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Is pic related a good book? I'm a bit of a WWII aviation fan and a bit of a 40k fan, so I've heard good things about this.

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Does it have good Imperial Navy fluff? They get no love.

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haven't read it personally, but I heard it's a great WW2 aviation style book.
Only book I've read that centered on that was Relentless.
About a Captain who gets betrayed and is sent to the slave sections of his own ship. But he fights tooth and nail to get back up.
Pretty neat/grimdark

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Yes, if you ever wanted a cross between WW2 aviation and 40k you found it.

The Navy isn't the actual focus of the story though. It follows the Phantine air wings introduced in a previous Gaunt's Ghost book.There isn't any real usuable land on Phantine so it's Imperial Guard tithes to the Imperium are done with Air Assault regiments and aircraft wings instead of your standard infantry with tanks.

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Yeah. It's a fun read.

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Shit, do I need to read the GG books to get it?

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>Imperial Navy fluff

Execution Hour/Shadow Point are nice for that too.

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>You... you... DOUBLE EAGLE
>A book by Dan Abnett

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Hey, I built a pilot mod for Only War.

Specializations are Squad Leader, Hotshot Ace, and Support Pilot. I statted out the Lightning, Thunderbolt, Marauder, and Valkyrie, plus all of their variants. Found the stats for Chaos planes (Hell Talons, Hell Blades, Harbringers) and the Ork planes (Fighta-Bommer and i statted out others.) Anyone interested?

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No. not at all.

Book is solid. Standard Abnett slow start but good characters and good dogfight writing.

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Fucking excellent. Will definitely get it next.

Do you have any more art of the planes?

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Ya ya sure sure. I'll dump some crud for ya.
will see what i can find in the depths of my folders.

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Wonderful stuff so far. Thank you.

Are there any other strange books out there from Black Library? I've got the Eldar and Dark Eldar books, and both the Eisenhorn and Ravenor omnibuses. It seems like everything out there is mainstream Guard or Space Marines.

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I always loved the Thunderbolt's brick like appearance. Very nice.
And the book is good too. Has alot of good dogfighting, including a splash or two of ground combat, which was nice.
Well worth the read.

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if you're into warbirds, you should read Goodbye Mickey Mouse.

if you're into warbirds and campy pulp shit, you should read Grey Eagles.

if you're into Dan Abnett, you should an hero.

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as I posted earlier, Relentless is worth a look if you're interested in something away from the norm.
Other than being a floating Hearses for Imperial guards, or personal limos for Space Marines, I rarely see anything about the Navy.
Relentless is a smaller book though, I finally found the damn thing, it's about 270 pages.

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I might have to take a look. Do the AdMech have any good books? I'd love to see something from the Legio Cybernetica, or maybe the Titan Legions.

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The Forgeworld Aeronautica book has a LOT of great art/model photo in it, if you are interested in buying or grabbing the torrent lol.

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There is titanicus also by Abnett which shows quite a bit about how the Titan legions operate as a whole instead of just the princepes etc

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It's Horus Heresy though, right? Ugh...
Is it any good? Do I need to read anything else to get it?

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Titanicus isn't Horus Heresy bro.

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Oh, really? Fantastic. What's it about then?

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Nope, that book is not HH.
For ADmech stuff, there is a big chunk of interesting fluff in the sssssssssecond Grey Knights book? I THINK.
It is classic GreyKnights btw, not Caldor Drago rediculousness.

And logically, Mechanicum is the dream book for that. It is HH, but has very little to do with spacemarines.

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Titan legions.
The Legio Invicta goes up against a legion of Chaos Titans. My one real complaint with it is that (of course!) Abnett felt the need to include a Guardsman POV. And then he fucks up her life just because.

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Dark Adeptus, also Mechanicum und Titanicus from Horus Heresy.

Think the Iron warrior trilogy has a bit of sidenote with that corrupted admech guy too but its mostly MARINES ON SIEGE, natch.

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I've heard awful things about Mechanicum.

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Basic 40k "plot" of the book is rooted in mechanicum division politics. but politics is a bad word for it because it isnt that boring.
There is a main/subplot of basic human characters with something to do with the void dragon.
Other sub plot is based around Mini-titan pilots (basically Avatar Battlesuits)
and most interesting plot is on final titan battle which is good.

It is a good read, but only once.

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I'd love to see forgeworld put our more aeronautica stuff just to see what kind of crazy shit they can think of.

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if you have the time to play it. Aero is a FRICKING AMAZING GAME.

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You seem knowledgeable, how expensive is it to get into Aeronautica Imperialis? How well balanced is it? Judging by your statement about time, I take it that it's time-consuming? How much so?

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Hold up and give me time to answer. Also, it's not "fucking amazing." The mechanics are actually quite simple and there isn't much depth to them. It is, however, my favorite 40k game, and the only 40k product I've actually purchased.

>how expensive is it to get into Aeronautica Imperialis?
Ridiculously. It's a Forge World game and they've stopped supporting it. Forge World stuff is expensive. Check their website for details. The only good news items are that it's easy to proxy or just plain pretend your models are something else, and that the game is the same scale as the aircraft used in Epic.

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Expensive? No. It is probably the cheepest GW game to get into. You can buy 4 fighters for 20-30$ and play a perfectly elaborate and riveting game.
If you invest 100-150$, you can get an airforce large enough that you may never use all of it in a single game, but will have all the variety that you want to interchange.

That price also includes the budget to buy ground defense vehicles and the cards you need to play.

Do yourself a favor and torrent the Rulebook(s) to save some bank. They are AMAZING books and their rules have SO many fun game details. The campaign rules are especially amazing if you can get a buddy to play.


Balanced? I want to say yes, but i honestly havent gotten to play with/against all 5 forces. (Imperial, Tau, Eldar, Chaos, Orks)

From what I have played, the game seems heavily based on the ability of the player to plan ahead and the die-rolls.

Imperial and Tau also have a much larger selection of aircraft to choose from. But the basic fighters always seem to do the job the best anyway.


It is time consuming based on size. A 4v4 dogfight might take an hour or so, maybe 2 if it is your first. But me and my friends always get eager to use everything and play big, so some of the larger games take much more. 3+ hours

Because there is a lot of individual management of the jets. You have to keep track of maneuvers, damage, and ammo for everyone.

If it was as easy to find opponents to play Aero as it was for 40k, A would be my favorite game instead.

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>How well balanced is it?
Kind of...exactly. Especially with ground defenses. The difference between Heavy Stubbers, Heavy Bolters, and Autocannons is the number of dice you roll and the target number to wound. They all average out the same, though. Do you want two $50 bills or one $100?
The only hanging balance issue is that the person with more planes in the air has the advantage. Chaos and Orks usually hold an advantage in maneuvering for that reason. Eldar are usually outnumbered, but this is supposed to be made up with their high speed, acceleration, maneuverability, and special holofield save.
>I take it that it's time-consuming? How much so?
It can be. The longest stage is choosing your planes' maneuvers before each turn actually starts. After they're chosen, moving and shooting goes quickly enough. If you have models, terrain, dice, and all your other standard supplies, it should take about as long as a 40k game.

Of course, it depends on point size and mission type. (Mainly point size.) The average values for games are 100, 200, and 300, with 300 being the biggest.
The only hard statistic I can give you is a pretty flawed one. Playing by myself with 150 point lists, counting most of the setup, it took me two hours to do three turns. Maximum length is twelve turns.

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Quick question guys:
A local bookstore (low key, cheap prices) has a few of the Ciaphas Cain books in great condition for a couple bucks apiece. Should I go for it?

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Why is no one talking about this?

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Thank you all very much, you truly are elegan/tg/entlemen

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cus its 40k scale and to play or impliment it you need to own or build billion-dollar FW aircraft models

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The Imperium gets the most types of aircraft. Thunderbolt, Lightning, Vulture, Valkyrie, Marauder Bomber, and the Aquila Lander. They have several variants of these aircraft, too. There's the Lightning Strike, three different Marauders, a different Aquila Lander that has a plinky bolter, and something like sixteen different extra loadouts for the Vulture. Most other planes have only one extra loadout.
Space Marines get the Thunderhawk Gunship and Thunderhawk Transport.
The Tau get the Barracuda, Tiger Shark, Orca, Manta, and Remora along with variant Tiger Sharks and a variant Manta. They get the AX-1-0 Tiger Shark (with the two big railguns) and a new variant that carries Remora stealth drone fighters. They also get a variant Manta that carries Remoras. Sadly, no Manta Missile Destroyer, but that's a minor complaint if there ever was one.

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Mechanicum is incredibly ham-fisted.

Titanicus does it much better.

I liked Double Eagle, but it can a little confusing: There's no clear 'protagonist', so to speak.

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That's pretty typical of an Abnett book. He likes cycling viewpoint chars a lot in his stories.

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>Ciaphas Cain
Oh yeah, pick them up. They're fun.
Mm, I should have spaced those paragraphs out. Ah well.

Chaos gets the fewest selection of aircraft: the Hell Blade fighter, Hell Talon bomber (which was their plane in Soulstorm), and Harbinger super-heavy bomber. Yeah, a super-heavy bomber. Here's a pic of it in Epic scale (6mm).
Chaos gets the most aircraft on the board. Their stuff is cheap, fast, and weak. Because movement is a "I move one, you move one" system, whoever ends has more aircraft usually gets to move some of them a bit more safely. It also goes quicker when players don't have to worry so hard about banking left versus banking right.

Eldar aircraft are the most expensive. They get the Nightwing, Phoenix, Vampire Hunter, and Vampire Raider. They also get a weapons variant of the Phoenix and one of the Vampire craft. Not much, really, but they all are fast, maneuverable, and get a 5+ save versus every damaging shot they would have otherwise suffered. The extra maneuverability matters because you can use different movement cards than your opponent. Nightwings, with Very High maneuverability, have a full 10 options of movement card. It's really hard to anticipate where they'll go during the movement phase, outside influences ignored.

Orks get fun stuff. They DO NOT have any of the cool new ork fliers that recent White Dwarf put out. Not exactly, anyway. Here's what they have:
Grot Bombs

Fighta-Bommers can carry Grot Bombs, which are grot-guided missiles. They're awesome, because they're technically the longest-range weapon in the game (unless you want to count Remoras as a tie to them) and they add new aircraft to your side. You have more aircraft, which is often good!

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>Grot Bombs, which are grot-guided missiles
Why are Orks so awesome?

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Oh, awesome. If you want to read Deff Skwadron, here it is, no download required: http://www.cold-moon.com/40k/Deff%20Skwadron/deff_skwadron.htm

The Imperium also has the Arvus Lighter, a transport designed to go from an orbiting ship to the surface and back.

Bommers can also be "Landas" by putting orks where the bombs would go, and gain a Transport capacity that way. Blasta-bommers are like bommers, but have a bunch of dakka in the nose.

Now, those are the aircraft. Each faction also has ground defenses (except Chaos, who presumably use the Imperial defenses, and the Space Marines, who I guess can use a Land Raider Hyperion). Each faction also has individual upgrades it can issue to each of its aircraft, like infrared sensors, daemonic control, extra shootas bolted under the wings, and webway portals.

Ground defenses.Ground defenses don't move during the game, whether it's a stationary emplacement or a mobile AA gun. The planes are said to be moving and fighting too rapidly for ground defenses to strategically reposition. The Imperium gets the most. They have the Hydra autocannons, the heavy flak AAA, the sabre weapons platform (a light platform that carries stubbers, bolters, or autocannons), and the Manticore, loaded with big AA missiles instead of the traditional Storm Eagle rockets.

Orks get shootas and 'eavy flak, both similar to but not the same as the Imperial ground defenses.

The Eldar get the Fire Storm, which is actually pretty deadly as far as ground defenses go.

Tau get the Skyray, and they also get a neat Aerial Minefield of drones.

Ground defenses are fun and easy to proxy.

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Forgettin' the pic, herp derp.

There are two books. The first is Aeronautica Imperialis. The second, an expansion, is Tactica Aeronautica.
Aeronautica Imperialis is 176 pages. (The last two pages are ads for Imperial Armour books.) Of those pages:
Page 5 to 32 are all the rules you need.
Page 33 to 146 are all beautiful pictures for paint schemes and lore & technical entries about each of the different aircraft in the book.
Page 148 to 161 are mission scenarios, both pre-made and ones to be generated.
Page 162 to 165 are Campaign rules.
The remaining pages are appendices and a record sheet (where you track the condition of aircraft). The third appendix is includes a painting guide and tips for the hobby.

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Tactical Aeronautica is 128 pages long. The first 25 pages are fluff, technical readouts, and camo schemes of the new aircraft introduced in the book, exactly like the original book had for most of its pages.
Page 26 to 38 contains new rules in the book and an updated point list. I swear I saw it somewhere, but there should only be one change in this point list versus the one in the original book. I thought it was to an Eldar craft. Moving on.
Page 40 to 79 is the biggest fluff appeal of the book, where a campaign waged by the tau against the Imperium is detailed in Imperial Armour fashion.
Page 80 to 102 contains new Campaign rules to reenact the campaign you just read about, as well as new mission scenarios, rules for large ground installations and structures, and a short modeling guide on making a very pretty table to play. on.
Page 102 to 120 is a battle report, again of the Imperium versus the Tau.
Page 121 to 127 are interesting notes from the designer (Warwick Kinrade, if you were wondering) on playing well, and an FAQ. I believe there's a larger FAQ online.

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I think the actual gameplay is fun. It'd be SO easy to turn it into a computer game, like they did with Blood Bowl. Heck, all the other Specialist Games would be easy too. I want my Battlefleet Gothic vidya already dangit.

Aircraft have a Speed stat and Altitude stat. One marks their current velocity, the other their current height. The different maneuvers you choose from the ten (10) maneuver cards can either force you to or give you the option to change speed and altitude as a part of their movement. Power Dives, for instance, ensure you lose some altitude. Any time a movement makes you gain altitude, you'll lose speed to compensate, and vice versa.

Speed goes from 0 to 9, but each aircraft has a Minimum and Maximum speed, and also a Maximum altitude. Going lower than your minimum speed means you stall out and crash unless you pass a pilot skill test. Going faster just keeps you at the maximum.
Your Speed indicates how many inches you MUST move that turn. Each point of speed translates to 2"; if you start the turn at speed 6, you must move 12" that turn. Movement is straight ahead, but at any point during the aircraft's move you can execute the maneuver you chose for it. The physical maneuver cards are 2" long, and they work by repositioning your model and its facing. If you executed the Straight maneuver at Speed 9, you'd move a total of 20" straight forward that turn. (18" speed + 2" card.)

Given the games are typically played on a 6'x4' or 4'x'4' table, with both sides' aircraft starting off flying straight at each other, it is INCREDIBLY easy to overshoot enemy planes. It's very easy to gain speed quickly, but difficult to bleed it off quickly.

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I'm sure there's a scan out there somewhere, but I'm sitting here with the two books and a scanner. I won't scan the whole book, but if someone wants to see the modeling or battle report, I can do that. Or a plane's entry. Y'know, somethin'.

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Both are already long out as pdfs. Don't bother.

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i just fucking love the art style of the imperial airplanes

they seem so less herpderpy as the ground vehicles, they at least look strong without being derpy

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I like all of the aircraft, but the Imperials have the best. Valkyries, Thunderbolts, and Marauders actually look realistic. Dark Eldar craft are just sexy. Tau have some nice stuff.

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She was PDF. But there was also IG in it regardless.

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That works for me.

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What is your favorite aircraft?

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I personally like the tau aircraft, but the imperials are the second best followed by the orks and then eldar.

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Which individual plane is your favorite?

If those are your models, that Marauder is gorgeous.

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Ohh, the tough one. I'd say the AX-1-0, because I'm a big Tau fanboy.

Otherwise, it'd be the Marauder Destroyer. It's ridiculously overarmed and can BRRRRRRRT things to make sure they're dead.

Other than those two, I'd say the Vulture. Everybody loves the Valkyrie, but I like the Vulture more.

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Oh, he's not me, and none of these models are mine. I'm just taking them from simple image searches.

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Let's say... your favorites from each faction?

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reportedly the luftwaffe liked it enough to offer Abbnet a ride inna Typhoon.

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Being a game about flying, you don't need much terrain to have a good table. But, terrain does matter. Planes can't survive flying into hills or buildings, and ground defenses on top of buildings or high areas will be able to shoot higher up.

Hahaha, that almost sounds believable.
Tau: Tigershark AX-1-0
Chaos: Harbinger super-heavy bomber
Eldar: Nightwing
Imperial Navy: Marauder Bomber, all variants
Orks: the original idea of the burnajet, which was a jet with a flamethrower on it. Otherwise, >>19772449
Space Marines: Thunderhawk Gunship, I guess. There aren't many options. Thunderhawk, Storm Talon, Stormraven, and maybe Land Speeder variants.

In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Milennium there are only couple dozen primarily atmospheric aircraft in use

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I know that feeling. Did a homebrew for Only War about pilots. Looking at every source I could find, there were maaaaybe fifty craft. Almost certainly much less.

I hear there's a Flyer wave due soon. Tau, Dark Eldar, and someone else.

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Marauders + Thunderbolts all day erry day.

Flying bricks get me rock hard

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Again? They have their entire lineup covered except for Warkoptas. I want to say it's Craftworld Eldar.

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There are indeed PDF's of both books, but they have only the basic rules and army lists. Would it be at all possible to scan the scenarios or transport rules? Many thanks

It's a shame this game isn't more popular, it really is great fun

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Including the various jets featured in the recent White Dwarf? The models aren't all that different, I admit.
If anyone else, it'd probably be Craftworld Eldar. There isn't really anyone else who uses planes.

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Eh, yeah, them.

Well, I'm looking at the scan posted earlier in this thread. It's beautiful. I don't blame people for not wanting to damage their book by scanning it.

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also Tyranids with the Harpy

there's a lot of options for a flyer release, really.

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Is there any complete pdf's of Aeronautica Imperialis floating around I can only find 15mb copies which only have the rules.

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There must be. Check all the sites.

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Am I the only one that find that dogfight in double eagle are to follow ?

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Well I've been looking for a few hours now and haven't been able to find a full one or any copies of the second book. admittedly I only just started looking for the second one.

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Bump bump.

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How well does the Lightning perform against fighters from other sci-fi series?

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comparing Sci-Fi settings is a big can of worms.

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Gosh darnit /tg/, why do you not like 40k airplanes?

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What the fuck more do you want? You were told what to check out , the discussion has exhausted itself. Let it go.

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>implying I'm that guy

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