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Why are there so many weebs on /tg/?

Isn't this board supposed to be mostly western?

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but it's on 4chan.

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weebs? is that short for weaboo? if so it's because this is 4chan
also, /a/ mods have pushed a fair number here by deflecting quest threads

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>Isn't this board supposed to be mostly western?

There are only about two or three people believing that on at any particular moment.
So... where did you get that idea from?

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God damned lions, why so their generals always have that ridiculous accent.

Crane clan here, this thread is ours

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Stop metathreading.

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Look, didn't you promise to stop drinking? you accidentally declare a war on someone very goddamned time and are too fucking stubborn to stop when you realize you are trying to conquer the emperor's palace

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Why are there so many off-topic threads on /tg/?

Isn't this board supposed to be entirely traditional games?

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Because there's a lot of overlap between anime nerdy and roleplaying nerdy.

Also, Maid RPG.

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Does anyone even understand what a weeaboo is and why you should hate them? I have never seen a weeaboo post on /tg/, hell, anywhere but /a/ or /jp/ that wasn't ironic.

Also, look where you are. You're on 4CHAN.

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Curse this loophole. There should be a /wtg/ board to keep those freaks out.

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Because the type of person who likes anime is also the type of person who likes RPGs.

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>I have never seen a weeaboo post on /tg/

Open your eyes, pal.

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Silly western-tg, don't hit on me and my glorious armor-piercing hair :3

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>whine whine whine traditional games
You mean like Magic the Gathering and mini wargames, both entirely modern?

Frankly the only traditional game that gets talked about here is chess.

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Since I am always called a Weaabo, I might as well fit the bill.

Alright, here I go.

I believe that the Tau'va is the ''Power of the Nothingness''. The abandonment of one's emotion and thoughts, and gaining knowledge of one's place in the world which allows transcendence into spiritual perfection.

And then there is the Mont'au which I believe is the ''Satsui no Hadou'' (Or Dark Hadou). It is the darker aspects of the spirit. The desire to survive no matter the cost, to dominate the weak, and destroy all rivals and competition. This darkness is present in all the Tau of all Castes ( but the Shas are the most affected by it).

Through their mastery over the ''Power of Nothingness'', The Noble Aun succeed in sealing away the ''Dark Hadou'' but were unable to purge it from the souls of the Tau.

The ''Dark Hadou'' returned later in O'Shovah (AKA Commander Farsight) who was possessed by it after his Aun was mysteriously killed. Strangely, O'Shovah managed to control this darkness and it poses no threat to him or his men. Whether this is due Farsight's steely willpower or outside manipulation is unknown.

What is certain is that the struggle between the Tau'va ''Power of Nothingness'' and the Mont'au ''Satsui no Hadou'' will continue to rage on in the Tau soul.

Which power will win over the Tau race and decide their Great Destiny? Only time will tell.

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>/tg/'s greatest export by volume is 40K

>40K is filled with overpowered gods, demons, aliens, psychics and supreme super-soldiers shitting on every one aforementioned led by their SPIRITUAL LIEGE

I'm sorry, OP. Even with the most famous western property /tg/ is pretty weeaboo. It is a recalcitrant, self-outcast weeaboo strain, but still

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You gotta admit, a 40K fighting game ala BlazBlue or Street Fighter would be badass as hell.

>Pick Trazyn the Infinite
>Teleport spam, use the "clone Trazyn" trick to confuse opponents and throw in cheap damage to build super meter, with Mindshackle Scarabs for stun
>Super meter full, unleash EMPATHIC OBLITERATOR
>People mad jelly because they can't beat the genius that is the Infinite

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/a/ and /jp/ doesn't want their ganbage
so they toss it on other boards

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we never said what region these "traditional games" come from

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Hidden character will be the Emprah which will any other character in one hit.

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I'd still want a 40k: Total war

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that's a pretty terrible idea

warhammer fantasy would work better

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Fantasy would be better. I have yet to play a Total War game with guns that I thought was better than their medieval sword/spears/bows games.

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>Which power will win over the Tau race and decide their Great Destiny? Only time will tell.

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>Complaining about anime/manga or anything slightly resembling it
/k/ here, get back in there, I thought we had you contained.

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>Implying 40k has anything near as overpowered as even its entry level jap counterpart.
We're talking about a genre of media where FRIENDSHIP and LOVE make full blown fucking Gods and Reality their bitch on a regular basis.
>Time has compressed on itself into a singularity we're all doomed
>Don't worry guys if we FRIENDSHIP hard enough we'll find each other and set the fabric of reality straight again!!!!

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Welcome to 4chan! You must be new! Watch out, sometimes people say 'nigger' here!

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OP is a fag, as usual.

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You, my young faggot, simply do not know the depths of faggotry one must fall to to truly be weeaboo. You have fallen into the trap of believing anyone who doesn't hold an abject hatred for all things Nippon is weeaboo, and that is patently false.

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You're confusing "traditional" with "old". The "traditions" we mean is not requiring electronics.
>But videogames get talked about here.

Yes. But look at the game being played. Can you play the same game by removing the electronics? You'd be surprised at the number of games this includes. Electronics are the future of communications, and in the end, these are communication games.

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I assure you, you can do both.

Adeptus Evangelion: based on an anime, plays like a gritty western scifi game.

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/tg/ has almost no weeaboos. stop using the word to refer to anything you don't like

>Oh no, he made a character with spikes on his armor. What a fucking weeaboo!

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cirno thread

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