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how would you grimdark the tau up?

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Chaos Tau.

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that's a poor execution but I always liked the chaos black/ice blue theme on tau. It reflects their ideology better to me than the brown. Just my opinion though

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They can only reproduce via rape.
Their need nutrients found only in non-Tau babies.
The Ethereals are really Daemons.

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OP here, just askin mainly out of interest, and 2 I'm painting my Tau up (my suits look like the ones in the OP pic.). The suits look good being all scuffed up in black, but the fire warriors are kinda on the eh side in black.

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Not that far, doesn't need to be demons. I think they should be more into the "Accept our way of life or die." theme. More cold war hardened commanders, less preachy shit.

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Also, Tau above all else, everyone else gets to be second class citizens. Tau bathroom, colored bathroom.

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Well, internment camps, forced sterilization, disapeering dissidents in the middle of the night. Setting up rebel cells on Imperial worlds. And of course there's the Vespid.

These things are all in Deathwatch, though the most dedicated Tau fanboys insist that it's not canon (and I'll admit it's a 3rd party source, not GW)

Their sterling reputation doesn't seem that good in closer exampination. But it's all just blurry enough for people to be able to keep denying it.

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Black armor with beige/tan cloth actually looks really good.

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Imperial propaganda about them is true.

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>>How do you grimdark the Tau up

You purge them from the galaxy.

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Put them in an alliance with those bloodthirsty fanatical genocidal bastards the Ultramarines.

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Everything with a 40k stamp on it is true.

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Are the suits exactly like the pic?

Because if so, you could make the fire warriors the deep red color the suits have on the shield things instead, that would look good.

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Model Plan B pills onto all of their units.

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Tell the 600th water caste ambassador sent to try and negotiate with the tyranids they aren't grimdark.

In other words I wouldn't, their naive noblebrightness only amplifies the grimdarkness of the setting. Not to mention that communists with a strict caste system would pass for the bad guys in most settings.

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you make them Blanchist.

No idea how.

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>These things are all in Deathwatch, though the most dedicated Tau fanboys insist that it's not canon (and I'll admit it's a 3rd party source, not GW)
The problem is that all that is on the same page as stuff that contradicts GW written canon material.

Not to mention how FFG has a habit of contradicting well established canon on things like the ultramarines.

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>Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. If it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40K universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.

>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.

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When I thought about running an rpg (any of them), before deathwatch was even out, I though of portraying them akin to the combine from Half-Life 2.

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>this way we don't have to bother to write anything that makes sense

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Considering that guy's from Black Library his statement isn't really gospel.

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Black Library is a division of GW, dude.

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Strengthen the Orwellian overtones. Done.

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I'm picturing poor John Blanche's face when they gave him that assignment.

"John, we have a new alien race we'd like you to draw."
"Cool, what are their key features? Crab claws? Skulls? Dead babies? Fuckin' giant bat wings is what I'm thinking. With dead babies attached"
"Um, no. They're, uh, futuristic. Clean lines. Smooth surfaces. Laser guns. Look a little bit... well, manga, I guess."

I bet he visibly... blanched.

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my suits are painted up like the ones in the op, I started dropping shield generators when I discovered that I overlooked Targeting Arrays because I somehow never saw them in my book that I've had for almost 5 years.
I also made them from the angry tau sept. For more grimdark stuff, they should start fluffing on the brain washing assimilated races (which would explain why they in particular use a lot of auxiliaries.).

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but his own statement doesn't actually extend beyond the Black Library subsidiary.

When he says "Our", he means "Black Library", not "GW as a whole"

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Strong and Weak Canon.

Learn to tell the difference.

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>To attempt answer the initial question: What is GW's definition of canon? Perhaps we don't have one. Sometimes and maybe. Or perhaps we do and I'm not telling you.

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Isn't this where the whole "everything you have been told, is a lie" catch phase for inquisitor comes from?

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Understanding GW canon is a bit like understanding the in-game philosophy behind Morrowind.

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Blurry pictures are heresy.

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Everything is true in 40k, including C.S. Goto. Everything is also false.

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hmm, shave down sprue bitz and glue them along the tau in a uni-formal fashion? Fuck around with their visors a bit more than just the two lenses, more antennae, I could just start drawfaggin' up some ideas now that I've looked up John Blanche. I also like the combine idea I saw somewhere in this thread too.

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By executing traitors by dumping the bodies of their beloved Tau on them until death is achieved, by crushing or suffocation.

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I haven't actually gotten around to reading it yet, but in the intro to The Last Chancers, Gav Thorpe says that he wrote Killteam specifically to "dirty up" the Tau, because he had begun to see that people were viewing them as unequivocally "good" guys, and the whole point of 40k is that no one is "good," just varying degrees of bad. So, technically from their creators' mouths, they aren't saints, and are just as bad as any human or Eldar.

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Alright lets get it over with.

Are the gue'vesa sterilized cannon fodder slaves?

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also the use of these rusty colors would help.
>black robed ethereal

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That would be nice, anon. Have another concept

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>implying you can get that over with

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Maybe. How about this? Are all Commissars like the one in Dawn of Bald?

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>giving battlesuits to "cannon fodder"

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Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.

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Show off their true reason why they're so united. The mind control. Some are torn between willing themselves to the monarchy or submit themselves to freedom. Such was the start their hero would be farsight. He who broke first from the iron fold.

Make people claim it as propaganda that it's true, so lies bereft through the whole empire.

Also make the sterilization of alien locals canon. Swept under the rug sort of fashion.

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>Fanatic magazine

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>we choose the tau for their manga image
Oh wow, man some people got told

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Fanatic magazine is as canon as anything FFG writes, since it was published by a GW subsidiary.

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that is how i always like the Tau to be.

outwardly pleasant welcoming and opening but there is a dark underbelly that keeps the status quo.

like Ba Sing Se from last airbender
or Stamford in Hot Fuzz

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Yes and no. They usually will be, but it's a big galaxy.

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Except a great deal of Fanatic magazine's content is fan-created.
The rules I posted are from Chapter Approved.

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kill them all

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Yes, and that doesn't apply to rules, but to fluff.
Plus that doesn't imply fanfiction is canon.

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>read or here manga
>immediately thinks "desu desu nyan-chan"

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My Necron fanfaction is still canon. Newcron Codex be damned!

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That doesn't say Gue'vesa are fodder or sterilized, it even says they're the descendants of humans who surrendered or were captured by the Tau.

>Those humans who have joined the Tau empire have been provided with the technology required
to prevail on the Tau frontier. They have limited production capabilities, allowing them to construct
equipment ranging from simple farming tools to a copy of the standard issue Imperial lasgun. In
times of war, the Tau allow the Gue’vesa access to more advanced weaponry such as pulse rifles
and carbines and other, more specialised equipment.

They also get to build shit on their own, and get Tau tech more specialized than pulse rifles or pulse carbines. When it comes to fluff, I don't see why they couldn't even get an occasional battlesuit, even if it's a monkey model.

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Because crisis suits are only ever given to Fire Warriors. Ever.
There is nothing outside some extremely dubious rules to suggest otherwise.

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also, another thing that might help their image is to make their suits and vehicles not so clean and smooth with all them panels. The models should of came with options to put cover panels over exposed vents wires and what have you. Think the Millennium Falcon, but with Tau. Also, less lenses, more thin cylon-esque visors on their helmets.

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I didn't say a crisis suit, and for the record matter there's no fluff saying there's some absolute ban that forbids auxilia from having even cardboard suits.

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Something dubious posted against the tau. TRUE

Something dubious posted for the tau. FALSE

Double standards much?

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Rules are not fluff. Nobody has ever suggested that ALL RULES ARE EQUALLY VALID.
Fanatic's rules aren't official. Chapter Approved's are.

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>hears furry
>immediately thinks yiff yiff moral

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Fucking phone

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Rules are not fluff, so why would they have relevance when discussing the fluff.

What the Chapter Approved fluff says is that Gue'vesa occasionally get better stuff than pulse rifles or pulse carbines, and what fluff certainly does not suggest is some absolute ban on giving battlesuits in some form to auxilia.

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I am inspired.

I am going to have an IG army, mostly naked-caveman-esque, to stand in for kroot/gue'vesa.
I will deploy these first and due to WYSIWYG I will most likely lose these cheap forces quickly.

I will probably lose most of my battles.

But I will also deeply unnerve the NOBLEBRIGHT T'au at our store. Just force them to slaughter the naked, starving humans being prodded forward by fire caste. I will fire upon my own units if the MUHREENS refuse to engage out of honor.

This is going to be fun. And the best part?

It's for the Greater Good.

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Jes Goodwin, John Blanche and Andy Chambers confirmed for weeaboo. 40k is animu now because of these tools, thanks a fucking lot.

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>The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is an advanced piece of Tau technology. These Battlesuits are issued to veteran Shas'ui Fire Warriors in order to provide the Tau military with a highly-mobile weapons platform.

>> No.19873177

>discussion about trying to make the tau more grimdark
>thread becomes fluff aren't rules and human scum in the tau empire getting battlesuits
on a personal note, regardless of what is written and shit, I don't think the tau would give humies a suit, since you don't see kroot or vespid suits. Although the possibilities for that are endless.

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For the second time, all Crisis Suits are battlesuits =/= all battlesuits are Crisis Suits.

>> No.19873184

I like you. I like you a lot. Post pictures if this ends up happening.

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The Tau have sold battle rigs and ''cyber-suits'' to Rogue Trades and the criminal and seditionist elements of the Imperium.

If the Tau are willing to barter and sell these equipment to the scum of the Imperium, then there is no reason why should they not arm the loyal Gue'vesa'la with them.

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The way i see them they are Grimdark good guys
They have that join us or die mentalaty but it makes perfect sense because everyone that wont join a cause as noblebright as the greater good realy shouldnt expect to be geting a noblebright response.
If they nuke some civilians its because those civilians didnt want to join the Greater Good. We know that because if they wanted to join they would have had a Pro Tau goverment.

Thats what Tau are like in my head, i still think they are nice people though guess im fucked up like that.

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Gue'vesa fluff says they:

>The Gue’vesa may lack the close combat savagery of the Kroot, but they are fully capable of using the more advanced examples of Tau technology, and using them to further the cause of the Greater Good.

Kroot don't even get pulse weapons.

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Except, in the back of the tau codex, the is some fluff about human pilot-able battlesuits being sold to necromunda gangers, and a techpriest flipping his shit because they are probably send back intel on how humans fight.

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>tau like the combine
pick up the can gue'la.

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Bitch, the Spyrers are only "rumored" to have traded with the Tau.
And unless the Tau are now capable of visiting the Segmentum Solar whenever they like, it's unlikely.

>> No.19873233

Just make them a small Imperium.
>>Obey or Die, Conform or Die, Die or Die.jpg

>> No.19873235

Yes they do.
They get them as payment.

>> No.19873240

There are gue'ves models? The only models I have are a fire caste squad I have never made. That sounds like actually a pretty funny idea -- there could be a squad set up to execute anyone who takes one single step back in battle ala the soviets

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I knew there is a use for this picture.

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How would I grimdark the tau? I would kill all the ethereals and let time do the rest. I figure they wouldn't even last 200 years before they became a vague mercenary faction living and working on the border of the imperium.

>> No.19873252


Yeah, Tau suit black market operates even in Segmentum Solar, in the heart of the Imperium.

>> No.19873261

See. I could definitely see Humans getting suits but they would have to be old. dilapidated or out dated suits that the Tau have no real use for. Even maybe "construction" suits.

I would love to see a Human Auxiliaries IG army with Tau allies that have Battlesuits missing arms and patchwork repairs.

Also, it is possible they began constructing their own "suits" based off of loose designs and Tau scrap. I always thought a unit of Orgyn modeled as some type of small suit would be cool for a Guard Gue'vesa army.

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speaking of which, I'd like to see the tau expand quite a bit more so their involvement with everything would make a little more sense. Mainly towards the direction of the eastern fringe and centaurus arm since it's lookin a little blank. unless there's something i missing about that area.

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>it's ENTIRELY POSSIBLE that they MIGHT BE Tau technology
That's real conclusive.

>> No.19873285


> poor execution


>> No.19873301

better yet, just make an XV-7 suit, old out of date shit the tau considered obsolete to the XV-8 line. All rusted up and and clunky.

>> No.19873312

According to the Report of Zachary Santigo, Tau technology and trade goods have spread all over Segmentum Solar (You may even find traces of it on Terra itself).

>> No.19873315


Personally I would like to see them getting a section of the webway that is mostly blocked off from everything else, but with a few clear entries and exits. That links them to a secondary location for the tau to expand into, maybe some other locations as well.

>> No.19873317

Actually there's a story smack-dab in the middle of the Tau codex about how they're selling battlesuits for rich Imperial Nobles to joyride in.

The tech-priest that becomes aware of it learns that they can monitor all SORTS of things about the person inside, which leads to the conclusion they must also be devices for spying.

>> No.19873321


They are classified as xenotech by the Inquisition, and the "imperial writer" is certain they're Tau technology and that it's spread deep into Segmentum Solar. It is proof beyond reasonable doubt especially as no rebuttals have been presented by other imperials.

>> No.19873323

Again, he says their hunting rigs MIGHT BE Tau technology.

>> No.19873335

Army of dilapidated suits made into SVCs

Massive peasant SVC charges right into the valley of death go go go

>> No.19873341



>anything xeno on terra


Mars, on the other hand...

>> No.19873348

Except that Spyrers far predate the Tau, and Necromunda simply said the Spyrers, being rich, had sophisticated suits of armor built for themselves. Nothing originally suggested their rigs were xenotech.

>> No.19873353

And if anyone bitches about origin rules, just say they're from a feral world. If, on the off chance you win, make sure any survivors immediately starting eating the fallen, since their tribal beliefs hold you gain the enemy's courage if you eat their heart. Their delicious, delicious courage.

>> No.19873363

He seems certain of it.

''Their technology has already spread to worlds deep within Segmentum Solar''

I do not see any uncertainty or doubts in his words.

>> No.19873374


What if one of the officials on Terra wanted to see some? or if someone wanted to use some to assassinate their rivals?

Everything in the imperium can work its way to terra if someone on terra wants it.

>> No.19873386

That statement is operating off the assumption that Spyre Hunter rigs are Tau tech, because Necromunda is deep in the Segmentum Solar.

>> No.19873414

>Kroot don't even get pulse weapons.

They get them, if they earned them.

Also their primitive technology is upgraded considerably by the Fio.

>> No.19873429

I think the totalitarian angle is already a bit overdone. But maybe they could have profound divisions emerging, perhaps with a renactement of the Horus Heresy on a smaller scale, with both sides having a point. Have them do terrible things to each others.

The Greater Good philosophy is somewhat understandable when put against the ruthless Imperium. But having Taus slaughtering their own kin would do way more harm to their spirit.

>> No.19873437


But that does not preclude them from acquiring Tau technology later, or from being a retcon. The author says Tau tech is not just in Necromunda but all around Segmentum Solar, and Ordo Xenos has the spyrer suits under xenotech classification - you'd think the Inquisition could get some info from gangbangers.

Originally there were no Stormravens or Blood Fists or Draigo or Dreadknights either, now they're integral parts of canon just like the Tau.

>> No.19873446


Not necessarily at all, and neither is his assumption that Tau tech could be on Terra. Necromunda and spyrers are just one example he mentions.

>> No.19873449

And that doesn't mean they ARE Tau tech, either.
It's supposition.

>> No.19873473


But it is the conclusion Imperials ended to, as is the conclusion that Tau tech is all around Segmentum Solar.

On a meta level, that fluff is also in the Tau codex, so I consider it proven beyond reasonable doubt.

>> No.19873475

Why do you need to make the Tau grimdark anyway? 40K is already full of grimdark races. We don't need to make Tau another one of them.

>> No.19873482

>Necromundan Spyre Hunters have these suits that I think are Tau technology despite not resembling or acting like Tau technology in any way, and Necromunda is deep in the Segmentum Solar!
>Thus, Tau tech is spreading to the Segmentum Solar and maybe even Terra!

It's literally all conjecture.

>> No.19873491

because having "good guys" in 40k negates the premise

>> No.19873497

No, it's the conclusion one guy came to.
Secondly, "But is it all true? Yes and no. Even though some of it is plainly contradictory? Yes and no. Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies."
Nothing is proven beyond a doubt in 40k.

>> No.19873508

hmm, the unification of tau doesn't need to be broken altogether, but it definitely could use more shaking up. Like the Farsight Enclaves, they should do a successful and failed 4th sphere expansion, successful due to their victory and expansion, but failure due to these new colonies not allied with most of Tau space. I think Tau could use another rebel faction in their midst.

>> No.19873513


No. You added "thus", and are trying to turn it into conjecture while the text does not imply it. The necromunda thing is one example, but nowhere in the text is it said that this example is the basis for stating Tau tech being widespread.

No conjecture.

>> No.19873527

But where are the other examples for it?

>> No.19873529


>these suits that I think are Tau technology despite not resembling or acting like Tau technology in any way

Why are you making up shit to prove a point in the internets? Nowhere it is said that those suits do not resemble Tau tech or do not act like them.

>> No.19873552

its not quite even "join us or die". More "join us, or be friends with us, or trade with us, or have non-aggression treaties with us, or die"

The first two, as far as the tau are concerned, or possibly as they understand it, means you're now part of the Empire. MAYBE the third, but probably not, but you're now considered a nice friend if an army decides to Taros you.

When you get to the last one though, it pretty much means that even "okay, how about NOT killing eachother, can we agree on that?" was met with "NO. YOU ARE THE DEMONS AND WE WILL KILL YOU ON SIGHT". At which point they shrug, pull back, and start bombarding with the heavy shipborne rails.

Although the tyranid delegation didn't quite make it through the spiel before the dying and the eating all happened I would wager.

>> No.19873563

...Because I play Necromunda?
They do not resemble or act like Tau technology.

>> No.19873574


The imperial author is trying to show that Tau tech is used for spying on the Imperium so he mentions the necromunda suits and their recorders. But since he mentions it is just one example in the text, maybe you should ask him or if you can't talk to fictional characters, ask Andy Chambers, Pete Haines or Graham McNeill who wrote the book.

>> No.19873598

>its not quite even "join us or die". More "join us, or be friends with us, or trade with us, or have non-aggression treaties with us, or die"

Pretty much this.

>> No.19873607


Perhaps it is because they are not the same suits? Necromunda is from 2e era, and GW has changed and added a lot since then.

Could it be that the available suits in Necromunda's rules do not accurately represent all the things those gangers have access to in fluff written years later?

Not much different from Stormravens and Dreadknights.

>> No.19873608

Okay. So it's an in-universe account without any other examples. Fine. Might be true, might not be.

>> No.19873627

There's nothing to suggest their rigs are any different than they were.
Since when is Tau armor self-repairing and capable of transforming? Since when do Tau make sophisticated close combat weaponry?

>> No.19873635

I just pictured the Tau Empire becomeing a union of World-States with etheral politicians screaming at each other on Tau

That could be fun (as long as they continue to get shit done in a reasonable way im fine with almost everything)

>> No.19873642


you forgot the part where they instigate subversion and rebellion against the imperium in order for them to gain support among the native population

>> No.19873659

I'd like to see what happens when you ask'em about their governing over the other races...

"wait, what? No, we're the TAU empire. We're deciding shit here for the TAU. Don't the Kroot have their own thing with the shapers or something? I'm pretty sure our Gue'La are still following their Emperor.

Come to think of it, maybe we should do something for those poor slaaneshi cultists. I hope their civilian infrastructure didn't completely implode after we killed that god of theirs..."

>> No.19873676

You forget that the Imperium and the Tau Empire is in a constant state of Warfare ever since Damcoles.

You also forget that the liberation of humanity from the tyrannical grasp of the Imperium is the obligation of all the Tau.

>> No.19873677


>Come to think of it, maybe we should do something for those poor slaaneshi cultists. I hope their civilian infrastructure didn't completely implode after we killed that god of theirs..."

Oh my god, whatever would come of this would be awesome.

>> No.19873693

Well, they had better try harder, 'cuz the Zeist Campaign stopped their expansion cold.

>> No.19873701


You do know the story behind that, don't you?

>> No.19873704

Tau are already as grim as they need to be. They embody a fear that runs much deeper than simple primal fear of barbaric predators. The Tau exemplify a fear which strikes to the very core of our pride. They behave in a much more intelligent and diplomatic manner than their human counterparts. They have a better understanding of hard technology, a more reliable method of keeping their people and forced unified and dedicated to their cause, and friendlier relations with the races and factions of the galaxy who are willing to be friendly, including sections of humans themselves.

You see, the real danger of the Tau is that they make humans look like bad guys by comparison. You see, the greatest threat to a hero is not a villain. The villain is what justifies the existence of the hero in the first place. The greatest threat to the hero is, quite simply, a superior hero. And that's what the Tau are - competition for "good guy" status. And they're doing it better than you.

The Tau are the guy who plays better than you and is a better sport about it whether he wins or loses. The Tau are dating that cute girl you like, but they're treating her extremely well and nobody thinks she would be better off with you. The Tau are the guy who got the promotion because he closed the deals while you couldn't even clear out your "in" box.

They're the constant reminder that the world would in fact not be better off if there were more of you in it. That you are an inferior specimen by even your own standards.

>> No.19873711

To be fair, there's not a government alive that doesn't look at who and what might be useful in a newly acquired ANYTHING.

Certainly they do want everyone listening to the Ethereals, but those guys have proven themselves pretty consistently awesome to their race for their whole modern history. While caste-driven and thus hard to call outright a "meritocracy" when it comes to leadership, most Ethereals do seem to be fully embodying the Greater Good concept.

So, yes, they're pushing for everyone to do as the Ethereals are saying, but at least the Ethereals seem to be rather free of corruption [Given what it works on the entire empire will collapse but FAST if they ever go bad on them], and have done a good job guiding them so far, isn't it kind of natural that they'd want everyone to do so?

"These guys, they're our bosses. Keep us together, keep everyone on the right path, and they do a damn good job of it. You should listen to them too."

>> No.19873715


Considering this TDIF how do you think the Tau would react to a non imperial human empire that's stance was "we don't want to be allies as such, be we are fine with trade."

Do you think there would be much confusion over this and possible non acceptance over the fact that they are having issues with another human empire?

>> No.19873718

You make TIDF seem fair and unbiased. Congratulations.

>> No.19873720


is that what they're calling it now?

>> No.19873729


You mean the "killing" of slaaneshi? thing I have seen it posted, I mean what would happen after.

>> No.19873730

Humans are faster, stronger, more resilient, live longer, and have better depth perception.

So that girl's dating the nerdy guy that's now knee deep in pre-med, because he was nicer to her than you and just as rich.

>> No.19873734

In Courage and Honour, the Tau send Gun Drones into a city programmed to shoot everything that moves, civilian or otherwise.
Such nice guys.

>> No.19873739

Okay, I remember that picture and the army to go along with it on the GW website years ago, but they took it, along with all their good articles down.

Don't s'pose there'd still be a source for it somewhere online?

>> No.19873746

>even wanting to be considered a "good guy"
they're a necessary evil, and have been since day 1.

>tau are good guys
>tau are competent
>tau have a good understanding of the universe they reside in
just stop, please. You're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.19873748


Look at Demiurg, they're Tau allies but not part of the Empire.

If you're powerful enough to avoid being forcefully absorbed, Tau are fine with alliance and trade, demiurg gave them ion cannons after all.

>> No.19873749


Oh okay, just wasn't sure. And yeah it would be amusing to see what would happen.

>> No.19873765


Not even necessary, Tau work fine without them as do Necrons, Orks and human worlds who manage to avoid contact with the barbarians of the Imperium. Look at Adrantis V, fine on its own until Age of Strife and when it was destroyed it was by the Imperium, not Chaos, xenos or any threat Imperium claims to "protect" people from.

>> No.19873772


I was talking more about issues such as them maybe not accepting that this other empire were something other than the imperium. Also I was wondering there is some existing racial tension or maybe an idea within the tau that humans can't be allowed to govern.

>> No.19873778

>Them articles
They couldn't have us in on their terrain making secrets anymore, now we have to buy their stuff. Fuck that, I still make shit with styrofoam and toilet paper rolls. But man, that article with all them battle scarred tau was awesome.

>> No.19873796

They were a moral threat.
If Adrantis Five is allowed to be independent, that sends the message that the Imperium will let you secede if you put up a stiff defense.

>> No.19873801

This is how I honestly see what life is like for humans after their world is taken over by the Tau.

they pick one popular human figure, rise him up as a puppet and well...


>> No.19873805


>instant hate

This attitude completely proves my point. The Tau are so lacking in the many obvious flaws which plague humanity that the horde of humanity-fuck-yeah drones cannot help but bark defiance at the thought that an alien race is actually better than them at embodying the values they claim to hold.

And that's what makes the Tau truly terrifying. Their existence makes it obvious how obsolete you are - and even then, they kindly offer you a seat at their table, while you rage and froth at the mouth over the mere thought of their superiority.

>> No.19873807


I meant "Join us or die" as in "Work for the greater good or we'll have to find another way for you to be of use(which may include dieing to create liveing space)".
As the Tau are all about efficiency that seems plausible to me.

>> No.19873814

I'll give you a 2/10, I responded.

>> No.19873824

like in dawn or war 2.

>> No.19873827


No one in the Imperium even knew of the planet.

There was also one xeno planet that first tried to negotiate with Macharius, and once it did not work managed to put up a strong defence that drove the Crusade away and all Imperium could do was to put up warning markers.

Lesson learned. Resist the Imperium because they will certainly kill you when you don't.

>> No.19873831

>embodying the values they claim to hold.
but no one is claiming to hold a moral high ground here.

well, except for you.

>lacking in the many obvious flaws which plague humanity
Yet they share many, and are host to their own, unique flaws.

"HAHA TAU ARE FLAWLESS BECAUSE I SAY SO" isn't much of an argument, no matter how smug you try to sound.

>> No.19873840

You realize they don't actually exist right? That this is all make believe? Just making sure.

>> No.19873842

They're aliens. Of course they tried to kill them.
And the Crusade was recorded for posterity. Anyone who bothered to look into it would see that they left that world alone.

>> No.19873864


Records are easy enough to falsify and edit.

Do you think footage on Chaos is unedited, or for that matter footage on xenos that kick Imperium's ass.

>> No.19873866



>> No.19873874

Pushed it back, but it did not stop it. By the end of the 41K, the Tau did have gains in imperial territory.

The Tau are not through with opposing the Imperium. The Fourth Expansion Sphere is planned to be launched sometime in the 42K.

An independent human empire? Do such nations exist in this age?

Well, as long it does not carry the banner of the Imperium and does not pose a threat to the prosperity of T'au and the spread of Tau'va. then the Tau relations with them shall be peaceful.

But I am unbiased and fair!

Are in*

>> No.19873885

Yes? The account of the xenos world that savagely attacked the Imperial ships when they rightly tried to bomb them is all part of an admiral's memoirs not mentioned to be banned or suppressed.

>> No.19873893

How do you have a Fourth Sphere Expansion if there really isn't a Third Sphere anymore?

>> No.19873898

The empire is focusing on the really scary shit and its citizens are dying to keep it at bay so that traitors can run off and join the enemy in the first place.

>> No.19873902


Technically speaking non imperial human worlds do exist, more should actually exist in areas close to the tau then elsewhere because the tau are around the boundary that is the end of the Astronomican, and thus the border of the imperium.

>> No.19873905

In before people pretending as hard as they can not to be mad

>> No.19873908


Neither do Tyranids or Dark Elves. These factions are built around concepts which we fear.

The Tyranids drive into us the fear of being overcome by those we perceive to be primitive to the point of making even basic communication impossible. It's the same reason we are horrified at the prospect of being eaten by a shark. We recognize these beasts as being our superiors in a physical sense but we consider ourselves their superiors because we are intelligent, and we value that intelligence so much that we are horrified when we see something so great as ourselves reduced to a mere meal for a dumb beast. It completely shits all over our pride.

The Tau simply represent an entirely different kind of fear. The fear that we aren't good enough. The fear of nonhostile competition, and losing to a nonhostile competitor, even when using metrics designed by ourselves. To be bested not in some way which we can dismiss, but in a way that we have already identified as being valuable. To be beaten by someone who wasn't even fighting you and in fact does not consider you a threat or harbor any hostility towards you. To be that insignificant to your superior. It's not the same as the more instinctive "don't eat me" fear, being much slower to sink in. The implications are much more humbling.

>> No.19873916

This absolutely reeks of all that black-white cuckold scientific nonsense. You authored those, didn't you?

>> No.19873923

Except the Tau are simultaneously insignificant and have inferior technology.
They consider the Imperium a threat to be overcome.

>> No.19873939

>These factions are built around concepts which we fear.
oh really

>The Tyranids drive into us the fear of being overcome by those we perceive to be primitive
uh, no. If anything that would be the Orks
>It's the same reason we are horrified at the prospect of being eaten by a shark.
That's not fear of a primitive, you nimrod

>The Tau simply represent an entirely different kind of fear. The fear that we aren't good enough.
but that's not the case. The Tau are representative of the THOUSANDS of tiny alien empires clawing at the heels of the Imperium. Acting like they're a superior being (when they in fact, are not) is silly. Mankind's dangers lie in the Orks, Tyranids and Chaos, for the most part. The rest are scavengers out to make the best of the situation.

your psuedo-intellectualism is what's pissing people off, not any sort of legitimacy in your argument

>> No.19873953

Tau got them 3rd sphere colonies back when their garrisions had to go fight some nids

>> No.19873954

Start an uprising. Some Tau have started being born resistant to Ethereal mind control. The Ethereal have started cracking down on these malcontents, executing them for treason and other false accusations. But, the Freethinkers are growing in number and many have become powerful commanders and politicians. They started instigating terrorist attacks, freeing POWs and, the catalyst to the uprising, assassinating a group of a Ethereals in a bombing.

This started the Black Sun rebellion, splitting and fracturing the Tau empire. The Black Sun rebels use guerrilla warfare, training in close quarters combat to take advantage of the loyalist's weakness, IEDs and sabotage to cripple the Tau empire. The Ethereal have become paranoid despots, hiding in palaces and commanding from afar, while the populace have be spurred on Witch-Hunts by secret policemen. The Black Sun are ruthless in their attacks, believing they are the true Tau, and are willing to doom millions by sabotage if it will further their cause.

Tl;Dr: Tau Empire are Stalinist Russia Paranoids, Rebels are Taliban/Viat Cong hybrid.

>> No.19873959

Zeist Campaign happened in 999.M41, bro.

>> No.19873969

I'm not that big a fan of the human armies, and I don't even really have anything against the Tau. But that doesn't change the fact you're an insufferable cunt and very obviously disturbed.

>> No.19873973


thou mad

>> No.19873976

Once again /tg/ proves its inferiority to the games developers of Nottingham. All the ideas here are bad and you should feel bad.

6th edition Tau codex will have none of that shit.

>> No.19873982

Astounding counterpoint, friend.

>> No.19873983


Question was how to make them grimdark, not how to make them better.

>> No.19873986

>mfw Cruddace is writing it

>> No.19873988

The best way to put it is this. If the Tau were anywhere near as threatening as Chaos or Tyranids then they'd be snuffed out. Their existence is solely based on the IoM having better things to do and skittering in it's massive shadow. Crusades falter, just as those Traitors from the Eye of Terror. 13 Black Crusades and still haven't smashed the Golden Throne.

At this point, Jokaeros are more threatening than the Tau and for good reason, those Jokearo will build a nuke from a paperclip and some velveeta.

>> No.19874003

May i remind you that Ethereal mind control is not a fact (Thank you God)

>> No.19874013


>> No.19874018

You know according to 6th ed, the Imperium are not officially at war with the Eldar, yet the Tau get no such luxury.
What makes theTau somehow MORE abhorrent to the Imperium than the witch-elves?

>> No.19874019


That's a flawed premise. First question you need to ask is "do Tau need to be more grimdark" and the answer is "no" obviously.

I'll go as far as to say there is not going to be any grimdarkening in the 6th edition Tau codex just as there is not in the 6th edition rulebook's Tau section.

>> No.19874036

The T.S.E ended with the Tau gaining territory and the establishment of numerous colonies.

The T.S.E was somewhat successful. Sadly, It would have been a major success if the Zeist Campaign did not occur.

Anyways, the territory taken in the T.S.E is a perfect staging point for the F.S.E (the misfortune of Medusa did delay the F.S.E but the Tau are determined to go through with it).

So not Empires, Just a handful of scattered worlds?

Then the Tau will take the same policy with them as the worlds in the Jericho reach.

>> No.19874039


Witch-Elves are hard to find and the last time the IoM fucked with a Craftworld then got their shit wrecked. It's like Necrons, you give them a wide berth.

>> No.19874040

The funny thing about tau is that they occupy the same spot humanity usually has in most sci-fi systems.

Usually, humanity is the young, rapid growing race that adapts to the threats of the big 'ol galaxy with a frighteningly rapid pace. With humanity being one of those big threats in this game, the tau take that place.

>> No.19874044

The Eldar aren't expansionist. They don't want to take over Imperial worlds.

>> No.19874047


that same page actually mentions that the Imperium grudgingly notes that the Eldar have been allies more times than enemies (this is news to me), and pretty frightening with their eldrich ways.

>> No.19874050

But that's just it. If the Zeist Campaign took back the worlds lost in the T.S.E., then how can there be a fourth?

>> No.19874053

The tendency that any Tau that stray far away from the center of their race suddenly becoming a lot more open minded kind of supports it.

>> No.19874055


No I mean the question asked by the op, and thus what dictated the answers in this thread was how to grimdark the tau, as such no one took any interest in what could be done to make them better, or what should be done for the next codex. The question was how to make them grimdark, so people suggested how to make them grimdark, the value or reasoning of making them grimdark was never brought up, as it wasn't actually relevant to the base question.

>> No.19874057


Funny thing, now that I think of it the Tau and the Imperium is a pretty good parallel for Humanity and Xeelee, although the scale is different.

>> No.19874059

>the last time the IoM fucked with a Craftworld then got their shit wrecked
Like that time the Invaders killed a Craftworld by themselves and survived the reprisal?

>> No.19874060

The Higher Lords Terra see the Greater Good as corrupting to the ''soul'' of man as the taint of Chaos.

And as I said previously, the Tau Empire and Imperium are in a state of constant warfare that range from small hot zone conflicts to Total War.

The Tau are challenging the Imperial sovereignty in the Eastern Fringes. The El'Dar do not.

>> No.19874064

i can see his point perfectly, it's just like when in a 40k game a general with his army fully painted meticulously beats a guy who doesn't paint and spend lots of time playing to be better.
I don't know in other counties but in spain they call them "chupa pinzeles" bush licker, and supposedly it makes a lot of rage when one of those beats someone that plays as his main hobby instead of painting. This is based at the thought that someone that paints is bad at gaming, and that they can't be good at 2 parts of the hobby. And this is a fear and it's quite real, i've read quite many times "a chupa pinzeles has beaten me, how could that happen?"

>> No.19874065

>humanity being one of those big threats in this game

Oh you poor fool
the real madness of the whole situation is that the fucking Imperium is really the last best hope to keep the pulsating anus of all evil in the galaxy from bursting open and raping everything in creation

>> No.19874066

And every single Avatar of Kain is a punching bag. Beating Eldar is used as a way to prove how cool someone is.

>> No.19874069

You know how inconsistent BL stuff is, that invasion was never in any codex.

>> No.19874070


You mean the severely crippled and nearly destoyed Craftworld? They only finished what the Tyranids started.

>> No.19874073


It's very different with Eldar and Necrons.

Eldar don't have resources to commit prolonged invasions and unless they're former Maiden Worlds have no interest in human planets. So it is relatively easy to avoid fights with them by leaving the Craftworlds alone.

Necrons for the most part want to conquer the galaxy, and either rule over humans or kill them. Leaving their strongholds alone does not prevent attacks, they want Imperium's worlds and population dead or subjugated.

>> No.19874081


It's both the Tyranid and SM Codex.

>> No.19874082



Just cover the galaxy in Shadow in the Warp and eat all its inhabitants, or kill all psykers, or build pylons etc.

There's plenty of ways to get rid of chaos.

>> No.19874083

Actually it's more like the very enthusiastic player (IoM) stalemating two other very enthusiastic players (Orks and Chaos) while the Tau player sits in the corner and drinks a Diet Pepsi.

>> No.19874084


No they aren't. The Tau aren't even on the Imperium's radar. They've never done anything of note in the Galaxy, and never will.

If you think different, you're a retard.

>> No.19874087

The invasion of Alaitoc?

>> No.19874089

And the Imperium is the single largest political entity in the game and also the "cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable".
That's why they're a threat.
Idharae fought the Tyranids back and took a bunch of losses, but it wasn't even close to "crippled and nearly destroyed".

>> No.19874091

Yes, It did.

However the Space Marines withdrew to participate in something called the ''Black Crusade''.

With them gone the Tau forces advanced again and offset some of the loses of the Zeist.

Read the text in this picture. This sums the gains of the T.S.E after and during the Black Crusade (>>19873874)

>> No.19874092


That still counts as one.

>> No.19874094

Wouldn't be the first time in sci-fi where defeating an enemy unleashes an even bigger enemy.

>> No.19874097

Have you seen the guy's they're a threat to?

>> No.19874101


Nobody needs to read that, you're wrong just by being you.

And you're retarded simply by liking the Tau.

That's just the way it is.

>> No.19874102

How exactly did they manage to establish five colonies within a year? Or was this a few years after 999.M41?

>> No.19874103


Naw. Page 49 of the SM codex takes about the Craftworld the Invaders destroyed called the Idharae but it was severely damaged by a Tyranid splinter fleet. Pg 16-17 of the Tyranid Codex.

>> No.19874107

We're talking about the Tau. Not the forces of Chaos.

>> No.19874110


6e rulebook is newer than both of them, and says the only attack Imperium managed to hit a craftworld with was a disaster for the humans.

So Invaders are probably retconned.

>> No.19874111

>Craftworld Alaitoc launches a devastating attack on the
Invaders' Chapter Planet. With the Invaders still under
strength following their assault on Idharae they are
quickly overcome. Though three companies escape the
disaster, the fortress-monastery is lost. The Invaders are
thereafter a spacebound Chapter.

On the very same fucking page.

>> No.19874115

Ahh I was thinking of the infamous Invasion of Alaitoc from those 'Path of' novels, where some Spess Mehreens kill like a million Eldar

>> No.19874116

Then you are mistaken.

The events Zeist Crusade, the Iron Hammer Campaign, and many more events prove otherwise.

If you were not so hateful of the Tau, you would have seen that.

>> No.19874117


That's what I said at first until butt-munch mentioned the Invaders.

Idharae wasn't a full strength craftworld. When you hit full-strength craftworlds, you get destroyed.

>> No.19874118

>That's why they're a threat.
The Tau only survive by the grace of the elder races.

The only serious threats they've faced has been averted by (usually unknowning) aid from a much more powerful force.

well, losing seven companies of space marines is still a disaster, even if they take the craftworld.

People act like the Invaders had a cake-walk of it.

>> No.19874121

Despite the hourly reports sent from Ultramar about the Ultramarines's hundreds of simultaneous victories against all known foes and several never seen outside said reports, the Eldar are a fearsome foe due to their hit-and-fun tactics, high mobility, infiltration capacity and tendency to utilize outside groups in accordance with their plans.

>> No.19874123

Dude, Idharae was the one that splintered it. Then they chased them down and destroyed them.
Space Marines are allied to the Imperium. They are not the Imperium. The Invaders showed up in the Grey Knights codex and were reduced to a dozen Marines by daemons.
I said "survived the reprisal".
Which they did.

>> No.19874125


I'm not mistaken, you are. You are wrong simply because you are who you are. You cannot be right, it's an impossibility.

Combine that with the clear evidence of mental disability of liking the Tau, and there's no question.

You are simply to be ignored, or used for amusement. Your words can hold no weight.

>> No.19874128


>> No.19874132

This obviously isn't including the Path of the Warrior series then and Alaitoc.

>> No.19874134


The fluff in the Blood Nebula doesn't mention any Invader companies, indeed there is no evidence they are related events, but losing a sector fleet is indeed a disaster because it means a sector has no defence against any threats.

>> No.19874139

Ahh, I guess it's fortunate that all lore isn't based on the Dawn of War games.

>> No.19874144

a shame the rest of /tg/ doesn't understand that

>> No.19874145

>Keep in mind Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are worlds where half truths, lies, propaganda, politics, legends and myths exist. The absolute truth which is implied when you talk about "canonical background" will never be known because of this. Everything we know about these worlds is from the viewpoints of people in them which are as a result incomplete and even sometimes incorrect. The truth is mutable, debatable and lost as the victors write the history...
Maybe the Imperium simply lost the records.

>> No.19874146

They're still canon.

>> No.19874150


Victors write history and the Imperium wouldn't write off their victories, they don't want to look weak.

>> No.19874151

True, true, always have to keep that in mind for sake of the fluff coming from so many sources.

>> No.19874153

the 6th edition has made them sufficiently grimdark for me.

The fanbase was always the problem needing fixing though.

>> No.19874154

all that means is that the entire craftworld of Ulthwe is dumb as a sack of bricks

>> No.19874163


So are the novels, and those have events that contradict the games.

So which one is more canon? Goto or Relic?

I think I'll pick Goto, who for all his shortfalls is at least not Relic.

>> No.19874166

I'm not saying they "wrote off" the victories.
I'm saying the records of the Invaders destroying Idharae and the invasion of Alaitoc might simply have been lost.

>> No.19874170

>combine that with the clear evidence of mental disability of liking the Tau, and there's no question.


Oh I get it. You are pulling my leg, Gue'la. For a rai'kor, I thought you were serious.

During the period of the Black Crusade.

How long did it last, anyways?

>> No.19874173

>Which is more canon
The fact that you asked this shows how little you know how 40k's canon works.

They're both equally canon. The parts that blatantly and directly contradict each other are equally true.

>> No.19874176

Goto? The guy who had children defeat Eldar tanks with sticks and rocks?

>> No.19874177

Then Ulthwe have reached Saturday morning cartoon villain levels of stupidity.

>> No.19874181

But Biel-Tan also showed up in Dawn of War, and were just as retarded.

>> No.19874184


That is unlikely, they are very recent events in late M41. The unreliability fluff talks mostly about propaganda, point of view and such which means Imperium should have blown these victories out of proportion and never hide them or lose the records, which would be a practical impossibility anyway given the number of people involved.

>> No.19874190


No no, I'm serious, and moreover I'm right. Your inability to see that proves it beyond contention.

Because if you weren't a retarded weeaboo Tau-fag you wouldn't need the validation of strangers to give you something resembling self-esteem.

>> No.19874192


Yeah, and he was working for a company owned by GW when he wrote it. So I'll take that over Relic, who doesn't give Eldar better treatment anyway.

>> No.19874194

Well then, that bit that says they only ever attacked one craftworld is simply wrong.
No big deal.

>> No.19874198

Black Library is actually PART of Games Workshop.
And choosing Goto over Relic doesn't make the Eldar any less retarded.

>> No.19874201

Slightly less retarded in DoW

And I think Alaitoc beat them out in retardation in Retribution

>> No.19874202

>how would you grimdark the tau up?

No more ambiguous/subtlety with the dark side of their ideology. You might need to smack it over people's head with a hammer a bit.

Or, a gradual change in the Tau Empire.

Let us assume that if they get a new dex, we can surmise that they have now been "de-virginized" to the greater 40k Universe, and all it's horribleness.

We need to show more of "The Greater Good" being twisted and misinterpreted in the name of "control" and "order", simply to survive the new threats the Tau Empire faces. These are new challenges, and the original Naive view of the "Greater Good" isn't working out in all/most cases. (See: Nids/Orks).

Show more dystopian view of their culture. Outside races who join the Tau are reluctant to give up their culture or traditions. Some not realizing the bargain they are making rebel in Tau space, with swift and hard quelling by the Tau military. This leads the other races and cultures who are now part of the Tau realizing they are now stuck with the Tau, whether they like it or not (Think Soviet Satellite States who REALLY wanted to leave the USSR's grasp)

Internal turmoil is a must. The very basic nature of living beings to succeed or move ahead in life is squashed by Tau Ideology of "Staying in your assigned place, for the greater good.".

Imagine an Inquisition plan to cripple the Tau from within; Allow a human settlement to be absorbed by the Tau, but secretly loyal to the Imperium and/or Humanity. Once part of Tau empire, lead rebellions from within, and set up future rebellions across their empire.

Or, likewise, Chaos insurgents planting themselves within Tau Society, twisting the non-Tau members of the Tau Empire with cults. Tau may not be warp sensitive, but their allies are.

>> No.19874209

The 13th Black Crusade has never actually been concluded. It ended with Abaddon having control of the planet's surface and the Imperium having control of the skies and orbit.

>> No.19874212

6e rulebook says that Dark Eldar know they fuck up relations between Imperium and Craftworld Eldar and like it. DE confirmed for guardians of the grimdark galaxy.

>Discounting the bloodthirsty raiders and space-faring pirates,
>the more learned amongst the Imperium realise that the bulk
>of the Eldar are more often allies to humanify than enemies.
>However, the two races share no love for one another and
>conflicting interests have driven them to war and with each
>other many times in the past, where both sides have committed
>merciless deeds against the other.

>To the majority of Mankind, the Eldar are just a rumour - terrible
>stories of piratical raiders. For those in the Imperium, there is
>little to distinguish between the ships of the Eldar craftworlds,
>the corsair fleets or the bloodthirsty Dark Eldar. All are seen as
>the same thing - an elusive menace that can bring sudden and
>cruel death to the unwary - just another reason for Mankind to
>hate and distrust all xenos. For their part, the Kabals of the Dark
>Eldar understand how their rapacious actions continue to drive
>a wedge between human/Eldar relations. This only serves to
>delight their sadistic hearts - for to them, humanity is barbarous
>and beneath respect, no different from the way Mankind treats
>their livestock - brute beasts useful for sustenance and little else.

>> No.19874217

The game where it's entirely possible for those Eldar to attack other Eldar for no fucking reason at all? That shit was funny.

>> No.19874222


But choosing GW over Relic makes the eye-popping farseers true, and I like them more than Relic's half-cooked plots and generic storylines.

>> No.19874223

OP here, been kinda sitting back wondering why the fucking thread went in the direction it did. I don't have the money yet to get the 6th ed, let alone have yet read any of it. I asked my question from both viewpoints, both artsy and fluff. I'm more on the artsy side of the line at the moment, but fluff is something I've been wondering about. I recently read on the lexicanum about a bunch of tau commanders I didn't know about, when I came across one that was assassinated by the last chancers (i think that was their name, I don't imperium much.) by decree of some water caste because they didn't want a big war on their hands. I guess you could say it struck a nerve since I never read anything that dark for tau aside from the "oh no farsight done set up pillow fortresses with no girls allowed signs and hasn't called us in weeks!". I was hoping for more darker stuff for them that I may of missed, all I really got was a story of them thinking they offed slaanesh.

>> No.19874227

"Shit, Biel-tan looks like they're trippin', can't let this stand. An Eldar's gotta do what an Eldar's gotta do."

>> No.19874230

Well, you're entitled to do that.

>> No.19874233


There's a strong strain of anti-Tau feelings on /tg/. Nobody here really likes them, so threads about them tend to get hostile very quickly.

>> No.19874241

Remember that planet where you kill the Eldar picking through the ruins of a destroyed Craftworld? Well, you do the same thing as Eldar. What the fuck.

>> No.19874246

Farsight threads are usually pretty amicable

it's just the self-righteous Tau fans that make people spit vitriol

>> No.19874254


If the farsight threads are more civil, its because they are circlejerks over how there's going to be a "tau civil war" or some other stupid shit /tg/'s imperial fanbase would like and GW never makes happen.

>> No.19874258


I always kind of saw it as people on /tg/ reacting to the Tau fans they've met in real life. I mean, certainly all factions have their retarded fans, Space Marines more than most, but it never seems quite as bad as groups of Tau fans.

>> No.19874259

A thousand times this. Can you really blame /tg/ and the world at large for being uneasy around Tau fans when people like this >>19873908 exist.

>> No.19874261


Other ideas include:

1. Harsh revelations about Tau Tech. One of my personal favorite ideas I came up with is that nearly ALL Tau Tech is based off old Dark Age of Technology STC's which the Eldar gave to them, and then were expanded upon by the Tau. This would explain their rapid advancement in tech. It would either humble the Tau, and lead them to believe the Eldar were simply using them as an experiment, or perhaps a lesson in the making for the Imperium of Man.

2. Tau intake of refugees and new species leads to a resource crunch. More stories of Tau looking out for themselves first (Hence "Tau First"). Especially crucial supplies since the Orks and Nids are coming. Food is scarce, and sometimes protecting the new help isn't in the best Interest of the Greater Good.

3. They need to deal with Chaos more. Period.

4. More instances of Tau slowly realizing their relationship with the Eldar is one sided, and that perhaps the Eldar are using them.

The Tau learn the first basics of the 40k Universe.


>> No.19874275

And then their girlfriends dump them. And they all get food poisoning and have to shit for three days straight. And then they step in some gum on the way home from work.

>> No.19874282


Oh lawd.

>> No.19874283 [DELETED] 

>inb4 Tau get Na'vi allies in next codex

>"I see you, Commisar Sully."

>> No.19874289

a bit of that, and a bit of >>19874259

All in all not very conclusive to a healthy online presence.

>> No.19874299

I already knew there was a hate for them in general. Especially from the guys who play the armies that go out of their way to just stomp on a baby and shit all over it.
I originally liked them when I was 14 that they were the shining beacon of hope in a universe of darkness and disparity (my literally thoughts on them at that age, I was a good boy.). 10 years later, I'm kinda on the side of, maybe they aren't as nice as they seem. I still love the tau, because if you don't like mecha you need a fucking reality check. But the self righteous Tau players do bother me. I'd like to see a more "if it aint tau it rides in the back of the bus" tau character, or at least have it start to become a more common thing amongst the fire caste. Their equality thing is bullshit since the tau view themselves as morally more correct than everyone else, and the ethereal caste the same over their own race.

>> No.19874301

>Ultramarine Daily Victory Report #557
>The craftworld of Ummachacesin launched a cowardly assault against Macragge between victory reports #535 and #536 today
>The craftworld, dwarfing even the largest gas giant of Ultramar was accompanied by 10,000 Eldar ships
>They were no match for our mighty fleets with each ship downing hundreds of flithy xenos craft
>During the combat battle brother Ulterious Marvango Inetenious grabbed a jet pack and flew into the heart of the craftworld
>Punching through it's hundreds of void shields his impact crippled the vessel and killed three Avatars of Khaine
>Upon landing he was immediately attacked by the thousand strong Farseer Council, each a mighty pskyer with centuries of experience
>Shrugging off their most powerful attacks he slew them all in the span of a single breath, before systematically wiping out the population of craftworld with a broken combat knife
>He also killed 30 exarchs and 9 Phoenix Lords
>After killing everyone onboard he broke into the Infinity Circuit and killed everyone again
>He then rammed the craftworld into a star
>With a mighty leap he escaped the photosphere and gravity well and landed safely on the battle barge Ultrasword of Ultramar
>In honor of his achievements, brother Ulterious has been promoted to Ultra Captain Librarian Scout Sergeant Chaplain Ulterious Marvango Inetenious, Herald of Calgar, Hero of Ultramar, Son of Guilliman, Scourge of the Eldar, Craftworld Killer, Lord of War, Captain of the Second Company with Terminator Honours.
>He now has more accolades and combat prowess than one hundred Astartes chapters combined could ever possibly achieve
>Especially the Space Wolves and Imperial Fists

>Broadcast Priority One to every planet, ship and astropath
>For Calgar, Guilliman, and Ultramar!
>And the Emperor too.

>> No.19874302

>inb4 Tau get Na'vi allies in next codex

>"I see you, Commisar Sully."

>> No.19874310

Very well, it leaves the Tau enough time to expand unhindered.

>The Fall of Medusa

I believe this event happened in the 42K (Not really sure).

After the debacle there. The Tau rerouted their resources into consolidating and safeguarding their holdings in the T.S.E.

This should prove that the Zeist was a setback and the Tau did gain terroitory in T.S.E.

>> No.19874316


Well... we could turn this into a "why mechs are dumb" thread if you want?

>> No.19874321

>After killing everyone onboard he broke into the Infinity Circuit and killed everyone again


>> No.19874322


Medusa V has to have happened at M42.

13th Black Crusade began on the last day of M41 and lasted for months. It ended with Ygethmor the Deceiver being in Abaddon's good graces.

The same Ygethmor then led Chaos in Medusa V to ascend into a DP, but was solo'd by the autarch chick leading the Eldar in the aftermath of the campaign.

>> No.19874324


But that would shit on Imperium and its titans too, who'd want that.

>> No.19874325

>The filthy mon'keigh's blade was damaged. Our plan was executed without error. The skein of fate has foretold the ancient prophecy. Another victory for the ancient glorious ancient Eldar!

>> No.19874330

Now I get it

The Zeist Campaign was just the Space Marine way of farming the last few achievements with some buddies

>> No.19874331

Titans are AWESOME. Nobody wants that.

>> No.19874336

Well, yeah. It was basically Sicarius throwing a kegger.

>> No.19874337

and let's not forget that having a chainsaw as a close combat weapon doesn't make you super duper cool and hardcore, we all know how gears of war appealed amongst the autistic CoD audience.

>> No.19874340


>> No.19874341

Biggest problem with the Tau is that their dex is much TOO subtle about their shady shit, to the point where some Tau fans/players LEGITIMATELY think Games Workshop made a "Good Guy" race that's better than everyone else because they care for everyone, and are "hurr durr greater good".

Like, some people did not get the latent Orwellian themes AT ALL.

Or that a Crisis Suits head looks like the 1984 police cameras all over England.

Imperium Players know their faction is full of assholes, but there's good parts to it too. Same with Eldar, ect.

Tau players seem to be of the mindset that the Tau are ALL sunshine and roses.

This needs to change. Their grimdark is too subtle.

>> No.19874344

>Or that a Crisis Suits head looks like the 1984 police cameras all over England.

What has been foreseen cannot be unforeseen!

>> No.19874348

slut patrol marines are best marines

>> No.19874350

more security checkpoints, freedoms taken away without realizing it, it's time they need to be unveiled for what they really are. Both sides are not getting it.

>> No.19874354

Kinda impressive that you apparently can be subtle with overtones.

>> No.19874356


love those comics

>> No.19874357

Imagine if they made suits for all the alien races they go under
Kroot battle mech
vespid armored suit
firewarrior suit leader

>> No.19874359

Man, fuck GW and their C&D.

>> No.19874364


But those crisis suit heads also have the "ears" of G1 Shockwave. So they're at the very least ALSO ripping off Transformers.

>> No.19874373

>I originally liked them when I was 14 that they were the shining beacon of hope in a universe of darkness and disparity (my literally thoughts on them at that age, I was a good boy.). 10 years later, I'm kinda on the side of, maybe they aren't as nice as they seem.

You've just described tau in a nutshell. A race that seems like good guys, but when you learn more about them you go "uhh... okay, that's... that's not so nice."

Unfortunately, the 40Kverse is a galaxy of blacks and and more blacks, so when you introduce something that is disguised as somewhat grey, people get confused and stick to their dreams. Then moral threads erupt.

Oh, and tau being inspired by anime gives /tg/ carte blanche to call every tau player a weeaboo faggot. That doesn't help either.

>> No.19874377

Why do people always feel the need to "better" someone else's art? If they wanted it colored, it would have been colored.

>> No.19874381


Get it right man, it's manga, not anime.

There's a difference! This shit is important!

>> No.19874390


Andy Chambers, Jes Goodwin and John Blanche made Tau, so they must be weeaboo. Blanche is already a bad artist and a worse art director, so just another black mark there.

>> No.19874392

a man after my own heart

flat colours on their own look ugly

>> No.19874397

>Blanche is already a bad artist and a worse art director
Fuck you, you stupid cunt. You are a piece of worthless trash whose opinion is about as valuable as a piece of lint. You're nothing but an insecure faggot who gets off on gay porn and getting fucked in the ass by old men. Quit wasting space and fuck off already, you fucking dick sucking queer. Nobody gives a flying shit about anything you have to say. You have the intellect of a dead cockroach. Your diaper wearing ass is too stupid to even grasp the concept of how to take a shit in the toilet, let alone anything about humanity and life and death. You can barely even breathe without messing up, that's why your dumbass wakes up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe, because you can't even breathe right half the time. You are the embodiment of failure, ignorance, sickness, disability, stupidity and worthlessness. Your parents would be overjoyed by the news of your death. Both of your parents are white but you are still the biggest NIGGER on the fukcing planet. Not a single human being has any ounce of care, respect or compassion for you. The best thing you will ever experience in life is a hard on that you get from being robbed and killed in a a home invasion. Fuck you, faggot.

>> No.19874398

OP here, I'm a tau player that was really into the anime blue gender (it came on adult swim alot.) at the time when I started collecting. I generally have a strong dislike for anime. Not trying to sugar coat myself or anything to you guys, just saying. They have a pretty good target audience with them.

>> No.19874403


STFU, he's bad and you should feel bad for liking him.

>> No.19874405

manga, anime, still japanese influenced.

>> No.19874409



>> No.19874413

Theyre already grimdark enough, its just that theyre also reasonable.

>> No.19874415

Are you aware that there aren't enough words in the English language- hell, the entire lexicon of languages the world over- to describe how incredibly wrong this is? Not only is it wrong in that it is ignorant, but in that it is so incredibly incorrect on a factual level. Holy fucking God, how stupid can a human being get? In my life I've encountered people who have been unintelligent, yes- I've encountered my share of people who suffered from mental disabilities. People with Downs syndrome, autism, and so on. However, I have never once encountered someone so stupid as to be capable of thinking something so unbelievably off-base. I didn't even think it possible that anyone in our plane of existence could ever even have the capacity for this level of idiocy.

>> No.19874416



>> No.19874419

Fun fact is that lots of comic artists during 80's and early 90's was inspired from manga and 40k in turn took inspiration from comics.

>> No.19874424


I know, the fact that someone actually could claim to like Blanche's scribblings or the GW studio art he directs astounds me too.

>> No.19874425

Thats why I kinda like them, theyre a lot more subtle about what they do than the others. Theyre more of a 1984 style bad than 'Kill everything that isnt us' bad.

>> No.19874426

>Someone's opinion is different from my own!

>> No.19874429

I'm getting sick and tired of listening to your shit. I don't give a fuck who you are or where you live, you can count on me to be there to bring your fucking life to a hellish end. I'll put you in so much fucking pain that it'll make Jesus being nailed to a cross in the desert look like a fucking back massage on a tropical island. I don't give a fuck how tough you are, how well you can fight, or how many fucking guns you own to protect yourself. I'll fucking show up at your house when you aren't at home. I'll turn all the lights on in your house, leave all the water running, open your fridge door and not close it, and turn on your gas stove burners on and let them waste gas. You're going to start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, and you'll have a fucking heart attack. You'll go to the hospital for heart operation, and the last thing you'll see when you're being put under in the operating room is me hovering above you, dressed as a doctor.
When you wake up after the operation, you'll be scared for your fucking life, wondering what I did to you while you were being operated on, wondering what ticking time bomb is in your chest waiting to go off. You'll recover fully from your heart surgery. And when you walk out the front door of that hospital to go home, I'll run you over with my fucking car out of nowhere and kill you. I just want you to know how easily I could fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I'd rather go to a great fucking length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing fucking hell. It's too fucking late to save yourself, but don't bother committing suicide either... I'll fucking resuscitate you and kill you again myself you bitchfaced faggot.
Welcome to hell, population: you.

>> No.19874430

no they don't. The sole fact that you ever laid your grease-and-cheetos-covered putrid hands on a box of tau makes you a horrible cunt, the same as all tau players. Don't try to whitewash yourself, you are playing tau.

>"b-but i'm much better than all these weeaboo faggots!"
fuck you. You aren't. I hope you die, for the filth of your body, decaying in the open because nobody will dare to touch your disgusting carcass, is still better than you alive and playing the worst shit that ever happened to the tabletop.

Good day, sir.

>> No.19874435

>shitting on GW artists
shiggy diggy. They're the best in the business when it comes to art direction and talent (as minor an achievement that is)

well, most of GWs artists were comic artists from the 80's and 90's as well.

Hell, most of their authors were from comics, too.

>> No.19874436

I rather like his unique art-style. It adds a flavour you don't get anywhere else.

But fuck my opinion.

>> No.19874439


>> No.19874440

Aaaand then there are people like these who make even the worst tau players actually look nice by comparison.

A pleasant day to you too sir.

>> No.19874442


>> No.19874443

What exactly is the point of this image?

>> No.19874445

Blanche is a fantastic artist.

>> No.19874448


>> No.19874463

Fun Fact:

GW created the Tau originally back in the late 90's/Early 2000's when they were expanding into asian markets.

Warhammer Fantasy has seen some success in Asia, but WH40k always fell far behind. They had hoped to fix this by introducing the "TAU".

This plan backfired hard. The big push to bring 40k into people's minds over is asia was a half concocted, and idiotic. GW showed not only their blatant racism, but also full misunderstanding of the asian markets. Especially Japan.

Japan is cock-hungry for western ideas and western looks. They want something new. They want something that's different from what they have.

Instead, GW pushes the Tau as fucking hard as they can when trying to make a sell for 40k, and to garner interest.

An army that is:
>Fish faced
>Gook eyed
>Macross/Gundam Ripoffs
>Looks like shit they already have, but they already have better.
>Model kits that look like amateur hour compared to Japanese kits.
>Obviously Asian inspired.

To get Japan, it would have been better to push Imperial Guard to net the Military Otaku, or Chaos, or hell, even Sisters of Battle so they could draw porn of it later.

Not the fucking Tau.

Most of GW's asian stores closed down, and they had to backpeddle their plans of asian market expansion.

Till this day, Warhammer fantasy still reigns in asian countries, especially Japan.

>> No.19874475

I used to be on the whole "wtf is up with Blanches art?" bandwagon back when I first started the hobby.

Over time, I grew to like it a lot. He's got a really unique style you don't get anywhere else in 40k.

Haters gonna hate.

>> No.19874483

You're the dude playing the ultramarines who threw his arms up in the air and spewed mountain dew and cheetoh spittle on my face from across the table upon your "glorious" victory aren't you?
>tau don't chainsaw or WWII or heavy metal album cover, they don't cater to my tastes and I will chastise anyone who thinks or plays different from me

>> No.19874493

Way to feed the troll weeaboo.

Good lord GW's marketing department needs to be taken out behind the barn.

>> No.19874494


Don't talk shit about the "dew" man.

It angers the gods.


>> No.19874496

OP here, I remember reading something about that a few years back. I can believe it.

>> No.19874509

I play grey knights.

>> No.19874516

>grey knights
I hope you get fluffed into oblivion

>> No.19874535

>play tau
>want to play a game at my local shop
>this fat dude with a ponytail comes in also looking to play
>ask him if he'd like to game
>he says sure
>start pulling out my models
>"Tau!? Sorry dude, that aint my thing."
>he proceeds to "follow" this dude's 5yo daughter around the game shop

>> No.19874539

>I play grey knights.

Your poor sonuvabitch.

Must not feel too great having the very core concept and theme of your entire army changed from under your feet like that, I assume?

>> No.19874548

>people hating blanche's stuff
this makes me sad. you can't enjoy 40k and hate blanche. it's like saying you love cheese except you actually hate all kind of cheese safe for american pseudo cheese.

>> No.19874550

>I hope you get fluffed into oblivion
>fluffed into oblivion

You want someone to tend to his boner until he is blissfully oblivious?

>> No.19874587

Fluffers stroke but never let you cum.

>> No.19874613

>hating on the man that defined the 40k aesthetics

Fuck your couch!

>> No.19874930

So what are the chances for Squats to be a part of the next Tau codex?

>> No.19874985

Tiny. They only got a single line in the 6th edition. But I'll keep hoping till the new codex is out anyway.

>> No.19875319

>>So what are the chances for Squats to be a part of the next Tau codex?

>> No.19875755


>> No.19877452

>hit-and-fun tactics

>> No.19877567

>tiny armored beards

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