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So is there any lore reason why I couldn't make a Tau sympathizing Guard army which integrates Tau tech? Model only of course.

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Hell you can do more than models now thanks to 6e's allies matrix.

You can take real honest to God guard.

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IIRC tau don't give their good tech to allies.

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Rebel regiment that looted a Tau armory?

Traitor guard that looted Tau corpses?

Radical Inquisitor who outfitted his personal army with Tau stuff?

It's a huge galaxy. If you can think of it, it's probably happened somewhere.

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But they upgrade their allies weapons and gear.

How would a lasgun or a Leman Russ upgraded with Tau Tech function like?

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....none of you people...no....god, I can't even begin.

That word. That stupid fucking word.

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>Good Tech

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For a guardsman,changing of the standard kit they were outfitted with is grounds for "promotion".This is one of the universal rules of the guard.More so with xeno tech

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yes they do. The old white dwarf rules for gue'vessa had the sergeant and special weapons guys able to take pulse weapons.

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I am not a warhammer guy but i know the basics.

Aren't the tau suppose to be like advanced or whatever? but each time their technology is described as good a few butthurt posts soon would follow.

please explain your position on tau tech. Im curious.

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Their tech should be described as "New", considering the rest of the universe has generally stronger weaponry, the only thing that people see when it comes to Tau is the design. It's like a Mac, looks nice, not that great.

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It's their approach of technology that's advanced. They develop it quickly, it's reliable, and they can issue it efficiently. But their technological level itself is lower than that of most other factions. They have very good logistics that compensate their lack of physics-breaking doomsday weapons.

They have more decent stuff than others, and constantly improve it, but they don't have awesome stuff yet, which most other factions have, albeit in quite small amounts.

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but tau weapons ARE stronger than most others. Their basic infantry gun is pretty much on par with the heavy bolter. and the Railgun shits all over most other anti tank weapons that aren't mounted on super heavies.

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Tau tech is generally superior to Imperial tech because the IG has to outfit a billion guys who go all over the galaxy. So their equipment has to sacrifice power in favor of durability. The lasgun may not be as powerful as the Tau plasma rifle, but it can take a lot more abuse, and when you're being deployed to twenty different worlds and a space hulk, that counts.

However, the higher tiers of Imperial tech are superior to Tau tech. Warp engines are the most often cited example, but Imperials also have digital weapons, force weapons, personal force fields, personal teleportation tech, etc.

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Im confused.

Their race is described having advanced and sophisticated tech and powerful weaponary. If they aren't that great then why are they described this way? isn't that the selling point of the tau race?

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Welcome to Warhammer 40k!

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They don't have titans
their spaceships aren't nearly as huge as space hulks and other big ships
their railguns don't rely on insane technologies like necron, eldar and ancient Imperial weapons.

Speaking of which, the tau may be able to create many powerful weapons, which can be used in the tabletop, but they can't produce the kind of world-shattering weapons other factions have. the best they have is a weapon that can wipe out a hive city.

They're more efficient, but less advanced;

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Nah you can keep it i rather play a game that doesn't lie to its players.

Thanks for answers anyway guys.

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Welcome to 40k, where every non-Imperial army is bashed to no end, just to further promote the armies the devs like best (*cough* spess muhreenz). I'm not even joking on this. The 5th ed starter set is about 100pts in the marine-player's favor, and he has to be literally drooling on the table to lose.

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their selling point is that they're "reasonable and tactically performant". Which is the exact opposite of everything else in 40k. In 40k, things are falling apart, insane, shouldn't work, but through sheer power and handwavium, they still work.

The tau don't have physics-raping technology like the necrons, the Imperium or even the orks. They don't have magitech like eldars and the dark eldars. They only have good old sci-fi weaponry, not "shut up, it's magic" plot devices.

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Yeah, I know, it always feels like that. GW finds cool outlines and ideas, and executes them very poorly.

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they don't have titans, they just have titan sized aircraft. Their star ships are the same size as their imperial equivalents. Nobody builds spacehulks, the warp does and others then find them and loot it.

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>They don't have titans
They don't need titans. They have air superiority, and massive aircraft far beyond the Thunderhawk in firepower and size.

If you have ever played Epic, you'd know just how vulnerable Titans are to air support. And if you're an Epic player who has seen the Tau list, you'd also know that 2 squads of Hydras aren't enough to keep a goddamned Tau player from air-striking the fuck out of your Warlord titan.

>their spaceships aren't nearly as huge as space hulks and other big ships
Neither are Imperial. For that matter, the two largest space ships are Craftworlds (one colossal ship), and space hulks. And the latter has the potential to be the bigger of the two.

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the point is that they don't have the technology needed to create titans.

when they were told about titans, they went "such a large walking vehicle cannot exist".

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That's one less heretical xenos lover I have to purge.

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It's the "ancient doomsday weaponry" versus "cutting edge latest design weaponry" debate.

Eldar, empire, space marines etc. all use ancient weapons from a long forgotten/badly remembered time (except for orks, who just hammer together whatever's on hand, and tyranids who are biological weapons) that have proven their worth for millennia. Sometimes they make slight tweaks, but they mostly remain ancient doomsday weapons.

Tau weaponry is the other half of the spectrum. Rather than picking the superpowerful ancient weapons from their ancestors (since, y'know, they don't have any) they are the arms race faction. Constantly developing new weapons and technology at an insane pace.

In essence, tau are what humans are in most sci-fi. They don't have the ancient weapons of the other races out there, but they develop them so fast the advantage of those ancient weapons is lessened significantly.

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>the point is that they don't have the technology needed to create titans.

Try more like they don't NEED the technology to create titans. Think about it like this. We, currently as the human race, do not have the technology to create a synthesized suit that lets us survive an oxygen/nitrogen rich atmospheric environment. Hmm... why is that? Tau need big clumsy titans like a Fish needs a digital camera.

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That's not what the argument is about. As I pointed out, their logistics and warfare style allow them to compensate their lower technological level. But their technological level itself is still quite low.

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Holy fuck, I am seriously glad I no longer have to deal with faggots like you in the tabletop games I play. GW isn't the worst thing about 40k. Neither is the shitty dev team. It's the fucking spess muhreen fanboy zombies who spout shit like this.

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well maybe if they ever further the plot we will see some of that.
But as it stands now, they are under the level that everyone else is at.

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what else should we be doing? just pushing little tokens that don't represent anything? 40k has a roleplaying dimension to it. As long as they keep in mind that it's just a game, I will encourage neckbeards to shout war cries at the gaming table.

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>this is what imperial-fags actually believe

Compared to what? Necrons and their plot magic-tech? Or Eldar and their 100% powered by mind tech? Or Imperial, who make minimal technological progress and treat it like a fucking religion. Tau are still in the upper echelons of technology, beyond that of humanity.

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Dis nigga getting mad over jokes.

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Given their air superiority, the only reason tau would need titans is to counter other titans. The last time tau faced titans they just nailed bigger railguns on their aircraft and proceeded to blow a titan to pieces.

Enough firepower to destroy a titan, not even anywhere close to the cost/effort required to make one. I'd call that good tech.

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Someone appears to be upset.

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>compared to ...

Exactly. compared to everyone else, their technological level is low. Sorry, but your sarcasm doesn't work.

As for imperials, the sheer fact that they have better technology at their disposal makes them more advanced.

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Explain why you guys get butthurt at the joke that is TIDF?

He's obviously roleplaying and it gets on imperialfags nerves for some reason.

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>what else should we be doing? just pushing little tokens that don't represent anything?

Not being a douche-bag zealot who drives off other players, would be a pretty good start. To fuck with your RP bullshit. Players who don't play spess muhreens or IG already have to deal with a metric fuckton of asshole attitudes from GW itself. The LAST thing they need, are fucking stores full of shit-fags like yourself spouting "hurr heresy, purge xenos!". RP's good and fun, but acting like a douche-waffle to someone just because they picked "the wrong army" to play, is not.

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Man I bet you are an insufferable faggot to be around.

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>As for imperials, the sheer fact that they have better technology at their disposal makes them more advanced.

No... they don't.

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But you weren't mentioning people acting like douchebags, you were mentioning neckbeards shouting slogans.

And as a matter of fact, liking taus is simply incongruous. they're a quite weak embodiment of their constitutive tropes.

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Out titans fly.
And are space proof.
And can carry an army.

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They do.

Do the tau have guns that augment the target's mass?

No they don't.

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The problem is there are dum-dums that spout it seriously

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Imperial here; we could make the same things, but that wouldn't be practical, so, we build a lot of aircrafts, and titans instead.

And yes, warlord titans carry armies.

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But compared to what specifically? The only technological area that tau are factually worse in compared to other races is long-distance space travel, since they don't have psykers and can therefore only make small warp-hops. But combat-wise their spacecraft have already proven to be able to fight imperial craft on equal terms. Their infantry weaponry outclasses that of almost any other race, and it's mobility in the higher echelons (crisis suits, yo). Their air superiority is described at great length during the Taros campaign and their anti-armor capabilities ended up tearing holes in even the toughest of Imperial tanks.

So where, exactly, are the tau "lower" when it comes to technology?

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Imperators are the ones with bunkers in their feet not warlords.

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Doesn't it take like a hundred people to drive one? Or is Relic being silies?

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See? you're not comparing advancement of technology, you're comparing their performances.

You can kill someone with a rock, he can't kill you with a stun gun. Does that mean that rocks are a more advanced technology than stun guns?

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True, warlords have them in their shoulders.

>> No.19805122

even imperators only have a crew of a dozen at the most.

>> No.19805124

doesn't it take at least a hundred people to operate a manta?

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>Imperial here; we could make the same things,
No you couldn't. You can't even fucking build a new type of gun unless an STC is found for it, or the Adeptus Mechanicus gets off it's ass long enough to do something other than chant.

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no they have guns in their shoulders.
Emperor (imperator and warmonger) class titans are the only ones that can transport troops

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Then how do you compare how much more advanced technology is? It's age? Because in that case, your rock comparison turns against you.

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read storm of iron

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8, actually.

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No, you compare it by the amount of knowledge ad understanding of engineering that is necessary to create it.

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Except that figurative 'rock', is the titan. Saying "hurr Tau don't have titans, lower tech" is as fucking idiotic as saying "Necrons have no solid round weaponry, lower tech".

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Technology is only as good as its effective use. Sometimes, the simpler solution is the more advanced one. Technically, we're still throwing rocks... rifles just throw those rocks faster than we could before.

Sunguns aren't that advanced anyways. Nor are biological weapons. Such things existed in ancient times, but the methods of achieving those weapons/means were simply different.


When it stopped looking like a Nazi leather fetishist's wet dream.

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>this thread

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The difference is that tau currently couldn't create titans if they wanted, but necrons could create bolters if they wanted. And Imperials could create mantas if they wanted.

>> No.19805182


once again, you don't measure the advancement of tech by its efficiency.

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There sure is a lot of buttpain in this thread

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And they are goddamn right!
That's what /tg/ says in every mecha thread ever.

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Its all your fault.

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>The difference is that tau currently couldn't create titans if they wanted

Oh god, my sides... you've got your head so far up your own spess muhreen ass, it's fucking hilarious! Are you one of those fanboys who think Eldar are less technologically advanced? Or that Ork tech works on belief and belief alone?

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>And Imperials could create mantas if they wanted.
Imperials can barely push the On rune in the "magic super machine that can creates whatever you want as long as the fluff writers want."

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>Tau aren't capable of building titans
>Imperials could build Mantas if they really wanted

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that's the thing, the imperials CAN'T create mantas because the don't have the knowledge. there is no manta model STC.

sure, the imperials have some more advanced stuff, but with no understanding or knowledge of how any of it works or how to create it independent of the vestiges of their golden age.

the tau understand the tech they use and are constantly improving on it.

they are currently more advanced, even if the imperium was more advanced at one point, because the imperium has regressed while the tau have only progressed.

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Someone sure is mad here

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Not even upset.
It's just funny.

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all this talk of tech level makes me wonder, where would rate Tyranids as far as tech level goes?

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>tau currently couldn't create titans if they wanted
>but necrons could create bolters if they wanted
> And Imperials could create mantas if they wanted
false, the Imperials do not have any understanding of A.I. or ion technology.

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... And how exactly does one measure this?

Given that the Imperium actively avoids researching how their shit works half the time, and bullshits it the other half, they don't help us in any way in their case.

>> No.19805273

>they're a quite weak embodiment of their constitutive tropes.

News flash for you, 40k as a whole is a weak embodiment of all it's tropes. Space Marines most of all, who are every major fail example of "super-soldier" sci-fi wrapped into one laughable abomination and sold to millions of 12yr olds and manchildren.

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false, the Imperials do not have any understanding of A.I. or ion technology.
They have an understanding of AIs, they just strickly refrain from using them
Being allowed to use AIs is one of the main reasons AdMechs desert to the dark mechanicum

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Technology can be measured in two ways: logistical support and reliability, and power/higher principles/elegance. They're worse at both than the Imperium: worse reliability than lasguns, less firepower than meltas/plasma, inferior shields, inferior exotic-physics weapons [like vortex warheads, exterminatus weapons, etc], inferior ships and FTL, etc.

Because Tau gear compromises on the logistical front [something the Tau can only do in the first place because their empire is so small], the Tau can equip their soldiers with the very best gear they have. This presents the illusion of sophistication.

The Imperium has more high-end weapons like plasma rifles than the Tau have soldiers, it simply spreads them across a much larger volume.

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Tau Empire and the Imperium are roughly equal, technology-wise.

The big difference here is that the Tau Empire is small enough that it can give ALL its troops flashy, top of the line weaponry, and then they can dumb it down some to make it reliable and easy to use, and still end up being great.

The Imperium is too big and vast to do that. It has to make do with shitty conditions and impossible logistics. Because of that, it's important that their basic tech can be made in a shed, and produced in great numbers. Your average weapons shipment sent out to IG Regiments could arm an extremely significant portion of the Tau Empire. All the good gear is hoarded jealously and given to the most elite of the elite, and the upper limit on that tech is WAAAAAY more powerful than anything the Tau can muster. An Elite Guard unit with good equipment is probably equal in armaments to the Tau, with the exception of air superiority, which Tau definitely have an advantage in.

>> No.19805301


If we would translate their biological stuff to technology? High. They can pull some pretty insane stunts with what they have (terraforming, deep space travel, blocking out the warp), and hive fleets like Gorgon showed that they can improve on it very rapidly should the need arrive.

>> No.19805302

>AdMechs desert to the dark mechanicum
So... not Imperium.

>> No.19805303

That mostly depends on who they're attacking, since they absorb DNA and recombine and all that. They also actively develop countermeasures against new weapons. So if they're nomming a race they've never encountered before, or fighting new weapons, I imagine they get an explosive period of Tech expansion. The rest of the time they're slower, but still develop new biomorphs on occasion.

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Umm... yes, actually... we do... at least we do in the real world. The more efficient something is, the less resources and time it consumes per output of whatever.

For example, a flat top Ford 4.2L v8 from the 1930's only produced around 110hp while getting abysmal fuel economy. Meanwhile, my Honda 1999 has a 1.6L i4 engine getting 160hp while getting an average of 36mpg from daily driving.

Fuel consumption has gone down, power has gone up, while the engine design has basically stayed the same (using the Otto cycle). The difference is that the ignition system and fuel injection has become more precise (see efficient) over the years.

Efficiency is the true measure of technology.

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the knowladge is there, they just aren't allowed ot use it, but the Imperium could use AIs if they wanted

>> No.19805318

there's a difference between being able to dust off an stc and build an A.I. and knowing how to build one that won't be corrupted and try to kill you.

>> No.19805320


This thread can be summed up as "Imperial-Wank, Xenos Bash Fest: THE THREAD".

>> No.19805334

The Tau's lack of titans is also a matter of pure resources

>> No.19805346

Their home sector is described as rich with resources.

It can't be it.

>> No.19805361

ore that the Tau realize bigger =/= better

>> No.19805372

as far as weapons go they're decently high tech. They have railguns and plasma weapons on both infantry and spaceship scale. They likely have the most advanced logistics tech of all of 40k, they can move billions upon billions tonnes of mass into orbit in a matter of weeks.

>> No.19805374


I see. But on the flipside, the Imperium's higher end weaponry also tends to be less reliable, no? Imperial plasma weaponry is very powerful, but unstable. Potentially killing the user. Tau plasma weaponry is more stable, but sacrifices power to gain that stability.

Same weapon type, different design ethics. One cares for power over safety, the other safety over power. Is one truly more advanced than the other?

>> No.19805376

This is like saying what is more advanced, a somalian warband with plenty of AKs and Toyota technicals who barely know how they work or a bunch on engineer nerds who like to forge and study guns, dress up as some kind of muskeeters and reenact in fake battles

>> No.19805378

Yeah, the difference is one is possible, the other is the men of iron

>> No.19805394


It's rich in resources per area, yes. However, they control a rather small area compared to the rest of the races. The imperium controls at least a hundred times more area than the Tau do. Yes, the Tau may have a resource rich area... but the Imperium make up for it buy simply having a significantly greater volume.

The Imperium can afford to waste resources because it simply has more than it could ever conceivably use. The Tau do not have this luxury so they tend to make their stuff more efficiently and on a budget.

>> No.19805404

that's the thing, the Tau that do know about titans see them as a waste of resources, they don't make titans, they make titan killers

>> No.19805406

the point is the Imperials can't build a reliable A.I. and the Tau can.

>> No.19805417

...or can they?

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>> No.19805424

no, it's the result of inferior weapons, reactors, and weak-ass deflectors instead of proper void shields. And little experience in megascale engineering.

In the fluff, Tau hear about titans and refuse to believe it's possible. Later, a fire caste soldier survives a battle, sees one and *morale broken.*

In the DAoT, colonies were equipped with entire titan legions for self-protection. Even now, the Imperium probably has more titan groups than the Tau have worlds.

>> No.19805431

tau drones have more in common with the geth, than say a terminator

>> No.19805438

I'm reasonably certain there's no conclusive evidence of that. Besides, Tau AI is usually shit - those drones are even worse than actual Tau!

>> No.19805461

They can't, because their doctine and shit prevent it.

Kinda hard to advance technologically when someone walks up behind you, screams HERESY, and shoots you every ten minutes or so, for seemingly irrelevant shit like using the Emprah's name in vain.

>> No.19805471

The Tau "AI" use networked expert-systems, nonsentient-AI, and so on.

The AI the Admech think of are the full oh-shit-exterminatus strong AGI that make Skynet look like a MMO macro.

>> No.19805473

Why would Tau get shot for using the emprah's name in vain? They'd obviously get shot for being foul xenos scum.

>> No.19805477


How so?

>> No.19805480


Titans are space proof and can carry and army. They can't fly, but I guess you could drop a titan on top of an enemy.

Although that's probably only feasible if you're fighting reptilian xeno on a fungus deathworld.

>> No.19805504


read this and be enlightened

>> No.19805510

>In the fluff, Tau hear about titans and refuse to believe it's possible. Later, a fire caste soldier survives a battle, sees one and *morale broken.*

Then they got over it, put the earth caste to work, and ended up with a comparatively dirt-cheap countermeasure that blew up a titan during it's first flight and send the other three running for the hills.

Tau may not build titans, but given how quickly they develop countermeasures, they don't need to. Why waste precious resources when you can build something that can kill it at a fraction of the cost?

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>> No.19805530


Networked intelligence. Tau drones become smarter the more are in a group.

>> No.19805542

A squad of drones are all linked to increase the groups intelligence over thier own individual level.

>> No.19805553

How smart can they get?

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>mfw primitives arguing over technology

In all honesty, Tau tech is inferior by a large stretch than the higher levels of Imperial tech.
The Imperium has:
-power armor that matches the power of what Tau have to create a crisis suit to match
-Nova canons
-real warp drives
-void shields
-conversion beams
-personal force fields with generators the size of a water bottle

The tau may only seem more advanced because their baseline troops are gained better access to their most advanced tech and they don't have to deal with the logistical nightmare of having to arm, supply and maintain a million worlds.

The advanced tau aesthetic is simply an aesthetic, their technology is just simple practical principles and uniformity as a result of their empire incredibly small size.

>> No.19805559

first off the Tau use A.I. in more things than just drones, second so far there have been no A.I. uprisings in the Tau Empire.
I'm reasonably certain you're talking out of your ass. and using drones as the standard by which you judge the A.I. the Tau use would be like me saying "look at the Imperial lasgun what an unimpressive amount of firepower it has all Imperial weapons suck!"

>> No.19805564

>And Imperials could create mantas if they wanted.


>> No.19805580


This is why modern militaries still use snipers. Spend money to train a guy, then a few cents for a bullet. He can then prevent a rather expensive and drawn out conflict by smearing someone's brains over the wall.

>> No.19805606

Also, drones are mass produced shit, because tau can make things to be efficiently mass produced despite anything tg made up.

>> No.19805607


The Dark Heresy threat books refer to "schismaticals," dormant information patterns in Admech archive-worlds that can become self-aware, replicate and assume direct control of machinery and implants. Sometimes they replicate exponentially like a networked virus, sometimes they hide, plot, and build their own factories and power base.

The Admech consider them a major threat, but not one worth destroying a world for. If rotting, busted Admech libraries have better AI than the prime efforts of the Tau military, how much better must actual Admech electronic warfare be? Or actual exterminatus-level AI?

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tau can definitely do power armour, pic related.

And crisis suits are more akin to power armour than mechs

>> No.19805626

The way I see it:
The Tau is more advanced as a race than The Imperium, because they understand their technology more.
Imperium tech is more advanced than Tau tech.

Have I got this right?

>> No.19805633



Ok, could someone answer a question for me? What the fuck are digital weapons? I seem to be hearing this term thrown around a lot.

>> No.19805638

Xenos Sympathizer

>> No.19805646

Considering how large of a target a titan is, they probably think that it's a large waste of resources compared to building a larger number of suits or other vehicles. In game terms, a Tau player can field up to 10 broadsides for the same value of a Warhound class titan. Against a Warlord, they can have 34 broadsides.

Now, the book I'm looking at may be a bit old, but the Warlord has 9 structure points and 6 void shields...34 railgun shots that reroll misses will put a serious damper on that titan without the danger of exploding. Meanwhile, a loss of a squad of broadsides isn't a major problem, and it's much easier to transport the surviving squads to other battles. So why would they bother with a titan at that point? What is there to gain from creating such a massive target?

>> No.19805650

pretty much
But not that much. The average firewarrior doesn't understand the technology he's using much better than the average imperial citizen, he's just not superstitious about it.

>> No.19805669

their really small weapons usually hidden inside bits of jewellery like rings (this is where they get the name digital weapons) but they can easily match or exceed the power of a lasgun.

>> No.19805671

Rings that integrate weapons. Usually created by jokaeros. Which means you can effectively wear five laser cannons on one hand.

>> No.19805672

they are weapons that are made by non-sentient space monkeys

>> No.19805681

Basically it's a term for hidden, tiny, powerful, one shot lasers in rings and jewelry and shit made by xenos Jokaero. Well, today they're made by Jokaero. They were once made by Man, but their production is lost.

>> No.19805685

They give them power weapon battlesuits in epic http://www.sg.tacticalwargames.net/fanatic/82gs.pdf

>> No.19805693

It's a non-Imperial weapon that is miniaturized, high-powered and energy based. They often take the form of Rings, or jewelry. It is 100% NOT Imperial in the slightest, and crafted by Jokaero, the technology mimic space-orangutangs. For whatever reason, GW (er... THAT GUY) decided they should be part of an Inquisitorial Henchmen), but they are not Imperial-aligned, and have no actual society of their own. Jokaero build from instinct, and their tech cannot be duplicated by the Imperium.

>> No.19805697
File: 508 KB, 1374x980, Leman_Russ_Specs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Many of the Imperium’s systems are poorly understood, resulting in less than optimal battlefield performance

>There have been no true advances in Imperial science for nearly 12,000 Tau’cyr

>A fearsome appearance is no ward against right intention, this armour is easily penetrated by superior Tau weaponry

>The Imperium utilise a system of construction based upon the advanced templates of their ancestor civilisation. This little knowledge is often applied without consideration, and inferior materials used in manufacture

>Contemplation of the mechanisms of Imperial technology have revealed to our Earth Caste that humanity once possessed a higher scientific understanding of the universe than now. They are a deluded race, worshipping the artefacts of their ancestors as if they live. Such weakness of reason can only hope to further the cause of the Greater Good.

>> No.19805700
File: 20 KB, 213x284, 12431241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's really hilarious when people attempt to make sense of WH40K.

RULE 1#:WH40K has FUCKING MAGIC. why are you guys arguing about tech when clearly magic is involved in this universe and has shown to be in the tech itself, especially Eldar tech.

>> No.19805701

rings [worn on the fingers or implanted in eyes] with pistol-level firepower [las, plasma, needler, etc].

>> No.19805703

Thanks, you are working for peace on /tg/.
It's a desperate fight, but thanks.

>> No.19805708


the adeptus mechanicus managed to replicate digital weapons, though.

>> No.19805709

Smart enough to be given an order and work completely independently from there on to accomplish their objective, able to react to differing circumstances, and improvise solutions.

Basically, about as 'smart' as the average squad of troops, but with the benefit of wirelessly sharing information. I imagine that adding more drones to a squad than, say eight (the largest gun drone squad size) is probably counterproductive: You may have more processors working to figure out a task, but more data shared means more data to analyze as well.

>> No.19805710

The tau built the tiger shark for the sole purpose of trolling titans IIRC.

>> No.19805717

Titans are also psycological weapons, both for improving friendly moral and damaging your enemies. They carry hugely power weapons that they can more effectively use with their height than a similarly armed tank.
That and its just about the admech saying their tech penis is bigger.

>> No.19805723


not only. Some digital weapons can integrate heavy flamers/laser cannons/plasma cannons

>> No.19805743

No, they enslave Jokaero to build them. Digi-weapons have always been Jokearo built. It's their trademark, and has been that way since RT era fluff. Though Digi-weapons are not the full extent of what they can build. They can literally build anything, though are non-sentient and build from instinct alone. Most prominent instinctual motivation being survival. Which is why it's laughable for them to be "allied" (read: enslaved) by the Inquisition.

>> No.19805750

DH specifies that some digital weapons are made by admech magos.

>> No.19805752

but their war bling isn't as good, it can't kill tanks.

>> No.19805764


True. The lack of psykers has hampered their warp experience and anything attached to it.

Again, true. Though it serves to note the Imperium has lost much of this knowledge as well, and is mostly just working of what they have left.

Neither can the Imperium. They are fully reliant on the Jokaero for this.

True, however they have plenty of weapons that achieve similar results.

Given that power weapons are mostly melee, and tau eschew melee, this should not come as a surprise.

True. Though their battlesuits have similar durability and much more mobility. Not to mention one does not need to go through extensive genetic modifications to make optimal use of it.

False. Tau tech is specifically called anti-grav and highly advanced on multiple occasions. The landing gear is for safety and efficiency purposes.

Now, two can play this game, here's a list of what the imperium "can't do":

Ion weaponry.
Safe and stable plasma technology.
Pulse weaponry.
Neutron weaponry.

>> No.19805772

That's Fantasy Flight.

Digi-weapons are Jokaero made, and always have been. Though it wouldn't be surprising for me to see Ad-Mechs trying to steal the credit and claiming they built it. Digi-weapons are a wonder, and not capable of being replicated.

>> No.19805777

Imperial warships use railguns, but as far as I know the imperium has no infantry/tank scale railguns.

>> No.19805788

Convert a Kroot to look similar to a predator and use him as your Marbo stand in.

>> No.19805791

It's published with the approval of games workshop, therefore, it's canon.

>> No.19805803

Didn't the tau cure the Genestealer infection? i remember TIDF talking about it.

Doesn't that imply the Tau have better medical tech?

>> No.19805804


I'd like to point out, that Teleporters and Force Fields are both technologies that the Imperium has, but are nowhere near as effective or powerful as the versions the Orks make (who are masters of Force Field tech on a large scale). And Orks are widely considered to be one of the technologically inferior races.

>> No.19805808

>We can make something practical and efficient, but we're fucking retarded and don't.

>> No.19805811

I think they may have been referred as "alien technologies" without any precision for a time, when GW wasn't sure if they should or shouldn't retcon them. I personally think they should.
The new GK dex almost say nothing about them though.

>> No.19805819

No titans is a point in the Tau's favor. Titans are horribly inefficient, and one might even argue, for all their power, ineffective.

Comparatively, a squadron of hammerheads is cheaper, faster, more maneuverable, and can pick apart a titan with their railguns. Massive savings in everything except durability: short of getting in there with a powerfist, you're just not going to damage titans with infantry weaponry.

When they need truly superheavy vehicles, the Tau just bring in something they're already mass-producing: Their little space fighters and bombers. You know them as Tigersharks and Mantas.

>> No.19805821

no they didn't

>> No.19805838
File: 156 KB, 367x1167, Jaya (DW - The Achilus Assault).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19805841


You act like they're going to start trying to set the people ablaze for playing Tau armies. It's all in good fun for the most part. Anyone that would seriously call out other players as heretics would have to be the of the highest order of aspies.

>> No.19805848

So is the fact that Orks do not clap their hands and believe, and do not (nor can they) use the-waaagh to fly a jet without fuel, or fire bullets from a metal pipe shaped like a gun. Yet that doesn't stop fucktards who don't pay attention to fluff outside of Imperial.

In any case, the Ad-Mech do claim to be able to make Digi-Weapons, but I believe it was stated in old fluff that they're really just taking credit for what otherwise is Jokaero "wonder-tech".

>> No.19805861

>Ion weaponry.
the Imperium not only has this, it's fitted on starships.
>Safe and stable plasma technology.
the default Imperial reactor is plasma, and Imperial plasma weapons are more powerful than Tau weapons.
servo-skulls do the same thing, at a much smaller size.
>Pulse weaponry.
bolters do the same, but are more reliable and powerful.
why even bother?
SM power armor and Terminator armor
>Neutron weaponry.
rad cleansers
laser sights are used for mid-level handheld weapons by organizations that don't have proper targeters, and totally unnecessary for smart weapons like HK missiles.
Imperial cloaking is superior to Tau cloaking: harder to see, more compact, and less totally pointless ozone.

Cry harder.

>> No.19805869
File: 1.48 MB, 1800x1900, eldarpwn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jokaero build from instinct, and their tech cannot be duplicated by the Imperium.

They are left-overs from the war in heaven, a reace designed by the Old Ones to try and build tech to fight Necrons. Not realizing fighting Necrons with tech is like trying to throw water on a grease fire, you just can't win.

Needless to say the Old Ones are dead, their creations that weren't out right killed were lost without their guidence and devolved into sociopaths with a love for pugilism (Orks), Monkeys making sheild generators out of scraps to have something comfy to sleep on (Jokaero), or Hedonistic bipolars whose psychic prowess lead to the creation of a chaos god of cumming to death (Eldar).
At least the Jokaero were kind enough to just wander off and not fuck up everything for everybody.

ITT the Old Ones were chumps and everyone suffered from their recklessness and the incompetence of their walking abortions.

>> No.19805894
File: 30 KB, 346x500, 213783_md-Dreadknight, Grey Knights, Haters, Humor..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19805906


>> No.19805929

>personal force fields with generators the size of a water bottle

A refractor field generator (5++) fits into an officers gorget, a rosarius (4++) into a badge of officer, such as an aquila or crux terminus trinket.

Other Imperial things:
-PDA's as books.
-Self-recharging power cells (lasgun).
-Engines that run on anything combustible (leman russ).
-Ability to move planets (the Moon is on a geosynchronous orbit over the Imperial Palace).
-Nano-technology (bloodtide, nanotendrites).
-Mind-to-machine interface (be it Marines and their armour or techpriests tapping into a machine and reprogramming it with their minds) that does not drive their users insane, unlike Tau battlesuits.
-Akashic Reader, which can access the sum of all knowledge.
-Active camoflage (cameleoline).

The list goes on.

Just because most Imperials treat tech like magic and it's crude, does not mean it does not contain pretty awesome tech. You think Tau tech could last for hundreds, if not thousands of years of warfare? Or be buried for millennia and be in a working order when dug up?

People often forget that the Tau empire is miniscule in the galactic scale. There's probably more conversion beamers in the galaxy than pulse rifles, they're just spread so think you're less likely to come across any. Tau are small in number, so it makes sense to give them good stuff. They got the resources for it. Once you're as spread as the Imperium, manpower becomes a great resource and throwing dudes at the problem becomes far simpler solution than trying to figure everything out.

>> No.19805933

Then what is this? You liar!



>> No.19805954

some fluff that I haven't seen before.

>> No.19805993
File: 200 KB, 816x880, DSC_0034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19805998


Shame on you.


>> No.19806007

And more than half that stuff they did not, nor could they, design on their own. The Ad-Mech are fucking religious zealots. They do not understand a lot of the basics behind what they do, and mostly follow repetition or STCs. The Predator Annihilator was originally scorned by them as 'heretical', and unreliable, after the Space Yiffs created the design by tearing out the weaponry and mounting Longfang Lascannons on the thing. Nearly a hundred years later, when many marine chapters had already followed the Space Wolf's idea, the Ad-Mech comes forward twirling their mustaches and claiming the STC allowed this new variant all along, and claimed they were the first to discover and sanction it.

>> No.19806014

>Mind-to-machine interface (be it Marines and their armour or techpriests tapping into a machine and reprogramming it with their minds) that does not drive their users insane, unlike Tau battlesuits.
Battlesuits don't drive their user insane, they just stop being able to function outside of it properly, which isn't something marines or techpriests have to worry about.

>> No.19806020

If deys so gud ow'd da shiny boyz Krump'em so gud?

>> No.19806037


The problem wasn't that the AdMech COULDN'T make that design, it's that they DIDN'T, so they had to shit on whoever did. Monopoly on innovation, not zero innovation.

The Catholic Church already had a halfway-decent idea that Terra orbited Sol. Galileo fucked up by throwing it out there as, "GOD, WHY YOU SO STUPID, POPE? ANY MORON CAN SEE EARTH GO AROUND SUN!"

>> No.19806077

No... developing new tech, and designing something new and improved, are not what the Ad-Mech is about. They can't even create new STCs, and use them predominantly throughout the Imperium. The Ad-Mech can only copy. The basis of their order is one of repetition, and traditions... not of advancement and progressive innovation.

>> No.19806093



>> No.19806111

>yet another butthurt Imperial-fag thread trying to make themselves out to be better at everything, yet again...

*yawn*... god forbid the Imperium isn't the best at something...

>> No.19806135

>Safe and stable plasma technology.

Executioner main cannon does not overheat. Hell, so far the only case of plasma weaponry actually exploding and damaging the user is a techpriest's
plasma pistol getting damaged by shrapnel and the venting system jamming shut, resulting in an explosion.


Servo-skulls, tanks capable of fighting on their own (land raider). Years even.

>Pulse weaponry.

Offset of plasma technology.


Nova cannons use railgun technology. Imperium doesn't really have need for such weaponry in infantry use, since they got just as good weapons already. Just like Tau have no use for power weapons.


Why would they bother with big battlesuits, when power armour is just as good?

>Neutron weaponry.

Valdor's neutron laser, which doesn't need crystals and vespids to work.


I might as well say Tau don't have radios. Imperium might not have built their doctrines as keenly around networked targeting, but they have range finders, laser marking, etc. One of the IG commands has the commander designate a target, and the shooting unit gets bonuses for destroying them.


Active camoflage is a thing in the Imperium.

>> No.19806159

You know whose fault is it?

>> No.19806185

stop repeating your self, this is turning childish

>> No.19806204
File: 332 KB, 1179x1047, admech-stupid-v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right, because the fluff specifically says Admech is the one place that knows SCIENCE! and value knowledge above all else.

Right, because losing the ability to function normally, even when there's nothing physically wrong with you, is totally normal. When is the last time techpriests or Marines lost their bearings when they weren't jacked to their armour/machines?

Correction: Better than the Tau. Eldar and Necrons are way beyond human technology. Even orks have some fancy things others don't have. They got nice force fields and their teleportation technology is good enough to work as a weapon.

>> No.19806220

>The Ad-Mech can only copy.

Four marks of power armour since the beginning of the Heresy. Try again.

The AdMech innovates and adapts. It just does so very, VEEEERY slowly. Yes, they've lost a whole lot, so there are entire wings of the organization devoted to rediscovering all the shit they used to know. A powerful and learned Magos understands quite a bit about the mechanical workings of the technology he employs. It's the entry-tier acolytes and tech-priests that are of the hoot-smack-on-button-with-dong variety.

>> No.19806231
File: 2 KB, 126x46, Hai there.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19806239
File: 270 KB, 800x1179, admech-new-shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New, non-STC tech since HH.

>> No.19806262

not just power armour. The entire line of "modern" warships where designed post heresy by the admech.

>> No.19806264

didn't ward just reinvigorate the necron's fluff and rules.

>> No.19806274


What do you call a Ward with no arms and no legs lying in front of a door?

>> No.19806287


I picked the most obvious example.

Regardless, I'm pretty far from an IoMfag, and even I know that the AdMech isn't completely and utterly hidebound. They're not tear-assing along at breakneck speeds like the Tau, but that's partially because that exact behavior has gotten them fucked over in the past.

>> No.19806299

He stole their warpless FTL for NO RAISEN.


>> No.19806314

Yeah... over the course of several thousand years. And there hasn't been many improvements during that time!

>> No.19806335

>Four marks of power armour since the beginning of the Heresy

>Ten thousand years +
>4 marks of power armor

>> No.19806343

slow innovation is still innovation.

>> No.19806353
File: 183 KB, 800x800, 1317358225599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The AdMech never makes anything new!
>It took a really long time!

Give up, and be glad you're on 4chan, where you can slink off from this thread and not have your failure hung around your neck like an albatross.

>> No.19806371

It took one weapon design 800 years to go from blueprints to field testing.

The admech does still innovate, but like the Adeptus Terra it's an absurdly slow bureaucracy.

>> No.19806383

>Ponderously slow innovation, is barely considered innovation at all

1 thousand years ago we had simple bolt-action rifles, and the most innovative invention was the combustion engine. Ten thousand fucking years, and all the ad-mech can produce is a new starship design based around old-world naval strategies, 4 marks of power armor, and a few new minor improvements. You can call that "innovation" if you want, I call it "fucking stupidity".

>> No.19806388

To be honest, you still have to remind that
- some innovations has been made despite the AdMech more than thanks to it
- most innovations are just using the modularity of STC (switching a weapon is not a very great "innovation")
- some innovations are in fact downgrade of oldest models, because they lost some needed technologies

>> No.19806392

Why is it whenever I see that image, the first thing that comes to mind is a caption saying "40k is No Fun Zone"?

>> No.19806399

because 40k fluff is srs fukin business.

>> No.19806406

Your point? Two on the list are some form of traitor, so they can do whatever the fuck they want, the third are under an inquisitor and can do whatever the fuck they want.

But yeah there are several ways to do this
1. Renegade Guardsmen who looted Tau
2. Chaos Guardsmen who looted Tau
3. Inquisitorial inducted Guard forces (presumably Ordo xenos)
4. Well indoctrinated former Imperial world

The first two loot the Tau and are enemies of the Imperium anyway, the third don't have to follow the rules as closely due to being under an inquisitor, the fourth could have been the first or one of the first human worlds conquered by the Tau and now be deemed loyal enough to use Tau tech.

If you want to make an army for 1,2, and 4 you should just use pure Tau, perhaps with some allied Guard, for number 3 you can also add in Grey Knights as allies, using Coteaz as your inquisitor, and a couple of squads of warrior acolytes.

>> No.19806416

>The AdMech never makes anything new!

And often not even an improvement done by the Ad-Mech themselves. You don't seriously believe they were fully responsible for 4 new marks of power armor, do you?

>> No.19806418
File: 29 KB, 480x296, 1296432504463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's called being hidebound. It's called "the last time we underwent a technology asplosion, said technology nearly wiped us clean from the face of the universe".

THE ADMECH MAKES NEW SHIT. This is inarguable. They then take several centuries to vet it, field test it, determine whether or not it's going to GET UP AND KILL EVERYONE, and do a cost/benefit/logistics analysis -vs- what they're fielding right now.

This whole diversion was prompted by:
>No... developing new tech, and designing something new and improved

Demonstrably false. Good day, sir.

>> No.19806421

>-Ability to move planets (the Moon is on a geosynchronous orbit over the Imperial Palace).
>move planets. moon.
>planet. moon.


>> No.19806422

>because 40k fluff should not be fun for anyone but Imperial

Oh right... I almost forgot.

>> No.19806440


Guys. I play Orks. I just dislike the perpetuation of dumb. This whole subthread's right up there with "HURR TAU STERILIZE ALL GUE'VASA!"

>> No.19806446

Well that's a fairly pessimistic and negative outlook. I'm glad I'm not a part of the gaming group that gave it to you.

>> No.19806454

But..they do sterilize them...

>> No.19806458


>> No.19806463

>They then take several centuries to vet it
Care to try again? Try more like a mllennium. Anything that takes between 0.5 to 1 millenniums to be approved and sanctioned as 'new tech', is hardly fucking new tech. And it rarely, if ever, is by the Ad-Mech design. The vast majority of "new shit", is done completely rogue and then later accepted (read: 500+ years later) by the Ad-Mechs in a "Just as planned!" style. Case in point, Predator Annihilator, and for that matter most Marine related "new" equipment in general.

>> No.19806468
File: 92 KB, 178x222, 1341260727986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.19806479


>> No.19806487

1000 years ago: we had wheels and spears
now: computers and nukes
100 years more: AI, and then everyone was disassembled for computronium

Evolution doesn't reward innovation, it rewards survival. It's no surprise that in an even crazier universe where demons can possess your computer, people who like to survive do a lot of bug-testing, even when it takes centuries. So what if some rituals are hogwash? Some are important, and the testing required to see the difference can get you killed.

The human innovators are already dead. Why do the Tau innovate so much? Because they simply don't have the level of tech -AI tech, or warp-tech- required for innovation to become deadly.

>> No.19806488

why do all the gue'vesa threads on /tg/ turn into imperial cockwaving?

>> No.19806495

calm down children

>> No.19806508
File: 80 KB, 178x222, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19806509

Because the Tau are a minor empire with low tech that happens to have clean lines and glowy lights. Cool minor-empires with genuinely advanced technology like the Slaugh don't have codexes.

>> No.19806511

because thats the way it goes.

>> No.19806512

You know whose to blame?

>> No.19806514

So in other words Tau haven't made any advancements either, since all their "new" battlesuits and weapon systems are just old ones with improvements. Nothing new, just redesigned old stuff.

>> No.19806518

Because that's all that any 40k thread turns into. Imperial cock-waving contest, by the largest group of self-entitled fanboys you an find.

>> No.19806525

Imperial fanboys.

>> No.19806529

The Slaught are worm people.

NOBODY FINDS WORMS COOL. They're icky and disgusting.

>> No.19806531
File: 73 KB, 413x500, 1309743023050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19806539

Or the Slann, who still exist and who even taught the Eldar stuff.

>> No.19806540

Aren't digital weapons made by the Jokerao?

>> No.19806547

Who the fuck cares about the Tau!? NOBODY in 40k fucking makes anything truly "new" or technological improvements.

>> No.19806555

Yes, but imperial fags like to pretend they have a monopoly on them, and that the ad-mech isn't just taking credit for the digi-weapons.

>> No.19806558

The Slann are savages and token pets of the Eldar.

They don't even have an empire of their own.

And they're bloody Frogs. Real men don't play as Frogs THEY EAT THEM!

>> No.19806568

>talking about real men...
>in a 40k thread.

Oh you...

>> No.19806570

What about the New series of suits and the advanced rifles the Tau used on the Gorgon nids?

>> No.19806574
File: 46 KB, 184x208, Kommando.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19806579

Then the Hrud. They bend time, bend space, and their muskets teleport plasma through the Warp to inside the target.

Much more advanced than the Tau, but they don't have glowy lights, so they must be inferior.

>> No.19806585

Wait a second.

Which race has the best teleport tech.

The Orks or the Necrons?

>> No.19806588

[citation needed]
And xenology doesn't count for shit.

>> No.19806594
File: 20 KB, 1289x217, musket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have muskets?

>> No.19806597

Hey, hey, hey, man, they might be a minor Empire, but the most important thing about them is that they have great potential.
I'm no fluff expert, but most other alien races likey live looking over their shoulder hoping the Imperium doesn't come knocking on their door. Not the Tau. It's them and the Tyranids and the maybe the Necrons who have real potential to fuck up the Status Quo. They've stared down a Crusade fleet, and survived, quite a feat in it self. And they don't serve anyone but themselves, save some super-meta-Elrand-manipulation.
Sure the Imperium COULD crush the Empire, just like it COULD obliterate the Hive Fleets , stomp on all the Tomb Worlds, and finally crush the Traitor Legions.
But the Imperium has to face ALL of them at once. That it's doing so is a testimate to it's might, but i tell you, the days of the Imperium are numbered.

>> No.19806598

Gameplay, Necrons.

In fluff, the Orks are right up there with them, though it's used more as a weapon than anything else.

Force-fields on the other hand, is definitely Orks. That's their 'shtick', weapon or no.

>> No.19806599

Slann are rumoured to have created the Jokaero and had their fingers in the manipulation/creation of various species.

While their empire is a shadow of what it was, they still exist and have enough good stuff to remain a mystery to outsiders and keep their own regions.

>And they're bloody Frogs

They're Lizardmen in space.

>> No.19806607

The Hrud are savage nomadic parasites. They don't have an empire of their own and they look like crap!

Nobody would play them!

>> No.19806629

What's wrong with the Xenology. I saw people calling it non-canon and whatever.

Why is that?

>> No.19806636

FFG, the fluff books, the codexes, etc.

The appeal of the Tau is a noblebright race for people who liked Star Trek, certain aesthetics, and the heresy of progress.

The way it fits into the preexisting 40k setting is because ignorance is bliss. The Tau are only able to be hopeful because they're a tiny isolated island. They can only progress because they're so far behind that they aren't even able to hurt themselves.

The Imperium, Eldar, and other old races burned their fingers on the furnace of technology and are now careful with it on a civilizational level.

The Tau are kids flicking a lighter flint, thinking that since the sparks don't hurt, forest fires are a myth.

>> No.19806637

They don't have an empire that we know off. Not so long ago Necrons were just random space skeletons and now they're a race with a bigger empire than the Imperium.

As for playing with shit, Skavens and Nurgle sees action even when their selling points are rot and puss.

>> No.19806653
File: 61 KB, 165x200, 1335577547311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything is equally canon in 40k, even stuff that contradicts itself and is made to accommodate generous amounts of homebrewing

Even so you people insist on arguing fluff. mfw

>> No.19806654

Did anyone answer OP's question?

>> No.19806657
File: 15 KB, 269x148, hrud-fusil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hrud fusil from Inquisitor rulebook.

>> No.19806664

>bigger empire than the Imperium
they're as fragmented as the orkz.

>> No.19806675


Not fragmented,it's waking up slowly.

>> No.19806681

Each Necron Lord has his own slice and thinks they're the ones to rule the whole shibang. On the bright side we now have a fluff reason for necrons to fight.

>> No.19806682

Some pieces of the art didn't match what was said elsewhere or even the text in the book itself.

And then there's the whole thing about making it fairly clear that Ethereals have alien organs implanted on their heads to spread pheromones and control Tau through them, which naturally is poison to any proper Taufag.

>> No.19806687

There are multiple Dynasties ruling the Necrons, they sometimes work together, but they aren't one big happy family.

>> No.19806696

Fine I treat 40K discussion like I am in bible study. contradictions, revisions, weak canon, strong canon, and all of that

Before I can craft my own version of 40K I must know what is the weak and strong canon. So tell me why is the Xenology considered weak canon by a lot of people.

>> No.19806704

Oh Thanks.

I get it now.

>> No.19806705

It's in FFG too.

In the Badab War books, the Star Phantoms chapter are noted as having their homeworld destroyed by a Hrud migration. They abandoned the planet and fled, thus achieving the "honor" of being one of a very few groups who survived a Hrud migration.

The Hrud also defeated the Iron Hands on several occasions, have relations with the Eldar, and worship an Old One shattered into shards by Slaanesh.

>> No.19806708

That's the thing though, everything is equally canon. There is no "Weak and strong"

>> No.19806732

The Eldar are the remains of a crumbled empire
from their ashes the Imperium of Man rose, which is currently in the process crumbeling as well.
From the IoM ashes the Tau Empire will arise.

Which will then again crumble in some undefined time in the future.

Thats the cycle.

thats the way things are and its painfully obvious.
Why do some people still dont understand that?

The eldar are past it, the IoM is currently living through it and the Tau Empire will face it in the future.
Thats what the entire setting is basically about. The inability of maintaning a galaxy wide empire.

>> No.19806741

Well, yes, but they had millions of worlds while the Imperium has a million. Not bad for some space undead raiders with 4 models originally (warrior, immortal, scarab and destroyer).

So, we can't be sure just what the Hrud have based on some random robed scavengers. The Imperium is spread thin with thousands of light-years between sectors, housing untold number of alien empires and dangers.

>> No.19806761

One 40K book says that etherials are pyskers

The tau codex says the tau have no pyskers

Which one you are likely to believe? There is weak and strong canon.

You ignore the weak and work with the strong or else you gonna get yourself in really big mess like this thread!

>> No.19806771

Rulebooks and Codecies = strong canon

FFG, Black Library , videogames and other third party shit = weak canon

weak canon that in some or more points contradicts strong canon = ultra weak canon

example: xenology stating that Tau Etherials have human feet eventhough their codex and the official models obviously prove that they have hooves, like any other tau subspecies.

>> No.19806792

By the time the Eldar fell, humanity was already spread across the galaxy and moved past the DAoT, when humanity sported insane technology.

The Tau would really have to get the lead out to rise as a galactic powerhouse after the Imperium. Especially as they're not that big nor advanced compared to other alien empires.

It's already common knowledge humanity is on their way out, but who'll take their place is still up for grabs. Tau are holding their own, but imagine them facing just Orks and Tyranids on their own without humanity drawing majority of everyone's fire.

>> No.19806796
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>> No.19806811

Which one says they're psykers?

And you do realize it just takes one codex to make them psykers, right?

>> No.19806832

>You ignore the weak and work with the strong or else you gonna get yourself in really big mess like this thread!
Why do you think this thread exists?

>> No.19806841

>By the time the Eldar fell, humanity was already spread across the galaxy and moved past the DAoT
yes but the Eldar were the still THE empire.

Untill the great fall of course. After that the IoM was the great glorious empire. Untill the great Heresy of course.
And now its the Taus turn. Interestingly they are relatively safe against the dangers that corrupted the former 2 empires.
No Psykers means no Chaos God birth and the philosophy of the greater good in addition to the Etherial Ruling caste makes a Heresy as magnificient as the Horus Heresy impossible or at least not as fatal for the empire.

>> No.19806856


>> No.19806861

>No Psykers means no Chaos God birth


>> No.19806898

Because OP asked a question.

Just an example. I could have mentioned the Goto Books instead if you want.

Yes, It would take a Codex to change the established fluff. Because being the strongest of them all it trumps EVERYTHING!

>> No.19806910

Farsight did not hurt the empire in the slightest bit. It was just a commander who took some of his troops with him.

Horus split the entire Imperium of Man in two, something which the IoM still struggles with to this very day.

This wont happen to the Tau Empire because their Nature isnt perfect breeding ground for personal pride, mistrust and jealousy. And neither can the Tau get crippled by slaying their one glorious emperor, because they got a thousand of glorious emperors watching out for them, they are always well guided.

and THAT is the real appeal of the Tau. They are a race that can still do good.

>> No.19806912

>Eldar were still THE empire
Except they weren't. They were largely relegated to what is currently the Eye of Terror, while humanity controlled numerous planets across the galaxy. Hell the Great Crusade was mostly a war to unite humanity, the xenos races found were relatively few and far between.

>> No.19806980

>Implying Tau are incorruptable and unaffected by the powers of the warp.

How is this the Tau's time, when they're a puny little empire in the far reaches of the galaxy with little to no weight behind them? If the Imperium fell, Tyranids and Orks would plunder the galaxy and the Tau could never muster enough space and resources to move them out of the way. No, but the time the Imperium falls, they need to have established such a strong hold on the galaxy that they can swoop in and claim the galaxy in few centuries.

Remember, between the Fall and the Great Crusade, warp travel was nigh impossible, so Orks and other nasty evils could not move in for the kill that fast. We also didn't have Tyranids and Necrons to deal with, and the Eldar were in shambles. Not to forget the hordes of Chaos within the Eye.

No, when the Imperium falls, Chaos forces, Orks, Tyranids and Necrons will be the ones fighting for the galaxy. Rumors have it (some of) the Eldar have placed great trust in the Tau, but what this means is unclear. It'll take more than a tiny empire with fancy tech to take over the galaxy, especially the state it's in right now.

>> No.19806988
File: 12 KB, 196x226, hahaha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh /tg/, this thread made my morning.

I'll have to start fanboy wars more often.

>> No.19807010

> The Imperium, Eldar, and other old races burned their fingers on the furnace of technology and are now careful with it on a civilizational level.
Except that just plain wrong. Psy bullshit burned them. technologies make them powerful, but their mind brink them down.

Except we don't know shit about pre Age of strife period. We know the Eye of Terror is where was the most important and original point of their empire but they could have worlds in the whole galaxy while human and other have theirs too. Just like the Imperium have worlds everywhere while alien races exist even in the Solar Segmentum. The Imperium is full of holes.

>> No.19807066

>They are a race that can still do good.

You can't fool me.

Get your trip back on TIDF!

>> No.19807079

Orkz are the best race. No one argues stupid shit about their fluff. In canon, after Soulstorm, one of their warbosses ended up jumping back in time ten minutes when he attempted to go off. He saw his ship, and attacked himself.

He did not team up, or argue, or think on what to do. He rammed his ship into his other selves' ship for the big dakka gun he had so he could have two.

Face it: other races are hardly more complex than Orkz, and Orkz don't spend time crying about the fluff cause that's muckin about.

>> No.19807108



(No one actually believes this.)

>> No.19807118


The Orks are no better. People have intense rage battles about the actual effects of their WAAAGH powers.

And don't forget that ORKS AS HUGE AS PLANETS bullshit some retard orkfags vomit out.

>> No.19807146

The laughable part, is that the Ork fans aren't the ones who perpetuate the 'Orks as big as planets', or "hurr Waaagh allows for reality-breaking miracles!" The longtime Ork fans are the ones who's general responses are "that's not quite how it works..."

>> No.19807153
File: 1021 KB, 1279x1023, ss_ork_sisters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In canon, after Soulstorm, one of their warbosses ended up jumping back in time ten minutes when he attempted to go off. He saw his ship, and attacked himself.
>after Soulstorm
Wait, what. I have no idea where you got that from. The accidental time-travel incident is from the 4th edition Ork codex.

>> No.19807176


Actually, I haven't played since 3rd edition, so I was just going off what I read. Still, muckin about, not enough dakka, etc.

>> No.19807179

>Gorgutz with wings
If he ever returns, I sincerely want this to happen.

>> No.19807199

Xenology never stated that the tau have human feet. It was only an incorrectly drawn image of them. In fact, if you read the actual description of the body, it describes them as having cloven feet.

>> No.19807232


But ORKS AS BIG AS PLANETS are theoretically legit. The Great Crusade had warbosses that stood as tall as smaller Titans. There's no known upper endpoint to their growth. The likelihood of any Ork surviving long enough (and still getting into meaningful scraps) to get to PLANETOID HEUG is impossibly low.

>Waaagh allows for reality-breaking miracles!

Reality BENDING. Get a billion Orks believing it, you get a pretty good arc on that bend. The problem is getting a billion Orks to focus on ANYTHING for longer than an eyeblink.

>> No.19807259

4th ed codex has the accidental timetravel. Warboss ends up coming across himself prior to setting off on his Waaagh. He kills himself so he can have 2 versions of his favorite gun, and effectively erases himself from existence in a causality mess.

It's one of the (many) 'hurr durr' slapstick shit-fluff in the 4e codex. Another fine example is the idea that the only way Orks travel through the galaxy, is haphazardly using ONLY the completely random destinations that Space Hulks travel to. Nevermind that Gothic cemented the idea that not only do Orks build actual space-craft, but that they do not need a Space Hulk to get from System A to System B. The 4e codex for Orks is pretty fucking shit-tier on fluff, with a lot of it just being really old re-hashes or copy-paste from RT era.

>> No.19807274

The selling point is a combination of the ideas that
1) while everyone else in the Galaxy is slowly falling apart, the Tau are still growing and expanding.

2) They have less-advanced big guns and ships, but in a straight fight they are powerful enough to hold their own and win, even against superior numbers. This is amazing, especially given the fact that their race is only 6,000 years old, while Humanity is over 50k and the Eldar are millions of years old.

In short: They are vibrant and innovative, while the other races are close-minded and slowly dying.

>> No.19807315

Infinity never lied to me!

40K hand misleads and betrays always. Its evil incarnate.

>> No.19807324

But ORKS AS BIG AS PLANETS are theoretically legit. The Great Crusade had warbosses that stood as tall as smaller Titans.
[citation needed]

There's no upper limit known, but they cannot become the size of a planet. Monstrous, sure. Warbosses and Warlords are already monstrous in their own regard. Hell Ghaz is the size of a dreadnought, even if his stats don't fully reflect it.

>Reality BENDING. Get a billion Orks believing it, you get a pretty good arc on that bend.

It still has it's limits, and requires a Warphead/Wyrdoboy to channel that Reality Bending power to anything significant. The Waaagh is otherwise like psychic WD-40 mixed with Duct-Tape. It does things like make red-painted vehicles go *a little bit* faster, or keeps their guns from jamming. It however does NOT let them fly a jet that's out of fuel, fire bullets from a solid block of wood shaped like a gun, or collectively change the emperor's current state if they all believed him to be healthy.

>> No.19807685


They believe he's alive,that can be,

>> No.19808500

I think the advantage Tau have technology-wise is that their best tech isn't as good as the best Imperium tech, but the tech that they can actually make widely available is way better then the tech that the Imperium can. Also, the Tau are actually progressing and improving.

>> No.19808508

>They believe he's alive,that can be,
No they don't. They don't even give a shit about the emperor, or the chaos gods. And even if they did, it wouldn't change anything about the Emp's condition.

>> No.19808829

All I want is a Hrud Hover-Doomwheel.
like a doomwheel, but horizontal and floating.

>> No.19809218
File: 1.30 MB, 1024x768, scrin-mothership.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's your God-Emperor now, humanity?

>> No.19811425

the imperium is progressing and improving as well. Just much more slowly because they're a afraid of anything new going all skynet on them.

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