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Aesthetically speaking, who are the best allies?

I personally think IG with Grey Knights as allies look the best.

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I'd consider it a matter of painting and conversions really. IG+other imperials obviously go well together, CSM+IG for a fallen regiment of IG, say Farsight snapped due to his blade being of necron origin, so you do Necrons with tau and slap a bunch of cybernetics on the tau as they are "integrated" with the necrons, and so on.

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What about enemies?
Like, Space Marines vs. 'Nids.

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Imperial guard and Grey knights (well Inquisitors and henchmen really) are great for lots of factions just for the counts as potential.

I was thinking about using imperial guard rules to get some allied arbites in my sisters army personally.

On topic, I think well converted Guard as allies to Tau look great.

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Chaos Space Marines with Allied Chaos Daemons.

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rolled 72 = 72

How about Eldar + Jokaero
Who's a monkeigh now???

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Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle

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Great strategy, and you can troll your own men.

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Necrons and tyranids would look great together


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Not bad. Black Templars and SoB, alternatively. Only one color scheme, roughly the same iconography.
Also, can Grey Knights ally with Black Templars?

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>so you do Necrons with tau and slap a bunch of cybernetics on the tau as they are "integrated" with the necrons, and so on.

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Sisters of Battle with Grey Knights, both armies completely metal of course. Feels so nostalgic, if only you could take Deathwatch squads too.

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"Sebastian Thor said No Men at arms, nothing about Xenos"
>ersurfe empera.
"Get down of that board Emperor. There is no sea in Terra and you barely have any musculoskeletal system remaining."

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This man has the right of it! It's really a matter of conversion and having a cool idea. I'd rather see a masterfully done Daemons/Tau army with cool fluff behind it than 10 boring GK/Guard lists supported only by cheese.

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it makes sense on two levels.
from a gameplay standpoint GW didn't want people abusing all the MC's that 'Nids have.
And from a fluff standpoint 'nids don't want to team up with anyone/no one wants to team up with nids because they devour fucking planets.
That's kind of like teaming up with Galactus and expecting him not to consume planets.

THough I wish IG or orks could be taken as Allies for 'nids I'm really tempted to make some orky stealers.

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the contrast can also look interesting.

I was planning on using a squad of dark eldar Trueborns in a Venom, including Sliscus, all heavily converted and fabulous-looking, very colorful, to go along with my gritty, dirty, black and white necron army.

But it'd be a terrible strategic choice; I'm using a tremortek list. And since dark eldar allies still count as enemies, they'd be harmed by my c'tan Shard's powers. So I'm hesitating.

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I am actually in the process of picking up some Thousand sons for my Necron Army. Ahriman and Trazyn seem like they would get along provided Trazyn didn't attempt to put Ahriman in his museum

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What about IG+Nid Genestealer cults ?

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Except that they've been subverting Imperial troops since the beginning of the fluff (genestealer cults, brain leeches and parasites) and allying/being corrupted by Chaos (chaos genestealer cults, Ouroboros hive fleet, chaos nids from the Daemonhunters codex, and so on...)

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Let's not forget about them using mutated orks, and ork genestealer Kultz.

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playing up the space egyptians theme? interesting.

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I am happy about the new allies rules though. My three main armies for 40k I was building to use together in Apoc anyway. So it's like I got rewarded for just doing what I do normally.
CSM-noise marines, IG-Traitor guard, and Slaaneshi demons.

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How does Allies actually work I havent got to look at the new rules. And tau player here... so I like options.

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Given Ahriman's god of choice he might actually be mroe bothered by it if his ally wasn't trying to stab him in the back.

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Is there even any remote balance to these rules?

My friends want to start playing with them, and I'm a Tyranid player. I just feel majorly bummed, and that it will just give them an unfair edge against me.

And for what? Fluff purposes? FML

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>Implying the emperor doesn't have a giant wave pool the size of a giant sea that's tropical island themed right next to the golden throne.

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on the good side, tyranids really benefit from biomancy.

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Yes, they can.

>mfw I can finally make a chaos tainted black templar for all the delicious neckbeard tears

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Ultramarines and Ultramarines.

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>Ally chart
>remotely related to fluff

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"So you think that you are like powerful or something for transforming 10000 guys into soulless robots?
Hahaha, stop being so pretentious, you peasent.
We transformed our whole race into automatons."

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Well a race whose sole purpose in life is to kill EVERYTHING wouldn't really care if its the apocalypse and they needed to save the universe.

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Actually, Black Templars are effectively loyalist Khornates. Several people on /tg/ said they'd really like seeing Khornate Black Templars in the fluff.

Sorry for your dickish urges, but it's a genuinely cool idea that makes a lot of sense.

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damn that Great Unclean One looks tiny and dated

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If you take allies you have to take 1hq and 1troops, then you can have one more troops and a single elites, fast, and heavy.

Tau can ally with pretty much anyone except the forever alone nids.

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The one true answer is CSM/Daemons. They work so well together because they're basically the same army.

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i hate how some people over simplify things

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Tau Dark eldar... I feel the warp taking over me... it is a good pain

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Death Guards ( Plague Marines + Nurgle Princes and Preds ) + Daemons ( Epidimius and Plague Bearers, maybe even a Soul Grinder for mob control )

3+ FnP and Power Weapon Plague Marines would make even Grey Knights hesitate close combat.

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Well, Sisters/Black templar always had a fetish for CQC, flammers, purging the weak, hating the witch.
I always thought that slaneesh worshipping sisters was nothing but neckbeard fap service. If something, they would pray to khorne.

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aha is funny because neither of them use the warp at all

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The problem is that you don't have anything that could get the tallyman ability rolling. Nurgle has no units that do damage fast.

Pretty much the only thing you have are Marked Havocs (lol) and plasma guns on marines.

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Whats the cost for them power weapon plague marines

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it's not my idea, it's canon fluff.

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are deticated transports part of that 1hq and 1 troop and i assume lets say i wanted necrons with my tau then i would have one necron hq and troop then the rest are tau... if i understand you correctly...

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>these guys hate wizards above everything
>these guys slaughter innocents and don't feel bad about it
>these guys are entirely focused on CQC
>these guys consider other kinds of warfare as cowardly
>these guys are obsessed with valor, honor and bravery and vengeance
>these guys are kept under close watch by the Inquisition
>these guys hate nearly everyone else in the Imperium

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so YOU'RE the neckbeard who rages over fluff.

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It's been done. back in 2ed there were even special rules about running a special unit of Genestealer boys with ork and genestealer cult armies.

If memory serves they were lead by an ork/broodlord that though gork and mork were talking to him when it was the hive mind's will.

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Dedicated Transports never take up a force org chart. If the choices you already took give access to a transport, you can get it.

And yes, you only need one necron HQ and Troop, but you can take more.

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> khorne
> valor, honor, bravery
what. is this old fluff? I only started playing in 3e.

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it's merely fluff that isn't mentioned very often

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Would it be legit for a runtherder to ride a captured carnifex?

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Khorne loves honour, it's kind of why he and Slaanesh don't get along

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oh dear god... So im going to start buying necrons now... Ive always liked them and now that hey look more like my fantasy army the tomb kings im all over this shit.

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It used to be an aspect of Khorne.
Like that time a band of khorne marines chained some POWs to the ground, gave them chainswords and tell them:
"Ok guys, this is the deal. You can strike us whatever you want but we can only aim to your guts. Fine?"

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It is the fluff that Chaos fanboys pretend to exist when they can't stomach Gav's masterful and deep motives anymore.

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IG conscripts meatshield for Tau

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ANYTHING is legit as long as you have a cool reason and the people you play with aren't arseholes.

It is YOUR game regardless of what GW says.

Play it how you want.

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two Daemon Princes of Nurgle with Wings? Those guys on turn 1 to 2 could easily grab 7 model kills and Plague Marines with 3 template flamer shots ( 1 combi ) can still do a nice 5 kills per plague units.

This could spell doom for mob armies but could pose a problem for all-termie armies.


23 pts for ignore all armor saves that wounds on a 2+

Also casual marines with Nurgle Icon can get this.

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Who drew this!??????

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"Honour may give these men strength on the field of battle, but against Khorne it will prove their undoing, for pride becomes conceit in the Realm of Chaos, and from conceit it is but a short step to tyranny."

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... There has been opposition to the "simplified" style of chaos for decades.

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Hey, Deathwing player here. What would be a good ally choice for my army? I've been thinking about IG and Blood Angels.

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Muju. you'll find her on deviantart. Most of what she does is boringly similar to this picture.

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Oh fuck you would have to ask for their trip...fuck I wanna say it's maji but I know that is wrong. It was done by a drawfriend on /tg/ who made if for me when I did the handout last Emperors day.

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IG might work well from a tactical perspective, as they can add some much-needed padding to an army typically lacking in numbers.

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Yeah that was gonna be my suggestion too.

Cheap fodder/objective capturing units.

Saying that you have to decide if spending points on that is worth dropping points on imba GK troops.

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CSM and Chaos Deamons. Take 1k sons with deamon prince with mark of Tz. And marks other units. Take Fate Weaver and X troops choice. Profit. I'm sure this can be worked out even better but just a thought.

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Necrons and Tyranids have no real conflict of interest. Anybody else notice this?

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Who are the best rivals?

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at last, I can put horrors with my 1k Sons again.

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Separating Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons was straight up bullshit.

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Why do Guard need allies again?

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Black Templars with more Black Templars.

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So, someone explain to me what the various levels of alliance. Allies of Convenience offers no bonuses, but also no downsides, right?

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Convenience won't let ICs of either side join the toher, and psychers can't buff anyone from the other side.

One universal problem is not even Battle Brothers can ride in one another's transports.
Another is that GW forgot about genestealer cults and so Nids can't ally with Tau, Orks or Guard, which they should be able to do.
The nid codex itself mentions worlds in which stealers have usurped the ruling class and are just waiting out the clock for the hive fleet to arrive.

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When the guard player gets tired of painting that many humies.

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IG death sentence to know that Gk exist. Only other marines and sisters get mind scrubbed about 1 year prior to their encounter. Every encounter.

Chaos + Daemons codex is best aesthetically. Because that's the way it was originally.

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>Dedicated Transports never take up a force org chart

not true. for the purposes of the Dawn of War mission in 5th edition dedicated transports counted as a troops choice.

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>Ally IG with Tau to make Gue'Vesa
>Ally IG with Orks to make Diggaz

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chaos+daemons is also the ceesiest combination yet discovered.

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How so?

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Actually, Tyranids not being to ally with anyone makes perfect sense. When you play 'Nids, you don't play a Genestealer Cult, you play a Tyranid horde. You would attack half your army right off the bat. The Cultists get eaten along with all the other Humans, they don't march along side the Horde.

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You better be painting your necrons like tomb kings kind sir, that would be awesome..

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I let my buddy ally tyranids with chaos.

Our fluff says that his chaos lord made a device that sends out psychic information to control the nids. Think of it as like the psi-emitter the terrans used to control the zerg in starcraft. It may not be legal but we dont mind.
You can even model the guy to carry a severed tyranid head with a bunch of tubes connected to his armor, and that he projects his wishes through it to the rest of the nid swarm.

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>T5 W3 with a 5+

If you can't kill that in one turn, your list is shit

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oh yeah here was the inspiration:

Offical art from Games Day Canada event, the words in the picture:

*Ultramarine Hive mind librarian*
-Tyranid hunters-

Librarian is tapped into hive-mind through still-living tyranid head. Allows Librarian to predict tyranid force behaviour

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my friends and I explained a Tau-Tyranid alliance in one game as "Greater Good faggotry"

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Oh god i fucking lold, i HAVE to make a GK IG army, just for the simple fact that i know half my army will have to be killed after the battle.. oh god, im still loling

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The tally of pestilence:
whilst epidimus is on the table, keep a count of models killed by any follower of nurgle, both friends and foes.

1-4 kills no effect
5-9 kills all plaugeswords wound on three plus
10-14 kills all followers of nurgle have noxious touch (posion (2+) in cqc)
15-19 Feel No Pain saves on a 3+ for followers of nurgle
20+ ann attacks by followers of nurgle ignore armor saves.

with just the nurgle daemons thats shit is just enough to make em competitive. but howzabout a bunch of marines in there? hue.

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Then I applaud you for coming up with an acceptable fluff reason.

>> No.19798189


why woud it ever be anywhere you could shoot it?

>> No.19798224

Plague Marines and I guess maybe your HQ(s) are the only worthwhile things in the Chaos dex that have or can have a MoN that isn't uselessly expensive. They may be okay, but they aren't going to suddenly be un-fucking-stoppable.

>> No.19798287

At this point the FW model great unclean one is the only great unclean one model that exists. Oh and the ultraforge greater plague demon.

>> No.19798962

>If you can't kill that in one turn, your list is shit

independent character says hi.

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Personally I can't wait for my Grey knight/Necron army dazzling their opponents with their rocking silver bods.

>> No.19799932

IG and Tau look pretty good together. You've got two mostly conventional armies with very different aesthetic styles lined up with eachother.

Chaos and orks can work well too.

>> No.19800151

Mech IG and Iron Hands. I want this in my life

>> No.19801805


That is fucking AWESOME.

>> No.19802072

Was thinking about Orks with Chaos Space Marine allies. More for fluff than cheese, I think. Two rival Space Pirate crews that tend to cross paths often and have fought enough times that they have a semi trust relationship, tend to not turn on eachother too often. The captains have a rivalry between themselves always showing off, comparing who can take the most trophies. Challenges, challenges everywhere.

Captcha; thrust rtaivio
Not a bad name for the Renegades ship

>> No.19802253

No one like my idea of pirates teaming up and trying to constantly outdo each other?

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It was kinda late when you posted it, people were probably sleeping. I like it though.

"Oi, Kayoss-boy! 'ow many 'eads yew got dis toime, yew panzee grot-luvva?"

"More than you, mongrel xenos! Khorne smiles upon me this day!"

"'e'd betta, or yew'll nevva beat me 'ighest score! Rememba dat scrap on Mangonel VI?"

"That was a FLUKE, foul greenskin! You ignored the rules of our competition and used those archeotech explosives!"

"Ain't yew humies got an ek...ekspresh...a sayin' or summat? All's fair in luv an' waaagh? Well, which wun d'yew fink dis iz? WAAAAAAAAAGH!

>> No.19806725

>Mfw when Nurgle Orks

Someone post that concept art

but yeah orks can easily go to Khorne, because lets face it: Gork does'nt give you jack shit for killin' dem 'oomans

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I dont even.

What the hell is this? who makes this kinda shit?. pic related

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>far right
Is he... holding up the woman's kid?

With one arm?

I call bullshit. IIRC, Tau fire warrior are only as strong as an average human teenager, and I don't see many teenagers that can hold up a ~10 year old with one arm.

>> No.19807256


Bad angle. "Holding him at arm's reach" would be more accurate.

>> No.19807279

They have the same S as an Imperial Guardsman or other "average" human warrior.

They just either don't have the coordination and natural ability to fight as well as humans in close combat, or are physically similar enough that they could, but don't, because their combat doctrine eschews close combat training in favor of shooting.

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You insurt grorious Tau, gue'la.

>On average, smaller than a human, the majority of Tau are of slender build, having a strength equivalent to an Imperial Guardsman with comparable tolerances for heat, cold and pain.
- Index Xenos: Tau

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Ah, okay. I understand now.

>> No.19807694

Someone liked my ideas.

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