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Continuing from >>19751931 with a general thread so we don't have several on the front page.

Only War, now with 50% More Catgirls.

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We need to go deeper!

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1st Thandardan Prognostics?

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Looks like my group are making the Fremen from Dune as a regimen. Any tips?

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Reposting some anons rules because the previous thread is Autosaging and will vanish sooner or later.

Starting Attributes: +10 Agi, +10 Fel -5 Tou, -5 Will

Starting Aptitudes: Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Perception, Social, Offense, Agility, Ballistic Skill.

Skills: Stealth, Tech Use, Awareness, Common Lore(Abhumans)

Starting Talents: Heightened Senses(Hearing, Smell), Lightning Reflexes or Catfall, Weapon Training(Solid Projectile, Launcher, Low-Tech)

Starting Traits: Unnatural Agility+2

Wounds 6+1d6

Starting Gear: Combat Shotgun with Melee Attachment, 4 Smoke and Frag Grenades

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Shit, now that word has lost meaning for me.

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Light Infantry, I expect. Maybe give them Operate (Worm) as a regimental skill.

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And a Regiment for them:

The Lions Pride: A regiment drafted from the Planet of Elysium IV, a planet with a long standing history of Felinids that is mostly tolerated by the populace. Due to the ravaging of the System's Space Marine chapter, the plant has had to stand alone for several years, turning the former paradise world into a well trained fortress world with a reputation for self sufficiency...if a bit of a maverick streak.

In combat, they are easily identifiable by their rebreathers and 'Cat's Eye' preysense goggles. It is very common for them to lace the rebreathers with various combat drugs, a trick gained during the first darkest years without support.

Origin: Fortress (3 Points)-Enemy is Pirates normally.
Commanding Officer: Phlemic (1 Point)
Regiment Type: Hunter-Killer (3 Points)
Equipment: Demolitions (3 Points)
Combat Drugs(2 Points)

Additional Equipment:
Preysense Goggles (15)
Dress Uniform (5)
Rebreather (8)
Chrono (2)

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Light Infantry, Death World, Maverick, Hardened Fighters, Camoline perhaps?

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Death World (3)
Supine (1)
Line Infantry (2)
Hardened Fighters (2)
Fieldcraft - Deserts (4)

It's been a while since I read Dune, but that build fits with what I can remember of it.

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Hate to interrupt the catgirls, but has anybody homebrewed a doctrine that restricts access to higher-tech weapons and sets your main to either an SP or primitive ranged basic?

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The burning carcass of the town hall kindled in my vision. The screaming, kicking, terrified mutants were being toasted to a crisp within, unable to escape from the fiery inferno claiming their wretched bodies. It is at that moment, this brief instant were I was able to gaze at them. Those bringers of death. The Felinids. Their goggles and rebreathers obscured their horrid faces. They moved light on their feet from one spot of cover to the next, their lithe frames and dexterity made them a sight unlike any other. I found myself appalled when they started to inject themselves with "Victory Serum", a syringe of stimms left over after the fighting given to the survivors for jobs well done.

It was a common tactic of Commissars to reward them with such things, but it did not make it any less disgusting. I saw some clean gore playfully off it's combat shotgun, an eye ball stuck in the underslung bayonet. I nearly lost my lunch. But then again, it was nothing out of the ordinary. It's just how causually the creature did it. Like it was nothing. It seemed to be in a drug induced haze. Time and time again I would see these Abhumans tear through positions that would make even the most callous of commanders rethink frontal assault.

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It happened the same way to, everytime. They'd inject stimms, move across the battlefield swiftly with a fatal grace unlike any other. Then, they'd pop smoke and blind grenades, and while the enemy would be gathering their wits they would descend down upon them .Have you ever seen a trench after Felinids get done with it? It's black and filled with body parts. The Felinids almost inherit love of explosives made them unmatched when breaking strong points. Sometimes when doing hit and run in trenches, they'd leave behind presents for the enemy before retreating back to our lines.

Some of my command staff tell me they aren't all that bad when you get to know them. Some say they even hold females. I wouldn't touch them. Abhumans are only to be used until they have earned their place with us. A Guardsman stumbles and drops ammo onto the mud? Latrine duty for at least three months. A Felinid does it? Execution or they just signed themselves up for mine clearing duty. At the end of the day, I see their use. They are damn effective troops with a history of success. But they have not reached the prowess of Ogryns or Ratlings. They must first earn that. Maybe when they produce some selfless heroes like Nork Deddog or Magogg then I'll treat them decent.

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anyone got a scan of the commissar rules?

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Similar style to tanith;
Good shots, good with their daggers. Mad survival and stealth skills. Lightly armoured.

Homeworld: Deathworld.
Commander: Whatever fits your story. Maybe Circumspect
Regiment: Light Infantry
Doctrine: Fieldcraft(Desert)/Hardened fighters/Camo

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>they'd leave behind presents for the enemy before retreating back to our lines.

Murder Presents, yay.

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~Lord General Cypher, on Felinids.

There, took a shot at it. Tell me what you think.

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Holy shit, I make a thread, it hits autosage, and then someone makes a new thread. And now it's filled with cat-girls! I love you guys in a completely heterosexual manor.

>conclusion heisy
Not quite heresy, good.

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Hahaha yes!
>they'd leave behind presents for the enemy before retreating back to our lines.
A grenade disguise as a mouse?

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Reads well. It's damn dark but that fits 40k. Also gives them some more personality beyond 'Look, Moe Catgirls'

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thanks bro, was there no character art on the Commissar page?

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> The Felinids almost inherit love of explosives made them unmatched when breaking strong points.
Had to reread that five times before I figured out it was a typo

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I love them in a totally homosexual way so we are even

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I try to make Logical Grimdark when GMing and writing(Which I rarely do nowadays.)

Their skill at explosives make them natural candidates for going out into the rain, crawling on all fours, in no man's land, clearing out mines. And the fact their Abhumans is a bonus! Because no one cares when they add too much pressure and the mine goes off.

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Not yet, but these are two things I plan on bringing up when I head over to the FFG forums to post about all the little errors and things we found, which I will probably be doing later today.

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breaking enemy strong points*

Sorry. I reread the whole piece three times I should have caught onto that before posting.

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I think it's a little too much hatred for such fearsome and obedient shock troops.
Maybe expand on the cruelty part to show his reasoning.

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Here. Just grabbed you the rules to start.

Also: That's a thought, no one made the Felinids and advances like the other classes.

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>everyone says Light Infantry except for me

I stand corrected. I will stand by Supine for Commander though, I remember religious fanaticism being a notable characteristic of the Fremen.

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Made the Felinids Comrade Advances I meant.

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Effectiveness does not overrule the overall point of their existence and use. Beastmen hate themselves and want to die in service to the Imperium so they may redeem their unworthiness. But it doesn't matter. Their mutations are too large to ignore and because of this we have limited them to only a few worlds and removed their allowance in the Imperial Tithe.

If Felinids started to develop third eyes or extra limbs I would not hesitate to destroy them all. Same with Humans. Mutation, no matter how large or miniscule, cannot be tolerated. Only in rare cases on technological advanced planets are mutants allowed to live. And even then, it is has serfs to the Empire. Abhumans are only tolerated because of their usefulness and lack of random and rapid mutation.

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Official art for Commissar Rage ?

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No scar no Raege.

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I think you may be right, even the hat pin fits

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Effectiveness does not overrule the overall point of their existence and use. Beastmen hate themselves and want to die in service to the Imperium so they may redeem their unworthiness. But it doesn't matter. Their mutations are too large to ignore and because of this we have limited them to only a few worlds and removed their allowance in the Imperial Tithe.

If Felinids started to develop third eyes or extra limbs I would not hesitate to destroy them all. Same with Humans. Mutation, no matter how large or miniscule, cannot be tolerated. Only in rare cases on technological advanced planets are mutants allowed to live. And even then, it is as serfs to the Empire. Abhumans are only tolerated because of their usefulness and lack of random and rapid mutation.

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It looks like she does have a scar just not as pronounced as culexus's version

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Perhaps 'Flash and Clear'. Full Action Order, makes any grenade used by the Character count as twinlinked as the Comrade chucks a grenade of their own?

And maybe 'Murder Presents': +10 to any Tech-Use check to use Demolitions and halve the time it takes.

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>Purrfect Plan
Order(Full Action)
When Felinids assault an enemy position they can coordinate with their Comrade to attack the enemy more effectively.
The Felinid gets +10 to hit with grenades for the next three rounds. In addition, the Comrade throw a grenade of the same type to a position within 5m of the Felinids grenade, using the Felinids BS.

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I'd avoid giving them an actual attack. None of the existing ones can manage that, the best they give is a weapon quality or some bonus damage.

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"I love it when a plan comes together." ~Sergeant Whiskers upon seeing an enemy chest cavity explode.

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I agree with this anon, it's too overpowered really.

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Well, there is the setup shot for Ratlings.
Not resolved as anactual attack but makes the class a lot stronger against certain targets.

Well, Felinids have smoke and frag grenades.
One could limit the Comrade's use to an extra smoke grenade to provide a good curtain.

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Anyone wants me to continue on?

Perhaps from a different perspective.

I mean I'm bored enough I'll take suggestions.

>> No.19790244


That would be cool if you want. Maybe the perspective of a drugged up Felinid?

>> No.19790261

I could do that, sure.

I'll try to think of something to write while I get breakfast.

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How about it makes the Grenade Pinning? I don't think grenades are, by default, pinning. Use the 'Flash and Clear' name and have people be completely knocked off balance and stumbling for cover from a barrage of grenades?

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what kind of horrible monstrocity of a regiment could you get if you went with unlimited creation points and mashed all the options together, gaining all the benefits and drawbacks of them (though regimental kit gets it itself modded as per normal)

also, i'm wondering why thefelids don't have WS aptitude. their shock troop role also means there's gonna be some close combat, even if they're all shotgunning, they're still gonna have to bayonet a bitch on a regular basis.

Captcha >The Nnyann

>> No.19790307

Penitent (3)
Choleric (2)
Line Infantry (2)
Hardened Fighters (2)
Iron Discipline (3)

Characteristic Modifiers: +2 Weapon Skill, +3 Strength, +3 Toughness, +3 Willpower, -3 Intelligence
Starting Aptitudes: Willpower
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Intimidate,
Starting Talents: Nerves of Steel OR Orthoproxy OR Unshakeable Faith, Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload, Street Fighting
Starting Wounds: + 2.

Additional Equipment
10 - Flamer (Scarce)
5 - Upgrade Flamer to Good Craftsmanship
15 - Augmetic Engine-plate (Rare – Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions)
Augmetic engine-plate is environmentally sealed and proof against vacuum, toxic or corrosive environments, underwater and most other atmospheric conditions, keeping the wearer alive through a large, reliable rebreather system that lasts for a little over eight hours before the air tanks require refilling. These suits also contain an internal micro-vox, mag-boots and a photo-visor.
The bulk and rigid construction of the suit is a hindrance to movement, imposing a –10 penalty to the wearer’s Agility for all purposes, and a further –10 penalty on all tests reliant on fine manipulation using the gauntlets. However, the thick, heat-resistant layers of the suit means the wearer is immune to Flame weapons, counts as AP 10 against other Energy weapons, and gains a +30 to any tests made to resist adverse environmental conditions such as extreme heat or cold.
Locations Covered: All - AP 7 - Wt. 20

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>Only War everywhere
>I don't have a clue

>> No.19790331


Mainly because they already have a lot of aptitudes. That and they are supposed to be more 'Get in, shotgun a bitch, get out before it turns into a slogfest'.

Basicly: If anyone has the senses to go 'I should charge them' thier welcome has already worn out.

Though the main reason is, yeah...they already have enough, they can't really go more without losing some of their 'From Nowhere shocktroops' or 'Charismatic'

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Pretty sure Pyro needs combat drugs.

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wait why are they charismatic? i figure if a cat is talking to me, it's probably gonna be fucking sociopathic compared to the average human mindset.

>> No.19790351


Eh, I think it's due to the Cat stereotypes of a pretty, vain being. That and 'Catgirls'. They are grimdark catgirls...but they still kept that from the 'Catgirls' part.

>> No.19790358

Because Catgirls. But seriously, it's nice to have some rounded out career instead of an entirely focused on combat completely.

And for God's sake man, uppercase and punctuation.

>> No.19790381

Fuck me the FFG forums are a hot mess. They also seem to be inhabited by retards. From the little reading I've done it would seem that everyone is perfectly happy with how weapon training is handled with all the classes and it all makes perfect sense.

>> No.19790402

I get the classes but tell me what's wrong with Weapon Training?

>> No.19790404

I'd love to see there be a way to get extra Aptitudes or change them from the standard classes. Making an Orgyn Bone'ed by grabbing Leadership would be fun...but the prices are just too high at the moment.

>> No.19790448

I considered it, but I decided to go with Hardened Fighters instead.

I think Combat Drugs would be more appropriate for the Scout, considering the energy drinks.

>> No.19790455

Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Perception, Social, Offense, Agility, Ballistic Skill.
Man what. They only double aptitude on fellowship and perception. they aren't rounded out at all. They really don't need all that charisma stuff. drop one or the other of Fellowship or Social.
Without finesse they don't double aptitude on agility and BS.

>> No.19790466

Did I say rounded? I meant able to expand freely in several areas. And their starting stuff along with their regiment make them d'ed killy.

>> No.19790475

that's great and all, but you also fucked them on xp costs. hooray.

>> No.19790500

Noby can use SP weapons to start with besides the Weapon Spec depsite the fact that everyone can easily start with SP weapons. The way the Heavy's weapons training is don't they can't even use most of the weapons they can start with.

>> No.19790510


The Space Wolves would like a word with you regarding animalistic mutations.

>> No.19790543

Requesting the PDF, lost it in a great purge.
Many thanks.

>> No.19790549

They are Space Marines. A first founding chapter with much power and successor chapters. Everyone who has tried has failed, miserably. And that's why Space Wolves are horribly written snowflakes.

>> No.19790575


That is the best part of them.

Every time someone goes on about how angst and grimdark is inherit in a spacemarine one can just point at the Space Wolves and go Nuh Uh.

>> No.19790602


What would you suggest? As it is, if they lose the social they will be pidgeonholed into 'Agile and shooty'

Only war has rather an issue in managing to make a very locked in system for something you can supposedly go anywhere with.

>> No.19790617


I'd actually have them lose perception, gain Finesse myself. Keeps them talky and the fieldcraft will leave them with at least decent spotting. They seem more 'Go fuck that thing over there' than 'Find the enemy'

>> No.19790682

Catgirls? Really? Your stupid.

Some things can never be grimdark no matter what you do.

>> No.19790704

Oh you motherfucker.

Challenge Accepted.

>> No.19790706

This. Anybody got anything like that?

>> No.19790712

Cats are fucking psychotic killers that happen to look cute so long as they don't try to kill you.

>> No.19790717



The Adventures of Trooper Mittens would be as grimdark as fuck.

The horrors when the catnip runs out. The misery when your lasgun runs out of charges and you cant play catch the the red dot. And of course the disgust of trying to lick yourself clean after butchering nurglings.

>> No.19790734


>> No.19790746


There is Warrior weapons, where you get to PAY to lose your main weapon for a low-tech one.

I swear that should be 'Gain 3 points', not lose three points if it costs me my Rocket Launcher.

>> No.19790853

you forgot the part were they enjoy torturing their prey before eating them.

Cats are not nice ladies and gentlemen, they are narcissistic and psycothic...But they are cute so I suppose its allright

>> No.19790902

I have two cats.

They both birthed nine of the cutest little balls of fur ever.

Just last week, they found and captured a baby bunny.

We still can't get the stains out of the backward porch wood floor.

>> No.19790909

So they are basically fluffy DE.

>> No.19790982


Probably not a bad analogy.

>> No.19791021

That's for swords and bows, yeah, but doesn't work for autoguns or muskets IIRC

>> No.19791049


It would work for musket. But yeah, nothing for Autoguns.

>> No.19791134

Well, I made my post on the FFG forums, feel free to back me up or add to it if you want.


>> No.19791186

So i went though and slapped together ALL THE ONLY WAR REGIMENT CREATION OPTIONS TOGETHER. just merged the fuckers. and this is the monstrosity that came out

>> No.19791375

Hey, is the guy who does the OW google doc here?

I'm the guy who did Inventive, and as numerous people have pointed out, the name and fluff didn't really work, so rewrote it:
Machine Blessed
Your commander possesses a reverence for the machine god that comes close to that of the Adepts of Mars, he instructs all his men on the rites of machine spirit propitiation, making them able to repair and reinforce their equipment without error, even without a Tech-Priest

>> No.19791464


Sweet Jesus, that's a lot of stuff. Mind you, they are the most neurotic mess ever too.

>> No.19791526

Almost done and...I kinda wrote more than I intended...

Is that good?

>> No.19791548

The internet doesn't have word limits. Though if you've written a sprawling mass of filler then people will say terrible things about you.

>> No.19792284

Bump with murderous catgirl.

>> No.19792298


Ok...apparently forgot the catgirl.

>> No.19792322

Fucking PMS.

>> No.19792763

I had decided that I would try to get away from everyone one day, and just relax in the shade. This planet was a searing hot dustball but at least it had some trees to hide under. Once I had found a suitable spot, I stretched out on the luke-warm sand. Here I could just lay back, rest my head against the bark of the tree's trunk, and let the cool winds swoop over me. Everytime a breeze came by I could feel a tingle of sensation in my ears. Then a little bearded man, and I mean little like a child but hairier, popped out from behind the tree casually. He always found a way to sneak up on you like that.

He gave me an overly ceremonious bow, before asking, "And what are you doing out here?" I replied by rolling my eyes. "Same old Cassandra. Anyways, I came here to warn you."

That made me sit up. He explained everything to me clearly. We were going to be running headlong into the enemy trenches, setting our presents gift wrapped with trip wire and destroying any heavy weapons we could find then run back before the enemy retaliate. It was all rather routine, but the enemy we were facing weren't stupid or easily broken. They were Mutants from the Screaming Vortex, driven by something similiar to the Imperial Faith but we never knew or cared what they owed their allegiance to.

>> No.19792769

"Great," I said to him as I stood up, "Just when I was beginning to get used not being shot at." The tiny man looked around catiously. "Talk like that we'll get you in trouble," he said stroking the magnificent length of silver chin hair. I replied with another eyeroll which made him chuckle. "Same old Cassandra. Oh, and I got you something." Knowing that there could be something nice for me to grab I leapt over to him.

Wrapped in his fingers was a single syringe containing that precious liquid that I spent nights thinking about. As I glanced over it he chuckled again. "Knew you'd like it." He handed me the little needle. And with that, he was gone. He always did that. Even with my accute sense of smell and my perfect vision I could never pinpoint that old Ratling.

I had no doubt that his information was valid. I was worried by the means he came upon it. Could I know about something I shouldn't? Did he eavesdrop on the enemy? I had little time to worry about that before lo and behold the last man I wanted to see in my lifetime stood before me. I had the misfortune of being the only one in sight at the time so naturally he placed his attention on me.

>> No.19792774

"Ah, Abhuman," He said holding a steaming hot cup of recaff in his right hand. How he could drink that in that heavy Commissarial Coat in this heat I'd never know. "I would like to know why you aren't preparing for your mission with your squad." I tried not to panic, but at that moment I realized I had non-standard issued stimms on me and this Commissar was gunning to put me on mine clearing duty for weeks. He pretended not to know my name but knew. I knew that he knew it.

"Was just scouting over the ridge," He lied hoping he'd blame the sweat running down my brow on the sun. "The ridge with the tree line..." He said trailing off, "Of course. A good place if the enemy wanted to drop down and surprise us." With that he dismissed me with a hand gesture. As the tension left my body it spiked when he said, "Next time if you are going to lie to me, at least do it without shaking." When I looked back he was grinning, a malicious glint in his eyes. He was planning something, and that just made me more scared of the man.

Things were just fine at my barracks. The girls and boys were getting along while Sarge checked over the attack strategy a thousand times in his head. He was a veteran of over three campaigns, and had fought for fifteen years. Maybe more than that. He had many a bare scar across his body, the most evident was where his right ear had been ripped off from a lucky las-bolt shot. He told me that we weren't going to be used stimms for this attack which made me smile.

I was the only one in our entire squad that was going to be fueled with the wonderous stimm serum.

>> No.19792781

But anyways, we woke an hour before the sun rose. With an efficiency to rival the most well drilled Mordians we grabbed our gear and suited up for combat. I made sure my Combat Shotgun was loaded before we moved out. You had to remind yourself of the basics, otherwise you get lax. I guess the fear of the Commissar kept me on edge.

I could just make out light breaking over the horizon as we began to move into our assault formation. Our squad of fifteen spread out under the cover of darkness across no man's land silently as the morning breeze. The ground was cracked and blackened from the nonstop shelling of artillery exchanged between the two sides. I saw Sarge wave to us, that was the signal to equip Preysense.

The goggles fitted nicely over my head, though I did have problems getting them over my ears. But as they slid into place I could see the world much better than I previously could. I saw the heat signatures of my squad and a few, tiny red dots of the enemy mutants ahead. I thought it was the right time to do it, so I pulled out the syringe from my front pocket. I stabbed it into my arm's vein.

>> No.19792789

As the liquid was expelled into me I felt numb. Then, I felt wired. My eyes popped out, all the hair on my body stood up. I was ready. It wasn't long before the Sarge's hand rose and fell, telling all of us to charge. I raced forward, my mind running on maximum overdrive at this point. On mere reaction I threw my smoke forward as the others around me did as well. Gripped my shotgun tightly as I ran through the smoke.

I loved this, the exhilaration of running into combat high on stimm. That crisp sensation of air passing over your body, parting strands of hair. When I came out of the smoke I came across a very terrified and startled mutant. It didn't take long for me to place on slung right into his skull. The ugly visage of his was destroyed in a single moment when the slug impacted into his face. That was another thing I loved about my profession.

I jumped, using all the power in my legs to fly high into the air. I had jumped right onto a mutant without knowing it. My foot was right on his neck, so I did what anyone else was do and I put all my weight down on his neck. The satisfying snapping noise was music to my ears. I slowly moved away from his body and I took in the scene of mayhem before me.

Two of our squad were down, one taking a bolt round to the torso. It wasn't pretty, most of her chest cavity was blown out with the shot. I ejected the shell casing in my shotgun and aimed for the one with the boltpistol. He went down when I blew out his legs from under him. He was too busy focusing on stopping to the bleeding to shoot any of us, so I left him to bleed out while I picked another target.

>> No.19792794

I must have been too caught up in the excitement, because I was hit from behind. A large mutant with a club struck me on the back of the head. If it wasn't for the stimm I'd been knocked out, but I was able to keep going. I turned around sharply, and slammed my gun into his temple. I wasn't done. I reeled my weapon back, and then I pounded it into his skull. The butt of my gun hit him again and, it just became a blur from there.

When it was over his face was one with the soil and my weapon's stock as ruined. I had a fresh coat of crimson all over my body. I looked around and saw that things started to calm down now. For every one of us that had fallen we killed at least around five to twelve of them, which was good. Those of us that were left began to set up our little gifts for the mutants before we got out of there. I had just finished my third trap when they began to attack us.

The Sarge yelled for us to deploy smoke again, so I did exactly that. A white cloud surrounded us in no time. We darted away, although the enemy still fired blind at us when we ran back. One of my squadmates took a stub round to the leg, and being the courageous one I dove in to save her. The round had hit her in the knee, almost splitting her leg in half.

>> No.19792804

I must have been too caught up in the excitement, because I was hit from behind. A large mutant with a club struck me on the back of the head. If it wasn't for the stimm I'd been knocked out, but I was able to keep going. I turned around sharply, and slammed my gun into his temple. I wasn't done. I reeled my weapon back, and then I pounded it into his skull. The butt of my gun hit him again and, it just became a blur from there.

When it was over his face was one with the soil and my weapon's stock as ruined. I had a fresh coat of crimson all over my body. I looked around and saw that things started to calm down now. For every one of us that had fallen we killed at least around five to twelve of them, which was good. Those of us that were left began to set up our little gifts for the mutants before we got out of there. I had just finished my third trap when they began to attack us.

The Sarge yelled for us to deploy smoke again, so I did exactly that. A white cloud surrounded us in no time. We darted away, although the enemy still fired blind at us when we ran back. One of my squadmates took a stub round to the leg, and being the courageous one I dove in to save her. The round had hit her in the knee, almost splitting her leg in half.

>> No.19792820

There was nothing I could do for her. So I did what I could. I handed her a frag grenade, and to me she was nothing more than a blip of heat with these goggles on, "Die on your own terms. Not theirs." The stimms were beginning to wear off and I couldn't be caught lugging a wounded girl when the after effects hit. I could have gotten away with it too. But then I saw a massive blip of heat running towards me as I dropped her.

He heroically strolled over to the wounded Felinid, firing his boltpistol wildly at the enemy. At that moment I realized who he was, the Commissar. He didn't hit anything, but it looked cool as hell. I joined his bolts with some shots from my shotgun. Again, it didn't do anything, but it looked cool. And it made the enemy duck which was good because the less fire they lob at us the better.

The Commissar was a moutain of a man so it was easy for him to grab the wounded Felinid, throw her over his shoulders, and take off towards our lines. I outran him by a long shot and was already reloading my shotgun by the time I reached our trench. He placed the injured Felinid on the ground, and I could already see the Medicae spurring into action.

Then I saw that the Commissar had that evil grin again. He leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Next time, make sure not to leave the syringe in the trench." He handed me the spent needle I had discarded and totally forgotten. He could have shot me then and there, but he didn't. I still wonder what he was getting at. Then it struck me.

"Mine duty?" I asked in monotone. He nodded smuggly, before replying, "Mine duty."

>> No.19792835

And done. Gave it a shot, but I don't think it's of any top grade quality. Maybe if I spent more time on it. Eh, whatever.

Tell me what you think. Hope you have fun reading it.

>> No.19792858


It's good. It's the right amount of 'Dark', 'Professional' and 'Heroic' for a good guard story.

Heroic Bastard Commissar is good and the main character has a bit of personality. They also didn't feel like normal humans, which was good.

Lets be honest, I've read a lot worse from Black Library.

>> No.19792929


I enjoyed it.

>> No.19792978

I'm only really doing it since I'm A) Bored, B) Am totally neutral to this Catgirl thing, but I like the idea of combing cute with grim, and C) Need to practice writing more because fuck I'm out of practice.

Also, what Black Library books have been worse than this? I got a friend looking into some to buy, I wanna know so he can steer clear of them.

>> No.19793005


Anything by Goto to start. Others can provide more detailed accounts of the actual miss books that are not all from one Author.

>> No.19793008

Aberrations (as in, half-animal mutants) are literally retarded.

>> No.19793025

I meant like the Mutant Devotees from Black Crusade led by competent warband leaders.

>> No.19793045

I'm saying a fluffy Felinid would be Stupid with a capital S.

>> No.19793057

Ooooh. Thought that was a comment on the Mutants they were fighting. Gotcha.

>> No.19793118

Fuck you, Goto is godly. Backflipping Terminators having kung fu battles, man. Come on.

>> No.19793178

For instance, a quote of a Beastman? "Beastman bad. Bad Beastman. Dirty. Emperor no like. Beastman love Emperor. Give blood to Emperor. Give heads to Emperor. Say sorry."
If Felinds are realy cat people, I don't see them being smarter than that. Half animal, remember?

>> No.19793206

Why would the commissar give a fuck about an injured abhuman?

>> No.19793234


They are not Beastmen, they are listed as a sanctioned abhuman and unlike beastmen, are not in danger of losing it.

Most people have been asuming they are the 'Ears and tail' catpeople, as if they had the full furry look, they would be a subtype of beastman (Something 6e is clear to separate from them)

>> No.19793258

More bodies to throw later. No sense in wasting good cannon fodder.

And it really depends on the Commissar.

>> No.19793261

They are listed separately from Beastmen, though.
And neither Squatts nor Ratlings are near retarded. So, Felinids are not necessarily dumb.

Maybe he's just a cat person. Or maybe it takes one inhuman sardonic killer to appreciate another.

>> No.19793304

>Most people have been asuming they are the 'Ears and tail' catpeople
Baselessly, since such a thing has never existed in 40k. Cry more, nigger.

>> No.19793330


Not without Basis. Felinids are a listed Abhuman but listed separately to the actual 'Animal Features' beastmen.

It's not certain but they are not standard beastmen, that much is certain.

>> No.19793372

That in no way suggests they are kawaii catgirls with kitty ears and tails.
Cry more.

>> No.19793388

Where do you see anyone crying?

>> No.19793404


>> No.19793423

Still not seeing it.

>> No.19793427



>> No.19793443

Ratlings (Homo sapiens minimus), Squats
(Homo sapiens rotundus), Beastmen (Homo
sapiens variatus), Troths (Homo sapiens
verdantus), Longshanks (Homo sapiens
elongatus), Pelagers (Homo sapiens oceanus),
Felinids (Homo sapiens hirsutus) and Neandors
(Homo sapiens hyannothus) comprise the
remaining classified, and officially recognised,
abhuman races. Of these, Beastmen are subject
to severe persecution and have been placed
on the Register of Proscribed Citizens (Class
A-G worlds) by the Adeptus Arbites. This
effectively precludes them from settlement on'
or transportation to or from, more than three
hundred thousand worlds of the Imperium and
forbids their conscription as an Imperial Tithe
obligation. All of this is a sure sign that they
will soon lose abhuman status completely and
be reclassified as true mutants. Troths, Felinids
and Neandors are endemic, and restricted to
the worlds of Verdant, Carlos McConnell and
Hyannoth IV respectively. The remaining
abhuman races are variously present across
the entire Imperium. In some regions they are
plentiful and common, living in large colonies
or even populating entire worlds, in others they
are scarce and virtually unknown.

>> No.19793512


Those eight abhuman species and the seven classified subspecies of Ogryn strain (Alpha, Theta, Type IV, Type VIIa, H.S. gigantus gigantus, H.S. gigantus
cranopus and the Grey Ogryns), form the 15 recognized living abhuman types.

12 unnamed types haven't been seen for a generation, and 46 unnamed types are officially extinct.

>> No.19793599

Alright alright, lets not let this thread break down into a shouting match between pro-catgirl/anti-catgirl factions. Lets try and keep in to Only War related stuff please.

On topic:

What are the best options for favored weapons for a regiment? For mine I was thinking Grenade and Missile Launchers, but you need launcher training to use G-launchers and Heavies start with missile launchers, meaning all you would get out of the favored is logistics bonuses for ammo.

What other sorts of weapons do you guys thing have good pro/con ratios that justify taking as favored weapons?

>> No.19793629

Plasma or Melta for Special because fuckyeah punching through armour is awesome.

Although if I could I'd take Power Maul as my Favoured Weapon but it doesn't work like that sadly.

>> No.19793717

How the fuck are Multi-Meltas and Plasma Cannons less rare than normal Plasma and Melta guns?

>> No.19793749

They released an update on FFG Forums with all the typo fixes.

>> No.19793885

so we are playing thundercats in space

>> No.19793975


Best favourite weapons?

For basic, it's Hot-Shot Lasguns, no buts. Everyone but the Ogryn is proficient out of the gate, it has excellent AP, decent Semi-Auto RoF, and since its standard backpack power source counts a standard Charge Pack for logistical purposes (the big backpack is optional!) it doesn't put a strain on the squad's Logistics.

For Heavy, either the Stubber (can be carried by one man, Plentiful ammo) or the Las-Cannon (assuming the Comrade is the other man in the standard two-man team needed to handle it).

>> No.19794693

I absolutely hate how back-pack ammo was always done. It made things like Hellguns completely useless. It's not as bad in OW, since it gives a flat 80 shots to ANY las weapon, but even then that's not much. The lease they could do was at least re-fluff it. Oh whats that, we need to send in an elite team to fuck some shit up, lets give them a good gun with only 30 shots THAT THEY CANT FUCKING RELOAD. They need to put in something about how it's not just a battery but a small generator and capacitor, so that the "Full 2" reload wasn't replacing the pack, but letting it recharge on its own, you know, like in the canon fluff.

>> No.19795642

How the fuck are the stats for DKoK balanced compared to the other regiments?

>> No.19795699

Why would they need to be?
They are in no competition.

>> No.19795719 [DELETED] 

DKoK are fanatics who have to roll willpower saves just to act in self-preservation.

Grenade gets thrown in their trench? They don't scramble away from it, no they compete to see who can just on it first.

>> No.19795726

DKoK are fanatics who have to roll willpower saves just to act in self-preservation.

Grenade gets thrown in their trench? They don't scramble away from it, no they compete to see who can jump on it first.

>> No.19795727

Do dkok are better than Cadians, catachan, elysians et al?

No, I think ffg made a cock up.

>> No.19795819

I think that people are really exaggerating the prejudice against abhumans. It's actually very mild, if at all present. Abhumans are unusual humans, but they are still humans - they're an accepted and integral part of the Imperium and also shine with the Emperor's light.

>> No.19795836

What is your point?
They have pretty good stats, yes. But they are a siege regiment, doing siege regiment things.
Catachan do utterly different things in different situations.
There is no reason to balance them against one another. People won't play the suicidal clone troopers just because they have good stats. And if they do, they would have to play only siege scenarios and get no advantage ingame whatsoever because it always applies to the group as a whole and the GM can just adjust the threat level accordingly.
Or did you miss the point where it says all players need to be from the same regiment as they fight in that fucking regiment and there are no soldier exchange programs.

>> No.19795914

The acceptance of abhumans varies from place to place. Anything more than mild appreciation/acceptance will be extremely rare and there'll be plenty of people who hate the guts out of them.

>> No.19795957

You can get pretty close to the DkoK using the regiment creation system by picking the right results anyways.

Penitent World (3)
Commander: Phlegmatic
Regiment Type: Siege (2)
Training Doctrines: Die Hards (3), Iron Discipline (3)

+6 Tgh, -3 Int, +3 WP

Aptitudes: Toughness, Willpower
Skills: Common Lore (ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Intimidate, Commone Lore (War), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Tech-Use,
Talents: Nerves of Steel, Orthopoxy OR Unshakeable Faith,


Ok, so you're missing +2 WP and +2 WS there. I guess you also don't get their Faceless, Nameless, Selfless talent, which helps against pinning tests.

Not that big a difference.

>> No.19797312

Shameless bump and request for support of my post on the FFG forums.

>> No.19799573

one last bump before i head off to bed

>> No.19799630

Fucking this. I raged after reading in the fluff that the backpacks have at a minimum 200 shots for the hot-shot lasguns. Imagine how many shots that is for a standard lasgun.

>> No.19799830

800 lasgun shots

>> No.19802419


Thread over on the beta forums talking about characteristic advance costs for 1 or 0 aptitudes. Might be worth adding your own thoughts since the final costs are going to seriously affect how the game plays.

>> No.19803507


>> No.19803518

Want to keep busy and keep the thread bumped? Stat up Gaunt's Ghosts as starting characters.

>> No.19803545

The only problem there is the fact that the Ghosts are made up of a bunch of different regiments. Unless you mean making a regiment based off the Tanith 1st. Sadly I have never ready any of the early Gaunt's Ghost books, only the later ones, so I'm not the man for the job.

>> No.19803555

Yeah, just the First and Only. If someone wants to make the Vervunhivers and all then they're welcome too.

>> No.19803577

My players will be dropping into action for the first time soon, the planet being famed for producing high quality las weapons. As such the defenders will have access to some unusual patters of las weapon. I figure I should pass them by some eyes before I use them to see if they're broken and/or terrible.

Heavy Lasrifle (Heavy, 150m, -/-/6, 1d10+4 E, Pen 2, Clip 60, Rld 2 Full, Reliable)
A bulky, hefty laser weapon capable of sustained fire. Uses two standard lasgun charge packs as ammo, drawing power from both simultaneously.

Heavy Laspistol (Pistol, 20m, S/-/-, 1d10+4 E, Pen 4, Clip 10, Rld Full, Reliable)
The slender frame of this weapon belies its power. It uses standard laspistol charge packs, though the energy draw is far higher.

How do those look? I imagine that the players may be tempted to loot any they come across since they are meant to be superior to the stuff the Imperium usually produces without being outright amazing.

>> No.19803584

Why not have them come across different lasweapon patterns from the other books, if you don't mind me asking? At least then you can place the blame with FFG if they don't like 'em.

>> No.19803590

Make the Heavy Lasrifle Pen 1 and the Laspistol Pen 2. Perhaps take away Reliable because of their dangerous amount of energy drain. This can of course be countered by having it be good quality.

Other than that, they look nice.

>> No.19803624

In our Rogue Trader game we came across a pattern of lasgun called Storm Lasguns. They were made during the DAOT but we couldn't find an STC. Thankfully our borderline Heretek Explorator reversed engineered it, made it look like an STC printout, and we gave it to the Lathes for all the money.

I wanted to make it a weapon they could grab in Only War. I made the stupid decision of not explaining this on the FFG forums and just made some half-baked fluff to go along with the gun.

Anyways. Tell me what you guys think.

Storm Lasgun (Class: Basic Range: 75m S/2/4/ DAM: 1d10+4 PEN: 1 Clip: 30 RLD: Full SPECIAL: Overheats, Storm Wt.: 4.5 Availability: Extremely Unique)

>> No.19803641


Starting with Regiment, here are my suggestions:

World: Imperial World (+3 WP, +3 Agility, other shit)
Commander: Choleric (Rapid Reaction)
Regiment Type: Light Infantry (+3 Agi, -3 T)
Training Doctrines: Sharpshooters (Deadeye Shot, Ballistics Skill Aptitude)
Special Equipment: Chameleoline

Additional Standard Kit:
-Upgrade Knife to best-craftsmanship (10 pts)
-Add Laspistol/w 2 clips as sidearm (5 pts)
-Replace Lascarbine with M36 Lasgun (5 pts)
-Add Imperial Guard Flak Armour to standard kit, to replace shitty vest+helmet (10 pts)

Favored Weapons: Long-Las and Missile Launcher

>> No.19803655

Actually do they wear any armour at all?

Other than that, it's looking great.

>> No.19803656

So, Only War is already released? Sorry for stupid question, I'm ultimate slowpoke.

>> No.19803658

Only the beta.

>> No.19803675

My thinking with the Heavy Lasrifle was to make it comparable to the heavy stubber. Slightly lower Pen but better efficiency due to lower RoF and range. Is that efficiency worth loosing an extra point of Pen?

I'll adjust the heavy laspistol down in Pen, since as it is it's outright better than a hand cannon.

I wanted to make my own crap up. That, and this way the players will hopefully feel they're dealing with a force from the world they're attacking, not just facing repurposed weapons from other books.

I take it that the availability is meant to be Extremely Rare? It's one hell of a weapon for a basic battle rifle, if prone to ammo shortages and overheating. The ability to do full auto suppression is nice too.

>> No.19803689

Good thing it got a beta too. There's quite a few problems that need fixing. Impossibly tough vehicles, hideously bloated advance costs if you don't have a double aptitude match, iffy character creation rules when you start modifying standard issue gear for your regiment, etc.

>> No.19803718

Yeah it's Extremely Rare my bad. I was thinking Near Unique since it's just beginning to be made but, eh, I want my players actually able to get a hold of it.

I'm glad you like it. It's meant to be a trade off. You want to sacrifice ammo and safety for the power this weapon has? I like risk and reward weaponry like that.

>> No.19803783

They do wear armor, but now that i think about it, they don't wear Full Flak, just the vest+helmet.

So, that frees up 5 points. What the shit should it be used on?

>> No.19803790

Heavy Gunner not having the Bolt weapon training seems like a weird oversight. Especially since they can pick a Heavy Bolter as a specialist equipment.

I first thought the Heavy weapon training automatically covers all weapons marked with Heavy tag (which would make sense for Heavy Bolters, Las Cannons and other heavy hitters), but then I actually read the Weapon Training rules. It's a weird mash up of multiple training talents overlapping.

>> No.19803813

Yup, Weapon Training (Heavy) needs to be paired with another WT talent to be useful. As for access to the Heavy Bolter, I assume it's a case of "well, you CAN get this absurdly good gun, but you need to spend 400xp getting the talent to use it." A talent that also lets you use boltguns and bolt pistols, so it's hardly a waste.

>> No.19803814

Honestly, every speciality should get training in their weaponry. Heavy Gunner should get Weapon Training (Any non Exotic). Everyone should also start with Weapon Training (Las) OR Weapon Training (SP).

>> No.19803822

disturbing lack of scans of this in this thread

>> No.19803832

There is no fucking fluff right now, only BETA rules.

>> No.19803833


The book is not out yet.

We're talking about the Beta version. Which is black & white and doesn't have any fluff.

>> No.19803834

. . . that's because it's a beta, it hasn't been released yet. Check demonoid or /rs/.

>> No.19803861


Only a handful of new pictures since fluff is omitted. Sorry for rs link, but it's the only place I can upload to from work. If someone could mirror that version that'd be great. It's got fixed bookmarks and everything.

>> No.19803872

Ooh, fixed bookmarks? Much obliged.

>> No.19803875

> BETA rules
Say that to my face and see what happens, motherfucker.

>> No.19803880


>> No.19803885


>> No.19803890


>> No.19803907

Giving the Heavy training with All Non-Exotic would be OP as shit.

It needs to be changed to Weapon Training (Launcher OR Bolt), and thats it.

I do agree that everyone should have the Las OR Solid Projectile choice.

>> No.19803939

I should have been more clear: Any ONE non exotic weapon training (in addition to Las and Heavy at least).

>> No.19803945

Now that sounds more reasonable.

>> No.19803992

Would be much more simple if the core Weapon Training talent would be moved from the Specialties to the Regiments. Each Regiment would have Las, SP or Low-Tech or whatever else fits their style as their core Weapon Training.

Why the fuck each Specialty needs to be told individually they get the Las training when it's more about the training drilled into the entire Regiment rather than individual specialization? I'm sure even the Ogryns get taught the basics of using Lasguns even if they're too big to meaningfully use them.

Would simplify things a lot, and like said, would make much easier to create Regiments that don't use Las weapons.

>> No.19804007

Most likely because other specialities might be added later, those who may not know dick about handling the regiment's weapons.

>> No.19804130

Isn't there a thread somewhere on the FFG forums that suggests to allow everybody to replace Weapon Trainig (Las) with Weapon Training (SP)?
Anyway that would be one of the first houserules to implement.

>> No.19804239

We've already got a few.


>> No.19804274

Thanks. I was actually looking for that.
Here take these additional Orders I wrote up (and haven't tested yet) as a gift.


>> No.19804276

Download died, download link died.

>> No.19804277


I made a thread, and so far I've gotten nothing but positive support. There is also another thread dealing with XP costs and is going quite well.


>> No.19804302

Dude that's friggin sweet thanks for sharing.

>> No.19804312

Download still works for me, though I do have a rapidshare account (unpaid). The download link simply 404ing, or you getting a message?

I'm glad the XP costs changes are getting support. I can understand not wanting players to become absurd, but as the rules are they'll just become insanely good at a few things and punished for trying to do anything else.

>> No.19804319

Thanks I guess. Feel free to post anything you'd change.
I'm especially itchy about the attack order for comrades since I don't want them to just be a constant damage source every round. So I'm hoping that the attack is somewhat in line with the strength of other orders for them. The same goes for Supressing Fire which could also prove quite powerful.

>> No.19804330

>Download not available
>The following download is not available:
>https://rapidshare.com/files/3194974026/Only_War_Beta__OCR_Bookmarks_.pdf | 73.34 MB

>> No.19804337

Have another one albeit without the working bookmarks.

>> No.19804339

Aaaand now it's working again? Madness.

>> No.19804366

Rapidshit is called rapidshit for a reason. I regret making an account there, though it was somewhat decent at one time. Or at least widely used.

>> No.19804553

More choice is ok with me, but I would have the Heavy choose two different weapons max.
>(Las) or (SP), (Flame) or (Launcher) or (Bolt)
This way, you can easily take the regiment's preferred weapon or your own favorite and get to use the standard gun but don't get overpowered stuff or the ability to swing almost any weapon right from the start.

>> No.19804693

Keep in mind that Plasma and Melta CANT be taken as favored becasue of availability restrictions, So I think it balances out without being too restrictive. I really think Heavies should get Heavy and Launcher to start with. The missile launcher really is a baseline generalist heavy weapon, there is no reason Heavies shouldn't get it. They should then be able to pick one more weapon type (besides the base Las or SP) so that they can use favored weapons/variant starting weapons.

>> No.19804715

Posting in this thread since it's pretty bitchin'.

Thinking of running an Only War one shot. Anyone who wants to come by can. We'll also swap stories and discuss rules. Join the following IRC.

Server: irc.thisisnotatrueending.com
Port: 6667
Channel: OnlyWar

>> No.19804718

Yeah, I'd absolutely let them keep Launcher training, regardless of whatever else they pick. It gives the Heavy Gunner the flexibility to use a missile or grenade launcher on missions where one is assigned to them for whatever reason.

>> No.19804797

IRC is the fail for me, is there any way I can connect using Mibbit or something?

>> No.19804814

Hmm, let's try Freenode.


Join #OnlyWar.

>> No.19804830


Or, since the only things left are Flame and Bolt, just give them
"Las/SP, Heavy, Launcher, (Flame or Bolt)"

Unless you really wanted to mix things up and make them more specialized: "Las/SP, Heavy, (Launcher or Flame or Bolt) and give the the options of a Heavy Stubber, Missile launcher, Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer to start with. But that set up really neglects the favored weapon and makes it sorta redundant.

>> No.19804850

Talking of Heavy Stubber, maybe that'd be a better starting gun for the Heavy Gunner? That said, the Commissar gets a bolt pistol and the Heavy Bolter isn't TOO obscene. Fairly obscene, but 1d10+8 Pen 5 Tearing isn't a guaranteed kill.

>> No.19804863

I think heavy bolter would be a bit overkill for starting gear. I mean there should be something to look forward to later on.

>> No.19804929

Favored Weapon does not necessarily mean you must use it. You just have more access to it.

But that is about what I meant when saying, you should only have two different trainings at start.
If you have a whole arsenal at your fingertips from the start, it's not really all that thrilling to get new toys.
Remember you can still buy stuff during character creation.
Choice from the simpler weapons is fine, but you should maintain a feeling of wanting more as opposed to having everything you need to begin with.

>> No.19804938

Indeed, I really feel like the starting picks for the Heavy should be: Heavy Stubber, Missile Launcher, (Favored weapon)

>> No.19804949

Agreed. Weapon Talents should obviously be modified to that it covers that.

>> No.19804953

>Remember you can still buy stuff during character creation.

You can? What page does it say that on?

>> No.19804960

Favored Weapon: Heavy Bolter

>> No.19804984

Well, if the regiment favours the gun then sure. If it doesn't then the HB should probably be a later acquisition.

>> No.19804988

What are you trying to say?
Yes certain regiments have heavy bolters has favored weapons, others have lascannons or plasma guns.

>> No.19805011

Do you mean all those weapons or one of em?
All of them would give the Heavy Gunner up to 4 weapons in addition to what he may already have.
Elysian Drop Troops Heavy Gunner would have:
-Combat Shotgun
-Heavy Stubber
-Missile Launcher
-Heavy Bolter
-Plasma Gun

>> No.19805029

That's only part of why the hellguns are mostly useless.

The bigger problem is their damage. Damage and AP are partially combined in this game, unlike the tabletop. However, because of how toughness works, the one or two points lost on powered armor cause the weapon to just fall short.

"S3" might not debilitate a marine as often as "S6", but its also CAPABLE of doing so.

Against a guy with Tb 10 and 8~10 armor across the body, 5-14 damage with Penetration 7 fails to so much as scratch health about 80% of the time. Even righteous fury took the hammer, and no longer allows us the chance to cause significant damage to the target's wounds or structural integrity.

In other words, the current "S3" weapons not only lack the power to damage the generic T4 AP3s, they can't even hope to scratch T5s.

>> No.19805072


That would probably be the only exception to the balancing. The H. Stubber and Lawnchair are good base weapons, and the Heavy should be able to use them from the start. If they want to use something else, then they should need to take a WT for it (hence why i think they should get to pick one, non-exotic WT). Taking something like a H. Bolter makes you more powerful to start with, but then you need to spend XP to get things like Melta and Plasma. Where if you take Melta or Plamsa WT to start with, your starting gun is slightly weaker, but you are prepared for later in the game.

>> No.19805078

Varn and others had reasoned the HB would be possibly not the best choice to give the Gunner on creation.
My point is the favored weapon mechanic he thought of would allow him to do just that anyway.

Page 64, the Gunner gets 600xp to buy stuff with.

>> No.19805083

>Tb 10
With the change to unnatural toughness in BC are there really that many targets with TB 10? Even the might Ork Nob has only 8 points.
The strongest TB I found in OW is the Talos Pain Engine with TB 9 and the Mad Dok (although I kinda feel like that's an error on the Dok)

>> No.19805092

Only one, I'm saying that should be the list of things they can pick from.

>> No.19805113

Stubber+Launcher+One of the Favoured Weapons.
WT (Las, Heavy, SP, Launcher, one non exotic)
Did I get that right?

>> No.19805133

Only one weapon, but possibly several trainings.

>> No.19805146


>> No.19805176

Freenode keeps crashing

>> No.19805183


Yes, basically. However, while I think it's pretty well understood that people want to be able to pick either SP or Las, I'm not sure if it should be done at the Regimental level, a Doctrine level, or at class level.

I myself would like to see it be relatively easy for characters to get both Las and SP training, probably though most combinations of Regiment/Class, but I can see how that might be seen as a bit OP.

>> No.19805219

Well I don't think its really a problem. Might as well give the gunner both trainings but it feels like a relatively minor point to me.

>> No.19805237

Get an IRC client.

>> No.19805256

He didn't. He just didn't like that guy and wanted an excuse to put him on a shit job.

>> No.19805290

You don't want to give every gunner an arsenal of four different weapons he physically holds to choose from, do you?

Las and SP makes sense since you can have both types with you as a standard.
Maybe it should be an option to get the other for 100xp flat, regardless of Aptitudes.

Also, Autoguns should be available as regimental standard like the M36. Either as Additional Standard Kit Items or as part of a Doctrine.

>> No.19805297

What the fug is that? Why cant we just get a IRC that works?

Im not downloading any shit.

>> No.19805307

An IRC client is a tool you use to connect to an IRC Server. Just like you can use Thunderbird or similar programs to connect to a mail server.
So instead of using a shitty web based interface you're using a program on your PC. Like XChat.

>> No.19805327

Or mIRC. It's never done me wrong.

>> No.19805420

Less than there used to be. In RT, most marines and orks started at 4, a handful at 5, and could get it to 6 sometimes. If you rolled perfectly, I think a 7 may have been possible.

Then you doubled it thanks to unnatural. I recall the Deffwotch crew was for all intents and purposes [barring getting tens on righteous fury and then some] immune to hellguns.

Still, I'd say a weapon is "able to wound" if its average rolls will net you at least a quarter of the target's health in one round of good un-dodged shooting. As it is, Hellguns are just a bit of damage short of where they need to be: taking 20 well-above average hits to make a marine think of maybe heading on over and seeing if crit rating 1 to that location might do anything? That's not causing damage.

>> No.19805491

Yeh, im not downloading any shit.

You know what never gave me any trouble?

And i cant belive it gave anyone else trouble either.

>> No.19805496

If you're complaining about hellgun damage you might as well complain about lasgun damage. Both S3 in tabletop, both largely do dick all to marines without armour being considered.

>> No.19805526

I prefer a good IRC client, mostly because webclients kind of suck and you can't really configure them at all. You get more flexibility out of a client than like Mibbit or the suptg client, however, I will admit it's a bit more difficult to get working.
But whatever floats your boat brah.

>> No.19805680


I just got that to work. Took me a bit to figure out i couldn't just put that in my adress bar, I had to go though the site.

>> No.19805820

You shoulda asked. We can help you with the commands.

>> No.19805880

In a roundabout way I WAS.
For something that can take the arm off a human in one hit, the lasgun is rather woefully prone to needing five or six.

Plus however many you missed with in the interim of course

>> No.19808221

Im really annoyed that Ministorum Priests don't get Eviscerators even though the fluff in the very same book talks about how iconic Priests with Eviscerators are.

>> No.19808340

You can always requisition one once you've begun play.

>> No.19809431

>Plasma Gun: 1d10+6 Pen 6
>Autocannon: 4d10+5 Pen 4

Both are S7 on the tabletop, Plasma gun is AP2 but in the RPGs can't penetrate Terminator armor like its tabletop equivalent can.

>> No.19809442

I think it's pretty clear that the table top and RPG guns do not match but, and if they did shit would be even more retarded.

>> No.19809560

Maximal Plasma guns do 2d10+6 Pen 8. So better, but still not quite tabletop standards.

I'm personally not a fan of cleaving too close to the tabletop rules. Use them as a rough guideline, but it's far too simple and abstract a system to entirely go by for an RPG.

>> No.19811372

Has anyone made the Steel Legion yet?

>> No.19812066

I take it we've reached our autosage limit? Should I make another thread or just let things go?

>> No.19812375

237 posts as of this one. A good 60+ to go.

>> No.19812455

I'll start a new thread then, try and go for a good 3 run streak. I'll open it up with some Steel Legion, just give me some time to look over some stuff first.

>> No.19812518

Hellguns aren't useless, they're just better for a specific sort of target; ones that rely on worn armor more than their TB to absorb damage. Human renegades, Tau, Eldar and Deldar, those sorts of guys.

Also, Mighty Shot and Lasgun Barrage can help.

>> No.19812970

New thread

>> No.19813573


Indeed, much like the (First) Dawn of War games, you would get much more homogenous degrees of applied force between units, such that you might concievably have a slugga boy mob wipe out a tactical squad handily in melee as they did in DoW1.

I like the tabletop, but if they were the same way in fluff the IG would literally be the only thing mankind needed.

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