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Greetings, filthy Mon'keigh

Allow me to ask a simple question.

Why is Terra such a shithole?

And yes, we don't have any homeworld left.
But at least we have a better life than your kind.

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Xenos filth, fuck off back to your own planet.

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Number of times Humans have created a Chaos God which destroyed most of their civilization and left the remaining parts in perpetual civil war, while dooming all of their people's souls to damnation: 0

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Remain infuriated, Mon'keigh

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Your mother's a shithole!

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Didn't we make Khorne?

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Warlock, that's a little harsh. You can't just call an inferior races home planet a shit hole. Regardless of how true it is.

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If living in a slow moving massive graveyard made of bones and souls of your fallen relatives is a good concept of home to you, then choke on it.

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Number of times Humans have let a single tyranid zoantrope destroy an entire world: 0

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Terra is a shithole because there are more humans living in it then there are craftworld eldar in the galaxy.

Now go back to hiding behind the imperial guard and navy, that's all you people do these days.

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Furry infestation. See what your decadence has wrought, Eldar? If it weren't for Slaanesh, furries like this wouldn't exist

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We contributed, certainly, but Khorne has existed since living creatures began bashing each other's skulls in out of anger, which far predates humanity. We're just better at it than other races.

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He was created during the middle ages or something, I think the idea is that the increase in violence in that time period was due to Khorne's creation rather than our violence creating Khorne.

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How about I come and knock over a few of your Craftworlds?

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>Didn't we make Khorne?

No. Khorne, Tzeentch, and Nurgle were born sometime between 8000 BC- 1400 AD. If humans had birthed them, Earth would be another Eye of Terror.

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Greetings, filthy living beings

let me ask a simple question

why have you not accepted that ALL races are equally inferior to robots

we may not have a heart but we are a million times better than everything

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Khorne *existed* before then, he just got a fuckhuge power boost because humanity is so damn good at being angry and killing eachother.

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So the general feel of Khorne was there, but we gave it shape?
A vicious cycle.

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I did not want to be that harsh, but they have to face truth.

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You would know if you had a homeworld.

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Allow me to retort.
When was the last time your war god's Avatar won a battle?

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Back to your tomb!

You abomination!

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Number of times humans have been chosen by the Old Ones to be their chosen instrument of destruction against the C'Tan and the Necrontyr but then utterly failed at that task despite being adept at warp powers and C'Tan and Necrontyr being almost defenseless against warp powers: 0

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we may not have heart, but we have soul.

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Number of times the Eldar have created a psychic so powerful that even on the brink of death His presence can be felt in the deepest reaches of the warp: 0

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ITT: Eldar butthurt from slaanesh rapefest in M30
>Implying that crone world of a homeworld you have is better than Terra
>Implying being chased by a faggot trap eldritch abomination is better than a life dedicated to the Emperor
Xenos scum are unwelcome here, GTFO back to your webway

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Number of times humans have used cosplaying as a legitimate means of warfare: 0

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>why have you not accepted that ALL races are equally inferior to robots
Oh, but we have accepted that.
We are all equally inferior to robots - in that none of us are inferior to robots at all.

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No, you don't have soul, necron.
How is all that "slow loss of identity by the way of eroding memories and personality" working out for you

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Hello Eldar.

Let *me* ask you a question: Can love bloom on the battlefield?

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Puny Eldar, you can send 'alf da boyz home!

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>How is all that "slow loss of identity by the way of eroding memories and personality" working out for you

Pretty well. They've decided to become Tomb Kings.

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The big un', it his axe a chess board?

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Checks are ded 'ard, ya git.

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>Number of humans hat have pulled an entire population out of the warp single handedly: 0

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I have been stationed on Malan'tai for a little over one standard Terran year now. What is with the Eldar's toilet units? They are overly complex, attempt to talk to you and squirt your asshole with cold water.
Anyway, come and pick up your necromancy stones, I grow weary of this.

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Number of humans that are Gay Space Elves: 0


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Don't make me get up off this chair.

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Commisar, the Eldar are getting uppity again

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>Number of humans that have single handedly diverted an entire splinterfleet: 0

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Race Homebase Tier List

>Shit Tier
Space Rocks
The Eye of Terror

>Scrub Tier
Another Galaxy

God Tier
The Webway

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was directed at

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Number of colossal warp disturbances which have remained stable over 10 millenia and claws at the mind upon visual contact created by the eldar: 1
Number of sacred beacons in the warp which shine across the galaxy to guide and protect made by mankind: 1
whelp, I guess were even

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>the webway
>god tier
necrons will still get you

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I dunno, Eldar, why are you incapable of making a ecumenopolis?

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>Forgetting about the Ultramarine Libarian

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According to the new rulebook Necron fleets are in the webway.

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Number of human plants that _needed_ to have their entire population pulled out of the warp because they created a Chaos God: 0

>> No.19761435

As will Daemons in several portions of the webway. As will DEldar.

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Luna has probably more people on it then there are Craftworld Eldar in the Galaxy.

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Writing that with a straight face would take some kind of Mary Sue geni-


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Pffft, you mon'keigh are looking at it all wrong. We partied so hard we ripped a hole in reality. Do mon'keigh even party? Only the furry ones and the Slaaneshi ones I'd wager. Whelp, I'm back off to do some drugs, rip a fresh slave open and join an orgy.

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Number of craftworlds saved by Maugan-Ra that need to remain near Terra, skulking like a child behind big brother, because if they go anywhere else they'll get destroyed: 1

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with all this rage it nearly seems like i'm on a Tau thread

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Number of times humans have received a mysterious boost of technology from a mysterious source which is totally the Necrons until later writers decided they were being a bit too obvious: 0

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Salutations, inferior subordinate beings. What seems to be occurring in this thread?

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What is all the commotion?

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Number of invulnerable avatars of battle defeated, typically by one man on foot: >20

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>implying that "dark" eldar and eldar are different

>> No.19761488

Numbers of times the Eldar have made an insult more mature than "Mon'keigh": 0

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They are different. One wears kinky shit and doesn't psychic. The other does the reverse. Which totally means Librarians should be considered "Dark Humans" or "High Humans" or some shit.

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Number of times humans have had all technological progress handed over to them by their creators: 0

Number of times Eldar have gone from being a barely sentient species to one capable of facing down daemons, intergalactic omnivores, and arrogant cosplayers, all on their own merit: 0

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Number of times the OP has created a thread insulting humans in the hopes of getting someone to insult Eldar because that's his fetish and the only way he can hope for maintaining an erection: 1

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Oh, hey! It's the god damned Doom Rider! Yeah I got the stuff. Do you have some screamers to trade? I have a new knife I'm itching to test.

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>number of times faggots will argue about pointless shit: ∞
>number of times faggots will try to defend the shitty warham fluff: ∞

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>Telling me I'm implying something when it is completely missing the point.
The Webway is not God Tier homeworld for craftworld eldar, there are Necron, DEldar, Daemons, Daemonettes, Slaanesh, yes Slaanesh, no not her entire being but her influence, and other horrors which they old ones may have left behind in the webway, and Ahriman.

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> number of times faggots will complain about other faggots like there's some prize at the end, like this time if the make their complaints loud enough maybe, just maybe, everybody will realize how awesome they are and everybody will like them and it will be great, but at the end the only prize is disappointment and the realization that you've become what you most hate: ∞

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Eldar is a rece in decline because femenists and gayelves

>> No.19761546

Greetings friends, it is I, eh- Namirha! Yes that will do...
Anyway, I've grown tired of the Path of the average everyday Eldar, feeling my time on it is done and so was considering a new Path! I'm considering the Path of the Librarian, but want to see if it is right for me first. So in that vein, who wants to come with me on a little "fact-finding" mission to the Black library? You will, of course, have to lead the way seeing as I've lost my map!

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>mfw a Mon'keigh thought their meager life span resulted in something other than an outlet for my amusement.

Le shiggy disintegrator cannon

>> No.19761553

I knew the Sisters of Battle and the Dark Angels were behind this!

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>Eldar is a rece in decline because femenists and gayelves

Don't forget socialists and immigrants.

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Ahriman can go eat a dick. This is something every fan will agree with. Even Thousand Sons players are in it for the Rubric Marines and the fact that their Chaos Lord can look like Sun Ra.

>> No.19761575


...Alright, lets see your library card.

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>mfw when the best accomplishment an Eldar could come up was their lifespan, which was given to them by the Old Ones

>> No.19761579

Do mon'keigh even Eldritch Storm ?

>> No.19761581

seems legit guys

>> No.19761584

Have fun with those Tyranids and Zerg constantly raping your anus, I ain't even have to worry about that shit, my waifu is the Queen of Blades (she just blew me, shit was so cash)

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Do Eldar even all five psychic lores?

>> No.19761593

No-one has access to all five Lores, IIRC.

>> No.19761602

Together humans do.

>> No.19761608

>in charge of psychic

>> No.19761614

Certainly, just gaze a little closer into the eldritch energy about my hand.

>> No.19761626

Is that jealousy I detect, Eldar?
Knowing that human psykers wield more power than your pitiful kind?

>> No.19761627

A thread about home worlds?

Fellow Squats, to me!

>> No.19761628

Awwww, don't cry. Just because humanity has better psychics than the Eldar, a population that's in no danger of being destroyed by a stiff breeze, and has enough firepower to blow up the galaxy twice doesn't mean that the Eldar are entirely useless. If you ask nicely, maybe we'll let you watch when we kill Slaanesh.

>> No.19761634

I dunno, why are humans stronger psykers than your pathetic race, despite you relying entirely on your psychic powers?

>> No.19761635

Are all of you speciees even able to get along with each other?
Or are you still acting like wo/manchildren?

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Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

>> No.19761644

>Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

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Hold your pride brother, lest the excess of slaanesh reach into your mind and taint your faith.

>> No.19761655

Enjoy getting tainted by the chaos with your primitive mind

>> No.19761660

No pride meant, Brother. Merely an observation of the fragile Eldar ego.

>> No.19761661

Well then w-

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Not a single Grey Knight has ever fallen to Chaos.
The same cannot be said of the Eldar.

>> No.19761666

PROTIP: Eldar never get corrupted by chaos. Yep, well known fact.

Or, wait, was it that every Eldar is on the cusp of being completely corrupted because they have the self-control of an inbred, sugar-laden monkey and as soon as they let themselves go just the tiniest bit, they start bringing out the cocaine, slaves, and blood sports.

One of the other.

>> No.19761670


First off, we're not elves!
Secondly, we're not gay!
Finally, we are loyalists and non of us ever betrayed the Emprah or the Lion!

>> No.19761672

Enjoy being eaten/raped/tormented for all eternity with your advanced emotional rollercoaster mind capable of really feeling and savoring it all.

>> No.19761675

The race who birthed Slaanesh and who even now bear the taint of that act speak to a Grey Knight of corruptibility?
It is almost humorous.

>> No.19761679

Well, yes, but the Grey Knights are the pinacle of humanity; they don't represent the species as a whole. It would be more accurate to compare Grey Knights to Harlequins.

>> No.19761701

>Better life
They can't even enjoy a cupcake too much for fear of having their soul eaten by Slaanesh (Oh, I'm sorry, 'She who thirsts')
AND DONT EVEN GET STARTED ON SEX. You think its taboo for us, just imagine how uptight a society set up primarily for stopping its people from enjoying themselves too much is about it.

>> No.19761714

Why iz Eldar dakka so bad?

>> No.19761719

Because they are bad at everything.

>> No.19761734

True. Now the DARK Eldar, those guys have some, "Flash Dakka", eh "Boyz"?

>> No.19761766


When did Emprah forbid us to have sex?

>> No.19761777

We need more meat for the grinder!

>> No.19761790

That means we need YOU! To make more men! Get to work son.

>> No.19761795

Yes, sir!

>> No.19761800

Only with officially sanctioned women of the Imperium.

>> No.19761807

no complaints from me

>> No.19761808


This sanctioned specimen has been delivered recently!

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My Impression was that the majority of the Chaos Gods were created during the War in Heaven, and their birth led to the downfall of the Slaan.

Giant intergalactic war with ultra-psychic warrior races vs robots and pseudo-gods meant lots, and lots of psychic turbulence, giving birth to Daemons and other warp entities, which eventually got pretty damn powerful.

Because it was caused by massive intergalactic conflict, rather than localized psychic feedback, it didn't rip a hole in the universe like Slaanesh did, but still led to the birth of Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle.
The War in Heaven sagas have duality, they're simultaneously about the birth of Chaos and the war of the Old Ones.

Since the gods are basically psychic entities created by the emotions of those who feed them, it makes sense that some of the Eldar gods are akin to the Chaos Gods.
Khaine as the god of war is the Eldar's form for Khorne, a psychic entity they were able to tap into until their control, (along with Khaine) was shattered at the birth of Slaanesh.
Now that Slaanesh exists, they can no longer safely tap into the warp, and hence can only call upon their psychic fury though safeguards such as the Avatar.

>> No.19761977

Nope, the Enslaver plague was the result of the War In Heaven.

The chaos gods came later.

>> No.19761998

Khorne is pretty young compared in 40k. Khaine is older than Khorne. hell, Emps is older than Khorne

>> No.19762014


Lorgar once owned an Avatar?

>> No.19762047

Khorne was born just after Nurgle, the first time a creature killed another in anger.
He just wasn't intelligent until around the Crusades.

>> No.19762056

Yeah, back in his loyalist days.

>> No.19762273


We know our homeworld is a shithole, Eldar. Why do you think so many of us want to leave it?

>> No.19762281


>> No.19762337

It was barely alive though.

>> No.19765669

My currently force that I use for the harvesting of bitches and blow is a bit of an exotic and hit-or-miss one. I based it a bit off of the movie Redline and have my racers as a hodge-podge collection of racers. Most are Dark Eldar, though there is one Arena Champion known as CLU who happens to have been abducted from a Hive World's racing circuit. In the process of converting more models, with the eventual goal of having a group about as diverse as a mixture of Redline and F-Zero. My mates are all fine with the conversions, and occasionally I get used as an obstacle for a mission. Whip out a red string, lace it around the battlefield, put me on the bottom of a turn, and my men just race, attacking one another and any poor soul that happens to be caught on the track when the cluster caltrops pass overhead.

992 points:
HQ: Haemonculus; 50 pts
Troop: 2 squads of 3 Wracks; 60 pts
Fast Attack: 3 squads of 9 Reavers, with three Cluster Caltrops and Heat Lances per squad; 882 pts

Any recommendations of anything from models to convert or help with the list would be much obliged, fellow princes of pain. Haven't had a game yet with the new rules, either.

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