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ITT: max stats.


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I can't even say I know.

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18+ CON

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Move Silently/Hide

At least for a while.

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Max strength?

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That voice, jesus christ I would murder anyone to have that voice


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Must be a well-designed bottle.

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Max engineering

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More like max immunity to aging.
I bet that you can't even cast Time Stop around that grandmotherfucker, dispels every time.

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No, she had max, just the Nazis that found her rolled REALLY high on his Perception check

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Maxed perform.

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Climb is a strength based skill.

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Max hide

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Max Agility

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Craft: Alchemy

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Hey, even mooks can roll natural 20s.

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That's max ranks in climb with a few feats for skill specialization to give him an even bigger bonus.

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Max leadership.

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That guy is suspciously familiar.

Also, what rance would be?

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Escape Artist

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>Perform (Dance)

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Max thievery, asked the GM if she could make a check to steal more thievery ranks, he jokingly agreed and gave it a retardly high modifier, she managed to pass, and then it got recursive.

It really went pear-shaped when her character kidnapped the GM.

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It's like none of these guys realize that if you're seeing her it's only because she wants to be seen.

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Resist (poison)
Resist (giving a fuck)

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Main protagonist of Big Bang Age, Rouga Zanma. To be honest I like him more than Rance since he's not a massive dick. Also, Rance would be uh... ... ... not sure really. He's not really maxed anything other than maxed level cap.

Max spell resistance. No, literally. This specific number has a name.

There are feats in Immortals Handbook that increase the size of things you can steal, allowing you to pull off all the shenanigans Carmen gets up to. Hell, there's even one that lets you steal two-dimensional objects like color and text.

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My distinguished gentlemen of a darker color.

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Natural 20s on intimidate.

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Max level rate.

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anyone have the none-hanked version

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But can you steal, among other things, The Portuguese language, the moon, the Mona Lisa's smile, the Hope Diamond's shine, countries, the ABC: A television channel, the other ABC: the alphabet, the letter ñ in Spanish, the Bermuda Triangle. She probably made it get lost in itself, the International Date Line?

None can equal Carmen Sandiago.

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He's not kidding.

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Depending on how your DM interprets it I wouldn't doubt it.

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Level 20 fighter
Max rank in grapple
Max strength


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Why does everyone use the image of Madame Mirage recoloured to Carmen Sandiego?

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Max Swag.

I can't look at this picture without wishing for a fourth Dark Knight movie with Temple Fugate as the villain. Dammit.

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Which the cats are a master of.
>not a PnP guy
>I like these threads
Make more of them.

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It's just what I had laying around. And I like it enough that I just use it for my Sandiego purposes.

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>katz ataq anytin

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MAX Tension
Rance isn't good, he is passionate to the point where he emulates skill.

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Rance in the TTGL universe. Fund it.

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>think this is fake
>take a closer look
>take a close enlarged look in WMP
>it's real

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>Lemmy as a Bard

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To be fair, I suspect the bear had INT as a dump stat.

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You sure about that?
>youtube search kung fu bear

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Well that one's obviously a monk - their MAD is so insane they don't have a dump stat.

.gif unrelated: Max Stealth and Surprise attack

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I can see the zipper.

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No, that's a natural 20 on an initiative roll

Pic related

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>make someone search because you comment
Choke on a dick, dick sucker. I bet your fingers are getting fatter for refusing to look into it yourself.

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And I don't think my hands are that fat...

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>oh shit I look bad
>i troll u!
>that'll save me

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>oh look this guy is calling me on out my asspain
>better call him a troll

Why is /tg/ so ragey this summer

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Maxed Carrying Capacity and Inventory space to infinity.

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You answered your own question.

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Carrying capacity.


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Isn't Climbing based off STR, though?

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There are feats that let you use your dex instead of strength for climb and jump

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escape artist

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holy shit these guys look fuckawesome

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Knowledge: Explosives and Will Save

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Which is why so many of them get splatted by cars.

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Lemme see what I got.

This one is obviously Jump.

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Max Swag

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Most of my gifs are too large unfortunately.


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Unarmed Fighting

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Max preform

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Parkour isn't a skill per se. So I guess this would be Tumble.

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As well as: The Best Coffee, the Olympic flame, the steps to the Tango, every last drop of Salsa and K2, the second largest mountain on Earth.

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Escape Artist

My cat does this all the time. Every time I turn my head she somehow goes from looking out the window, to sitting on top of the open window pane outside.

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Craft: Trap

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he has such a good agility he dodges good games

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Holy fuck. Source?

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The Best Coffee is also a quantum theft, because "Best" is subjective.
Think about it, you wake up in the morning, groggy as fuck, you go into the kitchen to make some of your favourite coffee, but it's gone. You could have sworn that you just bought it not last weekend, but it's gone. So you bathe and dress and go into work angry and grumpy, because some asshole stole your goddamn fucking coffee.
You beeline to the breakroom to pour yourself a cup or three of the complimentary black gold that one of your coworkers brought in. It's pretty good, it's not -your- favourite, but it does it's job so you can do yours. On your way out, day enlightened, you're greeted by the vicious stare of one of your fellows, as he eyeballs you, willing an Optic Blast. He demands to know where you got that coffee. Oh, it's the guy who bought it, but before you have a chance to answer, he grabs your mug and tries to gulp it down, only for nothing to come out. He opens his eyes, and the interior of your mug is bone dry. You glance back into the breakroom, the pot is empty, the machine is off, and the pot looks like it's drying by the sink. What the hell? Your coffee not only disappeared in front of you, but actively un-brewed itself?

THAT, my friends, is Carmen Sandiego.

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Will save.

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Sneak Attack

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[Post stolen by the King of Bandits.~]

[AND KIR! <3]

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I'd say that's more of a hide check

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>actual standard bearer in a military operation
>does masks
I know its probably a show or parade, but holy fuck thats badass

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king of bandits stolen by Carmen Sandiego

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How about feats? Check my Rapid Reload. You jelly?

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Luck is a skill right? >_>

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True story.

Fred Rogers once found his car was stolen. He called the police and all that jazz, then, since it was late, he went to bed. In the morning, he found the car back in its usual spot. There was a note inside. It read, "We're sorry. We didn't know it was yours."

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Oh were doing feats too?

Improved Evasion

>> No.19785857

Craft wonderous item

>> No.19785858

Maximize Spell

>> No.19785864

Fort save against Massive Damage.

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>> No.19785884

Greater Cleaving.

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>> No.19785887

Max wisdom

>> No.19785894

20 on Balance, 1 on Spot

>> No.19785935

Sleight of Hand

>> No.19786001


Only because he stole her heart. Seriously though the guy has max charisma too.

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Ah man I did shit like that all the time, whenever. And I mean all the time, pencils, stick, hockey stick, tennis racket... it was my nervous tic. I started getting worried when I started flipping giant floppy tailor scisors, and sworn never to do it again when I started flipping the first thing in reach while I was bored at the phone.

I suddently stopped talking.
>"... you flippin' something right?"
>"... eeeh... yeah..."
>"What is it?"
>"Cooking cleaver..."
>"... dude"

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>> No.19786095

a combination of balance, acrobatics, jump, climb, and tumble.

>> No.19786105

but climb is a strength based skill

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>> No.19786138

I want to murder the man who has that voice.

>> No.19786140

Generally, yes, but in that particular case, the impressive part was a mix of balance and body contortion, both of which require dexterity. The general climbing is nice too, but everything but that one part is simple hand-over-hand, nothing too impressive.

>> No.19786239

All of the dexterity

>> No.19786342

Improved initiative

plus, he rolled nat 20 on his crit


>> No.19786468

Final boss to any modern game

>> No.19787327

Unfortunately for him in any modern shooter you'd be completely safe from his BENELLI SHOTGUN FROM BENELLI as long as you stood about 3 feet away from him.

On an unrelated note: Improvised Weapons

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>> No.19788564

Max Chin

>> No.19788911

Machines know no fear.

>> No.19788998

3, 2, 1, GO!

>> No.19789058

>katz ataq anytin
and yet earlier tonight my cat ran from a mouse...

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>max fighting
>level 20 fighter
>max unarmed combat
>not Apidej

Seriously /tg/ are you even trying?

Apidej Sit Hrun
>held 7 titles at once
>known for extremely powerful kicks
>340 wins, 10 losses, 1 draw
>frequently broke shins and thighs
>ended a fighter's career once by breaking both arms

>> No.19790908

Oh really?

>> No.19790927

>true story

>> No.19790948

Rickson Gracia - Max Rank Constitution

Had his foot broke vs. Sakuraba and continued fighting for about 40 minutes.

"If you still got some HP you can still fight"

>> No.19790955

Max heresy

>> No.19790969

Max Payne

>> No.19790990

Max Jump.
I'd also argue being able to grapple and THROW dragon-turtle puts him in the running for fuckhuge strength, too.

>> No.19791001

max, mighty

>> No.19791019

In the real world, jumping, throwing (people or things), and even weightlifting are mostly about the power of your hips.

Of course, RPGs are unrealistic to the max, ESPECIALLY those who try to be realistic and use one trait for "agility" that somehow makes you speedy and jump fast, and another named "strength" that allows you to pick up things and throw them.

>> No.19791135

Shamefur dispray

>> No.19791137

You call that a chin? Let Bean Bandit show you what a REAL chin is!

>> No.19791175

>max Knowledge (History)

At least as smart as Shakespearicles.

>> No.19791214

Max Groove

>> No.19791288

Max Swim
In the Negatives

>> No.19791298

>Max Agility

>> No.19791302

Where exactly is this from? I know it's from a comic but I can't remember the name of it...

>> No.19791370

Magic Missile at lvl 20

>> No.19791412

Transmetropolitan. Warren Ellis venting about the state of the world. It's awesome.

>> No.19791449

BS 10 with Twin-Linked Shotgun

>> No.19791478

Driving and Bluff.

>> No.19791482

What's that even from, anyway?

>> No.19791517

Max Strength

>> No.19791569

Max Looting

>> No.19791585

im actually quite interested as well, its got the warthog, and it appears to be a flight simulator, i kinda want

>> No.19791587

Looks better.

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>> No.19791616

Max Glamour

>> No.19791627

ExCUSE me?

>> No.19791628

He sounds like such a tool - like a 12 year old trying to sound all 'badass' to get the attention of the girl he likes.

>> No.19791681

Someone sounds jealous.

>> No.19791693

cricitical failure: drive

>> No.19791792

Shit nigga where is this?

>> No.19791882

Max Int
Max Cha
Max Balls
Not so much Wis

>> No.19792177

10 dots in Manipulation

(probably Subterfuge too)

>> No.19792241

Max disguise

>> No.19792347

I really hope someone smacked the stupid out of that kid for not looking where he was going.

>> No.19792383

Max riding

>> No.19792564



>> No.19792566


i would eat it.

>> No.19792605


>> No.19792625


>> No.19792690


twinlinked provides no benifit to BS 10. you've waster 20 points.

>> No.19792755

I know what I'll be brininging to the party this year.

>> No.19792818

How much is one of these marvels of furniture?

>> No.19792842



>> No.19792854



>> No.19792869

Most of them are custom jobs. So expect 10k and up.

>> No.19792917

Whats going on in this picture?

>> No.19792932

Low flyby.
Very low.

>> No.19792954

Eh, not THAT low.

>> No.19792955

Turn Greater Undead...seriously

>> No.19792965

Turn Undead, you say?

>> No.19793189

And I bet you some people STILL wouldn't use a coaster on that beauty.

>> No.19793329



>> No.19793331

At 0:32 you can see the trail from someone making the shot for him

>> No.19793357

Damn, you are right.

>> No.19794565

Max Sneak

>> No.19794621

Adam West Batman porno adaptation?

>> No.19794885

What's meant to be impressive about that?

>> No.19795674

In GURPS terms;
20 HT
(For those who aren't familiar with the system, HT or Health is what's used for resisting poison, paralysis, pain, unconsciousness and death at low HP)

>> No.19795709

That jet stole his hat

>> No.19796210

Max Diplomacy
Max Knowledge (State Laws)
Max Knowledge (Federal Laws)
Max Knowledge (International Laws)

>> No.19796417

Max Level Monk

>> No.19796819

ok, sauce on this

>> No.19798067

Max Fury!

>> No.19798112

Max level monk? Sir, I have something for you. Start at 3:30.


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