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I made this for you /TG/

I hope you enjoy it.


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and this WIP of a Jump-Dread of the Legiones Astartes Partinax

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Helps to attach the image.

Also working on the Codex for you /tg/ - so you can play your chapter.

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Image dumping

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I'll be honest, I was slightly disappointed to discover his arms weren't the jump jets.

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nother dread type

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This image should be placed closely after HATERS GONNA HATE

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The Obstinate Marines have a unique method of war. Their entire existence is dedicated to attack. Lighter and faster troops and vehicles arrive first, sowing destruction and confusion, pushing past the front line into the enemy rear to continue raiding and marking resources caches. While the enemy scrambles to deal with the sudden overrun, the main forces appears on the horizon as a massive cloud of dust that blots out the sun. Battle brothers, terminators, dreadnaughts and heavy armor units slam into the disorganized front like a tidal wave hitting a marina. Casualties are ignored, those who run out of ammo simply abandon weapons on the spot and grab anything they can to continue their march. As this wave of death rolls over the enemy, the massive titan forges and rolling factories the size of small cities appear. These are tended by teeming multitudes of servitors and tech marines, who salvage fallen soldiers, vehicles, resources, raw ores are harvested from the bleeding earth by massive mining servitor units the size of warehouses. Noxious fumes from gargantuan war forges choke and cloud the skies as a five mile wide tide of mobile industry consumes all in it's path. They take weeks to pass, from the first scout to the last scrap-servitor, and all that is left in their wake is scorched, blasted dirt that has been churned into a bog slickened by the blood of those foolish enough to try and stop their march.

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The loyalty of the Obstinate Marines is to the Great Crusade. When the Horus Heresy occurred they took no note - they were too busy conquering new worlds to bother with Chaos. Instead they continued on, eventually becoming known as the Partinax Astartes. As such, they do not care about chaos, Heresy, or the concerns of most Astartes. Indeed, some of their members may be hideously mutated under the armor, but no one knows for sure, as they never remove it, and they "don't have time" to bother with worshiping chaos gods. Nurgle in particular has an obsession with them, sending out Plague Marines who continuously plead with them to slow or stop and attempt to kill them. If they have ever taken notice the Obstinate Marines have given no sign, except to trample those that stand in their way and kill those who threaten to halt their advance.

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I like this. A lot.

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Thats it for images...

3, multi day threads, a massive fluff background...and /tg/ suddenly loses interest months later? Sad but typical...

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Tons more on the Wiki...was truely /tg/'s greatest Chapter.

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Bumping for morning crew

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Thanks, brother. Onward forever!

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no, the angry marines are /tg/'s finest creation

then there's the Pretty Marines, the lazy marines and the disco marines

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