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Sticking around here and other 40K forums, I came to realize that Eldar fans/players are whiners to the highest degree. Despite how awesome is their faction, they always whine about the most trivial things. I mean look at the Tau for a moment they have it more worst than the Eldar in the setting. They get their asses kicked 24/7 in the fluff and yet their fans never complain and just accept it with grace.

Im not saying you guys should not complain or anything just tone it down a little and rediscover the awesomeness of your faction and learn to appreciate it.

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As an Eldar player I ever understood all the bitching from my "fellow" eldar players. We aren't all that bad. I think it's mostly Eldar players that are upset about having an army that forces you to think and strategize as apposed to a big "I Win Button" army.

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It's because new Eldar players and some old vets feel shafted when they read about how Chaos infests a maiden world, Tyranids devour a Craftworld, or Marneus Calgar fists the Avatar. They tend to forget shit like Maugan Ra raping fluff up the ass, or the fucking bauss that is Nuadhu Fireheart.

Yeah, I ain't fond of most other Eldar players. They whine, they complain, they have an air of superiority or entitlement. I just tend to shy away from them.

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To be fair, while the codex is still plenty playable, it really is getting pretty old and outdated. Most of the units are noticably overcosted or underpowered, often to the point where they need a Farseer escorting them just to make sure they can do their jobs properly. It's certainly not the worst book out there and it can still win, but it's in real need of a redo.

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There's always that vocal minority in every fandom that fucks it up for the rest. Man, I hate those guys

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I don't actually know how many Eldar fans are whiners but I agree with the sentiment, OP. Mainly because I don't give a shit who wins or loses in the badly-written fluff, but also because Eldar just look cooler than everybody else and that's what counts.

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This is the heart of the problem with Eldar for me. I collect Corsairs, both because I love the fluff and because of those tasty Hornets. But with Codex Eldar this anon is right, there simply isn't the ABC approach to winning that you'll find in other codexes.

I don't think this gives Eldar players an excuse to bitch and whine. Though it does give us grounds to express our justly earned arrogance when we do defeat you upstart lesser races.

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Some fun facts regarding the Eldar and the Imperium:

Pedro Kantor owes his life to Ward's favourite punching bag Farseer, Eldorath Starbane.

Only the intervention of the Eldar saved the Gothic Sector from Abaddon the Despoiler during his 12th Black Crusade.

Cadia still exists solely because of Eldrad Ulthran's noble sacrifice.

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I remember that battle report. I nearly punched the air when half the Chaos Bikers splattered themselves on difficult terrain.

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Man I love the aesthetics of the Eldar.

Yeah I can see your point there. But for a 4th ed codex it aint too shabby.

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But man, Elrad is such a dick.

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Heh, this is exactly the kind of stuff I'm not bothered about at all. Starbane was the one who got randomly kidnapped in the fluff despite winning the battle in the White Dwarf battle report earlier, right? I just can't get interested in these stories... my interest in 40k is pretty much entirely visual, I guess.

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So Eldrad is a huge dick, but I think I have proven that by now. What I haven't told you is that he is, without a doubt, the greatest psyker in the universe.
I never saw this more exemplified than when we went to deal with a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Leviathan. The first thing Eldrad did was use his massive reservoir of power to redirect the entire hive fleet 0.3 degrees off course. At first we had no idea why, but he assured us there was a reason. 134 years later we encountered the swarm again, and now we saw his plan, the fleet was heading straight into a desolate backwater planet. Using yet more of his might, Eldrad hid the entire planet from the fleet's sight. This caused the entire hive fleet to crash square into the planet's surface. He then called for me and the rest of his retinue to sortie down to the planet, we had a mission.
What a dick.

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Once on the surface the bleeding husks of charred hive ships loomed over us like cold organic volcanoes. And then in a clearing, we found our quarry, a mighty hive tyrant, its psychic eminence clouding my own mind like a thick whispering fog. Eldrad was not taken aback in the slightest, he stepped forward, unarmed, right into the clutches of the hive tyrant. He then began to emulate the hive tyrant's psychic powers, only at a much higher magnitude. He had made himself into a synapse creature of immense power. So much so he brow beat the mighty tyranid into submission. He then turned to us, tyranid leader in tow, and said, "We are returning, we have what we came for." Although impressed by Eldrad's mastery of the mind, we all could not stop pondering his master plan. Why would he need such a mighty beast? It was not till the next morning that I knew. Pasted throughout the ENTIRE CRAFTWORLD were pictures of the titanic monstrosity and its... titanic monstrosity resting on my face as I slept. I never even knew tyranids had genitalia.
What a dick.

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>Sticking around 40K forums
Yeah, I think I've found your problem, OP.

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Being a huge history nerd, particularly when it comes to the Hellenic and Roman periods of antiquity, I think that the Eldar are hands-down the best faction in 40K when it comes to aesthetic. I'm also very fond of how their fluff emulates a romanticised version of the oligarchic republics of the period.

Despite this, I'm going to flip tables if Dire Avengers don't get some fucking plasma grenades next codex. Shit, it's not like they're supposed to be the flexible core of an otherwise rigidly specialised army that relies on high initiative in assault, cover effectively removing half their skillset is balanced.

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>not mentioning the far more shocking fact that Howling Banshees don't attack first when attacking through cover
OK, so if your opponent's not some kinda dick you should be able to show them what's intended. But still, what the hell, GW?

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I started with eldar in 40k and I feel like going back in.
anyone with 6th ed advice?

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hawks on paper (haven't managed to get a test game yet) ar good now.

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Got the rest of that battle report to post?

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Knowing GW standard practice, Avengers are going to be shit next codex, it'll be back to Guardians or a new troop choice will be the best.

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Don't throw banshees against terminators any more. Their powerswords are ap3 now, so they will get their shit stomped.

Jetbikes get a 5+ cover save just for moving now.

Guardians are more viable now. With Overwatch they get to shot at anything trying to charge them so they aren't so fucked if they are close enough to an enemy to shoot their guns.

Overwatch also makes Fire Dragons terrifying if some one decides to assault them. Terminators included. They can still get shot to shit though. Also Fire dragons can use their Str8 ap1 melta bombs against monstrous creatures in assault now.

Rangers are even more awesome now that on sixes they get a precision fire shot that can snipe particular models in a unit. Still at ap1. Good bye hidden powerfist guy.

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Sure thing.

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...I think that is a typical example of the 2D world rubbing off.
Eldar are - by far - the whiniest mofos in the Galaxy.

Polite sage for no contribution.

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>back to Guardians
I'm cool with this. Those Guardian models are awesome, it's just that the rules suck pretty badly.

Mind you, I wouldn't want Avengers hurt...

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the 6+ ranger thing, do pathfinders get it on a 5+ or still only 6?

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Scan isn't great, but it's the only one I have.

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Honestly Guardians are still overpriced by quite a bit. Shoota Boyz and Guardians need their points costs switched or their weapon ranges switched (and a further 1 point discount to the Guardians).

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No, precision shot is only on a 6. Pathfinders are still ap1 on a 5 or 6 though, that hasn't changed.

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Eh. I'm still going full alaitoc on this motherfucker now. Maybe with a skyshield landing pad, set to 'shielded'

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...And for some reason it took me this long to realize how huge these are. I'm resizing the remaining ones. Sorry about that.

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Since this is an Eldar thread, just out of curiosity, do people think D-cannon batteries will be more useful now? Given that you use the toughness (7) of the guns for any hits on the crew, they're going to be much harder to knock out. The reduction in cover saves means they should get more kills per hit, and each template strips a Hull Point on a 2+.

Mount them on a Skyshield and toss in a Guide/Fortuneseer, and you've got a very tough unit that can quickly cripple whatever it shoots at each turn.

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>Tau fans

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Pathfinders still get Ap1 on a 5+, but Precision Shots only trigger on a 6+.

The thing that somewhat annoys me about current Eldar is just that for being an army of specialists they often don't really perform that well in their 'fields'.
Looking at Banshees for example, they are simply outclassed by Death Cult Assassins in nearly every aspect despite being more expensive.

But don't get me wrong, Eldar are still my favourite army and incredibly fun to play. It's just that when I look at armies like Necrons or Imperial Guard that have a huge array of interesting and unique units, nearly all of which are pretty effective, I can't help but feel a little jealous that about one third of the units our codex is so niche that you can rarely afford to bring them.

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Short range though. Could work for defending the backfield...

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Ah, the good ol' days, when WD and its battle reports weren't utter shit yet.

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not until they have a longer range. 24" just doesn't cut it for the investment.

They can be OK if people ignore them, but people don't ignore D-cannons.

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Yes, especially now that Eldar tanks are toilet paper even with their jink save. I also see more of them being used now because of the doubled force org. chart on 2000+ point games. I'm looking forward to blowing the dust off my vibro cannons.

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Thanks to the Anon posting the Battle Report.

I think they'll have improved, but not to an unduly unbalanced extent. However, Wraithguard have never been better vehicle killers. Makes me want to go full Iyaden.

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They exist, but they are most quiet of the fandoms.

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And the last one.

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Seconded, thanks anon.

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The range is an issue, yea. I'm thinking along the lines of a more defensive list that can dump fire into an approaching enemy. Semi-static firepower units backed up by a Mechanised (possibly with DE allies) counter-attack wing. Break the approaching enemy with your guns, then use the more mobile elements to mop up and grab objectives.

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Eldar players bitch?
I've never heard that.

The ones who I see bitching are Tyranids. Constantly.
They don't like their fluff, or yours. Every book should be every army losing fruitlessly to Tyranids every single time. A Tyranid player actually said to me in confidence no trolling, "Tyranids should NEVER lose once they make planetfall!"

This wouldn't be a problem, except there are no big defeats of Tyranids, the greatest ones are still extremely phyyric. But they still bitch about it. The armies only fluff apparently is they eat and win and thats how they want it.

Also they bitch about the rules, because in 4th edition their book was unstoppable, but now because it isn't just an insta-win button they bitched so much that Robin Cruddance lost his job. Um, hi, why isn't Phil Kelly losing his? Space Wolves is way worse than Guard, and no Dark Eldar list can compare to The Wall.

And anything in the game that dosent entirely cater to their army is extremely broken, like tanks. Tanks now have wounds, must less than their monstrous creature equivalents I might add- Yeah, why? Oh, because Tyranid players bitched a storm.

All they do is bitch about 6th edition. You can always premeasure, charge is just flat 2d6 now, they get access to spamming psychic powers, but still they bitch because no allies.

Fuck you, nid players.

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Eldrad > Abaddon, forces him to Plot Armour his way out? This pleases me.

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>Robin Cruddance lost his job

What, seriously? Source?

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Not literally, but he's never gonna be writing a codex again, I can promise you that.

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Present. But since this is an Eldar thread I figured I'd just keep that to myself.

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Im sorry, I stand corrected, he got to write Sisters White Dwarf Article.

So yeah he'll never be writing codexes again.

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> reading GW fluff

You guys like reading the stories on the backs of cereal boxes too?

GW fluff makes Twilight and Harry Potter seem like The Catcher in the Rye.

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There's nothing wrong with the idea (hell, I make use of it with my Marines all the time), but you're better off with Walkers and Lords in your heavy slots, since they've got a larger threat radius AND can fire on the move. At best Support Weapons are opportunistic objective campers that might get a shot or two off before being charged/shot and destroyed.

I mean, compare the D-cannon, Vibro Cannon and Shadow Weaver to the Thunderfire. Totally outclassed.

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It's because the Tau are played by xenophiles who love the japanese. And, like the japanese, they tend to understand the concept of grace and honour in defeat.

The Eldar, on the other hand, are French. They only know how to whine about how they were once the greatest empire.

TL;DR: Races are mirrored by their player's personality.

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>he'll never be writing codexes again

Nothing could make me happier if this turned out to be true. The man has no idea how to internally balance a codex, and the less factions afflicted with the awkward messes he produces, the better.

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Cruddace ain't going nowhere because of messing up nids, he got to write rules for Sisters of Battle over a year after nid codex came out.

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B...but...the Eldar are more Nipponese inspired. It makes no sense, Anon.

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What are you talking about? Codex:Tyranids and Codex:Imperial Guard are both perfectly good books. Given Guard is a bit more powerful it's nothing compared to the shitstorm people raise about it. Yeah you have worthless units like any codex, I'm never gonna take fucking sentinels like you'll never take biovores, hell even space wolves have useless units like their tech priest equivalent.

Honestly look at the power difference of Dark Eldar to Space Wolves and see if you still can bitch about Cruddance.

Oh wait, you can, because you play nids. Fucking Phil Kelly could have written your book to be 2x as bad as Space Wolves you'd still bitch because of something.

>> No.19803864

Woah there buddy, seems like someone hit you fairly hard with the bitch-club. If your sole contact with nid players have been the kind that complain, that is unfortunate. I've never even heard of someone complaining about the fluff. Yikes. Complaining about army balance is different. To me, nids have become a fairly balanced army compared to some others (like those wolfs you mentioned). Not everyone sees it that way, though. Do I miss 4th's fexes? Sure. But that was fourth. This is sixth. Gribblies have to wake up and smell the biomass. Amd I sincerely hope there aren't too many people complaining about allies. The list is bad enough. Nids are one of the only sane things about it. If nids had been allies to someone...gods, I might've snapped.

Complaining about the fluff...I mean really.

>> No.19803870


Thunderfire is junk as it was in 5th.

AP5, too low S to hurt tanks, one per HS slot. D-cannon platforms you get two for the price of one TFC.

>> No.19803879


Really? They remind me of more pre-Napoleonic France.

>> No.19803881


Tyrandis is the worst codex in 5th edition, by far.

Adepticon 2012, 300 participants, zero nid players. It was competitively worthless in 5th and a core ruleset change can improve it only so much.

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Black Templars are better allies with Eldar than with sisters of battle.

Just, why?
Thats my main complaint with allies.

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explain please how elves in space with dwarf runes are nipponese inspired

>> No.19803896

>Thunderfire is junk as it was in 5th.
And the D-Cannon was -even worse-

>D-cannon platforms you get two for the price of one TFC.
and for the price of 2 D-cannons you could get a pair of Warwalkers, who'd be spitting out 12 S6 shots with a 30" threat radius

>> No.19803904


They have distinctly japanese mecha-aesthetic with smooth rounded lines. They're using shurikens and katanas, and compose haikus that are even called such.

>> No.19803910

Exactly, my friend. Thus my nids become a small bastion of makes-fukken-sense for me. Oh allies, why are you so fucked up?

>> No.19803913

>like you'll never take biovores

I take Biovores quite often, actually. The problem with Cruddace's books is that the internal balance is so skewed, certain units become pretty much auto-includes. It's not just a case of certain units being better or worse, but of certain units being so good or so bad that the choice is pretty much dictated to you. You couldn't play Tyranids in 5th edition without Hive Guard and expect to have a hope in hell of winning. Carnifexes are outclassed by Trygons in pretty much every way for a minimal extra points cost. Is there ever any reason *not* to take a Tervigon? Old One Eye is 100 points more expensive than a regular Carnifex, and is actually worse at killing things. Kelly and Ward's books are by and large pretty well-balanced, both internally and externally. There are certainly anomalies, like Space Wolves and Grey Knights, but they've both produced more hits than misses. Cruddace, however, has only ever produced misses - one overpowered, one underpowered, and almost criminally dull.

>> No.19803914

Are you kidding me? Tau fans are just as obnoxious than any other faction's. They're up there with chaos fans making wishlisting posts about their admittedly shitty codex, and when 6th dropped last week tau fans were right there with everyone else bitching about how the rules changes 'fucked them over' because they didn't buff them exclusively.

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Yeah well Chaos Marines, Eldar, Daemons, Dark Angels, and FUCKING TAU got more armies than you there.

I dare you to say your book is worse than theirs.

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the numerous references to chinese cartoons might be an indicator

some more brazen than others.

>> No.19803927


War walkers are much more fragile than D-cannons with their newfound hull points (2), and the latter can hurt tanks. Eldar aren't lacking in S6 shooting anyway, now that grav-tanks can fire more than one weapon after moving 12''.

D-cannons should be seeing a resurgence, T7 3+ durability, only 50 points apiece, can kill every tank.

>> No.19803932

And one almost criminally dull, rather.

If no other army has to suffer his crude, fumbling attentions and laughable attempts at balance, I'll be a very happy lady.

>> No.19803938


They're Indian-Greek inspired with a hint of egypt you insipid fuckstain,nothing about them is Japanese in the slightest.

>> No.19803947

> japanese mecha-aesthetic with smooth rounded lines
those smooth rounded lines, id even say organic like build separate them completely from jap mecha stuff which is usually pretty chunky or blocky. the Tau mecha style is far more jap like than eldar.
>shurikens and katanas, and compose haikus that are even called such.
shurikens i grant you, ninjas and all that. katanas? i suppose you mean the swords banshees use? not sure i'd call them katanas. they also use axes, staffs, executioners, pole-arms.

didnt know they compose haikus. a source would be nice but ill take your word for it, for now.

>> No.19803954


All those armies were better than Tyranids in 5th edition, even Tau.

No weakness to poisonspam thanks to transports, melta, vehicles, proper psychic defence, Railguns for Tau...

The fact that you consider the then-FAQ'd Dark Angels and their cyclone hammernators worse than Tyranids should warn people to not give much weight to your opinion about power levels.

>> No.19803956 [DELETED] 


This hand of mine glows with a bitchy power!
It's unreleasable grip tells me to defeat you!
Take this!
My Starcannons!
My Pathfinders!
And all of my Falcons!
Whining Finger!!!

>> No.19803963


Americans. Everything not english/celtic in origin is all the same: outsiders.

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I can not argue with you over the tervigon, it is easily the most powerful unit in the book to the point if I am playing nids I am fighting Tervigons. I can't defend Cruddance there, that's his biggest mistake.

Vendettas arent even half as bad as Tervigons, Vendettas just need to be bumped to 150-160 points. I don't feel your assault holds up to the Guard book, threre's no necessary unit for Guard save you will have men on the ground as troops.

Tervigons need to be less powerful yeah, and carnifexes need to be given more wounds or cost less.
GW did that to the codex for the same reason they made the vendetta good. Everyone already has lots of Carnifexes, its time to buy our new monsters, maybe some forgeworld?
They did it worse in the Nid book because it worked great in the guard book to sell valkyries.

Thats my theory, anyway.
I still feel a nid army without tervigons would be plenty playable, theres just... no reason not to take them, like you said.

Oh I ment Pyrovores by the way, not Biovores.

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>those smooth rounded lines, id even say organic like build separate them completely from jap mecha stuff which is usually pretty chunky or blocky
wrong era, bro

(this is the inspiration behind the Eldar body-suits)

>> No.19803970

>didnt know they compose haikus

I can think of one reference in second edition. It was in the Ork codex, describing the psychic effects of a newly formed Waaagh! as it echoes around the galaxy. One such effect was an Eldar deciding he had lived as long as he wished and beginning work on his "death haiku", IIRC.

>> No.19803975


This hand of mine glows with a bitchy power!
It's unreasonable grip tells me to defeat you!
Take this!
My Starcannons!
My Pathfinders!
And all of my Falcons!
Whining Finger!!!

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Please tell me it's a troll.
I don't want a tripfag to be right

>> No.19803998

It's because they write poetry, thats what he is whining about.

Also round mech design, that is so stupid my head hurts.

As an example, Chinese belive a straight line is unlucky, so they avoid them in aesthetic designs, that is why alot of Chinese arcitecture has rounded lines/Pillars and such.

The Japanese is similar in aesthetic, but they don't believe that straight lines are unlucky, so they use them alot more.

And throwing starts were used all around East Asia, they probably even started in India, as a kind of subset of Chakram.

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Wait, are you serious ?

>> No.19804013


Those organic lines are very japanese, 80's japanese, Tau are what GW thinks is japanese because they have but superficial knowledge of animu and mango.

Haikus are mentioned in Waaargh! The Orks, pg.71
>On the craftworld Hope of Other Days, an Eldar philosopher stopped listening to the atonal music of his waterchimes and began composing his death-haiku.

>> No.19804014
File: 47 KB, 256x358, 1339847868349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eldar are tall, they can not be Japanese.

>> No.19804017


The Tau are obsessed with caste, roles, and not stepping beyond them (kinda like the japanese). The Eldar are not.

>> No.19804018

im not entirely sure why but by the time i finished that one i had built up a loathing for the show.

and heres a counter example. guyver was not the norm, it was an exception.

>> No.19804025
File: 31 KB, 640x480, patlabor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic in my rush to post. so eager

>> No.19804033

It's not right. The Tyranid Codex isn't great from a competitive standpoint, but it's certainly better than Daemons and probably better than Tau as well. Possibly Dark Angels also.

>> No.19804038


Castes can be found all around Asia, in Korea, China etc, and Japanese have not obsession with them to any degree that would make them stand out, never mind making Tau japanese.

>> No.19804047

>perfectly good Eldar thread
>people start arguing over who's more weaboo, Eldar or Tau

>> No.19804056


What, that Dark Angels are worse than Tyranids?

That is indeed a fucking retarded claim after they got 3++ shields, proper cyclones and Typhoons.

>> No.19804060
File: 33 KB, 446x600, eldar warwalker..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suppose so, but I heard this straight form the Horse's mouth back in the mid 90's. The Eldar were, much like the Tau, inspired by them crazy japponaise cartoons. Yriel's backstory was also pretty much a summary of Captain Harlock

Of course, there's a boat-load of other stuff in the mix as well.

>what is the Path system

>> No.19804061
File: 1.49 MB, 1006x1006, 8 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come now, it's better then chaos too, although similar considering until 6th edition it was just "So here are my plaguemarines, 2 demon princes, and obliterators."

>> No.19804068

You can't be weeaboo to 80ies round anime.

>> No.19804069
File: 17 KB, 409x198, Eldar_Howling_Banshees[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19804072

The whole caste thing is more Indian than anything.

>> No.19804073

>Japanese have not obsession with them to any degree that would make them stand out
they used to kill peasants who dared own a sword because swords were for samurai not peasants.

i dont think you're wrong though, the indians are far worse when it comes to social strata.

>> No.19804089

Eldar are a mix of ancient civilization, they use straight edged swords, have units caled banshees, use runes, and in the codex theres a drawing of a craftworld with pyramid shaped buildings

>shuriken catapult

>> No.19804092
File: 1.43 MB, 320x277, annoyed warpspider.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, I'm sad too.

I'm looking forward to bringing back my Dark Reapers and Wraith Lords now that vehicle spam isn't so viable and holo fields are useless. Hurray 6th!

>> No.19804100

I wouldn't say so. At worst they're even, but I'd say Lash/Plagues/Obilt spam is nastier than Hive Guard/ Tervigon spam.

>> No.19804107


It actually wasn't better than Chaos in 5th.

Tyranid HQ's were much less cost efficient than Daemon Princes - more expensive, no invulnerable saves.

Plague Marines were more durable than nid troops and got 2 meltaguns and defensive grenades.

Obliterators were better than Carnifexes and Tyrannofexes at shooting, both in cost efficiency and versatility. With hull points there might be a point for massing S6 devourers (or not, 190 points for 4 T6 wounds...), but Oblits still beat Tyrannofexes handily.

And when Crud's 5th edition codex is worse than Gav's turd, that tells he's terribad.

>> No.19804108


I wasn't aware every blade that has it's sharp edge curve at the tip was a katana.


>> No.19804111

>Posting 80ies Anime Mecha
>Mecha that were just 70ies Western Robot designs anyway.

So Eldar are Weeaboo based on 70ies western robot designs?

>> No.19804114

>Of course, there's a boat-load of other stuff in the mix as well.
thats the important point for me.

i dont really care if some of the eldar stuff is jap inspired so long as people dont then ignore everything not jap inspired.

come to think of it though, the craftworld eldar and their discipline you could say was lifted from the japs as well. bah

>> No.19804118
File: 1.49 MB, 842x981, 36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah now in most places you go to prison for owning a gun.
Same story.

I don't agree with it, but I don't live in most places and it's ok for me to own a weapon where I live.

It's not a caste system in England though that you can't own a handgun unless you're a soldier or police officer.

>> No.19804127
File: 72 KB, 400x382, banshees.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you telling me every one edged sword with a curved edge is a katana?
Here, have some more katanas

>> No.19804135


Sabres get wider towards the point, katanas have the same width until they taper off.

That's definitely styled after a katana.

>> No.19804137

I just realized how useful wraith guard are again all of a sudden. They're almost guaranteed to wreck vehicles now if you can get them in range.

>> No.19804150


It sure as hell is no sabre, or scimitar, or a falchion.

So Katana it is, thanks for proving the point of Eldar weeabooness. They even have those slanted eyes of Asians according to Index Xenos!

>> No.19804155

Yeah, those look much more like sabres or even scimitars. Eldar aren't really based of one single culture like some other armies (Steel Legion, Vostroya)

>> No.19804157


Oh no, he insurted grorious nippon, I'rr show him.

>> No.19804168

>They have crossguards
>They have a notch at the bottom.

They look more like falchions than fucking Katanas.

>> No.19804170
File: 866 KB, 862x611, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take 5 tervigons, 1 as an hq, 4 as troops. Take a hive tyrant, take one unit of venomthropes, given everything regeneration.
There, you now have the invul save of a demon prince and regeration to boot. You also have waaay more wounds.
Your troops aren't as durable as plaguemarines, that's ok, you spit out an average of thirty more of them a turn. Take two units of hive guard to shoot pesky vendettas and rhinos and the like, they will always have cover because lol line of sight.
What do you do with the rest? who cares, you've already won.

>> No.19804171
File: 108 KB, 1780x1252, Sabre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude, if you want to troll at least make it believable

>> No.19804182

>curved swords
>wisdom of the ancestors

Yeah, totally not Japanese, guys.

>> No.19804185

Aren't katanas 2 handed weapons?

>> No.19804187
File: 194 KB, 650x650, Warp Spiders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely, and warp spiders are going to be the bane of light vehicles everywhere.

>> No.19804194
File: 54 KB, 500x500, CURVED+SWORDS_b4b16a_3118658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>curved swords

>> No.19804200

>Songs being the way to tell the history
>Spears being used by gods to kill daemons
>Souls trapped in stones

Yeah, totally not Celtic, guys

>> No.19804201


That still doesn't look like the Banshee sword which clearly has a katanas two-handed grip.

>> No.19804203
File: 1.04 MB, 832x929, 79 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One and a half handed. You can use it two handed or pull out a Wakizashi and go to town with two. Either works.

>> No.19804204
File: 102 KB, 566x189, ahuh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice Katana, bro

>implying anyone is going to take light vehicles anymore

>> No.19804209

>Take 5 tervigons, 1 as an hq, 4 as troops. Take a hive tyrant

Illegal. Yeah, you haven't even read the Tyranid codex.

Two units of ranged AT? Yeah, that will go well. Especially in 5th edition that list wouldn't have done anything to vehicles, and it is bad in 6th too. And still illegal.


>> No.19804224
File: 51 KB, 469x428, 1298882520180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19804241
File: 8 KB, 300x300, 41awWJNJIiL._SL500_AA300_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just for reference.

>> No.19804248

Your army is a reflection of your personality.

Eldar players are like that because eldar are like that.

Tyranids are played by fatties who eat a lot

DE are played by emos

Necrons are played by loners

Orks are played by annoying assholes

>> No.19804253
File: 111 KB, 1200x900, Optimized-GEDC0637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel for you britfriend

>> No.19804262

>you've already won

No, because the bulk of your army comprises of four (3 troops, since you need a brood of Termagants for each) Tervigons, which while they're great for producing Termagants, are pretty lacklustre for actually dealing damage, and a load of small Termagant broods just begging to be turned into free Kill Points.

It's an army which is good at forcing draws by entrenching on objectives and refusing to shift, but terrible at actually winning games because very few of the units can actually pack a respectable amount of killing power. If your idea of a killer list is one that repeatedly Goes to Ground on an objective and then claims a draw when the opponent rushes in to contest on turn 5/6, I'd hate to see what you think of Chimelta Guard or Razorspam Knights.

>> No.19804264

Eh, few vehicles have more than 12 rear/side armor. Derpstrike, Jump Infantry and assault move means you could get those shots pretty reliably.

>> No.19804286

I confess, I've never been tempted to try Grey Knights in Razorbacks. Could, but I like my terminators too much.

Then again I'm also not one for much more than screwing around either.

>> No.19804299
File: 968 KB, 771x855, 47 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Killpoints were fundamentally and are still completely dumb. That isn't a flaw of your army it's a flaw of 5th edition. Even then 5th edition was 2/3rds objectives games, so guess what? You win 2/3rds of games no question.

>> No.19804323


No you don't "win", you can try to force draws against armies that lack the firepower to shoot your tervigons off the table, but you can't kill mech with such a bad list.

Which is most 5th edition armies. Grey Knights will kill you in CC too.

>> No.19804355

>You win 2/3rds of games no question.

No, you force a draw in 2/3 games, and maybe win a few if they end on turn 5 before the opponent pushes to contest at the last moment. It's a limp, boring list and it's still the best Tyranids could do competitively during 5th. Now, maybe 6th will shake things up a bit and Tyranids will wind up being more playable, but I'm not holding my breath too much.

>> No.19804364
File: 134 KB, 413x395, gaha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking Eldar are more Japanese than Tau

Eldar are a mishmash of every single pre-Christian culture ever. They borrow mostly heavily from Celtic mythology (and 80's rock), however, and the only things they take from Japan are shurikens and those flag things (yes, their warrior traditions more closely resemble Celtic ones in structure, go read some books).

Tau actually have a copy+paste of Char Aznable as a special character.

>> No.19804372


>DE are played by emos

Its been my (long) experience that DE players are tactical masters bar none, and do it with an air of utter contempt for your ability.They all look like regular guys, or girls, know 2 female DE players, just your normal contained average Joe. But make one mistake, get complacent, underestimate them, misjudge them, and they will bend you over and make you love it before you can blink. And they do this while looking you in the face with the most neutral expression like its the most natural thing in the world.

You will never see the sheer contempt from anything else than you'll get from the eyes of a DE player.

>> No.19804393

>It's not a caste system in England though that you can't own a handgun unless you're a soldier or police officer.

You can, actually. But you need a legit, practical reason for having it, and you need to pass a TRULY rigorous background/psychological check.

>> No.19804423

Speaking of that, the aesthetics from Dire Avengers (and to a lesser degree Fire Dragons) always reminded me of romans with that helmet bush thingy.
So yeah, it's a pretty wild mix.

>> No.19804431

Every single DE player I’ve ever met has been a woman. In fact, I noticed a sharp increase of female players at my LGS when DE got their re-release.

Their tactical proficiency is generally from middling to excellent, like most players. I get the impression that DEldar players generate an air of tactical prowess mostly because when they win, they win hard and fast, because that’s the way their army is designed to work. They can’t grind you down like a Guard or a Marine player.

>> No.19804467
File: 222 KB, 400x600, 881003-1-l-king-leonidas-helmet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure that shit be Greek, yo.

>> No.19804503


Truthfully, have never met a middling DE player. They have all been the best tactical players I've ever come across. I myself have played across New Zealand, Australia and Germany. Almost without exception every DE player I've bumped into ran a list of what they liked, not what was effective or what was FOTM at the time. Was very fortunate to be at 2 ETC tournys many years ago, and met the DE players there, all still running 3rd edition lists, and still stomped everyone into the ground. Our local DE regular currently runs ONE raider and ONE venom, and only at 1500 or more.

He scares EVEYONE..

>> No.19804532

It is more Greek, yeah. Rome is sorta integrated into their backstory, though. Huge, culturally and technologically advanced empire that tore itself apart through depravity, etc.

They actually borrow more from the Egyptians than either, though. In terms of influence Eldar are like: Celt > 80’s > Egypt > Norse > Tolkien > Greek > Sumerian > Roman > Japan.

>> No.19804560

romans had a similar thing going for soldiers of rank like centurions.

they knicked it from the greeks most likely though so....yeah, greek originally.

>> No.19804602

You forgot Indians.

Their language style sounds alot like Indian, the caste system is very Indian and the whole sky pirate thing is part of Indian Mythology.

>> No.19804770
File: 23 KB, 407x356, 849b389233485cbacb7b144f53e28b3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of the language...

>mfw I realised Mon'Keigh = Monkey

>> No.19804781

Damn, its almost like this setting isn't as serious as everyone fucking takes it to be.

>> No.19804786 [DELETED] 
File: 71 KB, 570x526, 1232316384477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19804811

You misunderstand, I was just trying to say that I felt hella stupid because I only noticed it after somebody pointed it out instead of right away.

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