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“Okay, so let's see what we've got. So Phill, your fluff says you play an instrument?”
“Yeah, I'm playing a flute-like instrument.”
“I can see that, it says you are terrible. Anyway, your stats all even out. Low intelligence, above average in everything else. It also says that you can get your way around women without knowing?”
“Yep, that's me alright.”
“Hm... moving on. Lee, your character is missing an eye?”
“Yeah, I've allowed myself to make a few changed to the modifiers based on that.”
“I can see: You can not use perception without heavy debuff, however you have good strength and knowledge about close combat apparently? On the down side, you note that everyone is initially repulsed by the one eye which I accept”
“Also I'm a woman.”
“Are you sure?”
“This is not fetish fuel.”
“Look, It's not like I made her a fox or something, she still is human.”
“Okay, I accept her. Ben, you maxed out your strength and increased your charisma everything else is average which I can accept, except... low intelligence though. Don't anyone have high intelligence here?”
“I do.”
“Okay, hit me.”
“I'm an old man.”
“Interesting. I can see that you heavily increased your intelligence for loss in strength and dexterity. Non combat I suppose. Also you asked if you can own a warehouse on the main planet along with a spaceship?”
“Yeah, about that, do you mind if we start the campaign there?”

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“Not at all. Your character is good to go. Al right, onto John, you are playing a non-human? Aquatic interesting. Racial modifiers to save throws due to a hard shell. Natural weapon is claws. I can see you rolled terrible on everything else. You don't have a lot of money. Are you sure you want to play this?”
“Absolutely, also his racial fluff states that he can survive on low food so I thought it was evened out.”
“Okay a bit too hard for my taste, but you are an experienced role player after all. I green light it.”
“Okay, Amelia you are asking if you can play a woman, short, high charisma, not terrible high stats otherwise. Your back story states that you've dates Phill's character and that you work for the old man? You speak common and some other language. This is actually interesting. Good to go. Now one guy left.”
“My character is a former athlete.”
“I can see that, are you sure about the high dexterity?”
“I justify it through my background story.”
“Okay. You also have high intelligence but low strength and speed. I accept it. Okay so let's get started. As I previously agreed to you all start at... Hubert's?... house. Hubert since it's your house why don't you start.”
“I enter the room and say 'Good news everyone!'”

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I burst out laughing. Good show.

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Has potential to be good copy pasta except for the few spelling mistakes.

Good show OP.

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Someone screen cap this!

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Popular media as campaigns thread?
Popular media as campaigns thread.

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How did I not see that coming? Excellent post.

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Okay, I laughed out loud at this, well played. If it's real, I'd let the players get away with it and see where it went. They went all out on it after all.

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That was *remarkably* well disguised.
10/10 OP, would lol again.

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bravo. 10/10

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Wow. Way to re-use the old Primarch joke. 2/10.

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You know, I'm loathe to use the phrase, but considering the number of variants for the 'X as a gaming group' joke, I'm gonna have to call summerfag here.

It's a shame really, I mean there've been a lot of good ones you've missed while in school.

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You, sir, are a cunt.

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yeah nah
you are

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Yeah, you're a dick. We used to do this shit all the time.

As proof of this, allow me to dump a few.

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Another version of Futurama

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And another

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