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Post your oldest pic you saved from /tg//

300k GET.

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If I remember it right, I got linked from /tg/ to /rs/ to download an archive of pathfinder art, that came from an ancient thread on /tg/, probably predating my arrival here (but the filename ranks it among the first images I saved from /b/).
That's my oldest pic from /tg/.

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Not as old as OP, but still a pleasant memory.

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My first HD broke down that had Warhammer Wednesday images in it.

PS: /tg/ is utter dogshit and has been that way since people started flooding /tg/ with porn.

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Those were the days.

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This one I think. But I cheated, since 1d4chan.

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Literal prehistoric relic here.

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Oh man I cracked up at the GOMEN NASAI edit so fucking many times

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Warhammer Wednesdays, how I miss thee.

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Did people ever flood /tg/ with porn? I've been here a couple of years now and I recall no pornfloods.

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It predates /tg/. It's prehistoric.

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This, looks like.

We used to talk a lot about Ace Combat.

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Yes. Deathleaper's Fangirl was a fan of doing that.

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>2006- 2009 anti furry 4chan

those were fun

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Did she ever post porn? She came close and in her early days she did post about her Tyranid fetish, but I think it technically stayed SFW.

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I miss when 4chan was still mostly SA users. Now it's garbage.

I also miss when SA wasn't garbage.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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Yep sometime people found out that mods never went to /tg. /tg/ was bombarded by porn by shitposters constantly who made offtopic threads that made /tg/ impossible to browse for most of the people who contributed to the board so there was a mass exodus and the entire board basically became a spam of retarded catchphrases and porn threads with very little traditional games in it.

Thankfully eventually /tg/ got moderated after a year or so (not sure how long it was really because I left during that time as well and only heard it was gone from a third party).

/tg/ has never been good since before the porn flood. We had risque images like this but never any worse because people had taste back then.

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not so old

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I stand corrected.

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I don't know if this was the absolute first, but it was the oldest one in my /tg/ folder

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>mfw that was drawn by a furry

I used to do it before I got banned for it a couple of times.

I wouldn't call it a flood, but those people with easily hurt fee fees incapable of ignoring threads they don't like might describe it as such.

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Yeah, the mods banning everyone who disagreed with them or posted about games they didn't like was great.

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No-Face Kate

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I think this one was made after /tg/ came into existence, but I'm unsure.

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Imagine the board /tg/ could have been if we got a good mod.

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And as you can see from this poster there are still people who refuse to understand how 4chan really works.

>tfw you remember this being new

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Like this guy:
He's definately one of those butthurt assholes who felt the need to defend the honor of their internet home against people who just happen to like fappable pictures of /tg/ related things.

I know he'll try to claim no porn is /tg/ related, but we all know he's wrong.

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All the times I've seen this pic, I never noticed the umbrella in Kharn's drink.

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Bull-fucking-shit. We had some really dirty stuff before that too. Lots of Spam, too.
It was more fun, yet more annyoing. I can see why not everyone wants it back.

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I got banned for two weeks for saying the DKoK doesn't have any women. Which is true.
Fuck you.

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>blatantly creating giantess fetish threads
>/tg/ related

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The Great Modtorm changed everything.

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I can't. I lose my stuff years ago when hard drive ate itself.

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f-fetish threads are p-part of our board c-culture!

>vomited in my mouth a little

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Remember the first drawthreads?

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Spoiler: 4chan mods will ban you for anything they feel like and you have to deal with it, because that's how 4chan works. You're free to leave anytime.

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Like sexism is part of the FGC?

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Hey man, I never did that.

Fuck the giantess fetish; they're always too big to be hot at all; give me a size difference of 50 feet tops; not using Manhattan as a tanning bed sized.

Seriously, fuck giantesses.

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>Oldthinkers unbellyfell newmod

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Always nice to see the time honoured tradition of "I'm a random guy who has nothing to do with the forum authorities but you'd better obey them and if you don't like their rule then LEAVE!" still going strong.

What kind of catharsis does your kind get from this, exactly? Just the sickly sweet satisfaction of having kowtowed to an authority figure and the status quo?

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That looks like something out of Big Guy and Rusty.

>> No.19782811

Whatever happened to those?

>> No.19782819

No idea. The original duckroll was before my time.

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Also the first picture I fapped too from /tg/

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To explain: People started linking to youtube videos, particularly this one. One fell out to the mainstream, the other didn't.

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The mods are not terrible people good sir.

They are just ordinary folks like you and me dealing with everyday problems.

Perhaps they may have overstepped their boundaries from time to time, but even a ordinary person can come across trouble times. The anxiety from the unpleasant experience builds up and they seek to vent their frustrations on random strangers on the internet.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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This isn't the oldest I had as I suffered a hard-drive crash and lost my stuff from earlier on.

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Macha was the original Spaghetti-tan.

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Hmm...nothing old. What's the 1 get?
I'd believe /tg/-as-debate-club if there weren't so many fallacies thrown around like guilt by association. You make it so easy to tu quoque!

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All that art is on his Furaffinity account.

I just wish I could remember the artist's name.

Oniontrain? Bloogah? B&hammer?

I don't think it's any of them.

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Pretty sure I saw it on a regular basis, though. When was that, again? I kinda forgot when I came here and am trying to pin it down.

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I thought Duckroll pre-dated Rickrolling?

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Listen to your favorite song instead of getting mad.


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That's exactly what I just fucking said?

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The exodus happened because of the -heavily- excessive moderation that followed the perceived influx of /d/ threads.

I personally remember when /tg/ wasn't serious business fondly.

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Nice stockings.
I remember about a year ago I made some innocent post about liking striped stockings, and out of nowhere some guy jumped on my case as if I had made some sort of egregious fashion error for liking them. I think it was probably a troll, no real person could have that much obnoxious disdain for something so minor.

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Duckrolling was a prank of linking inappropriate threads sometimes containing just a image of a duck on wheels to otherwise on-topic discussions.

>> No.19782900

All I remember was extreme rectal devastation for everryone involved.

>> No.19782903

If you weren't there and don't believe me, take a trip to sup/tg/ and see what they have to say.

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You like striped stockings? Fuck you. Only idiots like striped stockings.

And Hitler. He liked them too. You Nazi son of a bitch.

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The days of ED, when the furry page was plastered with 40k themed purging images.

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>> No.19782921

Stockings are okay.

But only opaque. Anyone who likes sheer stockings is a fascist sympathizer and should be banned on sight.

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you are just sad, goodnight.

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All look to be his works, I think he namefagged under B&hammer on /tg/, though that could be wrong.

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What about fishnets?

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>doesn't like sheer stockings
what are you, twelve?

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B&hammer was the name he used, yeah. I remember him posting about how furries will pay good money for porn of any quality. Hence why there's pictures of a Cyberdemon and the Mancubus with tits.

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You know, there are kinda only two archives for /tg/ and I can't remember the last time I heard the other one mentioned. Maybe you want to tell us what the name of the magical third one you seem to prefer is?

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I believe the good draw friend now spends his days drawing feminine versions of famous grotesque monsters from video games with rather large breasts.

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no im too meta. whcih makes you wrong by default. not even gonna correct that typo. this sentence has no period

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An old favourite, that one.

>> No.19782994

Took any magical crests from other families or created abominations for your petty revenge on your sister today, Tohko?

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What ever happened to TheScientist anyway? Always found of him and his antics.

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>> No.19783010

Check it.

>> No.19783015

I am fond of them. The problem is that the ones around here are usually stay-ups and I really don't like the sticky stuff they use to keep them on your leg. I need to find some better quality ones that are a good length for suspenders.

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Dear god in heaven.

>> No.19783033

I see you have a picture of Heresy. But can you also offer me a "The Emperor protects" for my normal and un-slaaneshi funtimes?

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Not the oldest in my folder but I remember saving this like, two days after the marine codex dropped.

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Oh fair Russ I do ever so miss those Horo images you usually post with.

And your famous image dumps of course.

>> No.19783046

It's like you didn't read every other word of my post.

>> No.19783062

I wouldn't know, given that I've never worn stockings.

>> No.19783063

Why the hate? It's where a significant portion (at the very least) of your supposed exodus ultimately wound up, and nearly all will tell you it was the moderation and that one guy who mindlessly saged every single thread who made the board a lot less enjoyable than a collection of drawfaggots peddling their assortment of filth deviancy into a Slaanesh thread for the pleasure of all.

>> No.19783064

Remember when FFG were bros?

>> No.19783077

Living the dream

>> No.19783096

Because good sir, the administrators on sup/tg/ has made their sole duty to delete most archived threads due to their limited bandwidth problems. Leaving only quest threads to be archived.

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>> No.19783102

Apologies, I was not the one you were responding to, though.

Avatarfagging began to leave a sour taste in my mouth after the 20th or so ban. Not that they were the reason I was being banned, but still. And my image dumps are famous now?

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>> No.19783131

>> No.19783136

To the few people who remain and still remember.

>> No.19783140

unfortunately, due to several computers of mine going boom though the years since /tg/ came to be I don't have any of my old stuff, much of it would have included monstergirls though and stuff from /m/ that was /tg/ related.

>> No.19783148


Damn, I started that thread.

Good times.

>> No.19783152

That is a very honest thing to say. I am quite sure the guy that got on my case about the striped stockings has never worn a pair of them either. I think that was why I was so befuddled at the vitriol of his comments.

>> No.19783160

>the dream
I thought that was succeeding the family head, accessing the fifth and getting the title of "Blue".

Y'know. Like Aoko did.

>> No.19783162

I was referring mostly to their IRC network, which I believed to be implied by my request that he talk to the people, good Sergal.

>> No.19783180

Shit, what was the name of that Commissar guy who was from Manchester or somewhere and did the finest slaaneshdumps known to man?

>> No.19783182

>> No.19783191

And yfw Driblis quest got deleted?

>> No.19783198


I do believe he's back.

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>> No.19783205

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>> No.19783214

It's quite possible he hated the way they look. Which is the same way I put stockings into tiers.

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>> No.19783227

A personal favourite.

>> No.19783230

Hoping to get an answer.

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>> No.19783244

Did you forget about me?

>> No.19783245

>> No.19783246

Good to see you Russ.

I never could totally understand why posting with an avatar was a bannable offense, but I stopped doing it anyway.
It was all pretty fun while it lasted.

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>> No.19783249

Dealing with the people on their IRC network?

One thing I have learned about those sup/tg/ administrators is that if you stroke their ego long and hard enough they will give you OP status.

And the last time I talked to Lord Licorice he acted depressed and self defeating arse hole with no self esteem or motivation to do anything.

In the words of the other more attention whoring members, he was more a of figure head then owner of the archive.

A unfortunate turn of events, I guess IRC politics determined that quest author fell out of favour in their inner circlejerking cliques.

>> No.19783267

What? Are you mad? Don't worry, at least you're not the dirty red and have a sealing designation on your head. Oh wait

>> No.19783283

>> No.19783293


>> No.19783300

I never touched IRC chat.

Is it really that bad sergal lady?

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>June 11, 2009

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>> No.19783310

>> No.19783320

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>> No.19783329

Getting a bit modern here.

You motherfucker.

>> No.19783345

Looks like we got another Tau stuck in the air-shaft.

>> No.19783349

Not really old, just amusing.

>> No.19783351

Shit, I thought all the oldfags gone.

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>> No.19783378

Was gone for a while, but Only War brought me back. Age has also helped me chill out and not get all asspained over stupid crap.

>> No.19783380

>> No.19783384

Mind you I ventured into their realm about two to three years ago, I not know how little have changed or how much more stayed the same.

This is the same place that twisted Jeanstealer from a innocent drawfriend that diligently drew for /tg/ with all her heart and cutesy silliness, into a delicate egoistical attention whoring anowflake who resides in the deepest lairs of their IRC, surrounded by white knights never daring to come to us and offer her skills. Instead spending her time drinking from the fountain of vanity and self conceit.

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>> No.19783403

Not at all.

>> No.19783406

Best be trolling.

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>> No.19783414

>> No.19783417

Most are gone.

>> No.19783423

I still come here, but not religiously and often just to quickly peruse before I do something else, nothing truly great seems to happen anymore.

I think there's quite a lot of oldfags doing the same thing, not quite able to let go.

>> No.19783424

and a whole bunch of Miko's stuff

>> No.19783426

Not as good as drow spider vaginas.

>> No.19783435

As someone who's on from day to day in sup/tg/, it's not that bad. Might've been worse a few years ago, but these days it's acceptable.

>> No.19783436

>> No.19783441

Miko was responsible for many great things.

>> No.19783445

Oh, I see.

I try to throw decent drawfags into the stream but they all sort of fizzle away.

>> No.19783453

Same here.
I browse /co/ these days.

>> No.19783454

Oh hes not gone, he merely spends most his time on his Steam account entertaining his loyal followers and trolls in multiplayer games.

>> No.19783465

Yeah I know. Been there. Haven't touched that place in years.

>> No.19783467

>I browse /co/ these days.

Worse than /tg/ ever was, even at its lowest point.

>> No.19783469

jesus christ how horrifying

>> No.19783476

Hi ho, my fine gentlemen!

You've all been well, I trust?

>> No.19783484

Careful, for a time just posting that picture was a gamble with a ban.

>> No.19783498

Says you.
Shit actually still happens on /co/.

>> No.19783506

Girls need love too. Love in the form of a four foot long, carapace clad dick.

>> No.19783512

Oh yes.

>> No.19783516

Trolls itself into oblivion over sexism, marbled with paedophiles, full of egos?

>> No.19783523

Have you seen all the modern fantasy threads we have lately good sir?

Their frequency and amount of circle jerking puts the old "Get in there" threads to shame.

And besides my visage has more weight of attraction then any such roleplaying thread back in the days of old.

>> No.19783540

>> No.19783542

>dissin mai waifu
>calling reds filthy

>> No.19783544

Careful of that ego lady.

>> No.19783556

I knew those threads looked bad at a glance.

>> No.19783559


>> No.19783576

Shush. It tickles when you mumble like that.

>> No.19783583

>> No.19783585

Why are you so freaking classy?

I mean, if all people avatarfagging (dying breed?) were like you, it'd be far more entertaining.

And mean, comparing you to moap...
Well, that is kinda unfair.
I mean one should not compare stones to diamonds.

>> No.19783600

>> No.19783604

>> No.19783606

I...think it was this one, but more likely it was a bit of character art that's long since vanished into another folder somewhere.

>> No.19783609

No Dakka? Wat da Zog?

>> No.19783617

They are certainly more frequent, and much less....coherent.

And please don't call me Sir, Alis will suffice.

>> No.19783636

Read as: "pornographic picture reassigned to proper folder"

>> No.19783648

>> No.19783657

I avatarf-stuffed and at even my best trying to learn 40k from /tg/ everyone was so mean to me. Only until I started posting porn did they start cooperating and being nice. Going as far as calling me a cool person.

Then I revealed it was a trap and put on my main ego, and the mod banned me after I made the point of the types that roll into /tg/.

I've only ever pulled this trip-atar out the first day /mlp/ started to poke there to see if avatar roleplay was allowed there. It's not if you're not a pony, get called the new spiderman and stuff. Which is a blow since there's so many I know that want to run avatar funplay.

Makes me sad.

>> No.19783659

>> No.19783667

Sheeeeit. Someone wake Foron up from whatever drug addled stupor he's worked his way into and it's just like the old days.

>> No.19783672

And to you; I'm not sure what was the bannable offence; avatarfagging or RP threads, because I see both of them regularly on /tg/ these days, just not together.

And they were fun indeed, but what's past is past.

>> No.19783680

What about what's-his-face. You know, liked guns, perpetually drunk, had great stories, posted his balls on /tg/.

>> No.19783694

It IS bannable, threads about rollthreading got removed regularly at the height of the godmoderation!

>> No.19783699


Oh my god that guy. He's probably dead.

I hope the liberal jew media didn't succeed in making him gay.

Or well I do a little bit for mostly selfish reasons.

>> No.19783700

>> No.19783701

Wasteland Warrior?

>> No.19783702

Wasteland Warrior.

He's still around. Just doesn't post much anymore.

>> No.19783709

He is very much alive and only slightly gay.

>> No.19783715

>> No.19783722

Well, last I heard he said he was dating a trap. Assuming that didn't go South and you're coquettish enough you might have a shot.

>> No.19783732

So he didn't die of alcohol poisoning that one time? That's good to hear, he's my all-time-favorite storyteller.

>> No.19783736

>> No.19783748

The wonderful thing about the past is that it never changes, you can only discover things you have lost. And treasure the memories you hold dare until the end of your days.

While the future is always changing, malleable and too mercurial for anyone to contain for long. And when it is contained and set in stone, it always works out to bite you in the arse sooner or later.

This is probably my last note for the night.

Thank you my dear audience for allowing this poor sinner to reminisce with you.

>> No.19783751

Last I heard he was trying to invite people to go shoot stuff in the desert with him. 50/50 chance of him murdering them or not, he said.

>> No.19783753 [DELETED] 

Everyone loves Wasteland Warrior~

>> No.19783756

My request for khornette admiring Kharn from afar was mistaken, since khornette was one of the -ette's that were all daemons at the time. I wasn't disappointed though.

Then I met the artist somewhere and he/she said they would touch up the image after I re-posted it.

I never got that image.

>> No.19783760

>Well, last I heard he said he was dating a trap.

Yea, didn't he and Blackheart flirt quite often in threads? Or am I misremembering?

>> No.19783762

It's pretty much impossible not to, even if he was technically an attention whoring namefag.

>> No.19783769

They would take over threads by awkwardly flirting. Kind of like you and talking about your sex life.

>> No.19783772

It's ancient.

>> No.19783773

>> No.19783783

I wonder where Khârn went, he was always fun to have around.

>> No.19783788

>> No.19783792


I am decidedly unmurdered.

He'll be here to answer your pathetically fawning questions shortly~

>> No.19783794


>> No.19783795

>> No.19783801

You were retconned.

>> No.19783803

Oh great Lord Slaanesh, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider!

>> No.19783805

Like whether he ever takes a break from pitching?

>> No.19783808



>> No.19783815


They'll never take me alive...


I showed you my balls and this is how you repay me?

>> No.19783816

Do you remember, /tg/?

>> No.19783829


>> No.19783833


>> No.19783836


>> No.19783837

Oldest /tg/ pic I've got on my laptop, I saw it and said "I need to run a campaign in the desert."

>> No.19783854

Was that story about the emergency room at the hospital really true?

>> No.19783856



>> No.19783864

>> No.19783868

This is her hole! THis hole was made for yo momma!

>> No.19783873

Can it be storytime?

>> No.19783874

>> No.19783877


When I ate a shit load of steak and then accidentally (Purposefully) took a bunch of poo pills and then needed to get a tube up my butt, the one where I saw a dude with his junk stuck in a milk bottle or when I got shot in the butt?

>> No.19783884

>> No.19783894

This thread, it is like nercomancy or something. Ghosts of the past everywhere.

Well, whatever, I'm fairly fresh and a christian, so that'd be seven kinds of /tg/ evil. Repent and play games etc...
Play games even if you don't repent etc...

>> No.19783896

The one with people in full LARP gear.

>> No.19783897

I remember that short lived meme.
>image cap reached

Oh bugger. Missed it.

>> No.19783902

Well merde, seems like we hit image cap.

>> No.19783916

That was Mitchell.

>> No.19783923


Once I fought some larpers, but I was dragged into a bathroom and locked inside while the pohleese went looking for the drunk who carved a symbol into his upper arm and my friends covered for me.

>> No.19783930

I wish we could archive threads on grounds of immense nostalgia.

>> No.19783933


>> No.19783939

You can save threads.

>> No.19783978


Oh long time no see

>> No.19784001


Though now I regret it, it was funny at the time. If anyone here hasn't heard this story for the hundredth time...

Back in the day I was at a local gaming club, we decided to go to someone's house after gaming and have a little shin dig. Some of the gamers were all "Eww alcohol is icky" so we had to prove them wrong. My friend punched a wall till he bled, then poured gin over the wound and drank the blood gin, I drank 8 cans of steel reserve and then challenging people to break pvc pipe over my back. Then as a show of bravado I gave myself a very superficial mark of chaos undivided on my upper left arm with a straight razor. After that I saw some larpers outside fighting with boffer swords and I decided it was time for the blood god to get some skulls for his throne. A melee ensued, I had pinned one down and held a jagged chunk of pvs to his throat demanding he ascend the mantle of hatred and follow me on the 8 fold path, or some other vaguely khornate thing my drunk mind was spewing.

Then came the taser, and my friends dragged me into the bathroom and locked me inside while telling the police I ran off.

>> No.19784006

This thread is making me miss the old crowd in /tg/ and /m/, really miss Might Gaine and his hijack/image-dumps that turned around even the worst thread. Kinda miss the old chaotic turn-anything-into-/tg/-related /tg/ as well.

>> No.19784007

I am around, I just have not put on the name in what seems like a long time.

>> No.19784013

>have the double satan jesus get from /tg/
>my external drive is currently fucked

>> No.19784040

Oldest I got was something done by that Mr.Culexus fellow.

The file exits in the tower for my old, twice-crashed computer, gathering dust in a closet.

>> No.19784044


and I am never around on here. so oh well.

>> No.19784053


It may well be online as well.

>> No.19784064

You made my night you glorious fuckers.

May we all meet again in whatever waits for us on the other side!

Image limit, so I'll have to emote.


>> No.19784107

>Image limit reached

Well, I was originally gonna post something I drew today. Oh well

>> No.19784112

>Kinda miss the old chaotic turn-anything-into-/tg/-related /tg/ as well.

Yeah, that's one of the things that really made /tg/ for me. We made everything interesting and didn't take ourselves too seriously (edition wars notwithstanding). Now it's more
>sage everything - report - delete - ban

I've spent the past year on /co/ for the Wakfu threads, only beginning to come back to /tg/ now that the dust has settled and I have a bit more time for 4chan.

>> No.19784143

I was under the impression that we are currently not moderated.
Or the mod just doesn't care for anything.

>> No.19784152

I look to see if the place has exploded yet, and to read Shadowrun threads. This is kind of the first time I have done any posting anon, or not in about three months or more. Not much demand for keepers of secrets who like to write 5+paragraph posts here anymore.

>> No.19784247


Understandable, found my ex was cheating on me and such, hard evidence and all, good times for all.

still playing around as well, as far as this place goes: it seems a lot more calm lately.

>> No.19784295

Is it not the first failure that ye be known as a keeper of secrets?

>> No.19784330

It does seem more calm here, but I think it moves in circles. A lot of the threads of late seem to be trying to be so grotesque as to bring down a mod. So soon it will all clamp down again.

I am sorry to hear that,I guess it is a good thing she is your ex then. Why don't you ever have good news for me?

>> No.19784332

Post New Thread

>> No.19784352


Is there a new thread now?

>> No.19784383


for me no news is good news. that's why I don't talk much to begin with.

>> No.19784453

new thread.

>> No.19784482

I have recently been promoted to Tante Marceline by my Nephew now that he is old enough to watch tv. It is all rather silly.

>> No.19784706


Haha, grats on that. I'm actually finally saving up money to move and all that now. soo, things are slowly starting to look up.

>> No.19784807

Moving will be good for you. The hard part will be making your past know that it is an unwelcome guest now, but it can be done.

Time for bed. A+

>> No.19784954

There Is Now, Linked in 19784453
Proceed There Forthwith and Upload Your Artistry Payload

>> No.19785729

You Are Not Going To The Thread To Post Your Thing
Why Not

>> No.19786418

I did earlier, is there a different thread?


>> No.19787032

Wait... Tante, as in Auntie?
Are you Indonesian? Heee...

>> No.19787057

I haven't seen a /tg/ porn thread in like forever. I do block all quest threads though, so the porn might be in those.

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