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I need pictures! Pictures of Imperial Guard! Commisar pictures preferably. Can you help me out /tg/?

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Seems like all of them have some sort of cybernetic part.

Are there any 'normals' amongst the commisars?

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That is one tiny bolt pistol.

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Verging off into the realm of wild fanart now.

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is this acceptable?

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Op here, any little bit helps.

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These do look fairly human.

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I'll un-omit this, then.

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How about .gifs?

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pew pew

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I love that gif so much.

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Actually Cain is missing a hand from the first book on and Gaunt had his eyes replaced, lately.
Any cybernetics I missed?
And 'normal' is no word to describe these people, really.

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And from the other side now...

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Part of his hand. Got a few fingers flayed away by a close scrape with a gauss rifle shot.

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Cain is only missing two fingers, not his entire hand.

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Well, there's a commissar in there.

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I thought Cain only had two augmetic fingers, not an entire hand.

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Not quite as oldschool as >>19865716, but getting close.

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>dat filename

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Ah, ok.
I just read through half the first book.
He made it through all his shit without any greater bits?
Now that's a coward for you.

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Cain is blessed with exceptional luck. Which is good, because he's also cursed with terrible luck. It's always extremes for that man.

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The Emprah gets him out of all his scrapes just for the lulz he gets when he puts him in brand new ones.
That's Cains theory anyway.

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And it never occurred to him that this might be the outcome of hanging out with a null and an inquisitor?

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Well, I meant having no cybernetics.

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to be fair the null is pretty much the only guy in the galaxy he trusts unequivocally and even if he wasn't shagging the Inquisitor, it's pretty difficult to dodge them once they've set their eye of you.
Hell, dodging the inquisitorial draft was the main reason he was so obsessed with being at the front line (or at least appearing to be).

ran out of Commissar pics sorry. Have a badass Lord General instead.

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Anyone got a pick of a commissar handing out ice cream i saw it once but cant find it again.

and what about Commissar Hansen, Holt Blam... Commissar Holt! or Fuklaw?

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rolled 19 = 19

is da some Gaunt?

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Forgot about that one Fuklaw and Angry Marines for the MFW!

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I think it is

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Go go Commissar Rangers!

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And the Emperor spake thus
"Fuck the primarchs, get me five Commissars with attitude!"

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Has anyone identified them all?
Yarrick, Fuklaw, Gaunt...
Who are the other two?

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Commisah Holt and Cain of course

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Ah, yes. Of course they are.
The color coding has thrown me off a little.
But the poses and accessories are pretty clear, yeah.

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That is still one of the most impressively rendered facial expressions on tg.

I marvel at it every time.

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It almost expresses an emotion that is unique. I cant think of a name for it.

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It apears to be a mix of confusion, distrust with a burning rage against xenos and those who have comics where xenos aren't being killed by captain imperium

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It looks like utter contempt to me.

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understand that expression?
I wish, It's machine code.

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Badly hidden murderous intent with a whiff of amusement and and good measure of disappointment.

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thanks for reminding me of the best piece of literature ever written

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Haha oh man, I remember when this first appeared, all the drawfags got on it immediately. Got some really good OC out of it...

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oh god that face
my sides are no more

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This is my only Commissar pic I have that hasn't already been posted. Thanks for expanding my collection, guys!

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we can make him better!

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