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oldest thing I have.

>last thread.

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>old meme I was talking about

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It's not old, but I'd figure you guys wanted to see it. It's been a long time since I drew something

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Not sure, seems to be this. If you disregard screencaps made by olderfags.

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aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, warpuppets, haven't seen any new stuff for that in a long time.

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I have a few of them but not lots.

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Funnily enough, this is the oldest thing I have saved from /tg/

as my HDD crashed and burned. so i lost all of my old tg related stuff. and old art.

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oldest picture I have on this comp.

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Man I remember leaving /tg/ and migrating to /co/ for a week than only returning to check for wakfu threads. Than bounced aimlessly from /m/, /k/ and /v/. For a time I actually went back to posting on the Relic forums, a place I hadn't been on in years, just do to boredom before realizing i missed 4chan's light moderation.

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This is about as old as mine go.
And that's fairly old.

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I made the roll dice 67 list bigger using the original artists (lv9drow)'s work, left watermarks on purpose.

The resolution was too large so I tweaked it a bit. I was the one who did the original fix of the a/b/c 1/2/3 list into cohesive numbers to roll for. From the original to this, using the same artists stuff and higher resolution, watermarks left on.

>oh well 1 week ban incoming I guess
Enjoy guys.

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Damn, people are still posting this comic.... I drew it.

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Yeah I didn't technically become a /co/ regular, I just use the catalog to catch the Wakfu threads. Couldn't care less about most of the stuff they discuss there. Quite different from here where most threads could prove interesting if I decided to learn a bit about their topic (e.g. I don't care about 40k, sci-fi and card games but I know they have fun threads too).

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I only really saved 40k pictures when I was first here.

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Oh gawd. The Dorf Fortress threads were my god for several weeks. That and the Saga of boatmurdered.

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February 4, 2005.

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Hey I remember listening to your radio while playing Torchlight.

Last time I checked the URL it was utter shit, but I thinkit belongs to someone else now?

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The spinecracker knows no bounds
Stupidity hurts!

why is the centaur shaven

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I've gone through two hard drives and a few "Fuck this hellhole, I'm not coming back" deletion sprees, so have a substitute.

And WW never did do a third quest.
I haz a sad.

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I had to reinstall my PC quite a few times without backup so I'm surprised I actually have this little gem saved. It's a dwarf dual-wielding kegs with a hive of angry bees stuck in his beard... to be honest I'm not even sure he's supposed to be a dwarf.

It's from a /tg/ drawthread by the way.

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