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Why can't fat male players roleplay cute girl characters?

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I almost always play female characters. Sometimes they're cute girls. Other times not. I think I play females for the same reason some people prefer to roll non-Humans. I prefer Humans but I'm not a female in real life so playing a female in an RPG offers a different experience if everything is handled well by the game/DM.

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Why can't they?

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They can roleplay anything they want. How good they do it is another matter.
Also I think the reason it felt so weird when a fat man is roleplaying a cute girl is because you see that fat man sitting right there. Now if you're playing over a text-based system then it's totally fine and you can easily imagine a cute girl without the mental image of a fat beardy man with sweat everywhere.

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>that pic

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It's a fucking creepy projection that brings a lot of unsettling thoughts into your head

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the shirt says:
"More attractive than you think"
in german

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Because when I think "cute", the last thing that pops into my mind is an overweight portly gentleman.

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The are unable to, mostly because "cute girls" usually have a "cute" personality that the fat asses can't replicate to a good enough degree for those around them to suspend their disbelief

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My guess would be because yre abhorred by the idea first and because fat neckbeards who want to play little girls are well below average intelligence second.
Which leaves us hopeless to find an explanation for GRRM.

It's part of a promotion campaign for tradesmen who kinda have a bad name in Germany. But after seing what people in the US call tradesmen, I have to count myself lucky for the suckers on this side of the pond.

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Because they usually do it really badly and act all creepy. Banning them from doing it is usually easier and more humane than banning them from the game.

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Because the "cute" girls are based on anime lolis.

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That's a good question. Unlucky seems like the right word. I know we'd all be happier if they'd been born as cute girls, including them, if you think about it.

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Cognitive dissonance. Part of your mind is saying "cute female being cute." Another part of your mind is saying "Look at that fat fuck. Don't get too close to him or he'll eat your face."

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Because many roleplayers are actually bad at roleplay.

I'm serious. Go to a rpg convention and try to find a decent group that doesn't contain people you already know.

After going on a few cons, I also think that most roleplayers are fat.

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Because they draw their whole knowledge of females from anime, movies and tv shows.
Or their fat landwhale roleplay friends which aren't that good an example either.

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It's a lot weirder if it's in person, but then I don't like to get too "in-character" at the table anyway.

Online, though, it's all fair game. It's only bothersome if they're terrible roleplayers, but then that's terrible regardless of character.

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So to sum up:
A: Fat neckbeard pretending to be a cute girl seems creepy.
B: Fat neckbeards wanting to play cute girls are often extremely bad at it.

I had a player who, well, he wasn't a bad person, just not very good at roleplaying and to put it bluntly, if ugly characteristics were plagues, he was Egypt in the time of Moses. He played a cute girl. My mental image of the character was the guy dressed up in a dress and bonnet. I later mentally retconned the character to be male with a female-sounding name and a falsetto, because it made things easier for me.

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Soem can. I can't play big dumb barbarians better than most men, so it balances out.

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It sounds like at least part of the problem there was an inability on your part to imagine a character as someone other than the player.

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I play girls better than I do guys. It forces me to play online.

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Always been told it was "creepy" when guys play lesbian characters. Got into a online RP with a bunch of yaoi obsessed girls: Creepyness physicaly manifested itself.

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Does it make it less creepy or more if the player in question is actually transgendered?

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It could probably be a good way of exploring and relieving possible gender dysphoria.

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It really, REALLY fucking is. No joke. I feel so relieved when I can play as my female character. I feel so.. right. I dunno. I've played male characters, I didn't like it. I felt too.. weak.

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I play certain characters as female because the character concept "feels" female. Either I start with a statblock and build an archetype around that, or I start with an archetype and build a statblock. Regardless, past a certain point they start to take on a persona, and sometimes it's male or female. If it's female, I play it female. And it's not like these are stereotypes - my last diplomancer / seducer was male, and my last female character was a thri-kreen psion who specialized in mass domination.

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People always play what they actually want to be in real life.

Social inepts play characters with huge charisma.

People who have nothing going for them in life play larger than life characters with massive power... Like wizards.

Me? I played a young woman.

Makes perfect sense.

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Please continue. I'm able to identify better with female characters and I can probably roleplay better as one, but I haven't had a male character for a while.

I'm still questioning and not out, so I only get to play female characters online. Have you found a difference in how it's helpful online?

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So, from this, we can assume that Legolas was
>spaghetti everywhere

Gandalf was forever alone.

And Arwen was a neckbeard

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Basically, when I roll a male character, I feel so.. not into him. I can't put myself into his shoes the same way I can't put myself into my own shoes. I feel a disconnect. I can't think of myself in the party as male, it just won't happen..

However as a female character, everything just fits. It took me probably two game sessions to learn how to interact, but soon everything just felt natural. I can identify with my character, I can put myself in her shoes, and I can think like her.

I couldn't even really RP with a male character, ever. In my mind, there was always that disconnect, that something that made him so unfitting for me.. versus my female character who just fits.

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I find a female character more natural to play, but I find playing a male character more like real life, probably because I'm used to acting as a guy.

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Yer a trans, kiddo.
You know that acronym they keep slinging around? LGBT? You're in the back of the line.

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i am not who you are responding to, but the same fucking thing happens to me, even if i'm just writing or doing play by post. It feels more correct.

gender dysphoria is horrendous when you can't afford to fix it

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No amount of money can fix it, only luck with passing and an early transition.

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We've been trained by decades of media to think that the straight white male is the default perspective, so people within that particular group tend to play stereotyped versions of everyone else. People who are already alienated by this assumed perspective probably have an easier time being not-it.

Also, fetish fuel.

Also, making complex characters is hard, so picking a trait or two and playing it up emphasizes the difference, at the expense of a character with depth.

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>so people within that particular group tend to play stereotyped versions of everyone else.
It's more that everyone's assumed to belong to that group, including characters, and especially characters of people in that group.

Characters that don't of players that do stand out, and with all the hang ups we have about gender it's no surprise this deviation looks weird.

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I wouldn't do it IRL but I'm playing a cute teen girl in an online game. Also her mum, dad, and brother.

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Yep, I went through that stage.
Should have realized something was wrong when I couldn't ERP a male character.

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What would your parents or grandparents think of you for playing a fucking girl?

Like, shouldn't you have basic understanding of your own gender to play a male?

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>Feeling like you are not the correct sex
>Not just being a super fabulous guy

Shiggy Diggy Do Wap.

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While I'm not fat, I am a dude.

I play mostly females, but it helps a lot I play preeetty much exclusively online.

I've had one or two people insist, when I said I was a dude, that it wasn't possible, I was to womany.

The trick's just in the details, I suppose.

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It's easy to fool neckbeards.

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You think that's bad? How about that guy who wants to play a black character. Despite being white himself. In a medieval fantasy where the population is basically caucasian. Seriously, how do I explain to that guy that no, he can't play a black character in a setting based on medieval western culture where immigration is not even a thing. I wouldn't be surprised if he thought that it would be okay for his character to race mix in a time where race mixing was a faux pas.

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Atually, sometimes, you can luck out with the money thing.


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Play Reign.

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Yeah, that's the thing, though. I'm not TRYING to fool anyone, and I know a few of them better then that now, and some of them, they ain't neckbeards.

Hell, one that was convinced for the longest time was a chick. She said it was the way I payed attention to movements, how if my PC was busty, she'd have to deal with it, IE backaches, having to strap'm down properly, ecetra.

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>medieval fantasy




Think I found your issue, chief.

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Just because it's fantasy doesn't mean it has to be completely unrealistic. I can accept magic and dragons and shit but the mundane things have to be believable. I can only suspend my disbelief so far and the concept of black people in a society that should shun them just doesn't work.

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Hey, blackamoors may not have been trusted, but that would be due to fears they were musselmen. If they were christian, a blackamoor would more likely be seen as a curiosity than someone to be shunned. Just have the player be an Ethiope, and set up a few adventures where he has to deal with zealots who think he's an emissary from Prester John.

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Oh for fuc...get back to /pol/ you whiny, blubbering cunt.

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...and that's why I don't take anyone who whines about ''realism'' seriously and treat them like a child.

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>Elves and dwarves running around

>Magic out the ass

>But keep the darkies out

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Because cute girls don't sound like if they smoke twelve packs a day!

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They do in my fantasies.

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Hell if I know. I just save pictures.

I...get tempted to talk to the doc sometimes. But...I...really worry I'd make a worse looking woman then guy.

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It's a.... trap?

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It's going to be hilarious in 5 years when these trannies start getting male pattern baldness, like Jay Bailey.

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Projection, fetish fullfillment, wish fulfillment.

I'm a fatass that plays a 14 year old girl every saturday online, and I get by fine because she's played off as like, you know...a 14 year old girl in a bad situation, and not a sexual object or the image of my ideal girlfriend, or anything like that.

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Ha! Jokes on you, I already shave my head.

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If they could afford the treatment, they can afford wigs. Also, cure for BALD is on the way (spoilers: it's stem cells).

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As someone who recently started losing some hair, I'm happy to say that apparently this atumn, one of the medical companies will start selling a new treatment, based on the research which shows that hair cells actually grow best with little oxygen. The experimental phase showed that 3-month treatment gives the same results as hair transplant, so around 10% improvement (which won't help really bald people, but will work for those in early stages) and it does unlock new venues of research. Obviously we must treat it with pinch of salt, but it may very well be that today's 30-something people are the last generation to know what real baldness is.

And no, I'm not a trap, I'm just vain about my hair.

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I play female characters all the time, but then I play via IRC, so it doesn't matter what I look like in real life, or what I sound like.

That said, all of the campaigns where I've played girls have always been pretty combat-intensive, so it doesn't come up much, beyond occasionally complaining that she gets set on fire way too often and it's really ruining her hair.

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I wonder how to tell whether a guy's playing a girl well because he has trans feelings or because he's just a good roleplayer.

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I play girls a lot on PbP, but mainly out of some weird sense of wanting a gender balanced party.

It doesn't come up much.

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It's basically impossible, assuming they're competent.

If they're not, well, expect some idealization and borderline fetishistic obsessing.

Or genderbending shit.

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Idealization and some fetishism could happen with a good roleplayer too.

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Only while pre-op.

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Bailey Jay isn't going bald is she?

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Maybe the DM's trying to get her naked with fire.

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