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>splitting the party

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Always a terrible idea. For the players, that is.

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Not if you're a GM running Call of C'thulhu!

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They most fun game I ever played is where the party all branched off individually and did whacky shit around town, getting in bigger and bigger trouble, and meeting up in different groups temporarily before going their separate ways again. Everyone got a time to shine, had some real great roleplay opportunities for everyone.

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Goddamit I typed "they" instead of "the" and my whole post is a mess to read

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hey, sometimes it;s a good idea to get more shit done, especially if there's a time constraint (e.g. x number of rounds before shit goes down, and to prevent a secondary, shitty situation you gotta do z but there isn't enough time)

it's risk v. reward. simple as that.

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Can work if done properly. There is no good reason for allowing your players to go separate ways in a D&D game or something like that, but I've found that this happens actually quite often in my table when playing more political games such as V:tR.

No matter what, I always have a computer ready with some emulators and a few classic beat'em up games just in case some of the players have to leave the gaming table for a while.

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As a DM, I only have bad shit happen when they split the party because it makes that many more plotlines for me to have to deal with at once, and I'm already bad at winging it, which they habitually make me do.

If I suffer, they suffer. If they don't like it, someone else can DM for the first time in 5+ years.

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seriously though. i hate this bullshit of "OMG NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER SPLIT THE PARTY OR ELSE"

sometimes its for the fucking best. deal with it, dumb nigger.

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>Not dividing the party and crushing their spirit one by one

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>split the party
>half of my players now have nothing to do.

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One time our party got split because one of the characters decided to jump up and down on a pit trap until it opened. Then another character slid down it after them.

Not the brightest bunch.

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>Two dumb ass players (fighter and rogue) get arrested for stupid shit
>Fighter and rogue bro it up in prison
>Have awesome game where my other players spring them from jail while they instigate a riot and otherwise cause problems from the inside
>Switch up between the two groups frequently so nobody gets bored
>Rogue and fighter still bros after this experience
Get on my level

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Tell them you must gather your party before venturing forth

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>not splitting the party and then running each part in its own IRC room
>not sometimes splitting the party so much that your eight people are in twos and threes and a couple all alone
>not hitting each party member with an enemy that would be easy for anyone but them
>not hitting each party member with evidence of what big douchebags the other characters are and subtly encouraging them to badmouth behind each other's backs
Party conflict adds so much fun ot the game.

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Divide and conquer.

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Played a game of Deadlands that went a bit like that. There was no need to turn us against each other, character actions already did that ages ago. Once the party split into 3+ semi-loose parts it never quite recovered.

Party splitting, not even once.

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I give my players a "B Team" of cohorts and lackeys they can delegate shit to. It lets them be more ambitious in the scope of their plans and lets me avoid anticlimactic player deaths by having one of their cherished companions buy the farm instead.

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>>not sometimes splitting the party so much that your eight people are in twos and threes and a couple all alone
Holy fuck, no thanks. That is way too much work to DM.

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This would require an expensive facility and an elite team of trained DMs to pull off.

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>IRC room
Nope. Only one internet per person and one DM who's decent at multitasking and types faster than his players.

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>Ignoring the GM when he asks 'are you sure?'
>Sending away NPCs the GM provided for plot reasons or to even out the party
>Fighting one another because reasons

Yeah, my group has alot of WHY.jpg moments

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My players do this all the time.
>Are you sure you want to split up? you've come across a bunch of traps so far, and you only have one rogue
>Don't worry, we got this.
>TPK from four different, but simple traps.

>Are you sure you don't want to check the ceiling? Twice now things have fallen from above you.
>Naw, that can't happen three times in a row.

for this reason I stopped saying "Are you sure?" and gave them an Intuition skill. At any time, for any reason, they can roll an Intuition check and I'll give them advice or tell them their "gut" feeling.It works really well and I don't have to remind them about anything.

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>Intuition skill

HAHAHAH oh my sides... that's awesome.

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That's clever. Don't you worry about them over-using it?

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Our GM gives us a luck skill

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Naw, they forget about it, mostly.

>Why didn't you tell us this room was trapped to hell and back.
>Well, your rogue failed his search DCs and no one rolled Intuition. I can't be blamed for you not listening to your heart.

When it does come up, it's usually in situations where they think they're forgetting something. Like that feel when there's a word on the tip of your tongue but you can't quite pin it down. and I never give them the answer outright, I just steer them gently in the right direction.

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