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>Want to get into WH40K
>Looking through armies
>Not interested in Spess Mahreens
>Want to play Chaos
>They apparently
>Want to play Sisters
>Worse then terrible, metal minis, no real codex
>Want to play Tau
>Obsolete and not great at all
>Not interested in Eldar
>Maybe Necron
>Dislike how their vehicles look
>Not interested in Dark Eldar
>Not interested
>Not sure how I would like them, scared to paint them and look bad Tervigon is $60
>Not interested

I need help, I'm not sure if I'm being fed false information and it's making my decision harder. I'm don't plan on doing any big tournaments, maybe local tournies at best, so "tiers" aren't a huge factor, but it's demorializing to hear the armies I want to play suck. But none of this is helping me pick a army, I'm leaning towards Tau, Nids, Chaos and sisters once they plastic minis and real codex

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>sisters once they plastic minis and real codex

AHAHAHAHA see you in 10 years... maybe.

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>Ever getting support
Well, you can dream, man.

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>They apparently
They apparently what?

Also, 80% of people talking about tiers on the internet are talking about competitive stuff that you shouldn't worry about if you have friends to play with.

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>no real codex
I never got why this is a bad thing. Not having a real codex is cheaper, no?

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They are apparently not that great as well*

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Not when every other codex is available online.

If you're talking legally, then you would have had to be subscribed to white dwarf at the time they released the SoB codex.

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Chaos Marines are getting a new book AND featuring in the upcoming starter set. Their plastic kits are fantastic, and they can ally with Daemons of Chaos for twice the fun

Sisters have never been a big seller (even when they were a brand-new army), and as such house a very small (but incredibly vocal) playerbase. Associating with them ain't gonna make your playing experience very enjoyable.

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Chaos Daemons.

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If they have that small a playerbase, OP might not have to associate with them at all. Could be the only Sisters player in the area.
Surely it's buyable on ebay? Kids throw out their whte dwarfs all the time...

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OP, hold out a bit for Chaos. They should have a new codex before next spring.

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I play tau now, but I would have played Sisters if their models just looked better.

Jesus Christ, how hard is it to model unchiseled faces?

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OP: get whichever models you like the most. because you are going to spend a lot of time assembling and painting them.

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No army is bad enough to be unplayable in a non-competitive environment. People always do this when they say they want to go into 40k, not competitively, and then only take people's opinions on a competitive scale.

I don't know what your deal is with Chaos, they're next / runner up for the update "They apparently" I have no idea. Basic things in their army won't change, you'll still be using CSM and you can probably make things work.

Sisters are only bad in that their models are metal, if that is even a problem. No real codex isn't that much of a problem, technically cheaper, I don't know what the downside is to no codex. They are not that bad, you can make them work.

Tau got great improvements with the change of the editions, maybe even better one's that haven't been found yet. You can make them work.

Seeing a pattern? You can make almost any army composition work in a friendly non-competitive environment, if that's what you're doing pick your army and stop complaining about competitiveness if you're not going competitive! It's a hobby not one giant flexing competition.

I'm coming off as rude but people need to stop being so damn cynical and just enjoy the hobby, this kind of thread happens every week.

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Here's how me and my friends started our armies
>Get Ork battleforce from girlfriend, who plays Necrons
>Guess I'll give it a try
>Absolutely fall in love with Ork lore
>Make a mold of boyz sprue
>End up buying 2 AoBR sets along with friend who is also getting into it

My friend
>40k fan since high school, never played the tabletop
>Splits AoBR's with me to make black templar
>Decides not to play them later and sells me his marines (BITZ! GLORIOUS BITZ!!)
>Plays Elfdar because just as planned and DE because S&M

My brother:
>Wants in but doesn't like factions
>Huge WUBWUB fan
>I tell him about WUBWUB marines
>He flips his shit
>Buy some spikey bitz and chaos backpacks
>Turn AoBR marines into WUBWUB marines for him
>He buys a land raider, I convert it into a LAND RAVER

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If you want to play to win stop caring about fluff. If you want to play to have fun pick Chaos. Its a game, its meant to be fun. Also painting is a TERRIBLE experience if you hate how the mini looks.

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>WUBWUB marines
Show him this, he'll cream his pants.


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Grey Knights and Space Wolves are pretty cool, just don't play Draigo if you want to play friendly games.

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These people are Doing It Right. Anyone going on about which armies are viable and competitive and what fits into the current meta is Doing It Wrong and should probably be playing Warmahordemachines.

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Get on my level

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forgot link

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It's funny

I put that video at half sound on youtube

then i turned it all the way up

and it didn't get louder

i need replacement speakers

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that comic always makes me smile

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Wait for Chaos, they should be getting a new codex shortly.

Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that on the FAQs, it's the only codex that doesn't say "Version 1"

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Can I use diferent chaos marines in the same chaos army?
I would like to have plague marines, khorne berserkers and noise marines in the same army.
I'm just starting and I don't know if it's against the rules or something.

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Well. berserkers are easy, I'll post this advice I was offered a long time ago, which helped with my own chaos army, still not sure on plague marines

Well, Berserkers are reasonably good for the look you'll be wanting.

You'd want to remove the "bunny ears" and the khorne icons on the torsos, but a craft knife can handle that.
Most of the shoulderpads would look okay, as they lack any definitive god markings.
Use the Chainswords instead of the chainaxes, the axes are iconic khornate weaponry.

For your "skull champion", you'll probably want to mix in some slaaneshi bits.
The generic chaos boxed set features some good slaaneshi champion parts that would be good, and the rest of the kit can be used as a start for your "Plague Marines".

I would also advise you to pick up a box of possessed marines. Not to use the unit, they're not that great, but they are excellent for conversions. There's several claw arms that'd make great slaaneshi powerfists, as they are very similar to daemonette claws. The running legs also help supplement your "berserkers".

To follow up, I could easily see some berserkers being made simply from the standard chaos marine, and possessed kits being mixed. I may have to try it sometime to see what I could make.

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what does that have to do with his post?

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Mixing Khorne Berserkers and Noice marines in the same army while avoiding the fluff of khorne anything hating slaanesh anything

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Awesome, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks

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Noise marines*

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Your post sounds like you mean literally mixing

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Yah, getting Khorne Berserkers in a Slaanesh army basically
Oh, and get a daemon prince and give him wings

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Ah, okay. I figured he was asking purely in the sense of the rules, and you were responding purely in the sense of modeling.

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Yah, this way he'll follow the fluff and have the army he wants

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Oh fuck me that's painful to watch.

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OP, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of count-as. Sisters are horrible, and thus might sell for cheap if you can find a Sisters player* that will sell them to you**.


Then you just use Codex Grey Knights, or whatever particular codex suits your playstyle for Sisters (What You See Is What You Get rules require you to have the weapons & some wargear on the model, so keep that in mind).

Nids are in a horrible place, so be careful. CSM is overcosted, but if FAQs don't nerf things into the ground, Daemons might work. Don't take peoples' shit about un/fluffiness, fluff is what YOU make it, they're just WAAC jerks.

Tau....depend, but are probably in a pretty good position with Crons, or Space Marines (Tauperium REPRESENT).

Beyond that, check out www.3plusplus.net , they'll be able to set you up with the right units. Good luck OP.

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Y'all niggaz are too melodic



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God-Emperor, yes!

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Now I GOTTA get me some noise fucking marines

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I was asking about the rules, but his advice won't go to waste; since he didn't mention them i figured it's all the same.

I want to make a chaos undivided army with different kinds of marines along with daemons and traitor guard as allies.

Maybe it was a bad time to quit my job, ha.

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Fun fact, the Emperor's Children used to have what were essentially Slaaneshi Berserkers.
You can just explain them the same way.

As for Plague Marines, well... eventually a slaaneshi marine is going to have experienced so many sensations that none of them are new, their hide callused to the whips and blades of their kin, screams no longer fill them with delight.
These Damned Ones march into battle, desperate to feel anything, any pleasure, any pain. And yet still they feel nothing.

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The new Chaos Marines codex will feature Cultists so you might not need Guard as allies. Unless you want big tanks, I guess...

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Holy shit.
All of my this, glorious Slaanesh.

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Would have been helpful to post a pic of the old Slaaneshi assault squads.

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Should not want

Slaaneshit trash

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So heretical...
So annoying...
I need to start playing that and then trollface next time I bust out my Noise Marines at the FLGS.

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I..I like this.

I mean my foot is tapping on its on.


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You know you want it

let Slaanesh pop all your cherries

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>Dat noise marine
Nigga has slain a death company marine, a black templar, looks like a champlain, has a sister of Battle for a hood ornament, gets all the slaaneshi bitches, can have any chemical he wants pumped into his body, and has a fucking cockpiece made out of hooks...

... And he looks cold and almost miserable.


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Jesus christ

I was khornate until this song

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Oh wonderful. Him.

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But you're not interested in the hobby and 40K is a horrible game for just the game and specially tournaments. Why would any one put them selves through that shit?

If you're not a hobbyist then stay away from the warhammers and go play another miniature wargame.

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After this thread, I feel convinced to make a slaanesh themed army, noise marines and all

I did always like Slaanesh over the other chaos gods, and I think I'll try this >>19815096
So, what should I get for an HQ choice? and for troops? I know I want a slaanesh army so one troop choice is already noise marines, but what should the other be? regular CSM? Berserkers, or plague marines?

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Oh baby, baby

You should smile more, it's SEXY

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Or more noise marines?

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Use Chaos Daemons as allies and summon in daemonettes. Or take a squad or two of Plague Marines, they're good for soaking up enemy fire.

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Not that interested in Daemons. The friend I will be starting WH40K with is doing a GK army

He's already bought Draigo and a squad of GK's

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Forgot to add
*So, daemons don't feel like an option really

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>He's already bought Draigo
Call him a faggot, kick him in the dick, and get new friends.
Seriously, anyone who likes Draigo is not the kind of person you want to associate with.

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The worst part is, I was the one who RECOMMENDED GL to him.

"I want to play space marines and have balanced shooting and melee"
>Well, try Blood Angels or Ultramarines
"Nah, they don't interest me that much"
>Well, there are the GK
"What's GK?"
>They're kinda like space marines, but specialize in Daemon killing, cool armor and weapons and shit

The rest is history

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If I remember right the rumor mill has shown that Sisters of Battle are due for a complete plastic and Finecast release early 2013. They also say it will come with a small wave of new units being added to the poor lonely SoB line-up.

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Okay, well, you're probably not going to want to do the standard Lashprince technique, to avoid the whole "prefered enemy: your commander" thing.

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Gives all GK power weapons +1 AP or some shit, so all GK power weapons are now AP3 or better I think, something along those line

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Yah, it would be in my best interest

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Or you could make a "serves them right" anti-grey knight list. One that just happens to hold its own against all comers in 6th Edition.

>using second primary FOC
4x bloodthirster w/ blessing 255
4x 5 bloodletters 80
4x daemon prince w/ flight, might, mark of khorne, blessing 165

>> No.19815976


Nemesis Force Swords/Staves/Halberds/Falchions and the Titansword are AP3, Hammers are Thunder Hammers and thus AP2, Death Cult Assassins get power weapons according to modeling from the BRB

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Now now, don't be a hater

Against GK I usually just spam sonic blasters, their heavy 3 mode lets me get plenty of hits in, and he's bound to fail a few

Now the problem with the chaos vs GK matchup is that he's basically built to counter you so I wouldn't bet on winning a lot..

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Yah, I expected as much
>using second primary FOC
Sorry, but I'm still kinda new and only grasp what I'm talking about

What does that stand for?
Also, all dat Khorne, but that's ok, I like Khorne too, and plan on making a army around him later, but I first want my slaanesh army

>> No.19816040


FOC= force organization chart

in the new rules past 2k points your FoC doubles, allowing you 4 HQ, 6 FA, 6 HS, 6 Elites and 12 troops.

>> No.19816058

Hey, have the ever clarified if Sisters get double faith points when they hit double force org? Or are they even more boned than before?

>> No.19816068

Cover the field with Archeotech Artefacts and hope you roll a 9.

Ally with Dark Eldar, have a Haemonculus with a crucible of malediction as your allied HQ.

>> No.19816070


i think more boned man

>> No.19816090


They are two separate armies.

They each get their own faith point allocation, AFAIK.

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> if points > 2,000
> troops <= 12
Wait, so I can have 360 Boyz when playing past 2k?
I can have Thatcher, 2 Warpheads and Grotsnik in the same army?
I can have 18 Kans?

>> No.19816360


Yes you can my child

You can also have 115 allied guardsmen


>> No.19816374

my bad, 230 guardsmen, over 2000 points you get




>> No.19816428

Sorry.... doesnt beat 180 gaunts and 10 tervigons.

Better luck next time.

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I'd like to say on the sisters behalf that the three games I've played with them in this edition I've yet to lose, and this is against guard, marines and Orks.

Yes we aren't great, but around these parts we have a rule of tumb about special characters. namely "Make up your own darn characters and story you lazy bum" which really evens out some of the more insane balance issues.
The other big elephant in the room is the huge nerf to transports, that one I can't defend, tank shocking is a bore now that he can just walk up after moving away and hit it on 3+ regardless of how fast you whent, and the Enclave melee hammer is fairly gimped as a result of having to politely step out a turn ahead.
But give them a bastion (for skyfire) a exosist or two, don't be stupid and you'll be fine.
Oh, and Repentia sucks even bigger chucks now that FoP is 5+ if thats even possible.

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OP, you are doing it wrong. All wrong.

I will give you a three step plan to pick an army that is full proof.

1. Most Important: Does the army look cool? Like, are you still going to find these dudes cool after you have sat and painted a thousand of them for hours on end? Easiest way to start thia step is lay out every dex, and choose 3 you think are the coolest looking.

2. Which army has the coolest fluff and storyline, and general theming, in your opinion?

3. Does the armies playstyle suit you? Do you prefer melee? Shooty? A balance? Pick the one that seems most logical to you.

The rules of the army matter the least. If you love your choice, you will learn to use their rules to the fullest extent.

If you pick an army soley on "fotm", or "tourney viability", you will never really be satisfied by your army investment, or gain much satisfaction from victories. Because it will never be "your army" that wins. Just some soulless plastic men with rules that some neckbear told you that you had to get or be laughed out of the store.

Follow my advice, and the hobby will be much more rewarding to you in the long run.

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>that feel when you realize too late you misspelled "foolproof", and now one will take your post seriously.

Accursed dyslexia, you vex me so.

>> No.19816702

>not interested in orks or IG
come on

>> No.19816707

I'm honestly amazed you can spell "dyslexia" but not "foolproof."

>> No.19816744

This guys speaks the truth
I chose Eldar (among many other reasons), because
each aspect warrior squad looks different from others, so making them doesnt get boring

>> No.19816748


A cruel jape by the Dark Gods of reading disorders.

>> No.19816781

Are noise marine models metal?

>> No.19816787

No, more rave

>> No.19816798


>> No.19816802

A 6th edition question if you gentlemen would allow me.
Do Orks still get there 4+ cover save on their bikes regardless of anything, or have that been nerfed to 5+ like most cover saves?

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File: 17 KB, 358x328, weeaboo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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>Dat crack grenades.

>> No.19816837

If you're not interested in 90% of the models, why do you want to get into it?

>> No.19816860

Playing over 2k points as IG with a maxed-out double-FOC, you can have:
> 1276 25mm miniatures
> 180 40mm miniatures (all of which are Heavy Weapons Teams)
> and 18 LRBTs (and they can all be Punishers if you really want 900 Heavy S5 shots)

Now, what's the area covered by all of those? We'll assume they attempt to cover the board in the most efficient way possible (hex-grid style) and their various arms, legs and guns don't poke out enough.
> Area of a hexagon = 6 x Triangles
> Triangle = 1/2 x Base x Height
> Base = (1/2 x Radius)
> Height = Sin 30' x Base
> Area of a hexagon = 6 x (1/2 x Base x (Sin 30' x Base))
> Area of a hexagon = 6 x 1/2 x Base x 1/2 x Base
> Area of a hexagon = 1.5 x Base^2

Now, we've got 1276 miniatures with bases 25mm in diameter. Since the Base value in the hexagon area formula is half the diameter of the actual base, we substitute in 12.5:
> 1.5 x Base^2
> = 1.5 x 12.5^2
> = 234.375mm^2
And to get the total area of ALL 1276 25mm miniatures:
> 234.375 x 1276
> = 299,062.5mm^2

We do the same thing for the 180 40mm miniatures:
> 1.5 x 20^2 = 600
> 600 x 180 = 108,000mm^2

Grand total of 407,062.5mm^2

Now, the official table size is 4x6 feet but most players seem to like 4x8 for 2000pts and above, so we'll go with that.

> 92,903.04mm^2 to the square Foot
> 407,062.5 / 92, 903.04 = ~4.382ft^2
> 4.382 / 32 = ~0.13692
Approx. 13% area covered.

...Huh. Is that correct? Someone check my maths, because I don't see where I went wrong. This can't be right.

>> No.19816910


Okay, first identify which parts of the hobby you're interested in. For instance, are you interested in the modeling and painting aspect? Are you interested in having some fun games with your bros? Or are you interested in winning (this one is not advisable, WH40k has never been totally balanced and never will be.)

If you feel that the modeling and painting aspect might be fun for you, CHOOSE YOUR ARMY BASED ON WHAT YOU THINK LOOKS COOLEST. Honestly, you are going to spend the vast majority of your time making your little dudes look really cool, and then a much smaller amount of time actually playing with them on the table.

If you don't really care about aesthetics, and just want to game with some really shitty speedpaints or grey/black models, then just go with the one that sounds like it would be the most fun to play. Make a fluffy army list and play it against your buddies. If everybody is on the same page and takes lists that they think are cool, fun and thematic, then honestly balance shouldn't be important to you. You can have a lot of fun wargaming regardless of whether you win or lose, as long as everyone involved has the right mindset.

I would guess that you're gravitating towards Chaos. They have pretty cool models and loads of potential for cool modeling/painting if that's something you're interested in. Yes, their army book is pretty stripped down right now compared to what it used to be, but you can still make fluffy lists - the new Allies rules make this even easier to achieve.

If you're only going to be playing against powergamers who are in it for the win and not the fun, I'd suggest trying to find some other people to play with. Choose your army for you, not for them.

>> No.19817011

> 1276 25mm miniatures
> 180 40mm miniatures (all of which are Heavy Weapons Teams)
> and 18 LRBTs (and they can all be Punishers if you really want 900 Heavy S5 shots)

Do it again.
Infantry Platoon consists of Command Squad (5), 5 Infantry Squads (50), Conscript Squad (50), 2 Special Weapons Squads (12) and 6 Commissars.

That's total of 123 models times 12.

Company Command Squad consists of the officer, 4 vets, 2 bodyguard, 1 astropath, 1 master of ordnance and 1 officer of the fleet.

Total of 10 times 4.

You can have 5 priests and 2 techpriests with servitors (5) that don't take up FOC slots.

Total of 17 times 2.

So all in all you get 1550 models on 25mm bases from HQ and Troop choices alone.

Then, you have 180 HW teams on 60mm bases (not 40mm), plus 60 Ogryns on 40mm bases (Elite slots). 82 Chimeras (CCS, PCS, Infantry Platoons and Ogryn squads). And 18 Leman Russes.

Also, you forgot the Valkyries. 18 of them on their 120x95mm oval bases.

Now THATS what a full on IG army should be like.

>> No.19817073
File: 1.52 MB, 2316x1288, 1336646806237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19817087

Hurr, I forgot the size of large bases - and yep, the Comissars and Conscripts too.
Can you give me the area covered by the LRBTs and Chimeras? I don't own those models.

>> No.19817092

Man he has a small dick

>> No.19817096

>Man he has a small dick
You so shure it's a dick the PG is covering up, hm?

>> No.19817097


4+. Oh, and Biker Nobs only get instant death by S10 now, and Warbosses on bikes are all but immune. Not to mention they take their FNP against anything that isn't S10.

>> No.19817100
File: 91 KB, 500x500, outdoor metal chair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Download this and listen to it in .3gp format!

If you don't know how, install this youtube script and use the hand download button dropdown that appears below the player.

>> No.19817116

3.75" width X 4.75" lengh sez the Internets.

Also, you get 2 fortresses, so if someone has the measurements of the Fortress of Redemption...

>> No.19817126

Tau and Chaos are both priority for updates. I'd go for Chaos Space Marines; they're wonderful and can be productive even at low model count.

>> No.19817128

Oh right, Slaanesh

>> No.19817179


and skulls for his throne!

>> No.19817222
File: 53 KB, 614x460, 1279699489070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now how many points is all that?

>> No.19817271

Blurg, I'm pretty mathsed-out right now, so I'll happily continue on the problem if somebody wants, but if no-one's really interested then I'll let it go.

>> No.19817394

>>19816514 Oh, and Repentia sucks even bigger chucks now that FoP is 5+ if thats even possible.

Rage is better now and FNP helps them in close combat against other melee specialists.

>> No.19817554

25,800pts. before upgrades.

>> No.19817579
File: 112 KB, 600x341, 1299481939538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19817592

Sisters can be fun if you embrace the Ministorum elements and don't just splurge on Nuns with Guns.

>> No.19817603

non player here, am I to assume that the normal point size for armies is about 2,000, and the largest usually ever allowed even in major tourneys is 10,000, making this things so ridiculously big you couldnot field it unless you combined several FLGS together?

>> No.19817645
File: 28 KB, 500x375, disgonbesore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Butthurt incoming.

>> No.19817661

ii am a non-player, i only know bits picked up from threads here.

>> No.19817686

Posted it in the wrong thread, damn my sleep-deprived mind.
Carry on.

>> No.19817695

Nah, the normal size armies are about 1,000 - 1,500. That's enough models to keep you (and a friend) occupied moving them around for about an evening.
2,000 and upwards can take all day, and there's another gametype called Apocalypse that removes the limits on what kinds of units you can take (encouraging epic-scale battles in the thousands of points).

>> No.19817715

1500-2000 is more common from what I've seen. I've rarely seen 1000pts. 40k games. Most tournaments are 1750 or 1850pts.

In WHFB 2000 was pretty common. Today it's 2400pts, since it splits down neatly into halves and quarters for the percentage system.

>> No.19817737

OP do some a' dat Chaos cultist army with daemon allies son

>> No.19817886

>Want to play Chaos
>They apparently

They what ? THEY WHAT ?!

Oh God the suspense is killing me.

>> No.19817931

OP appends in >>19813132
> They are apparently not that great as well

>> No.19817946

I was in a similar situation, OP. I eventually decided on marines since they will always be at least middle of the pack.

>> No.19819409

I want to see how this would play out, where both players deploy so many models that their front lines are practically or literally touching.

>> No.19819414

>play a game with marginal faction imbalance instead
It's not that hard OP.

>> No.19819499

OP, buy CSM minis on the second hand market while nobody wants them!

>> No.19819607

I second this.

>Want to get into WH40K
>Not interested in Spess Mahreens
You're interested in the wrong game then, unfortunately.

>> No.19820510

I was just gonna go to my local comic book store and buy them since they're actual cheaper compared to the online stores

>> No.19821493
File: 78 KB, 1024x768, Slaanesh-Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i've been listening to this for an hour now.

i..i am not sure what i have become.

>> No.19821685

I think Tau will be good in 6th. Start with railguns. Lots of railguns. And some marker lights. Then do some allies for some thunder hammer storm shield terminators.

Step 3: Rock out.

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