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How do I create an interesting character in Dark Heresy?

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Pick an interesting personality, and build the stats around that. I'm told that there are also random generators you can use. Also, boxcar joe, the magic hobo: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14651510/#14675909

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The background packages seem to make things difficult, or am I just limiting myself?

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You're limiting yourself. Don't go with a background package, unless you really really want too.

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You don't. Now embrace your FACELESS SPHESS MAHREEN CLONE!!!

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>tfw you discover that an instant solution to any creative block in making a character is "Play a rapist"

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I'm trying to make a character based off Roland Deschain, but it doesn't seem to work. Metallican Gunslinger seems cool and all, but I don't really know what to do, so I might end up giving up on trying to make a book character, or just make something else entirely.

Any advice?

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This is mainly personal, but I cant see making a character based on a character from literature or fiction. I can understand how your character would share some traits, but when you have enough shared traits to call it "based on", then you're not really roleplaying your character: you're roleplaying the writer's character.

There's no guaranteed way to make a character interesting. Often what I do is build my stats first. My stats give me a guideline for the life that my character lead. I always start with recent history and why his profession is what his profession is.

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When making my current Black Crusade character, I first decided that I wanted to be a Chaos Space Marine because my party had none and we weren't going to do a infiltration campaign. I looked at the Archetypes and when I read the Forsaken, I wanted to play a Fallen Dark Angel. I thought of how they fell, and decided that his jealously motivated him to Slaanesh. When rolling for stats, he got a large amount of Charisma. I decided that he was an outcast from warbands because he could not stand to be a follower. He needed to form his own and take revenge on the Dark Angels by either conquering or destroying The Rock. Since he was an outcast on his own, I decided that he was being actively hunted by the Ravenwing and the GM used that as a plot hook to introduce him. Since he was a Dark Angel, I decided that he was from Caliban and had just finished his training when the Lutherian heresy occured. His ancestors had been Knights of the Order and he been raised from childhood with martial tasks in mind. His specific falling to Slaanesh involved his lust for wealth, and due to his martial upbringing he viewed weapons as wealth. Instead of adorning his armor with jewels and hides, he adorned it with weapons and wore a trophy rack of his greatest conquests. He values discipline and expects that his companions and minions will act as soldiers when danger approaches, and refuses to accept failure, to such an extent that he laughed when one of his minions was shot through the torso by the multi-melta of a Dreadnaught. Due to his lust for excess and extravagance, he donned the Raptor Jump Pack and rushes into combat to strike, only to dart out and do it again, because each time he launches forward with the Jump Pack the exhilaration approaches pure ecstasy.

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Each part of that character I built off of something that had happened during character creation. As long as you have real motivations and history, any character can be interesting.

Pic related: my friend attempted to draw him after he had freshly fallen to Chaos. Now that he's been Rewarded by Slaanesh, he no longer looks as manly.

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Well thanks, that helped.

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you don't even strictly have to follow the fluff. you can just refluff a package if you want, or maybe make your own. note: i am NOT proposing that you munchkin, just that you should feel free to make your own shit up (get DM approval, as long as it's not too ridiculous he shouldn't turn you down out of hand.)

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Fucking this. Personality first, stats built to fit it. I've been in a nearly 2 year game now of deathwatch as a horrible combination of Liam Neeson and MacGuyver

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Agreed - personality, and then stats. You'll feel more attached to the character if you see them as a person first, rather than a set of scores.

>captcha: SARAH uRudo
That is the name of your character now

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That's the problem though. He's having a hard time deciding if a personality is interesting when he's taking that approach. Recommending that he keep doing what he's doing even though it's not working for him is counter-productive.

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Starting with stats only reduces a character to a set of scores if you let it. The stats can be an amazing tool to help you discover the history of the character you're making.

It's the same in that every dice roll is part of the story. Your character takes actions and does things with these rolls. When you focus just on whether or not you have passed, you're not really roleplaying: you're gaming.

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Ok, then steal an interesting personality from pop culture, and adapt it as you see fit. My last character was the kool-aid man and he kicked ass.

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Well, the other thing is is while you can use a personality as basis, a carbon copy of another character is always going to fall flat. Take one and add different quirks to it.

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Which, again, he said he wanted to create an interesting character. Borrowing and adapting != creating, it's borrowing and adapting.

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DMPC I run is a hedonistic asshole high Inquisitor named Nicodemus.

He drinks like a fish, is rarely seen off of his ass, and actively belittles the acolytes he works over.

Excommunicated a corrupt baroness that the party uncovered? Told them to get the fuck off the planet while he partied in her mansion with a bunch of Sisters. Gives a briefing on their next investigation, then told them to fuck off because My Little Commisar was about to start.

A word to the wise, though, if you're trying to make a personality for an NPC or someone, try to give them at least one major distinguishing feature or quirk. For example, make them short, like under five feet. Mention this a couple times whenever you talk to the party, and make sure they realize it, maybe having him be really sensitive about it. They might remember him as 'that angry short dude', but they'll remember him.

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My character once failed a dodge test when being shot with a doombolt. I explained that the reason he failed the dodge test was because he got too excited and tried to punch the bolt out of the air with his power fist, laughing hysterically the entire time.

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True, but that's just semantics, especially since you can't really TELL someone how to create an original character. With adaptation, you still end up with someone who's interesting to you, and fun to RP.

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True. I'll concede that. It just feels like it's a less pure of a creative endeavor. Maybe I'm just being an autistic hipster about this, though.

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It's all good. If it's any difference, ive been playing 3.5 for a couple years now, and even though i played the kool-aid guy for a single session, he was the most hilarious son of a bitch ive ever played.

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You don't, at least not if you want to fit in the setting.

W40k is awful and you should do something good instead.

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>Stop liking what I don't like.

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It's true, though. Good and interesting are the opposite of 40k, which is defined by HURR DURR LOOK HOW EDGY I AM GIMDERP ONLY WAR.

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>Not turning deathwatch into EXALTED 40k with a team that makes the A-Team look realistic
>Not playing LAMONT BLACKADDER the arch militant with his catachan manservant UMBUBU
>Not playing Dark Heresy like the expendables
>Not playing Only War as the mighty blamming commissar rangers.
Fun is how you find it. The grimdark is a parody of itself, 40k was initially a parody and is best treated like one. Even if shit does get dark at times .

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And this guy's idea of fun is sitting around here explaining to us why our fun is badwrongfun and his is rightgoodfun.

He's going to explain how it used to be a parody, and praise the days of Rogue Trader and 2nd edition, maybe even through in a phrase about squats because he hasn't updated his routine for 6th edition.

Which is why >>19835760 had it right

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im playing my first game of deathwatch this weekend OP. im playing as a blood raven apothecary. i tookk the 'marked by the inquisition' past(which should go well since weve got an inquisitor and a sister of battle in the party) and i plan to go full magpie.

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Nope, you can play the way you want. Exactly as I said, fun is how you find it. Parody is fun to play, serious is as well. The only problem comes from the hardlines that refuse to play it any other way than their own personal choice of what is canon and what isn't.

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Oh, right, I forgot that the setting also includes "XD I AM SO RANDUMB LOOK AT ME MAKE POP CULTURE REFERENCES XDxD"

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Sorry. Linked to the wrong post. I meant to link to >>19835626

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Ah good, I was a bit confused there.

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to elaborate, about all you need is this much. a class(in my case apothecary) your characters homeland(the blood ravens for mine) a broad character concept(bloody magpies) and a hook for interacting with one or more of the other players(marked by inquisition, with inquisitors present)

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>you will never be dommed by a farseer

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Which will happen in any setting. It's the players not the setting. I'm sorry we don't have goodrightfun.

Again, here's a helpful link >>>/v/

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>How dare you not suck Games Workshop's cock their writing is FANTASTIC and of the SAME QUALITY as such MASTERWORKS as Twilight and my furry fanfiction. GO BACK TO /v/!!!1!

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>Twilight and Furry accusations.

That said, I've got a group of folks that normally do pathfinder and D&D games. Dragged them into DH despite their reservations given the last attempt had the DM be a hardliner. Pulled a page from CF's book and made it a bit more fantasy than grimdark, had them searching for a dangerous drug called Skub. They wound up arguing and fucking around with each other using the abilities in the deployment lander 20 minutes after it had already docked. Much to the hilarity of all.

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>If people don't like what I like I need to tell them about it incessantly because that's how I know what I like is good and what they like is bad

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>Samefag having fun playing with himself

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>mat ward

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>This whole thread

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Wow, that jaw's manly.

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Slaanesh. Probably not the only thing there that's a little masculine.

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On the Daemonette? I believe that's kind of the point.

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