ammo just in case. Be cautious, same reason as >>19892760

>> No.19892813

>Btw, did you inform your mothers that you are an incubus?

I told Atalanta of it - and it's likely she told Mom. I haven't gotten any calls, yet, anyway...


Tacoma is much closer than Graham anyway.
"We'll hit up Tacoma first."

Lisa nods, picking up her case as Abby moves to pick up her Mosin. After a moment, she instead checks a small bag in her pocket, and confirming it to be full, leaves the gun behind. Stalla and Rachel look at one another.

"It only seats four. And we'd draw attention with a lot of people."

...Who should I take with me? And what? I mean, I have that care package from yesterday...

>> No.19892883


Lisa, definitely, for combat skills - same for Abby.

Ask Stalla if she can transform, and, if so, if she can control herself while in wolf form (A la Billy the Werewolf). If yes to both, take her.

Also, ask Abby what's in her bag.

As for what to take, gun, ammo (iron jacket AND silver jacket).

You shouldn't go in TOO heavy, but at the same time, take enough ordnance to deal with whatever situation may arise.

>> No.19892907

Take anything that you can conseal under clothes. You don't want to draw attention.

I would recommend to take Attie with you as the most experienced fighter around. Or Eliza. People actually pay her money to find Hund.
On the other hand, you may suggest to them to investigate missing people.

Out of Stalla and Rachel... I don't think we should bring them. Rachel is just a victim. She may be potentially strong but have no experience and likely to freak out at worst moment possible.
Stalla... Well, she will not do us any harm but we still can't fully trust her. And for all we know she was the one to initiate a new werewolf.

>> No.19892912

Take the pistol with the solid lead rounds, Lisa, Stalla and Abby.

>> No.19892929


Well yeah, but considering our hero is an adoptee, I'm calling her HIS REAL MOM DARNIT! ;-;


Well, Kevlar for one. I don't know how much use C4 is going to be on a mystery investigation, but small arms are always nice.

Stick to your pistol, no need to lug around heavy arms.

As for partners, I definitly think bringing Stalla is a good idea. We need to get a better handle on who she is, and her being an ex-member of the Wolves might give us an edge in a confrontation. Fake hostage usage, using her as a scout on the pretense she got away, the old Wookie Prisoner gag, it's all possible.

Plus we need to put that Geas to the test at some point, better when its less potentially lethal.

Lisa is a given of course.

I'm torn on the last slot. On the one hand, I don't know how much use Abby will be in close quarters and heavy urban warfare. She's a sniper, but she's more of a "hunter sniper," from what we've seen so far, not a "military sniper." Also, we just saw she blows at melee.

On the other, Rachel is clearly not ready for the field yet, but Stalla can help her learn by doing, and this is probably the least dangerous quest we're going to get.

>> No.19892931

Okay, yourself, Abby, Lisa, and probably Stella.

I'd rather not throw Rachel into a combat situation, it could be bad.

Ask Abby what is in the bag.

Ask Abby if she recognizes the type of load that the black banded bullets are, if she does not my assumption would be bad luck bullet made by Mistress.

Okay, bring the pistol w/ sight and ammo. A couple clips, have silver rounds just in case.

Take the Kevlar Vest and your shotgun, don't carry them on your person but put them in your car. You can't go walking about with them on but you want them available should you need them.

You won't need the crate of condoms for this, probably.

>> No.19892945


Eliza and Atalanta went home; they're not available.

>> No.19892965


Oh, and take the Dragon Skin too, under your clothes. wear a jacket to conceal the bulk.

>mfw Eliza can get her hands on milspec gear

>> No.19892981


If the harem gets much bigger, Young Master is going to have to buy a bigger car. Something roomy but with a little attitude, like a used Dodge Magnum or something.


I concur with Cu Chulainn. Lisa, Abby, and Stalla (if she can control her transformations). That gives us two meatshields and two gunners.

Rachel can't control her transformation yet, so she could be a liability until Stalla starts mentoring her. Also agree on what gear to take...and a few raincoats: never know when the situation might call for an emergency mana transfer.

>> No.19893019

This also.

>> No.19893029


Actually, thats a good question: what were the long term effect of the use of the Sword on Stalla's powers. We know it knocked out her memories, but she didn't immediately go back to human after she got hit.

It might be a good idea to figure that out... did the Geas make it so she can't lie to us? I forget.

>> No.19893045

No, she just can't hurm us via action or inaction.
The term "harm" was not defined, though.

>> No.19893064


Right. If we can make sure she won't stab (or bite, or claw, or RIP AND TEAR) Young Master in the back, and she can transform, she'd be a VERY valuable combat asset. Especially since our front line (melee) consists of exactly one person at the moment; Stalla would go a long way toward giving us a tactical advantage in any situation.

>> No.19893084 [DELETED] 


Yep, just like I was thinking. Stalla and Lisa fighting together would kick some major ass.

>> No.19893107

I put on the dragon skin under a bulky coat, and ask Abby what the bag has.

"Pure lead and iron shot." she says, "out of the shell."

"...What use is that?"

She smiles.
"Trust me."

"Stalla, can you still transform?"

She looks a little ashamed.
"I... I am uncertain. Even in this form, I'm stronger than normal, but..."

"It's okay. You can't help it. I want you to stay here and teach Rachel a thing or two."

"Oh?" she asks, her face taking on that sultry yet predacious grin.

"About transformation and werewolf abilities. Both of you are not really suited to heavy combat, so I want you to hold down the fort while I'm gone. Stalla - if I come back and she's gone, I'll be most cross with you."

She giggles.
"The pup acts as an alpha. Alright, I'll humor you."

"Abby, Lisa, we're heading out." Lisa nods, and I look over at her.

"That sword of yours - I'd prefer if you kept it in the iron bar form. Just in case."

We get into the car, and I call my mother to get the details.

The death happened during our party. It was incredibly gristly, the person torn to pieces by claws. Eliza advises, however, that these were all post-mortem. The actual death happened differently, and she's investigating how. She advises extreme caution, as it smells heavily of magic. And not good-feeling magic, either. Magic of shadows and, as she says, winds.

>> No.19893119


Not just them, either. With a solid front line, the support units (that's Young Master and Abby) can work unimpeded. Master will be able to focus without worrying about getting Et All Up, and Abby sucks in melee.

It would allow everyone to fight at their full potential, whereas right now everyone has to focus at least partially on worrying about their own skin.

>> No.19893148


I'm okay with this. We can take Stalla with us next time. We definitely need to find out if she's being flirty with Young Master because she's playing him for a fool or because she's succumbing to his awesome swag.

Be careful on this investigation, Young Master.

>> No.19893150

Ah, right, magnet wizard. She doesn't need a gun, it just provides extra oomph. Though I'm guessing that magic lets her ignore that fact that lead isn't ferrous.

Shadows and winds, doesn't sound particularly pleasant.

>> No.19893201


>The death happened during our party.

Guess that guy who said we were douches for going shopping and having naked time with a bunch of chicks was right. OH WELL!

So. Wind and Shadow magic. Interesting.

I actually believe Stalla is uncertain about her powers. She doesn't strike me as the type to be able to fake shame at the drop of a hat. Interesting. This situation might bear further study. I mean, it seems like Lisa's hope about Mercy being an instant fix isn't panning out, but it clearly did SOMETHING.


>> No.19893203

OK, I think it's a work of Herber C. Tradel aka outside-of-pack ally of Hund. Or some of his werewolves are magi.
Too early to make any assumtion but I have a gut's feeling that the victim is a family member of a new werewolf who was "trained" by Herbert after the kill. You know, a memory of eating your own father can be turned into a strong leash: "You can't go anywhere from us. You are a monster and we are the only ones who understand" and all that juzz.

>epenpr teachers
Captcha agrees.

>> No.19893225

>Shadow and wind magic.
Huh. Weird combo.

>> No.19893233

>"The pup acts as an alpha. Alright, I'll humor you."

Exactly how would one go about proving oneself as the alpha?

>> No.19893236


Ask Stalla how much control the average werewolf has while in wolf-form. Those injuries don't sound like they were caused by a rational, thinking being.

>> No.19893265

Killing current alpha would be a good start.

>> No.19893273


By telling his pack what to do. Its a presence issue. We give orders, and expect them to be followed.

To be fair, she did specify that we're "playing," the Alpha. She's still just teasing us. She's clearly more interested in coming up hyper-perverted Mr. Miyagi-style ways to teach Rachel how to Wolf.

"That's right Rachel, arch your back more..."

>> No.19893292


I think I remember EGO's werewolf chart showed higher-level werewolves can be magi (electrums can, I think).

>> No.19893296


Basically, act dominant.

>> No.19893300


>"That's right Rachel, arch your back more..."

Oh god my sides....

>> No.19893306



>> No.19893316

Yes, Hund himself is a runic magus as far as we can tell.
It's just we still don't know anything about his allies expect the name that captcha gave us.

>> No.19893352

>That's right Rachel, arch your back more...

Why boner... Oh, right, I'm part of Bob. Carry on.

>> No.19893353

We arrive at the location - a small alley. A man approaches, with black hair and a prosthetic hand.

"So you're David. You grew fast." he says. "I'm Thomas, and Eliza asked me to come and help." he says. "Come along, I'll show you where it happened."

He leads us into an alleyway. Everything is broken, strewn about. Long, thin gashes covers some of the walls, and claw marks some of the others. Bullet holes pock the street - I look up, and notice there's no blocking fire escape from the view. I think for a moment, looking around the scene while Thomas continues.

"The bullet holes are from an AA-12 firing slugs and shot in alternating pattern. The lines are suspected to be wind magic, and the wounds that caused the death were likely caused by a displacement effect that can be caused by shadow magic." he explains.

Lisa nods.
"It appears that this is the mark of one of his outsiders." she says, and Abby looks up to the roof.

"The AA-12 is a good assault weapon. It's likely it was a surprise attack."

((Gonna need a d100 roll, cutoff is within five minutes.))

>> No.19893379

rolled 85 = 85

Go go gadget HIGH ROLL

>> No.19893386

rolled 56 = 56

Here we go.
Say hi to Thomas. He's a bro.

>> No.19893392

rolled 71 = 71

> Thomas
Thomas? why does that name ring
>Prosthetic hand
Oh hey its the perverted fucker from the war

>> No.19893402

rolled 92 = 92

Ups, not a bro. Thought about different guy.

>> No.19893410

rolled 22 = 22


>" It's likely it was a surprise attack."


>> No.19893412

Oh, hey it's this guy. Thomas I think. Caster's master. Perverted fuck, but good at familiar magic.

Well, I'm not gonna roll.

>> No.19893428


Hmm... the way he's talking makes it seem like the guns were being used to HELP the attack rather than defend against it. Why are Werewolf mages using guns?

Also, I just remembered: Shadow Magic, eg Imaginary Numbers, is STUPIDLY RARE. This is getting interesting.

We might just have an excuse to call up Auntie Sakura.

>> No.19893435

rolled 56 = 56


Well, I suppose that could've been worse

>> No.19893462


Cu Chulainn, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks.


So we probably have 2-3 perps. 1 with the rifle and maybe 1-2 magi.

>> No.19893496


One tries.

And I think shotgun boy was the one who got ambushed. So, two perps. Or possibly only one, if the ambushee had the shotgun AND was the wind magus.

>> No.19893501

In America, it seems, every magus use some kind of firearm. Look at the old treads: every single Master used a gun in the Grail War. Except David but he was 8 years old... Not a good exuse, I know.

>> No.19893515

How many old world masters used a gun? kinda curious about the backstaory of this universe

>> No.19893552

"Aren't shadow mages incredibly rare?" I ask, and get a nod from Lisa.

Abbie's eyes go wide as she's looking up, and she moves to push me - a gun firing loudly as her hand is blown apart. The blood doesn't fly away - instead, it's dragged into a void along with the remains of her hand and her wrist, as well as some of her upper arm with a roaring, tearing sound. She screams and falls to her knees as a tall, tanned redheaded man drops down from the building to land smoothly before us, a too-wide grin on his face. A smile that almost literally touches his ears, the rest of his face shadowed. He holds in one hand a Mosin Nagant made from a strange ivory wood, and a weasel perches on his shoulder. He's dressed in classy white with an orange tie, and his shadow shifts, constantly.

"I hate killing kids." he says, pulling a smaller dillinger from inside his coat. "So if you just walk away, I'll let you. No skin off my back. My orders were to prevent investigation."

>> No.19893555

In this quest? At least one (german homunkuli), probably two out of seven. Don't know how many other Masters came from old world.

In the canon Nasuverse? Kiritsugu used a gun. That's it.

>> No.19893566


Almost none, if any at all. Old-blood Magi are tremendously behind the times, technology-wise. For example, in Fate/Zero, Tohsaka Tokiomi insisted on the use of a magic crystal to communicate over distances, instead of simply using a cell phone. Their attitude is "if I can do it with magic, there's no need for these newfangled gadgets. And anyway, those are for mongrel muggles."

>> No.19893578

Oh fuck MEDIC!
Gotta love new-world mages then

>> No.19893604

It's Alucard!

Ok, he's a magus so we can't affect him directly.
How about increasing speed of air inside of his guns? It will increase temperature and cause an explosion.

Or perhaps increasing decay speed of the ground below him?

Lisa should move to front line. I want a meatshield protecting us.

>> No.19893620


You just ambushed us, critically injured this woman, and now have the gall to threaten us? Do you have any idea who it is you're dealing with, and exactly how deep in shit you would be if you somehow DID manage to kill all of us?

I'll make you a counteroffer. YOU walk away, and I'll forget this happened. If I ever see you again, I will kill you. No fuss, no muss, just death. I'll even extend the professional courtesy of making it relatively painless.

So what's it gonna be? Do you walk, or do I shovel what's left of you into a sack and dump you in the Pacific?

>> No.19893626



Check on Abby QUICK. Losing a hand is NO GOOD. She could be going into shock as we speak.

Try to buy some time while you check her wounds. Ask who the fuck this guy is, see if you can get him monologing.

Do we know any healing magic, or would we have to resort to our old horrible painful healing trick from the Grail War to stabilize her?

>> No.19893632

>It's Alucard!
Getting into a fight with this guy is a horrible idea. Just saying. Might want to see if Liz can fix Abbie's hand.

>> No.19893647


Annie, NOOO!

"What the fuck, asshole? Way to make me cooperative, shooting my friend's hands off."

Stupid fuck should know a better way to prevent investigation would be to either kill us all (which he'd said he'd dislike) or fuck with the evidence to set us on a wild goose chase.

This fucker made a wrong choice.

Get Lisa to shield. Check on Abbie. If you can, shine a light on his shadow - it _may_ nerf his shdow magic. (Either that or make the entire place go dark. I don't know which would work)

>> No.19893662


Clarification: Say this, Young Master. With a polite smile, and as cheerfully as possible.

>> No.19893667

Shadow guy with huge guns who tries to kill Rip.

Ok, David. No choice here, use horrible painful fast healing.

>> No.19893670


As much as I appreciate a ballsy as fuck speech, I don't know if this exact second is the best time, what with our cute gunman having an EXPLODED HAND.

If this doesn't work and we have to fight, she could literally die right there before we resolve this issue. This is not an injury we can overlook.

>> No.19893675

Ok, NOW I see it.

>> No.19893688

Seconding. Our gunner need healing. Annie needs first aid. Killing this gouy will be very satisfying, but she MUT. NOT DIE. We can kill him later.

>> No.19893699


In that case, turn, heal her (without apparent effort if possible), THEN speech.

>> No.19893709


>> No.19893721


Wait, wait. Don't cast light on the shadow, have Lisa Shadow Pin him with a couple Black Keys

>> No.19893732

I quickly get Thomas to take Abby away after doing my best to heal her with limited prana. The newcomer lets her go, chuckling.
"She's lucky. There's a hospital nearby." he says, gently stroking his gun.

"You just ambushed us, critically injured this woman, and now have the gall to threaten us? Do you have any idea who it is you're dealing with, and exactly how deep in shit you would be if you somehow DID manage to kill all of us?

I'll make you a counteroffer. YOU walk away, and I'll forget this happened. If I ever see you again, I will kill you. No fuss, no muss, just death. I'll even extend the professional courtesy of making it relatively painless.

So what's it gonna be? Do you walk, or do I shovel what's left of you into a sack and dump you in the Pacific?"

The weasel on his shoulder drops into hysterical laughter. A few seconds pass, and he laughs as well.

"I forgot." he says, palming his face. "I forgot how mages in this place worked. You think you're invincible because your mommies are strong." he says, before relaxing and standing up straight. "Maybe I fell to this place from elsewhere, but let me tell you something, boy. I've killed worse shit than you've ever seen. I've traded with the Wyldfae Goblins. I've feasted on beasts and man of equal greatness. I've worked with gods, taunted dragons, and turned down Satan." He stares me in the eyes. "My name is Armas Laine, and I'm giving you something I don't give very many people - a chance to flee alive."

>> No.19893758

God dammit Shot.

Armas, piss off and go back to your own quest.

>> No.19893759

"I'll be alive long after your bones turn to dust Armas. But I'll take that offer."
Let's get the fuck out of here.

>> No.19893763

Wouldn't he be able to simply move his shadow out of the way?

Is this a canon character?
If not, killing time.
Blowing up his guns seems good.

>fetichism nonydr
Not now, captcha.

>> No.19893767


Make like my old boss: keep him talking. If he's talking, he's not shooting.

Ask him what his angle is. Also, ask him who it is who wants us alive - I get the feeling that if his boss hadn't told him to let Master live, that first shot would've gone through his head.

>> No.19893798


As scary as this guy is/thinks he is, I don't think we can afford to give up this crime scene. There's obviously something important to be learned here.

I think we have to stand and fight. We have Black Keys and an overpowered ability on our hands.

Also, this guy uses guns. I seem to recall us considering a tactic with our spell and deciding it was too dangerous because it could blow up in our faces. Something about overloading the gunpowder's explosive effect, as I recall...

>> No.19893806

Note that that will still fire the round.

>> No.19893810


He's from another quest, and he's a flaming badass.

>> No.19893815

He just made staying much more important, if they're willing to throw someone like him at the problem it means it's rather important.

He also underestimates you, I don't think he knows you're a living paradox that breaks reality.

Keep him talking, identify all the gunpowder and other explosives on his body, amplify all of them all to explode, he probably has dozens of bullets and probably grenades on him.

>> No.19893827


I second Winter's suggestion. I think we GTFO and get some medical attention for Abby; we've seen enough of the crime scene, I think.

>> No.19893828


Jack up the friction between bullet and barrel. Bullet get stuck, gun go boom

>> No.19893842

He probably has more bullets on him than just the one in the chambers, we set those to go off and not only are his guns ruined there will be some serious damage from it.

>> No.19893847


Enhanced friction plus enhanced explosive power ought to cost him as many hands as he took. I like it.

>> No.19893879

>Ask him what his angle is. Also, ask him who it is who wants us alive - I get the feeling that if his boss hadn't told him to let Master live, that first shot would've gone through his head.

"... Someone so great as you wouldn't be working for Hund, normally." I say, staring him down, "And if you were to kill us, you would have, by now. So what's your deal, here?"

Armas's facade falters ever so slightly as we begin to circle one another.

"Ever heard of Sliders, boy?" he asks. "One of my... associates happens to be one." he continues. "Someone who has fallen into the cracks, so to speak. Fallen to another place. I was helping her find her way home, and, well, I fucked up." he chuckles. "Ended up here. I want to go home, is all. It's where my contacts are. Hund has a way."

"How do you know he's not leading you on?"

"...You might say we have something distinct in common." he says, then his arm snaps up, catching Mercy midswing behind him before it breaks his collarbone, unactivated. There's a loud crack as his arm breaks, and Lisa throws down a Black Key to immobilize him. His shadow moves - vanishing from the Black Key as he steps. My prana circuits are open, so I jam his gun with amplified friction as he attempts to fire, as he dances away from Lisa's attacks, a wide smile on his face, even as his arm hangs limply at his side, tossing aside the derringer and reaching into his white coat. "We're both stained the same color."

>> No.19893880

Oh, THAT would be fun to watch. But I still say we keep him talking and get Abbie the fuck out of there.

>> No.19893881

Armas can grow back an amputated hand in a fraction of a second. It'll only annoy him- in fact, if it really works, it might hurt his gun. His gun has the soul of a woman that he's very fond of in it, so he would probably get pissed and kill us over it.

>> No.19893922

Temperature is a function of the air's moleculs' speed. Amplify it. Create supernova. Set his ass on fire.

>> No.19893926

"WAIT MAN! You said you needed a Slider right? Well, I happen to know of one that exists. His name is Zelretch."

We need to keep him talking.

>> No.19893950



Ok, I don't know what kind of weapon he's going for, but we should probably take some cover.

Also, keep probing him for information. There's no way Hund has access to the Second Magic, and thats the only means of Sliding in this universe. If we can suss out a way to "prove," Hund is lying and direct this guy to Rin, who we have an in with, we can win this battle with no more bloodshed.

>> No.19893973

Hund doesn't have access to the Second Magic, if he did than we would have much larger problems. Tell this Armas fellow that he's getting played like a chump. There's only one person with Second Magic, his name's Zeltretch and he is not going to be working with Hund.

>> No.19893980

Actually his shadow is a fully sentient separate being from him. It moves itself, and should basically be considered independently just as dangerous as he is. Perhaps more so in certain situations- its primary ability is teleporting objects through shadows, which lets it do things like pop grenades into your pants pockets.

>> No.19893981



>> No.19894000


Hold up, hold up! Why don't we set him up with Zelretch? ...Actually, why don't we set him up with Zelretch IN EXCHANGE for helping us take down Hund? Two birds, one stone.

>> No.19894012

the fuck is zelretch? is he from the last quest?

>> No.19894014


>> No.19894031

>Doesn't know who Zelretch is
The Sorcerer of the Second Magic, a Dead Ancestor Apostle, and all around troll.

>> No.19894038


He's an alternate-reality-hopping ridiculously powerful Sorcerer. He eats demons for breakfast, without salt.

>> No.19894046

>Dead Apostle Ancestor
Basicly, he's a fucking powerful vampire on top of being a sorcerer. Don't fuck with him.

>> No.19894047

Zelretch is a dick.

>> No.19894071


Nasuverse Backstory Corner:

In this setting, normal magic is not the same thing as True Magic.

Normal magic is basically a science alternative, it works within natural laws. True Magic tosses science out the window.

There are 5 True Magics in the Nasuverse, and one of them is the power to traverse between dimensions, eg Sliding. This is the Second Magic, and it has only one master in the entire world, a multi-thousand year old mage known as Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, or Zelretch for short.

Basically, in this quest's world, Zelretch is the only person who can help this mook. And we happen to be close friends with the younger sister of the woman who is the head of the family he took on as apprentices many centuries ago.

So basically, we're his only hope.

>> No.19894090


Hold on there, Sang. He's the only person we KNOW of who can help. Let's not make assumptions here. We're playing with way too much fire to take chances.

>> No.19894099

You've got a "one world" perspective, which is unfortunate.

What's to stop someone from reaching into this world to pick him up, once they know where he is?

>> No.19894112

If Hund has access to the Second Magic then things are so completely fucked for us anyways.

>> No.19894128


Hund doesn't. Guarantee that. Just saying there's nothing stopping somebody else from figuring it out, especially with all those alternate realities wandering around.

>> No.19894153


"Woah, hold up!" I manage, seeing an AA-12 appear from that coar with ribs of bone on the barrel. "I'd like to propose a deal."

He stops, and grins. It's like I offered a kid candy. The weasel, who had been occupied with stopping Lisa's movement, looks over his shoulder.
"A deal?" he asks, his voice suddenly oddly smooth. "What could you offer me?"

"A real way home." I say. "Hund can't possibly use Second Magic. He's fucking you over, man."

"And how can I trust you?" he asks, as Lisa frowns, tripping over herself and falling on her face. The weasel chuckles. "How do I know who is and isn't lying, here?" he asks. "You could be trying to get me to leave."

"In a way. I'm trying to get you home. A guy like you - no offense - has no p[lace here. In fact... I'm willing to say that Gaia will try to end you, eventually."

He frowns as the weasel whispers in his ear.

"That explains a few things." he says. "What's your proposal?"

"I know someone who can set you up with a powerful mage - at least, I can get you talking to her. Give you names, and the like."

"And in return, I help you out, right?" he asks. "That's usually how this sort of thing goes."

"Yes. We might need to hurry on that aspect... Anyway, a cease-fire for now while I get you talking to some people of importance?"

"Gimme a second." he says, turning away and bowing his head slightly.

>> No.19894168

We should probably get this Magic in the next Grail War. Who knows? We may be able to complete the set eventually.

>> No.19894178


Ok, I guess its better to say that 1) we have conclusive knowledge of a method that can help him and 2) a reasonable means to connect him with that method.

Which is more than a drug peddling werewolf can offer.

But really, I refuse to accept that Hund has any sort of access to the Second Magic, so unless this guy brought his own means of escape in WITH him and Hund is holding it, he's being had.


Even if we were to assume that, the only way we could SIGNAL an external force would be through something that could pierce the "dimensional viel," and only the Second Magic can do that in this universe.

Unless there are things out there in other worlds that could sense something more "mundane," in this one, but we would still need to know what that is. And again, without the Second Magic, we couldn't see into the other worlds to get that knowledge.

>> No.19894197


Give him his sec. If he decides not to believe you, offer to Geas yourself to be honest with him about this, but ONLY about this. Word it VERY carefully.

>> No.19894201


Sounds like Young Master offered him a good deal. I hope Armas takes it.

>> No.19894205


>> No.19894226

Also see if you can get Abby's hand and other bits back, it'll make repair much easier.

>> No.19894237


Oh Cu, Geass is your answer to everything, isn't it. I'm going to start calling you Culouche if you keep this up.

But it's probably a good idea.

>> No.19894271

Its kind of ironic how Cu leaps to geas as a solution, yet a geas fucked him up bad in his myth.

>> No.19894307

It is. But a Geas is the best solution in this choice.

>> No.19894308

He just wants us to feel his pain.

>makdre bitter
Captcha agrees.

>> No.19894314


>> No.19894326


Hey, if you got a better idea, let's hear it. I'm just doing my best here, okay?!


(I try to stay IC-ish, and Chulainn DID have a thing for geases)

>> No.19894502

((Please hold. Will be back shortly.))

>> No.19894574

"I could agree to a cease fire, with a guarantee of an introduction on neutral ground, and a promise on the part of everyone involved here to not spread around word of what happened tonight. I can understand your friend being upset about her hand, but if she's willing, I can arrange for a replacement hand and total body rejuvination in return for discretion on everything related to me and what happened here and a positive introduction to that powerful mage you mentioned through your contact. I mean it, your contact needs to upsell the shit out of me for me to be willing to arrange for healing."

"Bu-" I manage, and he storms on. His words come quickly, fluently, and he looks me in the eyes as he talks.

"A promise that your contact'll do a positive introduction will suffice, we can do the healing as soon as we catch up to your friend."

I blink.
"Has anyone told you you talk like a damn lawyer?"

He Smiles.
"All the time, thank you for the compliment. Yes or no?"

Well... I can't really speak for Rin. Or Sakura. Or even Zelretch, really. But everything else is doable. Lisa is eyeing him suspiciously, however.

>> No.19894593

Deal. Nicely said Kid.

>> No.19894602

((That's Armas talking.))

>> No.19894622

Well, we came this far, so go ahead, agree.
Don't turn your back on him and be prepared to strike at any provocation.
Also probe him for more information if you can.
How he met Hund, what he promised him, where is his lair, what resources he has, etc.

>> No.19894627


You shouldn't take too long to decide, Young Master, but it appears Lisa has a concern. I think it sounds like a good deal but perhaps you should ask Armas to give you a second, back out of earshot with Lisa, and find out what she has to say.

>> No.19894631


Ask Lisa what the problem is. Unless she's just moralfagging.

>> No.19894641

Whoops. Still. Deal. We'll play ball with him.

>> No.19894664

I can not personally guarantee positive reaction from my contact. I am close to her and closer to her sister, I will be able to get you started on the right foot and advise you on how to deal with her, but staying on her good side is your responsibility. I do not want to promise something that is not mine personally to deliver.

Aside from that it's a deal.

>> No.19894733


Hubba-hubba. Blacken her hair with GIMP and I think we have a passable Lisa there.

>> No.19894734

"I can not personally guarantee positive reaction from my contact. I am close to her and closer to her sister, I will be able to get you started on the right foot and advise you on how to deal with her, but staying on her good side is your responsibility. I do not want to promise something that is not mine personally to deliver."

Armas's eyebrows rise. "Other than that? Deal."

He smirks.
"I'll hold you to it, boy. See to it you don't try to make a fool of me. I'll catch you later - set up that contact when you can."

And with that, he vanishes into the alley's mouth, seemingly dissapearing as soon as he escapes my sight. I approach Lisa.

"Something up?"

"Yes. But it's not..." she frowns. "It's not something specific. He unsettles me."

"Huh. Well, let's scope the place."

"But he said-"

"Did you hear how he talked?" I ask Lisa. "He probably did that to get a look around here, with an excuse to..." I frown, then shrug. "I don't know. But it looks to me like we have a rookie wolf on our hands."

Lisa nods. "We should remain in town tonight."

"And how would we do that?"

"I have idscretionary funds. Lodging can be had."

>> No.19894754

Aww yeah...

>> No.19894784


Let's have a look around the crime scene, shall we? Obviously, there's something here Hund REALLY didn't want Young Master to see.

Put on your hat and pull out your magnifying glass, Master, it's detective time!

>> No.19894798

Check on Rip, see what else can be done, reassure her that you're here and care for her.
We should probably send her back home.
Damn, it's Lisa and us again. I was hopin to increase our fighting capabilities.
And yes, we should stay. No sence going back now, especially if Hund thinks that this guy still watches over crime scene.

>> No.19894801

How's abby at the moment?

>> No.19894822

Look around, figure out what, if anything, Hund is trying to hide from us here. Then go check on Abbie and be sure that she's okay(well, okay as you can be with an arm gone). We might even just wanna stay over at the Hospotal, in case she needs to be there awhile and so we can stick together.

>> No.19894848

Investigate the hell out of this. Check for blood or any other remnants of people or flesh. If you have blood you can do a lot of investigation. Examine claw mark size, get an idea of how big a were we're talking about here.

So we had a body, it was found dead and torn apart but that wasn't the cause of death. Cause of death was Armas. We should try to determine who died, if they were a mage or something else supernatural, if he was hired to take down a new were or something like that.

>> No.19894886


On the way to the hospital.

>> No.19895073

It indeed seems like the scene was pretty typical. But -

A wallet.

I pick it up, and grunt as it hits me.

The name is clear on the ID. Gerald.

He didn't die, or go to jail.

He's a werewolf, taken by Hund.

>> No.19895095


Seconding both of these. On the way to visit Abby, call up Rachel and Stalla at Donnie's so we can fill them in. Give detailed description of the claw marks to Stalla; she might be able to tell us what type werewolf we're dealing with.

>> No.19895123

This the dude we heartsploded right? Or his friend? Either way, he's gonna be after us.

>> No.19895125 [DELETED] 


Shit, son. That's...not good. Wait. Wait a damn minute. Just what the hell happened here? I thought Armas was working for Hund. So why's he killing his own guys?

>> No.19895134

Wait, who's Gerald? The drug dealer?
Hmmm... Well, I don't see much use in this information...
Given our relationship with him it may or may not make this affair easier.
At least we know his identity now...
And we also know that we will not find a new harem member here...
Tell this information to Lisa, make sure to mention your "hero" actions on the night of our summon, she may like it.

>> No.19895160

Wait, wait. Why did Armas kill this guy? I thought he was working for Hund.

>> No.19895214

Perhaps Gerald didn't like Hund, so he was killed as liability?
Or he wasn't killed at all. After all, someone nom on corpse after the killing. Why not Gerald?
In this case the victim is someone else.

>> No.19895225

>SUPER-SPESHUL BADASS from another quest mutilates an npc, backflips around being awesome, threatens everyone then disappears off mysteriously.

Really EGO, really?

>> No.19895226

Not to mention if this guy was working for Hund but did something bad enough to make Hund want him dead, that might also explain why Hund didn't want us looking into his death.

Traitors tend to have information.

>> No.19895239

Second Magic. Don't gotta explain shit.

>> No.19895281

And people said letting SHirou live was bullshit. HAW HAW HAW

>> No.19895288

I sence Armas will be this tread's Shirou.
IMHO, such cameos should play the role of helpful advisers or outright antagonists, not "kinda antagonist but can be persuaded to work with us" or battle ally.
The latter provoke shitstorms.

>> No.19895307

Considering killing him would have gotten Great Stonking Tits to kill us, it was a good move. Also, I bet Liz, Aoko and Zelretch have Sorcerer drinking parties occasionally.

>> No.19895362

Since we resolved that issue with Mr. Transdimension in a few moments, we can probably catch up to Abby before she gets to the Hospital.

Or at least meet her there.

It's most important that we take care of her first. We can worry about catching up with the homestead or getting a room later.

>> No.19895382


Yes, then on the way to the hospital call up Rachel and Stalla at Donnie's so we can fill them in. Give detailed descriptions of the claw marks to Stalla; she might be able to tell us what type werewolf we're dealing with.

>> No.19895405

(( That assessment has really made my day. Thank you, I needed a solid laugh. ))

I think for a moment.
"Maybe Gerald was killed off. I just don't know why Hund was so adamant about this being not found."

"Alpha position. Someone fought back, or disrespected him. This is the natural response." she states without worry.

I nod, rising.
"Which means Gerald knew-"


"But..." I shake my head. No, that's not the case. Best not to dwell on the stupid idea that Gerald was the one I killed - I'm sure it wasn't.

"Shall we meet up with Abby?"

"I'm not sure. She might not be in a condition to talk."

After a moment, I shrug, and we go - to find her in the ER, being treated. I head outside and give a call to Rachel and Stalla.

After filling them in, my cell phone immediately rings.

It's an unknown number.

>> No.19895417

Open the phone Master. Don't say anything quite yet. Let the other person make the first move.

>> No.19895421




>> No.19895433


The Fire Keeper again maybe? Answer the phone but don't say anything until the caller does.

>> No.19895436


>> No.19895442

There was a pic in the previous tread where someone was shot through the telephone.
Nasu magi can't do it...

>> No.19895443

Answer it, do not speak.

>> No.19895448


Pick it up.

>> No.19895455

It has to be a landline for that, bullets can't travel wirelessly.

>> No.19895458


Uh oh.

Trouble brewing.

Also, I think Lisa is too eager to dismiss this situation. I know investigation isn't exactly in the Executor handbook, but there had to be something important to this situation to guard the battleground.

>> No.19895489


>> No.19895498

I flip open the phone and listen.

"Hello~." says a feminine voice. "Is this David, or one of his associates? See, I have this package to deliver. And it's very, very fragile! But my boss, he says, I have to get it there by midnight. But I don't have that much time, and I was wondering how he'd prefer it transported."

The words drip with casual threat. "So...?"

I grunt.
"Who is this?"

A laugh.

"You're not in a position to ask questions. It was hard enough to get this package to sit still, let alone contain it. So listen closely to what I have to say, okay? Or your Fire Keeper might just be put out."

>> No.19895534

Tell her that you're listening, volunteer no additional information.

>> No.19895551

my who?

>> No.19895554

Let's listen what the lady has to say.
No information.
We don't know much about Fire Keeper anyway and we're under no obligation to help her.

>> No.19895555

"Explain. Now."

>> No.19895558


FUCK! Donnie's mom is in danger. Tell her you're listening, Young Master. Don't say anything more than that.

>> No.19895567


Oh, fuck. Have Lisa raise Thomas, get him tracking the call. Meanwhile, try to keep this chick talking. The more she says, the more she might accidentally give away.

>> No.19895568

Fire Keeper is Donnies mom man.

>> No.19895586

This. Let the person on the phone know you're listening, but DO NOT reveal any other info if you can help it. The less she knows, the better off we'll be

>> No.19895606


Magos, Magos, Young Master is not Eliza. He doesn't do terse and angry. And anyway, that's the fastest way to get someone to clam up. We WANT her to talk - the longer she does, the longer Thomas has to trace her.

>> No.19895618


Seconding. Have Lisa call Thomas and get to tracing. Doo eet!

>> No.19895628

Who stalked us for our whole life and refused to explain shit.
She has her own agenda and we don't know whether or not it's good for us.
We simply can't make any reasonable assumtions about the matter.
It does seems likely that Fire Keeper is at least benevolent... But we simply don't know.
And the cost of our help may be greater then we're willing to pay.

>sigeres ignorant
Yes, captcha, too many things we don't know for sure.

>> No.19895665


"Hooo~, such dominance. Make my heart aflutter. You see, you're troublesome. So he's making you two deals! Isn't that nice of him. The first one is you just fuck off to another state. He won't hurt anyone you know. In fact, inside of three years, he'll leave too! Isn't that nice of him. And the Fire-keeper goes her way, too. Alive. And whole."

"And the other?"

"You can work for him, and reduce his time here to a few days." she says simply. "Refuse both, and the woman dies. Limb by limb."

>> No.19895697

Can't exactly leae the state now. that second offer sounds ineresting, but I'd honestly need details.

>> No.19895700

What quest is that other guy from?

>> No.19895716

Fuck kid. We might have to sacrifice Donnies mom here. It's your call.

>> No.19895718

I'd suggest we "work for him," but given our predilection for Geases he might try to fight fire with fire.


>> No.19895724

((Guns for hire on tgchan))

>> No.19895727


Well, dammit.

Damn, Master, we're in it now. You obviously can't just throw in with him, but let's not get Fire-Keeper killed needlessly either. You need to stall, big time.

>> No.19895728



David is too much like Shirou to just fuck off and let Hund stay and continue dealing drugs and killing people. And he's too noble to work for his enemy.

Wait a minute.
>famous swords
>can create pretty much any sword

Why the fuck haven't we asked him to make us some silver/lead/what ever fucking element we need/weapons? Or just asked him to come out and help? Hell, we'll be talking to Great Stonking Tits pretty soon anyway.

>> No.19895739

Inquire into the second one, acquire details.

>> No.19895751


Ask what working for him would entail, Young Master. Keep her talking to stall for time while Lisa and Thomas trace the call.

>> No.19895767


>Asking for Shirou to come
>Not remembering the shitstorm LAST time that happened

Anyway, the stuff he makes disappears when he stops maintaining it.

>> No.19895786

Second offer can give us an opportunity to get close to Hund.
And finish him.
It's dangerous but can work.
Ask for details, get Thomas and Lisa to track the call.

>> No.19895963

"What is the second offer? I can't take a job I know nothing about."

"He needs Ether Clumps! Lots of them. Using the local leylines only gets him so- Are you tracing us, cheeky boy?" she laughs. "Adorable. Adorable! You think you're a smart boy with connections. Give me a reason not to shoot her now. Tick tock."

The click of a hammer.

>> No.19896000

Does she understand what will happen to her if she kills Fire Keeper? Maybe you should let her know. We will rain ungodly vengeance down upon them.

>> No.19896001


Woah, woah. hold on! No reason to get all kill-happy. Just tell us what he wants, and why he wants it, and we'll consider it.

>> No.19896033

We have our own hostage.

Who knows? We may even known everything about you and just checking that you stay in place.

>> No.19896036

Because then you are completely out of leverage. Are you really planning on throwing away your hostage like that?

Because if so I have been severely overestimating Hund and his organization.

Now come on, tell me about the job.

So Hund needs Ether Clumps, that is interesting. There might be something involving First Magic but there isn't enough data to say for sure. Probably something else, but not sure.

>> No.19896117

"Because, if you do, I will personally keep you alive as I flay your skin from your body, then break your back, and pull your lungs out and watch them flap like bloody wings."

Time to play hardball kid.

>> No.19896151

"Because then you've lost the last remaining barrier between your throat and my boot, bitch."

>> No.19896169

She...DOES realize what a bad idea it is to kill her only hostage AFTER said hostage has already set our master on the path to Godhood, right?

>> No.19896184


"Because, if you do, I will personally keep you alive as I flay your skin from your body, then break your back, and pull your lungs out and watch them flap like bloody wings."

"Wrong answer, you stupid cub."

"Wait, I"

A loud gunshot reports over the phone.

"And that wasn't my only package. The rest are crying now, how pathetic~! Maybe I should tell Donnie here who's on the other end. Or maybe - just maybe, I can lie for you." she goes on. "Do you really want to face him after that? Or would you rather work for Boss? Tik Tok. I don't really care about what you rain on me, cub. You'll never find Hund without my help, and that's all that matters."

>> No.19896205

I doubt logic has anything to do with her thought process there.

>> No.19896208

This bitch will die. We will see her dead, no matter the cost. Don't compromise Master. Trace the damn call so we can unleash fury the likes of which they have never seen.

>> No.19896270

David, keep calm, don't give in or anything.

Ask for Details, get her to tell you about the work they need done.

Also we need to call up Great Stonkin Tits after this, if anyone knows enough about Ether and Ether Clumps she would.

>> No.19896288


God FUCKING dammit, why the HELL did you pick literally the WORST SUGGESTION POSSIBLE?! Jesus fucking Christ, man, use your goddamn head!

Okay, okay, damage control time. No rudeness, no outright refusals.

>> No.19896298

Do what you must.
Donnie is our Bro. He's also a Mage. He must have known a long time ago that he might be in a situation like this.
Being part of this world is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who value their well being.
We are going to kill them, David.
We will supply you with techniques, advice, hints, help. We will tell you every conceivable way to make these people suffer. All you need do is ask.

>> No.19896305

How long it takes to trace a call, anyway? I'm pretty sure we've talked long enough for that.

Time to call everyone who would be interested and descend on this bitch and Hund like the god of vengeance you soon will be.

>> No.19896370


Goddamnit, whose pants-on-head retarded idea was it to talk tough and make threats to the caller on the other end?!

Young Master is not his mother.

>> No.19896377

"You just made the wrong choice. Tell Donnie if you want to. It will just make your death that much more painful."
She dies last. We find her, we beat that fucking information out of her. That bitch is going to die slowly and painfully.

>> No.19896395


I'm with Gale. If this goes sideways, we will go to any lengths to help you get revenge.

Search and destroy! Search and destroy! Crush all who stand before us, no matter who they may be!

>> No.19896415

I would say give in for now, use this time to start tracking them down.

>> No.19896429

Burn and PURGE motherfucker. They will all die. They made the decision to piss off a potential god. Make 'em pay David. Make them fucking pay.

>> No.19896454

((There were quite a few in that vein, attempting intimidation when the other person has no reason to fear you was pretty stupid. ))

"I need details."

"Already told you - mass production of ether clumps! Yes or no. I need an awnser.... Oooh, visitors. Better hope it's not Mommie coming to bail you out, boyo. I'll call back."

She hangs up and I run to the hospital.

Thomas is already throwing me a helmet.
"We don't have any time! The trace has a specific point and we have to race to get there!"


"Because some people don't understand 'here only by the grace of Gaia'." he says darkly as he jumps onto a motorbike and puts on his helmet, as I hold on - and we go.

Soon, our speed is matched by another bike, Lisa riding it with focused eyes.

>It's in Graham. An old dump. You mother is moving to save the Fire Keeper. She's not prepared. Tell me you have a gun.<

<...> I can actually hear the silence in Lisa's head.

>I've opened a mental chat between you, me, and Lisa.<

<Who is this fourth prescence? An enemy?>

>> No.19896490

Sage! Sage and burn in hell! Fucking shitty quest threads!

>> No.19896500

No, just a pervert

Look at lisas thighs, mmmmmm

>> No.19896515

What do you mean by fourth presence?

>> No.19896523


Why not email moot to make a board just for quests then?

>> No.19896525

He means us.

>> No.19896527

Hey babe. Just want you two know, love the wardrobe choice. Hotter than hell.

Back to business Master. Let us kill every fucking one of them, as planned. The one on the phone will die last of course.

You must be strong Master. You may not want to, but we must make her suffer. We need her to beg for mercy, then death, and give her neither.

Anybody know any ways to preserve her in pain for all eternity?

>> No.19896528

Nah, just a familiar that ended up fucking everything up.

>> No.19896530

We are... Thomas' colleague.
An admirer of finer half of humanity.
True winner of the 6th Grai War.
And the strategist sometimes.

>> No.19896545

Third Magic should help.

>> No.19896556

I'm Bob, or Legion. I'm friendly.

We've got more important things to talk about, we're currently hurtling towards the enemy, we have no clue what defenses they have and we're severely underarmed.

Thomas, give me more details on the location we're headed to, entrances, exits, personnel, anything.

>> No.19896581

<Yeah, that's Bob. He... helps me.>

<...They are distressingly...>

<I know, I know. But this woman killed the Fire Keeper.>

<But...> She hesitates. <If Mercy strikes her...>


>Listen, boys, girls, and familiars of unknown but likely male gender - we're rapidly approaching a large landfill, probably swarming with werewolves, headed by what appears to be the Alpha Bitch. If anyone has actual plans, not threats, please feel free to submit them now, because I'm just going to jam their thought processes with noise and get your mothers out of here before they BOTH get killed. Anyone? Anyone?<

>> No.19896603

we don't know much about the locale, but would a DYNAMIC ENTRY through a wall be possible? that always suprises the hell out of them

>> No.19896608

Cause confusion. Any way we can limit their enhanced senses? We want them to feel like they are under attack from all sides. Priority, save Master Eliza and Atalanta.

>> No.19896610

Would "Don't fuck this up as bad as I did" be a plan? Wait, can we grab them hostage and run at the same time? David's got dibs on the bitch with the gun.

>> No.19896644

Try and surprise them, make any effort to sow confusion amongst them. If we have anything we can use as smoke or a bright flash to possibly disorient them, figure that out now and be ready to use it.

Dynamic Entry is highly appreciated.

>> No.19896650

Like I said before, with enough prana (and with amplifying mana-to-prana process we should have enough), we can create a fucking supernova right above them or let the very earth consume them.
Hostages is a problem, though.
Btw, can we amplify Thomas' magecraft? Confusion to the max sounds good.

>> No.19896658

Use your magic on yourself, David. Try to speed up your cognition as things happen. Go for the good-old bullet time. The slower things happen, the longer we have to react to them. This works especially well because we have Silver bullets. And a gun to fire them in the faces of our enemies.

>> No.19896661

Confusing them is good. Landfill, David ought to be able to fuck with their physical senses, ramp up their noses into informational overload. If we have any flashbangs this would be a good time to use them, he can ramp up its effect as well.

David, have you ever tried enhancing your mental processes, speeding up your brain?

Also you can enhance the fuck out of Thomas sowing mental confusion.

Thomas what exactly are your capabilities, it's been a while since we've seen each other.

>> No.19896669

Let's go with this. I like this plan.

>> No.19896675

Or inverse: Alter THEIR cognition. Blow their fucking minds.

>> No.19896680

Wait... using David's magecraft on himself...
How about we're going meta and accelerate the process of understanding David's nature thus ascending into godhood?

>> No.19896689


We should enhance the process of deterioration in the landfill. Werewolves have a heightened sense of smell, so if the landfill starts to smell even more...

Also, speed up your cognition process, as well as whatever process creates/secretes adrenaline. We want to be hyper aware, and hyper capable.

Too bad we can't amplify the process that turns the werewolves back to human, though.

>> No.19896694

Kick ass first, break reality later.

>> No.19896695

That's an experiment for another day.

>> No.19896699

Depending on the kind of enemy, this may make more sense. David's mind is gonna be reeling from thinking/acting way faster than it's used to

>> No.19896707

with medics on standby

>> No.19896712

This! Do this!

>> No.19896716

Won't work, werewolf magic resistance.

>> No.19896734

so he alters his just barely, enough to up his reaction time by maybe a second.
Then alters the enemy so that they're reeling and uncoordinated, and we fuck 'em up. Perhaps we should SLOW their reaction time down, so we look like a blur to them.

>> No.19896741

Landfills are underground.
If we could speed up the process REALLY fast, we might get a gas buildup and an explosion, but I don't think we can do that yet.

>> No.19896762

You're assaulting a hostage situation. There's no right solution here unless you get more information.

Goddammit, kiddo, what did I tell you about moving in too fucking recklessly? She's got you eating out of her goddamn paw here.

>> No.19896764

Wait wait wait. David. We've got a crazy idea.
You let us puppet you. We can think and act faster than you, and won't suffer an information overload.

>> No.19896767


Goddammit, why NOW?! Ugh, this whole day has been one massive clusterfuck.

Okay, listen closely, Master. First off, you need a distraction. Not just something flashy, but somethin that will actually take and hold their attention. Second, identify structures that could potentially hold the hostages. Check in with us when you have done so, and we'll go from there.

>> No.19896797


Seeing how we're essentially Shirou-lite, though...

>> No.19896802

I close my eyes.

"Just get me close. I have a plan."

<The deterioation of the landfill. Confuse them. Amplify everything about myself. Strike in the confusion. That... That is the plan.>

>Alright, kiddo.<


We ride up to the landfill, a massive hill with grassy plains on it.

He stops, and I cringe. Here we go again.

The hill has a processing plant, which we approach. However, the hostages are held outside, as we see from afar. Mother is nowhere to be seen and neither is Attie.

Mana to prana. A process to create Prana. Amplify with prana. Get more prana. Amplify, amplify, amplify! <y storages fill in in seconds, green fire racing up my arm and shoulder, wracking me in pain. I leap off the bike as we approach.


The world slows, but I remain the same, and on fire. It's at my chest now, burning the excess Prana I create and spend as manically as I can, as the Alpha Bitch - a huge woman in what looks like old fashioned leather armors and platinum hair turns to me. She's fast. As fast as me. She holds a magnum in one hand. Moments to think moments to move moments to act. My hand touches the earth. It sags, and the change propogates. gasses unseen rise, and her expression changes and I realize something terrifying.

The gases that are produced from the natural decomposition of organic matter

are usually highly flammable

moments to act
To think
To Move

She's aiming
at me

>> No.19896824


>> No.19896830

Duck low jump forward, punch her throat

>> No.19896843

Take her alive if possible. If not, roast the bitch.

In fact, roast her and take her alive if you can.

>> No.19896846

>>She's aiming
>>at me
>firing a gun that uses an ignition process in an area with methane

Master! Can we amplify the ignition of her gun? The spark from it should be enough to ignite the gases from the landfill

>> No.19896851


Weren't you the foremost tough-talker? Didn't Young Master saying what you said word-for-word result in the gunshot?


>> No.19896855

Will fire consume the hostages or you?
If yes, try to stop her.
Amplify decay of the earth beneath her feet.

>> No.19896859 [DELETED] 

Spread your fire, burn her. Careful that it doesn't go crazy, otherwise we'll lose the hostages and possibly ourselves.

Duck and roll, then come up and char her to a crisp.

>> No.19896864

Smash her smell up to 11, throw off her aim.

Set on fire, provide spark and enhance the explosion in her local area, it'll make her very unhappy and asphyxiate her as well.

Do not be in a straight line from the gun. Enhance friction on bullet just to be sure, it'll jam but hammer will provide spark to make big bada boom.

If you need more time enhance cognition more, you've got the prana.

>> No.19896865

Uh, wait, scratch that. We're in the same area. We'd burn to death with her.
Kid? How fast can you renforce every part of your body at the moment to an insane level?

>> No.19896872

Roll away from enemy's line of sight. If she fires and doesn't die from fire, Rise. Draw Gun. Put one in each eye if not using Silver ammunition. swap out in short reprieve granted by enemy's blindness. Put silver bullet in each limb.
Donnie and his family are fire mages. They have less to fear from the explosion.

>> No.19896878

There should be a spark when Alpha Bitch pulls the trigger. Amplify the gasses, amplify the spark, amplify the inevitable explosion towards Alpha Bitch. Try to keep it away from the hostages. Also, try to dodge the bullet she's shooting at you.

>> No.19896889

We had no cards to play. She had EVERYTHING, and we had nothing. I was hoping that that would make her pause, give us a little more time. I was wrong.

>> No.19896895

Ignite that spark, and do whatever you can to shield yourself with your powers. This thing is gonna be nasty.

>> No.19896897

Provided David can't do RAP at all?

>> No.19896899


Keep the "dog whistle" idea from the previous thread ready in case you need a distraction, Young Master.

>> No.19896901

Don't worry too much about hostages, fire wizards. If still worried amplify air pressure in local area around them, fire will take easiest path and avoid them.

If you need more mental cycles to pull this off just keep on enhancing the fuck out of cognition, you can deal with the potential brain damage later.

>> No.19896913

Kid, this is going to HURT.

>> No.19896916

>you can deal with the potential brain damage later
I'm pretty sure that's someone's last words right here.

>> No.19896921

Amplify the gasses amplify the currents towards not away amplify the fire amplify my thoughts amplify my mind my muscles my prana my movement my-

̗̖͈̥T̙̙̱ͤ̿̓I̙̻͒͜ͅO̷̠Ṋ̦̹̘̰̍ͧ͒ͬ̈́̚͡ͅ ̶͈̖̙̥͙̫̟͆̍ͨͣͯ̌ͯB̢͒͂ͥ̔R̳͕̼̬͇̮̀̌̊ͮ̆ͯ̏O̵̦̖̟͍͇̺̥̿͒͛́K̪ͯ̓

>> No.19896928

̼̾ğ̜͓͚̜͐̉ͫ͛ ̯̝̩̗͖̖̩c̮̲̹̬̜̠͍̈͒̑ọ͚̪̾̏ͬ̈̀nn̴̯ͥͪ͊̏̓ͬͦḙ͓ͩͤ͆̏̂̃̽͟c͆͒̌

>> No.19896931



>> No.19896936

Sorry kid, we've got to do this.

>> No.19896937


Dropped connections all the fucking time

>> No.19896941


This is not gonna end well.

>> No.19896946

Shit, we broke David.

>> No.19896953

I blink, groaning. It's very hot.

"Nnnngh. Nnnngh. Gah... Nngh." someone is leaning over me. It h̪͊ͤ̚u͉͕͙ͨ̇̔̐ͥ̍͆r̫͓tͩ̒ͬ͑̎̅̾͞s̝̗͓͂ͫ̒̑̑̿ to move. To breathe. To see. there are fires everywhere. Donnie is saying something. Thomas is saying things. I can't hear. I can't see. Everything h̪͊ͤ̚u͉͕͙ͨ̇̔̐ͥ̍͆r̫͓tͩ̒ͬ͑̎̅̾͞s̝̗͓͂ͫ̒̑̑̿.

>> No.19896955


All the more reason to remain calm. Bluffing when your opponent knows she holds all the cards is stupid.

>> No.19896957

no we didn't. he's alive still at least, if he weren't we'd be gone due to lack of prana

>> No.19896959

I knew the bikini-episode brought too much happiness. Nasuverse demands balance by equal amounts of tragedy.

>> No.19896962


>> No.19896965



>> No.19896968

Kid, calm down. Assess your surroundings and give us a sitrep.

>> No.19896976


We Shirou now

>> No.19896978

Get the fuck out of there. Find out what's going on, but your first priority is GETTING THE GODDAMN FUCK OUT OF THERE.

>> No.19896980

Thing is, hostage was the only real leverage she had. I was hoping she'd not be a total idiot and pop the hostage. I was wrong.

>> No.19896983

Breathe deep and remain calm. Don't panic, Donnie and Thomas talking means that people are still alive, you're among friends. DO NOT exert yourself.

>> No.19896988


Given that David is a demon... Not our best idea.

>> No.19897009


Trying to move. Can't. Lisa on top of me. Wish she wasn't whimpering in pain. I smell pork. My mind is... weird. Can't think straight. Can't... my arm. My arm! Oh GOD! OH GOD, IT HURTS!

I close my eyes. Oh god, it all hurts. Something pushes Lisa off me, she cries in pain and helplessness. Thomas says something, but is quickly silenced. I can't hear anything. I can't move. Someone picks me up. I feel cold metal on my back. It hurts. Everything hurts. Pale gold hair. Hurts... so much. Can't feel my arm.

>> No.19897025

Stay calm, stay focused.
If you can't, let us ride you.
If you can and not out of mana, try to heal yourself.

>> No.19897028

Calm down, you're in pain for damn good reason. You won't be accomplishing much, just keep relaying every bit of information you have to us. Don't worry about thinking about it, that's what we're here for.

>> No.19897029

Don't try to move. Just stay still. Just stay calm. Just stay calm. Your arms nerves are likely fried after that bit of magecraft you just pulled, or burned down to the bone. Just stay calm, Liz will fix that shit right up.

>> No.19897033


Gaia have mercy: we were doing so well in this story until this fucking chapter.

>> No.19897045

................................This...is not good.
This is not good at all.

>> No.19897047

Stay calm, but don't be afraid to cry or piss yourself from the pain.

>> No.19897056



Sorry Master, I had to

>> No.19897058


Though we should stash the bullet-time thing for future use. should be good if we use it on its own

>> No.19897071

Calm yourself, try to figure out where you are. Get your bearings, find out what that metal feeling on your back is. How did that little stunt turn out? What just happened? The person right next to you might not be an ally, so try to find out what your current status is.

>> No.19897072


>> No.19897076

Pain is your body's way of telling you to not fucking do anything atm. You are a wreck now Master, your best bet is to just stop. Whatever happens, you have a better chance facing it if you keep calm and just stop.

>> No.19897077

Very good. Which ever Bob came up with that, kudos.

>> No.19897099


>> No.19897102

My sight, my consciousness fades and rises. My everything hurts, and I completely pass out. A whisper, before I go:

"Shhh. Sleep, Parvus Deus." He says, gently, and so I do.

Time passes, I don't know how much.

I blink awake in a small chamber - no, a cell. No, that's not accurate either. It's a room. No windows, white walls and floors. I'm dressed in simple robes with Celtic knots weaving from my shoulders straight to my feet. Lisa is with me, dressed similarly.

Two beds. A door, at the far end, and a mirror.

>> No.19897116


This was a horrible plan. We were doing so well until someone convinced David to talk tough. Then the gunshot and all the other Bobs went into sperg-rage while a minority with cooler heads were drowned out.

Yes...I mad. I'm gonna go off into a little corner of David's mind and sulk now.

>> No.19897118

Empty contents of stomach on the floor

>> No.19897124

Move your extremities, we need to take inventory and figure out what's working and what's not.

>> No.19897134

>Parvus Deus
That means small god.
What the fuck?
Is the God Emperor here?
Anyway, take a look around the room. Got all your limbs David?

>> No.19897137

>Parvus Deus
He's calling you 'little God'. Somewhat fitting, given your powers, but still.
Get your bearings. Figure out if your arm is still there and hasn't exploded yet. What is your current status?
Is there anything in this room you might be able to use as a weapon? Inside your pillowcase, or something?

>> No.19897142

Ok David, talk to Lisa, get a sitrep on the situation and where you are.

See how injured you are.

Did you recognize the voice that said Parvus Deus, latin for small god?

>> No.19897150

Check if you have underwear!
check if lisa has underwear too

>> No.19897155

Check yourself for injuries, check Lisa, check your magecraft, examine room, check if the door is locked, cry like a little girl.

>> No.19897161

Operate all bodily functions and muscles in sequence from vital ones to nonvital systes.

Comp-Bob, run a diagnostic, engy Bob stand by for damage control.

Al Bobs heave to for inspection and report station status

>> No.19897166


...Well, now that everything's done EXPLODING AND DYING, let's use our HEADS.

1. Are you restrained?

2. What is Lisa's condition? If injured, how badly?

3. What can you hear around you?

4. Are YOU injured?

5. How much prana do you have left?

ANSWER THESE, AND DON'T DO ANYTHING RASH. DO YOU HEAR ME, MASTER? I will NOT allow this to get ANY worse if I can help it.

>> No.19897171

Idiotic bob is fine. White Bob and Black bob are still going at it. I'm good.

>> No.19897174





>> No.19897188


I'm still sulking in the corner about this clusterfuck. Leave me alone!

>> No.19897192

Copy that. Penis bob, are the jewels still intact?

>> No.19897194

Zealous Bob reporting sir, diagnostic still unforthcoming. Awaiting further commands

>> No.19897214

Reality breaking Bob here.
Is this a right time to amplify process of understanding our nature? Or is David's magic circuit too exhaused?

>> No.19897215

Engineering here, most everything is reading fully functional. Dam Con teams report most systems healed, but sore and hurting like hell

>> No.19897225

... I stand, woozily, making my way to the mirror. I'm... Well, no, I'm not fine. I look like fucking Two-Face, sort of. My right eye isn't seeing. It's there, but not seeing anything. My arm is...

I sit down. My arm is amputated. My remaining one grasps the stump, and it hurts. I groan, looking at Lisa - she's fine, but her hair is shorn, a peachfuzz of white atop it.

Underwear confirmed, both parties. Lisa has a huge burn scar on her back, and I do on my face, the blind side.

Let's not dice words. We both fucked up.

"Ah. You've awoken. Thank heavens, I was worried you might never get up."


"Yes, yes, please, get your anger out of the way."

>> No.19897234







>> No.19897249


Lancer/Spetznaz Bob here. Still fuming at the incompetence, but here and ready to serve.

>> No.19897255

Tired tone: "What do you want exactly? What was it? So important to sacrifice all this people, risk your own pack, go agains both Mage Association and Church? I think I deserve to know this at least".

>> No.19897264

Just suck it up and bare with it David. Save your rage for later.

>> No.19897265

>look like two-face


>> No.19897270

Well fuck. Which arm?

Greet Hund.

>> No.19897288

>Wake up
>Hund is there
>He kept you and Lisa alive

Don't panic don't panic don't panic don't panic.
Seriously, kid, what's done is done right now. You might be able to get your arm back through hax-magic later. At any rate, panicking like your brain wants to will not serve any purpose right now.

Don't get angry. Stay calm. Check on Lisa again. Act like you're not even interested in Hund right now, he's not important. If he wanted you dead, you'd be dead already. He's keeping you alive for some reason (probably as a bargaining chip against your mothers, but I might be wrong), so get him to give the pair of you some serious medical attention.

>> No.19897304

Also, remember the "Enhance conscious, ascend to god hood idea?" That's looking pretty damn good right now.

>> No.19897315

"What do you want exactly? What was it? So important to sacrifice all this people, risk your own pack, go agains both Mage Association and Church? I think I deserve to know this at least."

"Well, I hate to cop out like this, but it is incredibly complicated. So I'll keep it short. My people are dying. The werewolf race is down to two packs, mine, and another in Indonesia." he says. "But that is beside the point. You and the Chaser have survived - not through competence, but by my grace. I do not expect to be repayed. I do not expect you to work for me. However, it would be nice if you would - as I said, once my numbers are sufficient, we will leave, in peace. Getting there, though - It's a bumpy ride."

"A few thousand deaths, bumpy."

"Heh. Your outrage and your idealism... It is refreshing. I will be sending some painkillers for Lisa shortly. Please give them to her. She is almost as important as you, little god."

"No latin?"

"I save it for the mysterious pre-loss-of-conscioussness whispers, pup." he chortles, and the intercom cuts out.

>> No.19897319


You will sit down and speak politely DO YOU HEAR ME? Ask him to what you owe the pleasure of this visit, and what he can do to fix you and Lisa up.

Also, obliquely try to ascertain the status of the rest of the party.

>> No.19897328

Remain calm. We can fix you when we get out of this, freaking out now won't solve anything.

Check on Lisa, make sure she's okay, then find out what Hund wants.

>> No.19897338

well, shit.

SPETZNAZ Bob, any ideas?

>> No.19897346

We can fix you up later, new arms aren't the hardest things, especially with your power set.

Ask Lisa why she is also important.

Check how your magic is doing.

>> No.19897351

Shit. He's not giving us crap. Don't give Lisa the pain killers. Don't eat ANYTHING he gives you until we get a geas that he's not going to harm us through our food. Basic safety precaution.

>> No.19897354

"Hello, Hund. Care to explain why we're still alive? "

Explanations would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.19897364

Status report. How are you doing? How's Lisa doing? Where are you? Which items are at your disposal in the room you are currently in? Anything in the cell/on the ground?

>> No.19897372


OOC: Okay, I've sulked long enough. Time to try and salvage this mess.

Stay calm and ask Lisa exactly what happened as best she can remember. Hund said we survived, but I doubt Young Master and Lisa are the only ones. Most likely, the others retreated and pulled back while David and Lisa got captured.

>> No.19897387


Not him, but my thoughts.
1. Make sure Lisa is ok.
2. Magic Check
3a. If Magic works please see if we can speed up the meta process of developing it.
3b. If not we will consider other options.

Allow us a moment to consider escape options

>> No.19897391




>> No.19897398

Actually ignore, ignore, ignore. But stay paranoid.
Listen to Logic Bob.

>> No.19897401

Okay, damage assessment on Lisa, when the painkillers get here be sure she takes them(Hund kept us around this long, no reason to kill her now). Take inventory on the room, figure out what we have and what we can get if we need it. Escape seems unlikely, but we still don't know what HUnd is going to do with us

>> No.19897403

"I think you'll forgive me if I say that I can't trust you to freely take care of us given the circumstences... I can't give her painkillers, neither can I eat or drink anything provided by you unless I have a geas that you would not poison - whether with deadly poison, drugs, Howling or whatever else - what you give us. A simple precaution given our situation".

>> No.19897404


First off, make Lisa as comfortable as possible. We got her into this, and by God the least we can do is make sure she doesn't suffer any more than she has to for it. Second, check if that mental comms-link thing is still up. That'd be useful as all fuck.

Other than that, turn us off until something happens.

>> No.19897408

Don't make demands. We must be careful.

This level of caution is advised. We should recuperate. Get the bearings. Ascertain WTF went on, and what ahppened after you were out, Master.

Save the shonen-esque reactive bullshit for later. AFTER we get a feel for where we are.

>> No.19897421

okay. That thing with the healing Armas mentioned? We're going to require that. Hund? We play along for now. Quiet, polite, we do not piss this man off. We cannot afford to further increase this clusterfuck.

>> No.19897435


This, this, a thousand times THIS!

>> No.19897541

"I can't use anything at all that you've provided."

Then take off your clothes. And Lisa's clothes.

>> No.19897579

We already wearing them and don't sence any fuckery.
It may not be the same with painkillers given the Howling.

>> No.19897594

It's not because of potential fuckery, it's to make a point about how we're not going to co-operate.

>> No.19897621

((Be back in a bit.

>> No.19897632

See you in a bit then.

>> No.19897647


And that helps us how, you fucking idiot? That's the kind of thinking that created this clusterfuck in the first place!

Playing compliant and acting browbeaten and whipped might just give us an opportunity to escape.

>> No.19897683


5000 Internets says EGO is brainstorming and trying to figure out how to deal/salvage/fix this mess.

Any takers?

>> No.19897689

Get naked and check for runes on your bodies.

>> No.19897699

There's two sides to this.

A> It's a good idea not to cooperate. That said, MAKING A POINT not to cooperate can throw off any advantage you have.

B> We're known to be idealists. Pretending to be going along with it would probably be even more suspicious.

>> No.19897702




>> No.19897738

>Accelerate process of understanding of David's nature.
>Be god.

>> No.19897739


I'd say we just pulled a 0.5 on the Henderson Scale but we were going for a full 1.75, he's just doing damage control.


>> No.19897754


Since thinking like A is what resulted in this mess, it's logical to say continuing it won't improve the situation.

So I vote B: getting a friend's mom killed and getting wounded as badly as David and Lisa both are would take a lot of the spirit out of a lot of people.

>> No.19897804

Best option, and would also go NORMAL END
David ascends to godhood and kill Hund, but has to kill Lisa to activate his full potential. Attie and Liz are depressed because we left the mortal coil, Bob becomes a wandering spirit with no purpose, Harem falls apart.

>> No.19897805


>One bad decision made
>a majority goes into Super Saiyan Sperg-rage
>the cooler heads get outvoted
>Sperg-rage leads to another bad decision, and another, and another
>which leads to this

Anyone see a pattern here?

>> No.19897819

>implying we cant be a god AND have a harem

>> No.19897841

David would likely be a false god, temporary due to the overwhelming sudden understanding of shit. He'd dissipate. No David, no Harem.

>> No.19897867

Yes, /tg/ suffers from major big red button syndrome. This is a bad thing.

>> No.19897872


Welcome to /tg/. Please check your sanity at the door.

>> No.19897873

Playing along for the time being is the best option we have. Best Case: David and Lisa escape.

Worst Case: we wait for a rescue party. We don't know how the others fared but it's a sure-bet Attie is still alive. And Attie will move Heaven and earth to rescue "her baby" if she even suspects David is still alive.

>> No.19897878

But... but reality warping!

>> No.19897897

Shit we fucked up!

>> No.19897906




>> No.19897907

Temporary at best the way I see it. We wouldn't be able to self sustain at that level of power for very long, not until David's base power increases anyway.
Take a complementary Elf Slave Wat Do and D&D Edition Wars thread while your at it.

>> No.19897935


>> No.19897936

But we all already know what to do with an elf slave.

>> No.19897949

Not ready yet. He's going to get godhood eventually if he survives, and learning how to control that power is going to be very important.

>> No.19897963

Logic Bob was missing. And I was a dumbass.

>> No.19897967

Guys. Did we lose anyone? Is there any way to confirm the survival of Master Eliza and Attie? Is Thomas alive?

How did this happen?

>> No.19897979

I dunno, maybe a few too many of us got caught up in our feelings of success from the last thread, then we went to the standard "grr kill smash eviscerate person who threaten person we care about" response and then EXPLOSIONS.

>> No.19897982


I understand all that but goddamn it, we were doing so well up to this point. We were throwing ideas out there, agreeing on the good ones, discarding the bad ones, and making great decisions until NOW.

So WTF happened that changed this?

>> No.19897984


Well, I was the one who suggested we accelerate the landfill's deterioration, which produced methane...yeah.

Sorry guys!

>> No.19897996

we went full retard

>> No.19898000

Seriously, though...
While we fucked up big time, not all is bad.
Rachel and Stalla should be fine.
Abby's in hospital. As far as we know, relatively fine.
Lisa is with us, alive.
From what I understand, Sorcerer of the Third Magic doesn't die when she's killed and Attie can survive nearly anything.
Thomas and Donnie... eh, they may be alive, they may be dead. And Donnie's mother probably very dead assuming Alpha Bitch didn't just lie on us - we didn't hear Fire Keeper over the phone, after all. It's unlikely, though.

So... life goes on. Harem route isn't locked. We still have a chance to give a big "fuck you!" to Hund.

And I told that being a superhero is suffering.

>toostss ascended
Captcha said it:
>ascend to toostss

>> No.19898020

Note that we've still got that one gunslinger on our side. We promised him a way home. He's going to do anything to grab that.

>> No.19898043


Here, EGO

>> No.19898046

My personal opinion: getting that call about Donnie's mom is when Bob the Skull (and thereby Master David) started fucking up. And it just went downhill from there.

Mistress Liz is a fucking Sorcerer of the Third Magic and Attie is a Lancer-class Servant. They're alive and well. Abby's still in the hospital, Stalla and Rachel are back at Donnie's house, and Young Master and Lisa are wounded but alive. This whole mess may be salvageable if David and Lisa find a way to escape.

>> No.19898179

I carefully make Lisa as comfortable as I can, and when the orderlies arrive, women in copper hair, I make sure she does not take them. Checking the communication thing... nothing.

She's... Been burned on her back. Her hair seems to have been shaved to check for burns. There's a wig on a nearby dresser, with the same looking hair, only white. I don't give her the pills.

I open my circuits, and shut them off, feeling such outrageous pain that I need to shut them off. Seems I'm stuck in mundane. It also hurts like a bitch to move.

She's asleep. In pain, but asleep.

Thinking on Armas...

I don't like him. He seems so suave... But he irks me. His self- assurance is grating, and he's hard to work with because he doesn't follow magic rules here. It's annoying as hell.

((Quick check: Continue through the night, or end here? I'm on a second wind.))

>> No.19898196

Continue. Make sure Lisa is comfortable. This is our fault.

>> No.19898206

Hate cliffhangers.

>> No.19898223


>> No.19898231


Ok, evaluate the situation more. Tell me about the robes, it's celtic work right? Does it have any qualities that stand out?

>> No.19898233


It'd be rather cruel to end right now so I guess if you can't lets keep going. You have the enthusiasm of the group, we'll try to not derail you so much in the future.

>> No.19898237

Continue. If there's nothing to work with in the room, then just make yourselves comfortable and wait for Hunds next message.

>> No.19898239


As long as you feel up to it, GODSPEED, AND EMPEROR GUIDE YOUR PEN.

I vote turn us off until something happens, Young Master. The constant chattering in your head can't be fun to listen to when you don't need it.

>> No.19898303


I'm turning in for the night. When Lisa wakes up, ask her what happened as best as she can remember. If I'm right about what happened, Lisa got hurt and captured because she tried to save Young Master.

I hope you guys can make that up to her. 'Night, all.

My departing music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4_5c1OJXc4

>> No.19898337

We're going to get all Chester on her.
Chester the Molester.

>> No.19898340

First of all, god both of you are alive and well. Lisa had me worried a bit, and you...well...let's just say we're going to need to think more carefully in the future. Just...Accept our apologies. Please. We never meant for this to happen.

Now, young man, we have a situation on our hands. Pain can be worked through, David, but those nurses? Most assuredly lower-tier werewolves. Dangerous enough as it is, but we're completely FUCKED.

>> No.19898421

((Do whatever is best. I will sleep soon, but I am not everyone in this thread. Do what thou wilt.)

Now that we've ascertained the sate of our injuries, what I'd like to do is speak with Lisa. Say you like her new look. Ask a bit about her hair and its coloration. Tell her you're sorry if all this stress you've caused her made her go grey early.

>> No.19898432

Good news about those copper werewolves?

All you need to take them out is pennies and a bullet-loading station.

Load some pennies into some shotgun shells. BAM. Instant anti-copper ammo.

No use to us NOW, but I somehow doubt this is when we were meant to take Hund down for good.

>> No.19898433

>he's hard to work with because he doesn't follow magic rules here. It's annoying as hell.

Annoying or not, that's a pretty big advantage if he's on your side.

>> No.19898482

Needs moar Wingmom

>> No.19898488

((We're currently in Autosage. Fuck everything. I'm tired of weekly. If this dies, I'm picking it up again, for the duration of this week, I'm running END TO END. ))

I'm turning you off until further notice.


On again.

No sex happened.

The door opens, and Hund enters. He wears the same robes as he did before, but his gauntlets are at his belt.

He draws a deep breath.
"And here I am." he says. "I have no prana running in my circuits. I am unarmed. Let us, for once, be civilized. We have killed one another's allies and friends far too much. Let us speak, as men would. What say you?"

>> No.19898491

>implying pennies have been mde of copper since the 1950s.
>implying zinc projectiles wouldn't fuck up a gun royally


Come back when you're not such a scrub and apologize to the numismatist master race, fool!

(Good idea, though. Just pull out some elecrtical wiring, and we've got insta-aggro damage!)

>> No.19898505

Sure, talk to him. You need information to properly plan stuff.

Ask how everyone is doing, what happened to Alpha Bitch.

>> No.19898513

Start at the beginning: What actually happened at the Landfill?

Then: What do you want from us?

>> No.19898515

>on again
Did you and Lisa
>No sex

might as well cooperate. ask for some tea or something, easier to be civil that way

>> No.19898520

Fuck it David. We're fucking screwed here.

>> No.19898531


I demand tea first. You damned mongrel.~

>> No.19898541

Agree. Be civil. See what makes this guy tick. For all I know, we're dealing with a lupine Louis Riel or Crazy Horse.

See what he has to say.

>> No.19898554

We need to know what happens, who's alive, who's dead and whose bright idea was it to kill Fire Keeper?
I mean, seriously, she could just stop talking to us.
Unless killing Fire Keeper was a plot to bring us here.
Also, why they went for her in the first place anyway?

>> No.19898568


>Calling a werewolf "mongrel"

I feel like this could end badly, but then it could be hilarious, too.

>> No.19898602

Oh, it'll end badly. But it would be SO worth it.

>> No.19898609

'kay. Let's see what the doggy has to say.

>> No.19898669

rolled 4 = 4


And so we end our story, the last of the bob's consumed by madness. When Mistress questioned them about why they have made her son say that to Hund they only replied. "We did it for the lulz."

>> No.19898712

"May I ask for some tea?"

"Certainly." Hund says, and a table is brought in. We both seat ourselves. "Let me first say that I do not wish to give reason to my actions. I understand they were deplorable. I will not ask forgiveness, only understanding. I am a man of my word. You... do not believe that, it seems."

He glances to Lisa, who writhes in pain. "Sometimes we hurt the ones we care about because we are afraid for them. We allow out emotions to run out of control, wildly spinning into a torrent that utterly consumes us." he sips. "I trust you understand that, David. And Bob, as well. This day has seemed to have the logical part of you out drinking."

I nod.

"You're free to leave any time. So long as you listen to what I ask. However - the moment you leave this landfill and deny my request, we are bitter enemies in truth. Clear?"

>> No.19898727

Fair enough. ...so what's his request?

>> No.19898741

Crystal Clear. Now get us some information on what the hell actually happened, and then hear his request.

>> No.19898744


How does he know about us?

>> No.19898746

Ask him what his plan is exactly. We were too busy trying (AND UTTERLY FAILING) to prevent the Fire Keeper from getting popped in the head to talk. I'd like to know what exactly we're getting into here David.

>> No.19898753

I'd advise against asking Hund what happened last night. It's a sign of weakness.

>> No.19898766

Clarification: leave with Lisa, right?
Otherwise... Let's see what he has to say...
My previous questions still stand.

>> No.19898772

Makes sense.

A few questions before you start and tell us your request.

How do you know about Bob?

What details do you have about David that we are not privy to?

What exactly happened at the landfill? We are missing some details here and there.

>> No.19898774

rolled 51 = 51


Here's hoping he didn't catch us calling him a damned mongrel. Oops I said it again...

>> No.19898776

>This day has seemed to have the logical part of you out drinking.
But it's true. So. Fucking. True.

>> No.19898805

>Giving a damn about his followers
Ask him about Stalla. See if that gets a rise out of him.

>> No.19898814


*Steeple your fingers*

"Mr. Hund. I am sure you are aware of my own particular moral code. So long as no more people come to harm. I see no reason we should have problems in the future."

>mfw I actually got the tea

>> No.19898869

"...First, what happened last night?"

"Ah... After you set fire to the air, Donnie sheilded himself from the blaze. Lisa tried to save you, and... was partially successful. However... Your arm took the full brunt of the heat that you amplified, and had to be removed. My apologies. We have been working to heal you since then, with potions and poultices, and both of you have had significant progress. My mate is not pleased with the results of that night, but... She is a tempestuous howling storm to my calmness. I would have it no other way." he smiles.

"How do you know of Bob?"

"Mmmmn... A good question. He's a bit hard to miss, when you count people in a room bu consciousnesses and not souls. His name, was mostly a lucky guess."

He grins again.

"Lastly... What do you want from me?"

"Ether Clumps. In specific, an ether clump of a density I am not capable of creating. You could, however. Do this, and I will do many things for you - money, perhaps. Or..." he grins wider. "A hypnotic charm to make your words seem better than they are. Of whatever strength you like. Sheilding runes. Whatever you like. When I have five of these powerful clumps, I will leave. And you will never see me again, unless you seek me out."

>> No.19898908

Why does he want these Ether Clumps? What is he going to do with them? I need to know this before I can decide to

>> No.19898918

What do you need these Ether Clumps for?

>> No.19898938

>decide to tell you whether to help him or not.

>> No.19898939

Alright, so now that we know what happened and what he wants. That leaves two last questions:

What are the Ether Clumps for, and will getting them for him entail us killing more people?

>> No.19898950

Why does he need them?

What do we know about them, anyway?
They are a good prana conduct and... what?

>> No.19898984

What these guys said.
Also, does he want you to decide this before he lets you go?

>> No.19898994


"No, no, that won't do at all. Tell me what they're FOR, man, and we'll start talking business. Not to be disrespectful, but I don't exactly have the most faith in your motives. Surely you understand why. Oh, and how is Donnie's mother doing, pray tell?"

>> No.19899009

"What are they for?"

"Howling. Specifically, a more potent version - as you know, Werewolves propogate by bites, or birth. In both cases, the child is almost every time the lower tier than the parent. However, Howling is different. Rachel for instance, is Electrum. Stalla is silver. Howling has produced many werewolves of high teir. However... I wish to produce Howling that can create a Golden Werewolf - a leader for our people, a powerful beast for darker times."

He leans on the table.

"I will get these Clumps with or without your help. Just know that the only other way I know of is with Od."

>> No.19899052

What is Od?

How is the werewolf we set on fire doing?

Aren't you at all worried that making a werewolf through these artificial means will end up with a failed end product?

>> No.19899054

"What exactly would the Golden Werewolf do?"
I think we should help him, if only to prevent him from harvesting Od from civvies, but we should ask him to consider WHAT he might possibly be unleashing.

>> No.19899072

Od is personal mana. The mana inside blood, flesh, semen, that sort of shit.

>> No.19899121

Ask about why the Golden werewolf is so important and who's a candidate.

After this... I still want to know who's alive and who's not.

After this:
"Right now I'm in no condition to create something like this. I need a time to recover and think."

You can't be expected to perform magecraft right now after all...
And once you get your magic circuit back in working condition...
That does open some options.

>use advocat
I'm sorry, captcha, no advocates anywhere near.

>> No.19899123


"Well, I have no issue with it, but under one condition: No using it on unwilling or unaware subjects. Anyone who takes it is told EXACTLY what it will do to them. THAT is my condition - agree, and I will be happy to assist you. Also, I would...request...that you attempt to keep anyone else from dying unnecessarily. Period. And that you attend Donnie's mother's funeral. Personally."

>> No.19899124

Lisa wants Hunds head on a platter. She'd never forgive us for helping him and then causing him to disappear.

>> No.19899126

Screw you, screw your werewolves, helping you would be spitting on the memory of all the people who you killed trying to get to me. I'm not going for it, I know Lisa wouldn't go for. Fuck your shit.

>> No.19899141

Oh Hund.

Golden werewolves are miracles of the Age of Gods. The chances of a human turning into a golden werewolf are nil. The golden kings were never human in the first place.

>> No.19899145

Two last things to ask then:

Do you need our answer before we leave?

And,, if we leave, will Lisa be coming with us?

>> No.19899155

We should tread more carefully here.
Buy time, restore magecraft, ascend.

>> No.19899199

Best plan we've got right now.

>> No.19899215

Yeah, pretty much this.

>> No.19899248



>> No.19899262

"What is the Golden werewolf for?"

Lisa wakes, rising. Her eyes are wide in fear, and she looks for her weapon. Upon not finding it, she rises and leaps at Hund, who is sipping his tea. With an almost casual motion, he knocks her from the air, onto the floor.

"What is human medicine for? What is the development of gene therapy for? I want my people to flourish again." he says. "Without arbitrary organizations killing them by the dozen." he says scornfully, "Or lacking the dignity to end our lives."

>> No.19899289

Check on Lisa. Then this:

>> No.19899303


Turn your fucking back on him THIS INSTANT and help Lisa up. No, really. NOW! And make sure she's okay, and sit her down - no, better yet, hold her.

You do NOT treat women that way in my presence, not now, not ever. This piece of subhuman shit just hit my fucking berserk button.

>> No.19899317

We get up and hold Lisa. Make sure she's okay.

Then >>19899145

>> No.19899329

Help out Lisa

I understand the possibility of making an artificial werewolf. But you're trying to recreate something from the Age of Gods, a golden werewolf, and you think that by throwing enough Ether Clumps at it you can match that era and it will all turn out just fine?

>> No.19899334

God dammit. He has a point. Problem is, if that Golden Werewolf doesn't like people...
Good bye entire werewolf race. The Executors are going to stomp their shit in, and so will the Enforcers most likely. Also, listen to Logic Bob David. He's the brains of us right now.

>> No.19899372


That said, we can't really go along with this. The chances are it will fail spectacularly and perhaps produce something horrible. Golden werewolves aren't something humans transform into. They're beings unto themselves - whatever Hund creates will likely be an abomination.

>> No.19899373

I kneel beside Lisa, helping her up. She's angry - one of the few times I've seen that look on her face.

"And if I leave?"

"You take the Chaser with you, and her sword." he says.

"I understand the possibility of making an artificial werewolf. But you're trying to recreate something from the Age of Gods, a golden werewolf, and you think that by throwing enough Ether Clumps at it you can match that era and it will all turn out just fine? And who are the candidates?"

"Myself." he says.


"Insane? No. If it fails, I have no place trying further. If is succeeds, clearly it was meant to be." he stands. "Now then. Will you come to my lab, or shall I get your things?"

>> No.19899376

Help Lisa, calm her down.
Get answers.
Why does he think he can recreate a creature from the Age of Gods?
It usually takes something like Grail to do it and even then it's incomplete... And we're talking about construct of unlimited prana.

>> No.19899385

As much as I hate to say it, we can't leave and risk him hurting more innocents. Please try to explain this to Lisa. We need her to understand.

>> No.19899406



Check on Lisa and calm her down. And try not to BLOW YOURSELF UP DOING IT.

And tell him that making a Golden Werewolf is fucking impossible no matter how much ether he has. They're like True Ancestors, shit that has to come from the power of the world itself. No mortal craft can bring one about. All his killing and insanity if for shit.

>> No.19899417

If we accept, Lisa will hate us forever. She would never tolerate us working with Hund, and would probably try to kill us, retribution be damned.

On the other hand, it's not like we have any real way of fighting back, should it come to that. Only Lisa is really in any position to fight Hund, and she just got her ass handed to her and Hund wasn't even trying.

>> No.19899418

This won't end well. Tell him that's a bad plan to try. Changing himself into a Golden werewolf would drive him mad or kill him. If he doesn't buy it, we're going to provide those prana clumps anyway... but we're going to leave a nasty little surprise in there. Forced process acceleration. Make him have an instant heart attack, brain explosion etc the second he tries his mad scheme.

>> No.19899424

Can we fuck up Ether Clumps in such a way that he will not notice?
Because fucking up High Thaumaturgy is always fun.
Just ask Angra Mainyu.

>> No.19899441


"Get my things. But I request a 24-hour cease-fire to think over what you've said. I don't want to be rushed into making a decision we'll both regret."

>> No.19899444

Help Lisa.

Acknowledge Our Lupine Revolutionary's words, but do not heed them.

His priority is to his pack. Yours is to yours. He must not forget this.

>> No.19899457

This. We need more time, and if we decide to help him out, we'll need more time to try and convince Lisa

>> No.19899458

Best plan we've got.

>> No.19899470


>implying he wouldn't have us test that on someone i.e. Lisa

You've already gone full retard tonight bud. Let's not make shit exponentially worse.

>> No.19899481

Former Mistress Eliza fucked up a servant with a mondo dose of Bad Luck.

Why not try the same, here?

>> No.19899504

Listen to Culalaika.

>> No.19899506

Because we don't have bad mojo?

>> No.19899535


"Get my things. But I request a 24-hour cease-fire to think over what you've said. I don't want to be rushed into making a decision we'll both regret."

"You will have forty eight hours. However, be aware - while attacks will not occur, I will watch you. And I will prepare." he says. "You are a smart young man. I trust you to make the right decision, either way. I will arrange transit. Dark!" he calls down the hall, and a copper - his hair glittering - carries in our clothes. Lisa puts them on under her robe, not showing us a thing. "My personal suggestion is to say goodbyes. Make love. Prepare."

"Your priority is your pack. Mine is mine."

"Naturally. That is the way of things." he says gently.

"...How long were we gone?"

"One day and one night." he says.

I nod, following the copper to the car.
"Where to?" he asks.

>> No.19899554

Hmm. They already know where we live right?
Might as well go back to Donnies

>> No.19899569


Because Young Master is still blown to hell at the moment, and reaching for his magic cased him unbearable pain a few minutes ago. Also, he doesn't do bad luck.

>> No.19899597

Go to your mothers. Rachel, Stalla and the rest of your harem are probably there too. See how they all are doing (especially Abby), examine Lisa's wounds more closely and explain the situation to them all.

>> No.19899607

He said he will watch us. May as well go home...
But only after we check on Abby.
I propose we work under the same assumption as in the Thomas' situation during the War: everything we say aloud someone hears. Someone watches us all the time.
Probably via runes.
We should check for them later.

>> No.19899609

Wherever Attie and Eliza are.

>> No.19899612


Lake house. Collect Rache and Stalla, then head to our normal house. Fill Moms in, strategize.

Sun Tzu says: "The general who does more calculations [plans better] before a battle shalll inevitably win."

Sun Tzu was a damned smart man. I suggest you take his advice.

>> No.19899617

To the neutral ground. We need to talk to Armas about that magic healing he offered. We need it, and we need to find out what he thinks would be a fair trade for it.

>> No.19899666

Answer: "The blood of caine controls your fate."

See how shithead reacts.


He knows where we live already, but it never hurts to be prepared. Meet our Mysterious Ally first & foremost, and cash in that favor we owe him

>> No.19899688

The VERY FIRST thing we need to do is have a War Council. We need to find out exactly what happened at the junkyard, who got hurt how, come clean with everyone that we did a lot of fucking stupid shit, and consolidate our forces.

And I actually agree that checking in with Dimonson Traveler guy soon after is a good idea. Magical healing for us and Abby is a GIANT GIANT priority. We need to recover our fighting strength.

If we have to crawl on our hands and knees all the way to England and BEG Rin to hook us up with Zelretch to get it, that's fine. Short term, we need our family to be as whole as possible.

>> No.19899697

Seconded, on both counts

>> No.19899712

Satan has a point.

>> No.19899716


I like the way you think, Comrade Sergeant.

Master, make it so.

>> No.19899725

Go for it.

>> No.19899778

"The blood of caine controls your fate."


"Sorry. You know the park, right?"


"Take me there."

The drive is short, and we arrive.

"This is 'nuetral', right? I know you're there. Your weird magic fucks with the prana."

"News to me." Armas says, grinning as usual as he emerges from the shadows. "So, kid. Come to ask about the healing?"


"... Good. What are you willing to put on the table?"

>> No.19899811

Well, his only chance of getting home for one.

>> No.19899846


Ask him what he's interested in. We need some kind of boundaries to work within. Information? Weapons? Something else?

We've got the Third Magic and Shirou on tap after all.

>> No.19899849

Contact with Great Stonking Tits who can lead you to the magus you seek.
No promises, but we do have some influence in the matter. He's your best bet for home trip. Other options are likely a fraud.
Also, money.
And, perhaps, you would be interested in the materialization of the soul?
That's for some additional work.

>> No.19899850

Well there's the fact that I'm your only shot at returning to home. Once I'm no longer laid up I can offer acts of magic that go beyond normal ken. I have contacts in this world which you lack.

>> No.19899851

You have Shirou's number, kid? Best call it up. Ask your favorite aunt what she could do re: Imaginary Numbers, as well as stuff about her sister's apprentice.

>> No.19899872


"Why, your only shot at getting home, of course. Ita est, a favorable introduction to my surrogate Aunt Rin. Also, maybe you can help Lisa and I as well. You see, I've been...disarmed."

>> No.19899873

Willing to put in a recommendation to our associates to get him a shot at going home. Other than that, ask him what he's interested in, since we WILL be requiring twice the healing what with our arm gone now too.

>> No.19899906

We already promised him an introduction to Rin/Sakura for healing Abby. Going back on that deal seems unwise with one such as him.

However, you may want to say that they'd be much more inclined to help someone who regenerated their nephew's arm.

>> No.19899921


>> No.19900015

((There will be some delays here, due to how Armas works. Please bear with us. ))


"Why, your only shot at getting home, of course. Ita est, a favorable introduction to my surrogate Aunt Rin. Also, maybe you can help Lisa and I as well. You see, I've been...disarmed."

"Ah, punny. Well, David, from what I've heard, and I do try to keep my ear to the ground, there's more than one magus around who can sling a slider. I don't deny that Rin is the closest one though. What's your word worth to her? Enough that she'd send me home based on it alone?"

>> No.19900043

"Of course not. Rin wouldn't touch you with a 39.5-foot pole. My word is enough for her to send you to the man who CAN send you home."

>> No.19900049

Well, it won't be through us as much as Stonking Great Tits.

>> No.19900061

Maybe not... I ask you a question, though: what your healing costs you? Is it draining enough that you can allow yourself to miss this opportunity?

>> No.19900097

Her sister loves me more than she loves my mother's apples, she happens to like me quite a bit, and my mother saved her "apprentice's" (with quotation fingers) life.

I had earlier promised getting you off on the right foot and basic advice. I am now willing to add in pulling any favors, strings and putting in the requisite time convincing them of you.

>> No.19900106

"Rin Tohsaka is the pupil of the most famous reality-hopping mage of this era. If she can't send you home, she'll be able to put you through to someone who will. She's also practically my aunt. I promised to introduce you to her in exchange for healing Abby's hand, and that deal still stands. If you also heal me and my associate, however, she'll be much more inclined to help you out."

>> No.19900122


>> No.19900168


Again, you do us proud. I agree.

>> No.19900197

Listen to our brains.
We'll move to other offers only if he'll refuse this one.

>> No.19900219


This is good, but play up Zelretch's important a little more. Instead of "Most Famous reality hopping mage of our time," go with "The only man who's ever fully mastered reality hopping magic in human history."

>> No.19900341

"Rin Tohsaka is the pupil of the most famous reality-hopping mage of this era. If she can't send you home, she'll be able to put you through to someone who will. She's also practically my aunt. I promised to introduce you to her in exchange for healing Abby's hand, and that deal still stands. If you also heal me and my associate, however, she'll be much more inclined to help you out."

"I want you to understand my situation here. I'm alone in a world where I stick out like a sore thumb. I'm living hand to mouth, and even though I've got a handle on things at the moment, I really could use a friendly push home. I don't mind lending a hand, or being a hired hand to pay the way: greasing palms and all that. But I think I've got a good position here. You need healing, your girl there needs healing, and unless you're willing to give her the finger that riflewoman you had with you, the one I dis-armed is going to need this brand of healing too. Abby was it? She's got good taste in guns."


>> No.19900350

"So, just being clear, you're basing it off the original deal I offered. That's swell, but I originally asked for a favorable introduction to the person who could get me home, by your friend's sister. I take it the 'friend's sister' is Rin Tohsaka. So, again, being explictly clear, healing for Abby gets a promise from you that Rin will do her damndest to sell the magus that CAN get me home on the idea of sending me there. That's what I originally offered, and it's a good deal as far as I'm concerned. If you want to swap yourself in place of Abby, that's fine by me. I'll want a guarantee of some sort, a soul swear or geas or whatever you guys call it, that you'll get her to do it though.""

"Beyond that, if you want healing for two other people... I could use a helper while I'm here. A native guide, if you will. Abby would be fine, but again, I'd want a geas in place on her that she'd follow my orders and not act against me for the duration of my visit to this world with it's delightfully twisted magic. That'd get you another heal."

"Finally, for a third heal, a favor to be called up later. That's only if you provide the other two things though. If you're lucky, I'll be gone before I ever cash in the favor."

"And if you aren't, you'll have to help me. And we're talking Favor, capital F. I'll try to not put you in harms way if I cash it in, and I promise to provide healing for any injuries sustained in the course of repaying it."

((Thread end soon.))

>> No.19900369

((Everything after the first paragraph is Armas.))

>> No.19900426


Ну, дерьмо. Aah. Maybe he'd like a place to stay and regular meals instead of us selling Abby into slavery?

>> No.19900443

Caveats for the helper and the favor clause.

For the helper clause, should you act against her, myself, or my family/loved ones then the geas is cancelled and this payment considered paid and she is no longer in your service. Also she can not be unwillingly coerced into your service, if she refuses we'll either renegotiate this clause or find a willing guide.

A suggested replacement would be support in living in this world of "delightfully twisted magic", where you have already admitted you lack contacts.

For the Favor clause, it can not be a favor that acts against my family/loved ones.

>> No.19900533

Selling Abby into his service is a major no-no for me. Not without her consent at least. I say we offer ourselves as his guide for this world. There's several conditions though.

1: The contract with him starts AFTER we deal with Hund. He's our priority right now. If Armas wants to help out against him to ensure he gets his guide sooner, that's perfectly fine.

2: We want at least a week off after Hund has been dealt with to heal up and ensure our comrades are okay.

3: We agree with the geas not to act against you provided you don't act like a complete and utter asshole (ie: wanton slaughtering of innocents). We'll be your guide so long as you play by the rules most magi play by. You can't expect us to agree to following your orders and not to act against you if we don't know what it is you'll be ordering us to do.

>> No.19900550

It isn't slavery. It's indentured servitude. Big difference. Plus, it won't go on that long.

>> No.19900558

Yet again, I can't promise the help of other magi. You should know by now how they work...
I will do my best to convince Rin to sell your problem to Zelretch, you can have geas on me for this.

I can't speak for Abby. If she's fine with working as a guide for you in exchange for my healing, that would be her choice.

As for favor... I do have my standarts and can't do something against my morale. If it's fine for you, then I agree.

Also, you should consider other possibilities. I do have quite a few contacts with powerful people. Hell, one of them can materialize souls. Perhaps you have other interests? Something valuable to you that would be easier for me to get? Money, weapons, contacts, magic?

>> No.19900567



>> No.19900596

Nail on the head, once again

>> No.19900613

It's the principle of the thing. You don't do that to someone without at least getting more info on what he'll be asking of her and checking if she's okay with it, and we don't have time for that right now.

>> No.19900683

I think instead of Abby, we should go to the house and as Atalanta to be this guy's helper.

A Heroic Spirit who can run faster than Sniper Bullets is going to be a lot more valuable if he gets into a fight than anyone else we can offer. She'll do anything to help her baby and her friend get fixed up. She can handle herself if anything with this guy goes south with extreme ease (no matter how bad he is, he's no match for a Servant).

Get our heal and Lisa's heal now. Then drive to Mom's house and get the last deal done, then drive to Abby and get her fixed up.

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