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" For here we see the cerulean sky
that the Valkyries have rode for aeons high

Over the Earth, ashen and red
Do their steel gaze meet with the dead

High they fly these swans so white
Disappearing with these braves into the night

Listen now , child, it is the warrior's hymn
the soldier's lone hope, for fighintg in the din

Let Heroes die
Let Valkyries fly
Let Cowards fry
Against the sky

Cerulean sky. "

The Feather festival was a celebrated event, amongst all in the Valknyres, in the hearts of all who remained in this world were the names of those who have come and gone, in the fires of battle, in the bootheels of war.

Vilkas von voss tied off the last feather to the left foot of a swan and let it fly off to wherever the names sprited towards.

> Enter the name of a Soldier lost and gone to be remembered in the fights to come. Time is not an issue, the mark of the dead should be remembered always by the victor, the survivor, and the killer.

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>I was having fun being dead

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" Pvt. Lambo "

"Lt. Rip Van VVinkle"

" Gustav Fierstrom "

Happy 1st year everyone. I look forward to workin with ya.

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>Soldat Burkhard, Hydra Pilot
>Forever lost in time and space

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>Isara mk1
>Isara mk2
>Isara mk3
>Isara mk4

...has it really been a year...?

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Qemist Igor Grigori (battlefield execution; indiscriminate sporing)
Krieger Joaquin (died protecting Vilkas from an explosion during Heaven's Gate)
Krieger Lennox (died due to angry bird bowling in Heaven's Pond... became Skelter though)

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Axel... *sobs*

>> No.19838242

Coffee and Tea (Equipment Malfunction + Execution)

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If it isn't any trouble, adding their unit designation would be lovely.

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Dammit don't make me cry remembering the Isara's and their various deaths.

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Sgt. Hammers, KIA 7/11/11

Pvt. Rogers, KIA 7/17/11

Pvt. Tavish, KIA 8/17/11

Pvt. Millan, KIA 8/26/11

Pvt. Vanderbuss, KIA 8/26/11

Pvt. Hollander, KIA 8/27/11

Pvt. Copperhead Viper, KIA 7/05/12

>Name's just for old time's sake.

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Whether you'd call it luck, or the burden of carrying the world the dead left behind, neither of the Armitage sisters, or their new friend Kraus have perished. There have been those, however, that we have lost, good soldiers who did not die, but whose faces we sadly may never see again due to other circumstances.

Here's to all our friends, we miss you dearly

Sgt. Hodr - Logged off the IRC one night, and never logged back on
Pvt. Cecelia - Taken by the terrible machine of our education system
Cpl. Varro - Can no longer take the rigors of the night
Lt.Springer - Joined the real army

If any of you see this, stop by at #onlyskirmish and say hello, for old time's sake.

Good year, everyone, here's to a next

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I haven't seen anyone die yet, but I'll still raise a glass to all those who did.

Cheer! I wish you all to live in interesting times!

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No gravestone marks the passing of the sons of Norr. But each von Claude who earns his death also earns a place in the memory of the Oldfather, patriarch of the clan.

Tiren von Claude (Died charging the enemy)

Vilkas von Claude (Died charging the enemy)

Ulfur von Claude (Died charging the enemy)

Kurt von Claude (Died charging the enemy)

Lendur von Claude (Died charging the enemy)

One can only hope they die with such honor as these men.

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Dragon - Taken by the real world.

I miss you.

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And Nomad, too. I guess.

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Made for a laugh
Fought for his country
Died to suicide bombers
You will be missed you crazy red shirted black man

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Indulge this old man, just for a bit

let him fondly recall the days far gone

the days when we marched under the watchful gaze

of the Celestial Bear and the Fractal Star.

For those dead and gone,

those who served and faded,

no names to be spoken here, no victories recounted,

simply remembrance and thanks for the brotherhood shared.

>You all know who you are. Thanks for all the good times and all the insanity. Drop by some time, either to retell old tales or to run with the new kids. You know where to find us.

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[FO-vv-+hp] Vitton
[K] Birch
[D] Willoughs
[v] Argyle

Lest we forget...

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To the children of Dar Village

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Ahah, ahahaha. I'm going to live forever.

>0 main character deaths and counting

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[[Ab2]] Varro
[Is] Vaross
[K] Sturm

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Here Rests In Honored Glory

Who Died Fighting In the Darkness


Known But to the Gods

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I wish I was part of this.

Polite sage, don't want to steal a post.

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You can be, what's stopping ya ?

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"Farewell, Tao. Farewell, Vengeful."

>> No.19839394


That feel when I will never be appreciated for keeping it that way

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Not many people know of him. His death was pretty senseless. Dying for his Country without having fired a shot or rather, having thrown a mushroom...

I am still dreaming of a nuclear fungus explosion.

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Ever wondered where all those soldiers went ?

I hear they go to Valhalla, a realm of eternal battle and mead. What a happy place that is, Valhalla. Warlords would be busy conquering each other all day, to their heart's content...

S- Sorry. My imagination gets the better of me..

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"I will remember."

>> No.19840505

What madness is this!?!

>> No.19840858

Dafuq is this?

Looks like the Ragnyll Express made a stop somewhere after all.

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To remember those who have fallen while serving under the banner of Aeon:

[Kn2] Brother Knight Aurelius

...somehow, I had expected that list to have been much longer.

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Good Lord...did you guys get caught in a blowout?

>> No.19842917

Respectful bump for the lost warriors.

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Okay--that does *not* fill me with any optimism over just what could have transpired to get us to that point.

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How you got lost here is beyond me...

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Pilot Malvruth.

Wherever you are, you're my goddamn hero.

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=Bb=[L-CO2cv-cgs+hit] 2nd Lt Schäfer

> 2nd Lt Schäfer, died holding the line at Dagram, causing avalanches up in Valhalla.

>> No.19844978

Pvt Weathers.
Sgt Marks, presumably.

Man, I wish real life hadn't gotten so busy I didn't have time to play. It was a blast, you guys.

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“What are you doing.”

“What does it look like I'm doing?”

“Trying to get yourself in trouble again.”

“Come on, you've seen the way he stares at the inside lid of this thing. Don't you want to know what he's looking at?”

“I bet it's a naked picture of his girl!”

“Shut up Thomas! And no I don't want to know. Because I don't want him kicking our asses when he finds out we were prying into his stuff.”

“Well then don't tell hi-”

“They're names.”


“I was just...”

“The first two are Mirin and Brenil. They were good friends. We went through basic together and were assigned to the same field instructor. When they died they were replaced by the next two, Mattam and Nattam. They were twins and odd pair, I didn't get to know them very well before they died. The last is Lankest. My field instructor, I might have learned how to build a turret in basic, but he taught me how to do it in the field with a dozen angry krigers gunning for you, with reanimated corpses of your friends gnawing at your back, with vampires and werewolves racing to see who can claim your life first. Because of him I'm alive today. Now is their anything else you three wanted to know?”

“No, sir.”

“Then shouldn't you three be running barricade drills?”

“Yes, sir.”

>Dead squaddies: Mirin, Brenil, Mattan, Nattam



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RAGNY- - -- n Hll -- -ast Report IN ! "
We Can't see- eee - to contac you've disap---

" Ragnyllian Hellghast Report in ! Ragnyllian Hell-

> Phantom Train Report...

> Phantom Train Repo....

>> No.19845777

Dead Brigade assemble, we have lost visitor to send back home before they are overwhelmed by the various denizen of the place. Don't forget you're dead and can't die anymore so just get back into the fray as soon as you disapear... well unless one of those demon kill you so don't get killed by demon.
Dead Brigade can only be composed of dead characters, people still alive will have to die to join hahahahaha. Well boys and girls time to fight some deathgod.

>> No.19845820


"Its been a long time since I was home. Its good to be back on familiar soil"

"Hydra Pilot Soldat Burkhard, reporting"

>> No.19845889 [DELETED] 

"You heard the lady, get your asses in gear boys and girl!" Lankest cackled. "He looks a little too excited don't you think?" Mirin whispered to Brenil, trying not to catch her squad leaders eye. Brenil responded with a shrug which was almost perfectly mirrored by Mattan.

>Lankest reporting.

>> No.19845894 [DELETED] 

What a strange place...
>Reporting in

>> No.19845905

"Demons? In my afterlife?!

Not today!"

>> No.19845928


HP: 4
Act: 4
DangerBow: 2Dmg Hvy
Rating [9]
Range [9]
! Wall Phase
! Death Blink
! Speed Clone
! True Sight

>> No.19845929

"You heard the lady, get your asses in gear boys and girl!" Lankest cackled. "He looks a little too excited don't you think?" Mirin whispered to Brenil, trying not to catch her squad leaders eye. Brenil responded with a shrug which was almost perfectly mirrored by Mattan.

>Lankest reporting.

>> No.19846024

Coffee : Equipment malfunction my ass....H-hey sis, you alright?

Tea : Yeah...last thing I remember was my Herrblitz acting up....

>> No.19846044

"How the fuck did I get here?"

Wolf stands up dusting off and checking his gear.

>> No.19846051 [DELETED] 

Aw man, even in death we serve, huh? Alfie's gonna kill me when she finds out what I've been up to...

>> No.19846058



>> No.19846069

Aw man, even in death we serve, huh? Alfie's gonna kill me when she finds out what I've been up to...

>> No.19846086

Dead Brigade roster (why can't I hold all these demons)
=Gun=[Hy]Sol. Burkhard
[FO1-ss+hit]Gunner, Driver, and Loader
[HWK][mS] Rip Van VVinkle
=Bb= [Dhz] Sldt.Coffee
[LION][E]Pvt. Lankest
[Ra] Sgt. Wolf

>> No.19846092


>Oh look the rest of my upgrades for easy reference

Health: 3
+1 strength
+1 attack rating
Squad members carry 2 kits
Current kit count after phase:

>> No.19846181

"Jones, Figgs! It's go time!"

+1 to Rifle ammmo
Double Tap (Rifles)
+1 to Action
Rifle, AP rounds
+1 Rifle rating

+1 Damage to direct hit projectile damage
+1 Move
+ Double Mentality: Coyotes will avoid moving into dangerous hexes or stop altogether if there is an ambush.

>> No.19846196

Do not forget me.

>> No.19846221

". . . reporting"

>> No.19846238

Sorry, the thought of fighting all them demon made me forget...
=Gun=[Hy]Sol. Burkhard
[FO1-ss+hit]Gunner, Driver, and Loader
[HWK][mS] Rip Van VVinkle
=Bb= [Dhz] Sldt.Coffee
[LION][E]Pvt. Lankest
[Ra] Sgt. Wolf
[Kn1] Brother Knight Aurelius

Okay I think we'll call it a day... we are stretching our FP already

>> No.19846252

you're there too, stupid copy paste cut you...

>> No.19846305

Hope I'm not too late--!

>> No.19846319

Fuck, what the hell is going on?!

Squad Members: 3
HP:4 each member
Act: 2 each member
Rating: 7
Damage: 3 (+2 from Gunther)
CBonus: +2 Health to units under me.
>+1 Overwatch Action
>Double move in water
>Stealth in water

>> No.19846355

Rose, reporting where are we exactly?

>> No.19846431


"Hey Rip! When did you get here? I thought you'd live forever, man."


"You too, Major. Never thought you could die. What did they do to kill you, drop an entire army's worth of tanks on you?"

>> No.19846460

More like all the artillery...

>> No.19846491

D-damn....No one from Voss is here....

>> No.19846506


"Hey don't I count?"

>> No.19846509

Voss? First time I see your weaponry though

>> No.19846526


"Voss? What the hell, aren't we at war? Why aren't you guys trying to kill us?"


"Major, why aren't we trying to kill THEM? I mean, weren't we killed fighting the Voss?"

>> No.19846539

We all dead already, go ahead and shoot them they'll just rematerialize. We have people to save and I won't spit on help.

>> No.19846544


"Don't you pick a fight with me, or I will lay your ass out. I have no beef with... Whoever you people are"

>> No.19846551

Fighting you? We are fighting those Kashir dogs not...whoever you people are...

As for the others...I'm sorry but I not recognize you...Burkhard was it? Last thing I remember was facing dinosaurs on that no man's land of Zanzibar.

>> No.19846571

Ragnyllian, we died fighting voss also Rip got here after killing Firestorm.

>> No.19846576


Ha ha! Good to see some friendly Voss faces! Tell me, how old is the Prince now?

>> No.19846621


From memory? 7 or 8 years old, give or take a few months.

>> No.19846640


"Last time before my little. Accident with a book he was about seven. Dunno how old since then. I haven't really seen much since I got out of the hospital after Silvia"

>> No.19846836

The Game will begin with the Ragnyllian PhantomTrain riders; please post the roster for that for reference.

>> No.19846873


Captain Isane! Ma'am, where are we?

Scarab Aspect (All weapons are Crushing, smash terrain and knocback organics; explosions-proof)
3 Health
2 Actions
3 Squad Members
+2 Magazine capacity--grenade launcher

>> No.19846901

I'm in

+1 health
+1 action
[Aspect: Life spells learned, Fast Casting, Life Array]

>> No.19846909 [DELETED] 

Guess I'm taking command of the Hellghast for now...

[ARCH][Hm1HmHm] Cpt. Isane
[SUN][[C1]] Erwin
[SCRB][M1] Sgt. Paisley

>> No.19846919

R- Reporting...

Phantom Trainee
> Hp 5
> Rating [5]x5 >Range 5 Dmg 2 BattleStandard
>Move 4
! Smell Sense

>> No.19846956

Hp. 3.5[+ any command aura]
Acts: 4
Move: 6
+1 jp
lite electromancy

currently disguised

>> No.19846976

Hold your horses there, Isane. I ain't dead yet!

[IRNSNL][P1]Mjr. Gunthe
[ARCH][Hm1HmHm] Cpt. Isane
[SUN][[C1]] Erwin
[SCRB][M1] Sgt. Paisley
[HWND][As] Henessian Kess

>> No.19847031

"Well I'll be damned, we lived."
"Longshot 2, powering up."

>#Vahn: Main Battlegroup
>+2 Crew member
>+2 Pilot Rating
>+1 repair
>+1 Action
>+1 Accuracy
>Double Sight
>Wind Resistance
>CO Aura: +1 Accuracy
>Command benefits: +3hp,+1 Heavy Weapons Damage.

>> No.19847054

Final Roster:
[IRNSNL][P1]Mjr. Gunther
[ARCH][Hm1HmHm] Cpt. Isane
[SUN][[C1]] Erwin
[SCRB][M1] Sgt. Paisley
[HWND][As1] Henessian Kess
[HAWK][P-Bt1]Sgt. Vahn

>> No.19847121

"I wouldn't be so sure!"

>> No.19847148

"Oh, i'll be damned. This snake ate me like a midnight snack. Shamefull. I think i need to create the most explosive mushroom ever if i want to get happy this night."

Reporting in too late...

>> No.19847151

Welcome to the land of the dead, hahaha, but it's not your time yet so feel free to leave from the nearest vinculum gate

>> No.19847165

Ze, being dead made me forget my trip.

>> No.19847239

Don't leave me behind!

Monkey Aspect
Range increase +2
HP +2
Move +1

HP - 3 (+command upgrades)
Act - 2
Mov - 5
Rng - 7
Dmg - 2-1
Rtg - 6aoe 4dir
Cap - 1
(Monkey Aspect: Ignore terrain, auto-steal enemy weapons when adjacent, auto-reload at end of turn)
(Missing 1 leg)

>> No.19847269

Final Final Living Roster:

[IRNSNL][P1]Mjr. Gunther
[ARCH][Hm1HmHm] Cpt. Isane
[SUN][[C1]] Erwin
[SCRB][M1] Sgt. Paisley
[HWND][As1] Henessian Kess
[S1][FOX]Finch (Rivern)
[HAWK][P-Bt1]Sgt. Vahn

>> No.19847278

Tags adjusted.

>> No.19847311 [DELETED] 

Tags adjusted

>> No.19847327

Tags readjusted

>> No.19847436

I remember being platooned last time I was deployed. Is it still okay if I remain platooned?

>> No.19847492

Best not be thinkin' i'm dead, folks.

>> No.19847661

I'm glad you're alright... how's the train !? Did the ibonyte payload go unstable ? We can't seem to get a visual of you anywhere !


> Mystery Phase [light role play]

>> No.19847675

Statline before command upgraades. geez i just remebered i have way too fucking much xp to spend
2xS 2.5hp 6m 2x6 act
Serpent (+2 melee rating, +1 melee damage, Double strike in melee, Silenced weapons, Camo, Snakecamo)

>> No.19847706

"Uhh, since when is it snowing, and why is the sky red? Where the hell are we?"

>Use HAWK aspect double vision and Spot actions to scout for threats

>> No.19847713

Honestly? I have no damn clue where we are. The train is still intact, but we seem to have ended up on top of a mountain, and there's this weird... THING up in the sky...

Any of our occult specialists care to say anything about this?

>> No.19847723

"I remember a color explosion, perhaps a rift opened and transported us somewhere.

>> No.19847725

Also where the hell did my crew go off to...

>Forgot to add in 3 squadmates.

>> No.19847727

I don't know... maybe the engine went criticaland died?

>> No.19847728

>move 1NE
>examine surrounding area
>sniff the air[fox aspect]

( ' __ ')

>> No.19847737

Phase end.

>> No.19847748

Are we even on our own world? Remember Hinzerhaus? That one tanker guy--Ghoul--he came from another world that was completely different from ours. Who's to say that we didn't fall into some portal thing, too?

>> No.19847759

>Deploy as piLot if possible

A pair of cigars illuminate the large Russian, from the Future's, face. The fresh burn scar from his most recent nigh escape from Death's sweet embrace still warm in the snow.

"What in Space Jesus's name is going on..."

>> No.19847765

Erwin picks himself up off the floor. "How did I get out of my ironclad?" He digs around and puts the suit on.

>> No.19847806

The young corporal is rudely awakened from her sleep as she slides down into the snow. Blinking blearily, she wrestles Isane's coat off of her head to survey the scene. Planting her hands firmly in front of her, she tries to stand, only to find herself slipping to the ground as she finds only one leg there to support her.

"So that wasn't a dream..." she heaves a deep sigh "Well, nothing for it now. It's good I made the barrel on this thing so long..." using her grenade launcher as a crutch, she stands, before hobbling over to her beloved Captain "H-here hon. I think you'll need your coat more than me now"

>> No.19847894

The Captain spares her lover a quick glance, and a smile, before turning back to scanning the horizon, HMG at the ready. "Thanks dear.." she responds, shrugging the jacket back on. "Get ready though, we're not outta this yet, something's going on..."

>> No.19847930

Vipera cleans off her rifle, and starts digging a snow compartment for warmth, making sure not to forget the airhole, "Did you all not get survival training or something?"

>> No.19847962

Nothing much could be spotted just a spattering of queer shapes here and there ....

Hellghast, get your bearings and if you must, find a way to bring the payload with you. It would be needed to take down the Black Fortress...


>> No.19847972

Fox Sniffs Ibonyte
a heavy stench of it...

>> No.19847994

rolled 10 = 10

>Set array on train arms
>Undock them and use them to carry the engine

>> No.19847998 [DELETED] 

Goddess what is that!

>Fire at eye peeking out of the crag to the E
>ready melee attack in case something comes close

>> No.19848008

rolled 5, 3 = 8

Goddess what is that!

>Fire at eye peeking out of the crag to the E
>Place array on metal to help Rose

>> No.19848013

rolled 1, 5, 10 = 16

>Examine the 3 shapes near me, back up 1L NW, face SE
>overwatch 2 main cannon blasts if anything hostile shows up.

>> No.19848016

>get aboard train
>overwatch E 4x (or on those eye looking thingies)

>> No.19848019

>Approach Train

"Hey Major, it looks like some of our friends died! Time to roll out the welcome mat!"

>> No.19848036

>move 1 ne, examine large creature w of me
>fire only if it takes hostile action

>> No.19848038

rolled 4, 10, 7, 2, 5, 1, 4, 4, 7, 2, 9, 8, 5, 1, 8, 2 = 79

>Set up
>fire 2 bursts on that shape southwest, reload (8 dice)
>fire 2 bursts on that shape west (8 dice)

Squad Members:3 | HP:6 | Move:3 | Act:2
Rating:[7]x4 | Range:6 | Damage:3 | Ammo:2

>> No.19848039

rolled 5, 2, 4, 1, 5, 10 = 27

Contacts left! Light 'em up!

>fire 3 grenades at eye...thing 3SE of me, peeking out of the hole
>Fire 3 grenades at Eye creature 5NW of me
>move 1NW

Scarab Aspect (All weapons are Crushing, smash terrain and knocback organics; explosions-proof)
3 Health
2 Actions
3 Squad Members
+2 Magazine capacity--grenade launcher

Dice for the boom-boom

>> No.19848054

rolled 3, 9, 3, 3, 7, 1, 5, 1, 2, 5 = 39

> Stagger formation and kneel
> 3 Point overwatch both actions. [10 x 3dice]

" Something aint right here !"

>> No.19848057

>All squaddies fall back to train.
>Use all available actions to try and repair train cannon.

4 actions, 2 repair per action, +2 to hit

>> No.19848090

rolled 7 = 7

>Scan Monster NW of train
>Dice if needed

"You guys see that?"

>Might as well TA while I'm not on the ground yet

>> No.19848106

Phase end.

>> No.19848131

>Deploy form the south

"Hey guys look what I found, lost lambs."

>> No.19848501




>> No.19848633

Don't look away ! be sure to study their actions, their weaknesses !

>> No.19848737

All units, I suggest forming a circular defense perimeter about the center of the train to protect Gunther while proper repairs are made.

Vahn, I suggest you return to the train and take the center of the formation.

[M1] and [M2], stick close to Vahn's BiTank on either side and take care of hostiles at maximum range.

Isane and Kess, I suggest you two form a semicircle about the center of this formation and focus your fire on whatever makes it past Vahn and our Demos.

Viper, I suggest you taking care of anything that gets close enough to hit our circle in CQC.

Gunther and Rose, I suggest you two focus your efforts on getting the train up and running.

>> No.19848746

"Try aiming for the eyes, that seems to be the common point on these buggers!"

>> No.19848823

"Wait a damn minute! We're in the vinculum gate? How the hell did we get here!?"

>> No.19848849

"They set the gate up on the tracks!?!"

>> No.19848908


Erwin, will you be able to use your magic to move the ground to form defensive earthworks?

In our current situation, I believe our best course of action would be, as stated prior, to establish a defensive perimeter and dig in.

>> No.19848948

"Just as soon as I get an ironclad back on."

>> No.19848995

Action Phase !


Deathcommand, this is Mjr. Mana of the Dead Brigade let us offer our assistance in getting you out of here. Please post some flags on the field so we may secure a route there. Be advised, it looks like Thanatos's army is heading your way, you should make your way East to escape, I'll tell you more details later !

> Dead May deploy through flags only. Post flags to unlock them.



>> No.19849027

>mark array
>Put on ironclad
>move 1 east

+1 health [+2 from CO buff]
+1 action
[Aspect: Life spells learned, Fast Casting, Life Array]

>> No.19849039

rolled 2, 4, 8, 7, 7, 2, 3, 4, 8, 2 = 47

> One Man Posts a flag
> 2 Closest wll fire on the EYES ABOVE. Both Reload.


>> No.19849041

rolled 2 = 2

>Move 3 spaces to center of train.
>Plant flag on center car.
>Continue attempt to repair train.

+3 squadmates, 2 repair per action, +2 to hit
Command aura: +2 heavy weapons damage

>> No.19849060

rolled 2, 9, 9, 1, 2, 6, 6, 1, 5, 6, 6 = 53

"Consolidating position on the rear traincar."
>Spot action on the two eyes East of me
>Spot action on the fused demon South of me
>Fire Main cannon at the eyes of the demon South of me
>fire 2 machinegun bursts at the eyes of the demon East of em
>move 2L SE onto the train, Face West
>reload cannon

>> No.19849061

rolled 1, 4, 10, 7 = 22

>called shot 2x on eyes on the rocks east
>called shot on center of spider thingy

>> No.19849069

" Gunny ! I think think this train is busted, sir ! ALso I have the flag covered, I suggest you work on salvaging your armor or getting this cannon back up online but I wouldn't depend on it SA !"

>> No.19849080

rolled 3, 1, 4, 1 = 9


Let's go! Keep up your fire!

>fire 2 grenades at center of "X"-shaped creature, called shots to the head
>Move 1NW, 1W
>Fire 2 grenades 4 and 5 W, 1 for each of those Eye...things

Scarab Aspect (All weapons are Crushing, smash terrain and knocback organics; explosions-proof)
3 Health
2 Actions
3 Squad Members
+2 Magazine capacity--grenade launcher

>> No.19849085

>Deploy at flag placed by Gunther
>Charge both HerrBlitzes

>> No.19849088

rolled 9, 9, 4, 3, 7, 2, 6, 9, 8, 6 = 63

>Shoot one grenade at entangled penny pincher
>Shoot at eye to the SW
>Place flag

Botting Capt.Isane
>move 1E 1SE
>Set up
>Fire on the thing to the W

Don't know how many dice, I'll just roll 10 I guess

>> No.19849100

rolled 6, 9, 9, 6 = 30

>1ne, prone
>Open fire on the eyetentacles west called shots to eyes shot shot reload shot shot reload

>> No.19849137

rolled 1 = 1

>Try to boost radio signal to and from command so I can gather intel.

"Hold on. Attempting to strengthen the radio signals...

>> No.19849164

>Deploy at Western most flag
>Drop five turrets facing West
>Rearm from flag

"Fuck I missed this shit!"

Health: 3
+1 strength
+1 attack rating
Squad members carry 2 kits
Current kit:6
Count after phase: 6

>> No.19849190

rolled 5, 9 = 14

"What in the?"

Wolf flips trough the different frequencies.
"All units. This is Sergeant Wolf of the ODF. Respond."

>Doubletap eyes
>Move 1SE, 3E

>> No.19849216

Phase end.

>> No.19849278

"Unknown soldier coming in from the NW, I suggest you double-time it to our defensive lines. I do believe we have a comrade of yours in our midst."

"Lieutenant Ghoul, I suggest you either assist with salvaging or repairing the train, or in repelling hostile forces in CQC."

"As we've come through the vinculum gate, it is only logical that there's an equivalent gate for us to leave through. Judging by the orientation of the train, I believe that such gate, assuming that it's a 2-way gate, would lie to the west."

"If Gunther is unable to get the train operation, I would suggest that all units be prepared to move on foot."

"Viper, Finch, can you confirm either using stealth or your rifle scope the approximate location of our exit gate?"

>> No.19849301

>> No.19849312

Whatever happened to that cute Ms.Peppers anyway...

>> No.19849366


I believe this is the most recent version.

>> No.19849476

Has it really been a year? Shine on you crazy diamond

>> No.19849522





>Or you can roll one of your living/dead Ragnyllians, if you played one. Or roll a new dood.

>> No.19849843

Seems kinda unfair.

>> No.19849898


They're in Valhalla. I'm not sure if your argument is still valid.

Besides, you know you want to.

>> No.19850031

I'm actually going to pass as crazy as that sounds. Mostly because I dont want to put command through drawing a high def hydra. I also think I'm too awesome for Valhalla and shit.

As for rolling a new guy, MAYBE. Do I still get to be the anti-tank?

>> No.19850065

Enemy Phase -
>Energy weapons seem to have a violent effect on them !

> Someone should look into what they're made of, the enemy seems to be surprisingly resilient to all our small arms fire and the Paranormal division has a few hypothesii !

>> No.19850080


See Armitage's posts for the infantry sheet.


Here's the link to the alternate weapons that certain classes can take. First letter indicates the appropriate class.

>Aside from that, pick a flag to drop from, and you know the rest.

>> No.19850188


"Can anyone grab a piece of that monster that was blasted apart to the West? As well as contact that mystery soldier?"

"I'm going to try to contact Father Zwei. Between him and the Paranormal Division, along with any observations you can make from the ground, we might be able to figure out what these things are and how we can combat them."

>> No.19850352

The men watched as Brother Kurt's nose twitched up and down. He had picked up a strange new scent, one he had almost forgotten - that of living flesh. The lycanthrope pointed, but the brothers had already spotted it - a battle with the denizens of this realm had already begun.

Vilkas watched his brothers and saw the same expression in each of their eyes. With a nod, he commanded his youngest sibling: "Lendur, take us down. At last, we might have an honorable fight to call our own."

>Requesting deployment of [Hd.R.R] platoon comprised of the 5 von Claudes: 4 Ritters (1 of which is lycan) and 1 Halberd
>Otherwise deploy as [LR1] Vilkas and Kurt von Claude

>> No.19850512

Unknown soldiers, please identify yourselves. I know we seem to be shooting at the same things but I don't exactly want us to start shooting at each other, at least not while we're stuck in this hellhole.

>> No.19850614




[clear the flag to deploy]

Action Phase !

>> No.19850640


15 minutes

>> No.19850676

rolled 6, 4, 3, 10, 7 = 30

>2 spot actions on the enemy to the West
>3 main cannon shots at the large demon to the west
>reload main cannon

>> No.19850682

rolled 6, 6, 6, 3, 3, 2, 1, 6, 3, 2, 7, 10, 8, 4, 3, 3, 4, 2, 1, 3, 9, 6, 8, 9, 5 = 120

> 2 West
> Fire on the Eyeballs 5 bursts for each target
> 2 East

>> No.19850683

rolled 4, 8, 1, 9 = 22

>Drop Spring
>Drop three turrets facing West
>Step on spring and spring charge into enemies!

"Oh god, I can't believe he's making us do this."

Health: 3
+1 strength
+1 attack rating
Squad members carry 2 kits
Current kit:6
Count after phase: 6

>> No.19850685

>Move 2N away from flag
>Charge Herrblitz

Herrblitz Charges : [x][x][ ][ ][ ][ ]

>> No.19850689

rolled 5 = 5

>move north 2
>Spell: Earth: Form a new arm for the ironclad
Use array on the train, personal array, and ironclad array to power [+6}

+1 health [+2 from CO buff]
+1 action
[Aspect: Life spells learned, Fast Casting, Life Array]

>> No.19850711

rolled 9, 1, 4, 2 = 16

>2nnext to wolf
>Sniping eyes west
"Welcome soldier! Hellghgast here. Where are we?"

>> No.19850718

rolled 9, 3 = 12

> Deploy from Flag
> 3 North
>Fire 2 Arrows at the monster to the East [dmg: 3]

>> No.19850737

rolled 2, 4 = 6

>Continue attempting to at least get the damn cannon repaired.
>Pray Isara magically shows up.

+3 squadmates, 2 repair per action, +2 to hit
Command aura: +2 heavy weapons damage

>> No.19850741 [DELETED] 

Shit hon, what are you doing, that's Vahn!

>Fire once, centered on the eye to the W
>Fire at eye of big thing to the W
>Restrain Capt.Isane, take her weapon

HP - 3 (+command upgrades)
Act - 2
Mov - 5
Rng - 7
Dmg - 2-1
Rtg - 6aoe 4dir
Cap - 1
(Monkey Aspect: Ignore terrain, auto-steal enemy weapons when adjacent, auto-reload at end of turn)
(Missing one leg)

>> No.19850743

rolled 3, 1 = 4

>move 3NE on L2 rock
>called shot 2x on eyes floating on around "X" thingie
>move 1E

Hp. 3.5[+ any command aura]
Acts: 4
Move: 6
lite electromancy

currently disguised

>> No.19850744

rolled 5, 4, 5, 9, 8, 8, 10, 9, 1, 9, 2, 6, 9, 6, 9, 9 = 109

+If I can deploy as [Hd.R.R1]
>Deploy over flag
>Land Halberd SE of train with facing NE
>Halberd fire 2 missiles at weird maw demons to E (first 2 dice)
>Ritters overwatch any Halberd boarders
+If instead deployed as =IH= [LR1]
>Deploy on flag when cleared
>Move W, chop demons with axes (all 16 dice)

>> No.19850758

>Kit count correction
>Current count should be 8
>After phase count should be 4

>> No.19850762

rolled 1, 2, 4 = 7

Shit hon, what are you doing, that's Vahn!

>Fire once, centered on the eye to the W
>Fire at eye of big thing to the W
>Restrain Capt.Isane, take her weapon

HP - 3 (+command upgrades)
Act - 2
Mov - 5
Rng - 7
Dmg - 2-1
Rtg - 6aoe 4dir
Cap - 1
(Monkey Aspect: Ignore terrain, auto-steal enemy weapons when adjacent, auto-reload at end of turn)
(Missing one leg)

>> No.19850768

rolled 4, 3 = 7

"This is all going to hell in a handbasket."

>Doubletap eyetentacles W
>Move 1E, 1SE

>> No.19850774

rolled 6 = 6


>Contact Father Zwei and Paranormal Division to determine from our observations on the ground what these things are and how we can quickly kill them.

"I have no idea command, but I think we're in Valhalla, or hell; I'm not too sure. It might explain the signal strength. We need intel from Father Zwei and the Paranormal Division. The monsters we're fighting appear to be highly resistant to our small arms fire, but very susceptible to energy-based weaponry."

"Appearance-wise, they've got tentacles, really big prominent eyes, and are really really freaky looking. Furthermore, proximity or contact seems to cause people to sing and say weird stuff."

>Next phase will ask if they can send us stuff through the Vinculum gate, like my blessed artillery.

>> No.19850812

phase end.

>> No.19850960

"People, it looks like we may have more bandits incoming from the NW where the energy weapon soldier came from..."

"It looks like those smaller flying eyeballs are swarm creatures that follow the larger tentacle flyers. I'm not able to tell from here, but it looks like these units - one or the other, maybe both, I'm not sure - are able to mind control soldiers."

"Dead Brigade, if possible, please use your ghostly powers to counter this mind control."

"I would also suggest that you divert some of your incoming men to combat the Eastern hostiles. They appear to be ghoulifying/mind controlling some of our troops."

>Unable to deploy Big Shot on large X crawler; danger close will likely result in friendly casualties.

>> No.19851368

From the depths of the abyss an man, Nay beast, Nay Manbeast rises from his drunken slumber.
"When there is no more booze in hell Iceval rises again to once again get drunk in the world of the living!"

>Join in what ever the hell is going on.

>> No.19851473

"I took care of your debts, boss!"

>> No.19851555

Pais- !!

> Those Devoured by the demons may never come back !

" More bad news everyone, it turns out that the monsters share the same base components as ibonyte ! Whatever you do, you MUST NOT let them near the package ! "

> 1 Hour break

and then..

> Enemy Phase.

>> No.19851584



>> No.19851589


"Holy shit, we've lost Paisley."

"Major, if the gun is operational, I can deploy the Big Shot. However, I can only do this once."

"I can fire it at the X crawler, or what appears to be a large demon starfish coming up on it."

"Or, I can request that Father Zwei and those on the other side can send us something blessed to counter these demons."

"Your call sir."

>> No.19851630


The Russian, Ghoul, hadn't moved this entire conflict so far. However no one would have guessed that the injured man had fallen asleep while remaining on his feet. However, with a start Ghoul awakens. After a moment the crackle of comm's could be heard as he asked Knightly what was going on, and informed the Adviser of an idea that had came to him in a dream.

"Knightly, do we know if either of the Arm's that had previously been on the train are still functional? If so I plan on refurbishing them into Monster ripping implements for myself. If nothing else I can actually go out in a blaze of glory so yall can get outta here."

>> No.19851647

If the cannon is operational, we got to wait till friendlies get off and out of its line of fire. That thing is a bit dangerous.

And yes, any help Zwei can provide is much appreciated. This is his area of expertise after all.

>> No.19851676

"Reporting in... is Vilkas safe??"

>> No.19851765

rolled 2 = 2

"The Hell you will get devoured in Hell!'"
>Roll to punch Paisley's soul back from the abyss

>> No.19851951

"Fething damnit christmas! I swear to god if I ever get mindraped like this again... Love give me back my gun, I have some eldritch terrors to fill with holes."

>> No.19852007


"Negative Ghoul, functionality is unknown. Last known status indicates it was so, however I cannot say they still function after we crashed here."

>I suggest you make a roll to see if they work.


"Understood sir, I'll see if I can't get them to send us something blessed, or provide intel on weakpoints."

>Also, dat starfish. Da fuq.

>> No.19852037


>>>Rolling was the plan however since it isn't our phase I held off to see if I'd get any information prior to assuming I should roll and bother Command.

>> No.19852305

" To all you clumping idiots if you hev nothing better to shoot at , Vy dont you post a fleg and zen


>> No.19852333

>For those that don't know I played a guy named Dragon in the oldest form of this quest, Zero Space.

>Here is HIS impression of every other player, good times

>> No.19852350


We can do that?

>Why would we do that? Permadeath by demons is no different from regular death that these guys deal with all the time.

>> No.19852394

Your intellegience gathering is top notch Dragon. I can only imagine the trouble you went through to find this...., though my entry seems to ehem paint me as quite the vangabond.

>> No.19852440

I may or may not be projecting

>> No.19852442

"Because Rip, the ibonyte bomb on this train is vital to our current mission, we are not leaving without it, so quit your blubbering."

>> No.19852451

rolled 9 = 9

>Rolling to possibly begin search for the parts I'd need to attach mech arm's onto Ghoul.
"Let Folk that should be enjoying the peace after Death fight for me? Talking to the wrong man, if I can get the parts I need however I'll show ya how smashing monsters is done!"

Ghoul's expression as his search through the wreckage for the arm's that had once been on the train, is that of pure maniacal joy at the thought of watching all the creatures around him wreathed in flames.

>> No.19852473

" HellGhast ! It is Zwei ! I hear you are having a bit of a house cleaning problem ! I have referred to the old chapters of the book of the gun, and it would seem

seem mind you,


that you are dealing with the ancient Aeonids, a vile formless beast that are so old that not even Alexander's hand has graced their design. We refer to them only by number, Monos, Dosos, Treces, Quarces, Pendantes and Hexarces. They are characterized simply by the points of their shapes for everything else eludes human form or structure, falling to no natural order of things. They have also supped on the aetherium and drink the blood of the Tera, they are a hungry race, but they are also slovenly and uncaring of our affairs. Seeing our worlds as nothing more than a snack. Do everything you can to get away from them, but most of all, let nothing of them go through the gate. If we are talking now, that means there is an exit. All paths end in the gate. Find it, your feet will take you there if you do not give up.

>> No.19852535

So, uh, any ideas where this exit might be located...?

>> No.19852555

We will resume;


> The Quarces have started overruning our positions ! Spread out of there !

> Enemy has opened fire towards the IBONYTE CORE !

Dont just stand there, Do something ! "

>> No.19852570

Zis road it leads east and up into eternity. I can't say more but for now we head east !

>> No.19852579 [DELETED] 

rolled 1, 6 = 7

"Too close for comfort! Too damn close!"

>> No.19852604

rolled 9, 7 = 16

>Deploy from the depths of Hell and fire on the toughest enemy in range also punch hell so hard that Paisley's soul comes back.

>> No.19852623

rolled 3, 4, 8, 3 = 18

>attempt to charge up in electrical energy 3x [electromancy]
>discharge all into creature
>attempt to escape

>> No.19852633

rolled 8, 3, 1, 3, 4 = 19

>2 South
> Cut everyone down from the rapey tentacles !

> Resume 2 South
> Cut that leg !

>> No.19852634

rolled 1, 8 = 9

"Too close for comfort! Too damn close!"

>Doubletap fuckhuge
>Move 1N, 3E

>> No.19852635

rolled 9 = 9




>Roll for blessed ANYTHING that can be sent via flags/Viniculum Gate that can reach us.

"Vip, scout ahead of us! We need to find the exit, and we need it NOW!"

"Unknown soldier, focus fire on the Eeastern demon! We need it dead before it can consume our comrades!"

>> No.19852636

rolled 3, 4 = 7

>Move 4 NE over the thing
>Spell: Life: Rot Flesh
Tap array on the train, personal life array, and ironclad array
Cause the flesh of the demon thing close to me to rot away
>Spell: Heal: Use +1 life proficiency to heal myself

+1 health [+2 from CO]
+1 action
[Aspect: Life spells learned, Fast Casting, Life Array]

>> No.19852643

rolled 2, 2, 1 = 5

>Kit bash that son of a bitch trying to eat my squaddie

"Hey asshole. Let Mattan go!"

Health: 3
+1 strength
+1 attack rating
Squad members carry 2 kits
Current kit:4
Count after phase: 4

>> No.19852644

rolled 2, 7, 3, 3, 8, 6, 4, 8, 5, 8, 1, 1, 3, 5, 4, 8 = 76

>Deploy from flag
>Move E to nearest big enemy (Pendante and/or Quarce?)
>All actions Axe all big beasties (16 dice)

>> No.19852645

rolled 4, 9, 2, 6, 10, 9, 2, 8, 8, 6, 10, 7 = 81

>get my gun back
>set up, fire 2 bursts on all those enemies west
>reload, fire on starfish east
>overwatch east, max range (aspect gives +1 ow action)

Squad Members:3 | HP:6 | Move:3 | Act:2
Rating:[7]x4 | Range:6 | Damage:3 | Ammo:2

>> No.19852647

rolled 9, 8, 2, 6 = 25

>snipe eyes to clear path for general retreat east.

"YOU HEARD RIP. Eastward! Fighting withdrawl!"

>> No.19852648

>Move 1NW
>Charge Herrblitz

Herrblitz Charges : [x][x][x][ ][ ][ ]

>> No.19852651

rolled 3, 6 = 9

>Attempt to free self from tentacles.
>Jetpack 3 hexes NW.
>Fire Big Shot at the Red X enemy.

+3 squadmates, 2 repair per action, +2 to hit
Command aura: +2 heavy weapons damage

>> No.19852683

rolled 4, 4, 4, 6, 2, 4, 1, 5 = 30

>1 spot action on the tentacle beast
>Fire the main cannon 3 times at its core
>fire 1 machinegun bursts at the tentacles holding our men
>Move 2L North to the other side of the Turret line
>reload main cannon

>> No.19852689

rolled 10, 5 = 15

>Give up on searching for the train's arm's
>Move E 2
>Use 1 action to grapple at the Eye monster just east of my position.
>Use second action to attempt to rip it apart

>> No.19852691


"Iceval! I don't care if you're dead, get on the field and go kill that walker coming in from the East before we lose 3 more soldiers!"


>Order for Iceval to re-roll.

>> No.19852716 [DELETED] 

rolled 9, 9, 9 = 27

>Fire once at the mass to the W
>Fire at the giant X thing

HP - 3 (+command upgrades)
Act - 2
Mov - 5
Rng - 7
Dmg - 2-1
Rtg - 6aoe 4dir
Cap - 1
(Monkey Aspect: Ignore terrain, auto-steal enemy weapons when adjacent, auto-reload at end of turn)
(Missing one leg)

>> No.19852739

rolled 2, 5, 2 = 9

> 3 South
> All 3 Grenade the starfish
> All 3 reload.

>> No.19852759

(Reposted to change movement, rolled triple 9. I wouldn't lie about that :I )

>Fire once at the mass to the W
>Fire at the giant X thing

HP - 3 (+command upgrades)
Act - 2
Mov - 5
Rng - 7
Dmg - 2-1
Rtg - 6aoe 4dir
Cap - 1
(Monkey Aspect: Ignore terrain, auto-steal enemy weapons when adjacent, auto-reload at end of turn)
(Missing one leg)

>> No.19852791

phase end.

>> No.19852843

"Compared to our first moments when we engaged with the demons, I think I realized their weakness, in addition to what Father Zwei said."

"Their eys: their eyes might be their weakness. That's the only common factor between these beasts, and their names were based on numbers. Shoot their eyes, as standard fire doesn't seem to work."

>Shot in the dark, but hey, we know it kills the small ones.
>Also, follow Rip and head East.

>> No.19852952

"Where is the deployment zone, my soul is screaming for action!"

>> No.19853075


"It's at the middle of their transport, friend. Come, let's go hunting!"

>> No.19853296


>> No.19853301


"Major, if my theory is true, then I suggest that you make it an ORDER that your men fire at the EYES only."

"In any case, we need to take care of that crawler. Western forces, mop up as quickly as possible, then start moving East. Drop some flags so the Dead Brigade can deploy."

"Those in the East, focus fire on the crawler, obviously. Once that's done, spearhead our movement. Soldiers with accurate weaponry or weapons capable of destroy damage (Rip and Vip) should be at the front to engage the enemy first."

"We need someone to get into the suit and move the core with us. I'm still in the train and am willing to take on that task, however I intend to fire the Big Shot at that Ibonyte demon that attacked the core."

>> No.19853342

Erwin feels the hairs all over his body begin to stand on end, "wait, that's not from fe"-ZZZZZTTTTT

+1 health [+2 from CO]
+1 action
[Aspect: Life spells learned, Fast Casting, Life Array]

>> No.19853407


"Erwin, Rose, if you can somehow get electricity arrays, we might be able to beat these demons."

"And it just so happens that that soldier carries an energy weapon. Please ask him if you can place an array on his gun."

>How big does an array have to be anyway to work?

>> No.19853698

"You know what... why don't the engineers lay wires all over the field, and they're connected to the electric arrays?"
Joaquin whispers in the wind, his form not yet materialized.

>> No.19853771

"Why doesn't someone next to the electric gun slap an array on there for us?"

>Any ragnyll troop can lay down arrays

>> No.19853804

Enemy Phase.
> We Survived ! LETS KEEP IT UP !


>> No.19853820

>Rose if you are here, please post so that we may know not to bot you.

>Also, it might be good for everyone to post a sage post just so we know who is an is not actually available. Not knowing someone is AFK is a great way for half the team to die.

>> No.19853839


"Do we have an electric gun other than the space man's?"

>Forgot about that, thanks for the reminder.
>Whoops, forgot to sage last post.

>> No.19853841

>> No.19853932


"Hahaha! They may not be the Aeoni bastards that killed me, brother, but they share a name! That's good enough for me!"

"Just wait until night falls, Ulfur! You're gonna love the fun we'll have then! Vilkas and Tiren don't know what they're missing out on, the snobby bastards!"

"Ain't that rude to call your only dead relatives snobs?"

"Ah, I love 'em all the same, you know!"

>> No.19853964


"And that children is how you kill demons! Not with laser cannons, not with guns. No, you take a blunt object and you beat them to death!"

>> No.19854140

>Since I presumably am still on the train, do I need to get out and walk with the group if I intend not to die here?

Anyway, current suggested plan is for Lankest to make some kind of armored vehicle, Gunther would pilot it, and I would get out of the train and with the help of others, load the core onto it.

If we were to do this, I would suggest a convoy-like formation:
Rip and Vip spearheading, followed by Vahn in his tank, which is in front of Gunther and his ride. Caster would likely follow, and everyone else would flank the transport/Vahn on the North/South sides, with people falling in naturally based on where they are located now.

Anyone up for this?

>> No.19854240



>> No.19854318

"Is that gun on the train operational?"

>> No.19854387

yes i believe, it was repaired during the second phase

>> No.19854436


Great. Because next phase, I'm going to smear that hexagon thing with a Big Shot. The turret is stationary, the target is stationary, so I shouldn't miss and the gun should take little to no damage from the recoil.

Big Shot: 7hex comb aoe that deals 2 crushing damage. And 4 Destroy at the center of the blast. Use once per battle.

Fuck yeah, Big Shot.

>> No.19854498

Coffee : This is the point where those guns blew up in my face. Lets hope otherworld versions hold on a bit better.

Tea: But zat ist all ze more exciting no? Blaze of glory brother. Letz try and get that hexagon in ze corner, it iz too calm for my tastes.

Coffee: Quit it with the accent...It wont get you dates in the afterlife.

>> No.19854717

x 3


>Rip is killed by solar death
> Coffee is destroyed
>1 ritter is devoured.
>2 wolves consumed

>> No.19854744




>> No.19854758 [DELETED] 

rolled 9 = 9

>Deploy at Tank Flag
>Fire One explosive round at the closest Enemy Over watch East with the other Explosive round.

>> No.19854780

rolled 1, 3, 9, 3, 4, 3, 6, 1, 9, 6, 4, 7 = 56

>fire on hostiles east once and reload
>fire twice on east hostiles and reload
>pack up and move 3 ENE

Squad Members:3 | HP:6 | Move:3 | Act:2
Rating:[7]x4 | Range:6 | Damage:3 | Ammo:2

>> No.19854781

rolled 4, 9, 8, 2, 5, 7, 9, 1, 2, 8 = 55

>Go lycan if possible
>Either way, RIP AND TEAR the enemies that ate Ulfur nearby with all actions

"ULFUR! No, brother!!!"

>> No.19854791

rolled 7 = 7


"I'm going to go on a limb and say that it's targeting us via eyeballs. Either way, balls to it."

>Fire BIG SHOT right at the xexarces from repaired train turret.
>Shot should be accurate as both the target and turret have not been moving for the past 2 or so phases.
>No need to compensate for movement, so turret should not be damaged by shot.

Big Shot: 7hex comb aoe that deals 2 crushing damage. And 4 Destroy at the center of the blast. Use once per battle.

>> No.19854797

rolled 3 = 3

>place array
>Spell: Earth:
Repair the casing over the ibonyte core and add more armor to it, adding a sled to the bottom to make the case mobile. Use array on the train, array I just placed, and personal array (+6)

+1 health [+2 from CO]
+1 action
[Aspect: Life spells learned, Fast Casting, Life Array]


>> No.19854816

rolled 6 = 6

>place array on self
>charge up on electric energy 2x
>throw bolt at 1 monster attacking a ritter [1x charge]
>move 4S

charges : [1]

Hp. 3.5[+ any command aura]
Acts: 4
Move: 6
lite electromancy

currently disguised

>> No.19854819

rolled 1, 1 = 2

>Re-deploy South East of flag.
>Charge HerrBlitz
>Shoot Vonclaude/Demons and Hexagonal Demon

>> No.19854822

>Use jetpack to move 6 hexes back to flag
>Heal and resupply and refill squad.

+3 squadmates, 2 repair per action, +2 to hit
Command aura: +2 heavy weapons damage

>> No.19854824

rolled 4, 8, 5, 9, 5, 3, 7, 9, 6, 10, 7, 1, 4, 10, 6, 4, 8, 10, 2, 2 = 120


> East 4
> Each man Fires 2 bursts at the Treces
> Then 2 Bursts on the Swollen Dosos

>> No.19854826

rolled 9, 6, 10, 5 = 30

>4 east, clear out eyes with snipes

>> No.19854830

>Move three East to flag
>Heal as necessary and re-equip

Health: 3
+1 strength
+1 attack rating
Squad members carry 2 kits
Current kit: 4
Count after phase:8

>> No.19854840

rolled 7, 2 = 9

Riiiiiiiiiiip!! Not again, no!

>Fire flares at the thing eating the wolf in the SE (Maybe it'll catch them on fire??)

HP - 3 (+command upgrades)
Act - 2
Mov - 5
Rng - 7
Dmg - 2-1
Rtg - 6aoe 4dir
Cap - 1
(Monkey Aspect: Ignore terrain, auto-steal enemy weapons when adjacent, auto-reload at end of turn)
(Missing one leg)

>> No.19854865

rolled 6, 10 = 16


Coffee : It...it's working sister...It's so beautiful...


Coffee : For the love of Voss....

>> No.19854867

rolled 2, 1, 1, 4, 8, 5, 8, 6, 4, 3, 8, 8, 4 = 62

"Securing the core!"

>3 machinegun bursts on the floating eyes to the north
>Move 3L SE to train core
>Crew bring the core on board/Tow the core behind me
>Fire Main cannon at the energy crystal thing to the East
>Overwatch Main cannon SE

>> No.19854895

Coffee : It...it's working sister...It's so beautiful...


Coffee : For the love of Voss....

>> No.19854907

Phase End.

>> No.19854916

rolled 7, 3 = 10

>Move 2E, 1SE
>Doubletap mouthpart

>> No.19854957

rolled 9 = 9

>Fire at the Eyes to the East of me
>Move toward the Flag tank
>Put array on my gun.

>> No.19855158


>> No.19855275


Gripping the demon maw over his head, Kurt flashes back to the wastes of Dagram, to the Kashir casters he had come so close to murdering before a flash of silver had severed his vision. There wasn't any silver here, he thought, before ripping the beast in twain and shredding the remnants.

>> No.19855321


>> No.19855726

Phase End.

The explosion dies down, and in the rumble was some semblance of peace... the fight was -- despite all its wierdness, a hard one. And it was won at least for now. In the ringing in our ears we heard the rumble of other worlds, the battles singing in every other world... what a terrible peace this Valhalla was...

Mission to Continue with the enemy turn Tomorrow Afternoon.
Good run, everyone !

>> No.19856556



" You may not know it, but the day and night states in the Vinculum gate are not very apparent. You have been fighting for close to a few days now... your voices are getting . . . . farther and . . . . . . er
Tell me... is there anything. . . . . you wish to tell me, last requests perhaps. . . . . or perhaps you should rest a while.

I guarantee that these monsters will always take their time so long as their quarry don't move.. . . but that's not important. We have time children, and this ugly war will continue to rage . . . ."

>> No.19856628

If I don't make it back, make sure someone takes good care of Isara for me. And GODS HELP YOU if you don't, because I will drag my undead ass out of Valhalla to haunt you all for eternity!

>> No.19856895 [DELETED] 

"Hey, Zwei, if I don't make it out of here, find my sisters, tell them I said... hello."

>> No.19857844

"Hey, Zwei, if I don't make it out of here, find my sisters, make sure they know I died happy, with someone I love. I'm not sure where they all are, but I think Isabelle is a Clovis mercenary now, and I-... Iceheart might still be the commanding officer of the Voss Royal Guard..."

"Oh, and if Helena shows her pretty face again, tell her thanks from me, for that young flower girl she met years ago in Peace."

>> No.19859229


"Yeah, I got a last message. You see Jathan again, tell him...tell him he did good."

>> No.19862562 [DELETED] 


>> No.19862578

"Another Vipera will be arriving soon to meet you, Zwei. Work with her. Save the world. There are things threatening all existence, and we must stop them."

"I've no family, only sisters made for our mission. But if you see Helena again, tell her what I understand. I still believe she's working to save the world. She's the closest I've had to a mother."

>> No.19862586

forgot my damn name.

>> No.19863012

rolled 2, 7 = 9

>NCA rolling to find/scavenge/build/summon a brand new ISARA.

>> No.19863402

6pm Est.

>> No.19864077

rolled 2, 9 = 11

>NCA rolling for Zwei and the Paranormal Division to set up the other Viniculum gate at Kolstec so we can get fire support from the blessed Cyclops cannon.

"Actually Zwei, do you remember the battle of Kolstec, where we nailed that Death God using a blessed super-heavy artillery cannon? Because I have an idea, seeing as you have more time on the other side..."

>> No.19864530


" My son, do you know what you request ? To open the gate, you risk inviting the denizens into this world, a danger that Aeon has warned us abou time and again. What would be the end of your plan, surely you have one ? "

If we opened one up for a brief period to fire a round where you are it would attract Aeon's ire and they may mobilize. I am fairly certain that if you escape through here it would mean ending the operation, as well.

>> No.19865089


>Housemaster Zwei, Knightly is a woman :|

"The goal would be to have a trump card available should a death god show up. We are in their realm, and you did tell us that the core attracts demons... and Thanatos, or something equally horrendous, is likely making their way towards us right now."

"We know blessed weaponry are highly effective against them, and we know from past experience that the cyclops firing blessed artillery shells is also very effective. If we were to have that weapon available, we might be able to kill Thanatos should he show up, which in this realm may mean destroying him once and for all."

>> No.19866225

due to the temporal nature of the vinculum gate, the game will resume TOMORROW at 6.

So stay awhile hellghast, friends, guests and let the soothing tunes soothe you.


>> No.19866356


We Are in Hell...

'ey , Gotta smoke to spare for kids like me ? "

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