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Yet another glorious thread for disusing Only War.

Someone asked for Steel Legion in the last thread, but sadly I've been having a hell of a time trying to build a regiment based on them. Keep coming up a point short.

Homeworld: While Armageddon is technically classified as a Hive world, the bonuses that gives really don't match. Fortress really does fit better, since you can get Hatred (Orks) out of it. SO I guess it all depends if you are going with pre- or post- Second War.

CO- I think Maverick fits best, the entry says that they are beloved by their men and that they would follow the into any battle. I think that fits Yarrick pretty well. Unfortuantly, it screws up the points. Fixed must be taken in order for things to work out in the end.

Regimental type: Mechanized.

Training: Either Die Hards, Favored Foe (bit of an overlap if you took Fortress), or Iron Discipline. I would pick two of them.

Equipment: If you are going to take one, then I'd say Demolitions, but i still think two training doctrines would be better.

Extra gear:
-gas Mask
-extra Frag grenade
-dose of stimm and injector

So there you have it, Steel Legion quick and dirty.

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Well, I always thought it depends on the Company Commander as opposed to the Regimental Commander, so Fixed could work.
I've just always thought that a campaign on Armageddon would be one of the best ways to showcase Only War:
>Chimeras racing through huge, abandoned factorums.
>Conscripted Hive Gangers
>Barren, hellish warzone
>Incredibly charismatic commanders on both sides
>Massive death toll

All the bloodiest, most inhumane parts of war rolled together.

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It's the regiment commander that passes on their ways to the men (or causes them to develop some of their own to compensate for their shortcomings).

Possibly. I'm not sure that Only War literally only being about war would be a good showcase, but Armageddon is definitely capable of providing a good setting. Helsreach springs to mind when I think of a scenario where there's enough going on besides "kill the orks" to keep things interesting.

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